The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1932
Page 7
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j™jjAY.._OCTOBKK 7, 1932 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK,L COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Clas.siik'd Advertising Kates M.iiiniwn Charge ......... 50= ^.i...'. j Ajxragc Words to a Line Mo:<:h rate iv-r line, per Si:: ciiits, per Hue per day 'IMVC- times l.'cr ''tie I* 1 ' ' time per line n Ads run UTiiB one IIIIH: rate. . u, . U)c lain. pcnses. References exchanged. Telephone G02. Sp-fcS SALlO FILLING STATION, dwelling (.ante, 3 Etcrase Umks, all combined. Gio;l business. Will sell ciic-xp. Address "HA", Courk-r. 7C-K 11-1 MUSHIJNG UP SPORTS By La liter roil SALlv—l-Ji-iv Whippet 4-do-jr Sedan, 10.11 model, tc-c J:mmie :U>r,i-m. tisetulu, Ark. 3P-1C1U . IrtST CLASS wnltrpruol covers' ior trucks ami wagons Carney Awning inmpany, Phone G43, l/p-kOct 17 KlH'iiMJALL'a KUllie til UiU'u 0-10-ia; Store.I a AUTO CLASS WOVKfi WIKK FENCING "'"""""•T"^ ,, .', I THE AliKMO LUMBER YARDS " ._'_:! -ac-K oci ua, WANTKD-To overhaul your etee- ^-^S"^l^r"a"lM»Wto t,,, s ^epfr. \VOIK cea. alyj R , EI)!)CIT!CS n , Novcm ber for !l':! 1 .! U ';'-,f' > i^ l ,l niuV"' :" C " l:cst '•«»»*• W« Have the Plants. Hunter Killed Two Deer '"'tows. wll > 1 one'shot wlillo hunt- his TO-year.oUt - mother U/UL n«o R«ll«f! K.i llt '° (r hwc- , '•' , an cnra e«l 'bull that had With Une DUllei I Hie two young bucks, ho said, him. ,' were running side- by side wll3n lie Waters was placing a ring in' the llrcd «t one ot them. His high- bull's nose when the animal turn- powered rifle did the refit, td on him.-Mrs. Waters telzed an . """ "~ lr °n bar, stood over her son's uros- iHother Saved Son ' lrato f0fm - ""'' ^^ «T [«e »m--v C 4 D II lna1 ' ' '• ' From Angry Bull Waters wa?'Injured seriously but' UAKKRSFIELU, uni. tup) - will recover. lloglnuld T. Wnlcrs, UussUnl'J • '• , . '• rancher, wsis nllv'3 loday bccmiw Read Courier News Wanl AH*. PCMVKHflEUV Cill. tUl 1 ) Weaver '1'hompioii, ricaaant Vul- loy rnnclu.T - ciiltlcman, tadaj claimed nclmlsslou lo tho ranks oi who make roL's l.i one in suit, bat .1000 In Ua«;i:Ail, nnU so luith. Thompson's .clatiii. to Iniui) was that Ire killed two deer, nil the \ & \, l-'urn Phone uW. Jo;icr,taro, EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. Blankenship, llli E. Rose. Ic-klO-l PREVENT FIRES—Have your flues cleaned, and repaired. Work gw.roniccd. Call for Wilson, Phone ( 1HJ. 4P-K11 ATTENTION — Men's overcoats cleaned and hats blookcd. Ladles fur trimmed coats our specialty. Call Unique Cleaners for prompt! "diool. Service. Phcne 171. Cp-K 11-6 HOMKCRA FT See our new attachment for making tilngcrcraft riys. We teach you. Singer Sewing Machine Co..lOpklOl9 YOU CAN'T RELY on "For Kent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent thai house or room. HOTELS "The Coff, It's a yocd hotel". Cafe in connection. 23c-k Oct '"• RKSTAURANTS Visit Ueo. Wrl3l\] Lunch, loca'.eU Bua Station. Wall Street n tireyliouncl 0-15 ck lO-lo BEST EATS in town. Open d:'.; r.nd night. Green Beetle Caft.. Mi's. J. \V. Wrhnt, Prop. • ' ; '23p-k Oct : GARAGKS E:CPEBT.MEC!iANlCS-anci Wreck- cf Keniicfer Pec-pies Garage. Phoni FOR DRUGS go to the SL Francis Drug Co. Mow. located en A:.h Street near Bill.''23c-K Oct 2i BEAUTY PARLORS EXPERT BEAUTY Service. Permanents 5^.50 up. Powder Pul: Beauty Parlor. 21P-1C Oct 21 YOU CANT RELY o:i "For Rent Signs" but yen can rely DJ. Courier Nc'.vs War.t-Ads to rent that lumse or rocn^. COAAND Trp.nlham COA! & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kem;:cky end Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R. R. St., Phone 4C-K 11-1 COAL at low cash prices. Piicue -.3. Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad S'.s 5c-kNov.5 JUNK, HIDES, KTC. WANTED—Junk of'.il! kinds, hides iron, copper, brass, aluminum and Icaa. Wclf Avian.. Piione 176. 16ck-Oct. 1C : PERSONAL LEAVING Sunday for Fort Worth. Texas, via nutomobilo. Share ex- GREEN LEAF CAFE & - FRUIT STAND Hegiilar -Meals a Specialty. All you can cat 25c. with drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. Sen me for wholesale prices en apples. UUCK MKIMRU. Proprietor We Deliver 312 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Er.pert Ford Repairs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'honc 810-777 AVERT HE MAKICS 'KM SEE Ollicc Over Joe Isaac's Store SRCOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson .101-303 E. iSttm See Weisburd And Sec 15cl1cr EVES TESTED I'KEE And Glass« Fitted A OCOt) THING I CHA-,NC<SD To .MEET YOU , MAKTV/ i WAS 6ET 'Dl'ZZ.Y AND THE KNEE'S WHEW You HAPPENED ABOUT AH ! J .OUR GAVE MY HEAD AN Avs/RJL <S&TT(N<& IN THE D0O12 OF ANDYS . , ' HEAT) . __ UVCE A KETTl_B-'D12U r v\ •FULL OP B£ES/ J'J./'" 1 I KWCW JUISl HoVJ \T WHACK, ONC6, ON TiA 1 KONK fB3bA A COP'S CLUB-'-AN' 1 TOR, A COUPLA. T5A.Y6 ALL I. COULT> -see COK^ETTI EVEN WHEN I TR.IET> TO OL'' LIKE BOW'UN 1 ALLE-Y / MAO TUB TttLEi FROM 60 STORK FIXTilKKS show case, bins, shelving and lire rack. Phone 202-W. FARM LANDS FOR SALE— 53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in II PROFESSIONAL hone 887 cr 8B8. W. T. Darnett. BC-K-TF FARM FOR SALE: ICO acres Burdette, Ark., between Blythe- villc and Luxora, one of best farms FROM FltzCSIWWONS hay barns, corn cribs, stables, five houses, 10 acre li'ld alfalfa hay. If farm sold will have 1000 CONCUSSION, BUT WHAT EFFECT WILL \T OR THE bushels corn and Hve head of mulc> for sale. J. J. Richards, owner, at Mrs. Will Woad across from Luxora school. l-p-k-12 AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE— One Chevrolet sedan, 1930 model. In A-L condition, just Once-Famed Boxer in Breadline No ompletely overhauled, new pistons , good ures. $275 all casn. SALESMEN WANTED IT WON'T HID KONG NOW! SAI.-E— New and Used Auto Woman for eeneral •Parts. Jackson Auto Paris W Main, fhone 6U. 3c-K Kov 3 house v.ork. Mrs. A. W. Langwell. 11C S. Franklin. 1C-K.12 TV\.\. WK.R't fsWW VROM r'OH SALE— SAVE on Goodyear Tires and Tubes, auto accesso- WAY to convert • old furniture, ics. new and- rebuilt batteries, Mo- f.lothes, and 'other unwanted itains in your home into ca.^h. Phone 30G and ask the Want- Ad' Taker... .she'll give "you.. full ails. ..Vine Oil,, llu quart. Wolf Arma, .\io;ie Ho. liick-Oct. Perfect condition. John C. McHanuy. i ^lOiuuucnt Man". 23c-t-'lT STRAYED— Bay Mare, blared face, inclair Gas & Oil Greasing, wash- weight 1100 pounds. Notify Maci: U. S. Tires. Day and Nigiu Bryeans or Bob Harris, Dlythoville. Service. 555. STRAYED — Dark brown horse mule and black marc mule, weight HAT HAVE you to swap? ibont 900 pounds eacii. Sam Green results— It costs only Ever wonder what became of Jack Pili.on, who fought the best of the light heavyweight boxers In his time?' Well, lure he is, destitute and ILL TRADZ for sci of children's OLGks Oi- sell, cheap, a 'complex oi WOTtR "fOR VJ6 VOU CAN lease a space like this lexander Hamilton's busi- hand-out at Salvation Army headquarters Dillon, who was wounded In the war, recently wa; a member of the bonus army. Washington, D. C. PEOPLE who read these columns mean branrss. They are not ROOM & BOARD City Promises Citizens HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)—Kin gerprlnt records maintained by 111 Street Cars j Pennsylvania Dlolc Police =liowc tnat among 2,083 persons nrrcslC' during Augiiot. \'J3, or 24.14 pc cent, had previous arrows r-Dcordcc -\1HS.T. H. WATSON— $5.50 week- •way. Thcv are definitely loak- •••g'for odors which meet their eeds. Let us write yours. ly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone t>02. IpklO-l POULTRY 3ABY CHICKS, all varieties. Cus- Bees Yield 200 of Honey cars don't jerk as they stop BLUFFTON. Ind. (UP) — Tivo and start are promised here when . Finjcriirinls Show Arrcsd PHILADEMMIIA (UP)—A Plllla hundred pounds of honey was tak- trackless trolleys makn their ap- from bzm'nd Hatchery, Blytheviile. pearance in the near future. of the farm home delphia pet shop just acldc McAfee, where bees had been working ail cummer. a trained nurse to its stalf. new acceleration .Astern, gov- is said lo 1)2 the only registers 18 speeds, will insure 'URN'ISHED house, five rooms. bath, garage, servant house 1300 jhickasa\vba. Call 83 or 280. lOckil) 13c-klO-ll nuree attached to n pat shop 1 according to traction company officials. Read Courier News Want Ads. KASV !K ARRESTED! WASH TURRS VOU CANT RELY on "For Rent 813115" but you can rely on Jouricr News Wajit-Ads to rent hat house o "AR1IERS having livestock to sell cr if they desire to buy they .vlll find it convrmenl and econ- jmica! tu use Courier News Wani- Ads. SITUATIONS WANTED YOUNG LADY COLLEGE GRADUATE desires position. Experienced in general office work, as cashier, restaurant hostess and in caring for children. Willing to work cheap or for' room and board and small salary. Address "S" Courier News. s-x-tf CO THOSE seeking jobs the Courier News Want-Ads oiler i result producing service at low •ost. Phone 306. THE POSSUM! AND HIS FRIENDS DOSl'T \WAWT "frO TD TWEBG HE IS, TOO BAP, EVEN IF HE WAS A BAMDlX T(?VIMG TO HOLD US VEP...TUAT VWAS A HARD TUMBLE... MS \WAS CLEAR OF -THE 1 WANT LOCK THIS HANOS UP..... BOTH OF YOU // ;p6 VWW1LE I 60 TWROUSU HIS POCKETS Matching EGGS. Marilyn cry, Blytheviile.' WANTED TO UUY WE PAY CASH for old cook stoves and used furniture. Don't throw them a\vav. Dodson Furniture Co., 301 E. Main. Phone 155. 4C-K 11-4 SPRANG It) HIS FEET WANTED TO BUY— Gooso feathers. Must be new and clean.) Paul Byrum. Across from postolfice. ! CC-K-TPj M3.UY M —.Light .car I 2Z6Z., . Must be cheap Jorl f^^^,^ lex Hotel. 7P-K11' \vK^"'^ ' WANTED TO. from o\vner '(cash. Apply Hex

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