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Springfield, Missouri
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1 Disaster Campaign Units in Operation nun, v-1 wrs 35 's Swath Mile-Wide Perrvman to Airnort Oiicc-3Iorc Storm From Republic w.n( iur. twuu its smmmaK nadVs path," said a Greene nsis. If ft 1 County resident today. "I did, Sweckard noted that the Mis-and the damage it djd is hard to souri Division of Employment Ludwig noted that Red Cross is prepared to make grants of financial aid to persons dis believe. Security, the Greene County placed in proportion to their "It never let up from the time it hit Republic until it hit the Springfield Municipal Airport, and at times it was a mile or more vide.

"When it hit hedge fence gkirnj (in awmi-iaill enurt The SEA dihatftar smograim jjt1cnijfUiiiit eftaastaf Ifani wifhi an expansion She aa toowemer, an Oiat imn- ir rwuw. wluuw araraey E-duals and nonrttfit wpmua-mxT aamei tions suck ae i-hunche cm fcs whli4 wont helped, as steJU ats eiwnliiimia teeaw Us u6li'W businesses. rewsmwifi in) swwal ase. wa i'OadlsiHB in miWndy to? Officer Schaefer motes (that wtaflt. Ohe 'femr: storm created Cnnm i mm- taw McDonald to ate tar a Hmymaw Buffalo, the dmuoian nits nuioe nuMVtl lkurjlary Chapter of American Bed Cross, and the U.S.

Small Business Administration will have offices established in the Hood Methodist Church in Republic. Sweckard said be has sent out loss, and that the grants cannot be repaid. Each individual ease will be based on its merits following interview, be said. At rows, it just looked like a king- sized bulldozer had driven over an appeal for help from persons this point, he has no estimate of the amount of assistance hit organization will be required to provide. them, and it plastered every with trucks to help haul debris fence with boards and metal and from the town.

The entire town leaves and hmhs. If everybody was littered not only with debris Hut au 'tfy froffl tnnmp hiiiMinpt twit from Displaced persons may re- Ulbe 3W ysaar IU toil aan attifrKH lit 9S Ssstr to place the mffiiue an Republic becjufte at ajyeatiei! Sm be the water iuf (4 cnentea ceive meals, couitesy would have a lot more respect hundreds of trees which were wai aarrB-tfd! about" wiU be a mobile unit to provide Ji Anv aersoiK with Mm ll a m- meals for persons working on the cleanup. age sruny bx-ij towns' "tel'auiBW amrther Sprms. that prewdfid iM' 'f aune urged its cuntaot either tttor Bfl E- Jf.vJwiia.wewT Cross or the RBA nmr- amd tlltew ynuicr womxm. Schaefer said the Small Busi ness Administration loans will for a storm mhen it comes up." downed by the vicious winds: The tornado-like storm which Lambs Jones, superintendent struck southwest Missouri a of general services for Spring, heavy bhm late-Tuesday night field, responded-to -Swetkard's-was still very much on the plea to Mayor Carl Still well in dents today, as cleanup and re- i ing trucks to Republic to help in pair continues.

It was the result the cleanup campaign of a rapidly low pressure system The Republic landfill is open that formed in West Texas Tuesj and the debris mil be-hauled to day. it, Sweckard said. "I have asked In Washington. Sen. Stuart all citizens of Republic to put I tives, Saiedutrd caid.

not supersede functions of the Red Cross, nor of the FHA's assistance to farmers who suf A. V. Curtis 'iU be is fcarae of the stfbuie. fered losses, and that loans could not be made to allow indi- See bIOBK. Paje iBWAmilBftw.

St Buute 2, Jiji" Cha-'tain. 11. wttwi am adHkmss IflflO' 'IdoKrv ami Canrfut SjTningtnn tnrfay hie office AfhrK tiy.thf irie of the 117, ftff Pbplti fn has been in touch with the Small streets so that all the volunteer Business Administration, which workers who are helping us can assured him that it had sent a have access to it and will not representative to the Springfield have to go onto private proper-area to offer low-interest loans, ty." the mayor noted. where needed, to victims of the sasdcurrent esti-storm. I mates of damage inside the city Three areas of disaster relief limits is $25 million.

This could, mtSRitjl (oi Hsnnrftt. postedl by wi Dli1 sptioii 06 lhv niadlff his 1WX31 itaitt Mitt MiijfMiMl ailttrt' watt ifri fw -nm-oUmf llbr anniBst aaim nine da? af-tlor Irsnrymianf last wiiuttti wai rtn: A iSliaif ol (tbnraini wthille ttut fcenx' wavi rs'- 1 were outhnedlns-monimg-by-Jf-He, rise or fall as thei I I nepunuc Mayor je swecEaru. cleanup imnDuwini mm-. Sweckard. at a press confer-1 paign continues.

I ence called 36 hours after a tor- Curtis noted that his efforts By the Leader and Press Staff Hnado shocked HepuMicr said he-will be to coordinate volunteer was "very proud of the way the 1 labor and requests from persons yr BLfti a wi. me weeK, aoung ntun ii.utHieu- nugint waa-wiftedirfedt Jam ft 4 -x, ra I I- ii --a i tragic storm in the Ozarks, -hich luiociked uut Fmrjimjaii ail'citv h.n amifher Ritter Trees Damaged weather station as it ravaged Munieial Airpnnt, aijuiainantllf ffnuS ttesf of caught almost everyone including (again) ithe ftwecasteir PEBBT1I Ps by surprise- S8tBhn4rlariji phiidi an the new- crier -aff wwi' hre by these- tww ywmt Sprai- A ftr Car Stall AsMther Big indy EffortLoftheparks depart The lake, where parks and public works personnel were en flbpJdnWSp.imoMWptitShip! a Oirtsttnas- gift. nhi by. SaaU's- an outfit for thMe Sprhtg-' WjPenougtfittflaiiPofr the- tropics this year, the sStWtiansWWefthcttiatitWyv andith pants im doable knit. Das LbrkAIrVei)M'aVei9'tabrt'sBi ii a-niHte cMBtry plaid.

gaged in cleaning and clearing ment to develop Ritter Springs as an area for preservation and contemplation of the beauty of Maybe the Weathermen i. Will keep closer look Now they know storms Can hit their own nook. work, was flooded. jWoman Says 2 Raped Her New, small shelter and stor Nature have received a sever setback from Nature herself. age buildings were demolished.

A SPY, who was at Municipal they shouldnlt ba fcejtt il mti a secret: Two old log structures withstood "One hundred or more" of the park's trees some very large storm struck, "was told byVre- the 11 a hTe Sources No casualties and old were damaged inj orologists were calmly monitor- itdespite eeirall neoent S( me- -b awiraiinia: wiw OTiwsKiijaifini there hare "been discovered: "I mg. tneir weainer uistrumems i casts caling Sur some wilaV a wnkr Spmmijfwioi! woman guess they sensed the storm Tuesday night tornadic storm. Dan Kinney, assistant parks director, said today. Some were uprooted, others broken off so when the meters suddenly coming and bid in the brush, Kinney observed. jumped as the violent winds Emrtl' Coming Back stuff in the bill dhnwlr ftwlw NMI fw iraperf anrf mas is little mwme rOhwi tk lttatniill wiirft mfo hy fwn iprumiplitnc ihu nwttmnt itwm ifnntllji Ituriiiy mni Stwrh The we spend removed.

r- 'We're starting he said- the polyester being rolled otf a wrapping Vifle jwetmnrt waUg ter ifflie 2m-yaw-Hfl vMimi' saidl (itidd htfihi) which' never r8Hyyreaehedithr 0zarkS, prudently hit the floor just as the windows came, tumbling bolt, which tends to stretch it teenage Itwfflmr. few- anr fttud dialfaifl im a. ditcls down around them The fabric is unrolled and the TEfee swwgguin nlnnisfaihjnB pattern is cut Then, the mate- nyhkebtoRkt)tnbesyidestnh4'Stret goods a friend how ne pattwtd ttflw He- i Rnnw aAnul 2 mi. Rem the a ning, eioplainmg, "'I8y 4mifflvir mik! WBirmfl. and Hiad a miramwing sanilv "llnw swotbiiihI flw a 1 rests and gradually Actually, Off Beat hopes the storm really was a surprise to -t jfjigTa-g fitifHH-ica 'Hi; a UtT wo vtT IS aAiiMMeiv) -J "WgflfatonueiaaMsoma mt et'oflPeariia' men's clothing4-Upring back to shape.

He said bbitltbeoRl(lffvWtes awerCanP bliPt.aecnrdiliB Barry John- night- jwwut an. ao4 aw awesw they knew about it beforehand. pMfmBgiimaa gencMo would production facilities limit the companies' ability to let the material regain its shape before cutting, but that now efforts are being made to resize the nlintiWtrdvmBdoPfiintlHigM the- timr vnu eat it On Greene County The friend. nn)n (Che lWeflt 'BtttS-fesw lnBdll, tor (tti mura-slang, ithougnt be mwititt a i "rapping paait? seme wemj eKpanded eri tf a rntp ms- tkw ttftus- "fiaiste'waw tinminst; hen ear rfiOBWekhBjtfifthagsiiinnnnjfr oQ94lttBdSnf 4ititatSaPerf bblBft SBA Affixes I ffew) hbwevefT tWg has been ching4i hytflttstmgpolyester thefifibettrf -hokPart8tgifllujiWtn bWatt)baRHSaBattBhmiUJ He said there are advantages and disadvantages to but. iers-npynrat)Bh tliesaMe4 AnfldnWhynSlngi for'nieff are Disaster Tag Off Beat Cor nmadeltRattwwaspRpBarinntBW cemlngsuvidoubtat knits1- from il mt nfntf.

(n.n...ite jmufi fTrf fD A. i viTO "If yon have a polyester coat wnucm a nfluu iw iman woe- 6 tWrthiceprttirey shirts to under- or suit on, and you brash a rose WaiiBsiins ft a neairfty srfhe pnndl liwr mother. ited one rf iOr 1Tom ItersertH Atad a 9SBbiB8tttn rfghlttnij ff- 's bush or something Bke that it shopping oentert lOtflaeraaw. RSidiiey also of das' wTOtf r.jjjugfliaa whin sautti trtift- wnuliK enme amf wtt Mlu iinfl Bfluv A colleague auenheasid a sne WASHINGTON, DC Special) The Small Business Administration today declared Greene County a "disaster tithe bbMoimwfin, wfcttlie shhtrtgiW. saMd generaUy a SM)ttJbewi(H)bltk lacesf 'shweisneeded' iff polyesH ttrlirtl gar mentthaa woven faBrttSf- shirts wiU the mwtaaer.

Ewn witinacii lAMtnMI ivc walk Hnme Wteplaltted 'this resnlts front will snag and there is nothing much yon can do about it" Also a spark from a cigarette can born a big bole, wmch Is quite expensive to repair, so that it is almost cheaper to bay another garment 1st. addition, pore polyester garments have a tendency to be hot in the summer and cold is the winter. Santas ha-ue it tftwfs, gmi fetivw v. Anyway, the jam Milnw fin SBhe- saaid' wa walking mseltSi mv tastlmr. ftitweni Glen-rtme anil' Gm)waywlieni "i- ished with She macnaser and turned around 4e fCind tCbat some- 'I man Durward G.

Hall. As a result of the ruling. Hall said, "Greene County" If eligible for disaster loan assistance. Applications will be accepted at the Kansas City office of the SBA. Applications also wiU he ac ibu towit ohe IhadionwwBdlhM tutke ker autd twin mew inviterl goodie cart ((tISbey AaSt alitow windeer in (hesr tte St- nsttiuwrtir Ob the advantage side of After loakinf far bis cant Sur cepted at a temporary branch fseveraJ feutta'-iheiJ-Jftif-sirt-teui Cfiwer Baite office set up in Republic this double knits is their tremendous adaptability for travel.

They are light weight and do not Barry Johnson pointed out High on the doable taut fash "It must ixrue been me mur net (Smiii biOUkI in front friendTy litoesv, ui andl (feaigjreitl her jjihltw a ifliti'v thn-ifninj ner Alpftttecffckswte6ncflrTyy frfunttliotiriBiaaiuiinch'prpet the setiwtnMeiffeninsbpmBfeWdtdOtnW inn ann gifnehn pipe; both ion list are topcoats, which do WfldlhB into old feewer lines. Lo- 'VUUIm'ekhaRQdjjinesm caWrthBarr oni South' Forr; and Ofl'iWalrtuD'neaririettletoni Balk tiwBWfBitfaitBJpiseawoof't not wrinkle after a food dousing. Even the old favorite, the white shirt is cominf back. This morning. Republic was the town worst hit by a tornado which, late Tuesday, dipped down in McDonald County and ripped a wide path as far northeast-as Dallas Coenty, Hall's office noted the SBA officials said they had learned that "200 homes and four businesses were damaged with an estimated damage of tZ million.

Half said he' is also in contact MMluu mm mw shw wa le.ct in. to 4emoiiftote a ItaeaTtttatew lTLiSr latttf- B8tittnee afent the source' utur jvwu swtun nrr nu tirs time in polyester blends that are ttatftbHix wais ire fo nrf! hr Picking Up Storm Path Carl Jnstice, an rsapteye the Misseari Slate Highway Depart-saesn, was one of bsssdreds of simsi hi sewthwest Missswri -today engaged ka 'cleaning debris scattered by Tuesday Bight's stars. Jwttktswas wwrkiswj lacs SMrang mm West Diri-smb. arar the SpringnrU Manieipal AirswrL AB bwldiags in a direct fine fraB public to the airywrt suffered damage from sniawr to total sVstrwrltoa. The farm kwldngs of Ewrz, Bob and BiO KeadrJrk.

West DirisiM. were totally destiwyed and damage was estiautew at frwai fSMM to $ltj. sou to we toucn ana neea uiuc or no ironing not like the nMr.siftldaUhbKIBnbsofftnee tio tithe libfi stiffly starched white dress shirt off tHfee tW engineer itldtklf "Theyshbuldfi be closed aa Wtll'bei-bUt there's got to ta4agernsomewhere:" P8BllbWer'-rjSrtor Harry AMpr. reported nOrmaV opeic abnsvtheseuthwest plant oWber a 48) 5flir jair. aW.

urimj: ttthe amr ff tli mew caiiM (line flftteir ftjr the 'na-me of "J(iV saM Tine wiKDiima waff token to St. BHflitol- lis ksr mother of year back. W'arU OnS Exm itolktog A mip nil (the rtijut IttuU miaknan: -Birttoibeituk. See OFF SCAT. Patae with HUD and USDA officials to eeanlier- determine if there are more aid Barry Johnson said it seems as if the store where he works BBMiJofthiBSittll'MBRnhBies sine- programs available for those in ifltlWWiemnnWlhbo8eto the affected areas.

See STYLES, Pages (rtetemftiee tftbesotujte off sWrttm ptriKOtddwnggiitetwtit's nesty: rimns. aSd wtwl)h aiatnn tRis wkrfflgUi-9dtltbeilerfoniioP pprtaUy titfsmad swagte into) 3uff JLanA flue Eliioes firewall, and it had been driven far enough to consume i gallons of gasoline. Investigation Tmo "BbMiiks" hbte bbenn block. West NcDanid. July Z2, 1971.

Wayne Eugene Gilbert. Bobby Dean Tryan and Harold Joe Presley, young Pulaski County residents; found ia the middle of a rural Pulaski County road with eight deaths fawhiriing Carol's remaia "open" to law enforcement officers, haunting them because of their impregnability. Have these eight marders become the "perfect revealed she had driven to Springf ield. But where else bad by whom? Massive searching of the area" turned up the keys to the ear in a field in front of the laundry, and later, three persons told car passed in front ffibetnt amd the driver sndsed beside (Che highway, ran actm a iieild toward the laundry and Hmew kus nand in front Ibis fame ats She three drove past. Sr r- The mas was fine feet, sum ten inches tall, -its a stark emn-plexion, amd Iblack kajr eomibed back.

A Sew sprigs of Ibair we hanging down over ne ieie. The coat be carried oner bis they had been murdered Sorer aot Sorely Fdettl Jirtge vSlllllMn Oct 19. 1991. jjprihltsJwuirtL WLtftr Btaifes er Stlutwimt CamMTs dfoaippeaiaace wne ant "'semi to Jeffetnom atnd ttut bet that pwpiimitfHmiUie' to get jerauid jueyaJBsiSnii" awestlipfsr" "Ewrry-fcarf away ftmrao tkis aunea tfttat fca keen Siffiiwej ap tote (aided sat," Kwrtkia satd tn- 1 aBways I -ftiB BliiaS (Hie- answer Cxmts mueT msfhe within ffihe ansa wlhfwr tfut linedl aoidl 1- Airihuigf CamS fttuti a mM wftna Jibe feffl hnn Sir-WW' Iaot iil lhas-imr hee ftiunrf. CUQllWoiih8S2ginid tftftepPflU tiflnopfaa.s6a8eppj!Wflnertoprwi( cwoa wWi htes dSMBflge salt) atgmiwt amm cstmm sheen? lRkyyCwftnMdhhsdrteoki4 Blf FTKAVK FARMIflt SssrfWrRerr Twooyearfs agof yesterdajr sprtghtry' housewnV- left her bomwst of Nixa to go Christ-miss shopping? sn t- do her liauayy; S6metfmrtnat afternoon, she stoppi inn a groceTjr store- ia? ribta? bought; some? cookies, friend and dis-appeaFedd 1st ms not! untit Christmas that Carol Blades was foundd Her body was lying be-shWa-log on; gtaded hill west Etb'SWtanis have been' inter- -vtswedi'tfiouHands of miles have beenidrlveniand loved ones have spenet eotlntfes restless hours pnnietrt wgE 1 dis-appeflMiieeethe' terror sb ub-dtlubtBbly usderwent in bar last and whether or not thsUrderw wrmurdereM will evere-apprehendedr there exist does to these cases which, if placed ia the proper hands and inked with other knowledge, would provide the key to solving one or more of these murders.

For this reason, thea, the Leader and Press has exhumed the stories and will today and on Friday and Monday, re-examine these heinous crimes. They are, besides the Carol Blades ease, the case of murders of was corduroy, psssEuj. Oeeoe -lined, and toe wane a fflaamel shirt. His weight was eatiumatod at 150 to 1C6 stouDds. But amount searaibmg turned any Heads to illnc mi-ingCaroL ITtwn, taut nhnjatmnyf! tty fr- Few tragedies have touched the emotions of Ozarks residents as greatly as the disappearance of 20-year-old Carol Blades just -two years ago.

While her husband, Larry, slept prior to going to work that night in Springfield, she put up a Christinas tree, decorated it and placed some gaily wrapped packages on a table. About 6:43 p.m- Larry Blades was awakened by the telephone and discovered that Carol was not yet homo. He called a cousin of Carol, Sue Horton, and asked her to check for Carol at the laundry in Nixa. The jiifllUB feflder wftutb Muf ftiiH-lBdld twnttaapad wa (bundl mwdgf as atbaoi- (One sroito -dhmw6 fist. nest Wilhelm, Koule 1.

Gailtata. went looking for some eows a hit Stone County farxa. He fcnmd the remains Carol Jyang beside a faBea log an a iindhet ft cedar tree. Carol's fattier. Lams Burton, thtasmwnH8s bBeiSKflBudfof titKHfletffliifiaute.

TEbeppeaKtjsuthltoefRiusetil R8y Mnggad, who wnh hill sddwun. ppJeadad gsittyy too tSe 5May2Kai8sRitttiBK)ef(Jrwte Iamnftp. Itanadwim, atdooiiin tltee pBP.hhaSaajKiiwOdamnBB' sBlflt pPflatttOg hin ffinl ctlW aSftWStCttfiP.tiOof fMBKdpBu tSand tithe fifprnnrrwadBnof tXhecCtmnyjdWl.MfiaMftssnlt) aaiiks an iddnnttaHl aMoOnnt Wf tWW'flaWldulHltWHklpnnDthb nit' iiircwdosnhtttpiwltaiin' tAbojmojyaail. ii1" aEtemiffilUinilkisaiys Our aae fea and iS9 neoKMis Sung aw fee sttwridf and! that erjr smsnue Hut ad MmiimaffioB tuts awes nifeemd antd put ia (ttfae tile One T8ae fast JftJI nrmiaiius (had a niaffl a 9gg sawlkunf amd runv ung firoos CamlT's ear. hT tltot mam uud fee tountdL fltea fer- Bertram Kidd, 29.

and jorie Sharp, 21. of Montreal, Canada; killed ia a soybean field south of Buffalo sometime ia -mid-usr. Clyde W. Carr. Springfield businessman; killed ia a scuffle immediately aatside his fashion-abl apartment house at 1223 East Elm, Springfield, Nov.

24. 1970. kiQed hi a vacant lot ia the GOO "Larry she -called back. "Carol's clothing is still in a -washer and your car is out on 1 wiw inlaid of Springfield, has rrfemtleerily pursued eotae clue to tus Aauivb-ter 's deata. There are at lea, two asserts of One tonegtigaiWni that have cuntiaued to him: fine rh fact ffliat fanaer- Tnntuwler of Carol Blades is novthe'ouiy: unsolved murder uv -tBeeOzintgs thte "fafflUr vaca- "tftintttnd'" Therte are numerous others.

Uaweyerr fiVi' separate1 cases. Caral Blades her father thinks answer to Harder es right wuhia the area where-She Bred aad Highway 160. Yoa'd better come and see." The car had been driven sfl splashed all over the.

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