The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1938 In Arctic Circle _,. : _ . Mrs. Champagne's frame home Is typical «f Uiosc In tlic Hurl coiinlry. As the (jround never Ihnws. wooden ci'llnr.s, built in Hi iroim earlli, provide nil easy solution lo rc-frljtrator problems. They Have "Styles" and ' Gardens Under 1 he Mid- nighl Sun 'BY BETTY JANE FERGUSON NEA Service Staff Correspondent , NEW YORK —How would you • like to keep house for your !>«s band In the Arctic Circle, COO miles from the nearest rnllroad — and farther north than Ihree-fouttti.s jdf Alaska? j You'd like to by it? Well, ex 'cept, for seven other white families, you would be surrounded by Indians and Eskimos, and you would be Isolated from the rest of iithe world for six weeks In spring and six weeks In fall, tmd without electricity or plumbing. ' However, it Isn't as bad as It sounds. Airplanes land dally In ; normal weather at Fort Smith, ! Northwest Territories, Canada, which Is the place tills sloi-y is tjbout,»Th^re.r are six or seven aj day: ln'<''suSnriier, and n weekly nlr j mail service. The Indians are ultra-modern when you hear first hand a story of the northland. ', -"Middletown" Normalcy •| -Mrs.'. .N.' Wilfrid Champagne, whose husband Is In the Canadian Government service, traveled the 3500 miles to New York from Fort Smith for the first time in three and one-half years, nnd Li authority for this news of the north. The only \vny to get out of Fort] Smith is to fly to Edmonton, Alberta, and continue by plane. While Hying to Edmonton, Mrs. Champagne's plane had lo fly nt an altitude of 12,000 feet lo keep well above &• forest fire that stretched over nil area of 40 square miles. The wives of the seven white families of Fort Smith live the life of nny small country (own. They have Uielr homes and their truck gardens, their bridge parties, teas, tennis, golf, knitting parties and dog-sled riding. They <|o all' their own housework, find- It easier to do lhat than to train the ten Is brewed. Every partlcl- natives. pant dips his ladle In the jjot, nnd The modern Indians mnke Hie drinks his (111. They dance to the problem of finding "exclusive" tune of the tom-toms and every clothes more difficult than usual, step Is Identical with those In- The mail-order catalogue is the corporntcd in the Big Apple. So normal source of dress ideas in you see. though we're In the bock- Isolated regions, but the native i woods, civilian's dancing Isn' : women like the white women's strange to us at all," Mrs. Chanv choice of clothes so well that as pnguc explained, soon us one orders a frock, all the I to disperse, nnd Join their tribes the big tea dance Is held. An enormous pot, Is put on the lire and man, home demonstration sgenl, | •IIKI D. V. Ma loch, nsslstimt conn-1 •y agent. ' ] Presents Broadcast The Forty & Eight 4-H Cliib presented an original skit over ra- :lto station KLCN Friday morning at 11:05, which Is the regular time for these weekly broadcasts !>y the 1 4-II Clubs of the county. This skit was written by James VIcGliee, sponsor, and the cast was composed of the officers of the chib. These are: Nlles Welch, Aubrey Ix;c Woodhousc, Dorothy Jean Alley, Opal Henson, Jack Adkisson, and Martha Barnes. Featured In the broadcast was a tap dance by Dorothy Jean Alley. Next Friday, the Half Moon 4-H Club will broadcast. ware Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. B. M. Turner. In the business session, a round table discussion of plans for another year's work was held nnd committee chairmen appointed. Mrs. Heece Moore will be chairman of the government taxation committee; Mrs. Charlie Langston, co-chairman of llic home management committee, and Mrs, Albert Ilolllngsworth, co-chairman of the poultry committee. A report'on the last county council meeting was given by Mrs. T. F. Jackson following which the chairmen of the various committees reported on their particular work. It was decided the club would meet every two weeks rather than once a month as II has been doing. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. T. P. Jackson, February 23. Jail Coal Delivered; Dealer Held Prisoner TUKI.OCK, Gill. I UP) — E. 0. Ulcrdorfl'cr, fuel dealer, has a peeve against local . police. In de- llverjng a load of coal to the rear of the |X>llce headquarters, he was admitted to the enclosure reserved for the prisoners: When he had finished his job, a new policeman ivns on duty and convinced that uteixlorffor was one of the prisoners, refused to let him cut. It luok just an hour to gain his liberty. wh(cli is.'almost_a record for a lion in captivity, lj v obljy, the' matrlai^v of the Zoological Gardens her'y? has died. She was the mother of oil the lions in the zoo. Read Courier News Want Adi. 'Oldest Captive Lion TRIVANDUUM, India, iUl v » After living for nearly 80 years HavB some 2x4, 2xC and 2x8 twelve - t -, ami fourteen feet long cypress lor (• .ralr at S'i2.50 )>«r thousand deliv- irdl in HlylheviHc. \ (;. a. CAuniu, Phone iyi Demonstration Club News Notes wns led by Wanceda McCleary, .song captain, after which talks were rnncta by the sponsors, Mrs. Dickinson and Mi: Smith. In the business session plans were made for entering the 4-11 Club basketball tournament nt Manila'. The following club captains made reliorls: It. T. True, cotton; J. D. t'orsythe, pig; Cecil Clmpin, calf; Wilmuth Ray Foster, gardening :md canning; Rulhle Jeffrie, ixml- try; and Mary Tinkle, room Improvement. The girls were given a demonstration In soybean cookery by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, and D. V. j Ma loch, assistant county agent, ave a demonstration on swine. wuriii-ivcalhtr Indians immediately duplicate 1L I NEXT: Mrs. Champagne tell "You'd be surprised at the young' Hoil 1 while'.'.families at Ft. Sniitl Indian girls." Mrs. Champagne, mixingi),. the "comforts of home said smilingly. "Why, they L'iicl;""l Miffi-r' from oni' of i»»r Hors their hair, wear make-up, smoke cignrettes, and go in for brilliant nail polishes. But the older women still paint their faces, wear their hair in long braids hanging iu front, and smoke huge pipes." Indians Do "Big; Apple" There is no electricity except in the hospital. Gas and oil lamps are used for light, and the heating is done by wood furnaces and a huge cook, stove in the kitchen. "We always have to get up Loue Oak . Tlit? Lone Oak 4-H Club met 'inirsday. Feb. 10. with the prcs- clenl, Orin Alexander, presiding, 'hero were 31 members and 2 carters present. The group sang Home on the Range" led by 3hrisllne Brittaln, song captain, ifter which a tnlk was made by Miss Irene Brltlnin, local leader, n the business session the follow- ng club captains made reports: i'aul Lipford, pig; Orln Alexander, calf; Eldora Brindup, clothing; Christine Brltlnin. poultry; Betty Jo Baldrldgc, room improvement. Miss Brittaln suggested that an out of .school sponsor be elected nnd Mr.s. Vera Davis was elected, and n committee ecomposcd of Muriel Davis, Geraidinc Ellis, and Maxlne Storey wns appointed to ask her to serve. Four new members were enrolled: Cliff Overman Bcinice Overman, Madgelcn Mc- Brltlo. «nd Clarence Paul Powell The demonstrations for the montl were given by MLss Cora Lee Cole- Twenty members of the Dogwood Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mr.s. Freemont Scrape Wednesday with tliree new members, Mrs, Ruth Davis, Mrs. L. J. Vnrmer and Mr.s. M. I,. Varmpr, also present. Mrs. J. A. Payne, president, called Jlie meeting to order by the singing of the club .song and the reading of the collect. During the business session. Mrs. Walter Lutes was chosen reporter and Mrs. D. Uarrctt, poultry chairman. The chairmen of the various committees tuiked to the group on their special subjects. Two readers appeared on the program. Mrs. Victor Craig- read 'I Live With Myself" and Mrs. Walter Wood read a selection on the country woman. During the social hour many jlanls and' shrubs were exchanged jy the members and games were played, following which Mrs. Scrape and Mrs. Payne served re : ireshmcnts. This group will meet the night of February 22 for an outlook meet- Ing and a candy pulling at the home of Mrs. W. S. Langdon, and the next regular gathering of the group will be February 23 at the home of Mrs. R. E. Stringer. Dinner was served to 13 members of the Number NJfie.Honie Demonstration club anil one visitor by a Mr. Chamberlain, representative of a cooking company who used tills method of demonstrating his cook- 4-H Club News Notes ENJOY EVERY MILE The Pawhccn Pnwheen 4-H Club met around three or four o'clock in i Wednesday. Feb. 9. with 12 inein- tr.e morning and replenish the ' uers and 4 leaders present. Four- furnace because of the terrific cold. ' teen new members were also cn- In winter it sometimes goes to CD rolled nt this meeting. The group degrees below zero." Mrs. Cham- '.sang "Home on 'the Range" led by jjogne continued. j Wanda Gulp, song captain, after When asked what she tliought wliich Miss Colcmnn, home demou- of the Big Apple and a few other stration agent, gave a talk on the new dances currently popular in 4-H Club program nnd D. V. Mill- New York, Mrs. 'Champagne ve- och, assistant county agent, told |j)led,"Gnr Indians are away ahead about Ih'e different projects. Club of you on that! At treaty time, captains reported as follows: Ish- onee a year, they come to Fort, mael Cnde, pig; Schnrlhie Slioe- Smllh from miles around. With make, .gardening nnd cunning; Canadian Dominion officials, Royal Ruby Metheuy, jwultry; nnd La- Canadian Mounted Police, and in- wanda May. clothing. After the lerpreters, the chiefs of the tribes business session the demonstrations i present their problems to the gov- for the month were given by the \ emment. Aftr these are success- home demonstration agent and ns- fnlly ironed out. they receive their i county agent. trenty bounty in the form of cash. | blankets, matches, tobacco and ether supplies. Then they immediately start lo gamble this away, with the treaty celebration continuing for days. Huyntoii The Boynlon 4-H Club met Wednesday, Feb. 9. with I in; president. Bernice Bolin. in charge of the meeting. The group snug "Colum- 90 PROOF This Whiskey is 2 yrs. 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