The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1944
Page 6
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' PAGE ' BTVMHEVlLIifc CAM;) GOUKIElt NEWS TUESDAY, APIUI'/18j 10-14 BETTER HOMES Postwar Homes To Be Improved Will Be Similar To Bests Pte-War Models, Buildings, Expert Says "Many implements will- be made In interiors - and exteriors of post-war houses, adding more value and comfort to homes of all price classes but don't look for- mi- racles.'Vadvises tr V. Kaeppel,, Edr itor of Practical Builder, magazine, This Is not alone the opinion of Practical Builder, but Is: based upon' talks- with the nation's 1 leading builders and with manufacturers as well," Mr, Kaeppel points 'Double' Size Of Home By Using Few Furnishings and Monotoned Background out; "What will the outside of. the post-war house look l(ke' Builders expect little change Good prewar design with simple lines and conservative decoration will continue to be populai. More one story houses, parti'cularly'of modern lines like the. California and Florida tjpes of architecture, will be built The desire for: a> rambling housf will lead-, to-larger.lots. More at tention will be paid to the setting of tlie house on the site, and' there will lie more careful' planning o communities with business . alii recreational centers "It Is in the inside of the house where most of the improvement will .Be".noticed." according -to Mr, KaeppelV "Kitchens will be larger with definite dining space where the cost of the house permits it. More storage space with work centers carefully planned and with more and belter mechanical and electrical servants will, make the ? kitchen; a delightful place In which to work. The dining room will shrink'-or merge with. the living room which will hnvo built-in niches and* nooks, as will the bedroom with window seats and-cabinets, and larger and more, completely ' fitted' closets." "What of the heating system?' Mr. kaeppel-: was asked. He believes that heating will be completely autonfntlc and: fore efficient am economical. Humidified and filtered air -• provided by a winter air- conditioning, system . will be common, but summer air-conditioning will still be a promise rathen tbar an actuality UVmost homes. Panel or radiant.heating will be used to some extent. "Most, people probably have-given little consideration to what promises to be the life-line of. the house of tomorrow By that I mean the electrical wiring system wilh outlets^ to handle the many electrical", appliances which will farm a whole retinue of. servants aitei the uar. Every home b':yer shoulr be sure 4 lhat the system: Is- nde- quate:tp meei present and future needs:' "Homes of Amcrica : have-showi progressive improvement over th shouldibe made, between the houses of 1922 and of 1942, as much.progV ress. i'ould.-beT.observed :as- in automobiles of-these same years. And,' just as progress'has been recorded in the past, so will it be .recorded In the homes of tomorrow," Mr. Kaeppel concludes. Biv ROSKI.LKN CAI.LAHAN NBA Staff Writer NEW YORK—If you are planning lo furnish ft' new home, nsk yourself, "How liltle caiv I buy?" Thai advice, strangely, conies from n man who is interested In selling furniture: He is T. M. nbisjohn-Glbblngs, Interior decorator, furniture designer and author. "Tills Is especially true if your apartment or house is smal)," the tall, blbrid Englishman' adds. "Too many poncleroiu> ; pieces and too many pictures cut down the si7£ of a room. Rather, select, a few well-made,- simply designed contemporary things. "The trouble with most furniture which manufacturers have been turning out," Glbblnas says bluntly 'iii his'recently published'expose on 'antiques "Goo'dby, Mr. Chippendale," "Is that they arc cheap copies of had .antiques." • :< Furniture must,'be democratic, in- 'slsU' tilts 'decorator who has dona •ttic interiors 'of' ninny a multi-mtl- illpntlire's home: ''There should not be any class distinction In architecture' nor furniture. Good- de-sign 'must be made available to all, •whelncr people 1 have 1 a few hundred dollars or unlimited funds with .which to furnish a home. And thai •is-what; I : propose to do," he•omplia- slbed by thumping his fist on a >lond wood table, one of the sev- eral'expandable pieces he has designed for compact, post-war homes Gibbings works only with woods, the color and grain which, he believes are,-lovely and .hteresting enough In .-themselves ; to fe kepu In tltoir. natural state. Gom- Blnedi with • upholstery Iii bright sunlit- yellows, warm reds and cool greens, he finds llley give rooms Olemon Stevens Buys Bungalow On West Main Mr. ami Mis, Coleinnn Stevens hnve ]><l the white stucco [nmgnlow at 1313 West Mnin from Mrs. F. I.cyscr. formerly tlic Milton Stcrnberg attractive one story recently rcdecorateii. (lie was homo, house Features of the seven room house Include nutonmtic oil hcnl. Mi-, nncl Airs. Stevens plan to occupy tlieir new home (he latter part of May. LOOKING AHEM W OEOIIGI t UNION Free to live our lives In any honorable manner, and ciulck to' learn from ench other, the families of America are growing more alike in habit's and in alms. Meanwhile living standards rise and American culture advances far beyond that of from transplanting foreign problems In Ainorjca. As we arc situated now, we can assist people everywhere and It is our duty. But the surest way to make America useless at home and abroad is to pollute our free air wilh philosophies that the GRAFTED STOCK Pride of race is something Amo-, old-world races. They are cramped; founders of this free country ^meaningless restraints and crip- *pecll;cally _exch,<led. pled by unprofitable disputes about] matters that seem, quite obscure anywhere else -For several specific reasons." Nothing could be more deadly to the American way of life, no plague more completely blighting to do,- improvements 'Ate Made , To Chester NabersHome Recently redecorated, the Cheser Nabcrs home at 1016 West valnnt street, now features n- iiarble fireplace and an enlarged ivlng room with the removal of, in Lirchwny separating the living •obm and dining room, The Interior of the house has jecn painted and the hardwood floor refinishcd- throughout. Walls, nics am! drapes al|iofahc;>inicJJackero}irulj;()]or add to the siraciousness of this room;. :•'• :':'r^..' I..':.*.!'.' ~"'!!~ '.'.".7.... When planning your rooms, he Anil just as one room adds to advises, select one neutral tone for .the'.size'of the oilier, Gibbings has the background —walls, rug and discovered. Hint tlic grounds sur- drapcs—and one bright color for rounding, the house can often be furniture upholstery. Think of the usc< i [ 0 the same advantnt!0. Whei background color r.s a canvas the i lc finds a living room looks out on suggests white, gray; pale ycllov; . ,' f , , th , s . ,. b la i.i..- v I., ,..l,inK rt rlrl ft\nii? rtl r/Mftr * _ _D - . '. ,_ rlca has never developed to a hiijh Mr. Lincoln says, "it docs not seem degree because It is peopled with p! -obable that tho United States so many different races. Just the will, finally succumb to subversive same, Americans have every right mriucnces which have been exert- to pride in fine heritage. Eclniond . | n g themselves from abroad." Seek- E. Lincoln recently put it in a few | n g religious liberty, economic words. He said "America has been, rights and political freedom, the j developed 'by the most courageous, I pioneers, of America fled Europe industrious and honorable peoples ^ jj pen use even then they could sec, of the earth. We have built up at least, dimly, calamities that later from the best of the best foreign | came upon it. They quit all Euro- countries." | pcan classes and became individ- Some people have come to the uals. mocracy as \ve- understand it the United Stales than a dominantly strong centralized government. Tt l.s completely foreign to American ideals. Permitted to run its course unrestrained It will choke out our freedom, our prosperity and, finally our ambition. Cord-Age. Aid By NliA Service airy cheerfulness suitable to modern architecture. But; he- cautions, tills type of furniture calls for neutral backgrounds. pale of and es ; to Jom- right cool is an dern tills ntral or blue) to which add spots of color with n bright chair here, a divan there and so on. as you would in painting a picture. "And just see how the •mono- toned background udds to the sl?.e of the house," Gibbings promises. "The smaller; the house the better the principle works," he added, "for when there is no conscious division of rooms, one seems to add. to the size of the other." Calls Reaf Estate around'.' it: No heavy drapes cut oil the sunshine or' view. The roo'm's color scheme repents the soft greens of vines' and 1 trees and brilliant ; flower shades, so that both are part of a whole. j "You'll never feel hcmm-d in iWhcn such'ii picture 'hangs' from your wall," Gibbings says, "for it gives you the freedom of all uut- doors." ; of capital a«;ets the gains were subject to a limited tax and the deductions for losses strictly limited Uefore capital Best Hec/ge Against Inflation Mortgage bankers holding a- bu- ably bright. ; ondltions-clinicinNCw York , -i have n- ... - , J .^ „..„.„,.. •k; were'mrormed that "In- I slbilltics of extensive retail trade ll]e C0 urse'of his business .The Hcv- alrcndy- is here in 1 -modified 'for si period of years after-tile'war,; A'ct-of" 1938'added'a provision nd: will' become more acute but the business may not- be -re-1 C j. c | m | m ., from, the definition ol 'slhess-conditions-clinicin NCw Vbrkj, "i have no doubts about the pos- last week; 'f la lion ornv and — ... . ...but not,dangerously, so. Real estate fleeted to any great exlent in is-the best hedge against inflation." , rentals of retail store properties. 1938, all real estate was assets, excepting real estate constituting, the taxpayer's stock hi trade' ' or inventoriable property, or held- by Hie taxpayer primarily for sale- lo customers in roper ^ This' statement was made to the nortgage men by Charles P. Noycs, a New York real, estate man, who went on lo'dcelavc that "never has there been opportunity, to purchase choice real' estate in urban cities as exists today and never In lifetime will suc:i opportunities reoccur." Taxes Being Reduced Increased cost, of going business, competition,, the increasingly important factor of Federal income taxes and, perhaps, regulation, will' icd this situation 1 !)}' excluding'from all tend to put a brnke on increas-jthe category of capital assets al' cd rentals of storc space. .•"• . (real property .iised" in the trade o: Situations Remedied: "The Revenue Act oM342 remed- Dnndnge the fraying outer cover if an electrical cord with friction ape to keep a slight injury from becoming an open "wound" that nay blow out a fuse and ruin the covd. Worse than that, exposed wire. 1 can cause a fire or give you a bad wrap , the spot you would an in- To bandage; spirally, just as jurcd finger, beginning below the sensitive area and overlapping one fold of the tape over the other until you arc well past it. .. To keep cords from splitting and 'fraying, don't yank them from the wall socket, pull them out by th plug; Imng after using so that the; don't twist and kifot. United States who did us no good. Mr. Lincoln does not dispute that. He makes it plain, however, that all of America's early settlers arid most'of. the immigrants who came later, so different outwardly, were a lot alike Inside; and in important ways. They were brave, honest, hard-working. God-fearing folk-. All Ihey lacked v,-as to get used- to one I another, and that has largely been done. LoBk at Results i Products of hard work- and lion-1 esty, so valuable to individuals,' give strength to nations' according- j ly. Half the people liv America own | the homes in which they live. That's] ational- stability. More than one erson 'out of five in this country as a savings account in the-b'ank. ne American in 14 shares ill some orporaiion and 68 million (more wii half of us) have insurance, 'one of these things could be said nithfulty of any other country on arth. And how we do get around! Our ntire 135 million population, could lave sat down at once o.uite com- ortably on the 1 upholstered seals f nearly 30 million • passenger au- omobiles that were licensed in the United States in 1041. Where every- lody who works can make progress; vhere those who arc really capable :an achieve wealth and influence, >ride in doing things is gradually leveloping a tradition that [hakes .Sunshine City Prospers ST. PETKiiSnURG. Fin. (U.P.) —More vacationers basked in St. Petersburg's .sunshine this winter thfcn ever before, city officials report. Thousands who were crowded out of their usual while" habitats by war workers and servicemen Keep Our Culluto Having spent eleven years in other lands, I am glad I am an American and 1 could never advocate ignoring, the rest of the world. But tool; advantage of the ancient city's no isolationist could be farther than t beaches. sales ol such properties shall b .considered PS gains from the sal of capital assets. "The it-suit of lliis amendment i to make losses from sales or ex changes of such real estate deduc "J*ui_ , ;..uti~ i:.«:*:..]. *U' m .''+A I til although few realize it, real estate taxes are being gradually reduced: jears. In fact,' if a comparison' Frederick J." EUerle, president of "'" "' - ••• the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., declared at the New York conference that' the postwar future Mr. Noyes also pointed, out Hint I from the standpoint of taxes. The Laurence ; '•'Arnold Tahzer, New business and:'held for more; • (nan "tiblc liv'full, while limiting the:'ta fork lawyer declared that real-six months, including both land and on gains from such, sales or ex •state'(odav'offers many substnn-| buildings, but at the same time''changes to a maximum of 25 per tnl advantages to the investor roviding that the net gains from . : cnt;" Til Americans feel the fusion of an American race. Our O\m Stamlartls Tn America we are short oh heraldry bul we are long on bathtubs most striking illustration of this,, ho pointed out. is the preferred position accorded real estate holders by the Federal revenue laws in relation to the position of real estate as a capilal asset. for retail store properties is reason- 1 Formerly in the sale or exchange Daylight For Dark Closets Glass In many forms will lie used -.far more generously, in. the homes: built sfler the war. Windows,' many of them of the picture type, mil be larger. Mirrors will gi\e rooms an appearance of spaciousness. Glass blocks, which transmit light without being transparent, will be used to bring light Into parts of' the house which now normally hid themselves in darkness -For example, .they will, be set into foundations above grade 'to liglit basements and in outside \\alls of closets Think of a closet with an outside v,all'of glass block which allows 'daylight to stream in. What a joy to^open' the door and see the closet bright with light'. No fumbling around in murky shadr ous Jo find the rigHt dress and shoes to match And no' worries about moths, for these little pests like darkness for their nafarious- work. .SI'lX'IAI.fKT'rt (;HI,HC;L:L I'sc formula sen us l.y TJiornlou fc inner f.'llnj,'. Hi.-lk-rcs ivain, Hi-ljlli^. KOrtiiPss QUICK! Then l to Klirlnk KU[,liin^; M'flrn*. Ci-t *!.00 (Hb, iTliurnu.u'& Mji'or'K !:<•« t;i! Oinhm-nl. Of PC •niorulmi .'i Minor tt<vl;il Sii;>ii»s!t(iri,.s. <,nl>J i . Ton- cents more. Tr)- DOOTOl'.S' wnr TODA1' At all good drug-stores everywhere —in Blytheville. at Kirhy Drug HEALTH Islhe First Step to HAPPINESS RASH Soothe, cool, relievo diaper rash—often pret vent it with' MeiSAna.,1 the astringent m«licnte*P | powder. Get Meisa HEMILTONE SOYA PROTEIN PASTE PAINT Buy Your. Enough To Paint Average Size Room For Only— 1 Gal. Paste Makes 1V 2 Gal. of Paint SL/PPLJK FROM THE MAN! WHO) KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. w ^ PETE IS THE WEI Quart 70$ ror \jniy — $ 2-40 Gal. Gi*ck Ikete £*ha Value • No'atlftr odor.— even in d»mp *. Usually, coven in one coal"— no ipblj — no bruih marks. • Mixes qulcVly — ready to brmh in a few minules, » Go«s on like ."Gooie Greaia".- won't lire your armi. Driei lo loy<h in 30' minuki = try it! ^ Won'l.rub offi- today) I6m»r-. low, or a year from now.' Ofiani quickly and Basil/! Goej on new or old pts)t«rv,ilfi- out jitmg or priming.' Budget Your Time To *•" Include E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service EVERYBODY KNOWS that good health is essential to the happiness of every member of your family. It is also conceded that the daili/ bather is healthier than the occasional bather . . . and more alert! EACH DAY as f/or/r hath cleanses and refreshes l/ou, it relaxes nerve strain . . . revives spirits . . • helps condition you against changeable weather. Had your health bath yet today? *-^C^^^ Daily Baths Make You Feel Kcttcr —and others notice it, admiringly! Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" a ROOF THAT The durability of a roof is something you pay (or on faith... based on the reputation ol the manufacturer for using quality materials and first class workmanship. Ruberoid has such a reputation for Ru- beroid Roofs have given 25-30 and oven 35 years of service. Let us show you the beautiful colois, textures and chapes of the many types of Ruberoid Asphalt Shingles. Select the kind Genuine- RU'MOID J^M SfNNfrHS Delta Lumber Co Blythcville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard 204 N. Second . Phone 497 7. ONE COAT COVERS MOST WALLPAPERS 2. APPLIES EASILY 3. DRIES IN ONE HOUR 4. MIXES' WITH WATER 5. WASHABLE SMART BORDERS for PAINTED ROOMS ROLL IT ON WITH A ROLLER VARNISH for FLOORS « FURNITURE • WOODWORK SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Bciutificsand ptotccts.Rcsists cliipping.scuflingandsctatch* ing. Will not turn .white.'

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