The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1950
Page 15
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MONDAY, .TTTT-Y 74. (ARK.) COURIER OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Mo j. HoopU PAGE FIFTEEN OFF THEV COMe. THOSE WHISKERS HOLP AS MUCH WATER AS A SMALL TOWN STREET OH, PL EASE. MA.COWT/ THAT SQUARE CHW ISWHUT AAAKES HIM LOOK LIKE. A BATTLER.-- DOWT HIM. LOOK. LIKE A AWT- EATER.' COM6 OKU WILLIE WtKJKie, SHE'LL ee OVER rr IM A MINUTE QETWO.' MOTA £w58S 6TWAT5rtM ' COPY OF TMe <»AS A COP'S &A8A^ FAUL4 (5 A ;RM\TS I MECCA.' Hft\J6 ARRIVED AT FEIGM UTTCK AMAZEMENT ARE THE SCISSORS! TUAM CUFF LMK HASW.' WHY MOTHERS GET GRAV Political Announcement The Courier News has been author- tzed to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 f± rOK COUNTY JUUGB '«F Koland Green fOK STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H AUtry Re-election Post No. I John .1 Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banlcs Post No 2 E. O. "Gene" Fleeman (For re-election post No. 4) VV. F. Wells For stale Senator W R Nicholson J. Let Bearden SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnallj William Berryman For Improyed KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of casei investigated in leveral hospitcsli and cllnicj, jubnorma'/ Kidney (unction was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced offer the use of /Mountain Valley Water. *1f your doctor hai diagnosed your conditional functional Kid-, ney impairment tfm natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weekj. ft Ii delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. ^ Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division TT all cam* back to that same - 1 insoluble problem—the mystery of the daily grand. My bum luck had started with those *1000 bills, and H wouldn't end till 1 solved the riddle. There-was one possible answer—the bribery frame had been the first step of the murder frame. But it wasn't probable. It was too intricate. ^If Sylvia McGregor and t,ew iJeris were spending two full hours canvassing McGregor's friends for bail money," I told Shelton, "it's funny, they turned up with only » couple of thousand. McGregor :had plenty of well-heeled friends." "He did have. Sylvia told me they got the same answer from all of them They'd already laid out alj the dough they could afford on behalf of McGregor, a ruined man." "What dough were they talking about?" "The five grand to pay you your ;bribe. of course." I stared at Shelton. Then the door opened, and two highway patrolmen barjjed into the Wee Spot. "There they are!" shrieked the proprietor and his wife in unison, "They're bandits! They've been just sittin' there waitin' to i-ob us!" I almost laughed at the realization that my suspicious conduct and my bruised temple had brought the law upon me. 1 did laugh when I saw the expression on the faces of the two patrolmen who recognized me at once. The expression on Shclton's face was not laughable. He saw his job lost, now that he was caught making this secret visit to me. "Cheer up, Shellie," 1 said. "I know who killed McGregor and why!" THE McGregor living room was of the old-fashioned variety Tvith lots of creaky chairs which by a sort of evolutionary process had adapted themselves to the ac- CA Wnlct W commodation of human beings. The powers of adaptation of at least one of the chairs wer. sorely taxed, for it groaned under the weifiht of Stale Criminologist Curtis T Durbin. who had accompanied Keever on his exploratory trip to the nrcmises- Kcever himself remained standing, for he was obviously in charge of the investigation of the murder of W. G. McGregor, though Sheriff Ed Nelson had the actual authority to take over if he cared. Nelson did not care, however, for his party animations were consistent with Kcevcr's, and he recognized the shrewdness ol the man who had once been the district attorney of his county. Besides. Keever had a politician's way of holding the center of the strge. It is quile possible that I was stalling the scene from him at the moment, for all eyes were fixed upon me. L sat as nonchalantly as possible in the old and comfortable chair, flanked on either side by the l»r, proud patrol officers who had (jrabbed me from the booth at the Wee Spot. A few chairs away, hopeless and miserable, sat Shelton. who had only regarded my announcement that I could identify McGregor's killer as the drooling of a punch- drunk optimist. Observing me with a fine sense of righteous in- dign.ilioii was Paul Waring, (irst assistant attorney general. Also present was the other ranking staff member. Bill Atkins, The two other occupants of the room were Sylvia McGregor and Lew Jeris. 1 had expected the McGregor girl to go after me with her fingernails, but she seemed stunned, altogether incapable of anger. Lew Joris. however, regarded me with a fiendish loathing. He stuck close to Sylvia, a hand upon her shoulder. Keever eyed me with a baleful gtare and snorted: "You've brought disgrace upon me. Ben! Not content with covering my office of public trust with obloouy. you have committed an act of murder!" When a nolificlan cuts loose with Iho words he hap to dig up something high-sotmding. ' (Jut Keever nrobably had a richt nn this occasion to come up with the ID-buck words. • • • TAKE GOOD, one of Keever'i younger assistants, was having trouble locating Kay Kennedy and Warms offered to have his own secretary come out. While he used the phone. Keever turned his censorious glare on me. "The least you can do. Ben. Is to make a full confession! You owe it to yourself as well as to me. I'd hate to see you go to the electric chair. I really would." "In that case. Boss. I'm «ur« you'll be tickled silly to know that I won't. But I'm not going to evade the hot seat by doing anything so dopey as to sign whatever confession Waring's secretary types out There's an easier way. I'm going to give you the murderer of W. G. McGregor." Keever's glare was Intensified. Shelton stirred uneasily. "Before I can do that, though, 111 have to have a full cast of characters. You'll have to pick up Colonel Winlon and Sammy Berend. Last but not least is a redhead named Wendy Hillyer. 1 think that if you ask Sammy Berend effectively enough, .you'll be able to find her." Keever seemed on the verge of blowing a blood vessel. "I'll do nothing of the kindi Do you think I'm going to waste time rounding up people who have no connection whatever with McGregor's murder?" "No. but the people I mentioned do have." "Why not try out his Idea, Mr. Keever?" It was Shelton. and I was grateful. But Shelton was in disgrace for having met me wflh- out first notifying Keever. Then Sylvia McGregor said: "If there Is any phase of my father's murder that can be brought to light, I'd like to know about It, Mr. Keever." Keever was unconvinced, but h« could not Ignore her plea. lie nodded to Sheriff Nelson who also nodded and left the room. (T* Be Continued) For Delivery Serrice Open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. "^^^^^•i^Bl^i^^iWM Speedometer Repair All Makes & Models — Ca« and Trucks One Day Service — Factory Warranty T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. IS I East Main phone 2]22 Among the Siriono, an. Indian tribe of Bolivia, a father changes his name to that of a new son, adding a phrase meaning "father of." HOMEMADE PIES We Take Vour Order Mrs. N. .1. Humphrey Call 2J59 A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA For your old ICE BOX or Refrigerator Regardless of Condition on any 8 Ft. G-E Refrigerator Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. WHY WAIT? 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VOI/R6 A GOOD LOSER, CWHHIA. SO WNG. •7-3.4 [T^M. Rrn. LJ. *. PAT. Ofr. ' ^f CAPTAIN EASY (;<H>d Old "Friends" WHftT! WU MEAN I THIS... THIS CHftEAcTEE Is A FRIEND O 1 FELIPE GAECIA? CAPTAIN UISITIUG US. THEM VOU we ut MET, BUT IDWG AS I GOT ME SELF. RESPECT; we AIW'T NO FRIEND O BY LESLIE TURNER 1UE KNOWN THIS MURMG-'\CAPmiM Eftsy' IUG OUP PIRATE FOR VEABS,\ IS THOT AW MISS GAKCIA: WH'/,HE'S hlM TOSPtAK IHE BIGGEST eOGUE IN—/ABOUT AN 010 FRIEND OF AW FATHER'S ? THATS TEUiw 'IM» GIRLIE! rue HAD ME HILO'UIS ETEENAL MEDM.IH; TOO; JUST SAY TII'WORD AN'riL LISTEN! y ITS VOUe WHOT WAS J JEEP! THAT THAT NOISE J GUNMAN'S TRYING TO GET BUGS KUNf It's Not Fair WHATSA IDEA O' SWITCHIN THOSE SISNS.YA SILLV PELINE ? ALLEY OOP Kcal Troubles BY V. T. HAMLIN 7 BECAUSE OF A POWER FAILURE AT A CRITICAL MOMENT IN THE OPERATION OF THE TIME MACHINE. ALL BY OCX 3 AMP DR.BRON- SON SUDDENLY MATERIALIZE IM ANCIENT BRITAIN Af THE TIME OF JULIUS CAESAR'S FIRST INVASION. SS B.C. v^fegSftS^c VVNOW, OOC I DON'T THINK .' CAE5AE5 SO HOT ARXJT ME: V/HLU CONT FCKGET HE 5 UNHAPPY ABCtJT THE DSSTCUCTION 5 FLEET THE "BATONS! or w HAVING AN AWY STPANOED VEH. X ON A FOKEIC-N SHOKE GOT \ WITH NO MEANS OF 5LF- TSX7UELE I R.Y OZ eSCA-PE 15 A.WRISKT i^ A. PROBLEM DANS IT. DOC. VvfE OUGHTA BE ABLE T'HELP SOMEHOW; HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES The. Whistler MARTIN

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