The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY. Al'RIL 18, 1944 Labor Shortage trows Employment Program Should Be Followed, Whitehead Warns fs'hc manpower shortage in (lib irca, especially with respect lo the iiitpmotii-c.atKl farm equipment es- abltslimcnls, agricultural and lumber Industries, is approaching a crlt- wl it i ll8C> , nccoj ' lli »<? 1° Herbert M. Whitehead, manager of the United fe.ales Employment Service of the War Manpower Commission. To Insure me maximum utilization of manpower, (lie cinploynicnt stabilization program must lie adherred io, he (said.. The employment jram is designed by labor and management for the purpose of bringing about, by measures equitable to la- tor and management, these steps necessary for (lie effective prosecution of war: The elimination ol wasteful labor turnover In essential activities; the reduction of unnecessary labor migration; Ihe direction of the How of scarce labor where most needed in (lie war program; lie maximum utilization of man- rawer resources and (he preservation of necessary civilian economy Mr. Whitehead said. This program was given to tlie United States Employment Service of the War Manpower Commission to administer, which it attempts lo do on a voluntary basis, It docs, lowever, have Die authority to en- Ex-Cowpuncher Wifh Antique Six-Shooter Carries Sagebrush Warfare To The Jungles WA BLYJTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS H> S-SGT. GKKALD WAINDKI. U. S. M. C. Combat Correspondent (Special. \o NBA Service) CAPE GLOUCESTER, New Britain — Something of the legendary Wild west has been Introduced to jungle warfare with (lie arrival clown here of Herman H. Doudc, M, a. Icon and wiry little Army sergeant. A cowpuiiclie rfor 20 years.Scrgc- nnt Boude can spit tobacco with the sanie accuracy, and almost the range, of Ills 1811 model single-action colt revolver. That's (he pistol tlint tamed the West. The colt people called ll'lhe "Peacemaker." Sergeant Bourte wears his pistol lowslung at his 'waist, western style, He shoot.? /rain the hip. And lie doesn't squeeze the trigger; he trips the hammer with a gnarled thumb. DOG WARNED HIJW Attached to (he Marines as a scout and doe handler, Sergeant Boude was padding silently through the jungle ahead o/ a reconnaissance patrol in Japanese territory. The dog, a huge black shepherd, drifted ghostlike through the labyrinth of trails. He paused abruptly, instantly alerting tli e soldier to cn- eniv presence ahead. Sergeant Boude moved more cautiously, stepped Into s clearing and saw a. Japanese soldier. The Jwp saw him, too. He had Ills rifle almost to his shoulder when Sergeant Boude's bullet hit him. There was no need to .slioot twice. The Japanese had a clean wound, Sergeant Hondo anil (lie Jap s:uv cadi utlior at lite same lime. The former i-owpimvliei- she,', from (he hip anil members n! (lie Marine , liatrul salil Ihcy didn't even see him draw, tent lo the Austratllan Army lor At Hellsvllle Mel, where the tlie Lac and Haimt Valley _cam- scout dogs are trained. Sergeant ptiigns on New Guinea, lie has done Houilc shot thi; pistol range In Ihe it again since, ania/.lng Marines Ol. or rtgiilniloii, manner He .wlio are pretty good with firearms flunked tartly. Then lie shot again themselves. ' - •• • * ' HE KNOWS ANIMALS Sergeant Boude C n!isted In May from the expert. hl)> ami scored as 1042, 'cry little unless it has the names md addresses of violating employers, Mr. Whitehead showed. The above listed industries are the :hief industries in this area, vital o the war efTort. Every eiTort must x made employers that at least their minimum require-' tncnts : of labor will te met if production schedules nrc to be main- jBfied. "Every civic minded and pa- W>tic.;|>crsoii is urged to discour- ige out-migration of labor, particu- arly to those who have occupational skills for which there is a local demand. Workers in essential activity muter no condition should eave this area for other areas wHh- int proper clearance as they cannot >c hired without being In violation of - tlie stabilization program, Mr. Whiteliead declined. Palls. Wkbehtfdp Reported Vine Company Investor NEW YORK, April 17 (UP) — astonished Marine broke the with nn awed whisper: "I didn't even see him draw!" .. This was nothing new to Sergeant Boude. He'd done H before when lie and Dick, his dog. were Tile sergeant says he doesn't have i home, on account ol having lived ost a Bowie, lives lit Chllllcothc, Mo. .ry to be top hnnd on a There, in a rambling old frame ranch, says Boude. "Most likely homestead. Is Sergeant Boude's because I was playin' nursemaid to jylzctl collection O f 03 pIstoLs and a herd of cows, they macic me a rifles, mostly old "I've got just dog (miner. I got kind of a hand about the entire Colt line'" . he U'lTll •llliinrilt- " , ...„_._ .ii ' with animals.' says proudly. Most Farmers Are Unaware Of Their Priority Privileges By ANN STEVICK s ozen arc guaraneed far- WASHINGTON.-When the lire mcrs by War Pood Admhiistra pump you have breathes Its last. ' lion. These prices can't be cut lo you are not likely to find another '•discourage overwhelming egg pro- om r. ' duction. because they arc°alreatly Tire pumps are what more far-. 'as low as the law allows farm mcrs want and can't get than any" prices lo go. other single item. Bureau of Cen- : niint: AMI> i.-vi\c su., sleuths found this out in a re- 1 ., .^'^ cent surve f 0 ' wr ma >' brl »S new recipes for . - ., . cent survey of 3000 rural families ' , w ;\ r ma >' brl to determine the needs of farmers , a , a ' tlc .I«" dl " throughout the country l wllat S ri>lns . mil Flashlight bulbs arc' reported to "8 on how much of ilk supplies and fnts WAUNING OHDEll . In the Chancery court, Chlcknsaiv- b!> District, Mississippi .County, Arkansas. James A. Walker, Plniiitiff, ••' vs. No. 8582 Vcrn E. Wnlker, Dcfcndnnl. The defendant Vern 1 E. .Wiijkcr, is hereby warned lo appear within llihty days in the court mimed In the cnption hereof and answer the complaint of the plainlitr James;A.i IN WASHINGTON Mr. Smith In Washington BY t'KTKK KDSON Courier Nnvs WashlngUm Correspondent This cash of 03 special Invesilcii- (luiis now raglnij In Congress culls for further diagnosis lo see If tlu- exercise or a mile preventive mccll- cluc couldn't have slopped tlie e(ii- demlc before 11 got slarled. On paper, responsibility tor inspecting «ll Iflitnclics of (lie cxeeu- llve departments in tlie federal government rests will) tho Uurenu of the Budget. Budget Director IlumM 1). Smith admits frankly tlutt tlie disclosures of cousjressionni minim- lees often make llio opcrnllons of Hie buix'auciats look terrible. He professes, however, to be nil In favor of coiiBiesslmml Investigation). If they nrc well-disciplined elTorls lo Improve «ovcrnmeiilnl admlnls- trallon, and not mere political Iwl- iylioo for the headline. BlorKlcatkni o( one individual winning lo nwkc capital out of another's mistakes. And lie 1ms been (lirouuli so many of these internal tallies of government Ilial his further Ideas on this subject of administrative policing arc worth listening lo. even It they do Wow (lie Biii'onti of tlie Budget's usually muted bugle. Under the present rjovernmenliil system of separation of powers, explains Mr, Smith, nil Kovernnuml departments are constantly harassed by Ixith congressional coinmlllees and the Bureau of Ihc Budget. Prom Iliese («•<> .sources there Is double pressure to economize, or coiiflictint! pressures to expand No government agency may Congress for an appropriation unless tlie rcoticKl has first licen approved by the Bureau of Hie nudgcl. Nevertheless, when the iipproprlnilim bills are wrlllen In CoiiBroM, no Budget Bureau man sils In. Executive and legislative aren't together One result of tills may be observed' in the fact that In 12 out of the 20 pre-war yen'rs, tougrcKSi lias raised lota! appropriations above recommendations by Ihc Bureau nf the Budget In order lo hicrensc" pel programs or flnnnce pork projects dear to the congressional henrl Tills is one side or (he picture which Walker. A YEAH SAVED Dated this 21 dav of March '1044 ' , Btlt , pxpl1 ^ nflcr' appropriations ' hnve. hce« mndc by congrtss, nu- been able , , HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Mulr, D. C.' , . . Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pltf. Claude F. Cooper, Ally, ad Lileiii. i effect on used gas cooking from a firm is unnamed. 'can't h f"""rf ~ ••.>..» ^*.^j a: The radio report asserts that _ !stoves, whether boughT Ribbentrop purchased the wine formers are supposed to get a • dealer or a neighbor hares out of a 'three-and-a-half MeI P in E hand in shopping for farm million ilollhr fund of personal i llecess "'«- A declaration that yon are a farmer should get you first call on what's for sale. Hardware oreigii holdings. The Russian broadcast refers to Ribberitrop's pre-war job as a champagne salesman, it remarks hat lie seems : drawn back to his old career—now that his new one ippears in peril. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Wyse Perry, is warned to appear within -., -_ (30) days and answer the complaint filed against him by W. M. Burns in the Common Pleas Reviyal At Luxor a dealers and mail order houses have orders to this effect from the War LUORA,'-Ark;;' April 18.^-Revlval Production Board. Census reporters'services at the Lu.vora Methodist found, however, that less than 10 church will begin on Wednesday per cent or the farmers talked to -"'Sht, April 19. with the Eev. J knpw flhmil ^iir avinfh*..* n r rv.*ii:.i~ Alhprt flfiHin rii.-t..ii>t i^....*...:... knew about this method of getting Albert Gatlin, District Superinten- hold of what they needed, and dent of 'he Jonesboro district, hardly any liar! made use of H. ' ' ' COUNT YOUR CHICKENS In order to make ends meet on' 0Mr ' antl Mrs ' Ice Anderson, of scarce feed supplies, War 1 Pood' , Lmis , "'ill direct (lie singing bringing «ie jnessages each evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. lee Anderson, of , Administration wants poultry flocks culled 6 per cent this spring. Hog'•"- vjwiuniuu r-iL'HS ^uiitu u yur CU11I/ U115 Spring. ilOg- for the Chickasawba District ] raisers arc being persuaded to cut and lead the Young People and children in Christian work. of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Witness my hand and seal as such Clerk this the 3rd day of April, 1944 HAEVEY MORRIS, Clerk (Seal) down next year's crop, too. Special home-grown rations for dairy < cows are being worked out at experimental stations. •J|4-ll-i8-25 Egg prices ranging from 26 to 36 FOREMOST In Quality And Low Mileage FOREMOST With A Guarantee That Counts ^FOREMOST ?n Price And Liberal Terms '40 Ford "De Luxe" Club 5-Pass Coupe Original Maroon Color Like New. Excellent Condition and Appoitranci'. 5 Good Tires. '38 Chevrolet "Master Deluxe" Coach liwailiftil Dark Green Color. Unusual Low Mileage. Wonderful Value 1'riml Right. '41 Ford "Super DeLuxe" Tudor Sedan C'lomlniLst Grey Color. Kailio and Healer. Operated Only 9000 miles. Hiina As New. ''// Chevrolet "Special DeLuxe" Coupe Black With 5 A-l \Vhitc Wall Tires, Radio and Heater. Looks-jind Kuns 1'erfeet. 30 OTHER EXCELLENT MODELS. TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. COME IN NOW. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. -153 Walnut a I 5th N O T I C E l.cttcrn ol Administration iipoi) the estate of W. A. Plcknrd, Sr.. tie-' ceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 1st dn^ of April. 1944, by the Protatc Court for the Chlcfc- asiiwlra District of Mississippi COHH- ly, Arkansas. All persons (nivlng claims ugainsl snld estate nrc required to exhibit them, properly authenticated- for allowance, to the undersigned', as administratrix of ssiid'cstatc, before the 'end of one year from the date of the granting of the letters upon said estate, and if such claims me not presented, tlicy will be forever barred. Dated this 31st day of March, 1944 LUCILLE PICKARD Administratrix of estate ol W. A. Plckard, Sr., .Deceased. 4-11-18-23-512-9 rcau.of the Budget Women Who r Suffer from SIMPLE AN6MM . Here's On« Of the Best Home Ways . To Help Build Up Red Blood I ypy Elrls who Buffer from almplb nn- cmln or wlio'lose EO much during a^ntbly pcrlodi'-'thnt you led llrcd,-' wcqk. "drauBcd out"—iluc lo low Mobil Irou — slnrt uxloy — try LyUln Plnk- Iiams TABLETS —one or the Brcntest blootl-lrou umlca you can buy lo help build U|>rcd blood to Kctiuorc strcnyttl and cncrijy--lii nich cases. Taken na dlrcclcil — 1'lnkham's Tablets Is one of ttic very beat homo wayo to get uroclous Iron Into the olood. Just try tliem for 30 days—then ece'lf you, tuo, dou't remarkably benefit Follow label directions. Worth trvinyt Lydia Pinkham's TAOUTS to o/rccl K'ducllotis In expenditures through Its regular Inspections O f all government iiKCiiclcs, constantly reviewing projtrjims «nd per.soimd. In the war period, while appropriations have been heavy, (hose savings have amounted to as much in $200,000,000 to $400,000,000 a year.' These savings, It Is worth nol- I"K. arc. made without the aid of microphone, loudspeaker and goldfish Ijwvl vvltlcii HIV (he standing props of all congressional Investigations. H. hus frequently happened, the budget director usscrls. Dint congressional committees have luken credit for savings mid cms that have already been iniicle by Iho Uurenu of |he Budget. Further, many of the economy Investigations conducted with loudest noise have been unnecessary hi Hint nil the Informa- llon uncovered by (lie probcrs cviild have been secnrml by a telephone call to (he liuvcau of the Budget which hud already collected IJjo dirt and rnlsed caln »l>out It. Inside (he Buvcriiinent. SMITH KHI.'H A NUtil) In spllo of these minus which the public never hears iiboul, l)lr TC - tor Hnitth still KITS thai there Is n great gap in thn Insiicellon Job clone by federal agencies on their own aclh'lllc.s-. H Is a two-fold shortage. First Is tlie shortage of cmnpu- tcnt administrators who can put. business In government and luke out waste. Second Is Hie need for a field service which can pull together the Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants —lubricants that will fight heat— keep motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps and other mechanized equipment. SAVE WEAR WITH To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. B. J. ALLEN Phone 2005 — Afeaf _ UytfceTille, ArL try. iieciielcs throughout the coun- . A start wns made at organizing (Ills Held service In tho summer of ItHS, with the ojicnlni; of a Houston office for the southwest. In Knn- sns City it mis shown thnl equipment nifd (acllltlcs of 23 federal offices were used only half Hie time. and that was nil Indication of po- lenllnl savings. Utter offices were opened In sun Francisco and Chicago and plans had been mado to iilien nine such offices. The House approved this program but the Swi- tite Approprliillmis C'oininlltcc Cut wit the Item, so (lie six offices now lu operation will lie closed by June 30-ln the interest* of economy. U.S. Soil Conservation Big Post-Wor Problem HEADING, I'd,, April n. (Ul>)~ Seerelary of Ai;rlcuUnru Clnurto A. Wlekarcl says the Uniteil States Is leading Iho world In soil conservation, However! Wlckard iictds tlint soil coiiwrvutlon Is Hie nation's No. One postwar problem. Wlcknrd (old the 17SIU district conference ol notary International thai erosion has ruined the. productive qualities of 50,000,000 acres ol land in Iho United Stales, lie said thnl erosion Is proceeding (it n rale fuster than all constructive work to halt It. WARNING ORDER ' Ei nest Fowler, Plaintiff, ' " .'{ VS. No 8818 -* ' -flfi* Miuy rowfcr, Defendant", , ft " "" Iho defendant, Mary, Fowler, Js MM y * m ^ t *> appea^ witftn ' )hly days In (he court nW<tfin' ~~ - - — j" '•• »«iw yvu* v Uql^lUU* 111 the, caption hereof and answer the"' complaint of the plaintiff. "Ernlst" „,, J'owler, ( f j, ^s-v> Dulcd this 11 day ot Apfil 'iV4 i<- • HARVEV MORRIS, Clerk / • By Doris Mulr, D C - >.- -C~ Holland & 'layloi, Attys. fonPltr J. Ornliain femlbury, Atty ad Litem. * »* Surprise 'Dciimnslnillim' BOSTON (UP) —• While tichool CiDumltlceman Clement A. Norton complained lo a high school group about the "dlsgrucernl" bill of }DO,000 which Ihc city of Boston pays annually to repair broken windows, Iho windows of the auditorium /ere shattered with snowballs. The „«„..„,.,,,,„, , •••••• •-»*••• •>•• niv: were snaiierei win i .scutl.ei,c(UctMUe.s of the many ( n l- culprits were anight. Mothcr'sFilend helps bring ease anil coriitort to expectant mothers, M o Til E n.' B I-'IUEND, (in ox'liilsltolypro- porod emollient, \3 useful in nil coiidl- „_»,„. Hunt wucro a blund, mild anodyne tAto- BJU:« medium In sXIn lubrication Is 'de- Btrod. onei coiullllon In which women tor ino>o Itinn 10 years hnvo used It lisa ntipllcntlou for miiMnelnu tho body during proiinnncjr . it helps keen thq rtin «oil JUKI iillflMo . thus avoiding un- iKcmsnry illjcomfort duo todryiwss »nd tlKhtucu » refreshes and fon« tho" rKin. AH KlcrU mn^ssgo nnpllcatlon lor Iho mimb tliiKlIng or burnlnir «n«- '" iloua ot Hie aXtn. .Jor tha tlFedbaoic musolca or cmmn-llko pnliisin thilegj) ' Qutckty nlj&DrUcu Dcllghtlul to use * Mother's Friend' ,'!!?!'.!? i ; r "' !r !,!'>' »«"• ««w doctoM.nj r, any cocoti »n JiuIM*. Jmt ntk nny dru» 8 Ut for M«h«rj iTlcnd-lha.Wn lutrlconl Try il tonlftt ii 3 8t*%fS^^ , J ' C Pe '" Uy Sl °" '"" Kf »"» erer > n'y°V>»ig, ""»t'attttilitt "Gotten (, a name which aptly describes Hit t'enitey way oj doing YOUR GOOD NEIGHBOR /HAT we 1'ikc best to hear people say of us is "Penney's is a -•neighborly store." And tlint's w)i;it we do hear . . . often I 1'or at Pcnncy's we have never outgrown tlie simple, friendly way of doing busincssulm makes people feel welcome and ;it Iiome. We've never outgrown it—in all our -12'years. It was 'way buck in April 1902 tlut Mr. Penney opened his first little store in Kcm- incrcr, Wyoming—a stoic devoted to friendly service and thrifty prices. And the spirit of that first store has ilirivcd and spread to every one of our stores, in more than 16CJO fine American communities. , • The. people who work here at Pcnncy's arc neighbors of yours and they try to act as good neighbors slioulil. 'I'iicy make every Lfloit to l)c frictully awl helpful They s>m- p:ttlii/c with your likes and dislikes. Tliey belong to town! > Yes, and so docs the store in which ilicy work! That's why shopping at Peimey's is so easy and pleasant and sociable nil around! * * * In time of pence, caclt Penney aii- iiiversary was a time for celebration anil for ceremony. lint dus year, upon our 42nd AIK nivcrsarj', we celebrate simply with a rcaflirmation of the Penney spirit. \\'c mark the date with a determination to remain as homelike and neighborly—as considerate of iyou and your pocketbook—as j ou and our ninny friends have come to expect us to be. ,'

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