The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1948
Page 11
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THtJUSDAY, MARCH 88, 1941 BLITHE V1LLH (ARK.)' COURIER IfBWI PACT KLJOTK Coal Strike May Force Power Cut Renewal of Wartime 'Brownout' Seen if Walkout Not Stilled »y Chirl« H. Herrold Unit** Frew SUIf Corrnpandnt WASHINGTON, M&rch 25, <UP> -A prolonged co«l strike m»y force Lhe nation to adopt • modified mslon of the »'arlim» electricity •brownout," the Federal Power Commission said today. A spokesman said the commb- i!ac IB "studying available data" o'.^oal .stocks held by electric power companies 'to determine when tmergency st«ps may be necessary. ' "If the strike continues," he said. "we will have to do like we dirt last time." The Federal Power Commission luthoriied state public utility commissions to order "brownouts" during the 5»-day coal strike in 1946. The new "brownout." if it comes, would Involve limiting the number of hours power may be used for commercial purposes, and perhaps tutting out, some street lights. Tlie National Association of Electric Companies said some small concerns may be forced to curtail their output very soon because of a shortage of coal. The association said, however, that' most companies probably will be able to hold out for another two weeks. ' To Use Taft-Hariley Act The government's chief weapon In the ll-day-o!d soft coal walkout is a Tail-Hartley law injunction. President Truman's three - man board of inquiry will begin studying the issues in the pension dispute lomorrow and will report to the White House by April 5. If the strike has not ended that time, the government can seefc. an immediate injunction to force John L. Lewis' 400.000 miners back to work. However. Lewis may seek to fight the injunction in court.. Thin could stretch the strike well beyond April 5, In an attempt to offset the effects of the strike, the government already has ordered 25 per cent cl^^cles in railroad passenger and [tflffhL service using coal-burning engines. And it has banned coal exports to Europe. The freight reduction was announced by the Interstate Commerce commission last night. It becomes effective next Tuesday mid- riight and will continue for Dining Lodge for Methodist Church Sen. Bridges Hits Diplomacy Toward Russia WASHINGTON, Mar. 25. (UP) — A Senit« Republican leader yesterday nharply crltlclwd both R*mih- llcans and Democrat* for "soap bubble diplomacy" to»»rd Russia. Sen. styles Brkiges of N<v Hampshire said the united Stales' pwt- war foreign policy has been "Indecisive and VAccilallng" and now threatens the nation's military se- First of the buildings proposed for construction at the newly acquired iM-acre tile for « Methodist Youth Camp at Wayland Springs, near Imboden, is shown above. It is a dining hall lo be erected of stone and concrete at a cost of approximately tJ.OOO. The camp will be under the con* trol of a board of trustees and will serve tile Jonesboro, Paragould and Batesville districts of the Methodist Church, A financial drive ii under way to obtain $20.000 to complete the camp and plans for. three encampments by district youth roups have been made. The first camp will open .July 5 nd continue through the 16th and will be for young people of the church in the Bate.sville District. The second session for youth In Ins Paragotild District will be July 1930, »nrt the third, for the Jonesboro district, August 4-H. The campers for the first periods will be housed In tents, but electric and water facilities are expected to be ready by that time and an access ro?jd constructed from the highway to the camp site. Forty acres were donated by Sloan Rainwater of Imboden for the camp site and an additional 100 acres was purchased to permit planning for a larger project. curtly. In a full dress foreign policy speech delivered on the Senate floor the New called for 17-polnt program of military »nd economic mobilization to meet what he described as a Soviet world "conspiracy." Few Alternatives In Aid to Europe Dakoton Say« U.S. Must Approve ERP Or Fight Russians WASHINGTON, March «. (UP) —Rep. Karl E. Mundt. R., S. D., «ald yesterday the nlicriifttivri lo the European recovery program are to declare war on Uuuln or withdraw •upport«r«," ffi. J«m«i r, Richard*, D,, ft. O., ••let Spuln could iet BRP benefit* if the agreed lo accept th« prtn- cjplm ei lh« program. w would fly te<l»jr v> hli hom», B Jorado, Ark,, to remain through Sunday. Congressman to Fly Home for Brief Visit WASHINGTON, M«r, Rep. den Harrin, D., M, (UP) — Ark., Ml<t tnllrply from F.mope. Both couisrs, he said, are futile. Mundt S(wke as Ihe liousn debal- Hampshlre Republican | rd the K,205,000,000 "single pack- Immediate adoption of ag«" foreign iiid bill. The measure Include* t5.300.000,000 for the European recovery program. "As [ se« li, the recovery program is one aspect of what can bf> U. S. Air Force Again Seeking Unmarried Men WASHINGTON, March 35. (UP) —The Air Force announced today has resumed unlimited recruiting of unmarried men. The Air Force stopped enliKtmenta at the end of February when its enlisted strength approached the 3)2,(00-man ' ceiling recommended in President Truman's fiscal 19*J9 budget (o Congress. i The fiscal 1948 budiet provided for a 337,000-man celling. The Air Force said it now plans to use this authorisation to build up iU ranks againsi anticipated separations. Other sources said the Air Force WRS acting in anticipation of 'expansion from a M to a 70-group Air Force under a proposed major ex 7 panslon In the defense budget. This expansion, if approved by Congress, would raise the strength of the Ail- Force to .101.000 men. The air force said married tnen will b« accepted if.they quality for assignment in the upper three grades or If they are Air Force veterans re-enlisting within 90 days of discharge. The Air Force still is demanding an Intelligence test score of W and high physical qualifications. Tennessee Bank Robbers Get Long Prison Terms month unle-ss otherwise ordered oy the commission. The cutback will save an estimated 35.000 tons of coal a day. according to the Asso- one i ciation of American Railroads, NASHVILLK. Te,m., Mar. 25.— (UP)— Two hank robbers .and their woman companion knew loclay that justice could move swiftly. Trie three pleaded guilty yesterday and were sentenced only eight days alter the Bank of Goodlettsville, U miles north of here, was held up and robber of more than $7.000. 'Hie two men. Andrew Motes and Charles Craig, both of Flint, Mich., each received prison and workhouse sentences totalling 71 years, plus a $50 fine, on charges BrldRos Is chairman of Senate Appropriations Committee. His program included Immediate, registration of all conimunisU In the United States; ousting on orders of the FBI of federal officials wlio »re bad security risks: fortification of American overseas bases; mobilization of manpower to the full authorized military strength, and an Increase in ground, sea and air forces. Bridges dcclnred that former Secretaries of Slate Cordell Hull, Edward Sletllnlus and James P. Byrnes "fnlled dismally" In meeting (he challenge of Russian political aggression. Bridges delivered Ills criticism amid Indications of new changes In American foreign policy. Many dramatic revisions, In some cases reversal and abandonment of previous American stands, have been made. Secretary of stale George O. Marshall was called before a closed session of Hie Senate Foreign Relations to explain the recent changes nnd the present slate of the; world. , ' Bridges urged that U. S. x recov-' ery am be confined to those nations who "Publicly align themselves with the United Stales," and that thai aid Include weapons for those opposing aggression. . rome « coherent and comprehensive lorclRii policy," Mundt snld. Muiull said, however. Hint only If it is accompanied by "collateral action" can the program succeed Jn stemming Communism and keeping Ihe pence. Mundl demanded that the government halt .shipments ot war material to Russia and restrict visas lor iliis-slan citizens to tlie number allowed by Russia lo Americans. "The President nnd Ihe secretary of .slate have been talking toiipli lo Congress," Mundt said, "but, they persist. In a pansy-like altitude in their Internationa', dealings." Rep. Alvin E. O'Konski. n., WIs . said he would offer an amendment to make Spiiin eligible for assistance under ERP. Rep. E. E, Cox, D., Oa., said !ie would support O'Konski's proposal, He said Spain had not been Included "as a concession by the ndmln- islrntion to Henry. Wallace and his PILES TROUBLE? or Quick Relief noN-r nr.i.AY ANT T.o>,r.Emi N... . tlortciri roJtmilft you TAM \i\* at hem* Im r.ll.v. ,UM,,,.1,1, rtl.romforl ,<£"„_ llch— Irtlutlot, rtu. !„ p[|.,, T>n V, fV.",. n .nil .htlliK •••Ulni. IJu ll,u .mv» nelnr. lormllU. Tnu'll >• ImiiM it II. <1y «rHor\ rellil. Aik your Aruitl»t or Thornton A Minn,'. n»e,.| "r!" r Burpoiltorlex. Follow lih»l | n . a., I'M M!> n .n Aru, MMM. "A«y fo of bank robbery and car theft and two charges of assault. The woman, Geraldlne Moriselli. Detroit, was sentenced to one-to- ive years In prison as an accessory. She admitted "casing" the >ank for the robbery. Similar chnr- ges ngainst another woman, Betty Bonkowskl. was not ncted upon by Judge Charles Gilbert. In the Spring v, a young girl's fancy turns to FRESH, NEW Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights When iHtarctirnf kidney funcllon rermlla IKit.wnou* mntter to remain In ynur Clood, It ( m»yc*UJ«xtaEglnKbacV *c\te. rheu mnl EC palm, , leff patnj, Tots of p«p r\n<I eneriry, jj«ttinif up 1 night*, flWtUin?. purTinoi xiniler Irit tyt*. . heailmchf* jincl dltiinesi. Frrtiuent or irnnty piLAKaK«s ivitti sinartlne »ml liurnlnic aonie- 1 LImt8 ihowa th«re Ii. *om«Lhlnjf wrong with yo\ir Wtlneya or Wnitilfr. Don't wnltt Aik yourdmtitlut for Oo»n'« Pills, * illmttlant i)Iur*Hc, \i>ed *ncc**d[iil!r >iy ni{]Hr>ni for over 60 yean. Drun'a clr« hoprr reHrf and will help the 16 mllea of ktctney t»b« fluih out pnlRonaua WtlU from I your blood. Get Doan'a PiiU- ' TAKES REAL BLOOD WwTiid Fitl Dru* Dutlu Ful T.rU AplHt PtpUit Rtsistanct Liw Blond !• lha foix« of lift, Blood hi *aiy for proper function of your nrfina arv • II bodily Action*, B1oo4 carrl** **«*f\tla mhsianrw to cvrry txwir; And ih« IIfr - yaur risi bloort eeUt It only about .W i. for a noriTial Wi'ion and intJ*l h« ftf>l*c* Al N rail of •noul nna billion riv> hnndr«< million rtri blood cr\\» riitly. Without ynur jirnr^r. wd Wood cHI rounl It li no wonder you rnn >uffer vxKauillcxx from »tmpt« • txniJii. look oM«- and afelnf, lirV normal hrl»k \l(or unrl pep, h»v* no appetK*, 1«f] 1101 rlbly nrrvoui, wor;k*d, n*j[!»ct 4utl««, Rinl In a woiYiBn'ii rat*, UrV thai "lull lil.vorkxl" looklur »p«rkl» and vim lhat ron- lilt)ii[« to bfatily. To help Ihli problvm, KckiR-e !iJi» fonnilUl^l tli* ^rmdcidil Sp*r- lon 'I'AliioU. ITin* lableli ait cnnceiitrain! whnle pure bovln* blood (from »e!«ct«1 cowi and Ijiilli) contvnlrMtd ilKloon*, plui • full mMIrM tlnw of Iron. 5p*rton« ar* p!*«i«nl and K'" 1 In "t>rk lmnvHliat«9v< Oourlw Newi W»Jit A*. LTWf, hour*, OIar«nM »nd hl« ion 72, became f*th«fv at Lynn In Service-In Attitud-ln Standards 70 YEAR OLD MAN SAYS W.r.L*. (Chleato) Wrllw, "I am only loo [>>AICI| to rccommtrd Sp*rton Tab- loin. I drrlvtd mof* «ntrty ind ff-f from IliriTK and not, f**ltnj tn llrM it Ilifl ffiil ct lh« day. Th#y certainly ^t\»- Htrd tnt In iuppl^ny 1ncr«»*d witrgy." OUT u r OF 10 F E R Atmoat 7 exit of ICtulftr at ont tlm« or «nol,nr fiom Uric nl btoM butMlnf m*Irrlili. .Vt, Hhen your red Wood c*U rounl U tow Irom tht nviltAtlDnal n**A oC Sparlnn T*,hl«-Lji, Spirior Tablet* ar* )tiiAranle«d lo aal- Isfy you In 3 <lay« or mnncv buck. Ymir rtoc lor cnn IrH you. No malt«r whit you'v* \r\tA. try RpArlon loilajAt Wood" Dnlg »t»r» Mull Ordera flllad , C.&W. CLEANERS Phone 3747 People have (old UK fr«|u*ntly ill at one of the thing* (hey tiki about C. & W. cleftnirtK U that the results are alwayR good. 'i'liHt's no accident, for we '!*•- lieve In stability and strive enn- stsnlly t» main(ain quality and service you can depend upon. It's In' our interest, too — H , brings you back again «ni again 1 Pick Up and Delivery Seryic* 300 South Division FASHIONS PACEMAKER-with a new kind of pull , Tiered skirt... high fashion tt»: tureonasmart cotton froclc. Whits eyelet trim. Blue, maize, pink. 7-14, * 1*8 to J98 Gibson Girl House...» charming adaptation for joung girls. White (dlton with Wack bow h>. 7-14. |98 Full circular skirl of smooth rayon ' gabardine *itVi felt tulip border motif. Pastel shade*, Size* 7 to 14. 298 INQUIRE AEOUT WARDS MONTHtT PAYMENT PIAN T AKE a nearchinfi look beneath the smart lines of this brawny traveler and you'll meet up with things you'll itch to get your hands on. For this is the Buick RoAHMASTnn, biggest of all tbe Buicks and lively as few cars of its inches are. ; • Ihit hro?d, stretching bonnet is packed to the brim with brilliant Fireball power — up to ISO hp. of it. It is velvety smooth power, too, made cushiony »nd quid by Buick's new Hi-Poised engine mountings that smollier vibra build-up and make engine sensation tually imperceptible. It is power in beautiful balance with ride- steadying roadweight — power so great that with all Ihe bulk and size of this eighteen' foot beauty, it is one of the liveliest performers on the road, a giant obedient 'and gentle even under t woman's light touch. lhere'» the room here of three-person »««ts — the traveling quiet of Sound-Sorher top lining — the soft, easy itridc of all-coil tion vir- springing and over-size low-preciure tirea on extra wide rims. There's the pace-making style of a long and graceful carriage ao instantly spotted, so distinguished in every detail, that it needs no name plate to identify it unfailingly. /Vnd with all this, here is the only car in the world in which you can get Buick's wonderful new Dynaflow Drive.* Only in RoAt>MASTKH can you get the utter smoothness, the quick, easy getaway, the silken flexibility of Dynaflow, the drive in which liquid replaces both the clutch and the usual low-sccond-high gear tequence of the conventional transmission. Obviously, for a pace-making buy, the smart move is to see your Buick deafer — with or without a car to trade—(turf get your order in. WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT DYNAFLOW DRIVE*? To an *ff\ci< «dd*d • tru charging ait new pump (f«ft obov*), turbtn* (righlj ond on i mbl/ (In hand) which produc* • tw^ I and o««l*mfinfl. Tk* i n paiteng«r cor vhich t borh tht clutch end rh« UMO| \vw, ng*rvl«u» n«w Wp**> action In »1at on on/ Am Ihe fundlor high geari. fh* clulch pedal U •limlnot*d mrnl • itmftu •»n»r»l givfli you manuof ]«l4«!idn of pavrtr rong*i *0fti9naf at extra («tl tn In HlWff JJAtlOK, Milui.1 •I, Moorfoyj onrf frirfayi BUICK alone k<n tiff fas* Aaiufes * DYNAfLOW DtlVf r(V«—<, m~*~,.»«.., * T/««*-TH»U SmfNG * VltKA-iHIlLDID HID* * RIGID 70*001 TUM * KOAD-HITl tAlANCI * DUOMATIC SfAfK ADVANCf * JAFf ir-*IC! fJMt * QUADKUfltX C0«t JMINCfM* * f itx-rrr on nfwci * HI-KMUO HHHAIL rowt R * iOUNO-SO*SIH rOf LINING ,J— — .w-_.-) * TIN 5MAKT MODI'S * tOOY »Y flSHl* llV^/7 better automobt'ci are built BUICK will build them HUP AMERICA PRODUCE rOR PEACE-TURN IN YOUR SCRAP IRON AND STEEL UNGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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