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Springfield, Missouri
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40 Tkwr, Dec. IK, in i art tticnag hvi tuscrmss Tuning Fork Work St Slav Be Moved Ahead orm Ciimuletlum off the tuning; fiuik 1 The- renewal -authority late From Loral Pare ga chars of the rtltlHHtlllf! Ufc a U- ana uruan uevei-opment to transfer more than 1 Charles Lndw-jg Js Berni, fjjpcgoMc at the i- distribution dertieSit of Enn- pm District Elertnc, said electric wnnce i MSd 10 he 1 establifiheid in Ttepambt by tonight- Reed sxmS 28 (im from Soulirmtena Kitumn and easlmi Kansas were mmsmmtd to repair aa eitamaied damase. jj uniain renewall reflreseiH ttatvoEwmtuduj: Styles ffinm hecafl gr Haw aciltU imt wHittr shirt alt I Idtirttnctte "tJMnneK'aiaEe. "WefBeilUUemBwawoertaini Inmiaaians fhir wttictt the wellV- irftKSBdi mam Willi dbmandl iku a uj.tu 'baulk ire ttteifc eigjltfull plteeisBry- tcquire-some-of the 1 -J 7 li The 11 perttmtHtsteA as haspi-ialixed Wednesday mjlji unarm suffered ia die himhwiI to be listed us sali1actory and "fiood' Aided to the tut at St, luta Hotpital is EuteSenUuavas.BeinSallic.abo; in "goad" coodilioa. oho attl i tke nreinal adRiis-1 nant list by hospalal UlE- SBW-flWWedl -iadj abead of it 1153 to 40 male iniit( of warm, tragncal maiBt air faxwa the iHwipi mmh il "air that iwiiiallf Antm't get tlhi service Tbe tariB aiijsiareiiClT fir bHctre pun.

T'artor. feeo it hA east of Aadenoo. then sotrtiwaa of Cwxadaiaa. oa toard Vr1.cnu. Bjiluuit.

Re Airport and lin ia a dirert fcae to Buffalo. k. Sep. E. J.

Derwinski Derwinski Hall's Guest U.N. Delegate Talki-For Youth Council WASHINGTON (Special) H- Unois Republican Rep. Edward J. Derwinski will be tbe guest speaker at the Dec. 27 meeting CongreasmajL Durward G.

Hall's Youth Advisory Council, it was announced today. Rep. Hall said the meeting of the advisory council will be held in Breech Auditorium at Drmy" College, beginning at IS a jh. "I am delighted that say col- el' has agreed to partis- NaH- Les Swetkard, right, called a ia bis office this morning to storm. They are, left to right, Il Cumis, Mw-soorl Division of Employment Charles wejftiTtrsoiMjbwULjlpin affected by Tuesday night's 1 and ILewifl adminktration.

Off Beat fkom Iiiaafl Vast DJfcMUlEK.diiti j- won see $po mUaraltefl magazine a droujlie off wrndis actn: Hie ame with tthe miotuie at, feofeene Siwtiff ffliiifcwi lOwenlin Hiis InaaSball aDoaradMliTpaB(timrmiair weattmg a poirt (Boat ami lie? Butt moflhiift? We woiiiave ttdlti ijrnu aiimut iit! earlier, tout vwe atikafl SD anfl Crimes From Local Page Dapaeal Xenia a e4i- mated ainemelfaaa SM9jBW.diMig while bs liceme was re- i Jrk, Jackwia, a service statm miatSe'itB said, It at fiurHe3gB 1 didn see it. becamsr I drntal eo outside, bit I beard it and I tsom a tornado wheat I bear rate. Perryman i local Page rokrd and rerratlj irctired a I efcae of remse to J3pr Coon- for liial oa a Emrglary charge i cooaretiDB wits the Jotr II breakia at Steger Aoto Supply. The tmpeel tai Been cleared cMHMMf son w.t a breaten East Bnskaaa said be and Officer Jerry. Coday spotted Per-rrisas's car oa a atotel lot early today, aad watched it antil 3:2 am, whea Xism Ogbfia polled ap ia aaolber aota, went to a BMCel rmoi aad kaocked on the door.

-The meooitside argued and fought lwith Use pIed her tnJ. ssdetbr rooia wbea the officers ajuptmacbed trp the loss. Brinkataa said he bsncked on the Betel room door, but was a esiirj. Caging Sgt I CJnarles Sfearp to the scene, the stivers obcaaaed a key to the room from tbe motel manager and went iaside. A0 five sos meets were ia tbe room.

Brink- ara reported. RrpcUtc tns CMferncc am reMdeats cipate. Since our discusKionc will center around tbe United Nations, Congressman Der-winski's position as a member of the congressional delegation to the U.N., will offer our eons- cil members first-hand edge of tbe workings of that world organization. I am ame That's Hie eand oaae to bit bene by circiint ewurt juries oi three si.noe I've beea ia 'Kratuaia. iijetooy ctarc tto year.

The Bay Clark sas sOaSaJly imjosired mmt reeent triiaB saiw him ac-333 the eauim an Jieiimu. aaea qimtltd of a barglairy clitarge in 'their juctuie ffnr fens trailer We met amd -on its top-CSark-aiad-lsis torn JJaaaaryat.piIlarjds Wareooose. children ne ia tbe trailer. He 'jJttxrr was a princi-ffwf mi fcratehe boat wiitorra agaiast kias ia tot ajldieB re act tart. His wife'troL mission lo uepitntt tthe j-we wefBTJtt tnutt ttD tbaoSt tthBtr cirallainm.

BACX TO mdltnay hnnjiimi, df 1he rtiibe t8liotB anttantl: our mte uiot $12., 000 in land acquisition flinda, not needed elsewhere in the current action year of the Center City project, to acquisition) of right-of-way for the southwest leg of the tuning fork. if the application is approved, acquisition will begin imme diately, Floyd MattlageT renew- ali director, said. The west end of the tuning fork will connect McDamel with Olive near the College-Market intersection. 1 The 1124,000 remains in the project because it was unneces property scheduled for purchase by the Authority this year. Ken iBurchettnfthe renewal staff ex plained: Private business made some acquisitions, for.redeveki opment in accord with project land! use plans, which "we thought we were going to have tti.hnv.-'' East end of the tuning fork will connect McDaniel and Olive east of intersection.

Right-of-way on the northeast leg of the fork hasj bees completed, and acquisition ia progressing on tbe southeast leg; Burchett said. Few problems are anticipated with the west leg of the fork, he Some three ownerships are involved on the southwest, a single ownership on the northwest. now envisions it: Design of the east end will be completed: by the city in time for contract letting in February, with, a construction start as soon a possible thereafter. The city will then be asked to design: the west end in time for contract letting the spring. Construction will await the ning of the new action year, July 1, 1972, leaving ample good weather months for completion.

Purpose of the tuning fork s-tre ts-i easy traveling around: the Park Central business district core, with access to parting facilities at its edge. This will permit completion of the mall on the Square wiheh HaslonTbeen contemplated. Alsg yesterdayTW tKortty approved an appraisal contract with K. L. Harrison, to establish disposition cost of four land parcels in the Center City project areav and one in South Central X.

ir Tracte involved ia Center City ane two? parking areas, on the west side and: the east side of Boanville north of Olive, a tract at St Louis and Old Benton, and one fronting on East Trafficway adjoining the city parking garage: The South Central A tract is near the southeast corner of Cherry and Kimbrough. Disposition prices were set for two tracts7 adjoining Grace Hethodist Church. For 28,925 square feet south of the church, the price will be $21,000. For a 4185-square-foot tract at the northeast corner, the price will be $2000. Sc JotukT8 Honors It Pink LatfieUnit The annual service awards dinner last night at St John's Hospital! honored nearly 100 members of the Pink Ladies Auxiliary.

Sister Mary Rene, hospital presented tbe awards Presented the top award for 900ft' hours of volunteer service was Mies, Grant Covell, a veter an worker in the auxiliary. vice was Mrs Marvin Napper. Mrs. Edl. V.

Hawes had given 7008' Mrs. Floyd Noblett 4000 hoursy and Mrs. Robert David and Mrs Walter Feehan had worked: 3000 hours each. because he thati jjust iraaevmD be smifl. jjistt like tb ffiaroyJWmsoiriaxttttKti BWiinuj a nBafroearance' also are ttirttRrmclr sweattirs nktmy JJaibnami exnUiinedl ttiaC nuttteiBulte tiawe neveV, oeallM teem nutt off sttoliE Ht i iURt! ttiew was smith a ditmandi mrr themi ttfatft im tthe Dastt manufeoturers- ecaiuilldlni' tt supul ttteim Com niuxUiasens onuldh't Qnin ttiBim un stbres, sn tne; tmniBtttt ttiey vase out! off fosH 1inlUloiBlsrstbpHKlt vMaanirnf dierm.

becauBff they wBBjiltt im supply. Tfflatl Has5 now amimjeal.mestatii ffittling im wUth the needl ftnr mmilSi aUnming ttii hV fiinBttonali ffiamw JbmiBoinsaid arc stretch 1 "Stan us mow uroolwed! im wftaCnRiff iliiinffiOTaniwHatr he' weaiiniE Jb off alsoi auitl ttiif news ib ttie knitt gac- nnsnT, mi afmnstt any snmitBS ooatfe, slacks-, smhns. Hie ffelis tthHy wonltt replace' tttK wovffln buC that! im ttrmetme wmwri andi ttref Unit: willi wmne sttUtK ane tn wat. Sfanw believes oolbrr is- ntuom wihOTR, enem am ffmmaC eeeav stninE. i naisosBilk iiistt aelt tirerf off the mitt am a wltittc one Tar Qdhuiuce'" mm.

ine saufl the VaOii im the- triafe jgrnittnffTWtitgshirtg buf of ymttK. baiilt.ittltinm(UTtBeavr neBause! nobmly naF gntl ane mi mss HEkw smat gallttueoiittaffpniuitiom''' ma an lntsnesti un me mooeu or 1 juiteai(mabeltbacte amfl aUawuiK ttsaimi, thatt isv iHiissat frrmr tttte slimilaeir to the! bBtttomoxtitejaTdmtt. "TmswaKramuiavimtlieIS3a! amfi ittsi nmny muctt me seme rnnbjfl Ut was Be noten; UmBK is miittr a But off noav tolbjia flxmn ttne 30 and! 40). msSWWS) (Ogemtdt)) Two HUBandl suttms sufSawfi minor I and) tnmir autto minor IdanrBHiE, ihva nwir off collision wtUfa tkwa trarttnrttaiieir umt4 UBiar Smw ttiis5 muiJiinH; SUhaHoo aftrar ttsatmentt atl (Cos Misdlnail Springs asiffl.w&nifra Jl Wdkim Iff iffinHK TKanffl BmT slates 9auTaU: m. TSMDBJSSBidltlieyjimgBirsia-l tavwosdixwiiui nnrthimii U.S (w att SIS wttan she puled! ontt tts nmas a ttaudk dciweui By Warn Waunit, (QxoMe, atkamt IS nriless santhi of heTK.

anrtltne to Tthoonezr Jt. V. jSnimt, th Wusom aut sttudel tthe nsar tbndlBin whesiiE off LmulmiauBfl tractmrtraileir unit fhwat. them was ttitt itr Itfieivfiarttw tttte Sumnen veihole; llteardUaoiiiliniimiertimeniiiv kramH ffxnm undes tlie Midi in; anils' nrihmr darrrase tte the; Wlt-I iswmauttq.uTMpeisaam. nxt Lndwig, American Red Schaefer, Small Busineos bout-300 feet east of U.S.

65. The body of the woman was lying on the east side of a stack hing and the man was ly- ing on the west side. Noble Go- wer, sheriflTifallasTCoiiuty al the time, speculated the bodies could have been carried Srom the highway to- tbe location in could have been driven into 'the field in "dry times." However, the gate leading into the field had been locked at all times by the owner. Tbe bodies were discovered to be those of Marjorie Sharp, 21, and Bertram Kidd, 20, -Canadian friends who had to Mexico for a summer's lark. They apparently were nroute home when their paths crossed that of a murderer.

ww w- idd, jsthftr Bertram Kidd, notified nd flew to Springfield -and-elated the story of the victims tto Dallas County Prosecutor Ted Scott." Scott later remarked, a real sad -storyrTba fiev. Xidd has been Mexico aunting ibis son and all the time he nms Hy ing up here in a field, dead." The tracing of the young couple phased out at Springfield; it is believed that they had been seen hitchhiking at the 65 clover leaf, with a cardboard sign notifying motor ists of their intended -destination. Said Scott this week: "Officers have built up quite a file on tbe case in their investigation, but still no answer. "Suspects have been from as far west as California and as far east as the state Illinois, but the case still remains unsolved "Yoo would be surprised in Tearir that part of the wurk the officers has been in fmnang that different persons who confessed- -4 eommittim-Ihe crime or were on hand and took part- in the killings were in nocent. In the year 1971, -we acquired a taped confession of a jierson who claimed to he -present, watched others shoot Kidd and Sharp, and just -when the (officers thought they were getting somewhere, found -Tunon-an- TiarKniE-uiMtHirnawnrown.

"II iread im wour nKwajagnr that Kaitk(CmttallmaihTE was iduring tthe (Dtrtjatrmg saa- son. shemuTiefl. ead allose emnugh amtl ame paskedju tthun; me ff tlb flf fStwitt Ihttej vbBKjmSkingiieflraiis. I tm aJiuiUWle. wmen wee nsafl tths Uatett! (edition inf Hbe Stemw KiBrnr.

iChe or out mnge on tthe suHucull ncw3)aniraaiiaiiBfl seveaoaO imotos iitiiuueniing BiBtbiiw amB wts at work at toe tise. Tbe tume of Mr. Xaa B-iiasss safleged beary daamage whea a tree fefl acros ifee car-port. Tie fana of Mr. Certrade Browa was daiasrd.

with a bara beinj deanobdMiL Bans wete daBuged at tbe farais of -Homer Tbaalixtses aod Gien Ssmssi. At AiderMia. awttt daimaie -was wifnanl to. a baffler fork of the city oa Ho. UK.

The MrOcwajd Coantv Scbaol roof was damassd, a secSioa of at Owder CoJlese was blow off asd ftie HArk Ttt Tana aear Jane Gate had a mo- bile demoBdiedL Heavy pmspeny damase was (tear Bdffijags- Axea renideiois saja suuueiuts mtmMummf Bt-: eluding iarge bams, were totaSBy destroj'ed. A Bomber of famij Bostes use viematy sooered damage. At Bepudilae, where the damage was smQered as tbe rtorat ha rnadeotial bata- -aew area, cramp mmw mmm--8 1 1 1 anrr ytifdnCed far majLKOjBmiliJot theJogLwhlcii me inmmbttefl mimme that his presence will make this Youth Advisory Council meet ing a meaningful experience for all who attend." "The 7th District youth council is som posed of two seoiors. a boy and a girl, from each higb school in the district The students have been requested to invite the editors of their school newspapers to attend the meeting. Rep.

Derwinski, who represents a portion of Cook County in Illinois' th Congressional District, was elected to Cos- gress in 1959 at the age 33, and has been a. delegate to the Interparliamentary Union Cob-fefehces since that time. This year, he is serving as chairman of the delegation. Ha was appointed to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in 1983, and nerves on three amV committees within tbe committee, including Foreign Economic Policy, Africa and Inter-national Organizations and Movements. Rep.

Derwinski is the second ranking GOP mem-' ber of tbe House Committee on tbe Post Office and Ovfl Service. In addition to tbe Youth Advisory Council session, Rep. Ha9 has scheduled several other meetings during his traditional Christmas visits to the county courthouses of the 7th District On Monday, Rep. Hall will lunch at the Shady Inn with representatives of the district's radio and tv stations at a meeting hosted by Don Dafiey, director of district 10 of the National Association of Broadcasters On Sunday, Dec 28, personal interviews will be conducted by Rep. Hall and members ef Iris Academy Advisory Council with about 35 young men who Jun applied for an appctetjneflrto one of tbe United- States aaned service academies.

The interview, which will be held ia the Springfield Chamber of Cess-- mercer office, will begin at a.m. WEST PLAINS Gospel mu sic by several quartets will he featured at the Howell County Sheriffs Singing Jubilee at p.m. Saturday in the Howell County Circuit courtroom. nes loaay. ise Aaaencaa ued Rjcbaid Stabi airport architect Cross was yeslerday dessBatediBs examined the terminal orMaywu.

i.aweraaraasiaeifinsctmwaBmap It was slightly more than two years prior to Carol's dis- appearance that another mys- began the Ozar Two bodies were found lying surrounded by soybeans and weeds, on Sept. 26, 1967. The field was about three miles Dog Dyed? Pink Poodle Exam Asked The ease of tbe allegedly stolen pink poodle named "Snippy Joe, continued today, with defease attorney Ben Martin filing a motion for a physical examination of the animal. ermaftan make an appraisal of tne oog's value. Charged with grand stealing for his alleged theft of the dog is Jack Leon Ford, 20, of 1144 West Hovey, 1 laborer.

The examination is vital to the defendant's esse, the motion al leges, because the defendant maintains that Mrs. Betty Rogers, 411 Sooth New, had dyed the dog; pink, which was detrimental to tbe "health, hygiene naturally is white. The motion also alleges that the dog formerly was owned by the defendant's mother and that Ford's alleged taking of the dog may have been provoked by the defendant's concern for the animal's health. Martin asks that Circuit Judge James- H. Keet set the motion for hearing Dec.

24. The theft of the dog, also known as "Peppyr" occurred Oct. 10. County Schools GetSlatfcEuhds Greene County scnoolvdistricts received a total school fund pay. ment of $2,129,012 today from the Missouri Department of Education, Treasurer Harry BlackweU said.

It is tbe second payment for the current school year. The individual school district include Springfield R-12. SI.547,889; R-2 Willard, Logan-Rogersville, 3 Republic, Ash Grove, R-b "Walnut Grove, R-6 Strafford, and R.10 Fair Grove, $63,663. Fire Is Blamed On lighter llay A bed was destroyed and one room suffered slight damage in a fire this morning at 2433 Cot-tage, apparently started by two children playing with a cigarette lighter. Firemen from stations and 2 were called to extinguish tbe blaze which started in the home of Mrs.

Frances Coness at 7:35 am. Fire Captain Harley Reynolds, station 5, said Mrs. Coness was at home when children and 7 years old apparently caught the bed on fire playing with the figftterv -i- Once Charged, Boy Faces Juvenile Action LAW year old boy, charged with grand stealing in Greene County after giving bis age a IT, now is facing juvenile actum in his home Clay Cotmty. The youth, accused of stealing some chrome headers from Mother's Speed Shop, was taken from the jail to juvenile detention after authorities learned about bis age, the charge was dismissed. Deputy Juvenile Officer Bob Robertson said the boy was released today to his father to be returned for action in his home county.

And iit slliDwujl a lheall ston- wdm atsm tnanjmns tm mej tthe all tthe Bwardrngdif tthe miufm tion dtontrjtat tto ame off Bus suro- petitnrc. vfyRE HABIT eflfmtt, mawd am p-'EMS saunsttK' tnd" wdte am slloasfl aihtmltt ttvj BHqrimgBor EfkttMr momnilian EHacjugt TThey ire (gmma jniaih SsnranBixun. A tlyeaxoi Jftitingfeflti iman Hobberson, an iimaiinitinadl nr fez.isemajnE on jjall aomimg a 2HM dayijaillBiTmimiaamBTff(uIa-j capeirDmaamurrtj'jiullvwnrtkdte-l wihem mduoe amveatsd mim! for a ttrafffir fled (Oot. 71, QBI0. Saotrar atbm pieaued suitty tto airottwr cdiUi charge as mauailhntt aste an a credit (carf amd vwas ffiiwtl i TThe Univarstty off ffirttifih ffiB-l lumbia at amraar wvae amar-j tered Lin H908 and opsnafl iin rfRB the amws fresngation tiiat neither the per4tanV -aBtet, wto mms gftimft the town lor acttetaiKe of famn-Jj lies aad Migfi3c bi le disajter canspaiiga wnrts bane beea ia operatioa and will remaia Bulil aD jsesoes are over, according to lliss Certrade Vest, of the Greene Cotmty Chapter of the American Bed Cross.

Tie disaster headiparters. rated in the Empire Duarirt Etoctrie BauSmz at 232 Soath Ham, is anasned by two cancer elisasler werfcerr seat here from rational headsfBarlers ia Kantas City. Atoo staffing the center are regular Bed Cross staff case wwkers and rmaiem. Another Bed Cross worker. "Otis Hibbard.

said last night tint person needing toad and shelter were brat? fed and bed-ded ia the high school baildmss. SoatirwetVrn Be-a Telepbgne Spakesaun Dave Carton said aboat 8M pnonea were kaorked 1 by the storm, Sof thna in 'JLepabiieand 25 in ith the rest scattered aboat BiBings. ViBard and Over. T-ntTne pairs blawatothe vnw Began repaars on ae vjmage iinn snoniy aner iae- clock arowsd octal serrire is re- stored. Sxty-six SpraagSeid and JopOai woikiug.

jJeaawbae, fast work by Springfield Jlasw-jpal Airport Jlanager Fred Ford and his crews have pat tbe airport mn- niKiipal rmsrt amigBmnU Fri- day Brigbaa) Yfwur? TXasversty ra Ctaa wastopened as aa academy ikS aad chartered in ISSSi OfSdaEs are bspai that witb- of the airport will be repaired. But be sacd total repairs wtQ taike fcwiger tfcaa at some of the baftiiugs betaae of some-special materials ased; such a plate glass the holding areas. Larry OGa. former ckairmaa of tbe airport board, said there were lew persons the the storm connected, "sereral in juries, pouibly some fatalities," prob-aMy wontd have ottaiicd At least airplanes, both iaj, were damaged or destined. (MM estimaBed plane damage at fl miillliom Tbe stiwm caased heavy damage lo tbe North American BrcrkweO Pneamatirs Dwssioo Plant ami Litton Advanced Cir-cnitry DirisJon plant northweat of tbe airport, and toothed tbe Mono MaBofactnriB? Company plant." Dainagie between this area and tbe Buffalo area includes dozens of fcomesv barns, sheds and garages.

At BmSab. the storm ripped the roof off tbe jmwor high jcmmLRfineLdestrwyed4 rar wad A met nr Kshml was rd Hwbr aeeonfine to SBperimendent DuTard KaQo- Other storm reported fhroasjtoat Oe state mended tbe Poplar Bhtff area, where six pti'B were Brjared, Irondale and Scott CKy, where one nun was kSed and Us wife aad child in jnred whea their mobSe home collapsed. Part of tbe Dexter airport bsaMiwfs were blown down at Scott City. Soatheast Strnwari flospital at Cape GirardeM re- 14 persons bom tbe Scntt Dry area and two from the Etaoss side of tbe area. Gov.

Warren E. a state of Cape Girardeaa Cswnty and Greene and adjacent nmui becanse of the damage. Gov. Bearnes avtborraed tbe me of state aeencirsv prrsoeoei and cqmpascnt to be avaclable "for tbe preservation of hfe. property aval the lestora- boa of pwUic am raF5 YOU PAY JENGIE 111S" WITH OTEBf COaVVOUNDED son making the tape confession or the persons involved iy the person confessing, could have been present at tbe time and place.

i "After four yean, the officer can report that they know a itot of people who did not commit the murders, but on the other hand they still do not know tthe person or persons who did." Claxton to Head Dental Society Dr. James Claxton was installed last night as president of tbe Springfield Dental Society att tbe organization's annual dimmr in Twin Oaks CtountyClun. Dr. Claxton is a member oT the Ozark Dental Study hib and former semwtary-toeasujnr of the Springfield Denial Society. Other new officers Uf she society include Dr.

Thomas Kelson. Springfield, lireeidenUelect; Dr. Dean Canster. Marthfield, vice president; Dr. "Walter Za- bek, Springfield, aecretaryna- I surer and Dr.

Say Tharp aan Dr. Else Miller, both of Spring field, delegates to the Miasouri Dental Association board 03 gov ernors. Special guests lutioduoed 'by Dr. William Stocker, master of ceremonies, were Dr. Otho Washburn, Versa Olec, president of the Missouri Dental Associ ation; Mrs.

Washburn, president of the MDA's women's auxiliary, and Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Dawson, Eldon, Dr.

Dawson as i TI A Bf CJht'sftmia Cuib at! (the CHimns morik (hxtil tttante smng, itt wvtcuiUI "lirajm aWtusw Ithttfs Whxtt itrwlmwauai Wfhm ytui iisim fthn WT1 snrntrt MecuioW sUejiwaiK. "IVs-vosnil Cliirilnios wxuj gjett facnik wvhxtt wjuTwb SHMmt aihai Oriairnxs Barm an 4t.Mf iiilunsrit xiDntolunxinil Jtiatt ome irruwe inaiamn enniidllr att GtnaH-imsni, ilf Wfonxrnifril! wVxWlxl eff DOriarroj cxtt stays back cxaannB tor landiBga, hot with FAA facilities knocked oat, tbe 'port mart be closed dawm at night. A nasbme tower frosi Kansas City has been arraatged tor by Norm Bolick. sector director for the FAA. and wiS assist is re- eMi of aitlbne long before the legator wt 9 be ready far ase.

Workmen began last night to fey and close in the gaping notes in waBs and the root of the asr port trrwuaal so brat conld tero bo tamed on tor the comfort of so that snrtber repalrs conld be made. a first vice president of the MDA..

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