The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 7
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FRlpAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1088 BIA'THEVILLB (ARtf.) CQUR1KR NEWS Mosses were the'; first plants to irow successfully on land ' ' „ J. C. EVANS Box &H " Blylhfville, Ark. HanilHon IXposltorj Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED \VJTHOUT SUI$GBRY & 8if«, info »nd with leas dlKMtfort. find condhiorn of neryio* ortfln, «nd ikli canctrt Irt-»it4 «Bd ft our cUnJc. DRS. (Hltopjithlo rumc n OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per llnsi lor consecu- l}ve irisertUms: Pnp tlDie per line lOc Iwo times per Uue per day ...OSc ftiree Umes per line p«r day ..CXic Kx times per line per day ....05o Konth rate per line 60o ^irds of Thankc ,50c & 15c Minimum charge Me • Ads ordered for tlirce or six I times and stopped before cxplra ^>& will be charged, for the nuni- •te For Help Wanted 3 room unfurnished, Utilities ' furnished. 900 W. Walnut. i room house and balli. Vacant 1 1^111$ March 1st. Call 269. 9-ck-lG ' apartntcrd. WILL PAY STRAIGHT- SALARY Reasonable.' $35.00 nor week, man or. .woman 11-pk-ie.wilh unto/sell poultry mixture to • 1 farmers. Eurekn Mfg. Co., East fit. 75 acres ncw-clearci. land 4 miles S.W. Rives, 40 acres old land 3 miles south Dell. W. A. Lewis, Manila ll'l.'l, or Lost, Cane School, 7-j)k-14 times the add appeared and 1 ustnicnt of bill made. All : Classified Advertising copy fljbmlttcd by persons residing out- »ide of the'.clty , Biust bo 'accompanied by caslv. Rates may be lastly computed from above table. ' Advertising ordered for Irregular fserltons takes tlie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken or mote than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Comfortable bedroom adjoining hath. Gentleman only. 713 W. Main, phone 80fi-\V. l-clt-lf FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. Mrs. Ted Green, call 8U-J, 7-ck-H Wanted To Buy 2 small buildings. 10 by 12 or 10 by 14, suitable for painting, ft C. McRce, P. O. villc, Ark. Box 103 Blyllio- ll-pk-15 Business' > Directory 3 or 4 room furnished apartment., rent reasonable to permanent party. 209 W. Kentucky Phone 465-W. 29-ck-2-29 Furnished apartment. Lights and water furnished, Private bath, $3.50 a week. 1601 W. Ash. 29-cktf Batteries SEBV1UE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Ju&Jon'l Hatchery 40 Acres-land. Require stock, feed, tools. D. R. Garner, Armorel. HARRY "BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at fiood I'rices •All Kinds 'S^a Food Fresh Cnippie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones 5-F-4 & 878 ! DUPLEX—3 & 4 room furnished apartments. Private baths, call Coal Sly Coal Is Black Bui I Treat You White. LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Blyllicvillc, Ark. rhonc 101 Radio Service 80. 2(i-Ck-tf Nicely furnished room entering Into bath. Inncrspring mattress Will Give 3 meals a day. Call G36 818 Chickasawbu. ' 25-da-da Baby Chicks HATCHING. Murlly Hatchery, Blytheville, Ark., H.W 61 North, Phone 14a. PUBLIC Lost Green tarpaulin between Wllso and Turrcll. Reward. J. H, man. Call 91V. 11-pk-l Watcher* Spot Illegal Brands At Omaha Pens OM AH A, Nel). <W>-W lie i\ Vi'iM Bill" Hickoch anil "CalnniT y Juno" were fainlllav figures (in lie ulali^s of Nebraska, stock- alscr* In (ho rolling ranges of Ills .state stopped cattlo-nisllin? wllti six-shooters. Today, they con- voT H'ic snrne kiwi' of U'lWVi vllh aii Identification system thai milche.s KBI fingerprint words n completeness. As Ihc bleating, bellowing herds of Ileicforcl.s shuttle down ran- ovciil flic lw;imp Intoxicated. ways Into stockyards liens, "bland pellers" station themselves alonR (lie wooden fences. Tliey cnn spot llegtil overbrands, or Identify any Lilt In al the University of California, has us tin academic, hobby Ihc tfhiiu; ol modern tdlu,ullori9 with (hose of (In 1 iinclcnl world. Hte latest problem has toon lo ivjd out hciv Ihc Incrensliv,; trso of liquor by women WIIH handled In olden linios. nnd he has sucomled. He has brcn able lo iiweilnlii Itiift Hittcnirtis, lawmaker for u Greek colony 111 MHilhorn lluly, provided thai where under oi'dlnury clrciiinslaiu'ra ll\u number |)f ulleu- limits im n lady was limited la one. this cmilil IM Inert'used lo \mi in (he Aillimisll lioiui'.s on oJIcm mcm-nuidu build rafts limy have onr pnii of the hoir.c (ovorlnuiBliig (ho cdso. thus affbrd- lini Ihcnwclvcs nu 'underwater un Irancc. Prs. Wert & Wert Ol'TOMETKISTS Over Joe Isaacs' 6tor* "WE MAKK 'EM SEE" I'liono $40 Furnished bedroom. 622 W. Main. Mrs. McMullins. 22-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom in private home. 115 East Kentucky. 22-ck-tf, 3 room furnished apartment. 108 108 W. Kentucky, Phone 683. 13-ck-U of the llionsiuid markings from tlie state. In Hie Omaha yards, (he "spotters" represent cattlemen from Nebraska, Wyoming, Coloiado 1 Mcntnnn and South Dakota. They arc paid by Ihcir respective state commissions or cattlemen's -.associations. Should a deceptive brand pass through Hip lii.spcp(loi!. or .^liouli| any stolen «r morl-gngcd livestock be sold, the owner can recover Uin sole price of the cattle llnousH Ihe llvcsloek exchange. Nearly (ill (Iveslocl; IraiiKiu'tioiw on the Omaha market—lolaliui; $150.000,OCfl annually —are' mails One pair natural color doc sk >»' "» ord . vS moulh" aprccmcuts. gloves. fiCK-ard for return lo Bllt because of the highlj' dovel- 2-1-0000 ° lle(1 exchange system, a bourtj i specially appointed to nrbllrnlo cl|ilins rarely has a case to try. F.I.KCTKIC A ACETTI.CNE (JOHN WANTED KOYlil'IANS So. JUt. S(. Hlyllicvlllr, Arli. Maiden Grain Co. W. <>. Hooves. Acrid I'liuno 55S WELDING AT BEST PH1CE3 PHOMF1' BEfaVIOB Barksdalc Mfg. Co •' FIIHK INSTRUCTIONS In utcst filyles Knitting "BEKNAi" K NITT1NO . Mrs. Leslie 1100 Chlckncnwba Phono TOD Glass Tlie 2 or 3 room (urn. npls. One '. room apt. upstairs. 914 Hearn. 12-pk-2-12 S A V ~a ' Top Of Yolif Furniture With Glass All designs cut A; finished. C.'LL US Blythcvillr. Print & Wnllnapcr Co Phone BW> 111 s. 2nd Proiessor Finds Women Inybibed Ipng, Long Ago Ptirnished comfortable bedroom. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf One comfortable bedroom. " ' Mrs. Holly. S. S. Bternberg "' 984, 1209 28-ck-2-2 Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cab Ml Hrnnd.1 cf | >Vli»', tiins And t,'utili:ils PHONE 10 Special Prices Arc Nti\v lit'itig OfTcrrd on All Wi«!«r Auto Accessories Vwit our iiuulern m'i'e.ssurie.s si ore. Here you will Iliul everything on display' (« cpahlc you to make easy selections your prlicujrir needs. of NEW PINING ROOM AT UNCLE, BILLIE'S TOyRIST ' 89'llTl CITV I.|M(TS ON i!|ti»\VAY 61 Dlniiii; uooin Ifluslo " Pr|vfite Boptl(S Homo cooltlns Ohil) Brcakfasl j(p(. Dlicult all the Tlmu narbecito narbeeucd ttllw Sandftlcfics CHilckcn Blw.llng Stcaka lltil m\ 6n%«lictll , , Ulni)crt> , l.imchos Drinks , * Pit . OF V Now »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU /IB RON EpWAftllS, fl, '-'tf Heballt Tjpefrrlttri, Addln, Mschlqw ui ' For Sale Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TEKIES ' Hardaway Appliance Co. HKNRY WKRNER Main & 5th -... Phone ' ! Pair clean 4 year old mare mules Acclimated ' and well broken Reasonable. Genp Bradbury, Roseland. Cedar Posts. I2'ic each. Jeff M. Jones, Rt. 2, Smithvillc, Ark. Corn and Alfalfa and Soybean hay. D. R. Garner. Armorel. Personal JEN OLD AT 40| GET PEP. Nev astrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invlgorators and Bother blimiilants. One dose starts na'v pep. Value $1.00. Special price 89u. Call, write Klrby Bros. Drag Store -Volume set of Standard Reference Books vlth loose leaf hinder. Call 239 or 792. ' Found Leather folder with er can have same by paylns cost of this ad. Kirby's Taste/ess CHILL TONIC Contains More Qoininc—More Iron TS« Bewmmflrided Treitmsat lor MALARIAL'CHILLS and FEVEE P FBVEK —AGUE FEVEK At All Kitty Drtu Btorei Black. leather key holder containing one key. Owner can have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High • School. have.Eamt by'paying; cost of this ad. ^ ^Great Opera Star m Answer to Previous Puzzle : . 1 Modern opera 1 star singing In America. • S3 To soak fla.v. 14 Pertaining to the lore. • 5 Sailor. 16 Back of the neck. '.11 To love ':. excessively. '18 Person. ^ Opposed. ;j ' i 20 Skillets. J-' '22 Chair. '.' ii?24 Files. V-\s.vj^ 27Keno. 30 Artifices. 31 Fragile., 32 Ascended,33 Queried. 34 Still. ^ J 3 5 Before. S.W' 36 Right. • J 37 Nole in scale. 49 Sound of ,.-.sorrow, y^ 50To flit.' "'02 Instrument. 53 Duration. i4 To place in line. 55 New star. 56Slie is onCPOt the greatest VERTICAL 2 Goci of war. 3 Corded cloth, '40 Hodgepodge. 4 Level tracts 41 Moist, without 'forests. 5 Enthusiasm.' 6 Bowa 7 Away. 39 Followers of, i of living % 8 Gibbons, a On the lee. Iashion6> : -i ,'\<51 She special- ') 0 Machine < • 44 Dentists' ' izes in''the parts.' instruments.' music of >. " J Light brown. LOR ANGELES (UP) — Dr. Ar T tlnir Patch McKlnlay, professoi- o( FOWLER DRUG CO Tom little Chevrolet Co. YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 2 lib. 2.u: nr 51.15 R'r liartin 24 Hqur Service , H. U. lil, Plione I? Hullaiii), By experienced \mcncuiripere.rt lady. A position as hpusckeepcr. give good rcfejehce. Write P55, Courier fje'ws!:.. 8-pk-14i COBB FUNERAl HOME, f ""f ral In! ' o ALLEY OOP so. 1 HERE VARC RATS, EH? THQIJGHTCHA COULD DE5TROV MV PjlOPERTV on AWAY WITH ALL RIGHT-WE'RE SONK1A TA^E 1HIB UP 1^ COURT eiT GOIW'/ *b foo.s'du F0UWDOIJT WE BUS-TER'HEE. BOOTS AND HPR BUDDIES §10,000 KKWAHD VASH TUBBS [S IT TRUE THW BEL6^ ZM.ITH,\SHE Be CAPTURED, PXVGEN, plJrO(J^ Dwiw6 ri'EuWET DIVED IMTO THEiE SHKRK-iWFESTEO N0T LOCAJED.. THERE'S USE ' WE'LL TO PUERTO RICO. THA.NKS, COWK^VIOEB.. YOUVE SKVED OUg.'OVE&.' " YOU BOYS, , IlECOVERED THE PLMOWKS ^^^o VJIPED OUT OF 'TWENTIETH CEWTUR.V " THREE OF VOU WILL SV^^Ce COfft. 1938 3V HE* SERVICE. INC.' t. M. RES. U. 5. P. A NKKDI-K IN A HAYSTACK FRECKLES AND IH{3 FRIENDS I'M GETTIWC3-ALOWC3 JUST RNE ! ,SO F/\[?,IVE UEAplJED THAT "THE W/STEP-lpUS ' GOT WHp'S. SEWDIUG St>U CHECKS V/ALks TWO LEGS "AMD HAS A FACE .' HAVi£ YOU ^WY.,RECORD OP" 1 HO"// ABOUT OWE . 132.3! DATED PEB.' -AND OK'E $7GS3 DATED FEB.5 ? ASHIERS'CHECK DATE& .DID YOU FIWD'OUT X CANT SAY •THAT I DO .' A LOT OF PEOPLE COME HERE EVEPY AY, AMD A OOP MAK/ NAMED PURCHASED BVA MAW 30, MADE TO SVLVESTER 12 Work of skill.' 16 She is a native qf-r—-.,' 19 One ol her ' favorite roles, -^-n. 21 Maintain^. > .. 23 FOr'age plant, 25 Irish tribal :.' 'society. 1 26 Coin slit.-' : 28 To seize. ^ :-. 29 Row of a -series. 36 Part of? '. "stdir. , •' 38 Lengthwise. 39 Door rugs. 42 Comparison word. " 43 Song for one voice. 44 Measure., 4 5 Company. 46 Black.. 47To wander. 48 To scorcn. 51 Force.

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