The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 19.38 (ARK.) COUBlttU NEWS Figures In Kansas City Vote Fraud Tell Whether 1936 Vote Francis \Vi]l End "Bossism" «V KI> MElSBUHfiEK NliA Service Special Corrrspoiuleut KANSAS CITY, Feb. : 10.' •-'• For more than a year, Kansas City lias been running the vacuum cleaner • ol reform over some of Us iHrliosl municipal vugs. A good iii.'iny dark, minliole- lomc things, hidden under sofas of machine politics or rugs ol corruption mid graft, have been bucked up into the reformers' bag. Dumping Hie bag upsidp down, here's what it picked up: Fitly people convicted of election corruption. Including all the more shameless practices of vole stealing, fa^e registry, p,|iony counting, election booth intimidation. Our hundred and eighteen more people, indicted, still to be tried. Net a single one of the scores p{ accused as yet acquitted. Men and women, Republicans nnd Democrats, professional plug- tiElics and ordinary folk more ilioughtlejs than' sinister, all riiught together in the same bap,, ('barges SI ill Echoing Now. after all this hoiisecleaning, Kansas City approaches another municipal election. As the primary nears on March 29, federal court will have under way additional cases of vote fraud charges. The city's ears still ring With iv warning from Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves that "there is a. reign of terror in Kansas Cil}'," nnd rhnrgiiig thai honest business men dared not lift a voice against the political machine without incurring reprisals, boycott*, or even actual physical danger. Back at his modest headquarters, and having recovered the health which for a time bad deserted him, is Bo:w Thomas Jefferson Pendcrgast. Pftiidergast, who was ailing and inactive when the rawest of the 1930 poll scandals was perpetrated, is confident that all this long sfrics of shattering blows at his machine will not prevent easy victory for the local Demcoratlc ticket. IH-mn Registrations Decline Registered for ttie approaching municipal election are only 178,000 voters, in Iho 1936 general election. 256,000 voted out of a popu- lalion!'&r '415,000. Heaviest declines in registration were in the solidly Democratic precincts of North Kansas City, where in some places it, dropped 50 .per cent. The "ghosts," phonies, and ringers were apparently being squeezed out of the election rolls in the first enrollment ever held under a system uf permanent registration. Fendcrrjast is confident, despite all these things, of his ability to i.c-clect Mayor Brice B. Smith. Tlie opposing candidate for mayor, Col. Fred Whilten, is striving for a ccalition of Republicans and independent Democrats witii a platform of election honesty. The coalition is loosely organized and lias little money to spend. Pendergast has veteran precinct workers al every point, plenty of try any "rough slufT" comparable lo that now being swept up. ricrgast's Dj-namo II. A Tlie prosecutions which In the- . steles . urn: "Poultry." Kit,- 1 cJu-n i>i«milui;," "Shopworn," "Meat Cuts," Magazines Relative to 'Agriculture- unit Vocational Work." ; Ncoiil Week Lloyd Wiinl was muster of cci'i 1 -' Hi .iii-s at 11 Bhorl promun given In Httri'mbly Tuesday uy the Iloy Scouts In observance of the Iwriity-rlyhll) "iii'imai'v of UK- National Buy Si-out movement. The program consisted of hvo short Plays, "How to Keep From fii'ltlng Shot-" and "Joining the Troop commit Uv." Those hiking Part on the program were: Hunter Sims. William Clpurln, Bill Ch'jui- Win, liujsell Purr. Jiick McCiiMait, Biyiml Stewart, iind Melvln ll.d- sell. This name croup was guest cif Iliu Lions' Club Hi Us luncheon Tuesday nt neon, aud prcsentrd lu On- members the same' 1 ihi'y hud Riven at the high si-houl during the assembly nerlo-.l. SUulciils Kntci- School Two new students have ?nlcrcd hlslt school in (lip past, week. They are Charles Oliver ami Vivian Jark- v>i>. Cluirlrs came from llmo. Mo., mid entered (he [On class. Vivian. win) filtered HIP frpshiHiin cbss, i line (nun Wi'sl Ik'lenn. liomu:m (iirts liiilcrluhifd 'llio freshman gills, all new girls. 'iui tin 1 wiiinen mrimbcr; of tin' 1 11 nlty of UlylhtH'lllc high sclicol wore liui'sls of the.Cih'lx' Club it a leu in Ihi! home economics eot- I >u'. Friday iifternocn, Fobrnury I. I'lH' uuosts were received by jilhs l.mi;i H. wtlhelm. Mary Jean Af- Dii-k, Kiigeiiiu Crnwforxl. Molly <iuiml. and Miuv Ann Nnbevs. They « i'i' then serve;! tea by a group of I i Is from the upper clnssci. Maijsric W^rrfn tinU Winifred ( i uvford presided n| ' the table wliidi «t,s nt(rac(iv|:ly iuTunijcrt. with roses and sweet peas being Whether the political power of T J Pcndcigasi., Bos'; of Ivinwi Cilv nlll be .iffctlcd by election, •canttiils remains for (he primary election of March 29 to show. Municipal conditions hnvc "been blt- buttered mils nnd caimpi's, . - , terly attacked ty Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves, lorn- left, and U S District AUornuy Mam ice i\l Mil '"' c Glll:i ' alub ls CO !V| 10SC|1 of ' ' ' , msn igan, upper left. Mrs. Amy Frcund, lop center. Mirs Adeline Levy, top right,.'Mis. Maude.Spriiik. poniw r'jelow, and Frank P. Dixon, lower right, are among polling ollicials recently found guilty.of Illegal electipii'. phimcd'hy thc'cliilK'pmto^'tl^'se- ' ;-.'nii'stcr,, it i? the aitii 'of "the club _; -. _ _ _._j i ."' 1 ' lo I'lUcrlalu ' UJo girls of every clnss in high school. practices. Blytlieville School News SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Klccts Officers The Speakers' Club of the fifth )criod public speaking class has elected the following officers for he second semester: Nedra Bei 1 - ryinnn, president; George Orcar, vice-president; Mary Jo Buchan- lon, secretary; Geneva Graves, 'ircasurer; Delia Fayc Sykes, rc- icrter; Garland Moody, sergeant- it-arms. Sevo» new members have been .nitiatni' and accepted In this ",Iass. , These are: Eugene Jchii- itpn, . Geneva Oravr.s. Gnrlaiul Moody. Betty Ebcrcit. Morelanrl Hotlcinaii, Bcndona Hncy, Eslclle "Tau-ks, and Tliomas Gibson. The first activity of the class r or this semester was that of giv- 113 the new students information itoiit tlie clubs and organizations n high school! Names Leaders Election of officers' for the re- iiairimf; part of the school year vas held at tlic regular uiectins •;f thp Science Club. Thursday, ^etiuary 3. The officers elected veic: Jerry Cohen, president; Sa- acl. the much. They enjoyed talk with the the trip librarian . When they returned ichcol they wrote a and very to story about Patterson the trip. Tlic Rev. accrue W. was invited by Hie third grade to conduct the assembly service last week. His talk on being helpful ami cheerful was enjoyed fcy everyone. ' _ The Central Girl Scouts held lliciv regular meeting last Wednesday with Miss f.ena Mae Oli Peggy White,-Winifred Crawford, Maiy Sue \yiHtnglnnn, Kathleen Ashley, Miriam smith, Mildred; \fiitr. Carpi L;utdei(!ale, • - vcr in charge, plans for h candy following topics': "Characteristics ,. sale were completed and the fol-'tW Ideal Girl," "Selection/an:! Care lowing committees were appointed of Clothing," "Choice of Food ami for advertising and selling: Troop Table Manners." "Worthy. -Home Tiiliis lo Girls' Cliil) • . hi u* meeting of the Girls' Club. -.L.I ---:>—-."v >~....,-.,., Wi .Tluii i !>day J .Febrtiiiry ^, .Mrs. |j. ]j. „.„.,>, Virgini^ 'Jlnyncs, Rose • bj'i'ini.-Hubt.'n'ei'. q<1d|efisc<f'th'o.members on Yalcs, Eloise Parks. Dorolliy Hyde; '"Good Tasfe in Dress." Mrs. Hubcn- Dorothy Cross, Tommy Dean''Htit#*'er Illustrated her talk wllh color:il cher and Nannie Mae Craig. '''•"'" drawings .showing 'vyliiit shades •! should'he worn'with 'the'different Classes Clnngc ifslnu'loi-s .' haiv am| skin colorings. Vocational classes ami home eco-f Follcing lyiis, lliibenei-';; lulk, ncmic.s classes have li cliange in 'here was a short business niccling instructors for this week. ! ° r Hie club. at. which Molly Ou.ird The 57 boys who compose the ] v,'ns elected treasurer, ngricnlltirc and yopnlional classes !' ._!-'_ arc meeting in the hoinc economics ' Have Contest collage (his week for a series of, English 2A classes had a Professor lessons conducted by Miss Grace Qui?./, contest"'li'i ilie re.wccllvi.' ; Ehclps. Tlie scries includes "t'nb .classes Friday, February 4. no .ciatses rriuay, rcornnry i.unvstioni gf.^for. the contests' were tat en (rom ire" article.'; in "the "nca'dcrs ni»fsl." and were ina^le out by members of ' ' One. Skippy Crook. France's Membership," and "Earning nnd ) In each class find .tllllP Mnrtin- TVf\nl*l >^r\AI1r]i>\.- ,n<l ir,-,.,ii1.. 1,Vnn'...n >l t cliaiiniau «:i'; '-i-.' — • --••• A....,*.,..' jT.^ji.L/Lj^iif^,, Vf ii-dllijtlg lljul I 111 I..K.II t;JH:>3 11 ylllltl 111,111 IV.1,' Bright and June Martin; Troop j apciiding ine Familv .income." ) appointed, ami Ihc cltiss was divided TITO, imofjcne Duncan. Bonnie) At the same time the «.-girls of inlo Iwo teams. The chairman for Liarrclt. and Maxme Evans; Troop u le J 10 me economics classes are' the -first, "section'ivns C. Dotlson, Ilircc, Jackie McGllCC. Sara Grace niectiiw in tlic ain-lcnttllre lillllrlilV' fnrf llir> ^nr-nml .ini'Llmi l.vlipllp g in ;-.-,-•- !• "ruling 111 mu agriculture building .for! the second section. Lv}ict.. Joyner and shircy Barham. j Ioi . „ scrlcs of lessens,with Free- 'nicker, and for the tlihvl section The fifth grade selected about man Robinson, The' Ippios included Marion Caldivcll. EO hooks from (lie school llbrnfy, , '• ••• • < • ••"•'. last week and opened a little library in their -.00111. Sara Graci . Joyner and Marguerite Graham are librarians for the first period. The fifth grade hoys and girl's still have close contests in health and attendance. Tlie the « Evrard. vice-president; Char-1 .- a , .., yn McLcod. secrelary-treasurei-: , ="„. 5 '. '?."' =ara Evrard, reporter; Carmel llcalth llablLs ' vv)ulc lnc Cfune. serseaiit-at-arnis. Aller ihe election of officers so- girls 11 -I 7, •"-..[, o-.t,|™ u]j. u a t.o te inineriaKCii uy encli ni l ic job 11)01 ctiglily but lioneslly bcr. When Hie btisinrss pail .j nils time' Is liclfeved tn be Hie the mcetim; was concluded. 'John word that- has s'onc out from Pen- Cliarlc- Brigbt gave an intcrcst- * ""j v-ii niive Discussrs Transpprtulron iliaken (lie Pendergast machine C. O. McKcc. 'scicnc5 tc:i:lier at and yiycn Kansn.5 City Us first Blytlieville high school. chance in years at honest' clcc- ' ' ' " " tions. have been niitlcr federal :\iir]iiccr, and redcral law—n half- rorgoltcn federal law providinu penalties against any who con- ahead in -attendance. The followinc ehilrdcn now have n . vi ,^ u-ic honor poinl.s in <irill: llarrv Ray ippointed'by° the president. Plans' Brooks, Jim Smart,-Billy DcLong, -vcre dwussed for various projects 'Aithcr Wimberley, Luln Mnc Phillo be undertaken by each mem- !i ps, and Marguerite Graham. Mifs Winnie Virnll Turner' arranged for the fifili grades <if the Mi'rcc sclioots to see "Wells Fargo" at the nil?, last Thursday.' II is a picture of the early dc- vrlmnucnt of the West nnd helps in Ihr n relink' of the his- lory studied by 'Ihese clnsfw The cliildren liked' the picture and Iliank Iho.w' who i.'indc it, jinjsihlc for Ihem tn see it. Mary Frances Nimn arranged ihc HODLE BOTTLt NOW IDENTIFIES SftRDSTOWN'S FINE WHISKY Makes it eqsy to buy this Kentucky Straight Bourbor(., .made the oirl SOUR MASH way i»tc Here J! itig talk on taxidermy. rural trnnnjorlation and safely driving in a radio' talk. Saturday morning. Mr. McKcc was the main speaker on the fifth of a series of treadcaste of K.I.CN. which is Ire- ;pirc to deprive citizens of ttici, civic rights. And the dynamo whor'-l, 'f- "' '," T "" furnished Ihc juice for this muni-j ^ ^"l 0 " I * obinso " as Music for (lie program \v?s fur ! nishccl by two F. R \A. members. blpnl vac,,,m, ^l^^iu'^ \** m - rtilcclor ' ... ing sponsored by the F.t'.A. group pro- 'I He is Matiricc M. Milli E an Democratic U. S. district attorney, who has been rcnoiiiinated' for another four-year term,' and who lias the persona] backiiiB of President Roosevelt fpr tlic post, in facl. it is this personal backing >yhich app3ars lo hlive headed off nn effort by Pendergast men to try to prevent Milllgairs cpnfirm- nlion by the U. S. Senate. With Milligan securely back in the district attorney's chair, no cut! of ti:c ciyic scnibbing-up ap . pears in sight, and cerlainly a wili noi. .ibntc as election lime nears Ra.scally l)oiiiKn Recent convictions revealed practice.? no less odious than those turned ,,p last year. In fact, the heaviest- sentence thus far imposed went recently to Prank P uixon. n Democratic precinct captain. The court, described Dlxon'j , actions as "selling „ |M)1 | (n g p , a dragging women Into tlie fraud plot, and striking a blow at free government." • Mrs. Amy Freund. though* the tijfense stressed that she was an expectant mother al the time she \vorkert as an election judge was sentenced to six montlis in j g ||. Sentence was suspended., and she was placed on three years' n'roba- limi while she wept softly. Two other women, Miss Adeline B. Levy and Mrs. Maude Sprink", Democratic and Republican clerks respectively, both pleaded nolle •e. and were also p\it on Friday program for liflh gin;lc and the 'following pupils look ps Ifariy Kay Brooks, Shirlcv Ba ham. Becky McC-'all. l>,-nit,i., Crawford, and .hiaiiiln McMiiilin Alargic tec Thurmond, late of Luxoia. has rnlorcd the fifth grade. F. L. Langley and E(.arlyn Young. f't'iNTKAI, SCHOOL The pupils of the' Ihird glade have hc.eii busy during the past week rearra.iisiiig Uieir library and doing some 'painting. Last Friday . . ,, ... they visited the. city library. Mrs. '.'„": , wr " L "S';™s room, and Grnv showed them all of the now S8 girs ' wcrc c "™Hed in Ibr club (lice Club r.,\\K Plans for 'the Girl;:' filer- were made at n- call meeting Tuesday umrning. The meeting It:* place in Mrs. England's room, and We're proud of lli.c whisky <yc m»tc -. to>'n, in I^clson County, KentycJcy. And we're prpu.d of "Tlic PH KcnluckyMofijc ' wluch stands here—and w'hi^li Stephen foster mimorlal- iM<i ip his fanipys rtallari. So vc rlo honor lo holh with ovf i.ew "Fiddle Holtlc." For 118 j'caril'ielimcslorie water of our Hourbon Splines his'bcca widely known for the distinchvc character it gives to whisky. Today, with ihis stcm- ingly magical waicr and selected grains, we make whisky by the same slow Sour Mash method our falhcrs used... ind malurc it in Nature's own »av —in heavily chaired new white oak barrels. The result is a Eull-bodicd drinking whi^y, snioolli and mellow. You'll like our HARD'S TOWN ind BOURBON SPRINGS Ktmncly Stiai^t Bourbon Whisk)-. Ask for it in the "f idolc Uotlfc" al your package, slore- BARDSTOWN DlSTK.f.KRV. rncorpotited Bourion Springs. Nelson Coanly. Kentocky P.O. B«<<!.to*i>. Ky' , .. i i in. Kli'/abelh naxter Dorntliu 'loan Iwo year;' probation. - ,,,„..,,,,, Ma Nd|c ^''^ ^ an Glen Barnard, who «-ro!e name': Lcil MeCiilchen I'earl r-'Ai of fraudulent voters in li-.e poll i Alirc Sallba. Gloria 'Mirtii! r books, drew a llirce-ycar term. [ Fayc Sykes. Jeanella Scbaugii olin \ March 20 will show whether the | ria" Wire," June Workirian^Marpnric Pendcrgast machine has been ,.,, prcciably weakened by the scandal But already It | s c i cm . tj )a t it has been considerably chastened. Warren. Marian Tompkim Amy Ruth Morris, Sara Evrard. Marjoric Mays. Billy Nelson. Vivian vickcrs La Fctia May. Mary Lynn Jackson' A REAL BUY .... 1937 Ford V-8 Deluxe Coupe Color Blue— White Siciewall Tiros— Heater. i, ow Mile age—Clean. Only S15f>.00 dnu-ii ami S33.00 per montli 5tli & Walnut ,^ iV ,.K mm ft Blips 66 Poly Gas ' Whether your idea of winter spoil is an aucmoou, (if iiibo^gaiiiag — or nit evening of utiJ^c .., it is Jio winter sport to find your cpji) moiur won't suit when you arc ready lo f;o Iminc. Now, tlicrc is nn amazingly simple way KI ciul all colil-we.illicr smiling irouhlc; Just iwiiih 10 1'liillips 66 i'oly G«. Do we mean ii,.,t j. 0 , ( ,yi|i S ct >tlil-iinml Hurling cy'cty tjinc, even lus liccn out Ir^ fipcziug <cm|icr.uiirc for liouts? YCS. tliiii'; I'xanly wlm we mean. '1 lie 6igiffit. of Phillips 66 I'oly fas giiaruijccs Jt'i As i|ic (hcrmpmctcr drops, we keep iaisi|i(!tlig((//of(hiSYMilyii5H)tovcd wi'ntcr motor fuel. Up iip goes irs cijcciivc vola[iji(y. 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