The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER.NEWS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1938 Remedied By Mirro: s Players No Longer Laugl At Rickey's Blackboard Baseball BY HARRY OltAYSON ' Sports Editor, NKA Service When Branch Rickey managed the St. Lonls Browns in 1913, '14, and '15, nnd the Cardinals from 1919 lo '25, veteran players laughed at his blackboard baseball. They didn't consider book larnln' necessary, and Rickey's insistence at stuffing it down their throats contributed to his frank failure us a field marshal. The director of the far-flung Red Bird System, now the most important man In the game, was 20 years ahead of his time; But old and young alhletes listen to Rickey, now, and with the base- hall school business booming, B. B. is putting '6ri the most elahorale one -ever''conducted by a major leagiie organisation at Winter Haven,.' Ma., I\eb. 21 to March 19. With the aid of 26 assistants, Rickey liopes'^to correct the faults of nbout 100 prospects. They've been playing baseball since 1839. but,,.Trls Speaker say? that;he learns something new practically every lime he visits a park The:Gray Eagle, who two years age acted as a professor at the Ray L Doan school at Hot Springs, assert; that: these spring Institutions servi a purpose if for no other leaser than that they discourage" tlw youngster who simply isn't cut on' to be a ball player. "And they put the recruit o' promise oh the right track," Speaker points out. ••I recall straightening out oni long-legged kid at Hot Springs. HI took such a long stride thnL tin only place he possibly could liavi hit a high ball was in a night club I shortened his stride j . . shower him^the position of his hilling zone It'w'asnll long before lie was post Ing the ball for magnificent dis tances." Room for InstrucHbn In Minor Irenes It sometimes is amazing how little players are taught In Ihe minors and Speaker suggests Hint the ma jors select old-time major leaguer: fitted for the work, and distribute them around the smaller circuit! as Instructors. Bob Feller had no minor leagn experience when he broke in wit 1 the Ciiveland Indians, but pitched considerable amateur semtprofessional ball of-the be'tte'_ v«rietv. Yet, Feller" "hadn't "the slightest Idea of how to stand''ov the .rubber. He had no move tt first base, so the opposition rar hog wild. A bit of preliminary In- stni"Uon. and the Iowa farm boj would have been even more phe nomehal from the outset. .Rickey's strike zone will he work ed overtime at Winter Haven. / rectangle of twine is formed will the support of standards on elthe side of the plate. The contvaptlor is essential to both pitching nnf hitting. It |s the pitcher's job I throw into the zone. Rickey want' him to get that imaginary zom firmly fixed in his mind. "If you look at an electric llgh! for some time," explains Rickey "and then-close your eyes you wll' still see the ll?ht plainly enough.' Rickey Sffks io Make Outfielder i Catcher Rickey developed the control o! Bill James'and Wee Willie Slicrde) In this manner. His star uupil this spring will be Ray Harrell. The strike zone also helps tc cure a batter from swinging at bac balls. . . , Rickey U to make another inter- esluig experiment. With catcher; scarce, he is going to try to mnkt one of Outfielder Don Padgett. Oeorge Harold Skier was pitcher, but Rickey handed him a half dozen first baseman's gloves the day he reported'to the Browns, and told him 'to take his pick. Chick Hafey was a pitcher when he joined, the Cardinals, hut Rickey sent him to the outfield the first ; time Vie saw him swing a oat. S Branch Rickey's blackboard inelh- | ods are too successful not to pre- i vail. • BlythevillejjAwl lAixora Hoopsiers To Meet Tonight I'lio B!vll"!vllln Chlckasaws, among Ihe leading favorites for the connlv boys' CBJC title, will meet i the I.uxora boys and ihe l.uxora this, among Ihe favorites In thelv division, .will clash with the nly- Ilicvllle girls in games <it Ilif? armory here tonght. flic girls' gume will start lit 7:30 o'clock with the Luxnnins due to give the mediocre Blythcvlllf" team n fancy trimming. :»• uovs' gnrne should provide a stiff contest. The Chlckasaws won n the only previous meeting of the two teams tilts season by a margin o"i'' lour points. Incidentally the Chicks have won 10 onl of 13 games this season, losing only lo \fmitlU' (tivlt.'cj and to Sliawmw. A young hitter sees himself n.s the pitchers see him nl Joe Strlpp's scball school at Orlando, Fla. Professor Strlpp casts u critical eye from the right. The Riddle Riddle RIDDLE ABOUT JOHNNY if, jvVA' HE. W-4S SEEM in W£ MINORS F03 , E.I6HT GEORGIAN MHO CUSfoMAW . iiv jEititv NKA So vim Sports Writer NEW YOrtK, Feb. 11.—No one know* belter than Johnny Woodruff Hint he Isn't cut out to nin on indoor boards. Long Jolm of the gigantic, awk- losely, Indoors," He wobbles on asserts Hedlund. Conference, scored 420 points in Zellner Johnson were Defendants, tV.e turns, Ho ocsn'l begin to lean milckly this season. nough. He starts 'his body bend 199 of them. loo late, experienced board unners begin leaning to the left, ust before they come lo a bunked iit've. "Woodruff delays this action un- 11 lif is well Into the turn. He lnds himself drawn up on the ids. and as a consequence los'.-: ti'ucllon and drive, "Tlml boy belongs on the Iralgiitiiways nuldaii. It Hikes a i-tmirkable rimnei 1 to cut him .own when he starts swinging 6way on tin? cinders." ;he!r first five conference games will sell at public auction to the Ihl.s season. "Sunny Jlrn" scored highest and best bidder, for cash, jon a credit of three months 13), Murdaugh has an average of at - the front door of the Court 38 4/5 points a game for the sea-;House, between the hours^prescrib- «m and his greatest feat of the yrnr was against Bethel College ward-looking stride bore this n the Millrose Games, and out the Olympic 800-meter ' champion Is Icstlned lo'prove It time and again mless he changes his style. And Hint would be fatal lo the Pittsburgh antelope's outdoor efforts. "My legs nnd .stride are too long for banked curves." Johnny laments. "My sixe and style are a real aid when 1 get otit In the fresh air and on ihe (lot where there are no banks, but they're a distinct disadvantage Indoors." Oscar IfcdUmd, a middle distance star In his day, agrees with itlie Negro youth. •I've watched Johnny . pretty Ciraeti JmitK May Have l.nsl l.uUKh at Troy Hxpert guessors on the west believe Howard Jones will step out of Ihi" Southern Callf- ornhi picture lit the close of the I3B season. Troy's football coach, it was I'.ted vigorously In some (juatter.';, v/us on the way out last fall, but >, line showing against Noire Uame und u victory over U. C. L. A. in fir.Miig enmcs staycj ihe ax. Ami now Jones Is In a position lo Iruigli Hint last laugh. According' to re|iorls from the Piiclfk coast. Howard Harding wll) simply wallow In high class ma- intol next fall. The Trojnn prnc- licc field was cluttered ii|> with i:lgli-grade sophomores and juniors last untmim. With a complete line and backflelil returning, Headman Howard appears .set for u big .season. There are n few big-wigs who" would like to see the highly competent Jones removed from the ecene, but getting rid of Ihe old Yah 1 end wouldn't be so easy if lie stormed through to a coast championship or-something boiler, j which he repeatedly did when lie had llii! material. when hii scored 78 points, fn that game the Lions defeated Betlul, 115 to SO. In llirec games Hie Uons have ••on by scores of 100 or higher. They vanquished Drauglion's npss College of Tupelo, Mi's., 103 'o 27; Alabauia Teachers of Florence lost to the Henderson quintet, 20 to 100. Fvecd-Hardeman ha?; lost only "lie (;r-me this Mason, dropping a close cne lo Hie East Tupelo, Miss. Tornadoes early in Hie season. The Lions have won ed by law, In the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 24th day ol February, 1938, the following real estate, to-wit: |j>t seven (7i, Block elgh- Iren (18), Edwin Roblason Addition, to Blythevilje, Arkansas un<l beln 3 , cnrved out of Hie Southeast comer of the Northwest rjuarter of the Soutlnve.-.t quarter of Section sixteen H6), Township fifleen (15), North, Rouge eleven (11) t'lsl. Also lot lliree (3), Block vne O). Allison Addition lo tlythevlllc, Arkansas, fald sale will be had to satisfy 14 games. . . , ... »,...„ L-Ick Stewart, former Un | 0n !-nUi decree in the sum of $574.08 University si or. is rairti of Diet 1 ' 1 " 1 ' tlKhl I8) ' iei ' cent ln ' <?rcsL Lions. During his eight years of ccachlnj here, Stewart's caje teams have won 270 games ami lost 22. from September 27, 193 1 !., . The purchaser at' said sale will be required to execute bond with approved (security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a Hen will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 3rd day of February J938. ADDISON SMITH Special Commissioner In Chancery • Seal) 4-H Thieves Sparinr lit Theft PAINESVILLE, O. (UP)—Thieves entered the home of Mrs. Catherine Lilly, ransacked drawers and closets, but took only a fountain pen nnd a mouthorgan. Head Courier News Want nds. C.'CM.MISSIONKU'S SALE Notice te hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, In compliance ulili the terms of n decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlcknsnwba Dislrlct of MissKTlopl County. Arkansas, on Ihe 27th day of September, 1937, wherein Nelll Reed. Guardian of James Elvin Hood, and Sarn Manatt. Trustee, was I'lalntlfl", No. C518 and Louise Roberts Johnson nnd FOR HEAVY DUTY HAULING . ONLY $215.00 •MM Chevrolet iy 2 Ton Truck . Only $87.00 down : and lf>7" Truck—Stake SI7.00 |ier month. Body. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY fith & Walnut Phone 810 Dixie Forward Pelts Basket for 78 Points HENDERSON, Tenn. IUP>—Led Uy Jim Murdaugh, B-foot. 4-Inch forward, tilt Freed - llardcmnn Llon.s claim (fie world's high sewing record of the year. 'the Lions, defending cauccliam- pions of the Mississippi Valley McCormick - Deering Bisk Harrows Hcat-Trwud Oimpml-CenUr DurabU tt,(w this commission by J. M. piitrcll. former governor, was nimble lo attend the meeting because of illness In her family. Human ears cannot hear a pitch much higher than two octavos tnat which play. Convention Bid Mnde SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Till, city hns launched a campaign to bring 1.500 conventions lo till city during the 1939 Golden Oati International Exposition. To al jlain this end, it expects lo spout Isioo.coo. And "Bnmper" is Right! G OOD Harrowing means a good seed bed and 'bumper" crops. The bumper disk harrow shown above has a country-wide record of performance. An exclusive McCormick-Deering feature, the heat-treated crimped- center disks, gives this bumper disk harrow unequalled ability to hold its sharp cutting edges under tough, hard soil conditions. . ; The expense of frequent sharpening is saved, and the disks are automatically kept in shape for fast, clean work. It's the last word in disk quality! We are now displaying the new McCormick-Deering Bumper Disk Harrows best suited for local conditions. Come in and see them, DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Disfvibtilors for the McCormick-Deering Full Line of Farming Equipment South Second Blylheville, Ark Gosnell and Brown Advance In Tourney MANILA,., Ark., feb. n.—In n 4-H ciiib,".basketball tournament, underway' today and continuing through Saturday, 'rnly five games . had been played through noon to- dayJ Brown boys and girls and Gosnell boys and girls advanced through the first round, the Brown hoys beating Boynton, 20 to 6 and the Brown girls beating Boynton, 73 to 5. Oosnell boys beat Lone Oak, 24 to 13, and Gosnell girls beat Lone Oak, 31 to 9. Half Moon girls defeated Etoon, 25 to 13. < To Discuss Plans For i Grid Game Exhibit Finns for sending an Arkansas exhibit to San Francisco next October *hcn the University of Arkansas plays Santa" Clara on the gridiron will be discussed at the meeting of 'the Arkansas Centennial commission In Little Rock today, it was announced In a letter from Ooveror Carl E. Bailey to Mrs. C. E. digger. Mrs Crlgger, who was appointed to represent Mississippi county on Our Family's Whiskey Goes Way Back to Grandpa Wilken's Day That Personal Family Recipe of ours takes in all the whiskey learning that three generations of us Wilkens hare picked up. In Grandpa Wilken's day folks rode far and wide to get their jugfuls of our Family's Whiskey, but nowadays it's mighty handy for anyone to get the selfsame whiskey us distillers drink, Harry E. Wilkcn COmiGKTI938.TH£WIUCENFAMIlY INC AUDDItl SCHENIEV P.O.. P».-90f!OOF-TH£ STRAIGHI WHISKIES IN THIS f CODUCt A5E 50MC.NIHSOS MOSE OH>. 25* STRAIGHT WHISKIES; 75ii GRAIN N(U!»»l SFIRII5; 50* STRAIGHT WHISXtY JO MONTHS OtO S'.t STRAIGHT WH.SH1M YEARS OlO ' MEN! Don't Miss This Opportunity to buy new Fall, Winter and Spring Suits, Topcoats and Accessories at Savings up to one-half in our FIRE SALE Although we have had a trem- cmdous response during the first four days of this sale, you will find our assortments quite complete . . . but you must come in soon if you want to share in these-wonderful bargains. 1 lot these Spring 2-Pants SUITS left to close out at only $10 Our Entire Stock of Merit und Timely Spring, Fall and Winter Suits-Topcoats Greys, browns and in attractive range ot stripes, nlaids, nurtures and solid colors suitable for wear now and later. HALF-PRICE 1 Lot Men's NUNN-BUSH OXFORDS $295 J Lot Men's FORTUNE OXFORDS $195 UP to $r, Value Sweaters Dobbs and Stetson Hats, Arrow and Wilson Bros, patterned Shirts, Pajamas, Handkerchiefs, . Ties, Leather Jackets, Underwear and Robes at substantial savings. R. D. HUGHES & CO. All Sales Cash and Final—No Exchanges or Refunds

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