Independent from Long Beach, California on April 22, 1973 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
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Sunday, April 22, 1973
Page 4
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'Political prisoner:' Martha meant it JVew secrecy trial code hit NewYorkTimesSmk* wAcmurTnn; Th« WASHINGTON - The By HELEN THOMAS KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. . UJPI) - Martha Mitchell apparently wasn't kidding when she said she was held as a "political prisoner" last June, in the first few days after the Watergate case broke into headlines. ; - The wife of former Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell was ·^speaking out long before the White House wall of secrecy around the Waters-gate affair crumbled last i week. '; A variety of sources, in- ·'eluding Mrs. Mitchell, have provided the basis for a full recapitulation of . .the events surrounding ; her widely publicized tele- · phone call to this reporter from Newport Beach last June 22. On Friday, June 16, the night before five men were arrested inside Democratic National Headquarters on the other side of the . country, the Mitchells at- that the "campaign security staff embargoed any calls out of her villa." Only non-English-speaking Mexican help was allowed in her room. FOR THREE days Mrs. Mitchell tried without success to make a long distance call to UPI. Finally, at 9 p.m. Thursday, Mrs. Mitchell got through to this reporter. She sounded subdued and somewhat sad. When the Watergate case was brought up, she became agitated. "That's it, I've given John an ultimatum. I'm going to leave him unless he gets out of the campaign," she said. "I'm sick ad tired of politics. Politics is a dirty business." As she spoke, she suddenly got excited when someone tried to grab the telephone from her. "You just get away -- get away," she said several 'If you don't hear from me, call the police, 9 Mrs. Mitchell pleaded .tended a gathering of leading Republicans and \ Hollywood celebrities at ·--the Beverly Hills, home of movie executive Taft ^Schrieber. Pat Nixon was *the guest of honor. AFTERWARDS, the [.^Mitchells drove for the weekend to the Newporter Inn at Newport Beach, --where a block of villas were set aside for Nixon .. administration VIPs. ;' On Sunday, June 18, J'local newspapers-carried « a brief story about the ar- S,rests inside Democratic J^pfflees at the Watergate ^complex in Washington. "That evening the Mitchells wer invited to a "Mexican fiesta" dinner at the nearby Corona Del Mar home firf Mrs. Donald K. Wash- i ''burn, widow of the "7-Up" i soft drink manufacturer. ' Mitchell, then President , Nixon's 1972 campaign 1 manager, and his wife ; had a heated argument, , apparently over Mitchell's ; insistence that they leave -·the party early. Guests ; -there included Herbert W. · -Kalmbach, the Presi- ^-dent's personal attorney, who has since told FBI agents he gave at least $30,000 in GOP campaign refunds to an alleged politi- ; 'cal espionage agent sit the ""direction of the President's appointments secretary · at the time, v4)wight Chapin. ] :. Mrs. Washburn later ' 5 said there was not a hint of "what was going on back East" the night of ,-Jier dinner party. ; MITCHELL told guests he had "a very important meeting" to attend. Finally he grabbed his wife and they departed. At 10 p.m. that Sunday evening, Mitchell flew ; back to Washington, leaving Martha behind with : their daughter Marty, 11, ; . and Mitchell's secretary, ; Lee Jablonsky, along with Mrs. Mitchell's body- · guard, Steve King, who - had been provided by the ^Committee for the re-elec- " tion of the President. The next morning, the newspapers carried big photographs of James W. . McCord Jr., then security chief for the re-election committee, as one of the five men charged with the break-in and bugging at ..the Watergate. The Washington Post -has quoted Republican sources as saying it was because Mrs. Mitchell knew McCord as the man who provided her bodyguards that Mitchell instructed his aides to make sure she knew nothing from the Newspapers . about McCord's arrest. In the following days, Mrs. Mitchell was pre vented from making any outside telephone calls from the "Villa Roma" where she was staying. A switchboard operator said t ' times. Then the line went dead. Several attempt's to reach Mrs. Mitchell failed. The switchboard operator at the Newporter Inn said. "Mrs. Mitchell is indisposed and cannot talk." This reporter reached Mitchell at his Watergate apartment and told him about his wife's aborted call. He did not appear concerned. He then said he wanted to leave Washington after the campaign, having promised. Martha he would give up politics. EARLIER in the week, Mrs. Mitchell had burned her hand with a matchbook. About 8 a.m. Friday, a loud commotion was heard in her villa. Mrs. Mitchell had cut her hand when a window was broken in an apparent fray. Dr. Dan Romaine Kirkham of Newport Beach, whose office is one block from Kalmbach's law office, was summoned to the Mitchell Villa. He reported he "gave ,her a shot," a tranquilUer that would keep Mrs. Mitchell heavily sedated for four to six hours. Dr. Kirkham described Mrs. Mitchell as "hysterical" and she had to be held down forcibly. "She kept shouting that she was being held a political prisoner," he said. "And I know information so I can't inform anyone." Mrs. Mitchell later reported, in fury and humiliation, that "They threw me down on the bed -- five men did it -- and stuck a needle in my behind. I've never been treated like this, ever." DR. KIRKHAM noticed Mrs. Mitchell had a severe, untreated cut on her hand. She was taken later to Hoag Memorial Hospital, where Dr. Clark McGaughey stitched the wound. This reporter telephoned Mitchell in Washington again on Saturday and was assured that Mrs. Mitchell was fine. On Sunday morning, Mrs. Mitchell telephoned from the Westchester I Country Club in Rye, N.Y., where she had flown from California. Deeply upset, she said she was leaving her husband unless he quit politics. She mumbled something about "McCord." Mrs. Mitchell complained she had become a "political prisoner" and that she "can't stand" any more of the life she had been leading. "It's horrible to me," she said. "I've been through so much. I don't like it. Martha isn't going to stand for it." A few months later, Douglas Ross, manager of the Newporter Inn, who knew the whole story of Mrs. Mitchell' 8 stormy visit, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in the hotel kitchen. a new systm for s who ea c i f k d infoma- Won a vstem desSto a?oid the SsdosurVS rage of criticism from freedom of information d As submitted to Con- 8 re « mder the White House imprimatur, the ***** Prohibits any- one accused of disclosin « secret, confidential or restricted information from ·To solve the security problem posed by leaks, the department wrote into the Nixon administration's proposed new criminal code a provision involving disclosure of classified documents that has since provoked a bar- P rovin « that the informa - tion "was improperly classified at the time of a classifltation or at ^ time of the offense." Sen. Edmund S. MiuHe, D-Maine, who has taken the lead in attacking the code ., Jsa ' s , this P rovls " n 'would enf « rce pu £ hc ignorance by making criminals out of honest men and women who put the public interest above bureaucratic secrecy" by furnishing improperly classified documents to the press. But the Justice Department insists that such a law i* neeessarv. Without IWM;UT.f.I 4ir.7t7« S07E.MMDWAY.Ll »H»JUimC,IIXIYKNOUJ,U. DOG HAWING CUSS 999 1. WILLOW AMIl IS - 7 Mi WiKMOUNSTt «u-atao it, government attorneys contend, any defendant can argue that the doe* ment he disclosed was un- properly classified, and the court will then be forced to examine its contents in public. ARTISTS FIESW-MTES MAY 11 thru 20 *4380 *WOO MmUDS HJUCHAMAWMO PaiNTINSS · SCUUTURC · CER8MIC8 · CRIFTI ENTRY DEADLINE APRIL 25 fv Mumttioa: fasudauaa txuoan's MX29L IA UlfUD*. CAM «W7 Oana-aat. HUM tlUlSll-UH Jill) IT. ZOIf ST.. M. WH BWW-2BI VISIT OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW STORE IN TORRANCE All stores closed today Easter Sunday, OPEN Monday-10 am. sharp! MITCHELL picked up his wife in Rye and returned to Washington se- ,cretly..He resigned from the re-election committee July 1, two weeks after the Watergate arrests. Mrs. Mitchell remained in seclusion for the following months, except for one telephone call when she pleaded, "If you don't :hear from me, call the police;" GOP campaign sources hinted widely that "Martha was imbibing-." She later met the issue head- on, denying she had suffered a nervous 'breakdown or had been drinking. EASTER MENU Served from 2 P.M. to 9 P.M. The beautiful HOTS d'oeuvres tray with celery en Branch!, olives/ spring onions, carrot stocks, celery peppers, tossed green salad with Alfred special Homemade dressing or soup Du Jour. 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