The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1937
Page 2
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BLYTH?V1LLB, (AHK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, FEKRUAilV ii, 193? [{Enlargement Justified But Motive Prompting Plan IrnporUnt, Says Gaijtney If the purpose of the proposed * clary is to Increase the efficiency of the supieme court the proposal flpjuerlng »Ss "wise, and, laubable." but U th$ yard - purpose is to "influence the fits- v v ent. court then :it c«n not be. too .' strongly condemned Chancellor J, 1 P. (Jautney o{ Jpjiesbow, president, of the Arkansas Bar association, declares In J prep«red state. meat, Chancellor Gautnej's statement, issued at Jonjtsboro, follows: "The cqnstltutlon of tho United -States provides that the Judicial poner shall.' bes vested In one "supreme court and such inferior courts as Congress may from time to tlm^ establish. In no part 01 the constitution Is congress lim- ^ , ited as" to Uve number of judges. M , Only'one Judge is specifically men- 1 tlorted {in* ttie 'constitution and that is, the chief Justice. "Congress htu r the power to. increase,' or diminish the number of judges'but "it can not abolish the court." 'The, Judges, hold o(flc.o Will Pick House For Landscaping As P. T. A. Project A Blytheyllle house Is to be selected for a landscaping project sponsored by the Junior- Senior High Sclx»l Parent-Teacher Association It; connection with a series of ten -'• lectures on landscaping whl9h this group Is sponsoring on Thursday nights. Paul Crulg, In charge of. the course, will select llw 10US8 which will be beautified by he planting of evergreens and and improving tlie Mr. Craig has also announced he will nsslst any properly owner In such landscaping, without charge. as part, of a movement In the Parent-Teacher Association to fpslej clvlq beauty In. BlythcvUlc. Fpr tlie tourth of thwo meetings to be held tonight in the. library of the hlgji school at 1:30 o'clock Mr, Craig will discuss border plant Ing. In this he will explain "wha should be put where/' and v^i.U »ls< discuss pruning. The public is Invitc4 to hear these brief discussions. Will Precede Temple Service Sunday Religious school will 1» Iield Sunday nllernoon, 1:30 o'clock, at he Temple Israel, which will be 'ol.lowcd by religious services at I o'clock. At this lime Rabbi Maurice Lyons will analyze life, vlth Its composition, of light and darkness, nml will answer the question "Vanity of Vanities?" An invitation lias been extended he public, Tho Purlin celebration will be observed at tho temple Sunday, February 21, at 2 o'clock li\ the Afternoon. Following a religious service linbbl Lyons will entertain with songs and shits. Hcfreslimonts vili bo served j by., n) embers 6( th»,j Aid society. ' •'':-' '.''•" Read Courier News 'Want Ads ' t'.rf . .;. Yield quicker to the;'i J 1 ?*\ Poultice -Vapor act ion of ' "BKRNAT" KNITTING YARNS FREE INSrnUCTIONS ',-'. New spring and summer yarns,'; Latest Styles .•'; Clares, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MKS. I.EKUK IIO.Ol'ER ;•-,, 110!) Chlckasawba LOWEST i'UICKS IN TOWN 314 W. MAIN ST., HLYTHEVILLE, AUK. Now is fhe Time to Do Your I'art in Keeping Down Knidcmics of Sickness by Using PASTEURIZED'MILK. No Epidemic Has Ever Heen'Traced To It. Prices For Friday, Saturday and Monday RITE PRICE GROCERY & MARKET . behavior and Coagre,ss there- lore can not deprive any 'judge of his office or diminish his com. peniation during his life time Any act of. Congress requiring the i retirement of a Judge upon reaching a glyen. age TV quid bo Invalid. Judges may and .do rellrQ under the acts now existing but such retirement Is voluntary and not The Pacific coast line of the United States is 1,366 miles long. GET UP NIGHTS DUE TO BLADDER IRRITATION? It's not normal, It's nature's "Darker Signal." Make this 25q lest U». buchu leaves, juniper oil, and 6 other drugs, .mid* 1"'0 little green tablets called Bukets, Flush out e.\cess aclo)s and Impurities. Excess adds can cuuso irritation resulting In getting nights, seantj- flow, frc<iucnt desire, burning, backache, and pains. Jilst. say- Bukets to your druggist. In;four days if not pleased your 26c will'be refunded. City compulsory. .Increase Is Justified "We now' have nine judges and the pioposed act \vould increase this number tp" 15 The enormous gtov(th of population and increase • ;in causes coming before the court since the date of its organization probably justifies the,'present move 'to increase thQ numoer of Justices. to the e,nd that the business coming before, cqurt may be more 'promptly and ^efficiently dispatched. II the court -Is so Increased tho act, ought to divide, the United States" intp 15 judicial districts and provide for the 'appointment (as vacancies occw on the present bencW, of a, member from ench district in order that the entire country may be represented in this cqurt. "If. th$ object and puvpose of the proposed act is to increase the, wcjrKing power and efficiency of tfie' s court to the end that business w coming 'bfeforc; it may be promptly tried, I believe It would be" considered wise ,and (audable On tjio other' hgiul.Jf it be tlie purpose or Congress t>o Influence the_ present court then >t can not ' be too strongly condemned.' No other country has made the pro- gress'during the'same length of time as hsvs this government. The nght of life, liberty, and property und_er the, law has been protected. The constitution may not be set aside, or. ignored, at the whini or caprice, of Cpng?ess or the executive. The constitution provided for a government of laxs and snot of men. That It has remained such a government is due to, the courts and %e|r decisions interpreting the. '^constHutlon and laws made in pursuance thereof." Courts are created for the purpose of Interpreting an4 declaring the law. It the court Is Increased in, numbers we will-not witness any radical, change in' the decisions as I assume that the .new members will be of learning 'and ability Lasers may and often do advocate changes both of law, and pro, cedure but they can not be accused of being revolutionists." Drug Store —Adv. B173 Specials All* "Day Friday, Saturday A Sunday AMBROSIA LAYER CAKE . PECAN - NUT BREAD. Loaf . WALNUT BARS IW. ..-• FUDGE PECAN BROWNIEJS. Do/.. Fruit Filled COFFEE CAKE. Bit. 'Specials for Uutereg Hour - 5 to 6 P. M. Friday.Saturday-Sunday DONUTS -IAC Iw .IOC I* 1QC I* i«C . I * COCONUT,\YAFERSrC Doz"' *. . . v/ PINPAPPLE"" iftQ ROLLS- I>oz ly PLAIN ROLLS E Doz v I'ARKERHOUSE Q ROLLS. Doz 0 Special Valentine Ci lieautifully ' D«co- AAl raied. Each ...?W« BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Phone .110 Slate Grts Bad Money ST PAUL, (UP). ^Mlnue Secretary 'of sta^e has "taXen n beating" when It comes to counterfeiters and forgers of checks Since 1931, M»J<e Holm has received andi had credited to his personal loss ..cohiran $$U in bad checks and $549 in counterfeit money < When Your > Delivers too m a n y squeaks per, mile— It" is a sure bign that you' have no\ used our lubrication,service often enough-^:,' , know ?o A uea.k;is pocket book leajc of the^ vejpy \vorbt kind, j , , \i ' ' ' — Let's Lybricate. ^PHILLIPS 'Service Center "This," barks lha dog, "I do Believe your bell's more clear than you." The cow moos, "I forgot, Iqst nighr, ' To call for CALVERT^-hence,you're right! 1 Shiblcy's liest 24-F,b. Suck GRAHAM CRflCKERS , TURNIPS VANILLA WAFERS Right I'rices ' On Kverylhlug, Everyday . \Vc Give Saving Stamps — A»k Kor Them SPANISH MACKEREL, LB 24c RED SNAPPER, LB. 27c JUMB6: SHRIMP, -LB. ;...,..:. 24c SAUSAGK. Pure and GUCH!. I.U. OATS, Cold Medal. Cream of Crop. 3 Lbs. Pl'ItK LA It I) Ibs 65c; 3 Us POHK CHOI'S, Lean and ' BUTTEK,. 1'urc int Me; ' <)uarl Gold Coin. Half or Whole «1C HAMMOCKS CRACKRS 2 LB BOX IS HUSTAKD, Save llic Jar. Quart COFFCK, ArbucUlc's ilrislo. Ib. JSILK, Pel 01 Cam ilion n -I i Snuili or 3 Inll Cans ^lv TOMATO CATSUP, Large ll-Oi. Bottle SOIIGUUM, Pure, Miss, rn Gallon J3L SARDINES SAUSAGE, Fresh Mixed 3 Lbs. LETTUCE ORANGES, Jmcy, Calif ir noz. luL Giimt Size •' 3 Burs POTATOES, Fancy Kcd 10 " '. ' ' KLOUU, Jersey Cream ' K. C. STFAKS, Kountl or Tenderloin. :" ili, . SlIGAK, Pure 'Ibs- 53e; BANANAS Golden Ripe ' ICC Iw GRAPK.--FRU1T, Jlarsli . . Seedless.' :v, i Cor EOGSj Fresh Country n 'f DIlOlJND-.'BEEf 'anil - Frcsb. PUTTER, Process Creamery, l,b. TOMATO JUICK Campbell's. Can D. S; MEAT, For. Boilinj Lb. CORN, Pride of 111. Can WHOLE WHEAT BREAD CARROTS BKAN FLAKES, They're Okay. Box GELATIN DESSERT, All r Flnvars. . Box "*~ RYE BREAD Vigo or Smart CREAM CHEESE,' WIs. Lb. ..." : TABLE PEACIIES, in 1 C Can 1«/L SPINACH SALT, AH Kinds and Sizes— At Reduced Prices! GRAPE FRUIT JUICE CKACKEKS, Fresh and Crisp. -.: Lb 9c; 2 r.lis No. 2 Can LOBSTERS Melfs, Lb Shouldeis, Lb Hams, Lb. Siilc, Lb. 20c backbone, Lh Ears, Lb Snouts,. Lb /jl«c Sausage, Lb. ........ .•'•'•. 20c Large ll-O/.. Hottle 3 fur Garths No. 2 Can OYSTERS CHUM SALMON m COCKTAIL ibby's No. 2'/ 2 Can APRICOTS Argo Large ~i\'. Can Koscilale No, 2'/ z Can COD FISH CAKES Simply Kry Can Inis way: I short da in of bltlors; J llallan Vetmooth; % CAIVERT'S "Reserve." Add IE a ond sllr : Serve in chilled giais svilh chcrty; top off \wtfh Iwisl of otangc peel. MB MEAT Geisha No. 1 Can Fancy Red '['all Can MACKEREL G Sm. or :! Tail Cans Dont let tonight xdw'you.,,tomorrow! C6pr. I»3T CALVtRT DISTlLLtRS CORP.. OIH1U.ISI5S! BftLTIMOSC. WO.. ANOLOU1&V1LLC. KY.. tXECUn\'COmCtSlCHRY4LlR BLOC.. N. V.C. CAVVtRfS • 1 «t4CRV£" Bl-t«DIO WH14KET-SO Pf*OQF-*Ir»»thl *thltkt)> In IriH prcducl U S J*m Cld. 32^ tlnlfihl wMlhty * »«m Old; €8-3 Kntn ntdtral tplrlU. CALVCRT'S "SPECIAL" BLtMBt^\H"H15KtY-90• ^ROOF-St/iUht »*l*lih» M Ihliprorfucttre 1 r**rand Smonihi ormcreeh), ISIitr^lglit vMikeyi TS* ttAln ncHr*l iplrHli conlentst f* 1tr*ltfit YiMihe/ 1 <r«irin4 6 manlKi c>Ui 31 itraicht whbhty.Z yetrt tilst; IS) Chuck, Lb Thick Rib, Lb Shoulder Clod, Lb. ... 16c 19c ?.4c

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