The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1948
Page 12
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BLYTliEVILLE' (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH'«, 1948 itom Scientists Disagree on UMT Support** Say* Army KUmM to Friends WASHtNCJTOW, Mar. 2S. (UP)l>o tuned atomic scientists dls- •frwd ye«t*rd»y on the need for tnivers*] military training. • Dr. Arthur H. Compton, Nobel •riM-wluntnj iciehtist, approved It. H> ««!d the next war cannot be ron with' the atomic , bomb iv'one uni«M u»ed "ruthlessly" against [riend u well is fot. But scientist Albert Einstein sale p a statement to the Senate Armec Berrioec Committee that he was »ppoeed to UMT. He did not think K was justified. Mrs. Beanor ' Roosevelt, wife o th* l»t« President, lined tip with pr. oompton, She said she though UMT wa* a "gesture" which woul< be understood by RuisU She said the wa« "not oppoised" to It at this Urn*. National defense, Compton said tails for armed men as well powerful weapons. He said it 1 "easy to be misled' 'Into tliinkln that atomic bombs can do the who] military job. But their useful ncs Is confined to the destruction o a limited number of strategic Ur gets, he said- He said that In a war we coul disrupt the enemy's Industrial cen ten by using tht atomic bomb. But he said the enemy's armies at the same time could have occupied cities of our allies "which we would rather leave In the enemy's hands than destroy." 'Thus," he said, "atomic bombs pannot be'themselves win wars unless we were prepared to use them ruthlessly against friend as well a* foe.' . ••: Einstein said he believed compulsory training would be justified "•only if there existed for the for- •eeable future" a threat of hostile' Invasion of 'U. 8. territory. "I am convinced that no such -threat* ekist,"'he said. He said UMT would be harmful fc> the nation and the world because it would accelerate the armament race, add to "the nervous tension" between the U. a. and Russia and increase the danger of war. Mrs. Roosevelt recalled that she previously has opposed UMT. "At th"« present time. Iwwever," r ood Price Probe Gets Under Way n Chattanooga CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March t. (UP)—A federal grand Jury to- ay ^»'as Investigating food prices, specially milk prices, In this area fter Judge Leslie R. D«rr told It o "disregard personal relation- hips" in determining If anti-trust aws have been violated by milk Istributors. The jury met in special session fter U. S. Ally. Oefi. Tom Clark lad asked that the Investigation be nade. Pour special prosecutors were ent by Clark from Washington to assist III the Investigation. "This Investigation," JuclRtf Darr said. "Is mainly concerned with nilk\ There may be other foods involved. I don't know." Arkansas Utility To Get Electricity : rom Norfork WASHINGTON, Mar. 25. (UP)— Tlie Federal power Commission ha* utliorlKod the Southwestern Pow- Admlnisiration to deliver "dump" ..ergy from the'Norfork Dam pro- ect to the Arkansas Power and LI BlH Co. Arkansas will purchase the pliers' at Hie rat« of ni\e mill per kilowatt Jiour. Soutliwe.slern Power' Admlnlstra- ioii told tl\e commission that Hie water level at the Norfolk Dam ui the North Fork of tho White River in Northern Arkansas Is near he lop o( the reservoir. The Admtn- stratlon .said the water would )>e wasted unless It is used to generate nergy. It said the nower could be «old only to 111* Arkansas company. Liver and Heart Offer Vital nourishment Hy <iaynor Maddux . NEA Staff Wrltrr Your larflily netds liver occasionally. IJvfr with T<mi»l« ftauc* (S«ve* 4-S) One poniul sliced liver, s,ea.soned flour, 2 to 4 tablespoons drippings, 3 tablespoons chopped green pep- jwr ((optional), 1 onion, sliced, 1 lablospoon Hour or coritftarch, 1-2 teaspoon suit, 3-4 cup cooked, tomatoes, sieved or 3-4 cup tomato juice. H*mov<! skin and veins from liver. Dip in -seasoned flour. Bio_wn lightly with the onions in the drippings. Blend salt with 1 tablespoon flour oi\ cornstarch and a little of the tomato. Add to the rest or the tomato and pour over the liver. Cover the pan and oook slowly about IS ininule.s, stirring the *auce oe- Planned Meals Less Expensive Kitchen Economies Can Be Invoked to . Offset Food Prices There are methods of saving pen nics and food in planning you .day-to-day meals that will mak the high food prices of today seen less appalling. How to effect these daily eco noniles and, at the same time, 1m prove the quality of your meals described in an article in the Apr Issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. "Have a pretty good idea of what you're going to serve for lunch and dinner before you go to market," the article slates In part. "Then you won't have to plan these menus entirely after you get to the grocers', and perhaps spend more money than you had planned. •'"Never let leftovers accumulate and suoll. Make it a daily must to check the refrigerator for leftovers you can w^irk into the lunch or dinner menu. "Extend your meat vocabulary by trying out at least one new less- expensive meat dish each w=ek.Try. for e.xajnplc, short ribs, oxtails, neck slices, beef heart*. Many shoppers know, of only a few meat cuts— the choice ones. Less-ex|X?nslve cuts, If well cooked, can challenge a she wld, "I would not oppose mil- S [ cll)c anv rtn j.." rerwl military training because 11 Concerning economies on meats think It to a gesture which would be understood by the USSR as having the purpose of keeping u-, strong until a force that could control any aggressor has come into being hi the United Nations and a> na- cnslonajly. . '' . Veal or beef hear U a lower cost meat that can be cooked delicious• Bralaed Heart (Serve* 4) Two veal lieartsvor 1 pound of beef heart, 2 tablespoon* flour, salt., pepper, I tablespoons fat, 1 cup wn- ler. Wasl) hearts and trim out large veins and arteries. Dredge with flour containing salt and jx-pper. Brown In hot fat. Add water, cover closely and bake In a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) until lender, about I hours, A beef htart may require about 4 hours. If desired, use additional flour to make gravy from broth. Three Flee from Jail LEWISBURG, Tenn., Mar. 18- (UP)—Three men scheduled to »» tried toda^ on'charge* of ehecle forgery were at large after sawing arid knocking their way out of th« Marshall Codniy Jail ner« Tuesday night. tions can disarm •qually," she said. gradually and ATLANTA, G». (TIP)—The Geov- git Power Co. jays that the last of Atlanta's street cars will disappear from service in 1848. The company plant to spend 18,000,000 to replace the pld trolleys by a fleet of track- IflAK trolleys and gasoline-driver fence* probably the largest item ^i the food budget, the article states; Make wise use of meat and poultry leftovers. If large enough to slice, serve cold, heated in gravy or a sauce, as hot sandwiches. If not sliccable, cut up and use in meal or chicken pie, curlres, tossed licarty salad, quick stews, hash, spaghetti dishes, In gravy, on toast II la'g ends, grind and use In omelets, stuffed peppers or tomatoes, croquettes. Simmer bones and small meat pieces with green and yellow vegetables and potatoes, noodles, Iwans or rice, to mak« a hearty soup." On* Utensil for You in Every Package of Mother's Oats (with aluminum ware) I-P|. Scoop-Funnel-Strsincr Comhinmion . . . MtaiuriniE Cur...T«l'lc-Si7cS»li. I'eppcr Set... . Cookie Cultfr ... Onhrnkihlt ' Kirn Mold ... Indi'iiliul Turhi ". .Funnel . .. Hilchcr, Slutt Scoop ... ^tl»f^ ind Meiunc. All riist.proof/seaniless, easy to clean! What a treat to be able to gel these beauties with th* cereal the whole nation loves—for its famous flavor, for ils outstanding growth and vitality 'benefits! Ask your grocer for Mother's Oats with aluminum today; Mother's Oats (WITH ALUMINUM OF LIVING! COT THI BETTER.VALUES TO YOU CAN BET YOUR IA9TER. &ONNET ON ffllS .,, . KRO&ER CANDlfD, CERTIFIED 0.4. GRADf ' SEALED AMP DATED THE SAME It's Kroger for Better Value on Smoked Jelly Bird Eggs EASTER CANDY 29' Assorled—12-Oz. Pkj(. CHOCOLATE 35 Cream MARSHMAUXMVS Covered 10-ct. Armour Star or Swift's Premium TURKEYS Kroger BREAD SERVE YOURSELF THESE MEATS AND SAVE! Special for Easter! Dressed Hens ib 55c Our Own Homemadt Pimento Cheese - - Ib. 70c Farthtr for Your Money Canadian Bacon - - ib. 87c Pur* Old Country Sryl« Pork Sausage ib49c Smoked Full Flavored Bacon Bellies ib.49c Old Tim* Paraffin Covered Bologna »: M5c ill It In Their Baskets CRACKERJACK ^ 5 'alton's In (he Handy Carfori " BUTTERMILK ([l ,,t 15 C iclicious All Time Favorite BALLARD BISCUITS 25 I'oka Maple Flavored 20 O/.. Jar WAFFLESYRUP 25 C Duff's i i ()/.. Pkjj. WAFFLEMIX 29 No. 1 Galvanized WASHTUBS 99 C Heavy Duty SCRUB BRUSH 21' Welch's 1'urcsl GftPE JUICE , ». ,„ 49' Siinflower Hrand VIENNA SAUSAGE t ror 25 C Fancy Shrcdderl -1 O/.. I'kp. COCONUT 23 Wiison's C'eriificd BEEF TRIPE 1 «/i Ib can CITY SUPER MARKET ib.55c 59(f 59 DUCKS /fa. Full Drawn. I,b. 59 FRYERSf;;^ d nl69 c LEG0'LAMBi a S59 (Our Markets carry a complete variet of Sea Foods) Rest'Value In Better A Ige lyi Buy Today I* Ivs •• ' CRACKERS ;,:;: Kroger Soda or Graham 23 ORANGES 8 Juicy Florida Valencia*. Ib. Mesh Bag 39c STRAWBERRIES,, 35 GRAPEFRUIT New Crop Louisiana Berries Texas Seedless TOMATOES Tub . 25 e LETTUCE Ib 8 Ih Bag 29^ 10 Top Qualify Fresh Crop FRUIT BASKETS Easier gift value! A handsome, flaxer! hasket heaped high with the season's choicest fancy fruits. Windsor Club Cheese Spread 2 MARGARINE ^ 65 <J Eatmore. Fresh and I'ure /j DIME BRAND 23 Condensed Milk Large Bosket Fruit Cocktail COFFEE KROGER Five diced fruits in heavy syrup. TOMATOES 2 Standard Good. Quality. Red F PORK AND BEANS 2 S4.50 39c No, 1 Cam No. 2 Cans No. 300 Cans 27 C 27< Hot-Doted Save— 3-Jb. bag $1.15 Hurry! I.nsl chitncc! Gel (jlam- orotis Princess I'atlcrn Teaspoons, ,'! for only ">0c. Details at I Kroger. Kroger, Tender Mealy Beans TUNA N s^ 40 C SPAGHETTI ^ 27 Kroger Dinner Qll ar t IT OATS 2 X 15 C Kroger, Quick or Regular 33' MEAL S h F Standard. I,ight Meat PICKLES ])ill or Sour BEANS ;':: Great Northern or Tinlos White Cream Corn HUMKO d: r SODA 6 Or .lewel Shortening \ Arm and Hammer PEACHES 2 No. 2Vi Cans 39c Borden's Silver Cow Milk 3 Tall or 6 Sm. Cans A Pure Lord Firm White Avonrjale. Sliced or Halves. ' MAC A RON! OR SPAGHETTI Ronco Brand , Id CIGARETTES Popular Brands 2 16-07, GRAPE JAM ^-~ ^Colonial House—I'ure I'kgs Ctn. •I9» 109 W*tt Main Wt D.liver Phone 2668 Bollard's Oven-Ready Biscuits SUGAR S 89 C KLEENEX 2^33 I'ure Cane Granulated Facial Tissues MATCHES 6, ,29 LIGHT BULBS ,, 12 Searchlight Hrand Westinghoiise — 60 Wall 50LBSTANDLARD 11 In Our Market 99 Pkg. Avondalt Flour Made From Choice Wheat 25-lh 1 ( Ilag ••» Embassy Salad Dressing Kroger Value Priced M c .... Angel Food Coke Kroger 13-Kgg Recipe Karh . 35 C ite Ls .,t

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