Valley News from ,  on October 22, 1970 · Page 86
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Valley News from , · Page 86

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Thursday, October 22, 1970
Page 86
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JAMES MADISON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL North Hollywood Tonight Teen Toppers, the school social club will feature a roller skating trip. The event will last from 7 to 9:30 p.m. The price is set for $1.25 which includes bus fare to Skateland in Northridge. Parents are asked to arrange transportation to and from the school. S p o n sors are Barry Antis, Mrs. Cheryl Hodnett, Leah Gardenswartz;, Ray Muhlethaler, 'Robert Odian, and Sandy Robin- eon. Membership cards are required for this activity. By Kerri Davidove * * » THE HORTICULTURE Club, an after school activity for boys, is a new service group sponsored by Kenneth Africa, agriculture teacher. Members are Rick Katz, Ed Livingston, Tom Noel, M a r k S h e r i n , Martin Brown, Dale Berke, Gary Pomeranze and Alfredo Aguiar. These boys stay after school on Mondays or Wednesdays to clean up areas around the school. Among the areas they tend are the main office, the library and the'ninth grade court. Members weed and fertilize the lawns to make Madison more attractive to the students and the community. By Jan Stewart v* . * * * - j£ STUDENT BODY offl- v- cers and home room pres- * idents were installed at a £ special assembly. · £ Planning the assembly » was the , assembly com- £= mittee of student govern*~ ment, Including Howard ^ Abrams, chairman; Rande ^ Moscoe, Dan Felprin and ' David Levy. Sponsors of government _ are Leah Gardenswartz £ and Barry Antis. Zl Nov. 10, an open forum will be held al lunch to meet the officers. By Candy Oarlock * * · NINTH GRADERS will begin paying $5 class dues n e x t Monday through Nov. 13. The money will pay for the class pin, graduation invitations, class picture, y e a r book and creative writing magazine. C1 a ss treasurers are Darlene Grossberg ' and Vera Cerny, under the supervision of ninth grade a c t i v i t i es -coordinator Vance Layton. By Mark Mariotti » * * THE FIRST meeting of the new Social Science-Sociology Club was held with Principal Leon Sklar conducting the meeting Students who signed up are eighth graders, Alan Baer, Mike Barrack, Barbara Arent and Larry Stein. Ninth graders are Nancy G o l d s t e i n , Ray Catingab and Gary Walco. T e a c h e rs attending were Mrs. Eileen Doctorow, Ray Swiertz and Leah Gardenswartz. The first of the many social problems the club will be studying in depth is ecology. The next meeting will take place on Fri. day, Oct. 30. New sign-ups are welcome By ALAN BAER Munich Olympics to Be Undercover One of the most spectacular features of the 1972. Olympics in Munich ·will be a huge transparent roof rising 260 feet and covering the entire stadium sports arena and swimming pool. The games are scheduled from Aug. 26 through Sept. 10. New Grains Rare Document Collection Bring Extra Donated to DC San Diego Crop Yield WIN A NEW MUSTANG TO BE GIVEN AWAY DEC. 15, 1970 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY FREE CAR WASH WITH GAS FILL-UP OF 15 GAL OR MORE WE FEATURE "SHELL" GASOLINE WE ACCEPT MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS *,,, COUPON COUPON COUPON m DELUXE CARWASH AND HOT CARMIDA WAX 99 Wit* This REG. $2.50 VALUE--NO CAS PURCHASE NECESSARY, COUPON EXPIRES NOV. Mi «000 MOM. THRU FRI. PLAZA CAR WASH *4*2 Umr»l Cony** Blvd. NO. HOUYWOOO-- ACROSS PROM SEARS VALLEY PLAZA Elimination of hunger is within man's grasp for the first time in history, despite the worldwide pressure of mounting populations, according to Dr. Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr., chancellor at UC-Irvine. Aldrich, formerly UC dean of agriculture, said a new agricultural "revolution" is emerging in various developing nations as a result of applied agricultural research and new high-yield grains. Ripen Faster Research in Mexico and the Philippines, supported by the Ford and Rockefel ler foundations "during the past 20 years, has produced wheat and rice varieties "capable of converting large amounts of fertilizer into grain yields two and three times greater then varietes they are replacing," he said. The new rices also ripen tn a shorter time, allowing two, and in some cases three crops per year, to be grown where one or two were grown before. Adapted in India, the new grains have played a large part in bringing it from a grain-deficit nation in 1966 to a grain-storing nation in 1967-68. The new grains also" underlie the dramatic move of the Philippines in 1968 into a substantial rice export position,- Aldrick said. More is involved than just new grain varieties, Chancellor Aldrich said, A complete new technology is required -- new grain varieties, plus improved sowing and cultivation practices, more fertilizer a n d w a t e r , measures against diseases and pests, as well as improved harvesting, drying, jthreshing and storage methods. In combination with proper economic policies, sufficient production supplies and trained agricul tural manpower, the new techniques can achieve radical increases in the output of principal food crops, he said! Furthermore, he said, there is hope mankind can reduce its rate of population growth. Reduce Bith Rate At current rates of growth, the United Nations has estimated that world population will inc r e a s e f r o m a b o u t 3,000,000,000 in 1960 to a high of 6,700,000,000 in the year 2000. Aldrich said experts estimate the growth could be dropped to 5,700,000,000 in 2000, if energetic efforts are made to reduce fertility. Ten years ago, only India had a formal policy of family planning among t h e less-developed nations. Now most governments of Asia have become interested in birth control. Letters from kings and queens of Spain and France, famous Dukes and Popes, and even a Holy R o m a n Emperor have been donated to the UC San Diego library. The 121 rare 17th-19th century manuscripts include 42 from Spain, 52 from Italy and 27 from France and Germany. The collection was a gift from Mrs. Jarvis Barlow 'of,Carlsbad who said it had been in the family of her late husband for several generations. Documents Signed Jarvis Barlow was a Southern California poet, the editor of "Pan" Magazine and author of "Once in an Orange Grove," a book of poetry. According tn Ronald Silveira, head of the Mandeville special collections for UCSD, e a c h of the manuscript letters or documents was signed by a European ruler. during the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries. The majority of the Spanish letters are from Philip IV, King of Spain from 1621 to 1665, and from two Spanish Queens, Mariana de Austria and Marie D'Orleans. Signed "Yo El Rey" One state document begins: "Don Felipe, by the grace of God, King of Castille, of Leon, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies; of Jerusalem, as well as of Portugal, Navare, Granada, '"'*' RACY LACE-UP Snappiest way fo race about here, t^ers end everywhere] Lacing your inslep above on open "window", on o jneonl-for-go carved wood heel, extension sole. In ourni sugar shiny manmode cnnHs paten!. Swee', low once! *^^^^^ t iro AW 00 lAUm CYX. BL, LAUREL PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER, N. HOLLYWD. *43 60c Postage ?of V, 0 il Orders, jlus »ox. (Sorry--No CO.D.'s) Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Mallorca, Seville, Sardinia, Cordova, Cyprus, Murcia, of the fortresses of Gaibes, Aljeciras, Gibraltar, and of the Canary Islands, of the East and West Indies and of the lands beyond the ocean sea, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy . . ." The document, signed "Yo El Rey" and countersigned by seven royal secretaries and ministers, is dated 1616. Others Included H confers upon the Italian Cardinal Baptista Crecencio the title "Knight of the Order of Santiago" (Saint James). At the end of the manuscript is affixed a. magnificent four inch seal of the House of Hapsburg. Other documents in the collection are signed by such notables as: Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II; Cosimo'III M e d i c i , Duke of Tuscany; Carlo Emanuele IV of Savoy, King of Sardinia; Popes Benedetto XIV and Clemente XII; Antonio, King of Saxony; Prince Maximilian of Wied; Charles Alexandre, Grand Duke of Saxony Weimar; Charles II, Archduke of Austria; Frederick III, Duke of Ba- v a r i a ; Otto,, King of Greece; Louis XV, King of France; Francios, Prince of Santa Croce; Charles, D u k e D'Orleans; and Louis Napoleon (later Emperor Napoleon III. NEWS FROM Sf, Paul's First Lutheran North Hollywood Among the new clubs forming at our school is the Rocket Club. Its mem-, bers order and build model rockets. Members of the club are Robert Powell, Ian Pegg, Craig Tugwell, Paul Moerer, Paul Vitello, Doug Liverett and Ricky Liverelt. · · * THE FINAL score of our second practice game was 21-6 with Oakwood taking victory over us. · * * ST. PAUL'S lost Its league opener to Laurel Hall in an accident-prone game on our part by a score of 12-0. By Steven McDowell » * * LAST YEAR, St. Paul's i n v i t e d t h r e e other schools to participate in a b a s k etball tournament, which proved to be a highly successful venture. As a result, the student body has decided to repeat the tournament this year. · * » CHRIS SUTTON, head c h e erleader, announced that Dimps Barton is w o r k i n g w i t h o u r cheerleaders in selecting new cheers and move- m e n t s . T h e o u t f i t s planned will be blue skirts with white pleats and a Avhite knit top with the letters "SP" in blue. * · · THE MEMBERS of this year's volleyball team are as follows: Christina Badala, Denise Barton, Ann Branstetter, Monica Dress, Judy Hutchinson, - Erin Johnson, Ronda Kee, Debbie Memmott, Cheri Neilson, Carrie Schlicher. Mrs. Glorie Love is the coach. The girls have been working hard, and are having their first game today, against-Village Christian. Mrs. Joyce Hoten and Mrs. June Walker have also been helping the girls on Monday nights. By Linda Green berg Burn Fire Inside It's hard to kindle a fire in another person, unless you have some coals smoldering within yourself. Fashion Center SPECIALIZING and Large Sizes DRESSES - COATS - SUITS - PANT S U I T S SPORTSWEAR - LINGERIE - CORSETRY - BATHING SUITS - SWEATERS - ACCESSORIES - HOSIERY We go that extra step to bring you the most .fashionable and youthful styles in sizes 10 1 /2-32 1 / 2 , 16-20, 38-60. $100 WITH THIS AD ON EVERY $25.00 PURCHASE OR MORE m^^VL · ^F · · ruRvriMJE wiv mwi%». - -- ^-Please corn* in early for your'beit leleetion in thwe hard to find me*. OPEN DAILY 9:30 A.M. - 6 P.M. -- FRIDAY 9:30 A.M. - » P.M. SANTA MONICA (90401) 1325 Santa Menlci Moll 395-3776 WESTCHESTER (LA. 90045) ' 190* So. J*pul»«d« Blvd. 641-4433 NO. HOLLYWOOD (91*06) 6431 Bellingham Av*. 984-0594 VAN NUYS (91401) 6566-61 Van Nuyi II. 780-9780 OUR NEWEST ADDITION IN VAN NUTS WAS FORMERLY VOCUt FASHIONS FOR IT TEARS (Political Adve/tisement) (Political Advertisement) Re-Elect H. Allen SMITH Your 20th District CONGRESSMAN EXPERIENCED Fourteen Yean in CongrvM. Eight Ytar in H* California legislature. Sevwi Yean in Hit FBI. VALUABLE Ranking Republican Member HOUM (Met Comm'rttM. Member of Republican Leadership. IMPARTIAL Serve* ALL Hie People. Votw Against Needlees Spending. Advocate* Fr*« f nter- priw System. A GREAT CONGRESSMAN FOR A GREAT DISTRICT RE-ELICT NOVEMBER 3, 1970 H. ALLEN SMITH Member of Congress, 20th District X H. ALLEN SMITH FOR CONGRESS COMMITTEE MRS. IRINt HCARN IAYMOND A. DORN TrMtvraf Ml L few* St., Pi Furniture Appliance Co 6330 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Norrti Hollywcsd · Just South of Victory MAHRESSES START AT TWIN OR FULL Si; · · * · SOFA BEDS Top ouolrty fomnut 1 ecte". m on or- TOV vf «lcrs. J"d fobmc'- Choo*» npw AHo Av.iloWr Sn V»«yl: Blot*. r^i *3£- .NFWSPAPF.Rl inkAmericcrrf · Mcsfer Chcrye · Ttrim ArailoM* OPIN EVENINGS 'HI » P.Mr^SUNOAY 10^ · 6330 LAUREL CANYON, NO. HOLLYWOOD EWSPAPKRflRCHIVE'

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