The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1954
Page 2
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f AC! TWO BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER HEWf FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1954 GOP Campaigners Fan Out Over Nation Extolling Virtues By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS top echelon Republicans penetrated the Midwest, upper South and East yesterday proclaiming Eisenhower administration accomplishments and pleading for a GOP-controlled 54th Congress to carry forward the President's program. Back in Washington, Sen. Joseph B. McCarthy (R-Wis) confirmed earlier reports that he would not conduct an active speech-making campaign for the Republican cause this fall. McCarthy said in a statement yesterday .he feels he can be of more value to the Republicans by investigating graft, corruption and communism. He said that would help fulfill "the Republican promise to 'clean up the mess in Washington/" Will Fill Commitments The Wisconsin Republican said h* plans to fulfill commitments al- Nebraska and Illinois. But that, McCarthy said, will be all, except possibly for some radio and TV appearances. The speeches on his schedule: Omaha, Sept. 25; Wheat- pn, EL, Sept. 26; Bloomington, m., Oct. i. Vice President Richard M. Nixon was in Wichita, Kan., last night. " He said in a speech that voters face the alternative of continuing what he said is the Eisenhower administration's program of "integrity, firmness and moderation" or of "restoring a program of discredited Trumanism." Nixon..said -Republican thrift made possible an over-all 7y 2 billion dollars" in tax relief for "our long-suffering citizens" this year. He blamed "Truman-style" Democrats for 14 of 15 tax increases since 1915, for decreasing personal exemptions and for boosting income taxes 700 per cent since 1933. The Republican National Committee also "used the term "Tru- manism" in a .pep-talk for campaign-workers, published in its journal "Straight from the Shoulder." The committee said the net loss of "just one Senate seat" would mean: ; "The Democrats would be running the show. The opposition would decide whether or not the President's program or the Republican legislative program, ever will be completed. It would determine whether we can do the things that we ought to do in the interests of our country, or whether the nation will swing back — leftward — to Trumanism." Morse to Go Democratic . The Senate makeup in the 83rd Congress most recently was 48 Republicans, 47 Democrats and independent Sen. Morse of Oregon. The GOP publication noted that Morse has announced he will vote with the Democrats on organizing the Senate in the 84th Congress. Postmaster General Arthur E, Summerfield, speaking to the Women's National Republican Club in New York yesterday, said the Republicans will win in November because "no political party ever had more good things to talk about." ; 'Let's talk^about getting the war stopped in Korea," .Summerfield said. "That's what our people wanted and that's what they got." House Speaker Joseph W. Martin Jr. of Massachusetts touched on the "prosperity" theme in speeches at Louisville, Ky., and Columbus, Ind. At Louisville, Martin said "Republicans have striven for prosperity based on peace instead of war." He praised the Eisenhower administration for making 1953 "the most prosperous year in the history of the United States" and he said the figures show this will be the second most prosperous year. At Columbus, Martin said the OOP-controlled 83rd Congress "prevented us from slipping back into a recession." Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson said the new farm law checked "the rapid drift toward a regimented agriculture." That law replaced high, rigid price supports on basic farm crops with a new system of sliding scale price props ranging between 82 J /£ and 90 per cent of parity, a price standard declared by law to be- fair to farmerf in relation to their costs. The Eisenhower administration had urged the changeover. Hollywood's Ego Dashed; Italian Pulchritude Likes It at Home By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (jp) — This ma ome as a blow to Holls^ood's ego but Italy's sexy stars are not clam dring to come here. I gleaned this information from one of the Italian beauties—Mill} Vitale—who has been lured to thes shores. But it's only a temporary stay. She'll probably head righ back to her homeland. Milly, a wasp-waisted, curvaciou. ovely of 21 years, is playing the mother of seven children opposite iob Hope in "Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys." She was hen once before—to play with Kirk Douglas in "The Juggler." I asked her if she would stay on after the Hope picture. "Perhaps," she replied, "if some other pictures come up. Otherwise I will go back to Rome." •What's this? Isn't Hollywood the land of opportunity for actresses the world over? She indicated otherwise. Tax Small "I can make, more money in Italy," she said. "The taxes here take half my salary. I don't know what amount I pay in Italy, because my father handles the business matters. But the tax is very little." She discussed a report that Italian actresses Rossana Podesta and Eleanora Rossi-Drago were being considered for a movie here with Rosalind Russell. "I doubt if they will come," Milly remarked. "In Italy, they are stars. Why should they come here to play in a picture where Rosalind Russell is the star? "Take Gina Lollobrigida, for example. There is no reason why she should come to Hollywood. In Italy, she is the tops. Here, she would be just another star." Why did she come here for the Hope picture? "Because they sent me the script and I liked it," she replied. "And Bob Hope is such a world-wide favorite that it is bound to do me good." Although she is not overwhelmed by Hollywood, Milly admitted that she. admires American men. "They are very beautiful," she commented. "Of course, we have handome men in Italy, too. But there seems to be. so many more of them here." BOOKED FOR FAIR HERE— The Eries will present their balancing act as part of the grand- Stand show during the Northeast Arkansas District .Fair which will get under way at Walker Ptrk here tomorrow and continue through Sunday. Above: while doing a one-hand stand on a baton atop a balanced globe, the male member of the duo also twirls hoops on both, legs and arms. Margaret Offers Services INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (JP)~ Miss Margaret Truman says she will be glad to make any speeches the Democratic party feels she should make. Democratic National Chairman Stephen Mitchell had said he hoped the daughter of former President Truman would be able to make some appearances for the party in the coming campaign. Moscow Now Ready For Trade LEIPZIG, East Germany UK — The Leipzig Trade Fair, which closed this week, made it evident that the East has something to export this year for the first time since the war. Moscow wants trade and is pushing for it. The fair managers boasted that you could buy anything you saw. That included giant drill presses, lathes, optical instruments, precision tools, Russian and Czech automobiles, weaving machines, silks, wines, porcelain and pottery, engravings, lace and needlework, pil- sen beer and Russian brandy, vodka and champagne. The Soviet pavilion was jammed with machinery, operating for the public. A giant statue of Stalin which once dominated an entry to the pavilion had given way to a twin statue that -appeared to depict Lenin as the teacher and-Stalin as the pupil; Stalin was haL" an inch shorter than Lenin. The Red China pavilion was the second largest. It offered silk, brocades, fine rugs and tapestries — and drill presses, lathes and motorcycles. A bronze^ bust of Mao Tze-tung was in the center of the hall. The East German government announced that business contracts for the equivalent of nearly 400 million dollars were signed during the 11-day fair. LITrit uz— It's Q mysttry why fate gets blamed for all accidents except a hole-in-one. «HU» Union Officials The head of a Korean village is elected by secret ballot, with one member of each household casting one vote. Weight of the hammer used in •hannier throw contests is not more than 16 pounds. KING SIZE KIRBY'S DRUG STORE Main and Broadway YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Former Prison Guard Returns — As Prisoner WINAMAC, Ind. (#) — A former guard at the Michigan City State Prison must serve a 60-day sentence with the convicts he guarded recently. John Messick of Winamac, was convicted of duping employes at the Jasper-Pulaski state game preserve into giving him "untold dozens" of pheasants bred at the preserve. An official said Messick dressed the birds and .sold them. -He quit as prison guard last Sunday. NEW YORK (£) — A directive by CIO President Walter P. Reuther has resulted in the suspension of six union officials following testimony in a state probe of union welfare 'funds. Reuther yesterday ordered "prompt remedial action" against a half dozen top officers of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, (RWD), adding that the CIO "cannot and will not tolerate crooks or Communists in the labor movement." Carrying out his chief's order, Max Greenberg, international president of the RWD, appointed administrators to audit the books of the five locals involved. The six men had admitted to state investigators they used welfare funds to provide themselves with high salaries and expense accounts, lavish vacations, automobiles and other special benefits. Colorado selected the white and lavender columbine as its official state flower in 1899. Weed Blaze Delays Funeral Procession PETERSBURG, Ind. (J*—A flash grass fire started by a mourner'i discarded cigarette forced a funeral procession to flee Walnut Hilli cemetery and take refuge in an alfalfa field. The cigarette touched off inflammable weed killer which had been sprayed on a patch of cactus. The burial took place belatedly after Petersburg firemen srnatb- ered the blaze. Latest addition to the food patients can be given through their veins when too sick to eat is coconut water. It furnishes fluid plus potassium, chloride, phosphorous and iron. For suffering of Read Courier News Classified Ads MOX -Theatre- Cn West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat., Sun.. 1:00 On Qur Wide-Vision Metallic Screen LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature > MGM's stirring adventure J WESTWARD I THE WOMEN J ROBERT TAYLOR" DEWSE DARCEC. OPENS 6:30 IACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK 2 SHOWS EVERY NITE! RAIN OR SHINE! l«KMWAHHH*»»aiVHMMfli««M<B«»MI*MM***B«BKBBHdllAttttl LAST TIMES TONIGHT JOHN PAYNE MARI BLANCHARD DAN DURYEA A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS Relax in Air Conditioned Comfort THEY'RE NOT BROKE—Dressed in the latest clothes for nudists, a well-shaped member of the Sanantans Nudist Club of San Antonio, Tex., walks down the steps followed by the president of the club who looks like he's just left a poker game. They are both en route to the National Nudist Convention at Battle Creek. Mich., •tarting Aug. 3. She is identified only as "Opal," be as' "Herb." DO YQU KNQW —What is the first name of Mr. Applebaum, ownei of APPLEBAUM LIQUOR STORE located at 110 S. 5th Street? The more folks witih whom you "get acquainted"—the more enjoyment of life will be yours. In business and in social contacts "knowing the persons BY THEIR NAMES" is most important. "LET'S GET ACQUAINTED" . . . will feature PEOPLE, those friends of yours at our places of business who serve your daily needs ! ! ! Headquarters For All Your PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS • Camtrat • Projectors • flash Attachment! • Film Authorized Distributor For Eastman, Revere. Bell A Howell, Poloroid, Rollicord and Grafiex COLOR PRINTS — FILM for All Camtrat filth Bulb* At Low At lie Each Wt tlbw le for your old Bulbt Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times FRL, & SAT. Double Feature II Starring Ken Carolina CURTIS & COTTON FRIDAY and SATURDAY Double Feature —AND— Johnny WEISMULLER as Jungle Jim in 'Killer Ape' L Night 10:30 •Son. •Mon. •Tues. Sept. 18-19-20-21 ANDREW STONE Bedside anner JOHN CARROLL • RUTH HUSSEY Serial "Gunfighters" No. 10 Cartoon "Haircutups" Sun., & Mon. HUM! HCltl pr*t«nn MIERT MITCMUM-JEAN SIMMONS ARTHUR HU»>HCUTT _^ couldn't WHO! mtum • WIUMf FIN • MTIM —AND— WAiTM WANOIft Picture, lit«. ».,.«. IOIEIT CUMMHffiS .* JANEWYMAN ROCK HUDSON BARBARA RUSH In LLOYD C. DOUGLAS' fl|H^ TECHNICOLOR AGNES MOOREHEAD • OTTO KRUGE* • ftftEOO PALMtK —AND— commiffloo CODV SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program "Gildersleeve's Ghost' 1 ^ Starring * Harold Peary & Marion Martin nOOUCIlOM SXTMMKML INVERSE SUNDAY and MONDAY SKIRTS AHOY.' ESTHER JOAN EVANS VIVIAN BLAINE with JACK MAHONEY • Written by Howart J. Gr«n Productd by Coital Clark • Directed by Fred F. Sem A UPPERT PICTURES PRESENTATION ALSO CARTOON orrtmri ,,TOMCONWAY At.**. ptOOUCTKM • A iwetrt rittof ALSO CARTOON & SERIAL SUN., & MON. Double Feature f( GARY M BARBAPA COOPER STANWYCK filmti in Miiiti *»* »ft««i>Hi *r WAYNES IHOt. &MAN-A§ONYQUINN • UWTfO STATES F1CTU«S» WflRNFRPHONIC SOUND —AND— ALSO CARTOON SULLIVAN KEEFE BRASSELLE HfBILLY ECKSTINEz THE HE MARCO SISTERS - DEAN MILLER- BOIE LENNART- mtm - ™i* ^.JDNEYWIELD , 0 _,JOEPASTERNAK a™™.. 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