The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1932
Page 3
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HAY, OCTOBER 7, 1932 BIATHEV1LLB, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SECTION-" Uiissiih'il Advertising -• Kates Mir.iinmsi Charge ...- 50c ~-u..i i Average Words to aI>Uio Mo:.;)) rate l>er line, per MX ilcscs, per line per day • Ooc iiuve limes per line per ^::v tune ptr line lo<.n. Ads run irregularly take ..e one time rate. FOH SALK PILLING STATION, dwelling house. 3 Horrvgo tanks, all combined. Gcori business. Will sell L'henp. Address "1IA", Courier. 70-K 11-'i rOK SALE—New Whippet 4-dooi Sedan, jam model, sec Jimmu. iluix.Tt:i. OEccoln, Ark. 31'-K1U AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE 1-ENClNO THE AttKMO LUMBER YARDS 23C-K OcL '£ Flashy Razorback Half 5-10-25C Slore. \vni!'.. 2W- '-<• Oct ad foil SAL-E — Plant. Strawberries und Hdsiptcrrlos in November for best resullb. We have the Plains. \Yr:f.' us. J. A. French, Route 5, Jo'.ic.Vu:.! o, Arkansas. 7P-K1I WASTED --To overhaul your cle „•„ sleeper. Wcrk 8uar.mieea. wm ' seU ' chca Iteuucr tfctine iers-ice. •.. omen > fectiw ' 1-urn. C... Fnonc ' Cl oU toting stove. Call 202-W 8x-kll . , . . i FOR SALE— Prettv Bungalow on EXPERT Typewnler and atidmg . Kentucky St. Cost owner S3250. macnmj repairing. U. S. Manx- ' c i ear o! ricl)l P| . lcc $1250 T]lom _ ciiahip, 110 E. Rc£e. Piions IGoW. ils Land Co 8c-klO Ic-klO-l i --------- ----- IFOR SALE — 3 acres aiul Bunga- PREVENT FIRES Have your lilies ; !l)W 0]l Highway 61. near cHy, uud !:'jp:iir«i. Work 31250. Half cash, KO. d. C.ill for Wilson, i'iione , T| lomas Lall(i Co . 4P-K11 balnnce lime. i)c-klO. ATTENTION — /Men's overcoa!S clcar.ed and hal^ blocked. Ladies iur Irimmed coals our specially. Call Unique Cleaners for prompt Service. PhLiic 171. Gp-K 11-li HOMECKAFT STOltK FIXTUKKS See oiir new ^tttucliiiieni, for inaking bin^ercrait. ru^s. We tcacli you. Singer t=e\viiia Machine Co. lOpkloi'j YOU CAN'T RELY on "For Hem bigr.s" but you can rely on Cuunur News Want-Ads to rent lr.;a i^use or room. HO'L'lil.S "The Goff, It's a good hotel Cafe in tonnecticu. 2K-k Oc: 2.J RESTAURANTS FOR SALE OR TRADE—Lupton show case, bins, shelving and lire rack. Phone 202-W. I9p-k 10-Hi FARM LANDS FOH SALE—53 acres ill cultivation. 3 houses, big torn, in (i miles of niylhcvlllc. 1 mile of good ichocl.' $25.00 per acre, terms. Phone 887 or 838. W. T. Unmet I. GC-K-TI' FARM FOR SALK: ICO acres near Biirdctle. Ark., between Blytheville Biifl IjU.-:ora, cine of best [arms in Mississippi courtly. Has I wo good hay barns, corn cribs. sUbles, five houses. 10 acre field alfalfa hay. If farm sold will have 1000 bushels corn and five head of mule; for sale. J. J. Richards, owner, al Mis. Will'Wood across from Lux- in Township i-'lflceli North, Rimsn Eleven East, containing 200 acres, more or less. This biilc will be ntnilc subject o such cencial uiul K|TfCl«i lasra s reimiln unpukl nl lite time tf he sale and subject to the lights ( th; receiver lo gnllirr and re- novc 10^2 cro]>s; nnd, fls s|iecllli> illy directed In snlil decree, Hie will also be nmdo siilijccl to he iiiuiialurcd iwrtlon o( the indebtedness thu- 'I'he TciinriuifC John sisrk Land nunk (U'scrllK'd n uud secured by deal o( trust nl record In Hook "A-l", pafc 5GO, of tlie records of Mississippi Couii- ArkuiiNas, at lllylliovllio, ciiiHlin; to Trn Tltousiiml, One Hiuitlfcd Nlnely-uso Dollars niul l'«cnly-llvo Cents IS10.1U2.25) mid j'; interest thereon from Fcbfli- .iry Sill, 1DS2. 'Ibis sale will \x: nmdo on n •reili! of three months. Any pur- .hii.'rr olhcr than The Tennessee luint Stock Lnml Hank will be -•cc|iii!T(l lo execute n ncli- \vlth :i'i.-,oml elidorsemenl lo be ap- .jnnnl by me, niul a llfn on the .iu]iL-rly sold will be U'luliuxl lo i-'Ciai' the payment of Mild note .1 full. Tins October Isl., 1032. R. U (.i AIRES, CDlUlllihslOLlCl . l-B-15 to-wtl: twrnly-clitlit, acres (2U) of the Soulliwcat Quuiler; und llu 1 Soulli twenty-two ncivs 122) of tho Norllnscul Qiuivtcr of Tweiily-ilirec; 123), hi lp I'irt0c;ii tlO) North, Ten (10) Hast, contnln- 1ns In nil 50 acres, more or less. TIlK pmchiisor nl s:ilrl safe will be required lu execulo n bond will) seeurliy to bo uppiTOCd by UK ing Miibier, iur Ihc purdicuio |n ice in .said ICMI esiiite, and n lien on said |iroi»rty will be re- lumed. Said sale will be nmclc fcr llio iiurixxsi! u[ tntlsfyiiiK Ihc Imleniont mciilloiicd in solil dc- ciec, mill Is mndo Biibject lo (he corfirmtvlion of Hie court. P. C. MULI.1NIX, StandlnK Mwlcr. R. 1). McCulloch, Marrlnnnn, Ark. solicitor lor Plnltilllf.s, 1-8-15-22 Caroltis i»sjesE«a a coin dsted 1734 lortay. Carolus found the'coin while,working checking cement for the stiite highway commission. The coin, located In a load o( gravel, was inscribed "Gcorgliw II Rex." I'lnfe Coin Diilcrt 1731 KNOXVIU-K. laws. (UP)-i; A.I Just 10-mWlUw old, OREGOM CITY, Ore. (UP)-Mrs. Felix Holeosklc walked into a barber shop here., laid down $1.50 and Rskad. (or Ihrec hairculs. The haircuts were given her three daughters, Beatrice June, Beverly Jean and Barbara Jane, triplet!—and all .by Ahem Coining up from El Dorado liigh back fans are predicting t!ial Clilnn Eclicol to Ice University of Arkan- | u111 b = nnolUsr Jack Dale and are "is last fall. JoHn Chinn, 170-pcimd ! " lrc:l(ly . forecasting all-Southwest ... ... , . , ... ; honors for the finally halfback. alfuack, developed into one of the | Cnran snlnM on MmK as well caviest scorers on the (reshmnn ! as oflcme, being a vicious blacker leven. Johnny's specially is on- j and tackier. "Football is my dish,' THE- 'DOCTOR. SAID Till.'- ' BUrAP I GAVE MY Hl^D CAUSED A SLIGHT CONGU&SION ~- AN'D WEARING? Tll\S ICE-TACIC WIU-CLtAR. IT BUT IT& NOTHING, COMPARED ToTtAE BL°W I MY HE AID <SOT IN A > SWI«> -' V—^ ora school. 7-p-k-ia Visit Geo. Wright's Wall Stree Lunch, located in Greyhound Bus btaticn. 9-15 ck 10-15 BEST EATS in town. Open day 1 pmST CLASS waterproof covers AUTOMOTIVE and night. Green Beetle Gate. Mrs. J. W. Wright. Prop. 23p-k Oct 2i GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. -p&opies'Ci.irage. Phono IJflfS. 21P-K Oct. 21 Floyd Hargelt's Garage Chrysler Sp^cialiEl Opposite City Hall. 8p-kll8 DRUGGISTS FOR DRUGS go to the St. Francis Drug Co. Now located on Ash Street near 5th. 23c-K Get 23 BEAUTY I'AKLORS EXPERT BEAUTY Service. Per- r.-.;.r.e;it5 $3.bO up. Powder pnfl Beautv Parlor. 21P-K Oct. 21 for trucks and wagons. Carney \u-nin2 company, Phone C-!3. 17p-kOct FOR SALE—Nev: and Used AutO Paris. Jackscr. Auto Parts Co. .1020 W Main, Phcne G6. • . .' • 3c-K Nov 3 FOR SALE—SAVE on Goodyea! Tires and Tubes, auto acccsso- .•ic.i. now and rebuilt balteries, ilo- :orine Oil, lie quart. Wolf Arian ICc'i-Oct. lij .-'OR SALE— Model "A" I!* Toi Ford Truck. Perfect condiliou /ery reasonable. John C. Mcllaney jr., ••The Monument Man". 23c-k-TI Sinclair Gas & Oil. Greasing, \vash ing, U. S. Tires. Day and Nigh Service. Phone 555. 23p-kOct. 2 YOU CAN'T RELY ou "For Ren; Si^ns" but you cr,n rely c;: Courier News Want-Ads lo renl ihrit house or rccm. COAL AM) WOOD Trnmlmm Co?.i & Transfer Co. UeaScr.i in Kenl:;cky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R. U. SI.. Phoub 961. 4C-K 11-', LET'S SWAP .VIIAT HAVE jo;i to s\vap! Ge KsulLs--It costs on!y a few cent .Vlt.Ii TRADE for set of children' b;oks or sell, cheap, a complct .tt ci Alexander Hamilton's bust ,0is bcx>ks. Adiiicss "K", Courk ,e\vs. 28x-K-T ackle plays but he is dan. .says the confident youngslcr, ready ny lime carrying the ball. Razor- j for his first helping'of varsity sport. IMS. .Must be new und dean, aul Bjrutii. Across trom iK^tOiiicu. V'ANTE!) TO BUY— Steel ra in s;ood tonaition. Must :neap. ^au 201). • iC-l be vVANTEO TO BUY — Light car irorn owner. Must be cheap lor iisn. Apply Hex Hotel. 7iMtll SALESMEN WANTED WANTED — Woman for general house tork. Mrs. A. W. Lnng- ncccls. Let us write yours. well.' 116 S. Franklin. 7C-K12 FOUND IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP' THE UNITED STATES OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OP ARKANSAS. JONE3BORO DIVISION. IN THE MATTER OP AARON ROSENTHAL. BANKRUPT NO 1674. Notice Is hereby givcrt that petition for discharge of ^i:e bankrupt lias be?n filed, and s,ini2 \vil be heard in the United States Court Room, at Little Rock. Arkansas, on | the 14th day of November, A. D. 1932 nt 10 o'clock A. M. SID B. REDDING, Clerk By Bess M allies, D. C. NTlli: DISTRICT COURT OP Till: UNITED STATES FOR TUB JONESnOUO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS In the Matter of Missouri Stftlc Life Insurance Co., and J. H. Singleton, Trustee, Plaintiffs, vs. Colnmon E. Austin, cl ill., Defendants. \ NOTICE OF S.U.K NOTICE is hereby given that (he undersigned, as Standing Muster n! lhe Uistrlcl Court of ihc United Slates for the Joncsboro Division of the Easlcm District if Arkansas, ncllng under und oy irlue of the authority of a decree rendered by said court on the 20lh day of September, 103^, In n cause ponding therein, wherein Missouri Stutc Life Insurance Company and J. 11. Singleton, Trustee are i:lalnltlTs, ami Solomon E Austin, Lizzie Austin, B. A. Lynch Trustee, H. A. Klcban and M Mat;: nre Hie ilcfcndnnls, will 01 the 5lli day of November, 1032, be TH 1 *^f T^EM i OVTVCtAOESt | TIL& WA.GONS 'S / "9M>, WELL, L WAS BE IN' ' TAKEN TO TH' <SOYJ OR. TPA"DPY HIT6 A "R-UT BoOrWP oSOES MV HEAD ON'jrV T200T=, I (30 HAN& ME TWEY "DIDN'T T3OOK DRUNK ON? TAKE N\V UNCLE BRICK FALL,lT ON hveen liours of Ten A. IIIHIKAY! Hv Martli And Three o'clock P. M., nt the South entrance of the Court House In the City of Blylhevllle, Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest bidder upon a credit of • three month.-,, ihc following described real estate located In the Chlcka- sawba District of Mississippi coun- A WAY to convert old furniture, clothes, and other unwanted items in your home into ready cash. Phone 306 and ask the Want- Ad. Taker she'll 'give you full details. STRAYED NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that under a decree of the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Ari Kansas, Chlekasa\vba District, ent- —— ; ; cred on the 2Glh day of April. STRAYED-Eay Mare, blazed face. IH2 ;., lhe cas= of Tne Tc!1 _ weight 1100 pounds. Noilly Mack | nMsec Jolnt slccfc Land Ban|t Bryeans or Bob Harris. Biythcviile. , ct al _ vs c , y(fc Ro binson. et al., 4p-k1 STRAYED—Dark brown horse mule and black mare muJc, 'weight about 900 pounds each. Sam (Jreen. No. 5088. os Commissioner pointed in said cause, I will on Saturday. October 2'l»d, 1032, sell '° lllc Ihc front Route 3, Box 62. 3P-K(i | HOOM & HOARD COAL at low cash ]v::cci. I'hor.e vs Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLL COAL CO., Walnlit & Railroad Sti. ETC. WANTED— Junk of all kinds, hides iron, cor>;>er, crass, aluminum and (JKEEX I.EAI- 1 CAI'T. £; FHUIT STAND Regular Meals a Specially. All you cr.n eat 2oc, with drin!-:. Complete line of Fruits ct Vej- elnbles. See me fcr wholesale prices on apples. iit'CK AIGIiAftG, J'ropricliir Wp Deliver :i!2 ii. ASain OPEN AT NIGHT £:p:ri Ford Uepalrs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 610-Ti" MRS. T. R. WATSON—S5.30 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone G02. Ip'ilO-. I'OUI.TKY 3AUY CHICKS, all varieties. Cus- oni halching soliciled. Maiilyi- Halchciy. nlyihcville. 4ckti • FOR "RioNT ?11HSISHED boas:', five rooms bath, garage, servant lioiise 13Ci Chickasciwba. Cull 83 or 280. ICoklC lOc-kiO-1! fOU CANT RELY on 'Tor Renl Ki':iib" bul you cn:i rely on :r,;incr News Want-Ads to rent hat hcn^c or room. LIVK HTUCIv W E R T HIC itTAKKS '1X1 SUE Oflicc Over Joe Isaac's Store SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Ua Firsl R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. 5J»lB SPACE FOU LEASE YOU CAN lease, a space like this every day in the month at low cost. Phone 305. PEOPLE ivlio road Ihcse columns mean business. They arc not .'cading it just to pass the lime iv/ay. They are definitely look- .ng for oUcrs which meet their door of lhe Court House In the | City 'of BlylhcviHc. Mississippi County, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed fay law for judicial sales, the following dcscniicu real estate situated in Ihc Counly of Mississippi ar.d Stale of Arkansas, loft-it: West Half of Noiliieas: Quarter and East Hail rt East Half of Northeast Qnar'.cr,of Section 10; West Half of Northeast. Quarter of Section Eleven; all LOW AW\Y \!\ VOt MfSK 1 VT ^U« \K> ^\VAt J WASH TUBES EASY IS ANfiHY! •AHMERS havin; lives-ock lo sal! or if they desire to buy they till find it cunvi-nient and econ- inical la i::-.c Courier News Waiu- SITUATIONS WANTED VOUKG LADY COLLEGE GHAU- UATt; d"irss posilion. Esp:-ri- oncoil in office work, as :xsi:icT. restaurant hostess and in .-ariiig Jor children. Willing to work cheap or for ram anS board and .••mall salary. Address "3" Cour^r Sews. 6-x-tf :Q THOSE seeking jobs !he Courier Nc«s Want-Ads offer i result producing service at low •osl. Phone SM. Becos, SENCIR.IOU ;iw PEESOBE.V ORDERS ' _ Ltf VOUR. POST EtH TIME OF PNKdER. /" BUT, " "ft DESERTER, Jl S " MIP h TRAtTOR. J ;^ ^ \ SENERM,, WANTED Hatchin" EGGS. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcvllle. 4:-kll And See Rcltcr EVES TESTED FKKE Aiitl rihssc.i rillrtl WE PAY CASH for old cook slovcl and used fnrnlture. Don't throw thetn nwav. Portscn Furniture Co., IOl E. ^t.^in. Phone 155. 4C-K 11-4 ENOUGH! " WE.EL et-. HtM E^^ RUNS f\MUCK. BEFORE BEING SHOT, \I6 15 DETeRMINEP TO Ta6 SCORES VJITVV THE lOUT «1HO RhMtD HIW. " 1932 nr KEA STRVICC. PK ^^0. U. 1 ^ PtN^D THW SftTlSFftCTtoN. -\ To TW6 dftOUMD. FRECKI.KS C S RILEY AND FRECKLES APPROACH TVIE LIMP FIGURE LYING IU THE BUSHES^ IT SUDDENLY SPRINGS TO LIFE AND HIS FRIENDS THINK FAST, RIUCY! i WANTED TO BUY-Go-M fralh-1 fc OH,V-S YOU DO '.'. DOMT TUyTHAT SAME OM A\E....I kWCW yoj ; SOT THCM AMD I > ,\WArJT THEM-- L. HURRY UP ; V<3!J THIMX I HAD DIAWOKIDS WITH \MMY, THATS A ^ LAUGH .'.' /O By Blosstii Riuey STARTS TD UtJBUTToM HIS COAT, WHILE TBVING TbTHILK OF SOWS VJAY. TO OUTWIT •rue' BANDIT....* m« u.& purorr. 31; Bf nrA ainsTCl-JML

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