Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 5, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday * Novelties! Neckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER, THE HATTE ? . I f\M GOING f\Wf\Y, Said one of our Customers,-but I want you to save .my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E. PLURIBUS UNUM1 TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, FErtRL STRBET TfllLORS, DAILY JOURNAL. TUESDAY MORNING, FEB 5, At T' e Op-rii H«n»r. The doors at DuUo'* opened last nlffhtM ad-vertUed. Mr. G. Harris Kldon »t>d bis players wore there and everything WRB ready for ihe presenta- llonof Rip Vau Winkle." B.tldea the orchestra down in the Ice box. there were »alci to be nineteen theater lo»ere trying io coax some warmth from the two dl-couritj?cd stoves. After walling some time lor an audience the ptrformance of "Rip Van Winkle" *»8 abandoned. Mr. Eldon'8 company U laid to be excellent la thle play. Will !!«• Cullofl T<i<l»r- The c»no of ih« City of Loganaport •galnai Martin MeHal*. appe»led from tbe Major's court, will be culled to- d»v In ibe Circuit Court. McBale ia Charged wHh violating tho screen ordinance. Unnblo To Fm-nlali IIM1. James Taj to-, i he man vnboaa-Bulted Dr. J J. burton at Ru>iU Comer, kirdny. haa no far been unable to Bbre bail, and IB still with Sheriff pmburg. Dr. J « r r A Wild «'»' Caged. The wl'd cut thai' for many days terrorizrd tho residents about Grass Creek has been c»ced and is on exhibition, at J op J. Hildebrandi'a Fourth itreet esiabllabmeot. ••-. At-o h*r TrlTJ^ipli O«ce. The Postal Teiegraph Co is said to v vbe oaovasclBif the Logansport field wlih the Idea of locaiiDK a branch In lne j. ' She Is .he ij»««n Among remeoies for cou plaints po- eulUrto women, DOtblDg equals Zoa- Phora. Sold by B. F. Kaeallng jwd Coulaon & Co. ' : A ••pptmiBKlu Winter. : Bljfbt converts to ihe Bapili-t church were b«pti»ed yentercny a* Mexico, Mtarnl oouaty In the Eol rUer. The • IM »hlob «M fifteen inches thick, wMOut aw»y to allow the perform»nce i of the ceremony. Tbe Eev. D»vUUon Of C«m«ien w»s the action minuter. Awarded HifhMt Honors—World'* Fair. DR, CREAM BAKING pPOWDffl INMOST, PERFECT. .MADE. m. CULVEli MILITARY ACADEMY Wan Dextrny* d by Vl-t> at Koon Tf»«- tcrdrj-iuHH Ab.,ui »5,OOO-W1H Wot 8ii«l" n(l. Fire at the Culver Military Aoad- 'emj near Marmont on Lalte Maxlo- kuckee yesterday at noon caused tho destruction 'of the buildings, whtob ] were without adequate fire protec | tlon. The blaze started from a spark from a flue The loss is more than $5 000 aod the amount of Innuranoe Is cot known. TDB report that the academy would suspend for a time is not true. The dtudt-nta will be iared for and the work of the Institution will be carried oa at tho cottage of the Culvers. James Nelson, Bert Stewart and Arthur K-er.)iiig wore in attendance from Lofiucsport at the academy. The C'lty liln-otory. The new city directory is In the hands of tho blndera. Tbe book. which contains 390 pages, will be .ready to distribute ihU week and it is auld that tbe call for tbe work has been greater than for p.ny directory ever published in tba city. Tbe. book cental, s about 10 000 names, Includ ing the named of married ladies. By th<j usual melbod of computation. deducting one tenth for firm names and niuLilplyioff by 2i, the population of the city aod suburos Is ehown to be 22,500. an increase of over 2 000 In two yr.ars The DOW directory promises to glvo excellent satisfaction in every way. Wwti It 8 1 n ••<->(! <>» Sandny 1 W. U. WhtirQeld says he toon a note for f500 ubout six months ago, signed by Cnestor D Wiltsle, and Rev. Kaohel Mldc'ieton of Ru3*iavllle^ He recently filed suit In the Caea circuit court Bgninst C. D. \Vtlt*le and lUche. Miodleton, demanding tbe arouunt of the note. The defendants filed Saturday an unswer to Mr, Wbartteld 1 - compliant, alleging that the note w»s executed on Sunday; that Chester D. Wlltsle was and now is a minor, and that tbe Rev. Rachel Mid dleton IB a married woman, and only placed htr name" on the paper «B surety for young Wlltsle. THf "B^nd-r 1 - T"-V !•" CompBiiv. ••Bender's Travels;" -by Thos. I. Cb»se. has been rewritten and polished up for a second presentation, which the oompaey haa decided to" give «ome time In the near future. The date will be decided on at a meeting to be held next Sunday. Last Sunday » meeting WRB hold at which tbe following officers were cho»en : Fred Scnleecer, pieild* ni; John Riedllcger vice president; Chaa. Burke, secretary; Hal Tead. treasurer; -I. E. Duyle, manager; L M. Histler, assistant manager; R. Kubn, sti«ee munager. • ...... « -n^UW . Tbe Modern lurmlld Has tastes tctcicmaliy. In keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable^ in form, purely wholti-one In composition, truly bantficial in effect and f res from mry. objeotionabli 40 LEGI8LAT1TE JiOTES. Serlonx Ch«rae» Against th- Sop'Hn- teudctil of the «choi>l lorFe-bte- Ulvdrd Yoinh. Indianapolis. Feb. t. The Senate committee OD benevuleot iDB.Hutiona, baa made charts uizntos6 Alexander Jotmson, superintendent, of ibe school for Feeble Minded Yimih at Fori Wayne. Senator Boyd said to a .News reporter: "We fouad the insiUution rent with -strife jealoucy and dissension. Tbe superintendent bus given bis wife a <?»ud potion and we were told that be has. ibree otcer relatives in the place. A number of instanced of cruelty on the pari. of the superintendent were told ibe committee. One witness said ibare was gambling in ibe institution. I asked Juhneon if be bad not, written a letter in which be fluid be was conducting the institution on a Democratic plan, and tbat if bla correspun dent would vi-lt. the place end D»d a single-Republican employed there, he- would discharge him at ooce. Johnson denied writing any 8uch letter, bui I have the letter in my pos^es- nion. • G. Lewis Paxon testified that because Jack Frust said sonutbirg to Johnson's little girl that she" old not like, ihe superintendent ruobed out, kuocked the boy down, kicked him, turned the hose on him and nearly drowned him, after wblch he jerked him Into his room and gave bun a severe whipping. ••Dr. Swenngen, Mrs Or and Mrs Decker all teatlned tbat Johnson had slapped and kicked Nellie May J H Leonard testified that when Howard Crouch was burled, both sides and the bottom of the oipffla were left off to save expenses. He seid when the dirt was thrown Into the grave the board over the body caved In. '•Dr, Swerlpgen testified that when boys ran away and were brought back, sandbag? weighing twenty five pounds were bung ahout their necks and they were sometimes compelled to carry the baes about as long as three days Dr. SwerlDgen alfo eatd that the children were compelled to eat hot mush and molaeees until U.ey wore all badly run down with diarrhoea. Mrs Orr testified that wormy oe- reals and prunes were used and when she called Superintendent Jobni-oo's attention to the feet, be said, --Well. what can we do?" Mrs. Orr further testified ih'at Johnson had called her a _d liar, and shook his fist In her 'ace. What did Johnson say about all thUP" •He emphatically cenied all of It. except aa to the use of the Hand-bags placed on the runaway boys. He ad. mined this to be true. He tefced ermission to come before the committee again, and we will hear him Tuesday night." Senator Coilott agreed with Sena.:or Boyd, and tald thai Johnson should . removed, if for DO other renson | ,han ihat ihe institution iba'go of a physician. should be in Senator CollettV bill, to amend the aw concerning highways and their supervisors, was called up in the Sena'o. The bill ia to repeal tbat section of ibe present law relieving all members of. fire departments from working on the roads, but does not rtfer to legalized fire companies in incorporated cities and towns. Senator Jollett said tbat^tn object is to pre. vent men in small villages from form- ,tg themselves Into a ' bucket _bri- >ude" to escape working the roads. J'hc bill was referred to Senators !ollttt end Ellison to correct the title and-amendment. * * « The Indianapolis N- ws recently r ave the occupations of tbe Representatives and today gives those of tbe Senators aa follows: Twenty tlx jers, one surveyor, eleven farmers, hree doctors, one banker, one real estate dealer, four editor*, one merchant and one manufacturer. * • * The Houfe committee on town and owDship buaioesi h»8 i-econnneiided hat the bill be pasted to amend tbe common scbool law so as to provide or the election of county suparin endent* oh the tecond Monday in August. * * • The Senate judiciary committee has reported favorably tbe bill of Senator loughton amending the law relating o provoke by strikirg out the words •attempts to provcke." A. Sni On Bond. The case of Mary Smoker Tfc Jo?, rray §uU on bond, in which $500 is he amour t demanded, will be called in the circuit cnurt. DAMAGES DESIRED. By Ed. linwrtnert Wh«» Brmunds 95,OOO of a I'roiniueoi GalveMOu . l>.iciur Tbe case of Edward Lawrence vs. Z. U. Loop, a physician •;! Galveatoo, demanding $5 000 tdaODngei for aU leired ma,i|jracuoe, was oa irinL \es- lerday before Jurist McCoonell aod s, jury. Alaige number of witnessed were Ic ;HOcOflact:B nt iht trial Lawrei.ee bad h!s wrist bauly cut In H. fiuht »t Galveitua several cn^Qtb=. atro. and ho alleges tbui toe mcmoer has beau worse ih^n useless since, acd charges th- atteniiiay ptyMcUo, Dr. Loop with malt/raciico in bundling hid case. Attorney Earners tuid Fa.nbl.tr & Mahoney appear fur ibu plaionff. white Nirlton & Miers ana D D. Flotfle ru[iretent tbe plaintiff- At 9 o'clock la.-t oigbt tb« evidence in tbe cnie wa= ull in. Tn<j judgo announced tnut three hours wimld be given tomorrow, half tbe lime fur pre paring ouecial veraiuts, and hulf to m king tiie arguments. Tot-jury was dismUsed with tne u=ual instructions. Toe jury is made up as folio*S: William M. Heivie, Conries F Sneeis, Christopher Hcibar, .John W. FrtS- hour, B. F. Biro, Heary Cnilcou, Godfrey Twells, Wm. Fiedler, Wm, Kdrn, John Boll, John MLinnemaa and Jesse Loser. la greatly enuouceu o.y u One Set of teelh. Oo the ottier hand, nothing oo detracts from Ihe effect ol pleifiDK features, floe eyie and a graceful figure, an yellow leei.b Tnai popular toilet ariic.e SOZODONT cbe^-ko ineir decay, and readers mem as wnite a» enow. AN ARAPAHOE'S MEAL. The Indian 1 * Appetite Held Out ui l.ooff H« the Mont Lnftted. For feats of downright big 1 eating I'll back tbe North American Indian against the world, said a Colorado man. I recall in particular an Arapahoe Indian who visited our camp by the. Fontaine qui Bouille river one night. We had killed a buffalo calf that day — a. good-sized, fat calf, four or five months old—and having skinned and dressed the carcass, had hung it up on a wagon pole. We had carded enough off one shoulder to go along with mountain trout, bacon, bread and coffee for our party of four at supper: the rest of the meat was all there. The Indian caroa riding up after we had eaten and he looked pretty tired and empty. He had evidently traveled a long way with little to eat, for he was dusty, haggard and thin as D. shoestring 1 , and there was no doubt when he asked by signs for food that he wanted it badly. Wo pointed to tho buffalo calf, and with his knife he cut off some slices of meat, laid them on the embers, and as soon as they \vcrc a little scorched ate them ravenously and began again with the calf. He was still, cutting and cooking meat and eating when we went off to sleep, and so far as we could tell he spent the entire night in that occupation, for whenever one or another of us •woke up enough to look around the Indian was cither cutting at tho calf or eating by the Cre. When we turned out in the morning we found that all that was left of that buffalo calf was its skeleton hanging from the pole. The Indian had not carved away its joints and ribs as a white man would have done, but had hacked the meat off in small pieces till all was gone. The Indian looked like another person. His all-night feed had fattened him up so that he looked well filled out, and he moved about with a different air. He greeted our rising n-itb a "How," and sat stolidly by the Grc until one of us gave him a tin cup of coffee, which he took with another "How." While we were at breakfast he mounted his horse and slipped away BO silently that we scarcely noticed his going. Rcftnlt of a Meat Diet. Mrs. Hart, who has covered the globe with her notebook, declares the English people to be the most garrulous'] and quarrelsome of any she has encountered. She says there is more bickering and distemper in the Englishman's family and more homes are made unhappy by domestic squabbles than la any of the other nations she has visited. This condition she attributes chiefly to the Anglo-Saxon's fondness for a meat diet. She says the great flesh-eating people are notably ill- tempered. We are only animals, and the sequence of meat and fits, as demonstrated in the animal kingdom, has a significance in relation to the human animal. Mrs. Hart has gone further than this, and has studied the gentle Japanese, the mild Mongolian and other lightrliving races, which research confirms her ideas touching flesh-eating and family jars, " i The Uoblln Brpsrae, Frances Power Cobbe. in her "Life," gives'amusing illustrations of the Dublin brogue in which Irish Protestaat clergymen, educated at Trinity college," used "to preach fifty years ago. One, cotclcding a sermon on .the "Fear of Dcati." exclaimed: "lie brethren, the doying Christian lepps into 'the arrums of death, and makes his hollow jaws • ring-with eternal hallelujahs!" There'' ' the Acts which Miss The Indications Are TMt Walker & Raucli have. tDe kind ol Rubbers and Overshoes you want. Try it on. Wf\LKER 6c RflUGH. 420 Broadway. For Fine Printing. * - You will find-the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER H&f\DS INVITATIONS NOTEHEf\DS, PROGRfVMS, STATEMENTS, GflRDS, ENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY, You get bur figures and we'll do the work. Do not fail to call on the JOURNAL-for * ••: •. Job Printing. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method tbat has civen wonderful results. . D -n't for^e 1 that rhnir vapor treatment for all Chrome Luner TrouMfH tflts th« remedies to the diseased spots and cures wueu everything else fftiN. Cull acd investigate anyway. It eostB you nothing for coneuifation. Drs Christopher & Longenecker, AtTlie Medical and Siirgtcalllnstimte. 417 Markets?, Logansport. I net. A' STORY nn OF DR. HOLMES. Did Not Appreciative Header TVlio Kuow Him. One of the compensations of the poet is that, now and then, he stumbles upon Eurprises such as tickle his diaphragm and ripple his face \vitb smiles. One of these surprises £ rcctcd genial Dr. Dolmcs in the da.ys when he weut to dinners. At a certain dinner parly a young Virginia girl, visiting Koston, was seated next to a homely little old gentleman, whose name she had not caught. A correspondent of the Koston Transcript tells what resulted from that failure: 'The gentleman began to tall< with her, and asked her how she- passed her time in the country. "Oh, we read, my father and I," she said. "What do you read?" asked the little oki man. "Well, the 'Autocrat of the Breakfast Table' for one thing," she answered. "I should think you would not care to read that more than once, "remarked the old man, in a tone of slight disparagement. "My father and 1 may not be judges of literature," said Miss Virginia, with a faint accent of scorn, "but when we pet to the end of the 'Autocrat.' wo generally turn back to tbe beginning and read it over again." The little old man steilcd at this, and was disposed to be friendly, but Miss Virginia was so disgnsked with his tone concerning the "Autocrat" that she met him with chilly indifference. Aa soon as the gncsts went Into the drawing-room, her hostess whispered reproachfully to her: "You didn't seem to Gnd Dr. Holmes aa interesting as I hoped." "Dr. Holmesr shrieked Miss Virginia. There was a . tableau and an explanation. There is'a remaritaDic oiitcrencc J^ the density of mahogany as it comes t» the cabinetmaker. A square foot of- Cuban mahogany, one inch thick^ : weighs on the average six pounds; » like piece of Santo Domingo mahogany weighs four pounds, and a like piece of ; Mexican mahogany weighs two and A ' half pounds. The diffcrchec in weight ; between old pieces of Santo Doming* •| mahogany taken from the wreck o^ i antique furniture and a piece of sea' soned new Santo Domingo mahogany I* ' much le.ss than might bo cxpcctf il EXCKI.SIOK SPRINGS, Mo., Feb.4.— Th* curfew bell is to toll again ID C;m:id* and it may also in the near ftitu,rc b^ iieurd in Missouri at Excelsior Springs. After being silent in Canada for a hundred years it is to be regularly ruuff again in the interest, of the homes aoi children of that country. "Oretju 00.1,04" ftiui* AT* uoc- , IIL, Feb. 4.— All of central and southern Illinois and Indiana has been flooded during the last week •with "green goods" circulars of a variety that is likely to ensnare many an, unsophisticated citizen. The circular* tell how to secure £40,000 for §2,000. Union GI»»»work*r» Hie BoJIet*. MABTLS'6 FEBBr, O., Feb. 4. — A» Alexander Humphrey, manager of tho Buckeye Glass company, was starting .the works Monday morning three shots •were fired at him by a crowd of four union men svho had followed him. Sone of the shots took effect and tie .men escaped,' Will Know Wednoiiday or Thnr»<Jttjr. WASHrxGTOx, Febl 4.— At the trcas- •arv Monday morning no official information could be obtained as t,o a bond issue. It is expected that a definite statement will be made Wednesday or Thursday. • _____ Dl«l on Bin hirldditj v . , THE PRES3 DAILY SUNDAY WEEKLY FOK 18OC. Pennsylvania's Greatest Family Newspaper. It Prints all tne Ntws. Pre-Eminentlya Family Pape^, aprrallnrr d'recUr to th» lnl«««'j« o' orai* mproi) r of t >« ficraiM-Uo!<l bj Ui« ttb.vnw-i* or » j n tWiw ot HO objectionable cnnr»ft«r i> ntber it* news, .itetarj 01 aolumns. _ Ai •» Adv~rtlni>* PJtESM IB Am ID ,. The peopln belle?* In them an* une them, Tha PEE3d prtotB zut.fM want HdvenlMnMQti In usu<i ftud b is teoelred &•<&> lui Presi w»nt»' Ad« ,n » tingle <Jar. Thai sbow whj tbe V ma *»nU Ad> Klre tip greatest renolts. for CUiwfl'd A«»ertUn««-»ti» F. cpaM. Simatlon Wanted . , ItalfCenta wor* H^lp Wanted , - . OoeOntaWor* - . • Two Cents a Woe* Kor Sale anil (Sun. Two C -nt. * WoW Buitoei»')pUrtonltle» J W Vj Ow Cent a Wo* For ^roall amoonta on»oenc <x ttTO-centt stamps are acceptable eame as ea^h. TERMS OF THE PRESS. By mall, poscags Jtr»«e in ti* Onlted dl»le«, Csn»- daandJteilcQ. Daltj (f xcept Sundayj, on-i rea» . . . -|S.« . ''- ---- ----- - — — -- ----- i • Co ^ be - drca dcd to hesr read by a cei- ' ' i to pliiint al!ege§, : th»f Gray WM on •'.. • • •'....••" : •' ' •*••• .• .• • .iL •_ ' "_ ma . ono jear WerSlr Press. oaa j«tf aa^asaaaag*^

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