The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 8, 1932
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d by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA ST ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHEAST M18SOUB1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •«•« ' ' ' ' VOL. XXIX—NO. I'M Blythevlllo Dally News. Blytlievlllc Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. nlylhcvllle Courier. vrillPVll 1 V A I» If \vcsvo vinn\V nrTmil.' 1 HKVIU.h, AKKA.NbAb, 1- HU)A1 , IK- 1 UIM'. Tmil.'H nflO'lO - 1 UIM'.K (J, lil.lZ ' SINGLE Hroke—No joke! Ac- Little R=vei- Bad Man cusecl of Crime Which Another Confessed. OECEOLA. Ark.. Oct. 8.—Claude "Happy' 1 RMC:.. P3ln>eii county j "bad man", was removed from tlis •• Osccola jail yesterday an: taken | to Harrisburg, where he is to stand trial Monday for Oc slaying of Lawrence Harvey, his step father- in-law, for whose murd:r John' Poole, Poinsetl county farmer an:l j former husband of Harvey's \vitj, Is serving a term in Ills Arkansas penitentiary. Roach, arrested in I/rpantri lust I,. , .. , , , v Hale Jackson c ; -,ief 03-j " 1I( -' nkcus !acc - ma >' . be her Puvycai Often Away F)'.?rn Homf Over Night , MEMPHIS, Ocl. 8. lUI'J—Stan--, 'ley Purycar was often absent from ! ! home owr night <lurin.< Ire year prccuilns I!. > tragedy n! M*y 2j i when Ills vlfc anil llllb daiisiiur I were hacked to death wllh an nx . and IK; in turn killed a m^ro. | i Tills li'slliiioiiy T.IS «lv;n toJay r> 'by Mrs. II. I. Cuv, a n-l-jrbc: -jJ : 'ACUIVIIS 10 I Hie I'unv.irs. She s ild sh: and Mrs. \ ,-H- Sons of Mur.;^^^^;!^^^ 1 IS HiLTl. ! Saturday nle"ts nnil di:l sa marly ; cvsry wwk. Allhoinjh his "'jody." found haii'Mni! from f tree on Siiaun Island, near Luvora. on Hip Mis- sJFsinpi river, is bmhd in an Island grave. Bill Hamnir-v is not dead, desmle the verdlnl of a J coroner's jury. T>iina.s looke'l ba' 1 for two sons of Hummer when thev were ar- "•>5*/:ri this »vcek after the Sury had identified a corpse hnn°lng frnm ji water el'n as that of lln-lr father, so thev gol. busv and nrn- duced an alibi. They found their 011 a charge of complicity in' the -nbduction ot NiglH Marshal Elm^r Womack at Keiser, was voluntarily turned over to the Psinsitt counly b(K , stage stnr hasn't got a cent. And i than n week a»o hv i.uxova besides being broke, she is S'20,000 j Havine- on tlie island in debt, so she has filed a petition | joined to Hie Arkansas which is shore by officials when the murder indictment and an Indictment whic'e ^ _ charged him with complicity in rob- "H!f_IT_l!ll'l.. bcry of the Bank of Harrisburg was returned by the Poinsett county grand jury this week. Killed John Brown Roach, wlio comes from the Little River section near fee border between Mississippi and PoliiEjtt counties, committed his first maj:r crime about three years ago when he shot and killed John Brown, his alleged bootlegging partner, at "Lawrence Harvey's home in a drunken brawl during a dance. I He was tried in circuit court at i Osceolai pleaded sslf and was sentenced to a year In the Ar- !n bankruptcy claiming that the i.. san( j chute, althoin'li ills ''• ,-.-!. n n vr P<;i'IIlllS Re- ODcniii" of Case to Escaro Other Charges. Pressure brought lo tear by agents of Hie stale revenue department through the filing of iicl- lowa Farm Editor Former Oklahoma ator Also Back Candidate I WASIllNCYION, O;-l H (UP) — ; I-YOLIl two pl:bli:jisls. il ful'IHPr .SlHKl- ' tor. and n public ownership udvJ- i cale, Oov. l-'rnnklin I). Hoasovull | has obtained Mipp'ii't In the pabl 1M hours. Three men nix 1 Wall! 1 :- L.lppman, n widely read eultui'ial wrlu-r, Honry A. Wallace. s;m iH President llardlne's secretary of ;i>;:l:iiUiir? and one of the mast wkl-.'ly ri-ad of miililb western fiirm «lllo:s, .ludsnn Kin);, .spokesman for a Kroup !:•.- vorinn p'.ibllc ownership nnd oprra- lion nnil stricter rcqiilnlian oi pubic utilities, Former Scn.itcr Robert Owen, Democi-nt, Oklahoma, who lolled his parly to support I'resl- Si. Lou is. Men Plan Lion Hunt; Humane Society Voices Protest ST. LOUIS, Ocl. a. tUI'i-T!:ei mmiliiK," Wrluhl i-xplaliud. "bill Illinium- society niiil tin: allt:r uy : unly of sinnll name. Y'MI cnn't linn 1 . ' wnr: 1 nil Hull sii>-:-| I i:l-.iy • tl;; KHIIIC In Mi:::inii-|, so 1 derided fnur HI. Louis men nu-.l n 11» .supply .my own cuiarry." to ruin her artistic cereer. j viowd the eruesnnie find last. . fltmdav and so did resic I l'"-h tslnnd and Luxora. il« of Almost " hnd his hndv. Members of his family Ccnvicl Was Strangled Inside Prison Torture Device. kansas penitentiary for manslaughter. ' • .. - He was released after serving a part of ithe term and has since lived In I/jpanto. Deputy Jackson arrested him in Lepanto last spring following the abduction of the Kei- night marshal, which occurred JACKSONVILLE. Fin., Oct. 8 Ing of a case In which an Illinois trunk driver had already been Rc- qullteii and resulted in a plea of guilty to a charue ot evading the state easolinc tax In municipal court (his morning. The drlvev. who so^nt one night and most ot a day in Jail, entered a iilea of guilty to a charge of tax evasion thro'.i'ih his employer and Hint th n failures were attorney. A $25 line was suspended jwith nayment of sn.OO In cosls and | the tax on gasoline brought Into the state In an extra link on ths truck. By this compromise the .-.late dlsml=r?:l a cliarcc of enroling n truck u'iMiont Arkansas license. had become decoin- not clearlv distinguishable. .Iwrv Reel arm Him Oead When Arkansas officers invp«ll- "ntotl thev found thn* tlin Islind ^^ ; os TenncsF^e land aHliot 111 !! s n n- «^ot«H hu t^n rnain nhannel of the Mississippi river from Tennessee. (tip)—The sweat-box at SunbeannThp" called .Tennes. r "p officers. New Ohar^es The driver, Harry Fisher, was nrison camp at -which Arthur! Tennessee officers, including the' freed when tried before Actln' Malfiefert, 19-Viiar-old convict, coroner frnm Rlnlnv. reachi-d l v died,; of strnneulation, lacked twois<Y>ne, A Tennessee iury inves'l- »nd onn half Inches of conformim ] cnftrl -the crime, decided thn» "iM to state regulations, according 1o testimonv t.odav in .the. trial of Hnmmer wns the victim "f han^inEr nnd bn»-i rt r1 hk rxwlt- n soon after the robbery of the Bank j yeiit'n's murder. of Harrisburg. ~ Say He Frajscd of KiHin^ Roach is alleged to have bragged that Pooh was serving sentence for the crime he (Reach) committed, nrd Poinsett officers say they have witnesre.s bv whom th3v'll be able to rjrovs that Roach and not Pj"lL' killed Harvey. No motive for toe crime has been advanced. Roach was once married f Blanche PMle. dangler cf Mrs. Gussie Pole Harvey, and stcn- (iaughter of Lawrence Harvey. Shr is said to bs o;is of ths state's w:t- "CF.;es ajains; Roach. Pool? is believed to have confessed to a cri:ne h° didn't commit in order to save his estranged wife. Mrs. Gu Harvev. who was charged with Uir murder and who was saii to fc- preparing to divorc; Harvey m order that she might re-marry Poalc i guards charged with the [ the tree from which the body had I br.?n swinging. 15.600 Visit Capilnl Tower LINCOLN. Neb. <UP>— The 4sn- foot tower of Nebraska's new sn.- COO.OOO state cac:to! buil:!po visited by Is.CfiO persons durin-' State Fair Week. Ynrfr Cnftftn (l NEW YORK. Oct. Cotton closed steady. 8 (UP) — .Tan Mar May .Til! Opt Dec 6M 7m 120 684 B90 701 657 7211 690 G<)7 F77 CS") RiO G52 6S<) 611 c,m CRC flnlt G54 Spots closed at.665, off 40, quie f)rtennp • NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 8 (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. Own Hteh Low Clow .Inn 694 698 651 fiSS Mar ' 700 708 663 605 May 711 716 675 675 Jill 731 726 684 68? Oct 680 680 648 G40 Dfc 693 694 650 Spots closed at 650, off steady. Bill. It was known hnd br«n havins trouble with his familv frenueiitlv. Working on (he bcHef W. Lson Smith ve.sterday afternoon on a charge of gaspllne tax evasion, immediately after the trln" Frank Wlltc, rcvsnue asent. p!pc;:l a complnlnt with Nelll Reed, deputy pioseculor. on which charees of operating a truck without a cr.auf- feur's license and oiwrntlng a truck without Arkansas license were based. Usher was n?aln acquitted lliiillliic lion T.iuit In Ihi- "jmrjl.'s of Ml;-.v3url. 'I hi 1 men hud two lions, Hi? ]nn- i 1 , th: 1 i;uns. and tlu 1 caurii^ 1 .. 1 . Iji.l the Missouri llumiini 1 soi-U-ly ha 1 . IlK! allornsy tjciiernl U. il;- cluri! Hans out of SIMISOII. 1,'otw Knar Mi;h(ly Wilijlil, manufiu:lui.'r, I 1 , no niilsldu Inlerfcri'iite. "An- llu-*.' lions vicious, iniiu- enllnu bnisls?" Wrlxht war. "Woll, I don't know," the .sportsman iopll"d. "ilisy look like lions, ntiil they roar like lions. I iiucsii t'(.'y'rt! just lions." Wil|;hl icfii.M. 1 ;! to sny wher; Ilia hunt would take pluui us he wnnts U. S. KUESS PPS CROP UP 315J BIES IN Fmnvovcd -Outlook in Mid- South Cited as Justifying Boost. thr iirtnuoli'i 1 3f the proitosi-il bli; i;.inrj hunt, lie bought the lions fiom a former circus employ?-urn hnil taken lima lust:a: :\'. salnvy. WrinlH'puid $7f> for the tw:i Mia 1 .:By am! almost loul:ili:ss heasls ol :he Jumjii!. He put them In n cruje In his buck yai:l. Tli:r-' nlxlilly ln-- lle .snld he hoped tin: mint coul. b.-> stimuli soon. u» the lions "arc eating tnc out of house and home." Smitlir.ut Missouri Ohjriis CHAIM.nsTON. Mo.—WrlglU will nnd plenty of opposition If In Irlif lo brlnj! two full in-own lloiri to W. li. Gasiue. nuval county loctive. described the imperfec- on in the sweat-box after he was called for cross-examination as| e ,, nevn j ln , hc comm iinity that! w h en tried on the charge of" driv state witness in the case. hK bovs knew more about his I - in , without a driver's licsnse Trial Cantata C. W. Couison and Sol death" rrmn th-vwere telling, nr °t ho other charge wns set for to- fgginbolhnm of the camp guard heir n-rest wns ordered. j^. Moves to Kentucky [ Fisher, who wns placed In jail lent Hoover four years ayo. Lippman. former cdllor of th:Democratic New York World, now vrlles signed cdllorlnls lor tin- New Ycrk Herald-Tribune, which though rongly pra-lioarci- and Inulitlon- nlly Itepublican, allows Llppnmn full freedom of expression. Us has become to n degree a nalbinl influence because his views cMitnnnd respect nnd consldernUer. la high quarters here nntt In ninny par's ol Ihe country. He decided for RuoscveH on Ihe gromu's. In part thnt ihere would be n "prospect of national unity in the trying days to come, whcrcns Ihe reelection o: President Hoover opens up n Ions vlsln of friLStraled dLsconbnl mid rccrimiuntlon." Wallace is editor of the Iowa Homestead and Wallace's Farmer. His father wns tor a generation a guiding voice In Iowa and sur- ; rounding- territory, always Rapub-l licnn. Llppmnn wns among those who. prior to the Democratic convenllcn. were critical of what they termed the lack of a posHLv3 program in Roosevelt's public utterances. 1J111L 1 . Three illylii;; roni-.s enrage the nclithhw-1 suuthiMst MLssaurl to sinus n I>I|! loed mid send children running lor | (inme hunt, p. 1). lleiiiiembomg. RumL? warden nt Ciinrle.ston, sal;l. "Ho fur as I know," .said llctrueni- IV.unr. "tlicrc! Is no Inw ntjaliut linnhiij lions Icow In Mississippi county, but clltaiK will see Hint It Is nol done. II Is an outrageous friends of WrM'l have )cen invited lo nccoiiipiiny him nnd he lions to southeast Mls.vmrl whrrc he said he hnd found 21,000 ncres of Jungle In which n while ' i plonly of It on i\ 24 . I of virgin timber land •e chai-Qcd with mnrfcr in al- ged' torture 'methods used to unish Mnillefert for two escane ttcmpls. Testimony In the trial far has Indicated tlv; "youth as nlaccd in the sweat-box, his in stocks and a hcaw chain roiintl his neck. When he col- used from hunger and lift raneled as tho chain tightened round his neck. State rceulatiors provide, that a weat-box shall three feet stiuare. mu! said. Jud'e Geore,-> GiWis rdcred Gasque to return to the nmn and measure the ' sweat-box Rain after State's Attorney Charles Durrance had chareed he box had been rebuilt in lin 1 •ith prison sprcifications. 'rnv/f! Cheers as Jurv Frees LUtle Rock Killer LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 8. (IIP) — ,flc- less than two hours delitara- ion n jury here last night returns verdict of nol guilty in the ens" of J. M. Llndsev. on trial for the murder of Dr. Clyde Rcath. Spectators .stood up nnd cheered as the verdict wns read. Lindsey. a former North Littl" Rock policeman, had admUtod T shot and killed Dr. Roath as he sa .11 a parked car in front of a friend' home. Dr. Hoath at ths time n his death was awaitins a second After the boys were taken into ustodv thev continued to voice r -douM as tn thr actual I:ere Thursday afternoon, was en- route from DuQiioin, 111., lo Jonesboro with a truck load of househH "f the dead man as their j gooas and two mules. It wns his ilher. Hill, who it seems hn<I led first trip Into the slate. Whll; he ils family or hnd he?n was in j»ll and his truck held. t.h? un off on occasion, was «omc-- ! owner of the property had th= load vhero in M'ssouri. thev Ijelievcd. transferred to a niytheville truck and sent on to Joncsboro, Earl Moorefteld. head of Mjorer field and Hubbard. the trucking' icinpany, arrived here late last night Finally officers at Luxora agreed a n trb into Missouri with the boys. They located Hammer near 'ortageville. the tract U which Wright plans to brltiij tin lions Is the Three Slates Lumbc Co. holdlngri In Mississippi count! , A night or two later Hammer ; w i th j E Harris, n DuQuoln at- cnme back lo Luxora. w.?nt overlj orne y ., ....... .... ------ , ,. ; . .... • o the island and moved his family over-ntslit "somewhere" into [Centuckv. According to officers at ,uxorn Hammer didn't linger Ion? due to an escape he had manned . rrom Tennessee -Hhorities some , » > Lime ago. charze. Confronted with the rsmainln? case against. Fisher they went Into a conference with N'eill Reei, dep- held on a minor | of revenue department. The compromise was rcach:d In this confcr- Kentucky. trial for tho slavina it brother. Luther W. Llndsev. Tor ("octor had been convicted and sentenced to life imnriEormieni but hi' case was reversed and remanded hy the supreme court. Cites Carolina Law In Behalf of Libby's Baby BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 8. CUP) —North Carolina law was cited here : -- — - - - oday in support of th; assertion clepartmcnl was prepared to make hat .the baby of Libby Ilolman. yet " '"' "' " """' """ '" "' u '-" inborn, would Inherit n share of he Smith Reynolds estate. evasion charge, The tax eva.sion case was re-opened and a plea of guilty allowed. Counsel for the Illinois truck driver said the compromise was agreed on in order that his client might "get oft" as economically as iwssible. It Is understood that t-e revenu; OP LOS1 lUIE 'American Nurse' Sighted No I Far From Goal of Ill-Faled Flight. GENOA. Italy. Ocl. 8. (UP)—Thn wreckage of the airplane American Nurse, missing on a tran>-Allantic flight from Now York to Italy, was sighted 120 miles southwest of Genoa, captain Mackay of the British slcam:r Jumna Informed llic British consul general today. The 'captain said he recognized th« plane by the symbols or sign letters. The wreckage was found between the southern coast of France and Genoa, -\fackay reported. The position of Ihe wreckage, tt tt proves to be the American Nurse, would indicate that the tws men nd a woman attempting the [light ad almost reached their goal when vcrlasen by disaster, south of OharU It was In or.; lhlP . U year nfjo II wns reported' tfmt' lion escaped from n traveling mo lorlzc<l circus and v/iis reporle seen on occasions, but ii^yer cap lured, Later n lion was reported a liberty In Arkansas an nan's ax has never fallen. Idea nnd one which residents will Supplies Own Quarry nut lolerntn." "I hnve always cone u lot o( j Ilcciurmb-jiirK snld If Wright —; wauls to hunt bl« name lliurc Is 2-1.000 ni-.u- lr:i'A in this county, nlonii the Mls.sissl|)pl river. . "We call the nnlmnls nicinUnln Jlon.s;' Knlo (lie gninc warden, I In reality ll'cy are panth?LS. ! arc ill) lo HO ]KHincts and cnuse ! plenty of liouble. Tli-:rc Is no iia* j "f brlniiliiK In more wild animals Obtain Judgement Against Highway Commissioner and Former Agent; WALNUT fllDOE, Ark._— .The Oravclle Construction copiijnny wns given judgmi'iit for S3.UUS.40 against J. Willlnms of Osceoln, and for an equal amount ngalnst N. E. DeCamp, former employe of the cou- slrucllon company, hi n decision rendered yesterday by Chancellor Alvln S. Irby, who heard the.cnse on exchange from the court of Chancellor J. M. Futroll. The Grnvclle company hnd sued Willlnms nnri Ds Camp for fi:n<ls taken from the company's account In the Bnnk of Osceoln and credited to William,, who was president of tr.c bnnk. Calls Cimlract Void In defending the suit Willlnms claimed n verbal contract with Ellis nnd Lewis, road contractors, to pay him 10 |rer ccn', of SMI.OOO If they were awarded the contract lor certain work for the Wnrdcll and Whllton Road Improvement District No. 2 of Mississippi county. Eili- and Lewis obtained the contract. and when they later sold part o; It to the Grnvellr company, Mr. Williams claimed the latter concern, through their agjul. I) 1 Cnmn. agreed (o pay him the 10 per cent due him for their portion j NEW 1 VOniC, Oct. 8 (UP)-A KDVernmcnl crop estimate of 11,•125.000 bules or about 400.000 bates aljovi? exiwctalions sent the collon mnrkel off more than $2 u bale today. The market derived little solace from the fiict thnt the report did - nilrcl recent frosts In the co'.ton hell and closing prices were Eht around the dny'e lows 'at -«fs of 4^ lo 41 points. Heavy professional Wnll street nil southern scllhiK followed Ir,- uance of the reiwrt. Trnnc and ominlsslon houses bought on. the down, helping to check, the .iroak, nnil there wns some far astern nnd continental :HT of Ihe Mny position. Considering thi unfnvnrnblc vcnlliur of Ihe past month the wns n disttncl surprise and ndlcnlccl to many that the first rop reirart of the season had been 00 low. WASHINGTON, Oct. 8. (.UP) — Move Jiwoinble conditions in Mississippi, Loulslnnn, Arknnsns nnd Oklaliomn today led the bureau ot agricultural economics to forecast a 1032 domestic cotton crop ot 11,- 42fi.OOO bales, an Increase of 115,030 bales, or one per c:nl, ov;r the forecnsl of September 1. Decent wcnllicr In the four stales olfset slight decllnjs In TCXDS and Tennessee. Condition of tho crop on Oelobir 1 was reported at 64.2 per cait of normal compared with 69.3 per cent R year ago. . '•; '.'..'•'.'.••,'• ~- ,..The,avcrage_.-^_,-, ,,. October I'.wis 1«.J prnifiiH compared with 201.2 pounds In 1031 and n ten year average yield ot 151.4 pounds. ;.-.„'. The Indicated crop Is 5,671,600 bales less than the 1031 crop. '-• nml. II might have been Ihe snmc mil-i The crop throughout .the cotton' belt Is largely matured and most of the bolls nre opsn, the bureau snld, Picking is progressing somewhat slower than usual because growers nre hiring fewer picker.?. This delay In picking might'- possi- result In loisss to the open cat- ton, the bureau warned, In the event ot prolonged wet weather Inter In Ihe season. -.. • Esllmntcd production for the principal producing states, .with condition,ns ot October 1 follow: Indicated Condition Production • Virginia 29,000 North Cnrollnn 519,000 FIEEBjl UIL Surety Company Signs J150.000 Bond; Samuel Insull Not in Soain. TSARRTE. Out.. Ocl. 8 (UP) — Marlln Insull. former ortfrntinr; chief nf Hi? Insull utilities empire v;ns granted ball today, freeing him from Imprisonment on a lu- gltlvc wnrrnnt. Thn U S. Guarantee. Surely nnd Fidelity company slpned the bond was fixed at sno.OOO nftcr a Officials of Ihe Safe Deposit nnd Trust company, where the $15.000.- School District Case to Sunreme Court Closina Stock Price* T A. T. and T 103 3-8 Anaconda Copper 91-2 Auburn 30 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor .... 83-4 Chrysler 133-4 Cities Service 35-8 Coca Cola 91 3-4 Continental Baking — 41-2 General Eleclric 15 General Motors 13 1-4 Middlewest Utilities ... 1 " Montgomery Ward II 3-f New York Central 22 1-8 Packard 3 Radio 63-4 Simmons Beds 8 Standard of N. J '28 Texas Co U 5-S V. S. Steel i'-i 35 1-2 LITTLE ROCK. Ark. —Newt Moor?, a resident of the Daugherty school district In Mississippi c"»n- ty, has aonealed from tte decision of the Mississippi county circuit court dismissing his action brought :o set aside an order of the county school board consolidating D.iugherly and Manila schcol districts. Th» appeal was flleS- through Holland and Barham. attorneys foi Moore. n test of (he evasion case In which the Illinois truck driver wns freed yesterday afternoon. It was after discovery that they could not force the driver or Ihe truck to remain in the state whil: an appeal from refused to comment on the will r iled in New York yesterday in which Llbby Holman. whom Reynolds had nol married at the time of making his bequests, was not mentioned. However. Leonard Welnterg, Baltimore attorney, referred to the North Carolina law which says that If a child Is born within ten months of the death of the father it Is to be considered as "in being for the purpose of taking any estate from the deceased to which such child is entitled," ' rnht be that the other charges were brought. Fish Swallows Two Rails HOOD IVER. Ore. (UP)—While angling in Badger Lake near hsre, Will Sheparri and a companion simultaneously fell sharp tup.5 on their lines. Both reeled in to find themselves in ioint ownership of a 14-Inch rainbow. The fish hai tnken Ixjth baits, Mule's Kick Fatal To Two Year Old Steele Boy Funeral services will be hsl^ a Steele, Mo., tcday for little L. E Uradford, Uo-year-old 'on cf Mr and Mrs. Ezra Bradford, who cl'.Jd at the Blythcville hospilal carl last night as the result of a mule' kick. The accident occurred yesterday afternoon nt tr:c Bradford home, five miles north of Steele. The b.v by boy arid an older brother were playing In the barn lot where the mi:le was kspt. Th3 little boy walked close to the mule and the animal turned and klcXcd him before his brother could Jerk him out of of the work. The alleged transfer I hearing bcfura Simcoc Counly of the company's funds lo Ills ac I Judge Dudley Holmes of Barrle. of i' : i[ s | Tlie nctlon will allow Insull frce: dom until he Is summoned to the South Carolina OlO.OftO count v.-ns in fulfillment agreement, he nsseneil. Chancellor Irby. In rendering, henring nt which Cook seek to ex county, judgment for the Gravolle company. I Hl^an OaT^wcr' to charg- held thnt such an nsrccmcnl. if j cs o( cnte , mcn t tt nd larceny snld the Madrid police hnd no or- Insull utilities. Georgia Florida Missouri Tennessee ... Alabama ' Mississippi .. Louisiana ... Texas Oklahoma ... A.-kansas ... New Mexico Arizona Cnllfornla ... Other states luey Lone Goes East to Talk to Roosevelt NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 8. (UP) — U. S. Senator Hucy P, Lons. Lou- slana's "Klngfish." was cnroute tc Albany, N. Y.. today for n confer- ence.with Oov. Franklin Roosevelt before leaving on a speaking tour of California In behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee. The Klngflsh's departure frmr New Orleans WAS mad: quietly. Only a few ol his personal and po- Illlcal friends knew of his suddenly nnnouncei plans and less than a dozen p?oph were al the station when he boarded the train for New York. y to nubile ixillcv and void, and that Mr. Williams, ns a member of the slate nldiw.iy commission, was bound by state law MADRID, Spain. Oct. 8. (OP) — "to aid nnd advise In the torun- Samuel Instill, missing utilities lion of road Improvement districts."' mnn )s not no w at the Rltz hotel nnd wns ttu-.5 precluded from usln? i here', his Influence In behalf of nny con- Authorities rcchccking on Infor- tractor. Transfer Irregular matlon that he had registered thcr; found tcday that he had. but that 'Meter Cheater' Salesman Released With Warning II. S. Goldsmith was cleared of a charge of conspiracy by Acting Judge W. Leon Smith In municipal court this morning but was givsn a stern warning aftsr a.-supply of "meter cheaters" had been found in his car. Judge Smith told the defendanj that any attempt to sell one of the articles would -make him llabb for conviction for fraud or conspiracy. He advised the defendant to turn r!s surmly of tho articles over to the chief of police to be destroyed. This Goldsmith did. The articles, consisting of a tar pack nnd a coll of wire, are of the .. --_-. . - . . type said by electricians to ba rep- Chancellor Irby snld: "Strong i was set nslde after their counsel 1 resented by "slickers" as machines The chnncollor nlfo held lint! i t , vn , i,, 1929 'he v;av the transfer ot the mon- i " 1 ev to Williams wns made, which I wns simply by bnnk debit slips In • Williams own bank rather than by check, Indicated that the transaction wns an irregular one nnd . that DC Camp acted without the i Judgment against Mr. Hesson and 'knowledge Or consent of the Gra- Mr. Chillis, cotton buyers, was S3t vel!« and exceeded his authority aside by Judge C. A. Cunningham Court Fines Set Aside; Cotton Buyers Pay Fees 795,000 i 16.000 ! IDl.OOO 331.000 836,003 1,100.000 540.000 4.053,000 . 959.000 1.081.000 .. 91,000 .. 84,000 . 120,000 .. 10.003 40 53 59 46 44 0? 54. 38' 47 52 59 58 52. 83' 86 89 60 as their agent. i In court Thursday after they had In refusing judgment for a lav- j been fined »30 each for failure lo ger sum sought by the Gravelles ' pay privilege llccns: Th: judgment Chancellor Irby snld: "Strong i was set nslde after their counsel suspicion points to circumstances ; had asked that the course bj.fol- whlch would indicate that other , lowed In order thnt the defendants President Will Make Campaign Talk in Ohio WASHINGTON. Oct. 8. (UP)The White House today confirmed rar,or!s that President Hoover will ifc c "way."Trio blow fractured the deliver one of his political cam- j bc.y- E skull. lnr. speeches in Ohio. The baby was rushed to tnc niy- Whlle House offieials Insisted,' | thevlllc hospital In a Cobb nmbu however, that the time and place i lance. He died soon after arriving had not yet been decided upon. at the hospital. Former Broker, Facing Loss of Home, Suicides MIAMI, Fla., Oct. 8. (UP)—Edwin M. Fuller, former broker of the New York firm ot Fuller and MeGee. was In a dying condition here ;oday from a bullet wound believed self Inflicted. Fuller served n term in Sing Sing priicn several ye.irs ago on conviction of bucket shop operation. He was paroled In 1923. Close acquaintances here said they believed his net followed tn- formalbn he was about lo lose his home to a mortgage holder. persons received Hie checks made payable tt| protest. on some i might pay the license fees under cash, but suspicion alone Is not, equivalent to proof.' Joseph«s Daniels Will Speak at Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE. Their counsel said that the cotton buyers might go into chancery court to obtain an Injunction pro- venting enforcement of the privilege license after th: C3t:rt had warned them that purchases of cotton after .the trlnl would-result In Mo.—Jose-1 further arrests. phus Daniels, North Carolina pub- [ With payment of the license fees and secretary of the navy un- under protest it is understood the der President Wcodrow Wilson, will cotton buyers will take ths cas= in- address a Pcmlscot county Demo-1 to chancery court to test the ordl- crallc rally nt the courthouse here j nance. They contend thnt purchas- tonlght. The mooting will op:n at «s by their companies nrc actually to make electric meters run slowly. Police Chief A. D. Cwyn sild that tfce articles turned ovsr to him by Goldsmith Mowing the Judge's lecture had been turned over to a pntrolmnn who planned to nir" the tnr for a roof covering. 7:30. He is scheduled to address a similar meeting at Poplar Bluff Mon- Idny ulghti ..^4 consumated elsewhere and that they simply represent to sellers here what their company will do when cotton ot receipts nro. delivered, WEATHER ARKANSAS-Partty cloudy, cooler in northwest portion. Sunday partly cloudy. According to the official iFHUher observer, Charles. Phillips jr., the minimum temperature yesterd»y was 46 degrees »nd the maximum, 70 degrees, clear. Todty a'ye»r »«o the mlnlumm temperature wu 69 degrees and the maximum, 47 degrees, clear, , .

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