The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY M, 19W BtA'iflEvnXB (ARK.y COUNTER NEWS Diplomatic Settlement of War Depends Upon American Army B; JOHN M. KIGBTOWKB , WASHINGTON, July 24. (AP) — Prespects for jome new diplomatic •egotlitlon to end the Korean war appear now to hinge on in* out- eojne of the American army'i effort Big V-2 Rocket May Get Second the front. IT»c* T«.»i T«%xl.... critical point at which RU.S- • «*» I ry I OdDy •la's real Intention.*; toward the Ko-' rean fighting will be disclosed, American officials believe, will come : when and if the Red advance !s brought to a standstill. Russia must then realize, they «ay, that without powerful outside assistance the Korean Communist.'! will be unable to nbtd their gairs and will be confronted with the threat of ultimate defeat. At that time, according to this line of reasoning, the world will probably find out quickly whether there is to be sin end to aggression and a return of peace In Korea or whether the danger or a great war will increase. Kremlin Chart* C'mirse Top officials here believe the major decisions on Russia's course have been under study in the Kremlin since the middle of lust week. T\vo things happened at that time. One was President Truman's message to Congress, calling for a »10,000,000.000 down payment on an expanded military program and warning Rils;la that a series ot limited BSfere-ssions of the Korea MM might well bring on World VW HI, The other development was the failure of Indian Prime Minis'ter Nehru's effort to creat conditions for a. negotiated settlement. The United States rejected Nehru's suggestion that it facilitate Communist China's membership In the United Nations as a means of getting Russia to resume its place iu the Security Council. U.S. Jnienl lo Slant! These two developments together are taken here as having demonstrated to the Kremlin, this country's intention to stand absolutely firm against aggression in Korea or anywhere else, whatever the cose. In addition, diplomatic officials now believe Mr. Truman's message may have scored another point With the Kremlin; that is, that the United States will not permit itself lo be involved endlessly in a series • of little wars against aggreMion without finally tackling the main '\jonrce of the trouble—Russia. '• Mr. Truman did not say that. In '.« section of his message which, it ;wfs learned, was penned specilical- 'ity : for Kremlin eyes to read, he said '"•imply that the men who have the j. power to unleash aggre-ssion should j realize that by continued recourse lo such action they would wear the LONG RAN'GE PROVING OROI)N1>, Cocoa. Fix, . July 21. M>/— A Uo-sUcf "bumper" rocket thunrftrpH inln tfir, a(r At 9:29 a.m. (EST) today In tht first horizontal <«( firing. LONG RANGE PROVING OROUND, Cocoa, Pla,, July 24. <<!>) —The first slant, V-2 missile to be fired from this east coast proving ground may zoom Into the air to- dny. Experts- were optimistic over chancre of firing the rocket alter the first missile fizzled on the launching platform last Wednesday. They set 8 a.m. IEST) for the test. The main part of the missile, a captured V-2 rocket, will use 10 tons of fuel in approximately one minute. It. will be. fired vertically but shortly after the takeoff n gyroscopic steering device \vlll turn it to «o horizontally. By the time the main part of the missile is spent, a 700-pound rocket known as a WAG Corporal, rtiUng ol\ its nose, will take olf. The V-2 will come down at sea and the WAG Corporal will continue the flight. Both .win send information back to base by radio. The WAC Corporal is a scientific missile rather than n military weapon. Experts said it may go as far as 250 miles. The rocket stands about 60 feet high and the V-2 is six feet dltimeter at the base. The V-2 weighs H tons. Gir/s Put Out Fire DELBURNE. Alia. —M'j— Donna Turner is one five-year-Dirt who can keep her head in an emergency. Left alone in the house, she soon found it filling with smoke. Finding an electric irtiei left, on (he cfath burning, the youngster disconnected the iron and poured water an the cloth before .calling for help. 'ernmertt should iisn the vnole thing. He applies the same reasoning to health Insurance. Being In the insurance business himself, he says he would like to see everyone buy icies providing full medical protection. Rut since people won't do that, something else has to be provided. Where the Democratic proposal falls down, he -says, is In its effort to have government regulate the whole medical profession. Civil rights and labor legislation are two other subjects on which Senator Ivps believes the Republican party will have to be more constructive in its approach. Present legislation in these fields is not working, he admit.;. But he rejects the Democratic Pnrly proposals for correction, since they would impose too much government control. On the other hand, Senator Ives wants no part of Georgia Sen. Richard B. Russell's suggestion Hint the Republican Party adopt a .strong states' rights plallorm in order to appeal to Southern cori.sei vafives. "The important ]K)Int." says Senator Ivc.s, "is to protect the rights of the individual—not of the slate or federal governments— in order to V:eep the people free." All points are stressed IN the new Republican Advance Statement of principle.*. Its souls elude, "a reasonable security for old age, adequate medical care available for all, Insurance against unemployment, year-round work, better education, better housing, protection of the rights of labor, aid lo agriculture" and "... achieving these goals without enslaving the people." EDSON Continued from prise 8 and would be most embarrassing harmful to Ins chances. Senator Ives would like to see Eisenhower nominated without any strings tied to him, trusting cntire- ..,.,. , )j ' '" l!le general'.! ows good sense of world peace to the break- I to do tne r 'S ht thing. The job then ,„, • ) would be to sell Minor Saftllite* However, suspicious governments normally read each others official statements for the meaning between the lines. The Soviets know that in Korea the United States »nd associated United Nations have •ngaged not the forces of Russia but. those of a minor satellite. The Russians might be tempted to entangle these countries similarly in other regions—Indochina, the Middle East, or the Balkans. The Soviets must know that American strategist* have seriously considered this possibility, as weli a-t the counter action the U.S. should Uke. So long as the Korean Communists have B prospect of victory by driving American Troops Into the aea, Russia may let the situation ride unchanged. But if they lose the prospect due to build-up of American power in Korea, authorities here say the Soviets may take one of three courses of action: 1. Emerge in the role of peacemaker by telling the North Koreans to give Up A lost cause before they were compelled to do so. 2. Send In troops to aid North Korea, thereby assuring a direct, clash between American and Russian forces. 3. Start trouble In some other place to divide United Nations cn- ti-aggvession forces. jiiBilly the Kid, frontier western ^iitlaw, is said to have started his crime career when only 12 i>> kill- Ing a man In a fight at Silver city. New Mexico. Program of progressive principles to the Republican Party and its candidate. Hie Republican platform of 1943 was pretty good." say.s the senator, adding with a fnint smile, "but that wasn't tlie trouble. The point j.-," he says, "that the Republican Party has got to quit saying, 'Nol No! N'o!' to every new Idea." In mast of the northern and western states, the senator believes the Republicans can elect. «]rno:t any candidate in normal t hires, i! he has anything lo offer. But the party must have a constructive propram of Its own. Says Too Much Government Control Tor Instance, Senator Ives says the principle of Social Security is all right. The people want it. What's wrong with it is the idea that the EDFET AI7CD t rnL,L, UrtK lor Deafened Persons For people who are troubled bv hard-of-hcaring this may be the means for starting a new, full life —with all the enjoyment of sermons, music, friendly companionship ami business success, n is a fascinating brochure, . called "So You Can Hear" and is now avail able without charge. Deafened persons acclaim it as a. practical guide ivitb arivice HUC! encouragement ol great I'niiic, a start on the roa<1 to happiness. If you would like n free cojry, simply scm) you* n.ime and address on a postcard todny and ask for "So you Can Hear ' Writ* to Beltonc. Dept. 4621. 1450 W. I9th St., Chicago 8. Ill Also show this important news to A friend or relative who may be hard-of-hcaring. |Pemocr3llc Primary Election-Jnly 2s] Cflfii UEODBIX for Lieutenant-Governor of l ou'lllw proud you voted forCarl Hen'drixi. Capable /fegj Dependable ^©^ 'Sincere, \ W QA^L. de»ire> to, tnd will, rtprttent ALL CITIZENS u YOUR'Li«ut«n*nt-Gov e rnor. "The Jackie "Woman on Robiiuon Story" »nrt | PAGE ELEVEN dun's tndeiwndctil vlcluve. ' rle .iwun. ...v Built right from the heart! IMMOSOl CONVEItTMU Hollywood Continued from page 8 try tor a film director's career. Is juggling offers tor B part with Ginger Rogers in ."Illegal Bride" and a role in Colo Porter's musical. "Out of This World." "But no more college boys," he growls, "i quit acting because I'm too old ta p?ay (hem. I did 29 college boys at Columbia." The refugee from the juvenile department was dialog director rm Contact Us For The Best In Wedding Pictures FAUGHT'S STUDIO New Glcncnt Blil E . 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Chrysler's Advantages In Comfort and Safety WoJfi— for r>,>: yrnc J PC d to AvtMTKitjV G»a ilippcry tatuU- re<fuc£d nolle. an — praVflnf* ilfillfng fn ftiln of rl'gli woler •r vuk» grindingl F V H F*aw OH Filter- V«opi Sfcff.Vvj taAvent'a wenr. Sa -with 1 Chemically T>*o<*J Cy£Mj«r ibraliofi, faJvr 5*af (Wi*rfi — oil clean! ul| control ol /our corl £*M»r lulch for eoiict imping. S/OWB/ olinel Rrlv* In high while otlicri A»icl ( 0BolD«i; g .r_rull room lor your rusad, | ea , leovel Sofo-Guord Hyjfau/i'i; Bfolt«i — tmo oilier Cy<let)0nded tinlngi ( O l double llie wour. tUcfr cortilanl jpcaJ a |[ (fi<, tlmd Chaff Hvi'ghl 5»ofi — Sa}*ty Kim WS«*]»— WOA'I thiow Jic«i oflor bio* Dowhl*-WKjm Arm R«»I — foi arm chuff coinfod. ihoulderi I'api, IQM cutfy Op »f no cioutfc wjtt at r*o trmttfut — iaier on dtiv* in low In Iraffie. Eaty 1a e pcilut pr tried WI'K/I nij, you lil ler orirj WU W^* r ^- nalurallyl The Beautiful with Fluid Drive HRYSLER T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street m A SMASHING for ARKANSAS and Our Southern Democratic Way of Life - and a crushing defeat for the Tax-o-Crats and their DEFICIT SPENDING and Dangerous Socialistic Philosophies! LET'S SWEEP THE STATE CLEAN OF THE PROMISE, TAX AND SPEND Administration! Remember, Yours is the vote that counts! " '^ — _ ...... __ _ . .... * t wp, •** «wv^ / wz m*w>Ttm<4ir ( BEN LANE mr-*nr-+s vwv\r' is JyV^ V Vf Second Time! —Pollllcil Adver(is«ment I'ald fcr by Arrall T.ijlur, Clarkbville.

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