The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVrLLE. '(ARK,)' COURIER NEWJs 'I'UKSDAY, MARCH Ml, 1031 M Society Calendar Wednesday : Mrs. Bernard GcOvJi is haviiv;' the -i.uesd.iy Hmclu'on cliib. | The Enire Nous Bridgii aub will: meet with Mrs. 'ihurmun Ckliuns. Mrs. Carrol lilakcmorr; will l« hostess to the Matinee"Bruise duo. llii> iwvv Wediired.iy UIK.JI* turn w!l! intci with Mrs. Hosco-;- Criilirai. Ihu Delphlans will luc-Li :,t the Hotel Noble. The pre-Easlcr;v.-:Cr; ot prayer will be ol/scrvej at. liie First Christian church wiili special services at 3 I'. M.' Tlutrctlr.;, Mrs. M. O. Ubryy ii having the Mid-Week Bridge club. Ihs Yoimg Matvoiij liriuje ciub 15 meeting with Mrs. W. C. 1!^- gmson. Mis. Otto Ko:'htiii,:.. is Invinj the Thursday Limtiivon club. liie auxiliary of the Legion will mtct lit thj honie of Mrs. O. W. .McCmchen v.nh Mrs. J. !•'. Lentl also lipslcss. The women ol the Hist Christian churcU will meet at the church lor special prayer *,s;r\-ii-es. The Ladies Bible class ol the First Methodist church is .meeting at the church at 7-p. in. lor a business meet ing. rd That the lllylhc-vlllc Library friiL-ulu lie Maintnlmil by A Hpe- 'ln:i Idili.r I'liun I'nuitt Sub s^-i-iption" rt.U: M.voi Kiln Moriu unr. Oluia Kub'.e u-;i:i.vntm;; ihe an::niau\j .ii:U .Suche Crew.-: Mi. a AlMir.i £.a-.v.\rU L j U'.L- iUii- uruivi; ^idc 1 \\on. Make I'Lim for Dinner. Al a meetin:; of tin- Lake Sirr-el Mcthulis'. church Woman'.-; Mis- Monitiy .scdely yeHcrd: 1 .!' afli-inoan ]>!,i!:h were lua:b lov 11.L; ^'rvShg ul cliiiii'-M- do* 11 town Hal in-day. alive. The a This suWn l-tlU:i; Of l!u- ject. It v.;.s -t vr.b ml VI... »»y :.i in.- :V. LU'.u ; t t m: uiu-lit'. nutloo -A<r; yp win, im-iubtu or CllOiL'll \K- • . Jil Ulu 1 piu- : ,' vou-a 10 r.s- cu-r.v p.'s.iibli 1 . .".*l.Vll> Of il!U Ci'.llj " u Bitso/Neios Mostly Personal lioiti pneumonia at her home on West Mitin street. Garner Appt-lton has gone lo Memphis lur a i> l .isiness trip. Miss Katliciine Lawler is visiting her .sister, Mrs. Joe Kirby, and Mr. Kirljy, in Parugould. BRIDGE BY WM. E. McKKNNEY Secretary American llridge I.cuguc In the preceding article, va gave examples showing Hie proper :uis- werc by ! »lh partners wlicn North's holding did not warrant anything but it two diamond response to ihe forcing two club bid in tlie following examples, North's hand contain* either an ace and a king or two aces which Is the correct re- Clifford C;ivltt is ill Irom Infill-1 (iiilremenl to reply to the two club tnza. | [orchis; bid with | .ma. Tom Ifc.-uon Is in Paragomd ! -ponse ; tor .several days visiting her mother. | Mrs. Clllioul Cavlll returned libmiy W. . A for il. l-.Mmls (i=\ tlw b.-n-ir-s down ti:u'.ji"..; o :L:J 1:111011 c::.;:x.i >u-"v nchic 0; Mi i.i i;;U::i:o: eul HUH- v.:.- u visitor and one American i JU:i ' ; m<.-;n v :i.r, Mrs. I'evrkh Ulacl:- j ICUICoil to:' !JCM P |KJ|-1 Will IV 1.115 i.i ,Ki iTMck- :ifl;r liavni'j been iiuisi' ' u: Hie county ht-:iH]i mill [or t'.vo ; and a hall yi .u.v Sin: will \i'.] a I .-.uuila: 1 posiuon hi Jackson county. | Mr, and Ml:.. Joe K:ibt. Mr. and > Mi.-. Ci.;;v K.i^t and Mrs. Jot L. Ui'.in. ol TjTur.vM, ulU'iidcd the President Installed Mrs. Gcoree W.-Barhnm was installed as president of Hie Woman's council" ol the First Christian church at a meeting y.?slcrday afternoon hi ihe home ot Mrs. L. L. Ward. liiL 1 v,'i,f!i;in'.-5 ims^lon- 01 t!:e b^eoi.d iiap'isl viu..y ^iluni^un ul tiie - Wl ' a:J 1<UKl '»- I lum-fiil oi M>.i. Mary J. Su-oy heio i L " jll <?i:c. to ili lueuiuti.'i l'"-'S-1 jtoioiiay. ' ! Mayor , . Mrs, .M-.UKle Cii;oif;e uiid Mr. ,md j M;:.. Mike Panv, oi Memphis, at-1 , ,, . , Uncled the tunm\l o:' Mrs. Man- J. cievolional 1 Mr.s- Lo^Ue j c . c . & y VL^'ei'clav ' "... theme "i'aXe iktil "^ nnd'Mrs. MiiilLhai:! ly.drd re- lurnecl lo their home in Tlptoh- ui;i-, Tenn., today after liavlns hum failed here by Hie death of j Mis. Laird's yLandnunl^r, Mrs. Mary J. Eci-oy. Mr and Mrs. Hamilton Little, cf Sunday from L-afe, Ark., where visited her parents, Dr. anil Mrs. C. A. CulthveH. lor ft week. .1. V. llogcrs, of Jack-wn Tenn., i spent t!io week-end with Mrs. Rog. ers. Oscar ITiuxlasvay returned this morning from a brief business visit in SI. Louis. Miss Mary Blanche Gay plans lo positive rc- Tlic bidding shows llv? pro|)er responses by both partners after a two no trump response by North. wuixl. Tor the Moore nso Who Ye lli'ar' vvitli the ;.eripiuiL- re;:d Iroiu thi; .sixth chapler of Lnho. Mis. L. T. Ashor and Mrs. llaiiy McAUisier ultcvcd prayers. H-.'iSi'Cla \veie vou-d in Ihe, or MVP. W. M. lllaylock who has teen nbbent lor tome lime. to Mcmplils this week where she will attend Miss Wiley's Business college. Uosler, ot Jonesboro,-was [u !)usiiii-M visitor in tlir city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Welch have returned from Memphis where Mr. Welch underwent, an oireration two weeks ago. He is now convalescing. Jim Kelly, of Tnimann, attend- Allenrl AITalrs In Mi'iniihis '1'iHlay. Ten inemlji'rs ol the lean Liyiun Auxilmry ocl (o business in Blylhevllle yes- lerday. Ray Worthlngton was a blislncss \'isltor in Ix'aclwillc Monday. I Mcmplils. ncrc here yfslerday for! Pc B«>' r -o»B, daughter 61 Mrs. ; Hie funeral ol Mr. Llu:t-'s sriinil-' ' lolm "• Lon ^ ls ^""f toduy. She i ino'.livr. Ms. Mary J. S-.-coy. has ljcc " ill Irom Influenza several llalph Lana, of I'liilailelphia, Pa., al Ainer- ^m . AIr \ K t i,| s attcrnooii for a in Mem- | wcc .[,' s V | s i; n .m, i lls lrarc ni Si Mr.- :hc lv . ,., ! Souih's hand is the same as was iscd in the previous article. We will again assume that East and West always pass ALL NORTH HANDS Ilanil E S-8-5 H—0-3 n-K-(}-x-i C—A-J-15-7-0 Hand F S—A-8 II—((-10-0-J p—a-i-a C—A-O-l-2 Hand G S—A-8 1I-Q-10-G-3-2 II— 8-4 C-K-Q-1-G p::is tod.iy lor o lunolican and lea | ;1:u j ^ii s o^orce Lanue. lie will ^iven in honor of the nmioinl PICJ- : i^. acu'iniKuiied liy James i: ident. Mrs. Ro!;eit Lincoln Iloyal; ,, !ll!KS ol i lu . ,,. imL . tily Vvho wm ol IXniglas, Ariz. ' days. John Washburn, son of Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Wiishburn, who Is 11! from pneumonia, is belter today. card suit headed by klng-qu?cn. leilher of then, are major suits, herelore North's proi»r response s two no trump. South would then show his first real suit by bidding three spades. North would again reply llic minimum denial bid of three no trump, South shows his other real declaration by bidding four hearts and now North, who can- i hearts—the queen, ten and six. The' diamonds an clubs remain the same. The bidding would then ue South two clubs, North two no trump to give his partner a ciunc<>: to show his real declaration, South three spades and North should (hen jump the declaration to five spades, which South would carry to six spades. Hand II Miss May Ellar Orr and Roosevelt McFarland Wed LUXORA, Ark. — Announcement not support elllicr of the true do- • hashas been made of the marriage elarations of South, but has both. Sunday night at the home ol Jas- of the minor suits well stopped,! per Orr on the P. M. Bonds plan- goes to four no trump. tatlcn, of Mr. Roosevelt McFarland Hand F response to the two North, in club forcing bid by South, would and Miss May Eilar Orr. The cere- SOUTH S— K-Q-J-9-U II—A-K-J-7-1 D—A-1 C^5 | Hand I-: ! When y>!?.ycrs are using the two club forcing bid, South's hand contains the required strength to make such a declaration. North's hand, which coiuains an ace and *'lss Mary Ellis Miller, of Oscc- r^is.'sViouidVe'spond >- '~ •— __._., ,. ai - » election d« %l ?"" ^ '°™ ^ ^'^'^ ^'^t Son Naraert - - - - - ! Ellle5 ' R ° c ' Ncil1 Kce;l ' J ' R Lcllli ' The" son cf Mn' and Mrs P. C.! i! 011 ""'- 1 ."""-'"'-,?; K Cri - L ' r ' °' Rolhrock. born Saturday evcnintriS 1 ' Ciuirtill .mil tilgar Uoruin and at the BlythcvlllB; hospital, has I 3 - 1153 t -°" Lcc^Colcinan. been named Perrj' Clyde Kothrock I. t -j r . -a^i- k'it. They aie mtUor- Mr. and Mr». J. K. Garner have returned to tlieir home in Mp.rvel, Ark., niter attending the funeral II. • •' * Business Women Conclude. v Public Speaking Course The public sroatinj course, taken by a number of,members of the Eiuincss and Professional .women's club for the past two months, was concluded last niyht. ol rMs. dinner's grandmother, Mrs. Mary J. Secoy. Tlviy were guests • of Mis. Ci:incr's father, A. O. Lil- j tie, at ilic Hotel Noble. g \ Mrs. George Lnnge s ccnvalesc- wcman's mi.'sion- , '"^ llt ' ec n " vc wcclts wrious iH- luss. Mrs. W. 3. Langdon,- accompanied by N. E. Langdon, is in Memphis today visiting relatives. Pat O'llryiinl is ill at liie llolel Noble from q throat infection. Mrs. Jesse llrown and duuyhter, Miss Luna 1!. Wilhclm, "director | fLrc ^ p n i- fr " of this subject in the city high j . school, was in chrvjc.?*^^"!!^ course which dealt with impromptu speaking, addresses, debute and general conversation. Circle 'i cf tin ti;y :.oc:uy in the l-' Baptist Ciiutcti met ill Lll^ clmiL-h laic J.'.'s- leiday afterncon. This was the only. uroup nu'cting on the fifth Monday. •The elylit luccent he.iid (lie mis-; study Qnon liv Mis. Iiy Craw- | i ola, Is here ribslsting In the .Elols : Beauty shop while Mrs. U. -Saplilan Ms 111. •" .Mr. and Mrs. John Plckett Pcr- rill, of Newport, are guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Lemons. William A. Cox, oi Bcnton, Ark., was the guest of JUiss Mary Moore! Sunday. ; - •.-':. : Iris Klcuan, ciauahtcr of -'Mr.' anil f -Mrs. Jce Kleban. who is 111 from: scarlet lever," ;is betlcr today. | The feature of .the, m.i'cling was Fr.uik Siinnii;»£ of- : M'ss Miixinc, of Luxora, shuppcd i .-ciOjtng. ! here yesicrday. i • • j Mrs. J. W. Hob'oins and Mrs. C!.i<s to ^!?rt MUN Kelly, of S'.eule, vl=lU:l in the 'ihc F.wr ilLT.ciy C!II:H ai the'city yesterday. Second liaptisl Buiidwy sciicol vail • .ifrs. S. I'. Ojtcs. of Ilayli, si'.op- (rump. Although he has a five-card suit hcaried by an ace and a four- bld no irump as lis hand contains two aces. South shows his first ml suit by bidding three spades. North who does not hold normal support In spades, makes the minimum denial of threo no trump. South shows his second true declaration by bidding four hearts. This satisfies North and he passes. Hand (1 South makes the two club forcing bid. North's hand contains an ace and u king—enough to make a positive response- His hand also contains n five-card major suit," but remember that (he five-card major must he headed or the king and must be heac!.;d by both ace and king. Therefore North's proper declaration is two no trump. South shows his first true declaration by bidding three spades. North, whose hand dees not contain normal support in spades, gives his partner a chance to show by bidding when South bids four hearts, North is perfectly justified to jump the declaration to six licarls. Supposing, however, that North held flve spades—the ace, ten, eight, live and deuce—and three mony was performed by the Rev. Mr. McPreston. More than a hundred friends and relatives were present. Mr. and Mrs. McFarland will make their home at Frenchman's Bayou. Courier T.'ews Want Ads Pay. his other declaration three no trump, and SLUGGISH FEELING "J have used Tliedford's Black- Draught otr and on for twenty-five years," writes Mr. Davo Slewart, o[ 1912 K. ?ml St., Austin Texas. "They used my father's by either the ace Imnio for muny >v:us a!i.i it was our a four-card major s c »«al tiuillj- mc-aiciiie. 1 "Sly lioalUi w.ia snn.l. ami Hut Is about all I evt-r lorjli. I uscrt It for enusllpatlon and bilious sick IIKUI- f.clios. It Is :; fine medicine to lake wiion a Inan gets up In Ihe morTitnij feeling uull c.rnl bl'j^Klsli. Aflcr a courao of it T frel fnic. it ii.1.4 tlie system of :>ol:,oa wtiii;h couu-s troiu cou- Bllpatiun." THEDFOKD'S r-ff- ~ Sold by dniESistB. 55^ paclcasc. Jcnf-Rolaiul Floyd A. White Old Pulisli Buok Interesting '< MILWAUKEE, Wis., (UPJ — i What is believed to be the oldest, Polish literary work in the United Slates Is owned by ihe Marquctti'! University library here. It is a! volume printed in' 1050^ cental!)- 1 , ins Polish lioniilfes and'"counsels, written by an archbishop of Ones- en, and printed in hand'set type. a -esbatc on the 'dubject: ':Resolv- w - M- meet lonighi at tho or Mrs.'jx>:i here Monday. W. D. Ciiamfclm III is ill Tl:oro is more'' copper in the United States five-cent piece than is in the penny. ^''^ ITS WHERE YOU CAN "•••:. ^W" •*;</?' •'•"A* *a> Substantial Sums on Eaaloi- Dresses, Hats . and dual*, all GiiaraHtced J931 Styles Sale Starts Wednesday Featuring Faur Groups Dresses 810.00 Dresses al §6.95 '$16.50 lo §19.50 a l si0.9o 825.00 lo §29.51) ul S.I6.95 $35.00 lo 839.50 al 822.95 HATS 38.50 and $10.50 Hals only 85 85.00 and $6.50 Hals only 82.95 One Special Lot al $1.00 COATS One Lol. 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