The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR (AM.)' COUBIBtt NEWS IBE BLYTHEVILLE COUBl&j not OODRIEH NEWS PO, POB 0. H. BABCOOK, Kitor H. W. HUNKS. Adverting Utn*«*r Sole Nation*! AdveilUing Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Nv* Vork, Ceirvlt, 81. Louis, D»ll44, K»K»a City,UemphlJ, Published Every Alt«icoun Ex«Dt Entered us second uUss matter K the post office at B:>'tltwIUe, Arkansas, under act ol Congresi, Oc- vW^ tobcr 9. 1917. Served DV [tie tlnltf.fl By carrier in me «cy ot Iflvtuevuw, !So per •seek or $6.60 per year In Mtwict. By mall within a radiiu of so mile*, P,<W p«r year, tl.50 sot six laoaihs, 85t tor tl-rt» monvta; by mall Ui postal zones two to elx, hicluilye, «.50 per year, In zones s«v«n «no tight, 110.00 pei 1 year, payable ln.»dvauce, Why the Red Cross \Vliy, with the yovernment spending hundreds uf millions of dollars for relief, i.s it necessary to maintain stiuh non-govcrnmcutiil agencies as tlio lied Cross? That, no doubt, is the substance tit' a (|uestion that will be asked hundreds of times (lin-iiig the aniuiiil lied Ciuss mumbiM'ship roll tall, which jjot niHlor- way here today. It is a legitimate question bill the answer is simple. 11 is necessary lo maintain the Ked Cross: 1.—Because it is the only national organization prepm-eil lo ac-l promptly and efl'cclively in time of diwu.skT. '2.—IJLTJIII.SU Hie federal relief administration lui.s held tlmi ji, is the responsibility of local communities lu care for Uiosi.' u'lio arc in need nut bccuiisc of (lie tlc'inx'ssioii but. because uf «i r ' ! i i»liysi«i! ineapacity, or similar causes. In our own community the Red Cross is the agency which has accepted (liis responsibility, H K nbil- i!y to discharge- it depends in large moa-sure ti|ion the fntl>lu: vospoiwe to its appeal for memberships. A dollar bill buys a year's membership in the" local Ked Cross chapter. U is a small prke la pay for U.ti privilege of being enrolled among those who meet their responsibility .to the . unfortunate. Sets Example Unu of the must .significant points of the ment election was an event which has drawn relatively little notice—the adoption by Nebraska voters of Senator George U'. iVorris's plan for a one-chamber slate legislature. U i.s .significant because it is the first real .step (aken by an American state to bring long-needed reform into the machinery of slate government. In any democracy, the machinery of government is bound fo be more or less cumbersome. No legislative body designed to reflect the people's will can function without some lost motion. Utit it is hard lo think of any place where the lost, motion is (ai'iln as great as in the average American slide legislature. The legislature is patterned after the national Congress — two 'nouses OUT OUR WAY chosen on dilVtti'OijL schemes,'operating'Under u governor whoso imlional countcrpnrl is Hie president. And because uUenliqu usually is focused on the national cnmpaiyn, on the gubernatorial contest antl on the liylils for local oil'iecs, mcmburs of Uio legislature (ire uaually vhu.scii on a liil-or-misa basis. What Hie state legislature muy do is extremely important- in tliu life of the citizen. Its action.-;, may ad'oci his business, his tnxos, lii.s public iii- stilutionn far moru closely limn do llio actions of the national Congress. Yet it is a .safe bet tliat (ho average eili- /en eonld not tell yon Uio namcvs of lialf n tloxcn mumbmvs of lii.s legislature if his life depended on il. The lliin«; IMS got out of his reach. It i.s clumsy and unwieldy. Sellisli interests find il easy to .sei/.e and hold an unfair advantage. .Small blocs can exorcise an influence out of all proportion to llicir size. The people of Nebraska have begun a bold reform. Hereafter they will have a small and compact legislative body. Not only will it Ijc able lo function much more uirieienlly than the two-chamber group; it will be 'possible for the voter to liccp in touch- with il, to know who i.s who in it, to interest himself directly in its actions and get the kind of representation in it that; he deserves. Wo have passed the time in which we could all'onl to put up with inefficiency and unresponsivenc.s.s in ;i lawmaking body. The reform which Nebraska luis begun miglil very profitably be examined with great care by the voters in other stales. —Urnce Cation, Un-German Economics One of the big problems the Nazi t'lnvnuiicnt in Germany Ihese days seems lo be the task of kcepiut' velail prices from rising out of all proportion to consumers' income—and, also, of reconciling Urn people of Germany to such rises as cannot, be m'evcnled. Dr. C;u-\ Goerdelcr, mayor of Leipzig, has been appointed "price dictator" by Hitler, and has been given complete control over food prices. His position certainly is noi enviable. The actions of the party tliat put hiin in imvc r have made his task almost impossible. In order to protect Cermaa agriculture, food tariffs have been put at tm- preccdcnlcdly high rales. Natural laws of supply anil demand would seem to make a boost in living cost c-ncvilafjle. Vet a Nazi newspaper remarks contemptuously that, "We' National Socialists do not believe in economic laws," and the effort to blame rising prices on malicious profiteers is being pushed with vast energy. Or. Goenleler's lot can hardly !,« a happy one. Nor; for that matter, can the lol of llic German consumer. MONDAY, NOV15M1JKK 12, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Mickey, you're jjoinif fo lose this case for pajia if von don't sliiti shouting beans ni Hm jury!" CURIOUS WORLD TAKWG EGGS FBDM FALCON'S NEST WAS AM OFFENSE PUNISHABLE 8V A YEAR. IN P(2(SOM AND A HEAVY FIME. I Oh. dear! I wanted lo timci. on the White ;• House lawn. _ M] ,, jcanelle i.i cwr(lj 5t ralo- •' sphere liver. EACH CATKIN OF THE PUSSY WILLOW REPRESENTS FROM 3_O TO tOQ FLOWERS/ ll-il Because of tile spade-like formation ol moose atittcra, it is a porjnlai opinion thni the animals use them in clcarin" snow from then winter "moose-yards". The millers arc used only lor lighting, aii-rl arc (froppctl :it the end ol the lighting season. NEXT: Arc .ill t-runs lilack? Ill-Ill; TOIMY . lu.ilfr fur 'I'hi; lllihlL-. l« luuw.l ilcii.l IIA.V lll,l-:i:ni-:il. imlilMu'r, fnn>i»^« SID.VEV «jin--r--.* t-ilinliiolii^Hl, l^ftulvc (lie iJLanl'.-r. .>huil.-ti Ijiltl Ijtca li.VL-bllmHhi^ II,,- nflf.vlr. <;f J-'HA.VK I). C.V- _T)IAV. m-iillky ni.ij utomliu'lil. riilltiivin^ Ilic urn-si nf tin l;ii|ni.s- lar rhiliiilne I,, In Oilllny imii 111- .t>iu|ini<lcd by ii slrl i-Hlli'U 3IA1IV rft-jilli t':illi:i> illi-s lit poiftUfifujf. Crlir li-[irns .Munli-ii Inn) vislu-il Ifn- :i|i;irliiiu'i.t i>l Al.lci: I.OIt- 'J'I>X. inrllj nuil ijiii-ui|iJn}ii(!. ||<. .•,,nl.,n,l, Alice Mild KU.\.M;TII 1KIO.VK, lU'viiot.i (In- ,j!ijr lit killing Murtlrii, inn) they sire atrnicil. .11 IIS. HI,.VNCIIi: MAl.D.VK, Mr ivliiij,, M1IS. OATI1AV uiitl f.Ull. ItAi'lM.'. ilelt'ct'ui' I'tmilwt-il by lur. liiivc lil-t-n M-tii,-iai, K , U In. fllU-ll. Krill 1111,1 HU-.I.,-, liili-rru.'!. a .-ilnltrt-tle-l- riL-lu-crn (hi- Hjri-i-. l.rilcr llu-y K< i lu 11,,. li,,,,.| nl.nri- .tltiry llrltus. ll.nv ki».l\v« us SlvU In Jloilili-j-. I.-, HlarlitK. I" I In; loliliy Uit-> iiu'i-l CH.VItl.r.S l-'ISIl- KU. Cnlli.i>'s lawyer, s. In. tclla UH-III I'jiiluo'.-. lit^urfiiiee ulll IIG iliilllilfil U II i ..... |, r |ir.m-n lie illtil l.y "jiooiili-inal IIIC.IIIN." A'i>i\' <.'«> o\ ivrnj 'I'm: s'roiiv CllAPTIilt XXXIV r»II.MHJiS I''JSMK», '(lie lawyer, sliouk his liead. "I cun nut i>ro- Iiai-c.l l« BO thai tar," lie Siili), ml- 1 dressim; <!riff. "II sonic- what ii[ion llio fuels sin'i'oiindliig liio administration of llic iwisnu. 1 Iwllevu lliat llic aiitlioritieii hold dial c. 'death liy acehlciual means' lni|)llc.') dial (lie moans liy ivlilcli llio nealii is brought about iiuist liu au-UlctitAl. In otlici- woyiJ^. an ••icci'leiiliil death Is not a deaili liy lilc lo Hie ears of liia listeners. "You," lio i-aitl, "were a witness l ' lo llic will o! fVi.'LiA AnnlcUm. Mr. Appletou fs ileail. There ia a contest on concerning liia will. I am ;IH nlturucy irom Klvcn-lcw who represents tlio Appieloii heirs. It is imiwitimt that I alionld talk svilli yon. You'll cxciiso tn'e tor not tele- Ihhoniiiy lieioro 1 eaino 1111. but . . ." "lint 1 don't know any Mr. Appleton," tlio WOIIKIII'E; votco Kiilil. "1 IMS j-uuc [innlon," the lawyer iiujjiU'd, "but this is room 9:'7, (s U not 1 .'" "It if." slie saiil. "Anil yon'ro reaislerci "Certainly I'm registered hero," slic £aiil. "I'm Virginia StriUton ainl 1 ilon'i know ;iny |w,'ia-oi» tiy Ihe iiiimc of Apiileton. I don't Knoiv iinyono in Ilivcrview unil I ditln't sisii any will as n witness." "Musi uii-aiisc." said the lawyer. "i ean't inulurstaiitl snch a sitni- larily in utuno.a. You've sol Uie y.-nne ii.-une as llio \vittiej;s to the will and t was ailv'iacil by ileti>i-tK-e» wlioui 1 einpEoycd to locate llic mit-shi;; witness Lhut you were l'2t;istercd birre in UK: holi. 1 !." "Well," saiil Hie woman's voice, "1 .luu'l know atiylhin^ about liic will. It's iiioliably a ihh-Uil.u in Idctilil.v. If you'll [lartlon me. I'm 'i'iie (tuor ^la l-'islier ^touil (liovr^li umlceiiieil inn-sue, ilici) .-i lor a moji'.eiil as conrj-o to . lii:i slioiii- ik-rs, lunictl atul \valkeil down tlio li)lv:ir<l lll<> I'. • <vi...iii,,ii uu'iun .:> uui a mrain ny '1'llC lawyer's Mtlilo til'ld just i,.i: • ^.,.i| nccldcnlal means. It's i-allic; a line | P'OIILT niuonm of apologetic sliccp- lo thr> sevenUi lloor iinO paused. I islnies.-t. (Ivifl raced lor tlm slairu. I The lawyer shrugged. Ms slum ilers, "You cun ilraw your own co .•Installs," lie said. "(Ion- long hail llio chauffeur lici wlili hljJi?" "Not Quite a year." Griff frowned. "Isn't that rather unusual?" saM. "it Is most unusual," llic luwycj said. "I am wondoniiK," said Ciriif will Ins oyes narrowed, "if ncrliapa ill fc'lft In tlio will was not to liisinf silence on tho part of llio cliauffcn] conccrnini; some fact nliont wlilil lio inlgljt liavo known, ratiier tlm] because of rrJenilslilp?" Tlio elevator caino lo tlic nlni lloor. "You," said tlio lawyer, "arc liberty to draw your own concll a Ions." "Aiul," Griff Ki'ul slowly, tils eyl slitk'il thoughtfully, -if I h(,,i !,c,.l ti-lckcil Into iiiuklng any sncu pi| visions in a will I would dislike l><! careless alioiit leaving mcfliciil around. Tliui la, medicijie tliat was going lo take, l-'itlcun tli) sand clnllni-H in cash iniflit lie uui 11 tcmiitulion to tho average thai re ur." » • * 'jMIH lawyer sttfnried Julo the ,cl| "(Icnllenicii," lie said, "yon hull liavc (lie privilege! of reading i,\ iniinl, lint yon will bolli rrmeinlj thai I have iiiaiiu no expression opinion conceruint; ihc subject ina| ler of our discussion." The elevator ijoor slajmncil sit and dropped down tho shaft. d'l'iff stooil l>y tho shaft walchij tlin arrow of tlto idfllaitor. "We'll see what lloor lie tlojif. all lie said. Tiro hand or tlio Indicator c;in| DID YOU KEEP TALKIN' TO HER? SHE'D HAVE SOONJ LEFT", IP YOU HftDMT TflLkED SO MUCH ' ME IM THERE, HARDLY DARING TO BREPiTME OR MO>JE. AMP VOU - — "•0' HER TO SIT POWtsi! WELL, I'LL NOT INSULT A GOOD NEIGHBOR BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO TO RUM UPSTAIRS'. WHY MOTHER'S When Kidneys Start to Weaken By Williams They Must Be Given Less Wor IJV nil. AIOliltlH iTSMjsiii.v idisciiic. l-ldilor. .lournal ur tlu- \i\Krit-au' ^H-at 01' lish cnu'e a day, avoid Medical Association, and nf lly- ttii- Health M:i»iu.;nr I keen llio It'jia lirni In the eh> mill tlu-y chase ilown wilucsse.i and .'nldiesscs for cue.-. 'I'lii-; was juui ouo ot llio:-o iiniisiial anil nnforlli. ualo cirL-unistantes of a ^iuiihirily I'.TK ( hi s liiiyw ,,„ u, e j- 1 - 1 - Initlon for llio clovatur. 1 "You're coins down?" aslicil itriff. 1 Tlie Inwyei' liodilcil. , "Vmi wrre lllciilifiniiij: sniiirtliitit: : iilimii in::uraiM:i>." tirift' raid, "tt'liti [is llio liciifliclary iiiultr L'ulliay'E 'Tlio wire. Sin;. Calliay." Ihc lawyi-i- wit.l. "Blie's also licnvliclary iiinlcr llio will, hul there are certain provisions in llm will ihat 1 ilhln'l like. I w.-iined (,'aihny "Ciin you discin-s them?" CJrifT ilisltnctloii with which tho layinai lliuut;li ho lilioiihi tic. heeauso a larao uiu/iUcr uf [leryoii'j have similar elansci; in llicir lli;;nran« "A most hilcli-oliui; li-.L;al point." tirilT saiil. t'Jlceker. who had Itcen !iU-iuliiig silent, loolccil from one to (tt other. Kishev suddenly sniiU-il. "Well." In: Eiaid, "Tin .'ilaiiilin^ licit 1 i;,i[il)ilit: Mho SDIIIC Kossijiy woinuii. I've ant w.M'k lo ilo and I (ire.-umo. yor. liciitleincii have, too, II was a real pleaunrc lo have seen yon." Ho liowctl. smiled, iiirncil ahrnpl- ly lo (ho left, slroifo puriiosefnlly dijwn llio eorridot-, \iailacd and knocked on Ihc ilour of a r<x<!ii. Clrirt nnd Illcefcer ;;lood liy [lip elevalor where the lawyer had led llicni, watching him atlenli'.'ely. Tiio door ot Hie room opened a I • • :•"- l >-""' ll uu, tjll. 1 UU1I i IJ11IHI , . - _ -. - -. ^ lew inches. A wonian'K voice said, j tcliinj; you Unit the one tlial i ob-1 i^ also here doesn't need to uialtc jceterl lo most strenuously was the [in llic least." ;;ifl lo his chauffeur. A mailer of i (To {'•= Continued) ?15,000 in cash." "He wan iinitc attached lo his jn," lie said. of stairs, canio out In tho corriihj oC the sevenlh lloor. looked U[i ail donii llic corridor. Tficro was sign o( 'lie lawyer. They r.-iii the [.lace where the corridor uia<| a riglit nimlo turn and looked llio left. The lawyer waa just cutc| iiiK a room. Criu" chuckled. "Tliis," lie said, "is goiiiK lo good." U|ion swirt. nuiselcss feet ho IE) Ihc ivay t ( i u,n rouiii into whir" laiincil on ihc lloor. There was a moment ot Gllcncl Then (hero sounded rnstliiiKis, tho hifsiny ot a n-ulsn(i llriff knocked again. A yoiin^ woman opened llm dpoi slariiiB at them -with .-alert, d,ir| eyes. ',.''.' I "Aliss .Mockley?'' asked Ihc critn| nolo^ist. She nnddcd. "We ivaut lo talk willi yon," nai l-'isher told liini, "hul I don't uiind I Griff, "anil the fact lliat Jir. TiHH! lawyer's biiomini; voite canio down tho corridor, plainly andi-^clinuffoury" llic nr.i . Jl.rry .rn( fi( c )|J Oxiord University Legalizes Communism OXFORD. England <ui't—Com- nnnlEm again is legal in Oxford. | they tried to break nn one of Sir; I},, waltl ?.Iosley's Fascist u-.cctiUL'S! T Cadman Criticizes Hitler's German Churt] Tills term the October Club ex- • l>cc!.s to carry on nxihtani ami- CLEVELAND war anil aiUi-rascisi pi-ojiasjantla i pDI ' kcs Ca(lma ». ppcrcition with tlie "Lahori l """' ll >' kllt> '- v » (Ui'i — Dr. of Brooklyn. iJ religious tliinkl Banned for nine months by the j war lln ' uuvcr.-iity aulliorilics. tin: October'" 1 co -°i^""'"" »>"i i"<: muov i • ;-•- • •—•=•»».•• ^"".1%: Wul» ; a group ot I'J'. iinder-rad- I C)| "' !1 it »*- 1 " Socialist organic- ;'" ll ie ««''c l«i'c attacked I uatc Comiumkt sympathize s has l lio » Bllic » ™ h >«™ ™ Americans ! ^™J» . church Mtuhlishcd been rcinalatcd this term as ai' 11110 ' 1 "' lts CM '"""bcr.s. ! K ?.iE 15f1uc " re . r Auo11 »'«<"•• •Iccitimatc" stiido.m. nr.jn»i-/niin» .._ r~-— -rr— . ; "•"•Sinft 01 rcliuion never c 'legitimate" studcm orgniiizniiou The club was ntiolbiicif last v.-inlcr when it lielil n public <)e- iiionstrnlton in tlctiancc ot llic officers — I)a 5 :-: Attend Wellcslev :Mirvive.'- he said.. -The Oerml WiiLLESLEY, Mass, i UP>-Dons ! church claims lhal only i)il nun- atlciul Wcllcslcy College. A [ Aryans can worship. That is il Uostun man has been engaged as iwird. We're all mongrels. Tiicrc insltncior oi Ijlnobh/jcled fiogs .-sent ! no Pine race. ncniljcrs continued to meet stcn.-l- [bcr I.s expected t ly in hpitt of threats of expulsion. I "pupils"' urn laid: Clad in (heir forbidden veil shirts. < nujnls of dowium" OUR BOARDING HOUSE Chronic Urisht's <li..c:ihc is a condition in whicli tin: kiilncvs lose liieir ubilily to excrete IUi°kl iind waste nnittcr I rum ihc hotly. Obviously the main lliini; ihat a H'ft.on van lio in jaich ease, j., i () ai<: Ihc kidney by si\-in c it "i css work lo do. M. ihi- ,s :mi r time however, (he body should In- pro- vi-.Utl with niongh iniuiim- "male- i of uxtrn salt r,n [ O od. iin Jlniitation of (luUls to two quwrl: » clay Is about all tisat « iKtxf- sury. Uiilcr 0:1. it tli.; disease ;ul- vanees. additional restrictions may Ije (tcsirable. However, even when Dip diet j is tut dowi\ greatly one tnnst ul- v.;iys liy io get enough protein for rcl>nlldtn<! brokm do«-n tissue- and enoush calorics to lake rate of the body wtislit. If eventually - ; fighting Hitler's am] charn':(m-myi i: care of it:, 'inirimls 1 » :I «»W'-'' .mil £io\\lli ' |Uiul siens of uvrmi-a ;\)i| )riir n,,. j Irralincnt i.s cxcralinnh diffinilt." - ira:':. so (lint jirnarr.w of nui in- kidney ivill ,M up ,1,1,1 ,.; Vl , ,, „ U-rlh iKdy. II'' .--lio'/W .. c'.iiiiiniiliun O t Illll'llCh [111- Ivi'M In luiilii .Jicl whu ll'(' i>')ilily r.1 Hi,. lid of waMr HUM,., olhei- ixiniiiii- o)' ill,". I';'"","" 11 ' 1 ""'"'"-'I''', l" kn-|i Ihe I-HIM),, c! Hie,|)UiO(l up In otamUiul l,y Imlur.r i-i-il-nn iii-ii ' Ilvri '" liWllrVK - ;1|! <t iioii in Minill 1 H>"n tli.a miKumis. !"? 1 !! L Whni l'">'niui-h Iliud aceiimii- '!'""• in talc Maix-s 1,1 Ill's ilKi-a:.'.-. il iiKiy !,<• In- us.- ni ini-ihuu:, iii-n il til 1 .- he.. OT- SobAB _ \l J\ r/A-lHINK-S C301NG TO TORV^ \-\\S $ f3A.BA,<3t INTO /\ STABLE, EH*? >, HEXV. 'I'll" liuinun iKilv d,.', .ley ((XMII-. livvf |i:. si ,,. 'UI' Illilll Xir n-aill. tor il.- [uiK-liuus. Ui-c-. y i cat tchci^'e ;H)\vcr it l ; <ui!l liy jlnn-c hn-n fluid mil «,,\ NA UTHE OWNER OF A r/\/XP>VELOUS \ , "RACE HORSE /--WVS ^\^M& ' ^ : ^\ IS TPUUY 1400FED UGHlNlKlcSJ _jr:i \^ EGKO,YOUXl. 6ET TO .^-—-=^ i WM SOON , AS i W-A 1 (_ <SO\NG, TO sr ftTi ^ c HIM IN fV\Y £ CES,"R&MODEL IT NTO /\ SNUCb A UTTL& STABLtMi ^^-ZL-y-^fi-:^^—^ "SUCH^ST'UFF / .LJ^X.JIaL /H lli v ^^^^^^^^^W"-^^^^^ y-; : /->-'i ? '/y•'>••'. n •A'/''- ' i P'i ^' t ... 1 n t •' $• [IbooK^ AS ir- 'w- 1 A 'BH' OP ' "•' ^.'^ HOtot ON /X CITY ,''\ l - < *-f> Mf.N/' il llllli; j 1 li.-l-lil-ll I A|)A. <1. i |1|-, H;i|T V |tiU'i;ll-y';, i «! llii.s.b.rily san-ivr.l (i.OOf) volts ol ;:lru- > | trlcity. Tlu- voliaao knocked liinii : L3tAJr-.T> '--i it- f- : /', , f •( A ||,'. N !™5"^ f ;J ; i-F3if!i! I ™».s,-:v« |v ' ;jgik-,

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