The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 2B, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS M-MMP.' WHLTt IF VOU HATTA WEAR GLASSES AM' BE CALLED SPECKS. AW FOUR- EVES--AM'BE TIIENED DOWN FOR FOOTBALL., BASEBALL AK! 1 — OH. A LOT OF .GRAND S'.EN WEAR GLASSE BUT A C.RAMP LADY WITH DISHWATER HANUS MEVCR.' PUT ONE ON A PLATE. AND I LOOKS LIKE A ' BOILEP LOBSTER.' EVER ReeOl(Z£ AWRB. BALL PLAYfiRS.CALL OS M6 OR STAET SPILLWS tXiST FROM PAGE FIFTEEN Pistol-Toting Hunter Bags Mountain Lions ALBANY, Ore. (UP)—H. E. Roberts. Portland painter, has a unique hobby: hunting cougar with a pistol Recently he collected S325 in county and state bounties for five cougars he killed while hunting in the Santiam alley. Ciii JjJLloA: By lone Sandberg Shrlbcr Plaintiff, IN THK CIRCUIT COURT FOR, THK CIIICKASAWHA DISTRICT • OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AR- i KANSAS. P«ul D. faster .. VS. No. 4138 Continental Distributing Company Inc • Defendant The First Nnlioiial Bank in Blythe- vll| c Garnishee WARNING ORDER Continental Distributing Coiii- 'pany, inc.. is a-arncd to appear in the circuit Court for the Chicka- Bawba District of .Mississippi County. Arkansas within thirty . days I from the date hereof to answer a complaint filed against It by Paul % Foster. lis the 24th day of March. 1048. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk 3^25-411-8-15 WARNING ORDKK In the Chancery Court. Chicka- »ivba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Ruth McDaniel Phillips, Pltff. vs. No. 10.415 Aubrey Phillips. Deft. The defendant Aubrey Phillips is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named'in the caption hereof and answer tho complaint of the plaintiff, Ruth MrDaniel Phillips. Dated this 10 day of March. 1948. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson, D/C. C. P. Cooper, attorney for plaintiff. - •: .. 3:11-18-25-4:1 Fried Chicken ... i grapple Dinner -BEER- 7 Days^a Week! Blanchard's Cafe Portegeville, Mo. Owned By Stanley Keller XXVII' CHE though! it was their kindness ond consideration she resented most of all. She haled their pleasant smiles and their worried eyes; hated knowing that ttielr smiles were forced for her reassurance and the \vorry caused by what they considered to be her strange, inexplicable- behnvtor. ..She tricti to flslH it out with herself. She went over and ovec it, bark and forth, for and against, .but H wasn't any good. She didn't get anywhere. Searching her feelings as honestly as she was able, however, she admitted that it was Rush who had hurt her most. Surely It couldn't be wrong of her to think that Rush, at least, should have believed her. And while Rush might have placed no credence in her story of the bridge or the wax, surely he should have stopped • twice to think about the clock! He knew she permitted no one else to touch it. Rush was her husband and it didn't make sense that he should prefer to believe Ann mentally ill rather than believe any attempts were being made upon her life. That was when she began suspecting him. Tnat was when she began to wonder it it was Rush who wanted her to die. . . . • • » A LITTLE whimper escaped her ^.arid Gay, who ha.d been sitting quietly in a chair by the window came hurrying over to the bee where Ann was lying. "What is it, Ann?" she said, there anything I can do?" Gay was her friend. Gay was on her side. She'd proved that o the porch. Gay had ignored the orotest in Rush's voice and said "Perhaps we should call this man in Wyoming." She must have whimpered again >e(.-ause Cay knell beside the bed, ook Ann's hand in her own. "Ann—" Her voice was choked vith urgency— "Ann. you've gol o get hold of yourself. Don'l you see, everything you any sounds so —well, so fantastic—to men? Men arc realistic—they may pretend ::ot to be but they are. And you :lon'l stand a chance of convincing [hem unless—" "What should I do?" Ann whls- lered and she clutched Gay's cool lingers ever, tighter. "I can't stand it, Gay. It's—it's going to drive me out of my mind! That's—" She cast a furtive look about ner, wet her lips and said—"that's what's so awful, Gay.. That's what someone is trying to do! These— these accidents . . ." She raised herself on the pillow, looked straight into Gay's young Iriglit- encd eyes. "I haven't been sure whether they were supposed to actually kill me or whether they were supposed to—" And Gay said simply, "Well find out, Ann. I promise you, we'll find out." The heady promise of belief from someone—someone who should have been Rush!—the trust she put in Gay's promise to find out the truth, only added to the danger, bin she did not stop to think of lhat. She and Gay plotted during those minutes they were alone, before the others joined them. And, comforted by Gay's belief she was better able to face them as they came to her room.t • * * "•THEY'D agreed, Gay and Ann lhat she must make every effort to appear normal, rational she rhusl prete'ncflhat the things she had said to Sheriff Blanding had been part of a mental aberration, that now she'd rested and tel better and wanted to be the firs to admit how ridiculous her charges must have sounded. Tha was the safe way to put the murderer off his guard K only (or a little while. And when Shcrlll Minuting came again to Tophill, in even wcnl so far as to rclract he accusations .she'd made that flcrnuon on the porch. "Well. I'm sure real glad to :now you're feeling bt?lter." Sam Handing told Mcr. "Makes me un- to go through something like lint oilier afternoon—never know what to do about something ike that." But he had done one thing, m HI,incline had tried to gel in ouch with Mr. J. M. Slark in Cheyenne. . "lie wns out ot town." the sber- ff said. "Gone up Into the moun- ains for the week-end. I left word for him to net in touch with me when he gets back." He looked t Rush again. "But of course II Mrs. Bancroft's feeling better I L'ould just as «asy cancel the call. Ann held her breath and Enos ivas the one who said so casually, '1 don't think I'd cancel it. Sher- II. We might as well flnd out once and for all it there's any ruth to bis claim," and Rush nodded in agreement and then their eyes all met again in that peculiar way so lhat Ann w«sn't * bit sure :hey weren't all Just pretending to trying to talk with Mr. Stark, simply trying to reassure her so she wouldn't worry any more. She said as much to Gay wtien they were alone »nd Gay laid, slowly, "1 Sam Blanding, Ann. He's an Innocent soul and don't think he'd ever be a party to anything out o( the way." She darted a quick glance at Ann and said, "Do you mean— Oh, Ann, nol Not Rush!" And Ann closed her eyes and said wearily, "Gay, I don't know." Gay said, "Well, of course we could call him ourselves. Ann. Mr. Slark. We can find out for ourselves if he's in the mountains." All of it so dangerous and neither' of them seeing it. Ann forgetting;'• that the murderer so far had played a cool lone hand, that he was unlikely to let nis plans go astray simply because two girls were frightened and suspicious. (To Be Continued) BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Size T. L. MABRY 42» MISSOURI ST. PH. J627 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4451 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 9?J. COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone 3646 0*42525 TWENTY MILLION GARDENS The Government has aiked for that amount— it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We have complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! HELP CONSERVE FOR OTHERS-WITH A GARDEN OF VOUR OWN! Paul Byi-uin Seed Store has the most complete stock of garden 'mid field, seed between Memphis and St. Louis, as well us nil kinds of plants In season. Make this your headquarters whenever you buy high-germination seedl SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM "The Seed Store" 1H-120 East Main St. Kly(hevil!e, Arkansas Planting Seed Snyhrans. Corn. CY.tlon Seed. Sudan, Oats, Lespeilen, Alfalfa, Pulure Mixture!, !.»wn p»isr.i <t Other Field Seed. See Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 Handled With Care From the lime your family's clolhcs reach us—lu Hie lime they arc returned to you immaculately clean, they get the best of. care. Fabric, color and design pl»y a part In de- ' tcrminfng the methods and InRie- dirnts we use In cleaning. Our re- suits satisfy I Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Strttt "You haven't bought anything new to wear for two years —you'r« not going out with us Easter Sunday without tome clothes!" FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO6SEB '1'here II JH ' SHADYSIDE JERICHO IMNSCIU.A'S I'OP He Siiys AL VERMEER / jus! proposed and she snapped Tell me about it.. What was it like you proposed That's old-fashioned By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH I.ANK inspector Giowl called me early in th« morning to m««t him at the morgue. FATS WJVMHON. TO HIM 15 HIS BOOY-GUARD, KNOWN FUNKINHEAD. ANO IN MT» POCKET W»5 THIS OMTMCX 516NEO «V ROCKY SIONC AND MIRK YOU OUGHT TO BE -W- YOU WOULD ASHAMED, GROWL IE, \HAVf GSOO5ED SETTING AH INHOCfNT | IKE A JABBER- MAN LIKt ME OUT AT AN MOOR LIKt THIS. INS API If I KADtTT, HINT- Why, Mr. Koonlzl Hy LESLIE TURNER IW'T WOT Ht TOIE ME! SOU SOU* WAIT 1 !!. 1C GITS RACK BUT I PHONED HIM HERE. WOT TWENTf MlilUTES A«O, AMD HE SMD- 00*1 T HE.40UOIIH.OIEFOIl! HE'S «EN WI'T MEN NO fMOWECWlSl I fWt KOOW...! IHIWKi POWM >W N MOLf! HEART, .VOU R)NT RtWVE 10 CLUBS lOf. WOMEN .6UTIDO T, I OMEN U« A HUKRV, AND I MUST HWE THAT KOONTr SMD I COULO PICK IT up M ONCE! ATT CLUB IN MO HlWtf By FRED-HARM AN YOU ARE OMLf PAUFACE XMOWS TRAIL TO LOST BA5IK) CONE HERE .THEY WOULD 5POIL HUNT- MS GROUND- COME / you Tea •'" WHAT TO DO, Well, Mv Slavs! 5 pot Toe. OH. PE»,?. H! \ \NWM~LL H*PPEN ./ *£«ESN \ NOW TH«iT VtS'Vf VtNT I>,S<.| LO«T CONTMTT Y£?J 5*Y? / \vTTH BOOM T—V yx XLLEYOCPT LC54 OF CONTACT \SOULD IN.\CTI^'ATED THE ONCY A HDJCTON Of D(AM£TE«S DUE TO REALISNMEJJTOF THE TIMS. SPACE FACTORS: HOOTS AND HKK IUIDDIKS H-l)a EDGAR MARTIN A

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