The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1934
Page 3
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,', NOVEMBER 12, 1984 (ARK..) COURIER NEWS 3KBSBS3F New Dams Will Generate TVA Power PAGIil TTITIEK |«i From Page One) |;r diw'ji to 30,000 I'.iln- . way to chanfie thai; |if'fejre the TVA, army 1 found it. Up through iPsseo Hows Hi; Ciineh I'f the biaticr tributaries I lessee. Jilt-lily miles up 1 from wlicre it emiities iiiessce the army fom<:l high tytwer and stor- ol iCnoxvil!'-. Iv.ns MM miles l»y rivei i|!L Dam, hui, so much }K stored In-liind a a ibis point i!i,-ii., b-.' spillv/iiy tjales dm inn l^ons. tile I1«JW ol wald f-.M-e I'dlild lie lilMn- hll'h levi'l Hie y.-ar I.KI-: r; directed jji ihe iW •d/il lo build its l!i*i on Hie Clinch Ilivcr, named Muni', bum i.i scniUor II-OIH Nebraska ilnmallon Hnreini en >i•il by John I,, K:iva«e '<! Boulder Dam. work- A c.vpeil.-i and th:. re- neiv de.sJgn ih.-il, called S3 feel hiish, more than r a mile long, with iv.-ol att scnei-aiinf! nulls iiv ImiiM. 'I'he dam will : a shore line nf mote nncs, oj- approximately s lliat of Lake Michi- I' 1 called for the town of .... coveted with 200 |'e.r, and for the llcxid- nds o! farm home.s, . cemeteries. Buying I ml and properl.y and 1'W highv.ay.4, railroad | bridges to replace those the lake will cost al[ tell ns the dam IHcH. t <)l the project is now IV $'^H,yiiU,l)f;(J, .the NonI:; Darn b^nn UGHS them £et a Mvautile ibem quickly. Creomul- I e.5 7 Jiolps in one. Pow- I hariiilpi-.s. Pleasiuil lo | rootles. Your own tlruu- ••.ori?.cd io refund your I Itf- spot If yoMv coiish Hot rellevefl by Crco- —Adv. 1 f,V<sM iSW-^^f^^^^ i$%-^^$^ '^^^P 1 ^ •'V ^^^sS^^&S^^K^^^ Progress made on Horrls dam in On; Clinch :w-i-, in Tenm^seo. with penstocks in place and the .s!-c(;;id colfci-. da.-n lieim; Imili. 'ihii han ?:t4,OBO.Cti« i.s 25 milc.s, of Knoxfillc, 'IVun., agul is one lie Teiuifssae Valley Authority pj-o«r:im. •; strikingly shov.n in lilts picline, mammoth projfci, cihliiU'. mor: of the mo.'l imiiurtant links in Police Pelting Shakedown In Swanky Suburb Probed OI.KVKl.AND IU1>) —luve.slliift- llnn Inlo an aliened sbMedown of "peUhiR nintoilslK" liy I'Ci'lnln members of ihe |Mi]iiv force nf Khnl:er Heights, olevelund's most 'lion.iblc .suburb, will ln> undertaken by the Ciiy.'ili«|;a County lunnd jury. After Assistnnt Oonniy Pmiecii- lor 'I'homas A. uuike. Jr., an- notmrrd iu> would start the Invc.s- lllMlIrm unless Mayor Willinm .1. Vun Akeiin tried the suspected oil leers on ehiirj;es, the iimj'or said he would not chariie Ihe ini'ii Inn allow the Brand Jury action tn take Its' course. For .several months Hmke has hud evidence (ji |,l.s (lies, prodm:- eil lid-ftely liy Kvn llriisliman, f<ir- mer ii|ici'nllvc ot the Northern Olilo Defective Agency, imi'pmUiw lo .show (lint mcmliei-.s of the Shaker'Ifelijlif.s force Iv.ut molested Help Kidneys • It iiuorly futu'llon1n|r Ktilno* *nd Ill^iliUr iD&k" yf'ii uulff r fruin (It-ldoir 111* NInliU. /fivvwinwiu. lltK'iirintlo ^ I'^Lnfl. SlilTiiturt tlurnliitf. Unikrtln^. 9 lld'intf. of At'WIlj' Iry III* K"»(«nl^cd l}.« lot's l'rfcKtlvlUniCyiiUi.t9lu.Ui£l tf*uc4A«/ " fl ' 11 " 1 l!k Vwu^pui- HiQOtlr ItjfalOK tKi't. Clnly^d^ klOfUVKi^U. mill bliiolsuwllfrt pellcvs nm\ hnil eolloeled lines which jhfy did rot liirn over to (lie city. Head CnnriiT news wiint Ads. TOO I.ATK TO 1-'<>K ItKNT NICKI.Y I'UIWIRIlF.n Six House. 11! 6I& (JliIdosawlM. I2C kl'J PUKE Chilled ny Sitfe - Snnifni'y Tint - 7c, (Juurl . I2c. CIUIUS DAIKY Phono 7.1 n hule, more ih:in a year ago. No'. 1 / it is more than a ihird complete and should be finished early in DAMS' HELP upstream, making lhat part of ihe .stre.,111! itudgakle. Wheeler, in forming a lake 80 miles long, will extend deep u'uter Lo Gnnte.rwille .,,*m.i ui.i.i I.VIVM i.iiii.n. , Hoth these duin.s v.-ill Ijnprove TVA encinecrs estimnte that N'nr- naviaatlon npslreani. Morris, he,v:- ris ni») \Vilsoii dams lOBClher will i ow-i 1 . "ill have (li-j ojiposite effect, produce snn.orin kilowatts of poiv-! It will reverse tlie n.snul .slreatn er the year around. Noi'iis D:nnj""w by liolillnv. back water in will serve in two other way. 1 ;. 1U rainy season ami |jimrinf; it out in holding hack Ihe waer during I lie!''O'. season il will wreatlv tiidnce! Downslream from Wlieeler and miles. A dam al Gnntereville, v.'hich may follinv soon, would back up Ihe ivuliT to OiaiiiinooBa, makins all of the Tennessee Hiver imvi- i'liljle except the stretch lioin Kno>:ville lo Chattnnooi;!!. '('Ill' S38.COU,0!i« WHW'li-r dfln>, oHi'-lhtul coiupkU'd, is shown IUTI', wllh consCriiction v:oil: in full swing. Fltlccti miles npslmun in tlio Tcnntsscc river Iran Wilson clam, this great barrier is lu-lin; reared (o relieve the Wilson dam al times of pi'iik loads. Situated about midway lii'twwn Ffiut'iice and n«rntur, Alu., it. svill create a re.sovvolr of aiHiroximatcly, C.O square i«il'.-s as jwii't of LUn TVA |>n)Jp v cl. NKXT: Already TVA Iris- liroiiRlit i j eleclHrJly lo thinlj-alnls Hbo never! [hail U: > heaiieiicil it (u lliiius;l:nl.s ] nf firmer users, Wil'on will lie I'ickwick. And b-- .,..,i water inlo liu- sne.inis twccn Wiboji and P/tk'.virl: Is i.'ol- .. .. . il i r. 'Iain diirini! Ihe dry sea-i bert Shoals, a bad stretch which ton i(. will siht iuvf"iif.i(ui. i really controls the navigable ileptl. Woni.s- Dam was iiardlv under; of the river, in djy .season onlv way when l'i!V,idi.-nt limKewU i liuhl-rtmll kml;; can <•(:( pnsl die asked Ihe TVA io build what was] shoals. Pickwick Dam will do llic '— in the m-my cn^inrers' sur-1 IrieU. It will back np water ' r.iii.twji in LIU: ;iiniy e])i:i.u'i li Mii-i 1111,1,. >L \MM II,I^:K up \\.nej IL vey ns Dam Mo. 't. Ifi 1-'.? miles I Wilson Dam. eoverint; llic shoal.-;, above Wilson D:on. Artny en^ineeiri maliin^ the liver navigable from we,ip'aireadv well nloin: on build- Gmilmvjllc to the mouth. :IM 'ought I'd I r want to a washer- i nil I tried a \AYTAG> P'j'U ol' vi'omeii I jnsf dial. Anil ^covering (dal "''Hi a Maytag aiinj.leeasy lajl,, jiniler now how ! er fcf jil liniise a Mitylug. It's ;—'it'n fuu. now the Mayni" Jsler, more tlinr- -K/iV il i* easier tes — ic/iv il i* lie "life lime" . Tlie Mnylay ill eliow you in i home with your lies. Phone him. no obligation. Restored AppomaUox To Be National Shrine WCl'r nnviii.ation locks (here wlien the job v;as tm-ned over to tin- TV A. ; the TVA iiam"d'this Wheeler I lam in honor of r;i.-n. Joseph Wheeler, a Confederate general and a comninndei- of the U. S. forces] in tlie Spanish-American War. This dam will lie only Kit fret high. i;iit nearlv .1 mile and :i onarter Ion?. It will form a lake of approximately 100 square, miles; its power plant, will be. larije eii- ougli to liousi 1 ei^IH .12,000 kilowatt griKjratin!,' mills, but only OIK: will be installed at, the onl-set. Whereas Novris- Dam -is bein^ built mainly to meet seasonal va.-- \ ialions in the flow^ of tiie rivrr, j Whwler Dam is beinc built chief- I ly to meci, daily vnriiUlous in the j demand of fiower. Wheeler also is schr-ditled for j completion in HI3fi. i TAD-EHT LOCK tiA'l'KSt ' Next, in line for construction is Pickwick Dam. so:n» 80 niiu-s IK- ' low Wilson. Pickwick will Ix! the- j snme tync of dam as Whec.l;r. only i larger^ II will be 7710 feel IOISR— i almost' a mile and a half—and lft.1' feet hi«h. Ii will havr> Ihe lartisl i Einjle lift locks in Ihe world—the j meehiinisiii l>v which a vessel will j IK raisMl or lowered from the liv- cr level to the lake level or vice j VMM. The Inck »ntes wi'l be IS i feet high—compared with 54 fen i ihe highest at f'.-oiama. j Pii'kwirk. which will cos; ahoui : ?.M,OM>.MW. will be Iniill vvilhoiii :i i power plant. Imi Mil:; may be add- i ed I'.Ucr. 1 Wil.'.on' Ham. I'.nili. lint, civalodj -.1 lake |» Wlii-eki' num. is mile.-, j Quick Relief for! Chills and Fever; and Other Effect* of \ Malaria} j ! Don't, put up with ITie snltei'lnr-1 ]or Mnlnria —the (celh-c.h:\Ucrl'.\g chill-; and I be biirniuir fever. Gel- rid of Malariu by eeltini: (lie infection onl of your system. That's what drove's Tnslele.4.Chili TmiU- doc.s--de.slioys and'drives onl the infection. At ibe san,,. ( i,, u ,. it builds np your system against further attack. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains quinlisc wlilcli kills Ihe infecliflii In (he blood. It also contains iron winch builds tip the blood and helps it over- the edci'ls of Malaria as! well as fortify a«ainsl rc-infee.-I I'm. These are (he e/reels yon I w.Mil for COWI'I.I'TI'E reliel'. Orove's YaMeless Chill Tonie Is iilenRant to lake and absolutely safe, even for children. No Mltcr taste of {lUininc.. Get a boUle today a::d te loivamied against Malaria. I,TOI !--.ilt> iU all dm;; Mores. NOW two .KIKCS—50c and SI. The SI size contains S'i,. linrs as much a;; the SOc | sfa> nii<l niu'.s you :>.V,' more foi your money. —Adv. 10 Va, (UP)—With n'K.'inlwiUMi of the Appnmat- lli.storical Park Association, restoralioii of (lie early villase of Apjiomatliix anil the surrender nronnds as n muioml shrine Is practlciilly assured, '('he association, established nt iljueliii!; .attended liy state cou- l;re_vsmen, Conhdnale veliTaiu, and memlx.'1-s of Hie United DaiiKhters of the Confeilerncy anil .Sons of Confcdeiate VcLeiuns, es- "d llinl $10u,WW will be needed for the project. llcprescnUiltvc p. u. Drewcry, spouse,! 1 of 11 bill in Cnngvess to create a nalional park here, meed that (ueimaUoiLs be matle [or "ihc /uninorinl lo the cewation of hostilities between Ihe Ninth and the Kinilh mill In the reunion "f liro- ihers." ilKtttl 'Courier .Newii W'anl Ads. Stomach Gas One dose of ADIiEfUKA i\i ^ 1y rclicve;i yiui' IjloiUiii!!, clean: (jut 11OT11 ui>])er luHl lower ljow(-ls, allows yon lo eal am ^ steep good. Quick, thorough uc lion yel penile and entirely -safe City nni|! Hlorc ar« Kirby Bros. Urng Co. —Ailv tiUNKlY- iii'O 'striving for n wiivni- iiU'd, Diiin-tn-tiiiiit I'cljtlioii- slii|i which will create CriinitK [iiwcnt iniNuixliir.stiiiKliiiKs uiul iiisutv. n ilovctanmcul of swi-'vkc miiliuilly profitnblti to nur tus- Blylhovillc Waler'Co. I'lifinc Sft 111! S. nr(cnlw:i\' air enou tell you tfiat Chesterfield Ciga- rettcs are made of mikl, ripe tobaccos. We've told you about the paper that it's pure and burns right, without taste or odor. We have said that Chesterfields are made right. The tobaccos are a»cd, then blended ;iml cross-blended, and ctu into shreds the right width and length to smoke right. These things nrc clone to make what people want—a cigarette that's milder, a cigarette that tastes better—a cigarette that satisfies. Yon f.dii prove ivhat me lull yint ttlioitt fllHUiiarfwhl. May wi> «.«/,• yon lo try ihmn • — iJiat it'ottlil srctii to be fair enough. tlic cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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