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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 1

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1873
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. . . -. " , ' ' ',. ' -v. , JLlQLiOj . " I . "' J 1 VOL, XXXI. KO. irASIIITGTON. ;, f ; ;' 'i i i"'e ' ", j mwi1 ' ' 1 ''V' '. ' ff isnrxoTOK. July 6, xmt l ' Revised Steamboat Regulation. ' ' ' Byordroftbe8eretry ef the'TreMury tba ' following havt been cancelled lo tb revised rules . nd regulation prepared by the Board of Supervising Iupctor for the government of nwli carrying steam: "When a bale of cotton li In' t merchantable condition, a to compactnou and ortrlng, It thali bo considered at la tompllance ; wub tin prpvlalona ot tit fourth tectioa of the aot approved February 88, 1871, requiring all 1 bile of cotton to bo ' thoroughly covered with bagging and compactly brassed. Cotton -well and securely bated, not put In bag, ahall riot b considered aa Joote cotton,, nor thall baled hay odforfUnstook onboard be considered aa ' loses bay wlthl the law. The bearing of bagging In the act of handling, or euttlng It la sampling the eolton, or for other purpoae, when the earn it repaired at the earllett moment possible, . ahall not be considered at tufflclent groundt for complaint Thl, It la declared, la not warranted ' by the lav, i and , 1 liable , to abuts. , The" rule ' providing " that bo Local . Inspector ahall be employed tn any botinett other than tb duties of bleoflloe without the content In yrrhmgof the Supervtalnglnspeotorof the district bai been repealod, for the reason that the law ex-prcttly pcoTlde for thl, and the Supervising Inipector can bare so discretion In the matter. Tbe Division of Intpeotlon .of , Steam Veaeelt maket tbla announcement te correct a misunderstanding of tos la w, which from the correspondence received, bat been rery generally circulated by the members of the Board who mat here to r Ue Uia rules aud regulations." '. l .. ... .. ' , ! Miawe"l , . . I JACOB THOMPSON'S DEFICIT WinniKiiTn. Jul 1 The Second Auditor Of thoTreaeury ha Just completed a settlement of the account of Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior under Buohanau's Administration, and ' eetlif at that time aa Trustee or the Indian . fund. It Is shown that there la a deficit Of IML. WO, The statement Is made that It has not been p wsible to take up these socounis autil recently, owing to tne laci inn mi prariuu nccounia re aoired to be sttled before rvanhing Mr. Thome oa'aeaae. Tbe stocks of the United State ami oi certain States held In trust by the 8erntarr of the Interior araoenl to about K,0W.0UO. The anaual lotoreet, nearly IWl.OuU, u traDsferred or applied to tbe beacat of the India tribes owning iae secunuca. SACtT'S COMPLIMENTS TO SUVNIR. ' The following letter of Nlsaga Saget, President or the KcpuMMOt uaytl, to tion.taurlei Sumner, sas sese reuTa i Birrnui or TTtrrr, PoarAo-fHiNt a, Nth eeptemher, 187t, llXTT-MINTBI Visa Or iNPirKNUINCC. IIoDorable Senator: I seise eagerly tbe good snporrunltr offered me by the departure of our Minister, elUseo & Presmn, toprar you to reeelre the testimony of my hlira eoosideratlon, which docs aot eease to grew br reason of theeesleent services waicq Ton render daily to the noble cause of aa oppressed people. I should consider ' myself as failing in one or uir most Imperious duties if I did not etprest to yon the sentiments of grstltude which Tour nsme ewnkms in the breast oi erery one peionging to tbe Arrican race. In ssnalag tbe rlewase ot tbe rUhla ot this people, fuidrd by the most generous sentiments, . ( your rich nature, bp a etaoere lorsot Justice, yoehars acquired an Immortal title te the gratitude or all descendants ot the African rate, Floss te reeelTo this feeble e-pretslon f bit blah esteem tor the noble character of en Illustrious cituen, and baiieTe In tiie depth of tli sentiments with which 1 declare myself, Uonerable Senator, your derated friend, ' Kiaaea Sauit. ' CWNTR TO SAOKT. j The following Is Burs iter's anawer: "WtHHINUTON, July 4. 1STS. ' "I cannot, at thla Ut day, ackowis.l the letter with whleh you bare bouored me without explaining the reason of my delay. Owing to absence In Cnrope, where 1 bad gouefnr health, I did net race! re joiir Tsloabl eemmonlcatlon nbl eene Uiae In the winter, when it , was p in say haada by yonr excellent . Minister, , Conlinulag feeble in health, J leiiKtsnlly postponed this ackaowledfineut. I nw take adTantaire of eoBTalosconee to do the . tJjrdily what my ieulings pnnnptod, at ao earlier - "Please, air. aeeept my nfeake tor yewr' gMar ons apprrclatioa of wkat.faaTe done, aad your Jtlndnve In letting me know It uudrrtour own hand; and I beg ym lo uaUantaad that I do not doaorro the praise with which you honor mo. In adrocatlng the cause of an oppressed people, 1 ' bSTe eelr ar.tod acenrdltig to my cousol-ewe. I ' eould aot hare done otherwise; and aow my oalr rearet la that I hare dene to little. 1 with J bad done more. In the history of mankind tbe crime aaainst the Africaa race will stand forth In terrible eminence, always ob serred and nerer forgotten. Just In proportion as eiTilltetlnn preralls will thie enormous wrong beapparval In rta troe character! and men will read with aatootshaxinl how numss uelun, guilty only . of being Mark, were mdd Into alareryt and thea-Htucb was Uio eonUn-ulng Injustice toward tbia unhappy pro. pie bow when alarnry case( they were still treated with Indignity by person who lordly pretensiAua were founded on tbe sklaonlr. AsUieaethlngsareseeaialocmmina' light tber will be condemned In no uncertain word. Nor will the denial of equal sights on ao. count or color escape llto Judgment awaidsd to tlarery Itself. Human conduct on this question I a moasure of rhararter.. Where tbe African race ia enlafd or degraded, where It te . naposed to any ; ludlgntty orshut out from Mint equality which b a primal rlghtof bnmanity, tholr olTllisation a still foeblc. ''To the certain triumph of cisilisatlon Hook With constant hope. It Is ture to coma, and one sign of iu arrival will be that proratllng aenti-larat which recognises the perpetual ob-ligations of equal justice to alCand tbe fioi u .iWp.'r. PM "n f eompeoaa. i .'iT?' MI- p"lilent, the exprwiloa of -vr" "rr"JI- wlt" tr regard, , "To the President of Ilaj U, Ao." lS, - LEXINOTON. Polltlcal-nadleal ToTTylnn; to the Colored Brathrea. , , ' ""i n tt uwm, UxwoTog, July e-TollUca in raycUeCounty ire becoming hot. The lemocrnta an making determined effort to regain supremacy. "Ropublleane aremaklag concessions to the acgroet who hare boon aspirant for oillce, but tftre been put off with fair promiiet. Under r-irty pressures Eborlff Tarteton appointed on ttartlayanogro Depnty Bherlir, named llonrj jeroiglnt, who np to the preeenl Ume baa been following the business of barber. Thla action tte part of the Sheriff gWes great offeose whit peopio, bnd In ipeecbea at tho Court-mm Saturday eremng 1.1a course wu tcrorelr Melted. Wooldrldge, Pomocratlc candidate ut Senator, and Jehnstou, for BsprewuU-"Jtrtgalning In popular favor. .; :i ;. A M;ro Murder hie, , 'taet Uuker, a negro, (hot and killed his Mn.Uw near Midway, ficott County, Sat-way evening. Woksr wu Whipping bU wl 1 brother Interfered with tbe above re-nLi bU P80811! the left breaat abd P" through tbe luag, making it exit near 'Plaal column. The murdorar made hit escape, Toler are In pursuit II U supposed to be ""log bis way to Cincinnati. ' ATHENS. ;' ' ' T" Terrible Flood In the Hocking; Valrny-ts Estimated at One MUHon Dotlare. ". Ohio, July 6.-Th nocilnr ntt been tne rampaae. The heavv " th M and 4th InsU. Save pro. alL t00i U " Iloe'ff fMT which far "cesds any u,Bg wllhlll 0, mtmorJ of ,h,t rIL ,au1' th ,MoW ""l"".' There Zrr Ig f bottom land from the bead or t ? to mouth that hu hot been tub-eaihT, Th b, ora n4oUorop Bit. ,ro" RuA Ueek to the Ohio tola v.i! Tk "'"" ley wm reach tar into the hundred of 188. thousands; and. when yon add to that the lost of fence, bridgee and other property, tho figures will be fearful to contemplate. ' 1 - '. 1 ' " The damage at the salt works of Joaeph Ut-rold U estimated by the proprletoi at . $10,000., I nave been informed that the Saline Worke of Gould 4 Co. lost 1,000 barrels of salt ; I have not card from the Ewlag Works at Chauncey. One farmer told me yeaUrday that he bad ninety acres of wheat -reedy to bp harvested, all tinder water. Tradition hat It. that In 1813 the rivet! marked hlghor, than It oet now, b,ut I doubt If it carried as. wuch, water aa has , swept' the valley , upon tbla : eecaalon. Then the dense forest were atlll standing, and the river bed was clogged with tog and fallen trees, whleh operated -to Impede the Sow of water, and caused It to mark higher; but this time It had free tcope bver Held and rm, end tad bavoo It baa made. A million of dollar would aot make good the lose to the people ot the Hooking Valley by this storm and Sood. i . i i . . ., .r , . ii THE TURF, , CAUF0B5IA Ct AIMS THE FA8T BCJiXINO !!'. ,TIMK IVKR M ADI, , . , , 8A riAKOiico, July 6,-At Sacramento this afternoon California horses achieved a reputation for speed second to none. The fastest time ever mad In a rnanlng race In the United State wu beaten la the flnt beat, the three first beau taken together being the fastest time ever made In the world. The purse was for $150. ' Horsee entered: B. ,IL Tboruhill, Nell riahefty, Thad Steven. Queen and . Twenty Cents. The first beat was won byTbornhlll, beating- riahertykall a length, stamping both horse as tbe fastest running horse In the United State. In the second heat Flaherty made the half mile la 81, leading Thotnhlll, oomlog home ahead again, and repeating la 1:43, the same Ume a the first beat Tbla was something wonderful, nothing like Ik being on record in tbe time-table in this country. ' i ' ( In the third heatThornhlll led to the half mile, putlng It In fifty and a halt. The third, fourth and fifth beat were won by neither Thad Stevens winning all la 1:43. lad, i;a. The five beau were made in (:0s, being tbe fastest time on record in the world. CaUfornlnclainu toe laurels front Dutchman's brow. ' - ' .' NEW YORK. l. OIGAirriG xfn KttrotnrnMnvn. Viw Voai, July l-Tho Htmid publitbet a re- 'uiiui nii rara oommiKsion. appointed by th last Legislature, who favor the conversion Into a State Vark or an immense tractor land almost entirely in the Adirondack, much frequented by tourist, and covering about eight hundred and thirty-four thousand acre, which, when finished, would be the Urges! park in the worm nut one 111 United htala l'rk an Vlln. stone River. HOW THB Klff ttV WOKS. ' Since the abolition or the franking privilege on tbe 1st instant there has been a marked la- erease la the amount or mail matter Daatlnr through the New York Post-efflre. Tbe Postmas- .m.i. "J "-a ter II VI Inn rafnrm hu f . lha t'.tlln-rr INI rLOW OF ill It HUMAN TIDB. Big thousand amlirrauU arrhr.ul her. ma nut I week. r ' ITPP. TIAVllS Leave TtHdy for alem phi. ' TH MORTOAItr BECORD. i Deaths for the week. M0. an increase of 1M ovor the previous week. r . b-ROK IIIII. . , .. A dltnateb from Uoeatoo. Teaaa. ef the Ktk says: 'Tbe weathet la now more favorable to Cro PS. ami Wurnu BO Innvnr innitit In Trt... Two-third of tbe crop or cotton and cereals are very fine. The blacks have lunt adlournMl n eietasl tcI y colored State ConTeutiou, and refused w uiuhh uvnnor usria" ,; - ' . A BtA MON8TXE. .i Captala Wm. Western, or ton steamer Arams. waa arrested yesterdar on tiie eharae of tunnr com ml Med an outrage during a voyare la lull upon a yonng woman named Margnret O'Connor, now a resilient of Brooklyn. TueLauiAln claim hUcatire iBBooene. . , , , . j MUBDERSj vaaovaav if. T.. Jotr a Jnh fatally etabbed this OTalur by James Cobin. ALISMV. Jlllv A WllllAm (Wnoll.a hi. death last night in Ureenbesh, while eniagod In a scuffle with PolicoO0c(Jlurphy, V.j CRAnLMTiiw. July 1-Uarroy West, an eatlma-hie man. waa shot dead Is lha nmi mannor. In a billiard saloon, rrlday night, by John A. iniffna, a youth ot IH. The Inqne today resulted lu a verdiotof willful mtrder. Duf- IUS I in jBIb . , , . Nw Vong. Jnlv . Thl aRereoan the tuwl nf a Herman named Carl Buetner wa found leat jog In th river. Tho police are satisfied be bad bcua robbed and mnrdwrxl. k acinar a tr... ellng agent for a firm in stotUn, aud arrlsod In New York en thelOtt) of June. He wu a guesmr a hotel In lloboken. '" i THE AMtRICAW CHOLEHaT ' "!i MBMPBtt." . !,, MinrniR. Tiwii- Jul -Th.M inu. Intuimunte todar from all diseases, aad six from chuiera, five of whom wore colored. The Boy Murderer A New York Graduate, ef Cooree. . Boavow, July l-The boy George Edward Carter, charged with elublung to death tbe Lane child, three year old, in the woods of Acton, is about twelve year old. He came from Bow York about fifteen mouths ago, where he has a mother, to IItq, with hi undo, Maurice Lane, father of the child he le accused of murdering. II U said he was scot to bis unele to prevent, If possible, his following In the fooUleps of bis two older brothers, who havo been inmate of th Stale Prison. Tbu Coroner' Jury la fnvettlgat-leg the murder. ' The Mew Comet. Ai.ltirr, July 6. The new enmet discovered at Vienna, Austria, aa announced by cable thiough the Smithsonian Institute, wa readily found at Dudley observatory, la this city, at two o'clock this morning, by Professor Hough. As seen thronghtbe Comet Zekor it appeared aa a faint nsbuloua mass. IU position is no hour (even minute right asoansion, and four degree thir triune minute outh declination. Praising- Him ia Teats. 7 , PotTSMOCTH, N. H., July Th great Union nralso meeting held this afternoon waa a wonderful gathering. Thousands of people thronged the big tent, and hosts failed to gain admittance. All the churches In the city were cloeed, and nearly all the pastors, singerMnd eongrogatlons were there. Probably there has been no religious eslebratioa here equal to tola slues the Wluuleld eioitcuieut. . m a m i ;' Fatal AecldenU. -Evamsvillb, Ind, July fi.-rrank Delano, of Terrc Hauto. accidentally shot himself at Henderson, Ky., to-day.- The ball penetrated his abdomen, aud it la feared he will die. A Journal special from Mount Carrael, El., tavt that a twe-atory house fell In that town to. UtaiiyDd UrM PnU "f " U (Mnxl '- . He Wanted th Iniuraneet. : ' " -pROtipxKCl, July S. Jeremiah Bemlnrton wa arrwted and held in ti,UX) ball to answer tho harreof letting Ire to the premise or Bemlng-tonAPerklu, la th Phmnlx Block, en tlio night ef Ut KUb ulA, with latent to defraud iatoraace companies. . ' . , i . ' ' , ' Buffalore Bbaken.Up. BurrALO, Jnly C-Tkere were three distinct shocks of earthquake thl niornlbg, ono quit strong about 6 o'clock, another about 1, and a third quite strong at 11:80, causing considerable damage by tbe rocking of building and ablpulnc lu the harbor. i . . - i - n ii - . Death of Jadge Kohertawn. Fin BtDfli SrHtnoa, V A.4 Jnly fc-Tbe veuer. able juriat, Jndge Robertaoo, died yesterday at Mount Atho, his residence, in Campbell Couutr. In to eigbty-eigth year of hi age. ; ; ; i 1 i i . ' Coed Leaving. i ' rmaarfto, Pa July 1-There wore abont two million butholt ef coal left to-day for Cincinnati and Louisville. There I a good stag ot water, and It la likely a large amount of coal will avi out on this rise. ' ' , : Death ofa Oolle Preetdeat. mmtwn, Julvt-Tr. n.nry L. If itrheoek, a-Presirlent of the Weataru KeMive Culloire. died at bU residence, la ktudsoa today, . MONDAY MORNING JULY 7, 1873. o5eigk. ..I K ' i.' i i ' ; I ft trefassAw . ,. BXCXPTIOS OCT Till l FM8IAW MCsnV. July The trala beariag the BhU of Per! and sutu entered Passy station attdO hub morning, where the dlttlngnUhod visitor was i received by rreiden MoMahon and Duk ue urogTle. At th Arcb of Triumnh the Shah wa met by the Prefeol of the Seine and the municipal councilor. JL.yaa Trala delivered an address of welcome, towpk the Shah briefly replied. His Majesty wu then escorted to the Palala Bourbon, where' he wu received by M. Buffet, President of the Aasemblv. Thaiimwd of apeetatort were Immense, and the Shalt bad warm, popular reoepUonv . j. 1 1 r,, ..... ITALY. KOBBBARTHQUAKES THI SHAtt TO VISIT A 1 Atai 1 i ' Rome, juiT g.FYeh ihocki of earthqiiake re lOHurum mis morning id Oellare and vicinity. 1 TheShuhof Persia ha aeeeptod an Inviution WTUltlUly, . , .; , . .. BrAIW. A DXCtABATIOM UI6CABBIKD.'. ' ITadbid, July 4.-Th rlgorou meuuret taken by the Upvernment have prevented a declaration of Independence which the Irreconcilable were intending te issue at Barcelona. CUBA. Havaka, July 1.-101 telegraph cable tq Porto uico is working. Several hundred vagrants recently tent to work on ine irocha bare deserted and Joined th la turjonl. i ii j . i TUBKKY. ; . ANOTUBR BOTAL PROGBKSS. Coxstahtinofle, July 1-h Sultan Intond to make a long rUil to th Khedive of Egypt. - ' Marine. "' fwrnLmpo'" -Arrlred: Steamer Celtl., ' , COLUMBUS. 'ait r rifty Veet-Another Murderer Tamed Loom by Xoye-Th Devastated Hocking Valley. raei.L aar.TCw thi x.vnima.l CoLuatua, July ..-8olomoa Justice, a brick-layer at a blast-furnace, stepped on a loose board yesterday afternoon, and fell from a scaffold fifty feet high, breaking hit arm, and Injuring hlmseirinteroAlly ao that he 1 now la a dangerous condition. .;... I :. Daniel luUlvan, Jointly Indicted with John Mara for the murder of Charles Thomaa, turee year ago, and sentenced to tea year imprisonment for manslaughter, wu pardoned out on tiie fourth. John Mara wu recently acquitted on the third trial 1 The damage by the flood to th noeklnr Valley Ballroad hu been so extensive that trains will probably aot run for a week. A passenger train weal to Lancaster to-day the first sineo Thurs day. Tbe road la now ready for paenger and freight business to Lancaster, but It will take a week to temporarily repair the damage beyond that point The coal tonnage of Lha road ttu past month wa6S,11 tons; th earning, $TW0. PACIFIC BARBARIANS. , ' " cocmsrs crowd brought to tkrms- TUB BRMMANT OF Till MODOCS SURRRN' , DKBCAPTAm JACB'S HRALTB FAU.IN0. Ban riAaoiaco, Cal, July 5. Advice from ArlsonaviaSnaUiego state that ratals' band or two hundred warrior, located hfty ruUoaaoath Of Apacbe Past, on Cochise's reservation, recently left lor Chihuahua lnteoton war. Agent Haf. ford: be goue to lpa, . the matter. "mi auea nos aeanowieiig the band as his, though ha has nermlttad .Uuun tn this rescrvstloa a Ion time. J he band lias a bad repuutio bet had prot&ttMett toe reserve. ,' . , . , i . . i'B t June cauula Baa ubii, n mi Twenty-third Infantry, aud Ills ,m. any ' Apacne scotiia. aurreuaded a rancaero, fired, BU4 eaptared twenty-dv bucks, with squaws and cbUUrva. 1 he next day Delchay a camp was aurrouuded, and he, with the remainder of the Once for-midabU band, te tbe anmber of one bandied aud tbirty-oue, surreuderV Uelchay says II was impossible for the Apache to evade our trailer, l'bey follow night aud day. i Th i pisce baud of Apachea, which recently left Dale Creek keservatioo, were followed by tbe troops aud Oregon acouU fmm Tort Whipple, and driven Into the Colorado Reservation. They have been taken to tbe Venle Beservatton. bickneu la reported aiuoug the Modoc prison, era at Fort Klamath, tloj couOnemcnt Ueom-menoinr to tell on Captain Jack and Curly, beaded Uootor. The farmer la weak, gaunt and complaining. "nu. . ..'0V, WRrrior. came to , alia west of tbe bout and callod out the ranchman aud formally surrendered. The M.xloc were Bullous to know what they should do. r sir-child told tliem to bring in their women and ohll. dren about the lava bed, and' there await order Irom lb military authorities. Tbe bucks started fur the suuaws and children on the following Ur. Colonel Lewis, or Bed Bluff, attorney for tho Modoc charged with murder, leave till even-nlng. He Intimate thai a baa euterod tbeeaae at tho solicitation of Juitre Htanla. ail la a.l.,.,. not only to show provocatwna ot the Iodiaatur suu iai suuggie, uui uie cause of all the bee-tiliuua. THC GREAT STORM. FURTHIK DETAILS OF DKSTBCCTIOX , ILUNOIS, IOWA, AKD MI8U0LRI. IX St. louia, July 1 Accounts begin to arrive giving tome detala ot the late storm Injjhe West lathe vicinity of De kfolnea, Iowa, th country wu deluged, and wheat and oat badly broken down. Along th line of the Rock Island Bail- road a bail storm did atlll greater damage. A farm house near Stuart Station wa blown to piece, and another one close by blown down. Civ persona were seriously Injured. ' At Alexandria, Missouri, several houses were Mown down. Thebridgeof the M., v. and W. Railroad, across th LHtsmoines'Slver, wu blown down, eulveru washed out aud great damage done. In Hancock County, Illinois, farm hootct and barns were blown down, and two children killed. At Augusta the Christian Church waa leveled' to the ground, the steeple of th Presbyterian Church blown down, a grain elevator blown over, bouse unroofed, and much other damage done. At Carthage the High School and part of the College were en-mored, aad fence, chimneys, etc, demolithsd. At West Point the dwelling of Dr. Carrl wu ' torn to piece, and ' the atorea of Wolf 4 Coodla and 'rank A Howerton dUtrejed. A school-house wu blown down and a carmog machine factory and flouring mill an. roofed. Tbe dwelling of Henry Garner was blown down, and Mrs. Garner, her child and aisur killed. At Warsaw scleral houses war demolished. . tT.JOUIB. BBAVT RAILROAD ' SUIT POST-0 VTICB ' rORGXR CAUGHT, St. LopiR, July 1 Suit kit been filed In the Circuit Court here by 8. G. Kitchen, of St. Louis: 1). Lv Leggott and Dwlght BoberU, of New York, and others against th Korth Allssouri Railroad Company and th St. Louis, Kansas City and Aorthera Hallway Company, to set uldath deeds of trwst aad eonveyanee, with theeonsenneettaleof the road, mad AagnstM; ltm, to Worrla K.Jun,of Xew York, on th ground that those doed of trust, convey, ante, , Ae, are void, because they were executed without legal, authority given ' by the stockholders. The bill recite th elreumstano under which the road paeecd Into tho hands of lis present peMessors; charges that the Directors of the old North alia-(oarlCompaBy made use of their position and the trust reposed in them, by moan of a ficti. tioua purchase of illegally IsinoU bopiU, to become the alnoluto owners of the rod and Its franchise, while defrauding tha stock holders er tnoir Hghta, Another count In the hill prays the CoCrt la ardeg the pruseot Company and other -t : Taxg a, July 5. Blair, Superintendent of Fair-child' Kanch, says that on Wednesday morning three aloiloe bueks, embraolB; Hillos tbarlov. one i of Captain . . Jack' defendant to aoeoant for about $W)00,0t)0of earn-log aud reoeipu wbiob have come into fi "da tlnoe the totalled sal of 1871. Beltitu-M ked. a tU lu AVPutkanee It also .ohB PiOUleeple. charged with forging post-offlce order, In faralngton, Mlonou, laat UuT T.M br0?nt ker yeeterday from Poplar taafn'i, !S.r u WM rwsted, and wiU be sent to St. 1'aul to-morrow.- . U i.' . . TORT WAYNE. ' :' , ' A T0UKQ MA2f w"iioWlT OUBBWO--' ""' ' CRUSHED BY CAR. ' nI!TW"' ," - July S.-A yonng man by the natae of Wm. BobsrUoo, who went eut hunf 5.'? " rr'day, did not return u eapeeted, aad au friends bare been busily searching for hlia erersluoe. Uewu found this morning about threemiles from town, lying about Of loon foot from a large tree which had beea struck by lightning. Hi bead whs severed from his body, and tiie two were lyin r some disUnce part. The theory of the toroaer1 jury te skat KoberUon tk Shelter ander the tree with his gun upon bis himself'' rb' ,1wlu A electrlouy upon r.!,""1' yonn ,BT the name of David rhilabaum wa suddenly killed on Saturday while unloading a freight car. The ear was mov-Ingalsng, and whilt b wu leaning out of Hie door, aad ere he wm aware, bis head wa caught between the car aud the freJcht-b.ouBe.aad tarrl. bly mangled. WEATHER KEPOBT. ' ' j War Department Weather Beport, United taUa Aruiy lllvlaloa of Teletrranse and , Keport for th BeaeBt of Conuneroe. . . CinciWRATi, Jnly t, 18T-I0dr. m. . : .mi r KACBOr f OestBTATIO.f. Burlington, Vt...., Cairo, 111. ; Charleston, S. C:..'. Chlosgo, 1(1 Clnelnustf, 0..7..i. Cleveland, O Oorlim,l!lab Iienror, Col lotrou, Mich...... Dulnth, Winn IndUnspolic, Ind JacktonTllls, 'la . Iaren worth. Kan, Loullville, KM Memphis, Teon.... Mobile, ila.. New Orleans, La... hew York, H. Omaha, Keb... Pitutuirg, Pa...... Portland, at ....,.. Portland, Oregon,. San I'ranclsco...... St. Lonls. Mo ... . Threat'g. Clear. . 8'I H WM. HCIear. U.U0I col ralr. wot 3.W, k."e!i N. E. w'."" 8. E. .w! 9. 't. Si"' Clar. Ci'ear."',' Clear. . w'osl 'ii . . J Tl iD.Ot 83 '85 W 60 Cloudy. Cleaf. Clear. ri'ie 7 8 II r'air."' St. Pssl, Minn vv asnington, D. C.. 9J ifalr. ' War Depart meat River ReiMirt, -1 ..:.'' CtROiirw ATI. July Mn Report or the rise, fall aat depth ol water in rivers tor M hours eodins July , ltTA Mt. B H Winn.' , tea f . 1:1 I &a ! f rf mf j ., .W (ON. Clear. m na a. i I m I t 5 i ? : . ! ftTn. tUu t6'"l'o"i 14 10 0 t ' ";;;;;' i4'f'Bo';i t ii...t. '.i re STATIONS. TATI0NB. ifff. ftln Brunswick.. Marietta Memnhla Cairo. ... Clnoiiinatl.. It 0(0 JiNahTiile... UareUDort.. 10..,...NewOrieaaa. EvansTille.. I'itUburg.. 4ireveiuirt... Fort Smith. Keokuk... 10. 0 .....rst.Loula.... Little Rock. i!-t. Paul . . .. LoukTlUa.. T ; (H10 Vkksburi Igaal Serrlo Local Weather Reprt. ' "' y.' 'ClR0tRRATt,Jn1y aiffij.' :iiim 1 A.R. 11 : A.M. tr. k. ' us r. M Mr, 10:V at. Mar. Weather. ralr. . . . :a:13 Cloudy HoudyJ ' Cloudy. ' dear. Clear. ' asiguei(iupcrature,irjL Lowot temperature, 04. i i . . J " Observer, ilguai aevviee U. A. Army. irrii. an aaaiii r at . jiii r m ProbablHtlM. Trumasms. Tl n. ji aw x IK-S-....U ...I' ,TL.-' "" -77.'- iw - M, guDeraur eiaar weal her, light wind, failing baromuior and rising lomper. erally north and aorto-eaa winds, partly cloudy end elear aad dry weather, with ii V ' . 'V Peratare, except la tbe i i k I "'"tas, wnere cloudy weather C L. w prouauie oy alon day night, ror Uie Cpir Lake region fall Bon. jug parameter. Higher temperature and Inrrcaa- nB ciouninean. aiinnight telegraphio rrnort are miasine from ibeLuiier I..k !.,,. west, the Hocky Mountains and Pad do Coast , ADDITIONAL RIVER NEWS. Vtw Oin.Aw, July .-Arrived: Jame now-ard, Bary Alice and bargoe, from St. Lvuia. with heavy eargoee of Westaiu produce. , Wruro. W. Va., July S.-Rlvr feet t Inches and falling. Arrived! Exchange, from,aiid will depart for Pitu-burg at r. at. UMBvaLB,JnlTl-Rlver fallleg, with T foci a we canai ana loot Inthechutu. Wssthur Clear aud warm, llutiness dull. Arrlve.1: Jen-in ?" rom Ciuciuuatu Departed: Nuu- viiiv,iur viucionau. . - ' MlRrRia. JulyS-Weather cloudy and threatening. Mercury M degree. Hirer tatlonarv. Amvail: tall Pilot, with a tow of eoal Dc parted: Capital City, for St. Louis. The Belle Veraon did not get away las night, and Uya ar till Lunnrm. Ivaxrvillb, July l-Cloudy, with light rat this morning; clear and plraant aiuue noon. A ue rived raised 4 feet to-dav. Port ..... if-iniiiuii, na a, Arsannas llrl la, S a. '""" Araanaaa neue, B A. I ln, A. If. Down-Kolit, allUihelL I og Star, l:3D r. at-i Bow Hag Ureeu.J Jiosa. i .4 - , ..w nvuu,.in,f a. iu a. a.i norning u Ir.M. BobBsinusa. St. Louia, July S-Arriyedt Johneoa. from ?k,o:0,i.,-,,T 01 tbeeter, Memphia; t'aaaie f.wtoV ff?Vrt Ki.Tgr! "t0- llan.l. SUPaul; Uty of Vlcksburg, icksburg. leparted: Bab- '"r "umpuis, aiinneapoiis, raul: Gate City, I'pper Missi.slppl. Hirer falling slowly. Very besry rala early this morning. Caiao, July .-Arrlvd: Cltyof Tlrksburg. t!,mDy'ck,,.or, " ' Belle ol Bhrevspor lied River. Ilr.g.1 Colorado, St, Louie, Saaday, trn",,Jd ,Ti-' t"rle. Ma. iUpartod! Belle Mumphlv for Memphis, r. at.; City of lckburg, au Louis, lu r.u.; Biohmond. Ssw Orleans,! A. ji.; Belle of Shreveport, St Lou I a, S A. h.; Ssin Brown, Grand Tower, 4 r. u.i Colorado, Vlckaburg. ft r. ML The rieav hu ri. S Incke. Weatlier intunsely hot liiia mornln. but cooler since 11 a. a.; murourySi. PrrriBDRn. July 1 Weather ami. mA nleasaat. Moooagsbelatt feet 10 Inches aud na-t?- .nrived-fessooger. The leliowing is a liat of the boata that have and will leave during the next twenty-tour boor, other will, no doubt, follow. The tow are of light barges; FW Ciuoiunatl-Hornet Mo. . MvOiolee. Wm, Stoae, f .'' oauimju a,, a, voai vauy, coal City, VenUire Ne t, Buagal Tiger, Resolute aart dkiiiu, wiui it oarrvs, witn 1,100, UUU bushels of eoal. For Madison-Tiger, t barges, fi0,0iio bush-els. For Lonlsrille Juhn Hlppold. hlspsra. IMamond, r. Wilson No. t. John A. WoodTMary Hawk, Bona, Grand Lake, ltd bargee, LxtUr busbels. For St, Lout fearless, 10 barges ceke. tl5,US) buabela. Hands are scarce, ilaay boat are detained for want of a crew. Appreciation of Vewipaper Enterprise, rami tmnmn saaansa.1 ' Oattom, July 1-Tour lightning pony-express with the Sunday ExortBia aril red here la good tim this rnorulug, and In th bnd or new-bor a thousand or more copies found ready ate so aaxioua ana appreciate patroaa. Killed by Lightning. KlKO'TOX. rf . T June a. Dnrinr ihathnn.. (torm Friday, Franci Hall and hi son Jhn, working in a field near Brook's eroasiac, were at ruck by lightning. The. young man was ln tianuy auiea ana in rattier seTerely etunned. . End of a Ily pochoadrtao. ' ' STiAOna. JulTl-Amo Westscoat. .r dental surgery, of which he stood at the hand, committed suicld this morning by shooting. He had been for two er three weeks luflerio from bjpoohoadrla. ...., w Bometliiag Btartlinsr. , , Jc,n!r,,,--Srtri' Blchardjoa left for Wasbingtoa till eveulag. . , , , Ibor.l Wind. roro. . M X. JC. rrb, i H N, K. Uentle X. rrsh. U S. Pimh. ' eiV. Light. . 101 X. Light. , ' ' ' .1 , , ..- I . . ft 1 , - f - . ... - 1 ' i : ... i . i. n 11 i- -i - 1 ADDITIONAL MARKET!. i ,1 I WltT AusAjrr, Jul, t, P. lt-BeeveVaT prf vlously intimated, tkl weak' market we o- savoraui to hotdor ef stock, from opening to the woe in market baa rated dull and Irregular, with dragging aale and steady depreciation la Taints; at the opening of the market oa Thursday a amall attendant of local and country buyers, nanus ene or two Xaatora dealers t n th fol lowing day A alight luoreaee la number of buy-ere, most of them ladlterent purchaser. On Saturday, -notwlthataadlnr large a ember ol Eastera dealer wea present the- market ruled still duller and more Irregular; very little business being done; buyer demanded fulnous concessions on the part of holders, which being frilfA they atlll held off, confident of purchsi lug all thev needed on eommlsalon. The supply this week baa been over t,ouo head largor ilia last week, and far In advanoe ef the limited demand; the average quality ia much Inferior to . last week's with a decidedly meager number or ton and extra. At tli opening or Thursday the price realised allowed a decline of Ko. to J per lb. from last week t ruling. Tbe market continued to droop, closing dull and Irregular at lie, per lb., live woigbt, a reductloa on all grade. Tbe bigbeat price obtained was tH for extra lUinola steers. '"K'BR . lbs. Blocker are aot wanted. Wedlum weight cattle have ruled very Irregular in price. A large number of cattle remain la the pens to-.lay-A.bout To leads. A large portion of these are to be shipped to Brighton to-morrow on commission. The fnllowlirg are the prices thla weak: Premium, to ; extra, to ts& W: P" "."Il'y, W 'W; ecood quality, lu&S W; thlid uuality, U ftjJ5j Inferior. Mm & . M'leh lw-Thls branch of trade ha ruled dull, with sale of a few head to local duelers re-porwd at last week's prliwa. . hlieep aad lambe-Beoelpt large, tmioli larger than the demand, and tale war slow at unlaTus-abla price for bolder. Tberasgtof values is wide, and buyers can obtain stock at almost their own price. To-day th pen contained a large number unsold. We quote been at So. per lb.; lamb at (dtu. per lb. Borssa reoelpst eootlaae large, but goodly numbers have gone through in drat haada, the demand here being very limited. Very little business baa been done this wee. ,"L I !-"! - ' The Liberal Republican la Ohio. , i . From th Buffalo Courier-Pens. 1 ,, ' Gesersl Brtakerhoff, leader of the Liberal Re- uuuurau.ui unio,aaa chairman or their Male Ceairal CommitUw, haa juat Issued aeair to thsm to asarmble In mass convention, at Columbus, oa the Wtbor July. It waa understood soma time ago that tbe Lllieral Bapublieaos would bold convention at Columbus en IhettkeT Augnsv-tha day seleoted ror the holding of the Demooratle ?,?U.;on,.,,tloo-,' Ul they would Uwre bold thsiusel see ready to eo-operale, Tbla will pot deter the Democracy from dolug the same thing on the Sth of August. It Is greatly to be regrelied that all people bentoa reforming the politics of th country cau't muster uador one oanner. So tar, a decided majority of th Democratic ewppors aad loader in Ohio ar bitterly -posed to th movement, but a large number ef isemonnla la Cincinnati have Issued a proclamation In smiBortof lb new Indeneailani tjpn. Without qneatlonlag th aincerlty ot most our oust so ay uiat Ik geaeral be-lluf of lha Ohio liaorata at present eem to be that the indepeadeet Conveution may be pecked with a crowd of claquer and dlTerted from It tnie Intent and meaning. If the original pernote should be kept I airly and anuarely In view, the Coarentloa may do much good. W ahall watch carefully aad report progreaa. , The Slchneea ef th Emperor Wtlliaaa. lIlerlln(Jun 16) Cor. of tbe New Tor k World. I Wbea I transmitted to you, through London, yealenlar. a dispatch onoerulng tbe precarleaa health of tbe Xmperer WUliam, tbe opinion among those nearest to him was that hie death was almost Inevitable.- Two day before V. w"'rf WB" "ought It wa Kelly dead. Mesuiklenlr fell Into what teemed to be death, but what turned out to be onlrasort ef Iraar. " rvniaiueu ia in ia eoauiuoa, aiiparenlly wtmout Dreatniug, ror about thirty minou. Then h rerlred and grew bettvr until th 16th. wbsa b tgsla had a rulanee, rmm this he baa an. one more recovered, and It begin to he boned that he wUl pull tbRHsgh. But ibestrangMt part of lb slory of bis ilium rewitlat to be sohk Ha reos Ud a great skoek from the death or Prince A'laiuvn, ana ne was miiy persuadoii la his own mind that bo would die lumrdlstely after, r during the vlalt of the Shah. Curiously enough, a 'vtla of (upei-iiltlon run through hi mind, and b has very Uvelyar of death. Meeooaerksd by returood rror St. Petersburg Iban title belief of approaching death took posaeaslon of Ms i , ' K, T roul" BO' ne is en. ii lost all aiMnia, iro coiiiu ens Boiiung; pe grew tbla and pais; and when bis cousin's death was an-roiiced be took to bu bed, declaring that his WVU, LOT. UI'HIf. I , I f. Uurlna the daea whaa hla Hoik ..u theio i. much speculation a lolhe effect which that nt would bare oa the position of bav marek Bvry on know that th) Crown Prluc mwr . ....icwnur biw do irienni. i neve reasea so an..w inas ameaa all tha aiaiaaman ( aa. a Hire Bone Is more aaiaemi'it k ik.f. u.i.u than Count ilunstar. tlia aaal ninnliii4 ui.u . iinwa, ana a ponton in nign authority has told me that when the Prince cumoa to the throne the Count will bo given Blsmurck's RrlnherhofTt BHtw Oat. iFrom the trtmont (0-) Mosserger. - ' ' unrirmatar-GnvaI Brlnknrkner. sha tnv eraicniei in vnto, naa iMited nil prot lamanso forbidding the Liberal Bepublirans from assoel-atingwilb Itrmocrata at the ttbof Augiui Conventions. Thl lay-bird reformer met with ika J.xocutlye Committee at Columbus on thetSdof voted in favor of holding the two Stat Convoe, -. it vxeuange OT otilnlona. uHuniuB oa so wboi August. How sins saintea paiiuaoiiiMr and great moral to. decency, committed blmaclr la fsror of the ao. i.'.iHvr, wnv aaa. urati tne ruiea ar raimnaa a..i tiuuui uiaau auimiuiDisnuoDi, turns tall npea his friends and seekt now to forestall the actionol tho Ilsmocraila and I.ILaral NLaia l'.. ...... llrlukerUoff ha suade a oUgraceful surreailcr .ma puuiuai inenas. He seeks to ulace th I.lharala f nhln l r.i.. tlon, and w do not believe that he will be siv talned In hi transfer of the Liberal voter to-tlie jaiioo unuo uvuw. snore a nut on eourse left for Uie DemuctJcy, and that Is to spurn til alliances and vole iye Democrat lo ticket. If BrlukerbDir or Cunningham ess defeat the election of Judge Thurman tber Intend ao to ,ut ur. can not honorably alUllate with such damage gus. If Ik comes to tus worst, the iMaeerari t nut re-sponnWo for tbe continued power of tbe uluudsr-ers. If bone! lU unbllcaus can snl.rali lon.n be robbed. Iiemociaia asr ba unaniioi ...k. mil W must fight on. Nerar surrender, aad neversay die. Tbeactioaof Uoneral Brtnkerhoff looksas If is waa done for pay, and If It la paid work, Uorernor Noyce baa mad th General bis tool to ret Into the Senate. Tha h.a,u. ... deieaiKoyee and hi stool-pigeons, Udnkarbeff aud Dean-Cunningham. Aa, Ornainant to the Cotutltatloasal Ooa: ' i ' : veatloew .-. , 1 From Hi Buoy rnForum.l . (" If ever poor devil was badgered and bedsv. ned. It I poor Tar Valkenbuig. Ui small man, BW AMMA ....... -I . -.1 -.rMw.Mi.K. iwaii... WH aiOTUMl BB dole gal to the Caiwlilutiunal Convention from uw.uu.a7 vvuu.t ri a 1 1 UTQ mOSS WUO SB the proceed In gt ot that bod y of tatasea, that b U laughed at as a buoby, and looked Oses upon with disdain aa an ass that hu got away from home, kaviag ne eonaniousness but tbal of look-lag silly aad admixing the length of bin ear, i Leave Him Where He le. r i ' ' IFrom th Orbana Union. t ' Cermiaenibualastieailmirersef ncaatneTkn man, who do not understand th situation, are urging bla nomination ae !emoertio candidate forUovemoe, Allen tl. T tuna an la now lst where b belongs, and every effort abould be made to elect a Legislature Mist will retain him lu toe United Stake Soeaae.. T nominate him with a view either to his retlrln from iha snat. orroiigaing tneoovernoraltlnlB ease he shoahi beele i thing that ought not to bej donav. Candidate ror farmer. , iFrom thtClNlaeilleTXmoeratl ' 1 Tbe Cincinnati Exoriaia tan it tha Sam.- of Ohio want a eandidate for (iOTereor. Jarlge Wm.B.(aidwelLof that cltr. Is tha man. li-- James B. Jamison, of Harrison County. tanrJ jTmrm n.w DvaaHJr, it naa, j amea y cnase. ef n.niMri, .i.ii. j a aaviaiwrva laws Sioaae Of Represenlallvee, are also meatloaed for tba bata. oc ratio Uuberaatorial aomlaatloaV Beth fcre faratr. . Another rhlle Journal MlMpprahended. (From the Springfield (0.a Trautcript. The Cieolanati Kkqi'iukb la a.l.i.k i. ...... Ing that tho 1Vnucripi indorses tha Allen County moremvau This paper la aitacbnd to n.a H....L eratie party, aad Iherufor does aot bold It within mimiTiiHw uxiituer imsorae er eoelemn aeolit leal Bsoveaaeet which ts urouoaial tn a n.Li. taoepeudeui M toe utntooratm tarty. Tbt Alto, i riircE iive cents; Wa. ViwUi lB,'"'.t7e "'"K,rt f b" h paitlee. A toi,l' ............ 1 , 'v7v, .". of tha Dmno.ti. 'ZZiZ . "n'?. laree.. U estate ticket Is nemlnated hr aiw' Ie?i'2 ni?. w en,d to mc7 toCoio.ib uiy avB, -She laiaaarata i.u.m .i.: B 0 MrT&tSJhSt'tH '.V"0 b"1 - thai in. ah" fI!Lfh. emfl'e papera now. or a any time, eontrol of the action of th AHa Cms political movemsut, , . "r ' i '..i i- , : nAMutoV -- : ' 1 . ..a 4t, i i.i v" W. Paangg kaa brought mil agdliitw to . City of Hamilton, elaJmiaa-rdamerea in tha am ' of tVn for overflow ef certain real estate b. lloilini,ht.b.l.,llBa..,.h Woo,,, inbdlvlsion; occa. aloBtxl by the failure ef the oily to improve ' CrawrordBncordingtoKreotnnhr ' , a w w aub, of Middltown,ha filed a pe. tltion with tba Clerk of tbe Common Plea Court; ' ' tt' i Jodm,n' lo' Umage in the tiun of r,ooo igaintt th r.ikk. . Coke Company. TUfntlir ia th owner of eetWa ' , real ewtat fronting 45 feet on Broad street, la MIddletown, and running back' ts4 fset to tha Miami CauaL ' She ooeuplea the premises with -horeelf and family, and olalnu that she wa there first, but that the Qa Comnanr. ahnns in t January, 187J, erected their works upon the lot ' -ujutumg uer reaiaence, where they are (till matv urncturlng' gag from naphtha: ' h i.i',k. effoulr fume ' ire ' nrodnnML'- r.nn,i. her - place ' nnfit lM . . mlfleao. . ' She eomplaios that the company allows the rtrheeof tbe naphtha after distillation to na Into hot la -the ground near the works, and so near ker wall that the ol) therefrom nercolatea Into tha ..ii ' and rendersthe waterppfltfordomesUoordflnav Ing purposes, tod that no other wall can Uiina on her prem tie that will yield pur watef ba thla Boeona ana th close proximity of the ra works.. She also allegea that th aphtha need la making the gat te aot only offeaalv. but daaewrous. bbA taya that toe company depoeita -large qwahtlUa of thl papbtba star bar dwvlllng, taeV nemrCh , ' .-..v,uor -aicn eoatalna sever aX- tbousand eublofoelpfgae,lUbltoba t o fire at any time by th naphtha, and rendering er bouse ' lei? JWM L! f'-ai . ......n .uui on .na oonn nas alaai brought suit aa-aiBatlhaa.. ...r?.i! . ton and lay her damage JooO, , TT - ) "i TWEHTT-FirTHlWARD." 1 TUB. sIijn-keprs' ol Cumminivlfl e'xnoH. need a rather novel tcnsatld yesterday fn be Ing required to dot tbt door leading Ibto'thil-saloons, by order of Burpetintendent memtod. Tbarewasaom gruabllig carried da In an aa " dertoae,. bat tbert wa aa aa resletinf the rdr, a It would eoat vote probably lata the expert. meat waa . worth to fling the free! oeorg wtde open. Kvery ( thing bore the appearaaea of quiet Sunday, tbe Ward wa not thronged with visitors intent upon searching for drink, but tha majority of driver kept on up th road toward Shady' andMytrs' and otbeir Place eataid Bbe city limit, wberethey eeuld' take their drinU without the aaorlflo of any trouble. Th las-preMlea waa ttat th "vlllainou order," as some choe to ityle It, would cease to b enforced Ut 1 fortnight or such a tim. ' . . i TB slate at th T Weaty-fifth Ward ttatlon.'ye. torday aftoraeesC preseoted raw eaaa. a stranger tamed Datiieti liorabreok wa fotrad vesry arnqa ta the street, by OfBoer llama!, aad nut la tbi aale keeping. Sotnlaick, O'BrUa, aa old loak, wat put ft Saturday night, and after sobering up, waa lot tut, whan he got full again, ytaterday, and Wat rearrested by Officer BameL Pat Melt ally wat ttllt celebrating th fourth e ?ioLVk,"J?V..od WM "V " keep! Ing. hlchard Brl;tol, a painter, waa arrested by omoers Lmery and Fenneaay, hsturday night, est complalnief hia wife, lie. Bad beeaeulspele i ILV" 1?m W "J. A"""'" rom mTni ywrsk Offlcer llamsl, in charge of tha station, . seutword to the otlceraef tt Uospitai paster! rrLt!Ld- eonveved to that institution kit?.". lrwia resistance, but he wss ttnally verpewered by the sussrt, and compelled to get In toe wagoa and go. V -J a ' " Tha Lieut eait-OeveraerBhlpj" C0RICa,CMJulyft,l8Tt. Among th thla geatlenieA in da Dsmocralto party named for thla Important. offloav that af John W. Mottle, of Kiaml, baa fof a peon fl a, L . a , ' a. .... attraction, u is nonest, capable tndfalth. ful to th.Constivutleh. Th you a geek member f th last boots, yet be ma.1 hi. mark bread tod deep, tad ao mat: It that body teramaaded or of roepoet eg; bad a trtatar tnloence. Agalnal th nnanimout report of tbt SUcrl Committee; on Publlt ,WorU be carried, by a voto of torn B lo It, u approprlatlotv, to a da at acroa the Miami River, at Troy, la wlilca,bWj eonstltueaU were InUrestod, but which wu rub. teqoendydofentod IB the Ilea, it member having it la charge lacklaa both- tact and ' loflaeaot to tarry Itthrotgh.: At a parUamen. ariaa, Seaatog MorrU ha aU that qaioknest which, whsn.njiited with dudgmut.. make a good presiding offloer. Thla quickaos waa.waU lUustrated in debate, where the reoartee aa always u ready u th argument wu to'thaj point He teemed to have mora Utuitlv tagaolty than any member oa the door. Por Lieutenant-Governor tbt rallroedj Wowtd oppoMblm.fOj-byalawwbihalar)daodB4 ' go pasaerj tt Allocked the utd from under tbelr favorite mod of swindling tockboldrt The law to which I allude la tbaona that rveatodl tbt bankrupt Atlautle tod Great Western haa ' swallowing up the Cleveland and Columbus And other railroads, to tbe great Injury of all tha ' stockholder not With tbt- "Rlnr."' Tha la. passed but two days before tbt ewladto waa toba consummated, and It prevented It . . . . ; ;.i Tbe faro and keno gambler might onaeee hb . lctJon, tor the law repertod by Mat Morri to. tuppreea these, gams bu'.beeaeffeotual., laa deratand that It bu shut up thee shop la, Cla. clnnatl-I know It has lu Columbus. . " aviiraitsing ill at inese meo-the railroad,' gweab- v era and their fellowUisen ofth faro twVk end kano tabto-oppos th election ol Mr. Morrks. If be be the nominee, beeaaaa ol t ini.... lTh.i tamlr gambling .aeme, are thr not mim boa. eat moo, lwlliloel opponents, to takt Ueto atac and aupptant Uam twice everf . , a b geuttaman oi nign laaslltctaad charaater. aa on who In a single soailon la the Ohio Soaau ac.,11 red an Influence not often gained ky elder members or high resntatlnn. JL. ' knewledge ef Parliamentary law And enlck. ' bom of peroeptloo will redoean the Chair at the Seaaan from toe personality and trlekany asd dls. bonojty of IU present occupant, I Urn I that oat the Democratic ticket tot LleatenaaMJovernor, -John W. Morrla, ef Miami, wiU be u text nwuUuet. . -..1 .1. . ,.i , . V ' 111 I 'i i i . What, Coaatlfutee ass AlpEraayf ' ' ' ' C0WRRATftOJR,18TJ, Having rad a parartph la ytug tou of thla . date, beaded 'New Bout to lUltlsaer, Wash. ' fcagtot and. the South,-, I deeat, t proper to call rour attontlo to t few Inaccurate ata tomes la eoataineathareln. The read Nferred tt (Ptaa. sylvanlh Air Line) to neither tVmble-track nor stone-ballasted tnd dees not "ctoaeiy follow tba routs) ao long and ualously tdtocatod la Cost, great by Tbaddene Btepbtna U th KaUonal Alt 14 at Between Weaalagtou, City aad w lerk," arad the tedlQi detayt arteadlng tbt traaafer by bona-power" de net exist, said tranafsr being: made) by tbe eld line. In tOera er twenty mint utoe at moe without change ef ears er iaeeave. . nlauce lo the krarsUr sauoh less time than to consumed In making tha pass ax through Baits. nor via the tunnel route. A eoiparUoa be tweea a ride of a few square through an open street, and the passage through a damp, amoky tunnel twa or three mile la leBgtaV kt hardly ae Ceaaary . 1 . . , la the event that von are aoftmillar with tha geographical poelllun of Ua routo oeswaea Waahlugtoa and hew York, pica examine In. , etoeed i map. will ven hladly filr1sh the deSnl. . rued ilavaf w -ayg We." tl Mlled to rail. V i- t r. ".' -:. ,!IJIU va lw ........ . juimoAOtt, Suwu lj U.'-l ...i:.;..i ;g.u "' ji .s v--. !; i.i j. .A. A

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