The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1934
Page 2
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MOi TWO «™EVILLK,_(ARK.) COUKIEK NEWS a,,,! vivian will ,, c |,e of tl,u year. Tesns, «-iis i'olcium/cd .Sunday ut Trumann, Ark. The Hev. W. J. eck lor a few days treitt- TUESDArS EVENTS Mrs. J. Ntek lliomes Tuesday Bridge club. Mrs. Doyle Henderson lainlng Young Matrons club. enler- Drldge . Senior HigJi p. T. A. 3:30 P. M, following executive lonrd inccllnR 3 P. M. Executive board Armorel p. A. 3 P. M. T. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Junior High p. T. A. meets 3:30 •I'. M., following executive Ijoarii meeting, 2:30 P. M. . THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. W. L. Horner having MM- Weck Bridge club. Mrs. a. E. Keck eiiterlumlni; Thursday Contract chit). Tlun-sday Luncheon club meeting with Mrs.' Max D. Miller. ^ . . P. T. A. meeting, 2:30 - -• >..v J.,.ll,li ,MIU flt'll- or English classes and the pub- He speaking C lu» of lue city nl fi |, school will present a pageant a the high M nool auditorium Tuesday morning, 10 o'clock to which Ihc piiWIc Is Invited. There will no admission clmrues. The pageant, to depict the 0)1- 'rynnec of National Hook Week HI show characters from the earliest ni W[ca , times to the pros- ent day era. Miss Lima R Yvmienn , 5 dircel- ig the jiiujeanl. i • • i I'. T. A. lo ilecl '-/ The senior high st .j, 001 |> Brcm _ Uiicher assoclallon mccus at the school Tuesday afternoon, 3:30 o clock, when program will be given: Invocation, the Hev. Smart, ". Salmon, pastor 0 | t |)e First !'™^'™" . chl '^ IW-sident'., Miss Marguerite Hasson Weds Mr. Jones J. Dunham cri " e Miss Anne Mai-guerltc Hasson, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Ernest Hnsson, becams Ihe bride of Mr. Jones Joseph nun- ham, of Memphis and Tiiscaloosn, /Ma., in a ceremony solcmul/ci! lib Ihc Haston resilience Saturday evening, seven o'clock, Only incm- tas of the family ami llicir most intimate friends heard (lie Rev. Alfred Carpenter, paslor of Inc First Baptist church, ask the vows The improvised altar was arranged In the alcove windows of Ihe living room with pnlms and lerns a background for the soiilh- M|M ---- -••••(•• l)ll|al,unty. •' of charity 'ami IPS and Klnj,'" ters: Mary Cuth- Marjorlo Wood, )ctli Wilson, KlUiibrlh pupils of the high school cits*' directed by MKs Wiiibiirn, Armorel i'. T. A. To Hear Hcixjrls When iiecl.s . Edwards church there and formerly pastor of the Lake Street Methodic church hern, jierformed Ihe ceremony. The bride wore ;i tunic dress nl eiecn rough crepe und 11,2 accessories were lit black. Her only atiendant was Miss Mildred jarretl who wore navy blue /lal crepe. I'he brJde, who Is the daughter' of Mr. ant] Mrs. J, W. Maloney, Bits of Mostly Persona: Stanley Alclilson. who attends Southeau Missouri suite Teach- Collfije, ut. cape Girardeau, nt Jiic week end at home. ||, 0 „ ' *' im!''dmuM M '' S - M1Uo " Allenberg N-< sC^i'trSn'' "erg's ftillior, n. r • "' . attended city high school.' Mr. Craven, who Is with the S. engineers, Is now stationed lie to this city where bride will be al home ivllh Mr.s, Craven's parents after a brief honeymoon spout In Memphis. Have Tnankxglvhi,. I'arly. The ThankKsivinc motif was used by Mrs. Lloyd SlickiiMm, Mrs Jesse Taylor and Mr.s. Muniiy Smart, In ihelr bridge part- al the coiinlry_clul> SiiLurday altnrnoon. were entertained room ivhere . rusc',s. The 84 n the bull chrysanthemums i,nd marigolds ......inuu vcr< ; WTJiiKcd in eolorlul urns and 1-Yanresl m Sp Il '«l'»nc<> roses were centerpieces for the lnble.s, arranged 'lor Ihe courae. Armorel p. •]• A ( 5' "flernoon, 2:30 1 1C "i"»bers will Hoar (he icpoit of delcsutes to tin; serving ol a AltractU'c fruit crn niiilnx "enlwined above the -. windows, ivory floor baskets filled I lo her home with white clirysaiillienuiins were honor of her at each side. < of Jjrjarclill and Hadi .->.-,*., t u (IIL- Smith " vctl; " Uy hcl(1 :it <!lvfn llirllida.v Parly . (allies and the red card tables and cllI> M' !i completed the setting > ' Hatchotl. won evvstal M- tnry. Lingerie -''"'I Cliamllrr for - Mblcts WC|U to seeontl high, Mrs. Marvin liobin- spn received a magaxliw rack Mls-s Vera Snllba had fto „.„,„, Frdiay evening ii —- brother, r.'ddlc. Ii celebrating his nth birthday. r " |»Kl dnnclni! were i-njiiy —„.!.., vi ^ijdicuii and micututcc ^-""»^ <inu tiancing were rnjov •oscs also dccomlcd Ilic living room!"' 1UK1 l»lcr relreshnicnls of s.-uid- llld Hlr> illniii., ,-„, ., wlrhiic l, r .f ..L ,. . . "' lllu and the dining room where the \ vc ,- c displayed The covered WCCtltill B __. ccntci'Diecc of the la' lable \yas rwos in a flanked with while n.,, t . 0 . i Before Ihe ceremony Mrs mu>- tell Farr played "To A Wild Hose" und -Melody of Lore". Memtcl- ssoliii's Wedding .March heralded the bride and bridegroom and strains of "I Love You Truly- Hccompanletl the ring service. The ntlrnctlvc bride, who entered through the arched doonviw of Ihc dining room, wo ,- c ., mms j, ^', m !!°. r i ca ^ w ™ 1 '"'e'"<'«">rown. — • — • <-vi»<ri.f no «»| , wlches. hot, ciiocolale and served. ctiko were boulonnieres fa :c covered " ix'iinsiie bou silver bowl f '' c<1 'wes for the boys und miniature cwsiigcs for Ihe girts-. rown. The long fitted coal imo ,, )c ked s ccves and a stiver fox collar anil nf ..„„ ui t>win jiiuiu S'" /e , U ' Jrat >M " bll "« of gold cord and a brim veil and her shoes were of brown tucked 1'" Have Tniiiihii- The Wilhelm n. u ,,f llu . evcnin" Liberty y roses and vallev suede Talisma lilies formed her shoulder corsW Iiiimcdlatcly after me ceremony »iu al "l, Mrs - »»*<"i entertained with a dinner at the Hotel Noble n?,i I' """ Mr5 ' Dll »"n"> and out of town guests. A bouguei iL , niUilfi " cc roses ™« red tapers decorated t)i c (nbh •„• "Mr, 3 'n " 1C flve -™'"-« 'inner. Mrs. Dunham, who lived j,, Tex arkmrl . Ark ., for „ ^ »' ieare be/ore coming here several months ago, lwci ^ d llf ,. ic ein | educalum « Tcauk.™ J.mtor college and at the Universltv ,,f Alabama, Tuscaloosa, where ' she ^7'V n mCmtPr of " "eHa Dellji forority. Tlie bridegroom. wj' lo is th- eld " ""' 'nptisl church a Irnining school each this week at the Nciv church. There will be two classes each '•'Milng m the senior, inlcrmcdiiile. nml junior U. 'J'. u. manuals. Uc- twccn classes lln'rc will be a short devotional eondnclcd by vnrloir, mm nicl " bl ''' s -of the First Baptist Hcr i church unions, on Friday evening tests will be Kii'cn, followeil by a social hour. Crarhn-Malunry. The mnrrliiKc of Miss Alma Maloney and Mr. William G. Craven, of Blylhevilb and Waco. Ihe by third high and a "ban, m ^' : low score ijift. was received Mre, J. )>. Frk'jKl. . included in Hie i; were these from out of the cily: Misses Unilfe, Alice and Mary °Mcllnney 01 Kcniiett, Mo., yuesls of Dr. and Mrs, lj. M. Moore and MIS. Spurgeon Patterson of Jackson i\ihs who is visiting tier mother, Mrs' W. T. Obcrst. Former Maine Governor Turns Fire on New Deal CLEVELAND (UP)— Ralph o . Brcwsler, former Maine governor nnl only congre-ssmiin lo survive Ihc Democratic landslide in Die I'ine Tree Slate in aeplinnber (lied these shots ut DcmucraUs hi Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Waterman have returned to Memphis atlcr u brief stay wlUi Mr. and Mrs J P. Lcnli. Mrs, G. E. Keck was in Mc m- i'hls Friday. . Lease Wlllliuns, of Charlotto S c., brohler of i, :i n wiiliam B O t Osccola, who is (lie «nc.U of God- ficy While, of Osccola, and Mr Wlille were in the city Sulurrtnv Mr. and Mrs. A. Comvav' ac- cumpanlcd by Mrs. Godfrey "white and daughter, Ann. of Osccola rc- imned Friday night from Marshall Mo., where they were guests ol Mrs. White's father. ,L'!.' ,! >n(l ,,. Ml ' s ' Ewt> " w "'c«», of been Mr.s. Dlcktim. 'IVnii „ ,„„,,. visiting Mr, Wrciin's sister „„, " H, .larrelt, and fnmilv, rcliirn- lo lljuir home Thuisdny. Mrs. Wrcnn, before her marriage Ocl- /ilv.t- rn,, r », .,, . fniirtli. Louise ---- -.--•' HiLJ.J ^1 loiiilinsun. of Dickson. Tcnn Miss -Doris v/ilson had ,•«,•'. | m - ucsl lor the wwkciul, Miss Calh- ennc Nichols, teacher in tin- school • . Miss Louise . who attends Slcele-Cootcr Sociciy — Personal «,i, ™" - «r. S ,^/Xo^ pins 1 IIK'lll. 'Hie 'I'ojii Thumb which was staged al. School gym, Friday was a „„. » i'l^lal "icwss. The sponsor w' as s | Miss Kuthcrmc Marie Taylor MIS.S Kiitherinc Jones Ul ,J • -..., mined home aflnr a visit with Mr. und Mrs. W. a. Howies Memphis. Miss Pally Jordan spent last iv«& end in Lejwnlo, A fk., wiui her sister and husband, M| . a ,' Mrs. Dan I'ortis jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jordan motored down after their claiiKh- ler, Miss Patty, who have tjccn visiting her xj.sler in Lcpanlo Harold Steele and Clark Frame, of Hillsman-Tnylor, sncnl ihe «'cek end here with Uieir parents W. M. Duncan is visiting h j riiiusliier in St. ;.oi,i s . fa Miss WhitcEide, of Peoria Jll ts I1io guest or her sister, Mrs 'o Aiaclin. Mrs. K. w. Coolte had as hci BUcst, Wednesday Mrs. R A --. of Steclc, and Mrs T J3ii«llne, of Lawrenccbiirfi Tci Red Story is taking treatment • >t hospital in Memphis Mrs n. K. Doenier leU Thursday for Los Angeles. Calif., to visit her mother, Mrs. n Re-pan i who is seriously lit M,- Docriiei Uecoiiipaiiled her to Kansas City, Mr. and Mrs. Abncr Ashcroft »>Kl son. Sonny. Mr. and Mrs JwiBiir Buys, and cl:mgiucr, jcr- lenc, were the dinner Quests of IJayli Society-Personal mwii.1 for honorable mention in ,\ >aby contest sponsored by Scars lioebuck A Conijiany. was husless to u a biriliriay (,,,,.(5, S:ltm . ( |., v ;i "'ion lionorins her-. son. BoliHy o »« seventh birthday. After sc at Guru; I home to Cilrardc is who iniicli licller. Miss Muvtliu Cliimium, I 1 ."! 0 *' 0 ! 1 ,'l l l " 1 ' u " ion • •—«-' i'im in Mempliis, is sQendlni- few diiys vacntlon nl home Ciodwln is ill at his i, om LiU!( , dipper speech here: The New Deal — » (I,, theory ol government. James A. Farley—the Tammany Tiger dressed up a s yanta Chuis. Washington tortuy-an Alice ill Wonderland' administration. Brcwsler charged Karlc.v is "intoxicated with such Dower and patronage as Ihc Tnmnmny brave never dreamed of." j Miss Enplia lilxoi) tf l«ucfc, head nurse of the su \ir milt, stud Misis Simdcv. v ol vlllc. Ark., arc in die city Mr. and Mrs. I'anl arceuwi-ll h.« as their mieM.s over the weekend Mrs. Grecnwell's father Ci •>. Tomi, of st. Louis, Mr Orccn- "•ll'i! fiither. T. j. oivcmvcll si'.. and us dauBlitcr, Miss Mm-y HIiiHchc Clrccuwcll, of llayli Mi," Ml. mid Mrs. Spurgcon Paller»n and daughter, Vivian, who arc moving from I3lr;nin S ha m , Aln O f ; midl were united in IJuleley. Tenn., inarriagt'. Mr. _ Ciimpljell b u'cll ki i'cniiscol comity. I'anl Milbrandt. of j u ,. lcl ,„.„ «nd Lloyd McBridc. of Cariith'.' m-villc, spent the week end with tnc former's motlier, Mrs Spencer, and Mr. Spencer' W N. Jones left, Monday wfcfmu ne yi ' L °" i5 iltlcl> ter. Mis. n. L. i'y. Mr. and Mrs. N. L son jr.. aim daughter , K y ' L c fur afte with llis rtll . .spent, (|, s relatives in .- . . ~....uv,tyti **UUllt\. I [O ' *• Imished hist! school in Ktrele in ' hl ' »• '-'. a Her which lie aUk-wled pcacc ' ll... w, I 1 '"' <J " ! ' r ' C -' i Micl!i « -WHt ihc weekend i,, Atlanta, Georgia. Marry at Bassett Ark. — Miss Marie l", and Mr. Gillie Wrbnt c married Saturday nighi C'. Sinilh, justice of the Miss Luula- Golden, who ts al- tendlng Central College at Payette Mo., spent UK; weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Golden. Miss Golden accompanied Mlrees Glenn Rather and Mary Francis Cooko of Portiigcvllle, who attend the same college. They will return to ttiycllc, Tuesday moni- Jjex Hecves, ivho is attending ArkunsiLs State college, Joncsboro iiircnt- lll<) wcl ' k<! " d ' le '' c with liis Mrs. i,on Hjdgcway and niece, Ihcda JoliiKOii. spent Ihc weekend \\rni llicdas parents, Mr and Mrs. j. M. Johnson, of Clrnl"^ ton, Mo. Miss Johnson is stayiVu"- "ere and attending school. * Mrs. Ethel Stevenson is i,, Charleston, Mo., visaing her v !s . ter, Miss Thelma Aaron Wcndall Hall, son or Mr. .-,„<[ Mrs.. Bert „„„ of Cr& ^ »j»' fliEht lasi week, Mr. iiaii alM h°i'd Hie honor nf beinr» nio^-in i . "uijiy elected prcsi- fraternity organiza- Largc Audience Greets "Home Talent Revival" A lurgc audience, includii- -,k itors from Oscrola, attended the opening services of the HBDIC ril ent Uuvival meeting which b»~ «an at Ihe Fiisl Chrisiian Clwreh Sunday night, The Rev v p Uiitteiwortl,, neiv pastor of' the' . and Mrs, Butlcnvortti are leading n, , olle .„„, M ! ™ """" except, Saturday. The He" Btittcrworlh's subject en I) r S G> " fcy of 'Washrnu- nonths !. f "" S ''™"«^ two nonthi attendin,; to farming in- e esLs and visiting friends h4« returned to her home Mi'. night, was, -Four Basest Pools Hi Blylhevillo." The'Dmtenvorths also sang. ••The Christ of the Cross" tl introduced a new papuia,- cliartis. The sermon subject 'to. niglit is: "Sisns ot the l-.'nd of tliu Age. "Saved by Grace" ts ilu. 'lite of the clwrt sermon Mr Ih N tcnvorth will preach tonight A M?' .±?''i' s wi " l)e "'"'"diicea and Mninature Plane Carried Gas Supply PHILADELPHIA ,IJPJ-_A m j,, t Mm ' lls "'"l isiii o., visiting relatives Lavernc foster, who i s at Cariiiliffi B Villo! U Mo7spciH *cefc end here will, her ,-,, j, ' u 1 " 1 . , anti Mra ' p ''«»k Foster." cnd»V ° ccln " llwll «- Jr., who is airs fi mi "' cilst Missouri teach- m.'I n •"","'•''• Por (hi- lew imlhs he Dn.s i, m , nuploycd l )y the Bovemment as a" clerk on till"'lion reduction program. The '' ""'.I Broom will make uid r e- llicir nciv Jiomc. where . , ere .,- Campj,n will nisiimee ilio Murphy Hospital Notes ^miu«! lolhTBlylhcville hos- PiUtl. Mrs. c . stllrs, ctr - John •" ' Flakes Thomas'. n u iik- Mo,; ( - Amos Diskill, si N- J. l-'Iemlng. Holland. „,„ Bisinisscrt: Jliss Bobbie Lcc'Kiug, uty; Miss Jane Eogb, Steele, Mo • L. C. Lueas. Sleele, Mo. of . rs Dunham of Tuscaloosa. Is B f ° J - Abbevll Another Week and 2 Rings FREE! 4^ ••"% •They came too fast os'cr Ihe week-end—we were unable to nail upon Die numbers who poured inlo the Robinson Drug Slorc Many people left because we couldn't wait on them. To afford another opportunity w are "oin» to contlniii! our SPECIAL INTROnaCTOin' OFPEll ANOTHER WEEK. To stimiilnic (Ins adveilmnt, event the Mexican Diamond Co. wired their representative, to five an additional ring with llr purchase of ouch scaiTpln. We nve lellin- a regular $2.00 scarfpln (or -19 cents We Inuv been ^vjng „ Mexican Replica Diamoiul Ring fRat vviu, each pin. tu i - Ilow vvc av U|1n beautiful unl nf' V .n " B '' hl - R " s * tllccial """'"mcnt. oner ihc last Mln,, i r sc "-' i " lonsl s '" (1 - To late advanlanc ol this sen- falloim otTer. you must bring ll,b ad ,,llli vou. Don't wait WWII the last minute—Come In Today! THIS IB VOSU'IVICLV Till:' LAST \\KKK limn,,'" h 01 .' 1 • i r hallCC t0 - S1!C UlC vp l' ltcas cf tllc v ™ rltl ' s cd»r 'n, f , r ' C '" alII< "K' s "" Display. Come and enjoy Oils educational treat. IT'S FiJEE! Robinson Drug Co. SERVICE 'I Alcaii! l')vrry||ii M ,r j,, |y|7 oii. "liil s Avhy ur, hnul every <'iior| lo »i\c you d,,, ],,. S ) .^•fvicc. in (Duality (llraniim. ! Barnes' Nu-Wa Qe TIM . t ot_ all motor vcbid, acrid.' mi 3 - pcr CCIU OI B » "•«m« .s ,„ Oregon occur at street twjis. a report lssllc;l ,;' ryj,: state Peter J. sti tlc ! man showed today. Stuff/Head J»!it n few dropu up each nostril. Quickly, breathing again becomes clear! ir Quiet and __ ,. Wrecker Service fillips Motor Co. R O X Y ( LAST TIME TODAtfi MAT. & 2-JITE CJEORGK JKAN I Last Time Today .Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Nile 6:45— 10-35c ON THK GET EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA with (his New 1935 DEMOTE CONTROL —'J'OiNlGH'J'— BEAUTY CONTEST ''"\, 'Jy-' • Sel( -'--iJ»» of " ; >!iss Norlhwisl Arhiinsas and -ON THIi SCHKKN— Warner jjuxler in 'HELL IN THE Novtlf Citrluon Tues f -Wed.-TIiurs. laughs! An earthquake of roars! A landslide of • ' mirth"! -Musical Shoi-l Tuesday - Weds \\illi Ihcconvcnicnf cnd- Ifiblc liming r.-iljincl J>c- sulc- .vnii, enjoy flit fulf IICHUI.V of glorious I'll!!,- DLJIl /-/-v CO (one from Die scpn- IrnlLvv' nilcjronsole-l.vpc .siimficr lift D Y t'fllllllpl 'iprncv; IT, IIOlV^ ll ill . - "' C «'""'. , fSi.-SSU r SI: only $l25 ."! r !l l( 'n ' >:l 'f |1 ' C( ' fnclincd Sounding lass "A" Audio System, Tone Control, t oitlrol, .Shadow Tuning, c(c, CHOOSE FROM Track PHILCO 118MX $95 A powerfnl netv P!Ill,(o ,., ? i!? C 5V H " l>illcl of h! "»l fibbed hro»viij\Uhn g ai, v win, (tlsck tnm and roiilraMmr center panel. Same chassis i l ' C il'L nln i C c " I " ro1 l "°' lcl '*• ftriben above. y OHr p rewn t set/ NEW 1935 PHIUCOS ,»u e r r es! EASIEST TERMS Allowance! los tny * >i/u n.^iMiai HI, »i, k RICAmCOIIIH-FlUIUMDIIMN IVLEIUIDJ • f HIUIP BEEO '.iniiwHiiH News L'omi'dy

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