The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1937
Page 5
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.WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 193? BLYTHBVILLE, (AM.)' COURIER NfiWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION bnliv rate per line for consecutive Insert lone: _ nc time per line lOc Two times per line per day . OSc Three times per line per day , 00c Six times per line per day . OSc Month rat° per line GOc lards o? Thanks .... 50o & 75c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six dines und stopped Ijefore cxpira tlon will be charged lor the ivunv her of times the id appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by • cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be Into for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE SHO1' NEW EQUIPMENT-BEST PRICES We ask one trial. WILLIAM FRliEMAN 4 doors east J. C. Penney's MEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. Simon p. Lee in charge Photos PHEE with Each Order for Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP The house of good service ami quality. Everything for your slices and boots. Rubber heels 25c up, Soles 50c up, Free Delivery - - Phone 120 II. B. Campbell, Owner For Sale New Bargains! We have some especially good bur- gains in cars, trucks and pick-ups. Sec Our's Before You Buy) 1930 International % Ton Plck-'Up 1931 Chevrolet '.1 Ton Plck-Up 1933 Chevrolet «, Ton Plck-Up 1935 Ford li-j Ton 'I'ruck 1920 Chevrolet Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. Poultry & Eggs FRESH EGGS 35o noz. sold only at Abnott-Johnson farm 1936 FORD V-l Looks and New T U O O li. Runs Like rouLTUY \VANTiin We pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher ft I Galnps at Gaines Grocery & Market, U W. Main. Limited number of Singer treadto machines traded in on new models at exceptional bargains. Also 3 portable electrics other makes. Singer Sewing Machine Co. •• 403 W. Main Practically new Automatic Delco Light Plant. With radio, fan aiid iron. Will sell for half price Delia implements, Incorporated. Ic kit Say All, Horsy, and Ex pectorals GREEN INN—oafe & dance hall nt Stccle. Good business. Sell ica- sonable. Apply at Inn. For Kent 1935 F O H D . V-8 C O VI V E. . Thoroughly Kecondition- cil. A Gcoil Cue ........ 5 193! F011I) V-S BE LUXE •JUnOR. Newly I'aintcit Af pie Green ............ 1935 FOIID 1'ICK-UP. As Low- As ...................... Clean 1MO FORD TOWN SEDAN. Motor O. K. Tires New. Heater. Must Satisfy ................. 5155 sps Phones S10 - 811 5t!i & Walnut Business Directory ~s BABY CHICKS ALL VAEIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy. 61 North, Blythevllle FURNISHED APARTMENT, 305 DOUG AN. Mrs. A. A. Allen. 2-ck-tf Two or Tliree Furnished Rooms, reasonable. OH Hearn street. 18p k2- Real Estate Sicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call 5GO. 2-c-k-3-2 FOIt SALE 60 Acre farm, newly decorated 4 room house, well & spring. On mail route in Ozarks foothills. Mrs. B. Gregory, 717 Chickasawba. 30-pk-30 OFFICE SPACE for rent. Reasonable. Thomas Ixind Co. DC klG FOR SALE T Room House, bath, large lot. Across Irom high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town Could be made into apartment Cheap for cash. 809 Chlckasawba Batteries of all kinds I Uniforms <& equipment for baseball, humlbnll, Softball, soccer ball, tennis, track & boxing. FOR BETTER Battery Service CALL J. B. CLUNG Jackson Service Station—Phone 8 'uriiished, steamheated Apartment. Telephones 107 and 571. 9c l:tf N'ice comfortable bedroom, close in Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. Every winner at Hialciih Park is required (o go to the saliva lest barn. Dr. J. of the saliva test for the Florida Racliift Commission, and lib nsslsl;ui(, Dr. .lio«n drawing the saliva ns n groom holds the handsome head of booted home In front. Cullctt, supervisor H. AlbriUon, are WHY PAY MORE? I'lCKGD CHOICE, l'B«FECTCARS'ONr,Y! 19X1 UltiVR'OIAtr MASTER. COACH; liadlo and Ifait- cr. Low Mileage. A Kcul Kiirgaln ....; §515 1985 CHEVROLET MASTED. SEDAN. New Tires. Only $165 low Fonn v- Tunoit, r.ooiM and Kims Good $313 1935 FOR!) OH IiUXK V-8 CODl'E. Ilargalu $125 193fi I'l.YMOUTII CO Ul'K. I'crfn'l Cbnilltion $:I95 l'»l CHEVROIIiT 131 Inch WIUMillmw TRUCK. I>ual Wheels, Spi'dal $'!» IDHIi l-'Olt-n CLOSED CAl( I'ICIC-UP TRUCK. Only $395 Tasy G. M. A. C. 1'uynicnt 1'laii Tom Little WE HAVE SKCKRUn TUB SERVICES OF AN RADIO MECHANIC who will" guarantee to ' repah your radio to first class condition: ,.,; •: . . : .•-.;••• .:.'•;; ,;•; .• A Complete Line of Tubes and Part's - - Hint Prices Hubbard Tire «t lint. Co. Phone 476 bcnglo which 1ms Just-Ucon WARNING OKIlEll I Myrtle May Halslead is warned I to appear in the Chancery Court '• lor (lie chlcknsavvbn District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, witli- llilrty days from this day, to answer a complaint filed against her by Koine Owners' Loan Corporation. Dated this 2nd day of February, 1837. H. M. CRAIG, Clerk, . By A. F. Sinllli, Deputy.*Reid & Evrard, Attys. for Plaintifl. ' 2-B-1C-23 Raids on nests'of other anls me nude by slave-maker, ants. They carry oif cocoons of the raided felony and Matin iliu captives, which Uicn art? forced to spend Ihclr lives building homes and ;sithiT>rig food for th3ir captors. Not one ot the ordinary tests used by,'laymen to detect poisonous mushrooms is absolutely safe. The only stn'o method is to know the various species by sight. A single examination IB :• not Mlfl'lclonl for healthy eyes; pvcn If glasses l;e fitted; Ihcy should Uc chnngcd occasionally, '•! Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEM ALL NiGHT Phillips Service Center Phones 717 - 810 A pair ot,rats could Inyltc more .linn 20.0Cd ( odo desccnlcnls,'pr nine uenerutlons, .to their (joldcii welling anniversary. • : ELECTRIC te ACETTLKNK WELDING AT BEST PRICES ' "' PROMPT SEItVlCE ': •' • Barksdals Mfg/Cd, PHONE It 24 Hour Wrecker Service Host Prices Joyner Motor Sales : c«u Storag '•?' Fce«l v ': •. Now Located at 101 Kiflfe Sccoiiil • v ."'•'. ,'V'~V ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER' ^ ••'--.. SERVICE BUREAU 3: v''>> DON FriWAKDS, I'roprictbr ! 'I " All nialtcs ot Rebuilt' TypcwrlWrs, .Adding aiaclilnrt ao« " :; Cnlciilfilors—Ileiuxlflni;—Parts—Hlblions . |/ • Best Prices 1 •' t Scheduled to begin Feb. 1 has been postponed until Hood waters go do\vr.. ' WATCH FOB OPENING DATE Shouse-Sienry Hdw. Co. J. W. Bhouse - J. Wilson Henry Coal & Wood It You Want Wood, We Have H! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $6.50 ton Economy Coai Co. 221 W. Cherry Phone 44fi 'MY COAL IS BLACK BUT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I also Pay Best Prices for Hides ft Metals JOHN BL'CHANAN Phone 107 COAL COAL Bus. Opf . .Beauty Culture IS THE/ COJtIING PROFESSION jj Learn this pleasant 'work which] pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Wanted To Buy We have the best, prices on all kinds of good coal. Phone us for prices. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOJIETKISXS Over Joo Isaacs' Store •WE MAICK 'EH SEE 11 Phone 540 1 room Furnished Apartment, bath Eberhnrd Fnber was the fa'st merican:, to make a rubber- used Is first cut into successful' iicn and. pencil manu- founded his business enough to fit the glove imt- RUNNING THE JiLOCICAlJiC! HOW ABOUT IT, PAP AtUT 'WE G'TTlM' V VHP- IP ME PRETTY CLOSE Aw 1 DINMV GO IM WHERE We'REl MUCH CLOSER, ;'GblM'? /WE'LL B5 APT S 1O &WE AWAY 7H' WHOLE SHOW! C'MOMjALLEV-IF WE DOM'T GET STARTED, IT'LL BE DARK LONG BEFORE WE GET TO 7TH- MOOVIAM <\* ~\ OUTPOSTS WELL, ALLEY, THE WAY YOUR. CAT DISGUISE FOOLED OLD DIWWV, IT SUE TOFCOU YEH-AM'IF KIMG WUR'S /I WAMTA GET WTO MOOTTUI7M OUR FEIBJDS LOOSE THEM DUMB SENTRIES HAVE GOTTA BE FOOLED- TOLik'E 'OH\n\a~ S PAP " DOM ' T GOWAWOERIU owS' So^so )°^?^- m Mi f*rrn i iiri/ I AM 'f 1 GAWG „ uuv. u LULK. - 'WEILPROBABLY NAVE \yupi : MOB OW OOP .T.M.REO.U.S.P/VT..OFFV' :'• s By .Martin BOOTS AND HK HO OO HO HUM STACK. NOR NOT.H\W HE CAN'T HE liOTHERED! ' HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR POULTRY HAPPY HOUR GROCERY 109 W. Main We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON, METALS PECANS HIDES fr TORS ARIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 176 WE TIUY lides § Furs Metals and Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Melsl Co. 'herry & B. E. Phone 44F WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hulibard 2ml Hand Furniture Store Phono 1031 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky Personal FREE! If excess acid causes yon Stomach Ulcers. Gas Pains, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET free <nmnlc doctor's proscription, Udga, at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. I At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US ~A TRIAL \Ve Guarantee Holiest Weights Sfaaver-r Gin IMione 27S Chicliasawba & K. R, Alabama Lump Coal £8 per ton —Call 47 Kim's Coal Co. NO RED TAPE Borrow money on your car to pay for your licenses and other hills Car need not bo paid for. Sec .U. w. MO.LINS Sudliury Bids. Phone 495 GErr VIOOR AT ONCEj jf,, w ostrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invigorators and oilier stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros. storo -' i ' Hcij) FRY CALL, E. P. at Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo ... . AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CUAI,' piicartcn ] WANTED TO EMPLOY—Female I Monographer and bookkeeper bc- i fvvcen age 25 and 30. Ability in typing, bookkeeping, shorthand and ar.swcrins telephone Import| ant. Permanent salaried position I in Biythevtlle. Moke detailed ap- hi own liandwiiting lo WASH TUBBS AHGW! AK6 VOLi THE SHERIFF OF~EL HOYO, ^ THE BOWS LOCKED HSRL GOOD -FEU- NOTHIM' HUSEAMD N JMV. AN' RUN AWAY V-JITH THE KEYS. LULU BELLE WAS PLENTY SOE£ r TCiO,'BUT,SO PER AS I'M CONCERNED/ STRANGER., THEY DONE: A MIGHTV, MIGHTY FINE DEED. , <r PHONE 477 . P. O. Box 921, Blytheville. I-AH-HAVE INFORMATION THAT'LL LEAP TO THE ARKEST OF WASH TUBBS BUT, 6R6AT. SCOTT! YOU OFP6REP-A- i5O REWARR NOT ME! THAT WAS LULL! BELLE, THE LAST SHERIFF. VEP, 5TKAN6ER/ WH/VT KIM T DO PER VOLT •37 BY NtA StSVICE. INC. DBEPEK ANT) DEEPER! mim FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS rrs THE CHECK, ALLRlGHT....rT CAME w THIS MORMIMQ'S MAIL.' OH,L)WCl_E CEDRIC^ WWAM 1 GOIMS TO DO ABOUT IT? CAW'T WE SEND rrAN-o CALL THE I MLEV THIS WORM- TKCUGHT VJU'D FEEL 1HAT WAY ABOUT IT.' HEP-E... LET'S DO SOME- Th'IMQ ABOUT OFF?I DOHT :V/AMT TD FUL;FILL w PART OF THE DEAL .' HERE IS HIS WIPE REPLY .' ABOUT SOMETHING SDMETHIWQ IW HER LIFE ABOLTT , WHICH WE KWOW UCTTHIMQ <5P P Lfl#>

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