The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1937 City Council Would Have "True Conditions" Here Revealed The "American Press" 1ms liccn called upon liy the Blylhcvlllc cily council, In a resolution adopted Tuesday night, to "ascertain .the true facts, lake pictures and correct the false Impressions wlilch have been created" oljouL niytlic- vilie due to false reports niul pic- lures purporting to reveal flood conditions here. 'Hie resolution was adopted at (he request of c. A. Cmininglmm, local Red Cross disaster relief chairman. It follows: "RESOLUTION. "WHEREAS. Elvtheville, Mississippi County. Arkansas/ is cighl miles west of the Mississipui River: ami twelve miles cast of nig Lake and "WHEREAS, in Die latter parl of January, 1937, the levee o' Drainage DIstHcl No. 17 broke at : point in the State Ijne Levee, approximately eight miles west of Blvthevillc. and "WHEREAS, no part of the Bi» Lake' flocd water came closed to Blytheville thun four or five miles and i-1 "WHEREAS, the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad Company has operated trains from st. Louis through Blytheville to Memphis, •Tennessee, continuously since January 1st, 1937, and tile Central Greyhound Bus Lines lias operated its buses over Highway Cl between the same points and during the same time, and '"WHEREAS, no drop of flood water has readied Blytheville, In 1937; business has not been interrupted except to the extent of sending men and boats to lake (he people out of the area flooded by Big Lake-Little River and the St. Francis River floods; tile schools have never been closed, and conditions have not changed as the result of the flood of the Mississippi River or of the other rivers mentioned, and ."WHEREAS, the flood pictures and explanations which have been appearing in the American Press purporting lo reflect conditions nl Blytheville, Arkansas, nre without foundation niul fact, nud not representations of ths true conditions, and ':• . "WHEREAS, Ihc people of Uly- Ihevllle desire that the psopte o! the United Stales know the true conditions svlili resirecl lo Hlyllie- vllle, lo the end that \i may be relieved of the cd^cl-of the unfortunate adreitislng it has received: "THEREFORE, Ire It resolved by the City Council of the Cily of lily- theville. Arkansas. In a legally, notified and convened ineitln; thereof, that we the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of .said cits- deplore the pictures and explanations that have been appearing In Ihe Amsr- Ican press, purporting to represent conditions at Hlythevllle, and tlislr ;xplanattons, and we hereby call upon (he papers \'id mavu^ln^s: .vhich have publishi* said pictures uid explanations to send their rep- 'erciitatlves lo Blytlievllle, asct'r- 'ain the true facts, take pictures, and correct 1 Ihc false impressions .vhich have b22i> created by them." "We, Cecil S^iane as Miyor. and iuth Blythe as City clerk, of the :Uy of Blythsvill", Arkansas, licre- i certify Uial Ihe above and forc- ohig Resolution was adopted by the unanimous voles of ail Hie members of Ihe City Council or the Mty of Blytheville. Arkansas, at a 5'jnlaily called, and convened netting thereof, lield in the Citv rail, at 7 urn. February 8th. 1937 "CECIL SHANE, Mayor "Attest: Corporate Ssal. "Ruth Blythe, city clerk." BLYTHEVILLB, .(ARK.)' COURIER NBWS negro transport pilots In the cost, according to flyers at Ihe ahporl Willlnm A. (Bill) Crews, his instructor, said Wellington's feat. Is emarkable because he wns im- ible to lake regular lessons due lo Inclement weather and flood con- .'.ItloiLS. H was almost inonlhs mjo lhat the tall is said to be the only other ncuro J. B. Newman, Stoiilicu Vaughn; '"" '"" Rra " 11 Tt """ "" '"- T. J. Qreenwell, nlternnle. Cooler—W. P. Clark, clmlrmim; B. J. Lnwler, Dan Slceto; M. li. Cooper, nllernnte. Holland—J. S. Edwards, chairman; C. n. Colcninn, Wlllrm Kow- Icr; Leslie Sainforxl. alternate. Little 1'ialrle—Henry A. lioonc llirce chnlrinnn; Abo Onitlier jr., Mtir- youtli rny Zarccor; A. L. Kidwell, alternate. l.lllk 1 niver—C. J. Grcwe, chairman; E. E. Wlsenei', Alton Sllll- nmn; J. M. Wallace, alternate. Pascola—K. M. nice, clialnnnn; ScoH Jones. T. H. Cole; Clyde Maloney, alternate 1 . I'emiscol - w. J. Fit/manrlce, chairman; w, R. Stalham, W. H. Greonwny. Virginia—l!oltlo /\. Fan-is,' chair- innn; W. P. Clark, C. O. Thompson; Earl Buys, alternate. paid ills fee with nickels dimes and quarlers received from shining shoes at n local barber .shop, tie has taken short lessons of 15 to 35 minutes since that lime. Crews said Washington was ati ideal sludcnl, willing and anxious lo learn, and predicted a brilliant Allure for him. Eddie docs not Intend to stop >jul said he hoped to continue until he could get at least a private license. It Ls understood that he has Ihe bucking of several of the .Vegro business men here who are interested in purchasing a plane .or commercial purposes. Banners Elect Men to Administer 1937 Soil Conservation Program Cub Scouts Entertained The Cul) Scouts were entertained Tuesday night by James Carl vest jr.. In iris apartment. Members present were: Roy Calvin jr., Raymond Crawford, Billy DcUmg, II. N. Sn-carcngen. A vlslllng scout was Jnmes Pounds, and another guesl wa,s Kenneth Ruble. Refreshments were served by the liosl's mother. Mrs. Edith Vest, after the business session. I, •-.dclie Washington Second of Race in South to Take' Up Aviation BY J. I'. FltlEND A new chapter in local and Tii- alate aviation was written ycster- !ay when Ecldie Washington, 22- i:ar-olc! negro, made his first solo lop at the Municipal Airport after 'lily four hours and twenty mln- ites of instruction. He is the first, if his race ever to enroll in a fly- ng school in this part of the :oUntry. Pickcns Black, Newport. , Maturity and s'lcngli is not attained bv how ^It- able for heavy harness until they reach the use of 5 or 0. Tills jtiorsc is at Its best between tho CAfiUTUEnSVlLLE, Mo.—M. D. a B«'S o! 7 to 10. Amburgey, county extension agent, ~ lias announced the cqrnmitlcemcn who will administer the 1937 soil conservation program In Pcmlscot county. The coinmltteemen were elected by farmers of their rc- spctlve communities. The county committee comprises Charles W. Heed jr., chairman; S. P. Edwards, vice-chairman; Henry Boone, third member; atid c. J. Grewe, alternate. Township comniilteemen arc: Hayti — Chas. W. Reed, chairman; A. G. Pickens, George Terrell Jr.; Henry Rnddlck, alternate. Braggadocio — Oeo. R. Long. chairman; Luther Ciirtner. Prank Grinstead; R. L. Ledbetter, allcr- nalc. Butler and Oodair—S. p. Edwards, chairman; W. N. Hawkins J. E. Riles; Clyde White, alternate. 'Concord—L. H. Gale, clialnnnn; HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Flush out Acidi and Other Poitonous \V&it« ransy y tiny lubes or li l>!«x «nd keep about 3 pml, our kidneys contain lo Mileibf • - r ,V v I* }' lo ^ ur ^''i pi!ie ..v.(.,w..> or Branty pauaKM v.\ih BrnanirjE «nJ burnliig ilia«i l) l( . ro , mj . l, c louictlllOK "rong will) your Vidtieya or Ihdder An eicess ol (ttids or noisoin in your blool. jilitn due In hiiictlooFl IMncy disor.I«s, nay He llie btiLONiog ot cajt:ng l.otUche, rlica- mulic puns, luinlouo, Iceluiru, lo«otpen ni,.! Mtftv. Bcttinj up iiijliti, ivicllint, imllineu ijler the efa, )ic«Jac!,es am! ilininc.u n ii t ^?' aitl A!V \'°V ilnjirzist (or Dana's Pills, u«il suceeafully by millJonj [,,r over 40 I'^rl ', f'- V i c l>py rriicf ° ml lvi " '"'P llle la Milts ol kiJni/ luli M n u ,|, nut nol.n'nous ^as^l) [roiu your Llotx!. C!et Duan's I'LIU. "The Voice of Experience \.. the man with the million dollar throat insists on alight smoke "My voice is my career. It has inspired more''than five Hiiilfon people to confide in me their personal problems. During 25 years, first on the lecture platform and then on the air, 1 have never missed a single engagement because of my throat. I am a steady smoker, and because my throat and voice are vital to my career I insist upon a fight smoke. In Luckies I find a light smoke pins the enjoyment of fine tobacco . . . and that's why Lucky Strikes have been my choice for 14 years." .. ,. FRIEND AND COUNSELOR TO MILLIONS OF RADIO LISTENERS n independent survey was made recently among professional. men and women— lawyer^, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc. Of thosewho^aid- they smoke cigarettes, more than ,87% stated they personally prefer a light: smoke. vU • -\ ^,^f>.^'i. 4 /. jxp^renceeres;,e;^som 'of this. preference, and so do other leading artists of the radio, stage, screen and opera. Their voices are their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too, can have the throat protection of Luckies— a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted". Luckies are gentle on the throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS— "THE CREAM OF THE CROP" A Light Smoke "It's Toasted"-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRRITAT10N-AGAINST COUGH PAGE THBEB •Wj PRICKS POK F1UIMY AND SATURDAY Texas Seedless Large Size. 6 for Hour or Dill Qiiiirl Tall tail 2 for r mi HMiiWMi^»L^BI Sugar CELERY c. <;., Ui. 27c t'nrc Crme 10 Poumts SI; 10 (: Navy Beans* > 39c ' Jewel, u>. nun Pound LEMONS for CARROTS Fresh ilth. 5 l TOMATOES w *a. 12 CRACKER JA "f LAVA SOAP 5' FreshEggs Do/.oii ONIONS 10 l TOMATOES •STRAW"™ 1 " 1 * S?"1 SARDINES 15 Id (id \Viilt. liiich W KSTINUUUUHK liAftll'SCU flAKF VHnC, A i) iff I Vaiii] RUTABAGAS , 10 RADISHES rno c STARCH ArB ° W ylHIlVll 2 t2-r«!-nktrs Iv FISH FLAKES SYRUP Ir " 15 c FLOUR C, C. Paneake ''£ for 1 I>kff. I'flst Uraii 1 I'k.u. (irapcnul Flakes 1 Cereal Howl All For 20c I FLOUR Apples Wincsap !Jo/cu Now (irccn I'OlllIll No. 2 din :i for Welch Quart :i,V 1'int Crackers Wesco 2LbBcx15o Soap Chips! \ ' Clean Quick 2:ibbox17c CLOCK BREAD 8 DOB FOOD CHILI SAUCE c , f; 10 ( Tomalo. Barbara' CO A nn . cnn 0 fiRAPF milT JiriCE 1fl c UnHrEi (;. (: Ciin iu CAHDY 10 SODA A. & II. (> for TOMATO PASTED SOUP C; " 1 '"" e " 25 DDAU i c 'i'AKi<;s' c. c. |fc Pilfin i:vo/.. v\< K . li /*C1 A TINE? Twinkle CC UtLAIInt I'K"-. 3 SOAP >OWI)BR 5 SPAGHETTI MATCHES POTTED MEAT r^ 5 ( PINTO BEANS 29 TOMAtO 5 CATSUP ROUND STEAKS Swift's Temlcr Flavorful Hccf I'mind Jack Salmon, for frying. Ib 12ic Baby Red Snapper Ib 22c Catfish Steaks Ib 28c Fresh Jumbo Shrimp Ib 25c FRESH FULL DRESSED HENS 111. MILK FED VEAL CHOPS II). BEEF ROAST C. Q, Thick Hi!)'. I'ounci Medium (iradc Pound LAMB SPRING LKR 1,1) SHOHI.DER ROAST Bulk Cottage Cheese Ib 15c Wis. Full Cream Cheese Ib 25c FANCY SLICED BACON SQUARES Hi. Weiners and Franks ib 19c Country Pork Sausage Ib 25c SHANKLESS PICNICS Pound

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