Independent from Long Beach, California on February 5, 1972 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, February 5, 1972
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A-2-INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM Loin Inch, Calif.. 511., Fe». I, 1*11 innillllllMIIMIIIIinillMlllltMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIinilllllMMIIIHIIIinillMIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIHIIL' I People in the News \ ^Illllllllllllllllllllll HUM IIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIMMIIIIIMIIHIIIfT John Litel dies I I Illlllllllllllltl IIIHIIIIMIIIIIIIHIII IIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIMIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIHMIIIIIIIIini Boning up President N'ixon spent Friday ;it his windswept P'lorida villa boning up on slacks of background material in preparation for his. trip to China later this month. White House news secretary Ronald Ziegler said the chief executive planned to spend the rest of ,the weekend "reviewing and reading" the more SOU pages of material, much of il-.prepared at his specific request. 'Hobo King The "Hobo King" has re- lurned to the Bay Area. King Richard -- Richard Wilson -- was reelecled at the 71st a n n u a l National Hobo Convention in Brill., luwa.. in August 1971. He has been practicing hobo life since 1925. Wilson. 6li. said he's talking about finding a wife and settling down, "but," he quickly added. "I'd like her to have a home of her own, an income of her own." Hepburn home The family home of actress Kalherlne Hepburn has been donated to the University of Hartford as a residence for the schools's student affairs officer. University President Dr. A.M. Woodruff said the West Hartford, Conn., home was given to the school with the stipulation that it be used only as a residence. The 18'room home, valued at $80.000, was built in 1928. JOHN LITEL IULIAIN PUTS THE TOUCH ON LESTER ·; Georgia Slate Rep. J u l i a n Bond. D-Atlanta, ;, talks with Lt. Gov. Lester Maddox as he visited - the House of Representatives during a session '.'· of the Legislature. Bond, who led the fight unsealing half of the state's delegation select- ed by Macldox in the 1968 Democratic convention, was seeking a contribution from Maddox for a black YMCA's annual fund drive in the lieutenant governor's district. -AP Wirenlioto ; IHsrTER.KrA.TIO3SrA.Ll r 3 Red antiaircraft guns, missile hit Combined News Service SAIGON -- American fighter-bombers destroyed an enemy surface-to-air missile and the vehicle transporting il through southern Laos in broad daylight Friday. They also knocked out three antiaircraft guns in North Vietnam's half of the demilitarized zone. In ground action, the South Vietnamese Command reported a new outbreak of fighting in eastern Cambodia along the Saigon-Phnom Penh'highway. The U.S. Command said a flight of three Air Force F4 Phantom lighter-bombers observed the SAM and its transporter in an area southeast of Sepone. a major trans-ship- ment point along the Ho Chi Minn trail, about 25 miles from South Vietnam's western border and the same distance south of Ihe DMZ. Sijjns of an ajjiveinent at SALT VIENNA -- The U.S. and the Soviet Union completed on Friday the sixth round of the talks called SALT and there were signs of an agreement in the foreseeable future on curbing antiballistic missiles. A seventh round was set to start March 28. A spokesman said: "We are hopeful t h a t we will reach an agreement . . . before long." I .S.. (.iiinninii iMarkcI make trade deal BRUSSELS -- The U.S. and the European Common Market agreed Friday on what officials called "balanced package" of trade concessions. William Kberlc. President Nixon's special t r a d e negotiator, said the agreement worked out w i t h the six-nation c o m m u n i t y "covers a balance of long-term, medium and short-term t r a d e arrangements." Thousands l i c e quake,- and tremors AXCOXA -- Fight earthquakes and several t r e m - »rs shook t h i s Adriatic port city Friday, sending thousands of I t a l i a n s fleeing to the countryside in terror. A ."il-ycar-old schoolteacher died of a heart attack and s e v e r a l cither persons were i n j u r e d . Thousands fled Ihe c i t y ol I(I||.(KI(I p o p u l a t i o n by fool and car as shock followed upon shock. Itritiiin vrlors Rhodesia resolution ADDIS ABABA -- B r i t a i n vetoed a U.\. Security Council resolution Friday night urging il to scrap its settlement plans with Rhodesia and convene a consti- t u t i o n a l conference to decide the country's future. The resolution had nine a f f i r m a t i v e votes, including the Soviet Union. China and the three African members -G u i n e a . Sudan and Somalia. Five members abstained -- Ihe U.S.. Belgium. I t a l y . France and Japan. Knl:ind recognizes lian^lade.sli DACCA ( J r e a l B r i t a i n and eight other nation. 1 ; Friday announced d i p l o m a t i c recognition of Bangladesh Ihe former Kast Pakistan. P r i m e Minister Sheikh M u j i b u r H a h m a n welcomed Ihe move by London and said he was t a k i n g Ihe necessary steps to bring Bangladesh into Ihe British C o m m o n w e a l t h . 2.000 .Maltese protest joli cutback VALLETTA Two thousand Maltese workers -marched into Valletta Friday night lo protest plans for job cuts nl Ihe Brilish defense bases here. | UA.TIO3STA.L. | + ' -- New 'pay cut' causes rush on tax forms WASHINGTON -- The Internal Revenue Service Friday reported a sharp increase in requests for W-4 tax-emption form for Americans finding their take- home pay reduced by new federal withholding tax tables. "We have had a dramatic increase in requests for W-4s from employers in the last week or two," an IRS spokesman said. "We had printed millions of them, but started running out and had to print more." The government is withholding more money under new tables which went into effect Jan. 16. On W-4 forms, workers list their exemptions for tax purposes, and the number of exemptions listed determines the amount the federal government requires to be withheld from pay cheeks. Congress sharply increased this year's withholding rate to make the amount on tax withheld by the employer more closely match the employe's actual 1972 tax liability. 31ixup may cost U.S. $7.7 million WASHINGTON -- Congress may be asked to put up $7.7 million because of a postal rate mixup on income tax forms. Sen. Frank E. Moss. D-Utali. said Friday. Moss, a member of the Senate Post Office and Civil Service Committee, discovered last week that income tax forms were sent at first-class mail rates instead of Hie usual Ihird class. The bill for 78 million forms will be $11.2 million instead of the expected $3.5 million, so Congress may be asked to make up the difference. Moss said. Vi liile s t u f f strands snow conferees CHICAGO -- The winter's worst storm lashed the i n l a n d Northeast Friday with violent winds and up to 1(1 inches of snow. I I swirled on across eastern Canada w i l h blizzard intensity. B i t t e r cold besieged the Midwest and knifed southward to the Gulf of Mexico. Heavy snows and gusts up to (if) m.p.h. marooned lop meteorologists of the Northeastern U.S. and Canada at Oswego. N.V.. where they were a t t e n d i n g a snow con- lerence. Time homl) found in Disney World ORLANDO -- Authorities found a bomb planted by a would be extortionist in Florida's Disney World late Thursday night two hours before it was set to go off. it was disclosed Friday. Discovery of the device came after a caller told Disney World officials a bomb would explode inside the park unless $90,000 was paid. While searchers scoured Disney World, the money was hastily gathered. However, no one appeared to collect the money. The caller also warned of more bombs but a search failed lo uncover any other explosives. S3 hillion voted for foreign aid WASHINGTON' The Senate voted Friday lo spend more t h a n Si billion on foreign aid and related programs in the fiscal year ending July I. By a vole of ·15 lo 2,'i, it sent the measure on to a conference committee. The House has approved $3.001) billion for the program while Ihe exacl Senate figure is $.1.fl7fi billion. Both are below President Nixon's request for $4.,'M2 billion, The Senate bill contains $2.339 billion for U.S. economic and military aid, a figure below the $2.7-17 billion ceiling set in a hill authorizing Ihe spending. Character actor John Litel, 77, whose career spanned the stage, movies and television, died late Thursday night at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital facility in Woodland Hills. His Broadway plays included "Irene" and "Ceiling Zero," and his movies included the Henry Aldrich series, "Scara- mouche," "Jack Slade." "Sitting Bull," "Double Jeopardy," "Kenluckian," "The Life of Eriiile Zola" and "Black Legion." Litel, born in Albany, Wis., made television appearances on "I Love Lucy," "My Hero," "77 Sunset Strip," "Maverick," "Zorro," "Cheyenne" and "Halls of Ivy." Survivors include his widow, Beatrice. Mahalia Six thousand mourners said goodby to Mahalia Jackson Friday. They cried out. They wept. Some fainted. They sang songs, her kind of songs, the gospel music that made Mahalia famous. ' The Lord gave us something wonderful when he gave us Mahalia." Judge Israel ~Jackson said from the stage of the Rivergate Convention Center in New Orleans. Dick Gregory told those attending the five- hour, emotional funeral that the gospel singer represented a moral force that was able to cross barriers of racism, hate, hunger and inhumanity. He said Mahalia left the world a load map to freedom? War criminal Klaus Altmann, wanted by France on charges that he is Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, has been arrested in La Paz in connection w i t h a $4.000 debt, Bolivian authorities said Friday. A Justice Ministry official, Walter Morales, said the detention of the German-born businessman was ordered at the request of the Bolivian Development A g e n c y . France is seeking the extradition of Altmann on the grounds that he Is Barbie, a Gestapo chief in France during World War II. Barbie was sentenced in absentia to death on charges of killing French Resistance l e a d e r Jean Moulin. Altmann, 56, took Bolivian citizenship in 1957. He denied in an interview this week that he is Klaus Barbie, but he said he had served in France with the German SS in the war. No progress has been reported in France's efforts to extradite him.. France and Bolivia do not have an extradition treaty. Ward luck Henry Provis, 57, capped a l i f e of hard-luck acci-- -dents by falling out of a barber's chair. A London high.court judge awarded damages of $9,560 because Provis won't be able to work again. The damage total, the court said, was difficult to decide. Even if Provis hadn't fallen from the barber's chair and aggravated an old neck injury, it was a question whether he could make it to retirement without another accident. Provis' history of accidents began 37 years ago when his jaw was broken in a mine accident. Then a slate fell on his head, he fell off a truck, he fell off a ladder, he had a seizure, he fell in the subway. The final mishap came while he was getting government retraining in Wales. He sat down to let. a trainee barber give him a hair trim. Just as the student barber began snipping around an old scar the chair slipped. Slabbed Luis Hainnn Florcs, a 39-year-old seaman, was in serious condition in hospital Friday after being slabbed in the forehead by a 440-pound swordfish. Jose Rodriguez, owner of Ihe fishing boat "Grade- la." said Flores was boating the swordfish 20 miles off the Venezuelan coast when it speared him on one of its leaps. Floros was taken to a hospital in La Gunira with the cut-off sword still protruding from his forehead. JACKIE ONASSIS NOSED OUT BY PRINCESS ANNE, RIGHT TASTE IN NOSE JOBS SHIFTS Princess Anne's aristocratic nose is the rage of fashionable European women who want a npse job, while Jackie Kennedy Onassis' , has nosedived in popularity, says a Viennese plastic surgeon. Dr. Hans Bruck said prospective patients used to come to his office clutching pictures of the former American First Lady saying "I want my nose to look like hers." Now they thrust photos of Britain's princess under Bruck's sniffer. "They want the nose from the House of Windsor, like Princess Anne or Queen Elizabeth," he said. Despite the fact that the English royal family tends to display rather prominent noses, Bruck said, "My foreign patients, who come from northwest Europe, from Scandinavia and England, think this nose has character." Bruck says this probably won't have any effect on the "American nose," however. "The American nose is a small, slightly turned up nose on the short side," he said. "Obviously the great majority of American girls seem to · like it, though this is not true for Europe." Bruck presented a paper Friday ··:·-' describing his experiences in conduct- · ing about 5,000 rhinoplastics -- nose ··'. · jobs -- during the past 20 years to an ··· international conference of plastic sur-v. geons in Miami. , "-'-'"· While there is unquestionably a',: fashion in noses. Bruck said there is .7 also an ulterior motive behind most re-:." quests for operations. "At the time'.-.: that John F. Kennedy was president,!-: young girls used to come to see me'!-; with photographs of Jackie KennedyTC' and they,would say, 'Could you make-, me a nose like this?" Bruck related..?. "If you looked at things objectively," .-.-: he added, "Jackie Kennedy was a .·- striking woman but never a beautiful ·· i one and her nose was never really , : good. All those girls didn't want Jackie Kennedy's nose at all -- they wanted,.-?,; to be the wife of John F." . ··. liiiiiiiiiiiii iiiMiiiiiim iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii nit iiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiii iiiiiiti Rejected Manson girl INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM G. Harrold Carswcll, the man who almost became a U.S. Supreme Court justice, is now busy fighting a bill to restrict the sale of eyeglasses. "I'm enjoying it," said the jurist-turned- lobbyist. Carswell. who has been practicing law in Tallahassee since he bowed out of the public spotlight following his unsuccessful 1970 Senate race, has registered as a lobbyist for the National Association of Optometrists and Opticians. The organization is opposing a bill which would .restrict the opening of branch optometry offices. The one-time U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judge and President Nixon's second choice for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Abe Fortas, however, wasn't very effective in his lobbying attempt. Despite his energetic plea against the optometrists bill, the committee adopted it 11-0. Winchett Columnist Walter Winchell, 74, remained hospitalized Friday at the UCLA Medical Center with an undisclosed ailment. Winchell entered the hospital last November. A female follower of Death Row occupant Charles Mansflii was convicted Friday on a charge of aiding and abetting a daring escape from the Hall of Justice last October. Sandra Good, 27, will be sentenced Feb. 25 in Los Angeles. Saturday, February S, 1977 Volume is. No. no Phone HE 50161 Classified HE 2-5J59 Second Class Postage Paid at Beach, CA 90B01. CARRIER DELIVERY DAILY AND SUNDAY SUNDAY ONLY ..... SINGLE COPY SUNDAY ONLY DAILY .............. BV DAILY~AND SUNDAY.. SUNDAY ONLY LonV Per-' Year. SIDEWALK SALE FINAL CLEARANCE SAT. SUN., ONLY QUALITY FURNITURE · MODERN · MEDITERRANEAN · SPANISH . . . Living Room . . . Dining Room . . . Tables . . . 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