The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1948
Page 10
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, BIATHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1948 Religion Classes Cause Concern Status of Program* ' Under Court Ruling Matter of Debate By Euth GmHner Pra» Staff Correspondent , WASHINGTON, March ». (UP) —Public school officials all over the oountrv »re concerned about the religious education Issue. Their wcrry began two weete ago when' the Supreme Court liMidrd down » decision entitled "McCol]um vs. Board of Education of Champaign; III." That decision held that the con- ttitution prohibits the compulsory public school system from cooperating in the religious instruction of school children; The best available figures show (hat 2.000,000 children In 2,200 communities were attending some klnJ of religious classes during school hours R year ago. The number had doubled in seven years. Today, the number of communities involved probably Is closer to 3,000, educators ssy. Legal ~ experts no* 1 have sifted through the 20.000 words of justice Hugo li. Black's majority opinion, two concurring opinions Rtid one dissent. Their analyses do not agree on what specific religious programs fall within the supreme court ban. Several more law suits may be nee- j essary to clarify the matter. But \ til agreed that the scope of the i ruling goes far beyond Champaign, ] ni. 1 The U.S. Office of Education and | the National Education Association have suggested a simple test. Compare the features of the now-questioned religious instruction plans ivlth the Champaign' system* Ths greater the similarity, the more likely the plan Is illegal. On the other hand. "The greater Ihe dis- umilaritv . . . the more debatable li the application ot the McCollum decision." Court XJsed Three Bases The lawyers say the court's opinion rested on these three poinli in the Champaign plan: • .1 ;1. Public school buildings were used for religious education. <3. The school authorities cooperated in the program. !3. The compulsory school system , was used to assist, religious sects in carrying out their program of , instruction. • NEA lawyers have prepared a summary of the probable effect, the x Champaign case on other religious Instruction plans. Here is what they think: 1. "Definitely unconstitutional"— any plan under which the school system releases pupils from regular school classes and provides classrooms and other services for the,religious classes. Some school districts in at least .' li T state* conduct such programs: Alabama, Illinois, Louisiana - Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Vermont and Virginia, and Hawaii. 3. Also unconstitutional—any plan •where religious education is conducted off school premises but during school hours and with the active cooperation of the school adminis- j trillion. Pupils . are released from , the regular school curriculum and teachers and church authorities co operate in keeping attendance records. 14 State* Use Plan Some schools in at least these ^ states have that type of a plan Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kan *as, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine Massachusetts. Michigan, Minnc-so ta, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jer sey. New York. Ohio, Oklahoma Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Is land, South .Carolina, South Da kqta, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wes Virginia, and Wisconsin, and Alas New Pack-Plane Speeds Air Freight -A.-, Designed for the Air Force by the Fail-child Aircrnll Division, llu^ibluwn, Mil., this new C-120 Pack-Plane is equipped with a detachable fuselage/ Liko a trai]er-truck t 11 ran switch its payload quickly. Designs call for a pack with a nine-Ion pnyioacl capacity for n 2000-mile range. The pack, once detached from trie plane-, can be used as a troop shelter. Note the unusual landing gear, and the detached packs in the background. 11 Under Bond As Result of Strike Battle ROME, Ga., March 25. (UP) — Eleven persons were free on bonds today after R bitter flareup of violence nt Ihe Anchor Rome Textile Mills where a strike has been in progress seven days. Australian IVheat to Britain PERTH, Australia, <UP)—The by the company, and I do not believe any weapons were used," lie said. "There probably 1 was a fist or \,. ; . . . , ,. , . „„ iwo but I don't believe any clubs tusl «'»""'«"•• ot «» estimated 38,or blackjacks were ivsed." Chiet of Police Gen. Billy Mitchell To Get Overdue Honor Saturday WASHINGTON, March 38. (UPI —His country this week will pay lonjf overdue honor to the iale Brig Gen. William (Billy) Mitchell. At noon Saturday at the Pentagon he will be presented posthumously with a special medal of honor Inscribed: "For outstanding pioneer service and foresight In the field of American military aviation." The Air Force considers Billy Mitchell to be Its spiritual father. For years alter World War I he preached air power. He argued endlessly for a separate air force in all respects equal to the Army »nd Navy, * , Trie things he said and the way he said them injured many fjel- Ings. When the . Naval dirigible Shenandoah crashed, lie made it the occasion for explosively criticizing the air policy oj both the Army and Navy. In 192S he was court martlaled and suspended In rank, command and duty. On Feb. 1, 1924, not long after re- celjing sentence he^ resigned from the Army and spent the remainder of his life working for a separate air force. He died in 1936, eleven years belore his dream came true. The Ifllli Congress the special medal, which was completed only recently. On Saturday, Gen. Carl t>i>aalz, air force chief of staff, will present 11 to Mitchell's son, William, Jr. High-ranking military and government officials will be present. With the Courts Circuit. Paul D. Paster VK, Continental Distributing Co., Inc., lull on contract for t2,040.00. American Express Co. v.s. Harry J. Frltzius, petition for writ of garnishment on four insurance companies In the amount of $11,235.61. A. L. Hickrnan vs. James Whitlaw, suit (or |300 resulting from an auto collision. First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER Morion the biggest fight came when railroad crewmen attempted to move freight cars from a siding near the mill. It was understood thai the railroad, workinen refused to move the cars while a picket line was across the tracks. It was allegedly the efforts i* non-strikers to clear the Seven warrants" charging wiult tickets oil live mils that provoked with intent to murder and four pence warrants were .sworn out yesterday after strikers und non-strlk- rs clashed. Joe Pedigo. Joint board member f the Textile Workers Union. CG1O). hargert thai blackjacks and clubs ere used on unarmed pickets. P. . Redmond, president of the mills, cnied this. "No such attack wsw sanctioned ihe lighting. About 175 persons, including a number of women, wen said to have been involved. Read Courier News Want Ads. Good News For Folks Who Suffer From V^ JTOMUCH CAS ' FOOD TASTE IIDI6EST10N 5000,000-bushel wheat urop In Western AushnllaXhas been consigned co Grent Britain. Worms Here'* How to' get fatty Spring Delivery on a New EVINRUDE Get In ahead of the spring rush when there are never enough Evin- rudes to go around! Call^and chouse your motor now. A 20% deposit will Rive you priority delivery on a sparkling new '48 Evlnrude. We will accept a few used motors of approved makes at fair trade-in .allowance. We have in stock for 1m- j mediate delivery, a limited quantity of D 4-10 H.P. and 9 7-10 H.P. Evin- rudes! MeKl N N OKI'S •'' Manila, Ark. .a and Hawaii.- 3. Probably constitutional — Ihe 'dismissed time" plan in use in A landiul of communities. Under this >lan, all children are excused from ichooi an hour early one day each week. They are free to go to church classes or, wherever they please and no effort is made by the school to check on the pupils' activities. 4. Possibly unconstitutional—Re.- dglous classes held outside of ; i school hours but Hi school build- ! ings. NEA said this program may: i)e illegal because tax-supported property is used lor sectarian ed.i- 1 cation. . ; Bible-ieading Li required by law ' in Alabama, Arkansas, D^lawa^-, l Florida, Georgia. Idaho, Kentucky, j Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Tennessee and'; the I amazingly effective In incensing this District' of Columbia. Another 24 I flow when it i* toolittle or.scanty due Ontne nurmli rnaHmT nT i ho Rihln **> B non-organic stomach disturbance, .suites pei mil, reading or me tfiDie ^ lls l5 rtue to thfl sss Tonlc formula or repenting the Lord's Prayer with- t which contains special and potent actl- out comment. NEA said these op- J vaflng Incredlents^ _ ening exercises npuarently are not ! directly affected by the Champaign decision. Do you feel blo*t*d and miserable *rter every "meal, laste nour, bitter food? If »o, here Is \iow you may get blessed relief from this nervous d is trees. 1 IX'try time food enters the stomach A vital g«tr]c Juice must now normally to break-up certain food particles; else th» food may ferment. Sour food, ncld Indl-' Ktstlon and .gas frecjuentlj' cause a morbid, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervoua condition. Iocs of appetite, underweight, restless sleep, weakness. To get real relief TOU must Increua the flow of this vital gastric Juice. Medical kuthoiltles. 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