The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1944
Page 8
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BLYT1IEV1LLK (AUK.) COUIUEH NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 13<M long Deieald By Ip! -, Buck Lawson Rallies To Trim Buddy Knox At Legion Arena After what happened last night Jihnny .iTiger) Long likely won't put much stock In (his "liilid time Is Hie charm" saying. Making- his third straight start since returning \ from the East •Tiger" lost to Emil Badui in the fijiale of Promoter Mike Mcroncy's all-star, card at the American Legion arena. Buck Lawson emerged from almost certain defeat to down ' Bad Boy Buddy Knox In the first match. It was a tough match for Long to lose, but equally as good for Badu! to win. The elongated star spoiled the colorful Arabian ace some 30. Dounds and eave him a wrestling it* DOPE BUCKET B¥ J. 1'. FKIEND foc/cie Byrd, 3oxing Star, A Bridegroom Aaron (Jackie) Byrd, wollcr- vcljiht champion of Arkansas, has new "sparring partner." She Is petite Miss Ruth ' Ander- SIIOWS STEEI, NKRVE Wl'ut would you do If you were piloting one of (lie Army's big transport planes loaded to the gills ami discovered at tlic last minute that you had nothing to conic In on? Would you order your crew to "lilt the silk" and then bail out yourself, or would you attempt to bring her in? ' '• ' • Cnpt. Gcno Hood recently found himself In that prccsrious 'sltim- tlon ami face to face with such a problem while flying between Australia and his New Guinea base, To make the problem even more difficult, he was carrying a load of Australian officers, a lesson -most- of the way. But In the .high ranking Australian officers, a ^,rt ihc weieht advanlacc moved! full crew and sonic mighty vnlu- the weight advantage proved , full crew an too' muchJ.'a.; handicap and played alilc supplies, a' ill a jor" rofe'i-' in his de f ea t. Lang Grows'Careless < Long ."can blame his own Initiative and enthusiasm as much as the weight'-difference for his loss. After winning the'first fall, he was clamped well on Ihe.'vvay to a second straight minutes. f*ll wheii he became too anxious to get it. over with—nnd It proved his undoing. • • : It actually started nflor 10 minutes of fast and rough going. liadui teg an a series of forearm blows, which looked to much rlngsiders as steer suicide in view of the fact that Long is quite a puncher. The Arab clipped. Tiger with a couple, but in turn hit the canvas four successive times. Moving in for the kill long left himself wide open. Badiii quickly took advantage and came up with the deadly, and highly effective bne-half crab—one of . his specialties. Long surrendered In a hurry. Badui Is .Stronger The third fall was all Long at - the beginning but the farther It went the stronger Badul became, • and the weaker Long grew. It soon developed Into a slugging bee. As H started, the customers reucrpd for their hats'" and coats as if to say "It won't bo long now". They Were right, but not as they thought. Expecting Long to hammer out a victory,.they were surprised to.sec Badui stay in and pitch to the finish and win. the two giants fought standing and continued to battle even after, both had'been battered to the - canvas, almost exhausted . Long threw one of his famed flying head scissors and missed. It was the''.break/that Badul was waiting for. All he had to do was sit dowr on Tiger who was so tired he wa. iambic to -wriggle free of the 2" - • pounds astride him. lire time was 11 -minutes. Tiger won the first.fall with com jxvrative ease. He outfoxed, out maneuvered and out-punched In heavier foe and set him up for th flying head scissors. Badui didn't . Enroiitc, they ran Into some ack- ack and were hit. The extent of damage was not discovered until he have a chance to get out once Long clamped It on. The time was sis Iluck Snugs One Lawson likewise pulled one out o the fire for victory over Knos !i the third and deciding fall of tin opening match. Hammered fron pillar to post and oulrouglicd '"' clcnscd the landing near, <)Lll >' to .Iscovei 1 to his honor Ihiil lie had 10 landing ecar. It had IJOCLI shot Imosl away; certainly it wns unfit or good landing purposes. Tlie decision was a BOCK! one. He ndiocd to the field of his trouble old them he was going '" "l"'l"t icr in; for them to stand hy." Aiu 10 dtd, without any trouble am vltlioul a single scratch. ,'IJKS KOTK1) ACTOlt That wns one or many llirlllliii, iiul close experiences in the life of Captain Hood since lie lias beei with the 50lh Ah- Transport Com mand In the Southwest I'aclllc one he likely novel' forget— iilsslons now, Inil I have about 250 Tnyway," he wrote younger jrother, Stun, in a letter dated March 24. Incidentally, Stan Is carrying on nicely as a blocking back on the cm-rent Chick grid edition, He lettered hist year and has two son, who barely weighs. 100 pound,?. The. local star boxer and the pretty blonde daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Anderson were married yesterday afternoon at the court house by Justice of the Pence B. 11 .Akin. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. IJal Fletcher, and Miss Dcioma Byrd, Aaron's sister. Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Byrd, the bridegroom Ls rated one of the finest young rlngmen ever to be developed here. A Golden Gloves winner at Memphis, Aaron turned professional shortly afterwards and went under the wing of his couch, Joe Craig. He won the Arkansas welterweight championship in 1942 by knocking out Don Marshall h the fourth round of a scheduler ID-round fight at Hot Springs. Lat- morc to go to e<|iial Gene's football er he proved his right to mix with b: ic • younger and faster meanie uck was well on the toboggan BIK olng down hill when Knox mad Is falal mistake. Instead of fol owing up the hammering tactic lat already had softened Lawsoi Juddy he.sllntcd a trifle too Ion etwcen socks. That -lapse was a iinch time as Buck needed. l ll novcd quickly and clamped on a imlomical twist, forcing Knox to ive up. Knox got off. to n whining start y taking the first fall of the slam>am match. He subjected Lawson o much punishment, especially ibout the head which he was icvercly cut two weeks ago. He set ip the winning fall by cracking Slick's back against the metal turn- )iickle completing the job a couple if minutes later with a back breaker. Time: 11 minutes. Kiiox Is Disqualified Attempting to do the same thing cost him the second foil. He failed to heed Referee Mcroncy's wnrn- ng not to throw Uiwson against Lhe metal joint at the corner ol [he ring. After pulling the stunt three.times, and subjecting the official to a bit ol roughing to boot Knox was disqualified for the fouls and the fall awarded to Lawson The poundings against the bar let their marks on the small of La.w- so'n's buck and it was several minutes before he was able to Icavi the ring and go to the dressing room. , Another packed house was o: hand. ' •'• -met quite likely neither will his pus scngers and crew. Another adventure, though of different sort, came Just 11 short Urn ago he proudly told his wife, th former Pete Wilson, and his parent, Mr. nnd Mrs. £. M. Hood. He vif selected to fly a group of cntcrtaii ers from New Guinea to Austral! 1 riielr leader was the motion pictui star, John Wayne, who acted as co- .lilot .on the way. As a souvenir, Gene has an autographed picture ol them that was taken when they landed. Captain Hood praised the stai 1 , stating he not only was an excellent, (Her, but a prince of a fellow. They had a fine time all (hiring the "trip. Local football fans who saw Gene in action with the Blytlievillc Chicks back in the great days under Coach Carney Laslle would never doubt his courage. As a comparatively small blocking hack,' Gene showed he kind of stuff he wiis made of nore than once under fire. 'Hie oughcr the going the better and nore rugged was he. Because of ,he desire to "knock 'em clown", as Coach Lnslie required, Gene bruised and battered past going on nany occas:ous but he never gave ip. COMI'II.HI) FINE KliCOltl) He not only was a fine athlete but an outstanding student and leader. During his senior year lit was awarded the highest honor given to an undergraduate, presiden of the student body. He also wiu president of the National Honor So clety, Indicating he must have hue "something on the ball" in the class room, as well as on the -.Uhlctt Held. Attest to his Hying ability arc th Distinguished Plying Cross and th Air Medal. Captain Hood v.'a awarded them in a colorful cere mony Feb. 12. They were presented by Gen. George C. Kenny, commander of the 50th Air Force. The DFC • Is for the first 50 combat missions, and the Air Medal for the next 25. "We have slopped counting our accomplishments In that respect. Gene joined the Air Forces nt: Scott Field. 111.. Jan 21, 1042. and was sent to Kelly and. Brooks Field for prc-flltjlil. His brothcr-ln-law, Clyde (Budi Wilson, also was there In lire-flight at the same time. Upon completion he moved up to Aramon Field, Oklahoma City, Okla., for primary and look his basic at Enid Army Air Field, Oklahoma. Gone wns made Cadet Lieutenant. JIOTHI-lt PIN'S WINGS He graduated at Foster Field, Victoria, Texas, he received his commission and coveted wings. His mother had the honor of pinning on the silver wings. His first assignment was at Warrensburg A. A. P.. Scdalla, Mo., an'l was there when his daughter, Jean Ellen, made her arrival Gene flew down for the occasion. Then began a series ol travels that included: Stutigart, Ark., Vic iirvllle. Cullf., Florence, S, C., Maxon, N. C.. and Ft. Wayne, Ind. vhcn he was promoter to First Lieu- enant. Aug. 1, 1043. He new to New uinca shortly afterward. Since arriving at New Gulne: Captain Hood has rim into a feu BlythevlUe boys and many of hi ild classmates during training ;apt. Jimmy Crook, who has fin shed his missions as Ixmibardie nid is now showing the boys ho' ic did such :i great job; John Bui nett, who is stationed about 20 mile from Gene; Scrgt. Lynn Rame; Jr., and a cousin from Europ: Miss. Gene has two younger brothers i the service. C-Ma-c Carl is in th Scabces and stationed somewhere Ihe South Pacific. A-S Jack Hoo is in training at Montlccllo, Ark under the V-12A program, and who hopes to get Ills wings in the near future. ic 148-pound "big boys" by dealing Lew Jenkins, the Texas gcr and former lightweight chain- on. Disposing of everything in sigh this section, Byrd left for the /est Coast with Craig last ycai espite the fact there Is a short o of welters, Byrd did pretty well specially against the boys in hi nss. Too often, however, he wa orccd to step out of his weight id take on full-fledged middle- eights In order to keep fighting. Recently he lost a four-round nockout to Hammering Henry Yrmstrong in Omaha, Neb,, b^l tans for a return match against lie Negro battler who at one time ie!d three world's titles. ' Byrd and his bride expect to leave noon for the West Coast where Jackie will resume his ring career. Head Courier News Want Ads Hold Everything ; "Nickel lip, eh? Ain't you wor- ; ricd about starting an inflation?" Seminoles Win Softball Game From Wilson, 24-3 OSCEOLA. April 17—The Osccola Senllnoles won their second straight Softball game from Wilson, Thursday, at Osccola as they easily swamped the visitors under a 24 to 3 score. Osccola scored three runs In the opening frame, 1 in the second. 2 in the third, one in the fourth, 3 In the fifth and 8 In the sixth. Wilson garnered all their runs in the seventh. 'Catcher Gene Butler of the Seminoles pounded out a three-run homer In the fifth, Austin Moore collected 4 hiis In the contest to lea { i Seminojc hitters. Pitcher Bobby Watson had a four hit shutout until the seventh when a walk, two hits and an error accounted for Wilson's three tallies. SECKKTAKY MEAN STANPOORD UNIVERSITY. — Everett S. Dean, Stanford coach, was elected secretary-treasurer of the National Association of College Basketball Coaches. PITT TO INDIANA BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana added Pittsburgh to its football schedule. The teams play in Bloomington on Nov. 18. PETROLSUM JELIYTHKWAY Press Morolinc between Umuib nmUliifter.Sprciul slowly upart. 1 xj I ig ijl>r<"3 piovc M oroii tic's lii^h quality. For flir.jicr m>-li acid chafing. 5c f ttjplc tiuc, lOc. USE 666 TABLETS. SALVE. NOSt DROPS THE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL CO. Master Exterminators Allen II i eld I c, Manager Free Inspection & Estimates GotT Hotel Phone 20W The Minuteman is Still the Man of the Hour The Minuteman was a most resourceful civilian who worked hard for liis family and home and was quick to fight when their security was threatened. He did the very things we are asked to do today. He made things last. He wore things out and did without. He was one of the first to stretch food and fuel. Farmers, fishermen, sailmakors, smiths or cobblers—all were Minutemen—all were dreamers who loved their America—all were doers who fought Americans have always been neighborly. It is quite natural then for Budweiser to be America's javorite beer—jor, when good Jriends get together, Budwelsef is a jrknd that needs no introduction. Budweiser and saved and sacrificed. They showed us the way to win. Americans, since the days of the Mimitoman, have welcomed (heir opportunity to earn security for themselves and their families in a better world. Today, when wartime trials provoke us, America is recapturing the spirit of "76—America's fighting spirit, so perfectly symbolized by the Minuleman— the spirit that will hasten Victory by hours, by days, perhaps even months. *•*•-! }n addition totupplying the armed forces wilh glider and bomber fuselage frames, whir; purls, pun turret parts and foodstuffs, Anhcuscr-IUisch produces materials which go into the manufacture of: Huhbcr Aluminum • Munitions • Medicines • B Complex Vitamins • Hospital Dicls • Baby Foods • iircad and other Uakcry products • Vitamin-fortified cattlis feeds • Batteries • Paper • Soap and textiles —to name a few. A5-23 QI9U ANHEUSER-BUSCH ST. LOUIS OLDER CARS need Spring and Summer TUN f.-UP Save Gasoline ... Save Tires. Get All-round lietter Performance! , T-1. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer 1'gris & Service 121 W. 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Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickc(s for the I'rice of I "HELLO ANNAPOLIS" with Tom llrowu :uul Jt\in Parker Also Comedy Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "APPOINTMENT FOR LOVE" with Charles lioycr ami Mitr^arct Sulkiviui and "HONOLULU LU" with Luiie Vclez ;uid Lci> C'arillo NEW1 THEATREI f Manila's Finest \ Shows Nightly at 6:30 i MATINEES j Saturday & Sunday at 1 - Tuesday ;• — AMERICAN LEGION NIGHT— i All Proceeds, Less Actual Cost of Picture and Tax Go To Herman Davis Post American Legion For • Completion of Hut. COLUMBIA PRESENTS "RACKET MAN" i With Tom Meal ALSO SERIAL Wednesday & Thursday ,^ "PHANTOM OF THE* OPERA" f;: wilh Nelson Eddy °iiifg= ALL SUMMERIZE SERVICES SAVE GASOLINE listen to Raymond Gram Swing, News Analyst Blue Nelwork—Monday Ihru Thursday Nights MAGNOLIA DEALER AT THE SIGN OF THE FLYING RED HORSE Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 Adm. Always 12« and 30o Tuesday PAL NITE •>. Tickets for SOc n s Kid' with liotiby Kcilick & Frank Craven Selected Short Wednesday & Thursday DRAMA OF COURAGE UNDER THE RUtE OF TOTAt TERROR!

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