The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1934
Page 5
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AJON1MV, NOVEMBER 12, 193-1 BLVfHBVlLLB, (ARK.) 1 COUK1EB NXWI PAGB F1V1 CLASSIFIED SECTION - a Directory of the City's Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally row ji« line for coitsecu- (ivo insertions: ll-'ive average words to a line) One time per line 10c Two times )>er lino per day Three times per line per day Six 'times per line i»r day Meet): rate per line 08c OQc 05o 60o Minimum charge 50o Ada oraereo lor tnree or six times and stopped before expiration will be charger! for the number of times the ad appeared and adustmem. ol mil nmue. AH Classlflea advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. "Rates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified aa. Advertising ordered lor irregular Insertions take the one time rate. , PHILLIPS' USED CARS THE UKST USE!) C'AHS IN TOWN '.','U l-'OKO J-'OKUOH KKIMN SIM "M GTIKVKOLKT C O U I' E, Humble Seal 5315 "i'j CHEVROLET COACH .... ? 'yi 1-OKI) TUDOR SEDAN .. 5115 •33 CHEVROLET C O U V K. liumblc Scat SIRS '33 I'Oltl) J)K LUXE COUl'K. KinnWo b'cal 5 TRUCKS and TRAILERS 'Si CHEVROLET TRUCK. 151 t tl i- li \Vhcclbasc, I) tl ,11 Wheels 5 '.!0 CHKVRULET TRUCK. 157 I n c h \Vhcclbasc, I) u a 1 Wheels 5105 '211 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Closed Cab S SB KINUIIAM TUAILEK. Dual Wheels. A Bargain .... 5225 iNABOHS TRAILER 5 ID WK'J'AY CASH l''OK . GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Business Directory j Keal Estate Farmers! Yon (uinisli the COTTON, we (ur- nisli the labor and 8 on. licking ant! make you an excellent mattress for $6.50. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!) ]. W. Jenkins & Son Upholsterers 110 S. R, R.—I'lione 139 1UTK I'HICK GROCERY BUY OUOCER1ES KUiilT A COMPLETE UN 13 OF FANCY Si STAPLE OHOCER1E.S, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, 1'RO- DUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC. in 01(1 P. O. Blllg. Phone 231 We Deliver Why Buy Coal From Us? FAKMS FOR SA1- t-'or home or invest 1 full lo ice nt cruet ice fiirniv in the \vc-sl part of Mississippi County, 80 A. about -1 miles from dlhcr Lcachvlllc or Manila, »i mile from Popliir Corner, >,\ mile oil puvtid road. Ol Die tetter typ-, heavir.i Simcl loam which make* bits crops. All high state cultivation, inn i3-acre wood-lot reserved for lim- ter. 2 houses, barn. An excellent farm. Price $00.00 neve. Joint Stock, loiiliin Lund mink loan $3,2l!0.l)0, may '• •' We will B iv« u L -n f li illsirmuil ol 25 cents (at the time llw order Is r '' '' •5AMC jiluccdr for ctieh ol your lirst two tons of COAL purchWl from US .nwut, don't I • vo " ' u '" " s llle miso " 5'°" ^"Kl't It from tilts tlnu. —Sonic Heasons Why You Should Trade With U»— 1—31) years in business. 3—I'j-omrit service, a—Quality of coal linndlcd. J-Coiirteotis (retKitteiit. D—Yon gut till yon pny for. "QUALITY OHOUP' is Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS I'ltonc T(i WE CAN SAVE YOUJNONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHING MACHINES (i;is and Electric AMMUNITION (Juail, duck & .sijiiirrcl loads HAMIESS utii' slock is complete IMPLEMENTS ami repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT I'ay us a visit ami be convinced PAULBYRUM 120 Kasl Main CuriiiT Walnut & 1st 813 Streets 01' KN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 P. M. SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gifts Parkburst's "TP.OE VALUE" RAU1OS Baltcry & Electric Sets Best. Value for the Price Oberst Store Co. assumtd. $1,(JM1.00 cash. .soil; nluiast level, lo No wnslt liutd. CIUH'S I Corn, cotton and » v.-irletv ,,,„ . i crops, Init better adapted lo wheat, 100 A on good gravel rond. 2', Vs, ,.„„ dovei . wc ' t <., t!in . mlw I,""' n "' , Co T n >', °' J ol"y and odicr tome Brasses, which miles. Hoi ovtlu-i- u-aclwrilc or hoU , ml , for lllly 0 * p^n',,,,^. Manila. All lni;n slnte cultivation.! IMPltOVl"vtl'NTS A good •; room residence, also',, ,. , ' . ," " ' , 4 room Icnant house. Darns a. ° ^' U " e A 1 '" 1 ' , l !"" cr wovc " * vc Worth Hie price in Craluhead tiiul other outbuildings. This is no c to "V lollt H0 :ia ™ c "" ra lo " M^lppi county. Wll "> llea " nl ™ than a Jnrm; it l s a ,, rcl iy homcM f ,, " e . i , rc """"<" ;r '" , l ™ « «im-. 2 in lies west, ;.-, mill! LtS Vi'ell ' Pfk'C $'17 5(1 1)01' 'LC'L'I' ; \\00<l-IQuS. J IGOLU. tWO SlOl^ sumh Lfthc City half cash and terms. ' " f '"" u '' l''-'^ 1 '" 1 "0«se, brick foiin- 1(jo a ,j , t f . 'Dillon. 1 larae barn under sooil , ;3 „.,.,,„ '.,,, ..,,,„.. c./."', "° !"• 1-X5R SALIC 30 acres, 3 1-2 miles of Dell. Good liind, Eooit house urn! small Uarn. Owner non-r«ldenl arid offers It chi'iip. $1150 t . e ts it. Ihonias Land Co. SO A li miles .south of LuachvillK, mile oil' lliuliway N'u. lli. Tin- deep Wack Hiiflalo cin:el; liinu iluu inukrs such hi» crojw. .vj acres cleared, 28 cut-over woods. Price ?l-'.:iO per .tcrj, cash. OO.fia A I 1 .-:- miles .south of l.i>ach- ville on Highway No. 1:1. All hrg'.i .Male ciiltii'iilion and u Rood producer. I'air house and l;arn. TJiis farm is in a very dcairablo loca- lioi/ and price, compared with others, is loiv. Pries tm.OII acrc>. A loan of Sl.8uc.00 with Joint atoc.k Land Bank, may uc assumed Remainder cash. 49 A 3 l ~ inile.-i tjortliwcit c.f Manila, ;1 i jnilc off paved road IMMV Brown spur. All cultivntlon, lioiui- bam. Price $1,800.01). Tcntis, $500.00 datlon. 1 larae barn under metal roof. ,1 double garage, other ontVinikliniis. 1 230-tool deep well with force pump. I liled well. I'llICi; AND TKKMS Price S'JO.Oi) per acre. $1.000.00 cash. A loiin with H(. Louis Joint Stock Land I3ank a.ssumcd. lor SII.-OD.OO may be Total taxes «ill bi; iiljcul 15 cents per acre annually. M. I,. \VII,MI-OKI), Lcachvillc, Art, Uono. 83 acres, 'i',-.. miles Sfc; of llrook- land. RO acifs. 'i miles" north of Whitton. Miss. (;o. HiD acres, l!i miles «\V of War- di'll. Miss. Co. acres, a miles west, 2V. miles of tlonipiKvlllr. 10 acres, 5',i miles west, 2", miles south of Osccoln. '72 acres, 7 miles NK of Lnxora, rooiii HOUSH. Call \->i. 1300 W. A6h a-ch-tt Coal & Wood Hai-diu-Bavron Coal Co. Yards at Stcriibert; Gin 1'honc 110 HIGH GKADK KENTUCKY COAL, all Blws; ALABAMA RED ASH & QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY If you are down In Hie mouth, think of Jonah; he came out iihlgiil." See Us About Your Cotil Blytheville Gin Co. i PHONE flG4 "Radium Alubainu" "Promiiim Kentucky" OALL 214 Lei Your Rent Fay For A Manic \Vi- liavu t) homes lo be sold for CASH OR TERMS From $500 to $3,000 , ,Ali "re. priced al le.-is than liall cash, taliilice in (ivy animal pay- of tlicir present replacement* costs. incnls, with interest. Miss, Co, •10 acres, G miles west, ;i miles « A 'J'' miles northeast oi Lcach- vlllc, on good graded jo.-id. ; ,n in cultivation, a houses, Iwru Price $l,VOO.Ol), half casli and terms. IliO A cm Kielitvay Nu. 1, north- eail of Jonc.<ibnro, excellent, stork farm, pasture will i, 0 ]d. Above average improvements, S110.00 cash. This offer will Jasl but n .short time. ACT NOW! PHONIi TJ. north of Joiner. 61 acres. l\'. mite NW of I'rcnchman's uayou. ISO acres, 1 mile west of Warden. •10 acies. it miles, NB of 'fyronzn. •10 acres, 8 miles SW of Osccola. \V. K. HARR1HON, Joiieslioru, Ark. For Ilent Look at This! 40 Acre Farm FOK KENT—Three room fiinilsh- wl house. Couple only. 'M N. "fill SI. where c:;t. hiiy located. tiu: territory bill- loam UEUHOOM, stt'iim liKil, garage. Men prclerrcil. on \v. Ash. Cull M. l.cachvillc, Ark. I'airtorv Authorised I'HIGIDAIRE SERVICE l-'nctory Trained Mechanics Day 67—Phone—Nlghl 382 •107 Main St. E. 15. GEE SALES CO. Chitwoocl &c Weidman Cotloii ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues I AM PAYING BEST FOR PRICES PLOW UP OPTIONS - J. E. HASSON (jrand Leader Bldg.—Phono -12 Automotive "WINTEll AUTO SPECIALS" 1'rcstone, Atcolsol, Healers, Troslcre, Willanl lialtcrics. LET US PREPARE YOU WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. 'AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 476 Phunc DC- SPECIAL PRICES Between P. O. & Chevrolet Bldg. Phone 266 AUTO GLASS AUK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 STOCK FARM For Sale 1GU Acrt-s soil, ha.-i record of prodncins bale & halt cotton per acre. One large 3 rootn FURNISHED APART- j6 room dwelliiii; & barn, one MENT, gaiagc. 1315 W. Main, small tenant hoiisc, small' orcli-(Call 335-W. a-ck-tl nrd, well drained, on Bood rpnd, i — " 'i mile, cast o( Highway til, near AlcDonalri oiorc nciti- Durdcttc, iioad will be snivel soon. Price $2750.00 Cash but, have party who will make onn on land. LOCATION' 9 miles out Highway No. I, northeast of Joncsboro, and adjoining the Town of Brookland, on the cast. SOIL St. Francis Valley, second bottom, WASH"TI' : r mft W. M. Burns, Agency Pnoncs 24J & 212 Farms for Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Carutiiersvllle, Mo. SIMON APARTMEttT. Fu-.iitslvcd or unfurnished. Phone 7S-1. 30ckM FURNISHED APARTMENT. W. Kentucky. Pixmc 683. 27c. Large IIOHSC witii ACREAGE. Clark k Railroad. Mrs, Lillian' N»s!i. 8pkl2 BKOROOM; adjoinins bath. Men preferred. 212 W. Kentucky. Telephone 98G. - 8-ck-tf TWO nicely FURNISHED BED ROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs. E, A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 24-pk-29 WINTER IS H&'REI Hll yout bins nosv wltli lln- mous Manic Red Ash Coal—lilsh In heal, Ion tu ash: or Mujtslli <!imtlly Circle llllnuls tloul, licsl tiuahly from Wnslcru Krnlucky. Filling Stations Southern Service Station Slcelc, Mo, Phillips GO Products ANTI-KNOCK OABOLINK 11C TAX AA 1'AII) 2 ; 1 Hour Service Shoo Repairing Museum Chicken Snakes Have Rare Entertainment RALtllGIi, N. C, (UP)—Whcii ifc Brows chill for a couple of thicken sniikes In ihe slate museum here they amuse themselves by trying .lo .swallow each other. Recently the smaller snake, omcthliiB over six feel. Ions, man- <gecl lo swallow Ills cellmate's lead, neck and shoulders—about VTO feet all told, The victim lln- ally hooked his tall In the wive vails of the wiuc, uixl pulled lilni- sel( out. iMuy \Vi; Dyr Vour .SliuW HE1J OUR SAMPLES li. E. Ralcliff Across Iroin llubhard IKhv. Co. 'IVy our ,'1000 mlic SOLF:S—proof of th e pudding Is the outing. When you get n good thing remember where yon got It. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 'JiKl St. W. J. KNOX liavlnj; inniln nil kinds of loi- AUNOIiMAl, feet, ctin rci short; to correct AUNOrtMAli feet Read Courier Nuws Want Aas. JjOSl | inoiii'y, nt Klta Tliratri- Binulnv. Reward.' 12p U15 IT. ii i. , I inyi"-,' i HIV i\i\f, I IH Ul Wo sollct your patronage on Hie| u c ,,, nl , 0 Coll ,. lM . , 0 . basis ut high tnuillly products, low! cash prlcc.s, prompt service and hoivcst dealing. You cct what you pay lor here. Farmers CasK Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Phone 121 My Co«l l.» l-,laty aut i [reat yon white. Fill u|> now. JOHN' 11UCIIANAN - I'HONi: 101 BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabama" "Black Jioy.-i! Kentucky" N. W^ Trantham Coal Co. Parks Bros. Coal Co. IMtONE 1117 FOE "Hi-U Alabamti" "I51ack Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PIUOED For Saic Oil Cook STOVE: CoiiBoleum s RUG; Cotil HEATER; HliO- STEADS. sj)r(n£S, mntlrcMe.s Wicker Living room SUITE DESK VAROAIN 115 W. chcn-y nftdr 1>. m. or before Or.'iO ». m. JO-t>k-U ~~ BARGAINS"""" In Used Heaters. Hubbarcl Hdw. Co. O Q I, I) HI M M K U :chll(l'Ki In bluek c:isc. flcwiml i« Under, rhoia.- 1(jl nr OlM. Lloyd rionuan. uy Mrs. Siun rloriimn. 0-tk-l'l Position Wanted Will do BTKNOGKAP1IIO. work nt. nl^lit. Iteasonablo rnlcs.'Gall 3Wi or 'IK. ,' ' \Vaii led WrtNTKI): boarders; POU Holly. Men romiK'Kt twin beds. 0,-iil Taken Up 1 liiu'i! liiki'ii up one spoiled sow. Owner may have same by ;iay- ins for nil anil other pr.|icnsc. W. S. Mick, I'nmklln strccl Road. Op kl'3. I ^ Al manac; Home Lew Wallace* arms opens* pare -]iex.k arms confer- I EAT Rcslauranls Ilcst Oyfittrs & Rlvc'r Cat Fish Chlrkcn Dinners Kvcty Uny Jimmie .O'Brien 105 S. Scconr\- J •••••• "Attilcti's 1 I'liol" (lot Them SEATTLE: fui'i— TWO hundred University" of Washington men ,'iiUned up for sivimminy. but only three were able to report, the first night of practice. An epidemic of "athletes' foot" kept the others ashore. THIS rs 'IHK I' LA OK WHI-HIK YOU «:AN (;i,t ANYTHINC; YOU WANT. Crnppie, Lake Migli T-lionu Kried Chicken Hoasls of All Kinds Ct>ld IMitlo Lunchv.s CUAMilv OK MKNU JMlliV GEOUGi; WRIGHT, CHEF HARRY State Line Service Station Ft* 1'IX YOUR CAR FOR. WINTER Cheapest Prices I'aint jobs-, Hriiairinu bodies, Si- mnnlrjni;, C'liungini; Traiisniis- >:ii>us, W:iKliin K & CreasiiiK willi .Marfak (irc.-i.-ic * ((iwker Slate oil. Jolin Iluarn—Jimnii'u t5ink!cy IJARNETJ ,-,UTO SALES CO.' Phone 888 HAVE YOUU BA'ITEKY RECHARGED BEFORE COLD WEATHER J. Ben Clunc IIA'ITERY SERVICE Al Tom W. Jack-son's .Station Ash & 2nd ' I'lione 8—Residence 'i71-W PERMANENTS None Uettcr - - Special BaiTett's Beauty Shop 600 N. 5th - - Telephone 560 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE FOR BEAUTIFUL , FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Help Wauled WONUIOUKJL OPPORTUNITY to iniitie ?'.HO a inonlh, $tr> week. Hi- n inwrry denier. I furnish you complete. No capital nccil- <'<!. Write Alter! Mills. GC68 Mon- iiiotllli. CJiiciiiifili. O. l:.'l> his WoNuiilU'UL OPPORTUNll'Y IP make $^o ;i month, S45 lirM week, Ue a gnicei-y dealer. I an- nlsh you nmiph'te. No capiluii needed. Write Aluerl- Mills. 6«i(" iMuiimuiHli. Cincliuiati. O. I0pkl3 BUYING IN CAR LOAD MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GKOCliltlES WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS I3U1LT TO ORDER BARKSDALL; '.'00 N. Second Strictly A-1 co ok. ijcfcrcnces rc- w^h ^ wceK ' MrSl JVIcCaUl m "' MODERNIZE YOUR COUKTRY HOME WITH A DEMINO \VA- TEB SYSTEM. $10 UP. J-1UBBARD HD\V. CO. SAW'TlUNG ol all JUnds Wiih uiiloiiuiijc liliiig jtiudilue BARKSDALE & PAGE <!Ut) N, isdtonj • i (JOPPbli 1VEATJIEK STKIP Haves fuel al small cost. Arkmo Lumber Co, E ' RS EASV AN'APMIRAt. _ . I5S TOO \ NOW. , ,,-jwrv .vnvjtr^. wi_,r< 8USVMIT AFPAIRVUFVATETo) BE SUCH A Mim-WITT/. £EE ANY VON. /-,<— \ THEVRE OLD FRiewov-weHo/s r ( VEIL, I SEE VOT I CAN DO, BUT IT'S NO USE PLEASE "TELL HER HIGHNESS, SUH.THPiT WE'VE ARRIVED. SALESMAN SAW JUST QM-: or TUK 60SH SAKES 1 " 6UELL,«;ELU.' h'EL . WHV-ER- ! OP flLL PEOPLef\HQU) DO j WELCOME HOME, 1 YOU : MRS. FLP)MMOOTZ/ ' STORE'S BEEM ci-iaNQED AROUND so. ( DfDW'T RECO6NI7.E VOU ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS KH-'K'S- IX)('K! [' VVELL.OM.V FRECRLES' BEST laJOU THAT HE'S TRAiwDJG AS.OHE./WD LSAW- AI.L 1HE THEY'RE KEEPIH3 IT A SECRET.' WHY DCESMT FRECKLES TRAW WITH )<E IS HE COULD "5TILL THSM .'i BSTTY, I WAVE A HUWCH THAT HE IS COIM3 TO Pl.AY AGAIKIST KlUGS'totJ MMWALLY HAS PLWJMED »O DKFEVJSE'AGAWiV £Y BE.5UR-. PftlSSDV/HEM HE GB.TS.nfm THAT GAME .' CAWT VoO JVST VA|AT ir v/iu. oo 70 l-IORALE '•• IT'LL V/ORK WITH SHADYjIOE'S ,TOO,. V/HF. ai THAT o\.» PIELD RVJJJGTOVfflRK NECK, V.UL BE A PAIN STRATEGY I )\ c,.S {

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