The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY- APRIL 18, 19-14 Harrison School Sponsors Clinic Health Is Stressed As Students, Parents And Teachers Attend p Approximately 200 students teachers and parents were examined for health habits at a tlnee- !>t the Haniion School Each person entering the x cllnlc was weighed, measured nnd given on oral quiz or 20 questions regarding health habits by ihe seven doctors in white uniform. Doctors and nurses for the clinic were: F«od specialists, Dr. Cicne wii-r?i tt a ',V l Kwse Vlr e»»» Tliomu- *°».Cleanliness, Dr. George Johnson and Nurse Robbie Lee Smith; *->e, tar ami Nose, Dr. diaries Livingston and Nurse Jlinmie Lee N, "•' Toe'li, Dr.' Lnvoile Rush an<i N 'rsc Ella Hall; Ever« sc ail( i Air ui. Johnnie Lee Davis and Nurse ' 1-ois Goocllo; Clothing;, Dl , Jolm B. ;Heariy and Itoso Bessie Mnl Mc- Cllllough; Mental Habits, Dr Etlicl- yene Woods ana Nurse Julia F«m- < 0 .. l li c ellnl ° Wiimie Virgil Turner, Mrs, E! Up H. Deer. Miss BIA'TIiEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS THIS IS TARAWA TODAY Scene of B/oody Ba«/e Qu/efc/y Becomes Model Allied Base in Pacific NKAlt '1'llK KKACll K'licrc AIIIC.-- icnn nssaiiH forces died by hundreds in tile savage fighting for Luxora Society—Personal -,- BLYTHEVIU.E BJIIDGE CLUB Mr and Mrs. Sam Boiven were iio.s(s to the Luxora-Osceola-Blytheville Bridge Club members al tlieir Home Tuesday night. The entertainment rooms liail an attractive nr- '(Jpngemcnt or Sjirlng flowers. High score prizes, ladies, Mrs. D OscM!ii kW ° 0<1 ' a ' ia R ' °' Brya "' Of ' The iiosts, assisted by their daughter, Miss Frances Reid Bowcn, served a salad.refreshment .plate. * » * I.UXOKA BOOK CLUB The Luxora Book Club members and guests, Miss Eunice Shinn, Miss Christine Calvert. and Mrs. Edward Segraves, were entertained Tuesday night at the home of Mrs Tom Callis at Hightower. The new officers were installed oy Mrs. Callis, who used the theme Ships" in the designation of each officer's duties. Mrs. George' Doty program leader, introduced Mrs, G' H. Banks of Osceola, as guest speaker. Mrs. Brinks gave short reviews, first. "Life of William Allen White, one of the editors' of the Book-of-the-Montli Club; second "A Bell for Adomio" by John Hursey. A picnic supper was served at 6:30 o'clock. * • » UJXORA PARENT-TEACHERS, HOLD APRIL MEETING. " '• . The Luxora Parent-Teachers meeting was held at the high school auditorium Wednesday afternoon. The resignation of Mrs. Stanford, recently elected ,,.™.^ ll was accepted and Mrs. Joe Gentry was elected president. ..•jlri the room count, a tie resulted (t&twccm the third and fifth grades and each received a dollar. Mrs. Grant Collar, program leader, presented, in keeping with the theme of the year's program, "Freedom in Education," (he puppet shows of "Jack and the Bean Stalk," and "The Three Hears" participated in by the students of the fifth grade . in the making and stage presentation. Mrs. Collar made a talk about the making of the puppets in correlation with reading, arithmetic, and English, theme and education. •' • * LUXORA NIGHT BKIDGE CLUB Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Ware used' Spring Mowers for decoration in their living room when they entertained the members of their bridge chib and guests, Mrs. Elliott Williams and Mrs. Elizabeth Silliman. Wednesday evening. A Spring salad plate was served' after the progressions when high score awards were presented to Mr. and Mi's. Jesse Brown. • * • ^f/HURSIM AFTERNOON CLDB Mrs. R. J. Gil'.ispic played with the N. T. C. Bridge club members Thursday afternoon at the hom<; of Mrs. R. C. Langston. Mrs. Hiissel!', Bowcn made high score, and Mrs. Roy Ware, consolation. A snndwich plate and drink was served. LUXOKA ROTARY HEARS "STROLI.Eli" "Strolling with Eldon Roark" highlighted the meeting of the Luxora notary chib Thursday night. Mr. Roark, "Strolling" columnist of the Press-Scimitar, Memphis, for the past 11 years, gave an account of his recent trip over the Alcau Highway, Alaska, in the role of a "hitch-hiking'' correspondent. • Mr. Roark carried his listeners to Dawson. Fairbanks, Whilehorse, and on, staling in the beginning that this highway, wns routed for military ex- Tarawa, scenes reminiscent, of a seem far away. Above, with a native oulrigser canoe, nurses and officers have a splashing good time. TABAWA-KOOM-DEE-AY! With the hated Japs gone forever from Tarawa, the natives arc In a mood for celebration. At right, dancers and drummers perform a.version or hula for American guests. The latTer normally are forbidden lo visit native villages, but this was a special occasion! KKMIN'mms of the many heroic sacrifices in the Tarawa .campaign if are these graves of Marines (below) '" on nearby Buricki Island. The men buried 1'cre fell before a Jap ambush near Ihe end of (lie fighting. Natives had marked the graves as best they could, but, Marines are shown shaping up the mounds and placing new. while crosses. ocfiiresitalt lhpcdi<!ncy ' yct tnc ""I"™' scenic J, P R™I ,; b «»'t-v i» unrlvBtert. Rotarian Abe Livernnt,__ program leader for Thursday's meeting, invited Mr. Roark to speak to the club here. Mr. Roark was accompanied hy Raymond Powell of Memphis. Other guests were L. W. Walters, Osceola; H. W. Wright, W. C. Howard, Mrs. S. J. Smith, Mrs. C. B. Wood, Mrs. It. W. Nichols, Mrs. Avis Crawford, and Miss Christine Culvert. ' * * e PARTY COMPLIMENTS DAUGHTER The largest party of the week was that given on Friday night by Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Siliman in hon- 'or of her daughter, Mrs. Lindle O. Todd.' of Augusta. Ga. Shades of red and purpls tulips, and p spirea were attractively arranged in the rooms thrown, open to the- five tables of guests. High score prize was awarded Mrs. Thomas Dale WiJkins; second'high, Mrs. Thomas F. Hiuison; low; Mrs. C. B. Wood;, consolation, Mrs. Sam •Bowcn.- Mrs. Todd was presented a hand painted, gold embossed crystal candy bowl. * * • BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR SOX Mrs. Elmer Hall entertained eight •children at a party in honor of her son, G. W.'s sixth birthday. Friday afternoon. Games were played and party refreshments served. C * * i\frs. T. L. Stanford attended kansas State Teachers College. Conway. Mrs. Stanford is director of the Luxora High School band. The Rev. C. Evsrctte Pattons, Mrs. Patton, Mrs. W. E. Head, Mrs. Elmer Hall and Mrs. Walter Hrantlev were representatives from the Luxora Methodist Church in attendance at the Jonesboro District meeting of Women's Society of Christian Service held at Mnrked Tree Tuesday. There were 87 itttending from the various societies in the district. Mrs. U. T. Ballcw spent the week end with her daughter. Mrs. Roy Lake and Mr. Lake, .it Memphis. Mrs. Lonnie Bigham of Hope, Ark., arrived Tuesday night for a visit with her brother, Reucl W. Butler and Mrs. Butter. Beth Butler, Peggy Beth Ford, Calvin Wilkins,- am! Steve Nichols were guests at Shirley George's birthday party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis George Osceola, Friday aiternoon. Heaver I'ells tiding Iliffh LANSING, Mich. (UP)— Michigan trappers have found a bonanza in beaver pelts. The skins are currently bringing as much as So? apiece, while six years ago (hey were valued at on!y $8. year trappers took. 1,824 beaver and" 45 otter. PLUMBING and Heating Service JESSE PROVINCE 127 E. vine Phone 2719 Defoe Furniture Go. 12« K Main Dial 3ZZ1 \V»ntedt Used rnrnltnre. Abo yon can trade yonr old Fornl- tare In on neir. REFRIGERATION SERVICE Repairs On All Makes By Expert Workmen. T. F, WARREN Phono 3310 e p annual state baud clinic held at Ar- yenr. MEXICO CITY (OP)— The Mexican government has announced it will, spend 30,000,000 pesos (about on construction of new WHEN CONSTIPATION mj ,|; CS ..,,„ fec | punk as the dickens, brings on sfomtch upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort, inke lit. Laldwell s famous medicine to quickly pull the tricecr on Inzy "innnnls". and help you feel biight and chipper ojaio; pr». CAIDWELL'S is tho wonctciM scnni mative contnincil in good old Syrup Pepsin to moke it so easy to take. MANY DOCTORS llse pepsin preparations in prescriptionsfomakc the mcdicinemore palatable and agreeable to take. Sobcsuw your laiative is contained in Syrup Pepsin. INSIST ON DH.CnLDWELi.'S-thefa™ritc of millions for SOyears, and feel that whule- strniE tchnf fronconstipation. Evcnfiniekv children love it, CAUTION: Use only as directed. ILL'S SYRUP PEPSIN Sfudebaker Champion a m@raey-saver says Civil Air ! THE SMIST IRVESTHENT 1H THE WORIO [ Y 19-!0 Studebakor Champjon has traveled more dtnn 110,000 tough miles," reports Civil Air Patrol pilot Lieutenant J, fi. McGuiggan of Squiulron 3 who is employed by Universal Studios of St. Paul, Minnesota. "I average 25 miles to tlic gallon and my original tires stood up well over 60,000 miles. Of all the cars I've owned, this Champion is easily the most satisfactory and economical." From coast to coast, it's the same story these war clays-tires lasi longer, gas goes further, repairs arc required less frequently in a Stuclebakcr, thanks to advanced engineeringprinciplesand quality materials and craftsmanship. Studebaker... Pioneer and Pacemaker in Autom oil ve Progress Now building Wright Cyclona engines for the Boeing Hying FortreK-mulHpl«^,lv. military trucks—other vffol war molcriel. \ Letter Praises Officer's Work In SW Pacific The good work o[ Mem. James u. IViiTson or Jonesboro, In servicing U. S. bombers mid fighter jihuu-.s ID tlie SouUiv.-i'sl I'nclllo wns told In u li'llcr roei'lwl Ijy Ids wife 1 , a leneh- <•>' In llu- SU-t-U', Mo., sclmols. The- letter wus written by Cupl. l)ou MncU-llmi wlio scwd In the ,sa«u> oiilllt with IMilemiiit Peterson uml who now Is Im'k In the United Stales. niititlu Miicl-ellim'.s letter (old at Ueutenant I'eiorsun's nrrivnl with Ills siiiifiriroii sometime lu jjeplem- l)cv, lllia, nnd of how quickly his men ivcxtxnliuxl his deadly seriousness nl/otit his work, llo rcmtliuicul, "Did yon know Dint it WHS our outfit Unit did such a tremendous Job In the lilsmnrck sen battle last March 3? All our Mitchells but one KOt hits on transports nml destroyers. We Hume we sank seven. I'etc's gpodal job wns keeping all our forward lUInc SO cat. niiicliliw elms louilcil and llrhiB and (tun Any lie hml )i| s huiuls full. 1 llilnk every mini In the wniiulrou from mnclmnlt! to K[> was so i>ioml of our ships and their rrrws thai the day will never be to, i;<Uten." l.lentenaiH W.ei'sou is u nephew I ol J. Me'll Brooks of JilyilicvlDe. ' School SAx High Iferlil Mnrk E[,IZAl!Kni, 111. (Ui')-The coin- billed jjnidij nntl lilgli school students hero', numbering .loss thnn 200. have, imrchiiscd $0,300 worth of Wiir iWiub ilurliiK lhc winter cmnimlgn. "For thclv ' imusunUy uood work the federal government, has l.ssnc'd them a (icrnill lo purchase a "inhnile niiuv • llaK' 1 for ihelr school, Don Cllkenian, high school siiiicHiilerulciil, said (hat students had bought enough bonds lo buy u Jeep at $1.105, a flying J oc .p or "" PAGE THRE& at $:),000, and an iiniphlbliin Jeep at $2.090, besides several smnller war vve!<|X>ns. Midwost ICE CREAM Pints 2'0c; Quarts 40c When You liny Your Groceries—Take Home a CurIon I CECIL LOWE Grocery & Market Wo Deliver 1'iirli * N. Hwy. Ct 1'Iione 5ST First, you must hove your old hres recapped, ii recappaBle, before buymg other tires. Don't vraittoo long-it js too lale to recap when the tread is worn into the fabric. Gome hero for GOODYE** EXTRA-MILAGE RECWPING, a Job'yOtt Can trust. No ration certificate i ATTENTION SERVICE MEN: - - bring piopcr UlcnlifiwiUon papers from your commandjiig officer when buying bud^ca, ribbons and medals. We have complete stocks, For KHAKI and TROPICAL sliirls and trousers, sco us. HUDSON Cli'iincr—-Tiiilor—Clolhicr 1-lnternational Tractor 2-Row Planter. 7 Horscdrawn Turning Plows, 2 Horscdrawn Middle Busters, 1 3-dtsc Tractor Plow. 1 Bush & Bog Disc, Small Johnson Outboard Motor. OhlendorfGinCo. Phono 8-F2 Osceola, Ark. Courier News Want A<h, Try our "Own Made? "I ICECREAM Ole Hickory Innf Acrom (ram Hlsh Elmer Cunningham VULCANIZ1HG Tire & Tube Repair , Cotton BtH H.R. »' 8. Hwy. « (Formerly wllb Eojler An. ft*.l Pluter, Stnceo, Work Phone 882 CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem Wind. Work Guaranteed. A. B. FORD At Vxt O'llryjint'i Ji-Bclry Electrical Repairs & Maintenance' HOUSES EXPERTLY wrar.D J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup Phone 289J or 2538 Sine 50% On TRUSSES Steel rind Elastic STEWA'RT'S Drug Store Main & Luke I'lionc 2822 Arkansas State Certified D. & P. L, No. 14 ALSO D. & P. L. NO; 12 Roscland, Ark. >tf "SQIMHK I)E/VL» .\o. 10(883 Sllniienoli Staff Clnmploii 10U, Srnlor Roir Pig All Aiiicrlciii Clnmploii, 1912, Senior Boar Pig FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quality. T. S. Hwy. 61— Phone 3390— Rt. 2, BlytheviUe You con now buy Grade I tires— brand-new GOODYEAR Tires, first in public preference for moro thcan a quarter-century (or Grada HI tires, ii desired). Limited stocks in some sizes, but wo 11 try to fill your need. Synthetic nibber tires aio here, but few will be available lo civilians for some months. Wo v/ill have Ihe finest synthetic-tires, GOODYEARS, X GOOO.-VEAR; - TIBES - GOODYEAR 410 W. Main Phone 2492 SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed,' nre remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and nil work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert -lestgners help you \vlth your floral needs. r.T.n. SerrtcB We Deliver Anywhere Ph. «1 Mrs. J. M. (Mic) WlUlami, owner Glcncoe BMf. Mrs. DALTON.C. FOWLSTON, B.A., M.S.M. OROANIST and TEACHER of PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE Former New Yorfc Organist & Teacher P«r Appointment iVrlte Mrs. Powlston ndl Chlckas»wb» or Phon» 3MI DRS. NIES & MIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Main ' Blyfheville, Ark. Phone 2921

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