The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 11, 1937
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B^HEJME WURIER NEWS VOL; XXXIII—NO. 281 niythevlllc Courier niytlievlllc Herald niylhfvlllc Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI \S, THURSDAY, FKBUUAIiY 11, SINGLE COPIES,FIVE CENTS SIGNJGREEMENT ENDING G. M/STRIK It's LflSt Straw I British Government Asks in Beach Modes Two'Billion Defense Loan Breaks Openly With Chief Executive in Public Statement Today •;•.•;.. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11 (IJP>- -Lt, Gay. -Dob Bailey loday, in a , -: strongly worded statement, termed Gov. Carl E. Bailey's civil service act "sanctlmwiious hypocrisy" and remained firm in his opposition to Ihe proposed stale bond refunding bill as It now stands. The breach belween Ihe two executives, which has been growing for some time, broke out late yesterday when the governor invited the lieutenant governor lo his office for a conference. Cites Politilal Threat At the close of the conference . the lieutenant governor said he would oppose the refunding measure in its present state and this morning in a statement said: "I am opposed to Carl Bailey 01 any other Bailey being given Ihe sole |iower in an $88,000,000 trans- , action for trie people of Arkansas." "I regret that Governor Bailey's Bhost writer has seen fit to make this a matter of personalities and to attempt to throw the wrong light on my private conference with him on the subject," the lieutenant governor said. "One of Governor Bailey's first statements to me was that if I regarded my future political career I would get behind this bill. My fulure political career is where my pasl one has been — in the hands of Ihe people. , Wants No I'ost for Self "I offered to- withdraw my objections . to the proposed bill if the governor would include other ..ccnsMtutlonal officers on the . T board 'Ihat will look after "the re, v {"|idlng"; ajid . leave -"myself :'off snowing .inat-I have nothing "and >ant nothing in the way of nat: ronage. as he suggested others had thought." the lieutenant governor said. Al the governor's office at noon it was learned the executive is ill "t his home and no statement in nnxwer to ihe one issued by the lieutenant governor could be obtained. LONDON, Feb. II (UP)— Neville Chamberlain, chancellor of the exchequer, Informed the house of commons today that because ex- pcnditures for defense arc oiit- || running revenue the government, ' proposes to risk for general power io borrow internally a maximum of $2.000.000,COO for a period not exceeding five years. ivCfectjAiiniobi le -Strike Settlement j North Mississippi Counly Bureau Endorses Judiciary Program The North Mississippi County farm Bureau's endorsement of President Roosevelt's proposal for I reform of the federal judiciary was 1 expressed In a resoluUon adopted yesterday at a meeting of the bureau's executive committee, l] The resolution asks Arkansas scn- ' ntors and representatives to sup- Don Ihe plan, which would permit Ira president to appoint additional j justices to Ihe United Stales sui preinc court and make other chan- . j ges in the judiciary, and calls iip- . I on Farm Bureau Councils throughout the country to Join in the | movement. The resolution follows: "We, the membership of the North Mississippi Counly Farm BII- r reaii. believing the' President of His „ 11 United States is doing his utmost . | In the interest of the" farmers and - '" laborers of the United Stales nnd aflcr closely studying his proposal for the re»jrmation of the federal courts, hereby offer our wholehearted support in his great move, "After b?tng rtrrectly affected by the delay in .lower courts and decisions of the Supreme Court, we While House Repoit Say President Insists on Full! Program WASHINGTON, Feb. II (UP) — President .Roosevelt will accept no congressional compromise In his fight for reorganization of the U. J S. supreme court and the federal ' judiciary system, sources close to him said today. This statement came in Iho face of the impression received by senators who conferred with M( Roosevelt on the quesllon that the chief executive was open-minded on possible compromises, Delays House Action At Ihe same lime Chalnnan Hallon W. Simmers of Ihe house judiciary committee called off fm- Ihcr consideration of Mi Hoose veil's program by his committee until the White House nttilude could be clarified further The White House souices said today there is "no talk of com' promise" at the White House where Mr. Roosevelt Is diiectliiR strategy to gain enactment of Ills' S 11 ikers Will Evacuate Plants and Opei aliens Will Be Resumed lolm L. I.ewii Plan to liberalize' titehcsl tribunal. Tile president as much or, inore than 'some.' o - _, Professional or business men' A fine straw to show-, \\hich "Therefore, be it resolved- way the wind's blowing in bench tlle Nottlf SiissWppf e'oinify the country's • was' represented us fully realizing his program will cause "a hard fight." Kejecls Koblmon'. Suggestion Emphasizing the president's de , . . Teb 11 (UP)—Seven mtn sciotched their names acioss a thicc-pasc document todaj and foimally ended Ihe Oeneial Mol- ois slilkc on Us foiti fourth day 'the icpiesentntlves of Genual Motois Corp, the United Automobile Workcis of Amcilca and llie- Iwo conciliators signed at 10 41, Chief flgmes In the negotiations which led lo settlement tolas of the gicat Geiicial Motois strike were of ™'» c "«, "ie' agreement leach- Iftbois John Linls left, and Geneial Motors William S Iv.mdsen light With them In their confci encci' ,'!! l " rc T' y , llours of <>>« dav sal Goi nank Minpli, of Michigan cento, who hi ought them woul dhecllj fiom President Roo^elt! who'cbcWdc Ihe" Zl^^ib"^ Ihat "Ihe milillf! I.YMIMIU n milrk- KI ,IM«,,,MH •• •,.••••• concessions were made, was too 111 with Influenza to. atlenit the cere- mon> which capped his ten <!ay<; of negotiations with General Molors executives I CM Is Signs In Ked Hie pict will bo lakcn to Leu I* ilckbed at Hotel Slatlci whcio Ihc cllnmllc confciences weic held Inle last night and eaily todij He will sign Jheie, piopped up "(he public ex|icc Is a quick settlement." o n Challenges Con tent Guffcy, NRA Decisions Established Precedent Declares Trade Pacts 'Valuable to Agriculture WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 (UP) — Secrelary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace told Ihe senate-s finance committee loday Uial p llie : rccip- .WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 Slanley Reed — ....... ..jn.i.ig uin ptL'sicients de- "<IUIHI\VJIWIH, termination to resist any change Solicilor Oncrnl aney Reed m his program, it was said specl- clmllLn » C(l bctolD ">« supieme "cally that Mr. Roosevelt did not' 00 ' 1 ' 1 totla > llle contention "-• favor the personal suggestion of """ ''""'"""" "••"- ...... -- Robinson proposed that thc retirement age for • ihe supieme court justices' be 'set at lo ^cals feel that we are In position to know inslei >d of 70 as provided the need of the proposed increase 'P™ 1 of the president's New-York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. Cotton closed steady Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 1267 1257 1240 1193 1190 1190 12C9 1257 1240 1197 1194 1190 11. (UP) — low close 1264 1267 1250 1252 1235 • 1237 1190 1195 1188 1194 1190 1191 in enc modes is put on view; by Dons --.uu^u ... jjm u,, v,c\v;uy uol IS Snary of Chicago, a visitor a! Tahiti Beach, Miami. She calls it a sun suit, designed il .herself and had it made of fabric woven • from native si row. :•' Crawford Active in Fighl on Sections of Administration Bill Spot Average Is 12.31 Tlie average price of 7-8 middling cotton on the ten ignatecl spot markets loday 12.91, according to Ihe villc Board of Trade. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 11. (UP)— inch Anti-administration members of des- was Blythe- • --- • New Orleans Cotton the house during Ihe morniito session successfully voled to put°Gov. Carl. E. Bailey's stale police bili back on second reading for the purpose of amendment. to of lhe four ho, r ° mirti.ic.in5 i? ,' BctUr foreign ! session in which county or°ani?a- rlh h, H ° i " 1Vi " 1CC itl slock ticils B avc «"«• strength lo the unces. based nn «,.iHn.» nn , „«..._ ,. ,. __ . & i lu( - f. ^ ...».^,o i.,m me advance in slock i prices, based on settlement of the automobile.'industry strike and a statement by secretary Wallace on crop control influences. onti forces. The vote to place the measure back on second reading for amendment carried by 39 to 33° c.... = ... _. of , hc or | gjna] Ufar. May Jllly Oct. Dec. Jan. °P™ hl S h low close ! the ' aK>rily g to sen^Thc^poVtce 19rin rj=lQ I'iK, «t,=iT I :.,+„ __ _, .. i^in-i. " 1191 1I9G 1196 1237 1193 119S 1196 1247 1233 1189 1195 1196 1248 1235 1192 1198 1193 Livestock RAST ST. y county of Ihe .,,„„.. lu make arrests and investigations without consulting local authorities was stricken by an oral vote. The fight to slrikc the section out of the bill was led by Ward of L<. e county. . At the time that a noon recess I was taken house members were prc- ; paring to amend section 5 of the , , • "«» alloiv ihe police 170-230 ibs 10.25-10.25 Light weights 6.50-9.75 Bulk sows 9.40-9.15 Cattle: receipts 3000 Calves: receipts j',500 S' er stecrs <llom """> o.oo- Slanghter heifers 5 50-10 W Beef cow.s 4.75-5.V5 Cullers and low cutters 3.15-4,25 j commissioners to employ 15 nien "•"' would not require them to Chicago Wheat - .—>— --.tit, n station one man in each county (Negro Intervenes With ! Gun .in Family Quarrel i John B. (Dick!i Parker, negro. General" EkctrlV' • was shot and slightly wounded by Nathaniel Hay. negro, on the c. C. iniernauonai nan Longslon farnun the Number Nine McKesson-Robblns community this morning. , open hig , , , ow , May 136 1-2 1363-4 135 1-8 v) 35 3-8 J"l US 1-4 118 1-2 117 117 i- 8 Chicago Com . • deputy sheriff, who investigjled the shooting, S a W he ' , a e Packard ........ was told that Ray intervened while Phillips Petroleum ........ l\ Parker and the Jailer's wife were Radio Corp. ........ 5? *' quarreling and shot Parker when St. Louis-San .......... 5 " he started beating his wlfe . . _ "Tiiereforc, be it resolved: That he Norlli-Mississrppi'Coimfy"'rnrni Bureau urges all. of the senators and representatives- of the State of Arkansas and throughout the Unit «l states now In session in Wash. ' ""•"' n. lo offer any and al! assistance possible lo pass lliis much needed reform as outlined by our President. We further urge every Farm Bureau Council 'throughout Ihe United States lo stand squarely behind Ihe President in this move and urge them lo keep in constant contact with their senators and representatives and urge them to assist Ihe Presidenl in every way for a s]»edy action on his proposal. "Respectfully submitted ; , "North Mississippi county Farm Bureau "By C. C. Lansston, President C. G. Smith,. vice-pres. Jack Robinson, treasurer Ira Crawford, secrelary." .lost Tourists Drive Around Raije Track TAUNTON, Mass. (UP)-Mr. and Mrs. Preji Richard of Avon and ., ,, -was revealed in the rice of spiiltering and .. spreading icvolt in both, house ami seriate igainst tiie supreme court pliase of his Plan. Leaders -'insisted, however »iat a margin large enough to insure passage remained M1SIS SHI the tribunal's Guffcy coal act and NRA decisions "doomed" constitutionality of the Wagner labor relations act. Reed's argument was placed before the court indirect rclnitlnl of the statement by John W. Davis, one time Democratic presi- dential'candidate who j arguing Ihe Atsocfutcd pici itVi, (.a 1 * contended the law was doomed bj the eirliei decisions The Associated PICSS case was Ihe first of five Wagner act tests being argued befoie Urn tomt Ihls week. Reed's denial was made in preventing to the court the case the government regards as tho most vital of the series—that. concerning the Jones ana '.Laiiglilln' Steel corporation. Reed sild tint the Glide} coil act subletted wages and houii. to fedeial regulation as part of a plan . I -, !'«•*> «i li. |JUIE4 D — I to stabilize the bituminous Indus- Kcporl Insurgents Driven -~;7 h? ,T rt " ierc r °""" thnt tllL D I - I, 5 - ""M-lli , US " and hour ic<nilaitons uerc lo back It] University CltV |rCmOVO ln '»rect burdens on inter Sector another couple became lost touring this city at night. while . Enroute home they came upon o dirl road. After traveling for half "" MADRID. Feb. 11 (UP)-Gov- ment troops recaptured complete Milrol of Ihc West Park area to- Iny after furious flgnlln. 0,1 the 1 TOlskirls of University city, loy- ilist .headquarters . re|»rte<l ' nove commerce Olher decisions of the court, thc solicitor general said, showed tlle right of the federal gocvrnment to regulate conditions where there were likely"to lie "recurring Impcdl- | ments'' lo commerce, i • : ' . . Loyalist ari|Ji cr y wns sh ' • . - . . • -*J ".13 pusnea "to. positions where "U dominated • he mast important road through West Park, leading to the Fon- ttacion del Amo, foreign studcnls headquarters on the edge of Unl- /ersily Cily. Alcala de Henares. 18 miles east n onto' ^f here, dug iu e if from thc wreck- M' D. K. Helm Succumbs Today to Pneumonia n. K. Helm, about 35, died a "is home. Madison- and Hearn streets, at 11 o'clock this morning ! ion after several days illness of pneu- ' an hour, they pulled up beside a a se of a nationalist air raid to parked automobile and asked the "'"' occupants the way home. "You'll never get home on this road," they were told. "This Is the Taunton race Irack." Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, Feb. 11. (UP) — General Molors loday led the in- duslrial section of Ihe stock market into new high ground since 1931. Opening on a block of 10.000 shares at 70, up 2 1-2 and a new high for the year, Molors conlinued active and accounted for about one-third of all trading. Impetus was the agreement between General Motors corporation and the automobile union for strike settlement A. T. and T igj American Waterworks .... 261-2 Anaconda Copper .'. 573-4 Bethlehem Steel 91 3-8 .... 134 • .... 43-8 138 .... 62 703-8 (neks as prepared "for insurgents more re their efforts to disrupt „„, ccmmiinicallcns with the coast. Helm had made his home here for a number of years. ' He is survived by his widow and Polite Boy Suggests Ringing Fire Alarm children, Josephine and . a brother, Bill Helm, and relatives. . Funeral arrangements were Incomplete this aflemoon but services will probably be held tomorrow. , , ' (UP)_Tills ' ^*"^*l'' J J Clil. \\Jfl J I]IS ;-""'•**» • V/llill^ UIUUU • 1 I UlltJr """'• ivf LJi. U city has a Freddie Bartholomew of lfill~J D Ci i> 11 Tucker. Richmond psychiatr Us own. at least when it comes to j lVUIea "V Stray Dllllett "People, who say they i screen politeness. The onlv Iron-1 • worry are either over optim bl is that his name is not "known. I "*""' ~ " ' ~ ' iblc" part of Ilio American farm program. Under questioning by Senator Arthur Vaiulcnbcrg (Rep., Mich.) Wallace said he believed some ot the nation's former, export, markets could lie regained under the trade agreements system but thnt It was unlikely such i nark els would ever be fully regained. Mississippi Fdljs Slightly a I Memphjs Rolls South as Wntei MFMPHIS. Peb. 11 (UPl-Oresl, of the Mississippi river's super- flood nearcd -Ifelcna this' afternoon, U. s. army engineers re ported. Thc river began a slight reces- "lon at Memphis today while the Helena gauge was practically si«- tlonary. At 1 P. M. Memphis registered 50.13 on the engineers gauge, at fall of .05 since 7 A. M. The .Helena gauge showed C0.2 at. 7 A. M., less than .1 higher than the previous 24 hours The river continued its steady fall at Cairo, III., where it stood at S0.7, a fall of .8, at 7 A. M. holding, up well under (he mehclous walcr pressure. ' Sonale 'Voles Flood WASHINGTON, Feb. Loans to thc house a bill creating i $20.000,000 disaster loan corpora lion for flood area rehabilitation Thc bill would permit loans to Individuals on liberal terms. Security would not necessarily be rcriuircd but outright grants could not be made. Repoit Horn Cdiio Indi-j tales Incteasmgly Rapid! Fall m Rwei 'Ihc Mississippi rlier chopped 3 of a fool at Biirfletd In Ihc 24 hours ending this moinlng ictluclng the stage lo 208-1 just six Inches bc- Igw thc cicst reached last wcc.k end; Cngmo,ois on thc ilici rccelud n ladlo icnoit this morning that the 24-hom dipp at Cairo was 7 ot a foot Indicating that barring futmc heiuj rahib thc i|\cr hcie will con thine lo tall with Increasing rapid ItJ < *• '] A fairly stifT'HindMoHay broii»h[ a, ictuin of na\e w.ush dmnnge, nc- cessltatlng rQiillnncrt rtpiii and maintenance, wprk Scop wnlei [s appealing In increasing volume as Is 1 to bo o\pcc(cd when (he iKer is ngilnst >ljic, tocc for' a pro longed period ' , On Ihc c'oumj s western, flood front Big Luke (.ontinued to fall al a satisfactory rnttc but Hood waters ovcr'lhe area.east of the Big Lakc : Lltlle River . levee.. resulting from leicc breaks al Hie slate line, were lulisiriliijf much less lapldly Hie now Ihroiigh the stale ^ line levee breiks has diminished grcallj ho\ie\er, nnd it is belieied lint it can lie checked entirely' in time for crops' io be planted ! on the lands affected. C. G. Redman. Drainage District 17 auditor,-s'aUl today that ihe wa- Icr levels nbovo : and below Ihe breaks at the state line were al- llzed, the current through s now being slow chough to permit thc operation of a motor boat. lie said thai John w. Meyer, the district's engineer, plans to take at the breaks shortly to William s Kmidscn''! -ilgnaUiie ni (he (list placed on the pipei hltc Hood lights glaiccl nnd sound cumera-i giouml out film Ho Is executive \lce-prcsldcnl of tho corporation John Thomas Smith genet al counsel foi tho Lompiny followed Then Donald son Brown General Motois fin ancc chntiman signed Windham Mortlmci nrst Uce- uastdent of the United AiUomo Woikeis signed Hist foi Ihe 11 Then Lee Pressman counsel foi the Committee foi Indiis- tnnl Oignnlzation Will inrgalu \\Hh llninu Oeneral Motors >deised»a cor- lolaiy letlei lo Murphj 1,, which It ngrecd not (o baigain mill agencies olhci than. Hip Unlled Automobile Woikeis except iindei stated coiKlilion-! TtAt of the sottlement icvcated Ihese basic agreements Thc corporalloii recognises [he A W A as bmgalnlng agent, foi Us members Tlic torrolaij Icltei prolecls the union In ils; dunand lhal it be dealt mth e\- clusivelj foi si\ monlhs The compiny pledges no coeiclon against cmplojos wlio aic mcm-» ners nl !],/> ....en.. ..¥. ^ bers of Ihc union companj on iili ai\d iiill ollectti' lon agice I Uirgam- work lo close Hie gaps. Flood water flowing across Hlgh- ,n I8 nt llle Worry Galled Needless If It's About Worry RICHMOND. Va. (UP)—Worry Is nothing to worry about because "a. certain amount of worry Is nor- ° o uuiiii: js noi Known, j Eleanor Oration, coming 3-ycar- " at the door of Mrs. ° w fl»y of the Smith-youngblood ' Bbnor " 1:l1 /.MUCHI i^inier. he said: |slables, sired by Ihc famous Oral- ^ al a "'Excuse me, madam, but could 11 l °n-at-Law. \vais found dead in her ikfl n suircrfict im^ 1 )'' I StllhlF 1 n t _Ii^trc/iii T>m-..» n-1... >. make a suggestion?" : . ' . w«»m UIUM in nei stable at Jackson. Tenn., Saturday Trotter mal '" ncc onllns to Dr." Beverlcy Tucker. Richmond psychiatrist; "do not ilstio or Dr. Tucker snid. "Very often do not wor- "Insane asylums arc often full of Turner. "Why certainly," replied Mrs. n '8ht, apparently the vl'clom of a slray bullet. Examination by Verne If. Young- olood, a partner of c. G. smiih, or this city, showed that the slug tore through the wall before strik- 'Well, the roof of your house Is on fire, l suggest yon call thc fire department. 1 ' the boy volunteered. -'*"• . -•"u.<3,, tut W.ILI UCIOJC SlflK- Tlie department got there in j • ng tlte 1 ' orsc ln H'c neck. It nosed me to limit the damage to $250.', ™«'ard, piercing one lung an- 1 — . | lod jed In the liver. Police Chief Suggests Monl arrf ra 1 Packard ........ "• ........ ,, 6 < * high low M 1-2 103 3-8 103 1-21 today. ..... P. r, \~A~~f~""i°r .'"° "'"-'• llle Simmons Bed ... shotgun load, fired from close range Standard of N T missed Parker with Thc exception Studebaker of a few psllets that struck him Texas Corp. In the leg and face. • . close} Ray fled after the shootlns and not ' -- - • - - » 4 54 1-4 T2 1-8 IS U. S. Smelting M i"» U. S. Steel SJ '^ Warner Bros. Zonllc .. 16 1-4 8 1-4 His Own Punishment BERLIN. Mass. (UP) — Police Chief Clyde Rogers' automobile left the highway and overturned. He invcsllgalcd the accident, considered the car's speed, the highway's condition and thc visibility. Then he found himself at fault. Later Rogers recommended lo Ihe molor vehicles inspector that his own llcea^c be suspjnded. Tho Inspector look the case under advisement. - The young black trotter had raced here several limes this fall with unusual promise, Reards lo Be Cultivated " ANAMOOSE. N. D. (UP)—The 20 members of the Anamoosc "whiskers club 1 ' have agreed not lo touch a razor until March 17—Just to sea who can grow thc most "stylish" l-.;ard. Then comes St Patrick's Day, and prizes will be awarded tfce bewhlskcred ones possessing the closest imitations of mustaches and beards worn by well-known historical characters Ihe happiest people in the world since they have ceased (o worry about anything. Pew people go insane from worry, although they often get in what Is known as an 'anxiety slate'.'" "Sparks Ignite Shingles Sparks, falling on dry shingles, caused slight damage to the residence of Miss Bess Hall, Gil West Main slrcct, early this morning. City firemen were summoned and the fire was quickly extinguished. Country Needs Doctors SYDNEY, Australia. (UP)-rNew South Wales is probably the only highly civilized country in the world where there is an actual shortage of doctors. The Ministry of Health has announced that to $4,500 a year. Bayou bridge near Roselantl has damaged Ihc highway to such an extent Ihat it is likely to be some time before thc road can be reopened to traffic. There Is still about Iwo feet of water over the road at the point where' It is deepest, making It difficult . to determine Just lo what. extent thc pavement has been damaged, but It Is certain that one or more slabs ot concrete have been undermined and have sunk lo n considerable ex- lent. Repairs will have lo await subsidence of thc flood waters. Thc Frisco railroad dump near Roscland has also ^ been damaged to an cxlent that makes extensive repair work necessary before service on thc Blytheville-Joncs- boro line can be resumed. o commence colleiHj,, „„,.„, Ing robruarj 16 next 'Tuesdij Union Cilh Off btnke Thc union ngiees to call oft thc piesent stilke and evacuate ajl plank ^ The company agrees to resting operation* in all plants as soon All emplojcs shall return to- their usual work when called and- there shall be no disci iminatloiu or prejudice against strikers by (he coiporatlon i- The union agrees to call no" strikes during negotiations on wages and hour.s as described' above. «. Tlie corporation -consents to drop prosecution of the sit-down stiifc- rimt, ers and union ofllclal.. „ Mich., and Cleveland. O. I'erkins Lauds Bolh Sides WASHINGTON, Feb. 11. (UPl-i ! Secrelary of Labor Frances Perkins loday praised :the .General Molors Corporation, and: the Uniled Aulomobile i Workers for Hungary to Revive their "give and take' 1 , spirit in reaching an agreement In the 43- day-old controversy. "Representatives of General Motors and the United Aulomo- . bile Workers," Miss Perkins said in a statement, "are lo be praised for their give and take spirit' and for their sober sense of fairness and responsibility to those they represented." I Bear Hunting Sport! Wins Acquittal BUDAPEST (UP) —The ancient sport of bear hunting is to be revived in Hungary linder government supervision. For centuries the bear, chase wtis thc favorite sport of no-1 Thq complaint against Heath was blemen. especially 'in the vast for- made as a result of an accident. Bud Heath was acquitted, of .a charge of reckless driving by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson thi? morning esls of Transylvania. Since the World War, bears virtually have disappeared. To restore the historic sport, the forestry department of thc ministry of agriculture will import bears, turning them loose in the royal forest of Szini, where they will be allowed to breed under strict government protection. Masons Meet Tonight The-Chlckasawba Lodge No. - ..~-.,,. .,»a ...miM.j.i.:,, u lnc - uiiicKasawba Loaee No 134 ins a number of subsidized posl- F. and A. M.' will meet in staled '°" e •""""" <"«t pay from $1.000 communication tonight at 7:30. Vis' nr lU'ig members are invited. which occurred recently,-at the Intersection of Main and Broadway streets. Heath's car -and that of the complaining witness were damaged but no persons were Injured. Millis Branscum was fined $10 on a charge of public drunkenness, WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and warmer tonight and Friday.- Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy (onlght and' Friday willi rising temperature*. Lowest tot night 32 to 35.

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