The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1934
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by the United Prow VOL. XXXI—NO. o _HgimiiJ2iiMR NEWS """^PP 1 v »"«y LeVdet Bljfh'rt". Sr'lS' HI -YT1 IKV1I.I.K, .ARKANSAS llnVM.iv- ,.,.„ HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS LOI^IiSJNIVERSAL DEBT "HOLJoi nnnnnin T nm i c_ i •', . ^ ! _ , " ~ —... .. ^^^ • • • SEE mm IER Immense Strides Take Toward Completion c Colossal Program 'I'llis is Hie first nf six .slorie nn what President Roosevelt wi ser. when he visits the Tennesse \ullfy, .v,,. i snfiji planning. |, ro j«'l u r the N'piv Bf/il. yybnt |, : , actually hrrn dont by IS moiilli: "l' wcirk und S|ji>nilhig? These -'in rJfS Ml yiill. HV JOHN T. MOllTOUX (Written Mr Ni;..\ Service, luc.l KNOXVILLE, Tenn., NOV. 12.- VVhen President Roosevelt conic here this inld-niomh, he will .se the 12-year dream of vencratl Rftnator Oovgc W. Morris and hi progressive followers bcglnniut' lo la):c definite form. He win see how the old wartime white elephant, Muscle Shoals, .': belny, transformed into a laitlifu work-horse, serving those who lirlpert pny for him. He will see how already a higher standard of living has come to thousands of people of the great basin of the Tennessee river. Tlie president, indeed, will find— 'I'HAT power and light charges have been reduced by millions of dollars, and thai the end is not yet. THAT dams me fast risin" ahead of schedule, to store flood v.v.Uirs, improve navigation, -ami teneraic cheap electricity. THAT tremendous efforts are b"- ini! made lo salvage the soil from that silent iliicf, erosion. 'I'HAT forests are ."being planted. THAT the hoped-for, diversification of industry has'' already be- gtm. THAT. In sum total, work is well mirier, way that should "Head' logically to national planning for r, complete Kuicrshcd involving n'fany Mate:; and me future lives and •velfnre of millions' BKOAI) OBJECTIVE SOUGHT- These were the words with which the: president described ihe scone of the Muscle shoals project when he suggested that Congress create -he Tennessee Valley .Authority the government organization which is 'lothn all iheso things. tfov,- th e president will see for' >• inseir. what this most advanced of New I»H| agencies has actually I been able to dr ;„ 18 months with the $50,000,000 or so originally Several Hurt as-Cars Collide Near Bassett BASSETr, Ark.. Nov. 12—Several persons narrowly ewaped (Icaih in M,, nccldenl n mile tiorfli' Basset t aboui 11:30 Sundiiv . morning. t ' ''!' i . H: li. Melton, SB, employee of!' <hc U'ilson Motor Co., and E. L. I Talinfcrro, O.vceola, were driviii" in a new Ford V-B. A Model A Ford coupe, with seven passengers, attempted lo iinn across tlie highway on to a .side road, and hit the V-8, which was traveling ai a high ratc'of speed. 13oih cars were virtually demolished and all of the occupants of the coupe suffered i Thief Breaks Window j a£ Guard Jewelry Store! . A window Mmisher escaped with i! watch and cosiume jcwrlry viil- .ui'd til about sis after breaklnj; a 1 Tn niTui |ll!UC ' 8illss display window at' llm" Ml r|lV C1 " m ' d Jl ' w( ' IlJ ' ' slofl> ' -- 1 Wrs l' ! Il M ' M:l! " slm ' 1 ' • s "" 1 '' "'»<! wrlv.'this' I U UI I 1 inmrninij. • i edication Speaker " Colorful Spectacle Marks Observance of Anniversary of War's End While several thousand persons The broken window was dls- ccVcred by Ur. c. H. Wilson wlun wide a call to his office In• an' adjoining bulldfui; around',' •> Me o'clock In the morning. 'Jnihes''. L '., ; S Giuml. stoiv jiroprietor. was 'in-' 'J V formed of the theft and notified''.';. I police. No clues as to the ideniity '•••'•• ol Ihe window breaker hare been uncovered. -i-x, 111111:1 ni ii mrc or less "" • *•"< nuiiri luiiii us injuries, J. W. Scott, 50 i Lc8ion ' s Armistice Duy actlviiies arle, received a broken nose • l ', crc °l )cn «l at 11 o'clock to-.lay STnT[ W fiflTE STILL IN Quorum Court at Meeting Today Unable to Fix Levy Exactly A state tax rate of 9.2 mills 1-' "1 higher than the rate of'last car. was voted by the Mjssis- ippi comity quorum court in ses- ipn at Osceola today but a means t lowering the rate to the regu- ir 8.7 mills of last year was rovlded in the event "that the liter was found to be the ncces- "iry amount. The exact amount the slate rate retiuirecl was un- •rlain. because of conflicting re- wrts. . I picssive SjH'CliicIo, ' .while several airjnanejt nicnenvered a few Inin- firecl fcc-l overheud to thrill U;a crosvds. Thi.s afternoon the center of interest in the day's program moved lo the American Legion's new but, on North Second street, where u dedicatory 'program was scheduled for 3 o'clock, with Vincent M Miles. Fort smith, department commander of the American Legion. as the principal speaker. Tonight there will b- lh-> crowning of i)w jjenuty nueen of Northcnsi Arkansas n»d Southe.isl Missouri, a i the mt ? . theatre a wrestling match, with Jess Willard as referee, at tile armory, and a (lance at the Legion hut." Giianlsmen March Bn'nklcy iVlerchanl Critically Injured by Accidental Discharges | MEMPHIS, Nor~I2 (U|i)_j U ! 11 Hilly) nunlap, Diinklcy, Art- ' l::ir<iwarc nierchaiit In the van of the procession All other taxes were voted xtended for the past year. on (Ins mornin" were Major Utirlis J LilllD, |>aradc marshal, iv nd Major Moore, of Osccola, both inoiiiucd and m uniform, ;>ml Major Ivy W Crawford, with an orderly, marching afoot. They w*re followed by the rm- A committee to smd'y reports cftitnty officers -and make rec- mmnidallom for appropriations t the next meeting of the com! January was named, it con- ts of: J. p. TompMns. Bur- cite; 0. L. Waddell. Osccola; John . Uzzell. Pecan Point- n L M C . night, Blytheville and j n Manon. Half Moon. The court had been called to set in the morning but a quoin of magistrates, wlio conipoc e court, was not available until . ~ •"•• '-•-• itional colors ami most of the Dud ••-jCason post, and bv the Ii0-]>iec state senator, was and former brought to — ' "* u ^ ULUU£l!t - [0 hospital here today irr'a' serious condition as Hie result of' nn unusual shotgun accident • had one hand arid one of regimental band „. Coast Artillery from The official the abfiti Mariaiiua. Vincent M.Trilcs;"deiriar < tmcm™ol" : mander of the American Union Congressman \v. J. Driver of Os- ceoln. Bob Sisson, department adjutant, and Mayor Cecil Shane was next in li,,e, followed bv three Missouri national -uard unit the UOth infantry, Companies n u ami C. from Steele. Carulhers- villc and Hayti, Company M. i oca l mnclnne gun unit, and three larg. « , a " d ""' ad< >ltioiml $48,000.000 later appropriated He will see that It has progressed a long ,vay toward ttie Koa. And he will see renewed evidence to support his belief that cheap electric power is the key to improving the standard of Hvint ol the 2,000.000 people in parts of seven states that make up the TVmiesseo valley watershed ll.N'C'OVKKING »ini)K.V RICHFS That is a land rich in mineral UEOiirces. Yet those resources h.vl icnrcely been touched, because power and freight rates were too high. Wast of the farm homes were lit by kciwcne lamps. The top-soil of the once-productive land was fasl washing inlo Ihe streams, and fertilizer to rest or ^ its usefulness cost too much. Down through ihe heart of this potentlally-ricli valley Hows ihe yellow Tennessee River. It produced no electric power to light rarin nomes or turn the wheels of mill--' or factories. It v;as not navigable " ot tolls or lernGon. AppropriaUonT ' ,o"l"T tra . nsp0rl rious counly officers and activi ^pDra.vuniitely 100 Legionnaire! "' will not be made until the' 3 !, ex - 5sr >'icc men wearing par- ide trench helmets preceded the 80-picce Cartithersville band whicl was dressed ' uniforms. scene'" to TVA camc 0 ° r 1933 ' ' ° "™ in Sood con- II .ion. Army Engineers' plans for other dams, and $50,000 ooo At tlio head or the TVA was- i-Jiil is-thc socially-minded en- «:mror, Arthur E. Aforgan. Another ol the three directors is power- minded David E. Lillenlhal, who w.iuls lo lose no lime in delivering cheap power. The third director is nerlctilliirc-mindcd Harcouit A. Morgan. TO «'ORK AS UNIT Together they mapped out a pro- Gram lhat would result in an in- tcr-connccled power system to "Prvo the whole valley, make the Tennessee River navigable the full <550 miles of its length, and curb destructive floods. As a starter TVA had Wilson Earn nt ,\ftisclc Shoals, built by "je covernmcnt during thc> World i war to make nitrates lor e.xplc- slvcs. The dam was built lo pro- «w« I8i,ooo kilowatts of power y session of the court Uncertainty as to the amount 01 the state rate arose from statements by the governor and slate comptroller thm the old rate of 8.1 mills was sufficient after a stoe: rate of 9.2 mills had been certified to the county. Efforts by Paul Cooley, county auditor to t state officials at Little by long distance telephone this morning to straighten out the matter were unavailing. The rates for ail purposes with the possible exception of the state rate, are the same as last year They are: county taxes, 5-mili general. 3-mill road, 1.2 bond re- fmidmg. and school district and city taxes as voted by the various districts, towns and cities TH IT'S PIE* Apolicalion for Writ of Habeas Corpus Will Re- round on ceiv e Consideration and while Boy Scout Troop 37. in uniform was next in line followed by pupils of the Catholic school, Lu" I , ern " , sch °ol. and from Central Ward. Langc and Sutlburv grammar schools. Cars Carry Bcrtiilh'S . The Uachvillc band, with striking gold and black uniforms, numbered forty, and were followed by Boy Scout Troop 3! of Bly- I Movill» „,.,,» i._. . . . J thcville, nnd by trucks bearing ------ „_, i.. m,r.j ULilJ III" members of Ihe Blythevill» Chicka- <CX!t< h ' 8h SC ' 1C01 foolta;1 Ule high and junior high schoo , stll . dents was a truck bearing th': Blythcvillc baml in whit- uniform-, Beauty contestants, representing n.nM 15 r" "'* SM>m ' "' ll() Klil mpete for the title of "Mis? Northeast Arkansas-Southeast M!*- ™«ri • tonight, were in four car,following .be school procession. The 35-piccc Kcnncll. AIo.. tantl. nth red. while and black unl- fornis. preceded pupils lrom lbf , colored school. t ' ~..», uiiiLvi «int one loot shot off this morning when ni) automatic shotgun, siandnlE upright, accidnilally went off as 'tore 0 ''" 1 WilS m " vi " s . n ' bm "' "'"'""'« As the gun fell ;i icarhig off | US right „„„. ns fell be reached out to caich it and another charge slrt'.cV !>i": in ! ihe left wrist, severing Vh e "iiand.| Ui i inn ^ war gtvqiv..first aid. hV Briukle/ physician.? aJKl iv« s Hisiil I eu here by iimbulance. He suffered considerable loss of blood. Dniilap is a business partner of Prank Milwcc, director Home Loan ansas. corjjornlicn :if the new American Legion lun this afternoon Missouri Youth Hurt in Highway Collision M. C. 1'lcmtny, 19 y r ,, r ,,| (1 son ". iiiitl Mrs, Thomas Flcmh, K live bftn'reii Holland and ». rMo., Is in ihe Illythevllte , ill- with Injuries received la ii (highway crush novlh o.f Yurliro I'lomlnu wild he imtl if number ol ullwrs were cnrouic id llolliind hi a car driven by liustc: Fleming « relative, when n cur driven by " negro ran onto the .highway f OIH n lalemi 1TO ,d nnd »(nt c « tlie Hi-iulHR our. luining I| over 1'l.'iiiln B; WILS piniiwl U11 ,| L .,. ,„ ii.'iichliu!;iind Him- of his'-ribs were f.-iiclnrc<l. He also received n num. '"'•t 01 ruts iinii bruiyes.'' l.. Q: FU'inhiB, n, IULS a cut on ills leg ns result of the acckleni. «n< othcre h.ive minor injuries. K.'ngfjsh Also Plans Ltgis Intivc Curb on Coipor- ill ion Lawyers IJA'/'ON ROUGC La No» 12 iU!>)~When the Loiiislnnt IcJU latino finishes lu ^peniui siv-lon by tlM! end of this noel Beimtoi ilncy p. Long «l|| be the mos' fnnioiis clwniploti of ihe pcepul in Ins whole svoilri No.;, less nn authorltv than Senator Long himself MJS w The- vehicle on ( hlcli hi will piirnilc lo the l,i»nd of the class I of champions win 'be n "debt moratorium bill." granting nil delij. "le'b " two-yoar hohdas from til •This here bill,' snld the King ish today, "| S u,t gieateu 1m in the land, what we are icalK •loins: is postponing all debt. Every stale In the union will follow m on Uils and i bclhvc the federal government van ndojH . similar policy." ' IJ'ITLE DOCK. Nov 12 (\J|«)_ ' Mc '' 4 :l1 ln '''""Iclit Award of $20,000 bv a clrcuh , scll<ilor w «s 111 good hmnol court Jury ,, t Blytheville lo Mr - S ' M(M Oovcrn « r O K Allen Supreme Court Affirms Judgments Against Coca Cola Botllmg Company M'-«. W. P. Doml, of Mcm-' for injuries suffered In an nutomobile accident in Mlssisslnol county, wns afflnucd by the stale supreme court today. The high court affirmed tho decision made In January by the lower couvl. Mrs. l) m ,d MM ,„ S.nreh, about, two months afte the verdict. «,,,i ,, e( . «'H 60 to .her heirs. ^ Doittl was ihe Ark- 'vovision ot High \ v a \ Bond Refunding Ac! Call- Legislation | LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 12 (UPi- iirt of Ihe siate's bond refund's act was held unconstitutional y the supreme court, todav The court affirmed ilv Pulashi coHiity chBticelloi-s pcrmniient or- ler restraining state Treasurer Rov V. Leonard from disbursing fund''; o two bridge districts as pro- •idcd under Section 23 of Act ,1 !M. The chancellor lidd that hnl part of the .section allotting certain part of Ihc colmlv ,,| ; .:»J "nP'-ovcment funds lo both districts was in violation of Amend- nent M and therefore uncoiisti- litional and void. Tlie bridge districts district and (he Yell county district. "Tills suffices lo show." (h c court opinion todav said "me «i)«asonable_ and arbitrary'class!- and Coroiialion of Beauty Winner Will Precede Dance at Legion Hul "Miss Northeast. Arkiinsas-Soulh- 'ast Missouri" will be selected tonight nt (he nil* theater and the coronation will immediately follow in a brief ceremony before the c'ance at the American Legion in honor of the winner from iiB !5 girl* who hiu-e been entered in the annual Armistice Dny celebration bcjuily contest. Mrs, Edward Sceraves of Lusora, form- ™rly Miss Margaret Cro« ol this cily wlin «'o;i (he contest last i'oar. will present the loving cup o her successor. The (jirls rfere guests at H ww«; .inicnron toriav al the i'nlel No- | Chisni I- . .-•-• nt.ji.1. |j>l/((U \\lft .-.warded the rcuuUning $5.000 fo, alleged loa of services of Ms wife Doml operates the Como hotel at .Memphis. The court also upheld n {3.000 ludgment given Miss Ruth Al- [n-cchl, of Chicago, who wns drlv- tn. which the and nn award h'S the , niitcmobil-j «'erc riding, $500 to o p 'alher Albrccht, Jiei I he suits were nt-amst the Coca "o Dine company, of niythcvlllc A truck lielongliig. to the company -*•••"•«(,(((6 nt me CO Finrl RIMT,!-,, k"( ' A , BlltlBWII >' I™ 11 "! out inlo the JUKI DUIgiars Nit m Allto- ™_y »' Joiner, Ark., in mobile of Mississipp County Trio ;!c also attended by Mrs. ' MEMPHIS. Nov. 12 (UP)—Three former inmates of Ihc Arkansas stale prison farm were held here today for iniTstigatlon after officers found a set of safe crack- Ing tools, two gulls, and a blackjack in their ]>os5cssion. The three men. all of whom gave Ui.vom. Ark., as Iheir home, were arrested nl Barretlvllle. Tenn. laic yesterday after residents of rtosemark and Bolton College not- ln«t the sheriffs oirice suspicious charactcis were liangins; around. The men gave their names .is Douglas lirumley. 35; Forrest n»d Hazen Hall, 30. 'Bryant. chahmanfi ha Robinson, chairman of ths , Blytheville and assistant Brumley admitted today he owned Dip t'lins and part of the tools but said the tools were only automobile tools, chlsm and Hall de- , ., April 1933, causing MIS., ,\ibrccht to week her car in (rying lo dodge il. Harrison, Smith and Tnylot- of Blytheville were associated ivith MUhcr Grave.?, of Memphis, as '' U ' e D °" lt - for his lack of speed In assembling the legislators. The govcinor hst nlBht prepared his call foi tile spfcial session which will begin nt 10 o'clock toniihl. II «„> scheduled lo end Friday. 'Hie Ktngfisli's inonuni°utn| lei-- Islalivc Joke—election of a foot> ball star of foreign birth and out of the state residence to tile Louisiana senate — was causing much merriment as ihe legislature prepared lo start business. Long, through his floor lender, Sennlor James A. Noe, has planned a little "foofnraw" before tlie regular business starts. .The senate will be coinened to accept "SfJinfar" Ate ^ffcl<aI'! credential) listen to his spce'c)i of ncccplancc and then eront him nn Imkfinltc leave of alisence. so that hc can continue to attend school—and nliu football for b. s. U Jvflckat «n years old, was born In Sjrlfi nnd lives hi Mississippi J'laus Curb im Bar The Louisiana Bar association ill foci the whip of Suiator Lons when tlie legrislattirp meets hi special session tonight, he disclosed today. , said the assembly would be asked to pass a bill prepared bs himself converting UIP e\istin» bar j association inlo n stn(( , board and making its officers elective by th" people. J '- LOS ,;^ t I ice to Improve n i- t* i . . people. J •'- fohce Marksmanship! -wen flM 0!l( , too , how good .^.r-^, ZT-:. m _ "'"c lawyers nre who offer them- LES <UP)-p C Rcc of- o- ficers may soon be equipped with an oltac foe their , Pistols which will mak service „ - - --- w ,..,», Vi| C ( tlJt-Ilt- iclves as candidates for thcs- offices," hc said. " •.•••• U " dr myb1 " wlle » cc, a dcB< ,| y mnr ^, nm , a awyer e each off,- "les his candldwy as a monl'r ' , he - a monr , hc of the board of the state teh'e *'"' bo rco.ulvcd to state on 'JirS ' . .c o sate evice, known as the Auto- nnallficallon papers the ,. ".... ..., t ,,vi /1ULU- made Nltc Slum, the Invention of (lip -(--. j ciiv. iiiuiiva ifi. important corpora^- - " — 1«JW.|»I1V ""U'JIH. H-ruj.-,, IjLll^Jll (Illtl |ll\ll tlO- •MIS. O Bryant, Mrs. Howard "icd knowledee of all the instructor, president of the Arknn->ems and said they did not know as deparlmeiu of the America., they were in the car. ion police „,„„, (Si'.™ 1 ', ,?• ^ a , 8tcmb "S- '"'"-I Iir """^ «!"•> "= 'onnc'd his corlsn, I.', ,sh bub c'-ciil. of Ihc local American Leg-I to his brother Friday ni,h t -a,,;! shared nncvliiro oil Jtixillnrr. and Alte Betty Me-'j if there were any' burglar tool'lX-s In oZitt Cntchcn. repre.«eiitlii fi Blytheville In if he must have left them cloveiMcnk * " i ^ .n'cunuti ui ••- ."«-j^ iuuJu[LE!iii ft B. Scott, I.os Angeles engineer. lo " s llc '">s represented di won will be hi quantity pi'oduc- ...... — ..... "lion, although offered for sale >»ly to city, county ami ,s(ai c Jeace officers. iriti" the ' The Invention, which nt.s OT - :iircly on the mu/zic of a rcstula- pislol, consists of a a' clovcr-claf n system of It throws n le inert. He said hc had left Lux- [along the palh of the bullet wtti i- ora to visit his mother at Mini- the bullet Mrifcl,^ (he nnini ,,.h» ] ford. Tcmi.. and had asked Chlsm the Inner points of the I'MI , d. Term., and had asked Hall 10 go along. four course menu was served table decorated with Sheriff C. it. Wilson of Missis- "float" which probably attracted were red carnations. more attention than "an A $50,000 judgment lo Mrs M parade feature, a team of'12 head , '"it. Lawrence county. Inr a Howe a writ of for 2CO.- r™ b .000 kllowolus. But the irregular flow of the river, will, high wa- ,,•>,.? i ,, Ulc >' car alld 'ow U'C "I tier, held | te ,„,„„„_ 0) . ypav . ((.'otitlnuod On Page Three) murder in connection with'Ve Preparedness Day parade bomb •'i San Francisco. The court acted on a plea of attorneys representing the leader to b " petition for corpus. £p«-^ M'VH warden of Sim Qucmin I) liis legal representatives lo snnw ssy-afa-wsS T= the writ. lo Jail Hals Wear I'rfsoi, G arh ALLENTOWM, Pa (UP) _»»•« l» "w Allentown City jail a ^ • •""ed up" In true prison style —i white stripes around their g)ay bodies. Police said (hat one ol Ihc prisoners palnis the rats in '•' "SIMVO." momenu. ;,..-... ^.i.n.^, luso. ;vas sponsored by Pctp Barnps, ,, ., • —'•".*..11 (.ijtuii). nir ^ negligent killing" of h sr hu>- E. Balcsh. when struck band. ft. « was sponsored by Pete Barms , ""' "• K . Balcsh. when struck as was a tnoticl sawmill whieh was y " Sn "'h«'cstern Bell Teleuho'ir operated on a (nick and sent saw- ™ m l»».v truck, was affirmed i:v nnct Hi.i.,^ :,,. rt ii.- . _» the rnrn-t lying into Ihc crowd alonj the line of march. Tlie parade also included (he Blytheville fire department. Coub Undertaking company, personnel of the Blylhcrllle hospital. Moss Undertaking company. Williams Grocery and Market. Pete the Plumber, Shouse-LUtle Chevrolet Co., Greyhound Bus Line. Barium N'uWa Cleaners. Hardin-n.irron "oil Co., Hudson Tailor Shop. Os- torn Machine Shop, Frank Simmons Tin 8hop. Kighflll Implement t-o. shelving John Deere Implements. Auloinobile Sales Co.. Phli- «Ps Molor Co.. Ritz Tlv.Mlre. Ifighmi and -Doan Mtib Co.. two Ulythcville street busses, Uulcrc" Bread tfucks. Midn-esl Ice Cream Co.. Sinclair gns truck. Blythrvillc Banning Co.. Arkmo Uiiubcr Co. . . a 0 """ B PPP.ilfrom the While l> clrcuii court E!; ' s llllck ' Tolephonc Co., Moore's Cafe, parade rout O f to Mrs. ' " ;,, -. rs. Clark for tl-.e kilhn, of ,n "f -f " ln A P"'. 1933. via affinnjd "f- •- •'-••«• vn Mill |[ig lilt preceding nvc years and give life' Miiomu of revenue received from, "Yon know this private bar tis- .ociatmn we 1mvc In has' been taken possession of bv' a clique of lawyers representing the-' Millions and special interests they have brow-beat and inundated young lasers who tried lo bring sun axninsl their clients •' Thcyve even got so far as to hrealczi young lawyers with dl5- ; bnrment if they filed suit agnh si he special interns. The bar liis become the vehicle of the corporate Interests and wr-'tv. „„;„„ ,» Control of "Trade-in" Prices Held Invalid OKLAHOMA CITY. Nov. 12 <U '">—U...S. Judge Edgar S. VaugnT today declared vmconstttuUonal The government's attempt to regulate - D —.^ ~., -...., . -..> ,„ tllt ( r-Liuiui-• kv NRA code the prices the re- Mai iaiine Henderson: 6os-|liary for a 55.000 robbery In) I'ARHSBOH'o, N s (UPi—Foot l tail ""'omobilc industry shall pay ncii, MI M Evelyn Vance; Holland,: Craighcnd county, officers slated.j'"''"^ of a Prehisloric - "••"• ', TJ| c three served two year terms me winners of contests In lliclrji" Ihc Arkansas slatr penlteiitlnrv rc5p2ctivc towns were featured in on grand larccnv charges "to paradft this morning and are , • "— spending the tirieiiioun" in ih...ri Cliisholm and Hall are rcsld-'iils apartment at the hotel and sight, of Rlyllievlllc while Bruiniey' at • f ' one lime lived on Island 37 Chis- san . s- Those participating arc: Blythc- 1 holm nnd Hall have served prison iilie. M(.« Doris Ray Dobyns; Ar- ; terms for robberies here while Morel. Miss Imogcne Smith; Dell, ' Brtimlcy was sent to the |KuHcn- Ml "I light meet. The secret of the dcvlee is in the lenses, which cii- Bhle the light to illumihatc Ihe object aimed al. although a person in front ot Hie pistol cannot see Ihe rays. .' Each set, of Ihc equipment will bear a serial number and sales will br registered just as the sntc of pistols is now recorded. Prehistoric Foofprints Found in Nova Scotia Uorothy sentence of r fm all(1 S«t assault tloyd of $5 was Virpinia Oates: Stcclc. Miss! Sheriff Clarence Wilson said" to- hy Ycager; Osceoia. Miss day that while ho talked to ChiE- iia Cromcr: Marie. Miss holm at Jfcmphls yesterday that hy Gideon: Hayti. Miss no charges bad bccti preferred -......,; Cole: Poplar Corner, Missjagnliwt any of ihe ihrec In this Wanda Wagner; Leachville, Miss! county and tlu-y would not be re- ~ •"•"• «-iny_>u (/[ reversed aiirt reninnded, narrod.ill g,is trtict- licit Auto sale.! Co.."^ >K«A'of- fice, Bradford Chitwcod', Tin ind Eloclric Shop, and a iargo tio I .sponsored by llairv Ba-lcv's a-'r- vice SMtlon and ti,, sitm . M,,,,,, JolIiff;S Moiiettc, ,„,.,., Rnih Hnnis; Ht.vora. Miss Mere-1 tilth r.raham; Manila, Miss Liicllc! Ourtwvighl: Canithcrsville. MissL Martha Mclllwain i h '" (rrs turnod „ I1. •• •" --""Jtvt it, dlUlilill, which lived and died In Ihc ilavs when most of Nova^Scotia was'a lav sub-tropical swamp with a hoc .incl humid climate and great ferns and horsetails, have been found hero. More Ihan 100 clear impressions of !hc foot-tracks have been found, ('holographs and plaster y BO"»S rur as Charles fro\v- .tlMno r\nr Killed s \v- Ar " iS ™ nrenf(t ' hut >™1\ just wait b!rds " Coulrty - a " d n/iTPrrif ' ••"" "'"v».i ULI; ouaa Dlras tn his KALCfOlf. N. C. tUP>-An al-;backyard without the use or a sun bino deer has been killed in North-1 (tor, or the need of a Uccnsc a«mt n ,, m ,,,«.. .„, ... it is knmu, that partridges drift hopelessly in the autumn n-intls, so Howard lakes advantage of tills fact and waits for them lo strike senm. - -- .•--- irom l*..j,,i,MIIVIIV \ji Paleontology of Ihc National Mu- sctitii. at Ottawa. The Identity of Hit aiilmal ha.'i not yet been dc- termined. Iraded-ln used cars. He did not rule on the* con- ilitutionality of the code itself nor on Hie national recovery act under which the code was prepared. It was said lo be the first case in which the aillo (relaill coda had teen impaired by court decision either federal or state. :— • • *"vui i" .-.uihc iv. ui iy-n r>v sir V his home, then collet the dead. th. famotii geologist WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, not so cold in northwest portion tonight. Tuesday fair, rising temperature. .. • . • Jfcmphts and Vicinity—Pafr olid , cudence of air-breath-! not quite jo cold lonighl. Tuesday i»ri<w "" % } ? carbonl f<rous fair ««h rising temperutuns cnod ever found u, No va Scotia The maximum temperature here was at. it™*™, »,,.„ „ ytsterday was 5{ ^ nin ^ "^ clear, according to Samuel I-', Morris, official weather observer,- Bluff, Kings Coun- 1, by Sir William Logon,

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