The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE six BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) 1 COURIER FILL JOB THESE Professor Dcinpscy Holds Winter and Spring P i a c 11 c c and Goes Scouting foi Maleiial Bv NEA Service Basketballs. Sllil'.rain off IweV.-. Unrdb and liaspbills liot ibovr league 1 ! are iml coming to a boll, bit most .football coaches do riot i «y>in;tp ((••aware of lhe.%'• facts. | 'lime v,as v\licn foo'lnll MS confined to the fall, anil n gilil-| Iron guide spent his winters lench-, Ing phjslcal education or c! em- Islfy. But noli so; now. Drilling pigskin fotcesi. has...become n 12- inonlli 'responsibility. | Southwest Conference teams ;0- i*adj aie out Tor 'sprln? pinc- tlce. and: whores wenllitr keeps tlm boys Indoois. mnn\ tennis .ire loll-' hi'/ In KMnnnsluiHs Ohio Slate I; a typlcil example. The Buckeyes alrcid) hive begini intensive., training for a. . csimvil^n wntcli Includes games with T"i- Christian, Purdue, Southern CMi- ifofnln,!Northwestern, ClitaTO, lu- ,dlana, ! ; Illinois, •: anil .Mlcliljcan In order. Five" afternoons a week In the sniclous Columbus evmnaslum, i Francis Albert Schmidt plctur- <wiiely clad In unbloused knickeri wlilcli droou > to; the floor, tennis 'hoes and sweat shirt pnLs pot«n- ilnl vieircrj of scarlet and Gray through their pices The Buckeyes wear gym clothes inxl te.nnls'slicxfs, but workouts'In- clnde actual practically scrimmage. everything but Student managers feai fill lest n few aspiring tackles and hilfliacks wax too rnlhiKlnuic. intit the varsity ures- tlfnjf roopis foi heavy mats ant) spread them on the floor for n\ much protection (is tlicj offe.1 larl> Starts Sires* ' 1 .Suicide Schedules Work now going on nt. Ohio &tnte U only prellniintiiy to sluing piao- llce outdoors which 'gets under ivav about Aprlf 1 The gieater pail of tlu; Indooi •wind Is composed of iWohilup freslimen vv'io \\ill be eligible foi \arslty comucllllon next- nuluinu and reserve nmlcrjnl from last seasons club The \eibose Sclunldt spends most of hjs time with tin- new' niE.ii Acquainting theiit with his Ehoky lypc df ph\, so tint thex Jl be able to B o rid) soeed ahead when the bu»le sounds for outdooi activity '' 5 V i So, far no casualties' live bteii recorded on the makeshift gnd- 1ron < but Schmidt never knows ^hen hell have to pick some fiesli- man end on" Ihc vjnll because ha reached too far for a pass ,,The r «nrly starts nt Olilo State and Texas Cliiislnn stre^ ailcidn schedules of the dn>, i These Uvo scho6ls collide In Columbus -is cnr- Ijias Sept 25 In one of (he more important' games 1 pf the icahTpilgn Dutch Mcjcr already has 111- uouncert five shifts' in Homed Pros positions Naturallv his' biguest problem tt replacing the incomparable passer, Slmgln' Sam Baugh Tlie candidates for this mnn-slrai assignment arc Dcivy onrtcn and Bobby Bass, midget h6ldo\cis an<l Spud Taylor and Jimmy'Pi all up from the freshmen Competes With Baseball far Winter Headlines • rootball nov, Is a stern competitor of baseball page headlines for winter sport 1 Coaching changes , I lany Graysoi) Amonu many othti activities Jatk Diniiiscy is some sense Into the heads of irUmbcrs of Hie boxlnit team. attempting lo knock Unlvcislty of Miami 111? former clinhi])lon In lloiidi spoils lojs Milles n |K>se for a/groiip of students, aud meetings such as rules commHUt' help t\)lve. illtlt Of 111" lo keep It Coaching schools fol consider able attention throughout, the. summer, vvlili the bigacr inline mentors swinging from one to the other, from June until Ssptembei It Is the time devoted to It llinl hiis made football the Inost, high pressured of games, one so com plcx' and interisting that army officers'of the.'caliber or Majors Dob" Ncylniul niiil Birr Jones resign coini'nlssloiis to make It tlictr life work. Jones going to Netaska wo'n't' uinke the Cornliuskcn, any easier for ,BlB Sis competition by the' Kay, Majoi Bllf couldn't icsis-l the 1 temptation Id teach (.lie .largo' squad or huskies assembled at the Lincoln'.'Institution each fall. Dana X Bible couldn t quite «e(. Nebi <is- ka teams over tlic higher hurdles, such as those, presented by Pittsburgh, and Minnesota. Tlinl' : ls one of Jones' objectives and the schol- ailj Instructor hns tho st-ulf with which to perform the 1 rent. Meiuuhlle sno\v a;id Ice and s)eet, cm t erase pressing football mnlterj; from the uihids of coaches. Announce P&irings For Cage Tourney STPEI.C, Mo—railings foi the Pemlscot county bnskrtbnll tom- nam'iit, vvhicli Is to" be liekl it HoUnntl ,on Feb 24-25-^Olh, vvcie announced totlaj Thc\ me as follows, In Ihc first round Qnls—stcele vs- Eeerlng Wardell vs Cooler, Haytl vs Caruth- crvlllc-, Holland vs Eiaggacloclo J3oys — Haj II vs Braggadocio OLeiiiiR 1,5 Steele, Cocoler vs Holland Cartilhcis\llle vs Warden 'i lie games of the first round pit teams of near cmnl lating Win- lid's of be plascd gaines, which In the afternoon will nnd evening of Feb. .24, will meet In the semi-finals on the ntnlil of Feb. 25, with fiimis ;>eing played the nlglil of Feb. 20. Wai-dell Girls Arc l.cadino Fn IViniscot L STEELE. 'Mo.. Feb. The- Warden girls arc pacing the. girls 10 fill') — nndcrc-.itcd. illvLsloh 'of tho ccunly. basketball lengiin and Deering, Wardcll ,aiid Cui'iithersvlllc arc In n Ihree way tie for first place in Ihtr. boys division; nil without a defeat. 'The Warden girls still have three games . to play as have llic second placej Strele girls. In Ihc boys division Wardcll lias played eight games...peering live and Carutheisvllle- foiir., I year, rules rftjulrlngl ouch Khool to -play a certain number or gnmcs:to compete in Ihe Ir-ngue, Kiispcndcd bt!c/ii\se yymnas- bcing Used [o ;housc vveru lums : wei'o lefiiKces. Htiiiulln;: in tin divuslons so fir Cuts Team Stcele Haj-ti tooier Braggadocio Holland CariiUicrsvllle , Team Cqhilhcrsvlllc L Pel 6 l.OOD NKW YOIIK.— Joe Ijouls mny be cxcua'd for fallliiij to catch'; Bob Fastcr~rr, I'aslor, the young Willie Hojic who turned out lo be a track hope," bui there ure unmistakable .slgiw lhat Hie Negro luis l»s(, Uwt iii'KC nt a lender age. A mow vli'iDiis pugilist ' easily might have trapped tln> aw'kwnni though rapidly moving 1'a.s'lor In n corner and bsllcd lilm out. • I*ouls has tackled no one slnct! capable pf proving Just how much fight Max Kclum-ling knocked out of him hist .summer, : - What 1 ,011 Is needs more Ihan anything.^ right now Is'.u ninWi that w)]\ t iniikc him think, If -such 11 thing l.s' iw.sslble. Making the Brown Number think --would • Iji' (|iiltc a iKillle in Itself. . •, ' Ooliig utong against the type of opporiehls hit has r a c e d slruc ;fyhin'rlln<; demonNti'iile'd tliat hi^•as a sucker for a -tiijlit, Iw. Louis soon may acquire 1 habits thai. have led lo the downfall of ' ihany a llghling man. ; Smoky joe still has youth on 7ils -side, but 'a war- ilor slips .npldly once traiiilii? becomes Irksome and theic Is 'plenty besides flt'.'tlmf on |]ls 'mind. lx)tils' family has bcsecchcd him lo retire ^liice he collected his richest pur.sq for,dhi>os|ng of 'Max liaer. The Deli-olL boy nOvv .has sufilclejit nicncy, and 'his people fcar'tlmi lie will be Inirt; Thby may. be riglit If he (Hits with u few more right hands such as those tossed iii his direction by Schmellng. The point Is tliat the idea of stepping out has been planted in his head Baer Fill Apart <{ul(-kly . Baer fell apart at an almost, unbelievable rale between June. 1033, when be placed, » Illy In Schmel- Ing's hand, and June. 1935, when he sloughed oir the championship to Ihc shopworn and ordinary Jim tiraddock whllcYwlilnlng about' the condition of bls : lists.. There- 'wns nolhln» wrong wltli Baer's hands other than that, ihcy hnd softened up with the rest of l|is b'odv. Loiils Is no longer . n "hinwry" Iglifer. The Alabama-born darky tins lo be driven now. That'' was Hie story before the Schmelin" «rap. when he disregarded the' orders and suggestions of bis handlers. 'The Ciernfnn (might iiifiV a good .lesson, but. ll .will 'dp no good unless the IncllmUibn. IB .still there • The'. groat : ,nmjpr|ly :: ol ilngmen find It tougher 'to buckle -.iowii to hard work as they gd; along, and especially ^Men Ihe coi nrolls in us fust as it has come to Ihe t)i\rk Angel..' : . * , ; Firsl-fMe ngl'ilcrs have to- bear <own .at all. times. SchmelnVs Ifearl was In Benin and nol at the Jersey camp ,- or In the Yaifkee Stadium ring the. night he ; was ili-opped aim sloppfed bv Bacr ' Wctks on lellrf and hunirn mouths to feed made nnd lock a despeiale mini.' as he fought his «aj to and llirough (lie wir ;\Hh Hoys :Deei'ing felcele Braggadocio Oootei Havll Holland W I, Pel 4 ojl.pon 80:1.000 0 1 000 3 COT 3 511 •1 428 I, 7 llfsl on Finply sinmirh An armj maj tnvel on Its stom a™ but i fijitcr goti faither on an pmptj one Gene Tunnev. «as nt as foimklable agiilnst Jack uemixsej In Chicago as he \vn s In Philndilphii The Manlj Maii nc acquhcd new Inte-iest:, bcUecn the nvo and despili. Its paiamounl fm poilanct the lask TL hand vvns hot given 100 i»r cent or his ittcn tion Dempscy never ngain leiched Ihe height he attained agnmst Jess Wlllaid nt Toledo The Mniiassn 33J Min icillj unntcd somcthlu s that 000 tepid aftcinoon Meiimvliile •^>«tygi % fA.vr^°q»^i.- s.i^kt.-t.^yyas^^p'iC'iK^ii-.ciT t^f i They all look alike... but one is a CHAMPION i n PROOF trriiEN tlic hurtling bob flashes across ibc finish line * ' at milc-a-mimitc speed you know yon arc seeing championship performance. The test reveals the quality . . . Same way viith whiskey. When you first try this sound, straight bourbon you know you arc enjoying a championship whiskey. The tcst-<im/ the tatte— reveal the quality . . i If you enjoy « really good bourbon —and if you don't tninii saving a bit of money, treat yourself to .Windsor! *+ ,+ ^e**~~* Wmasor JUTIOHAL outlaws rxopirrs CORPORWIOX, ».~«.r«. 0*1™., «» YORK. «. T, By Kreiiz ON Trie-. j-Asr HOLE. -THAT MAKES IT VZ WP/DNRSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1Q37 TO VFS.CJOOn 'CENT.S' ON T1MH AT MILWAUItEE. - vcrsily taskell)iili players are nei.'r .late for prattk'C. gnnic-.s. trnlm 'ixlrnlis or meals, If they c an | ]f ,|,,- 'I'licrc's soiiie "cciiis "to tlieir it. promptness, too. Tardy athl f .ic-s nt? fined 10 cents on each occasion .The fund, if aiiy, will tie. used' lo help defray cost of a squad bur- let .supper at the end of tho sen. son. WANTED Government Loan Cotton I'hnne 167 APPI.EHAUM BROS. COTTON CO.. Bids. Affc Everything For Your EnterlilnA ^ ment and Comfort \ Weds. - thiirsl fitiED i im joi itsmtisniiieiii H«SPE KAS HUKMII rd had reached that stage or sat- ratlon where n bloke caix't be othcrwl. The Potavvalomi I'cund- • was vastly more - than a Iniie ulk on | the ivay lip. Tunney an t | peinpsey could stand I'osperity., Many .lighters caniiot.' : I'atsy Perroiii, a ' young Italian euvywclglit out "or canton, o., was ne of li;; more recent members the latter class. Perronl was vvtll n his way" to .(he [up of tile cobk- i'cd world vvlieh -lie niade Isidore aslaiiaga look' like a fralilc. cop t Ihe Garden late in 193^ ohs- iiiaga had natlened-Clmrlcy lielz- But":Perroni. .couldiVi keep' Ills' »t on the ground, and wenti the ay or most of those, unable to o this in the beak busting .business. Tom Heeney wn s a '•hungry" ghlcr when lie arrived, from. Eng- ml vvith,little reputation-niul'iio vercont. Heeney. merely, was'en oute To his homo in NevV 'Zealand nd accepted his nrst fight so that e could go (irsl clnss.. Spurreit by resslng circumstances, the Hard ?ock went on lb"lbVma'tchV-\vlth 'iinney. .... ••. -; :-, . TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. . Abstraclj, r^ndj Jfe Loanj K M Terry, Prei and Mgr.- Phone bt7 Blylhevllle.Ark. Shortest Home)-, In Hole, Plac(id Pitcher 'In Hole' P1TTSBUHOH.— .\Iftc Hallenui. oid-llinc tMlliiburgti ballplav-CT, Is willing lo let Ihe of. Ihe boys wranifle over vs'ho hit Hie longcwt hoiiie mil In history. He claims the' dliiiitliictlon or having hit. Ihe shortest: •'"It tuipiKiicd arbimtl 1871) or so." says the ancient Mr. iinllernn. j'l was'iilaylna for Ihc Etna AllSla'rs against the Nntromi A. c. I hitia roller to the shortstop «-ho let-It go through rolled in buck of him for a few fret IUH] then •'dlscippeareil from view. I saw him «fg Into the ground like a dog bnry- lii& a boiV! and when lie didn't come up with'the ball I kept on going :trounil the Ixuses ami then I went out lo see what vvas what. "The ball.had dropped into a hole left by n circus tent stake. They hnd to get a spade to dlj-it out!" . . . Do yon suppose that's where the expression, "the pitcher's In. a hole, !i originated? . Play Billiards! Wholpsomt Recreation -• '•if Moderately.M«d i Blythevillc Rctreation ; Center 316 W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy BARKER APPLETON • MARVIN CHAPFEU, WILL TRflDE WELL GOING BUSINESS FOR FARM Nothing less than 300 acres Walkout preferred, considered. -, Write K. MJ, Courier News AFTER THE FLOOD HARNESS SPECIALS TRACES Standard Size, 7-8-2 65C Lone Star Names pair 65c Name Straps 2 for 25c per doz. $1.25 ALL LEflTHER COLLAR ^$2.25 Draft. PLOW LINES 1>nre Thrc!ul Cot(on ' M_ : Ft.'5/if> in. PAIR 25 PLOW LINES Pure Thread Cotton, 3<i Ft. '3/S In. PAIR 30 CHECK LINES 1 1/ * '"• t>y PAIR $3.95 SNAP BREAST CHAINS, Pair 90c All Style Clevises perlb. lOc Full Strap Single Trees with Ring each 50c SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. .1. W. ShflUSC "The Progressive Store" Phone 35 Wilson Henry Also 1'anxmolinL News unu" (, l om'etly —Ad miss Ion— Mnlinfte-^10 & 2Cc. Nl;ht—II! i, 'JJo TUESDAY, FEB. 16— §150.00 .BANK NIGHT! Us.; Virginia .Sides, •BlylhevUle, •as rallwl for ' (He $125.00 last light—Hut she not prcsenl— Iiikiny Bank I)sposit Ne.xt WoeK 150.00! Aim.—Always 10 « 25c-^lo T« Show Tvfry Night' rfutlnces Friday, Saturday, Sunday ?r)i!ay & Sunday nlalincts—2il5 atdrday Matinee — t'ontlnuom Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 P. IK Weds. - Thurs, PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adults Admitted for Price of [SCANDAL BREAKS LOOSE!] t«? *$$ vfl» n * *»» ^ , St»' itt iVO» ,» V4 6o(. v v A dramatic \thunderboltt I * UUmOUWT tlOVtl vM 8URGE$$ • JOHN TRENT \ tyiH COUMAN • CA HOUIO f \ • •H 1CKULSI14 r>«^>[iUi I C^wt^H CKltiil YiM< J t ' l*rt Wpliv4/x,l dm..*- ' ' Also Sliorts

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