The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Research As to Efficiency of 18 Inch Guns Underway — .-. >'ei). 10. (UP)— Speculation has been revived here as to whether the United states eventually may equip its flghtln" >/; t)iit)s with 18-inch guns. v'' This type gun has never been '..mounted on any battleships of this riatlcn, and navy officials Insist ihe weapon exists only on paper DC- spite Ihe strlcl secrecy thai surrounds all mailers of ordnance however, Jl is known [hat research concerning the efficiency of the 18-Inch gun is being constantly carried on. It is admitted that a weapon of this type would possess enormous destructive power, but many naval officials doubt whether Its use would be worth Die ..sacrifices (hat would have to be made along other lines duns Now Weigh 128 Tons It is pointed out, for example ">at Ihe iaraest pun now used In Die United States fleet, the iG-lnch. 50-callber weapon, weighs 128 tons The 16-Inch, 45 caliber gun weighs 105 tons. Eacli projectile or shell used In the 18-inch gun weighs 21,000 pounds. The next smaller size, the 14- Inch'50-caliber gun, weighs 81 tons, wlille Its projectiles weigh 14,000 pounds each. Thus, it is pointed out that because of the great amount that' an 18-lncli gun would weigh, fewer 01' these wcaiions and Ahf\t projectiles could be carried {•' In addition, smaller, more "flexible 1 weapons would have to lie sacrl- \floed. The present, 16-inch. 45-ealiber guns such as are used on the. battleships Colorado, West Virginia nnd Maryland can fire their projectiles a distance of about. 10 miles when the guns are at an elevation of 30 degrees—the elevation at which the longest distance can be obtained. At the same elevation, the 14- Inch, 50-caliber guns have a range ol more than 10 miles. Guns of this type are used aboard the battleships California and Tennessee Smaller duns on Four Ships The .battleships Pennsylvania Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada use H-inch guns of 45 caliber. / maximum range of 21,000 yards cai he obtained at a 15-degree 'elevation The.penelralipn.power of an 18 inch .gun . undoubtedly would b; higher,than any guiyndv" in iise>Trfe*Uiiricli."45'-caliber gin. alone Is said to be capable of pierc JB.'n« 18 inches ol armor plate at : T '.OisUince of s.Ooo yards. In' addition to the considerable- extra weight that an 18-inch gur would involve, the turret upoi which She gun is mounted als- would Jrave to be heavier am' stronger to absorb the terrific recoi' such a gun would have. Great, sacrifice.'! in speed nls< would have to be made, it is said if guns much larger than Iho* how used were put into commission One Variety Community Cotton Plans Discussed CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. II —A colton conference was held Wednesday afternoon at the courthouse attended by about forty farm ers. The conference was called foi the purpose of stimulating additional interest in the one vnrietj i community program, i. The value and importance of purf *f ,'eed, which has been preached by county extension office and prominent farmers for the past sevcra 1 years, was re-emphasized by County Agent M. D. Ainbttrgey and other speakers. The conference centered around a discussion of how to ron- timife this work nnd to persuade .ill of the fanners in Pemiscot county to plant only tlie pure seed thai Is now available. The varieties thai are being recommended are Stoneville No. 4 and p. & P. L. No. ll-A J. P,,Paulling, 'Reid crops specialist, and Gordon Nance., marketin? specialist, from Ibe college of Agriculture. Columbia. Mo., were present and made short (alks. Caruthersville To End Home Schedule CARUTHEHSVrU,E. Mo,, Feb. 11 —The Camthersville boys and girls basketball teams will close their 11938, schedule of home games here Friday night, when they meet the Portageville teams in a double header on Hie local court wilh Hie first game scheduled for 7:30 o'clock. The Carulhersville boys have not losl a game on the home court this season. . The Carulhersville teams divided a double header Tuesday night with DIP. Cooler leanis on the cooler court. The girls dropped a close game, losing by one point. 24 lo 23, wliile the bays had little difficulty In disposing of the Cooler lioys 29 to 11. The Camthersville teams will close their county league schedule wilh two games nt irayti Tuesday ntsht of next week. To Hold Examination For Student Assemblyman CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Fob. II —Announcement was made today by Harold S. Jones, county superintendent, of schools, that the state student examination will b? lieu in his office In Camthersville nil Sali unlay morning. Feb. 19, at 10 o'clock. From this examination one student from Penilscoi county will be selected to attend the slate student assembly in Jefferson city on Mar, 19. The various representatives ' from the counties of tiie stale will sit In typical legislative, session In the House of Representatives In the state capitol in Jefferson City. I The state assembly is sponsored by State Superintendent Lloyd W. King. The topic for discussion by Ihe sliident representatives will be "Safety on Street and Highway." Proposed legislative bills on this .subject will be discussed by the students. , HREllWlS 1 MEfflpe Long Term Convicts Wlio Kscaned Retaken With-' out Shot : War Planes Spread Wings / LONDON (UP)—Estimates based Yon conservative figures of average "fnilslng speeds show that Royal «lr Force planes flew more than 109,000,000 miles In 1937. Tills is equivalent to a •journey far beyond Ihe. sun, or 4.000 times around the equator, , MICHIGAN CITY. Ind.. Feb. 11 'UP)—Slate police today captured ; 'hiee of five long terni convicts' vlio escaped lasl night, from Indina state penitentiary. Fugitive George Christian. 26, ••as found asleep In a stolen car m a farm near Valparaiso, Ind. 'olice said he would be returned o the prison Immediately. August Cummings, 31, and Frank ". Pavlench, 24, were seized neur .Vlicatland. Ind., after they lied btained a ride with William A. lavis. a fanner. State police officers slopped 3avis for a routine blockade in- pection. 'ormer Republican Nalion- /il Treasurer Succumbs In Florida MIAMI BEACnT FlivT Feb 11 UP)-Oeorge F. Getz. 72, former , -eajurer iiof (lie Republican na• onal ctyimlttee, died today nt • t: 'Prancis- hospital after an ill• ess of two weeks: Oetz was sent to the hospital aniiary M, suffering from an. alack of bronchial pneumonia, 'hysicians said a heart attack 'hich he suffered today In his ; eakened condition, proved fatal. The veteran politician arrived ere last fall to spend Ihe winter board his yacht. Virago, where "ring past, winters he has acted •* host, to prominent members of lie Republican party, Including ormer President Herbert II loovcr. hgher Education Urged To Bulwark Democracy KANSAS CITY. Mo (UP)— merica cannot remain a democ- acy unless a majority of its citi- ;ns obtain college educations Dr 'enry Thomas Moore, president f SkJdmore College, Saratoga prlngs, N. Y.. said in an address .) a parent-teacher group here A college education is necessary ecanse without it, people do not ave a proper social consciousness Jr. Moore said. "If \ve are going lo resist the loyements toward dictatorships ml Rlain our representative form if government, we mast have in he United States people who can 'ote intelligently." he said. TwenLy~flre per cenl o f the spe- ies of vegetables now on the mar:et have been developed in the ast 11 years. OF SCI1 WEEK Dislricl ivxf c vi t i v r. anil Ollir 1 '' Officials Sreak- rvs 1 .«'«•! Nipht Ax n climax lo their rule uf (lie '•Ity Thursday, the Blylhcvilic Hoy ficouls lasl night had Ihelr annual Pather-Spn nt the rirst. I'-^'lr-lerlan church as another part of (heir program in obsei-vance of national scout week which began Sunday. James Hill (raided" at the banquet. The 157 present heard Mayor Rlclmrdson of Troop .'11 make the welcome address and Byron Morse give the fathers' response, following which impromptu onc- mliiute talks were made by various fathers and scout leaders. Scoiil- ransler Hall, of fveachvllle. gave Ihc invocation. Cecil Shane. Ihe soeaker or the evening, read n telegram from Charles D. Krlerson of Jonesboro regretting his (nubility to be present, before he talked to the l»ys of being a Boy Scout. The hlghpoint of the evening came when R. C. Macnauti. district executive for the Eastern Arknn- sas Council, presented the badges and other awards earned by the boys this year. AH ranks in scouting were awarded except that of the eagle scoiit, but Mr. Macnabb staled that Blytheville already has more eagles than any other district in the council. The banquet was closed with the scout benediction. Following the banquet, a meeting of the district committee was held and the following officers were chosen for 1938: L. L. Ward, chairman; Clarence H. Wilson, vice chairman; Byron Morse, district commissioner o n d organization crnimian; Marcus Bvrard, training chairman; E. H. Ford, camping chairman; Dr. Joe E. Beasley, health and safety chairman; B. A. Lynch, finance chairman. " The committee at large is the same as last year, being composed of James Hill, U. S. Branson, Zol B. Harrison, C. W. Afflick. H. p. Kirehrier. J. A. Leech, E. M. Terry. George pollock. E. A. Ferguson. W. D. McChirkin. J. Mell Brooks. Harry W. Haihes, Oscar pendler, Harvey Morris, E. A. Rice, anil Floyd A. White. The troops will retain their same scoutmasters with James Terry scoutmaster for troop 31. the Rev. S. H. Salmon for troop 37, J. A. Pnckett for troop 38 and James Edwards for the cub scouts. The final activity of the scout week program will lake place tomorrow in the show windo of the J. C. Penney store where the boys will have a display of scout equipment. Al 10:00 o'clock I hey will give first aid demonslralions and illnsl'ra'fe the right and wrong ways to use the knife, hatchet and ax. 'Riibinoff Will Play/Violin Al ) the song a q, m ij, y impossible' lid mi i-ny ui) u ., 'Ihc • --•» »t the Audi- uivlnn is purl bl n tour of the li\.K IQ "'"'V'' oil which HublnolT is l'('l). 1') BO'HB '•»' lhf> Ili-sl Him MI'MI'I'IS, Tenn.—ft will not be ordlnury violin nni'lc the mi- dlenre vlll hi'r.r when RuMnoiT I'Jnys Ills celi'bnitfd solas- during- hi.s i^rl'onicinre- iH the Memphis AiKlltcrium oil Friday night. Pt'b. 18. presented liy American Legion t'osl No. l, No Indeed, for Hu- Unof) will be playing on on*.' til Ihe most precious iasliumC'iiUs In (he world—a Striidlviirlus violin valued nt $)00.000-n violin 'UH S'fars old. :«tisfylng a life long ambition. Rutlnolf acquired the SI mil only a short while ago utter .sciircliing several years for nil laslrnmi'iit lhal would satisfy his exact loniil requirements, lie 1ms tested msiuy eld «nd valuable violins placed at his disposal by music dealers, col- The wave from one layer to the next in nir resounding from low "C" on the piano measures about, 17 feet. The next higher C measures about B!i: feet, and for middle .c,. li. is about 4',^ feet. 666 clterks COLDS and FEVER Liquid, Tablets flrat day Salve, Nose Headache, 30 Drops minutes. Try "Kub-My-Tlsm"-World's Bfs Liniment QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. ^ SAVE » V MONEY AT V GAMES MKT. 118 W. M»ln PJione 91 2nd Hand Furniture We have the largwt «tock of second hand furniture in this part of the state. Come in and look it over and remember .... YOU CAN BUY ON. FALL TERMS HUBBARD 2nd HAND FURNITURE STORE Blytheville, Ark. In live Ride Fire Truck 'I M 1 nre alarm yosU-rdiiy nfior- nen M ,s soiindod lo give (he lioy SCOUK who ruled Iho city, an opportunity to "cover" n fire as ii-ui of their duties in lakliij; over in,. reins ui government us ;i pun ,,r tile iiuiluciul Hoy scout uirt i,i). PAGE THRKK H, will b.' held tonlRlil lit tlu> hall, | lut the dutch supper' which was oilgitudly planned will be postponed to « Inter dull'. Rrnu uounur nnvt W»nt AA> Constipation Irregular Bowels Kastern Star Meets Tin- Muted nuctliit; (if llu> C). R; WAHNIXG OH]»:ii IN Till': CHANCHKY COURT CHlCKAfiAWCfA I; I KTH I C T. Alt- nis iiLsposnl by music dealers, col- ••"••;"<>o<iv> im u in run Ittiors anrt even private Individ- ""NSISHII'I'I COUNTV, / mils hill none were just right. The KANSAS. Komtiiiofr-h'lnidlvarlus, us the vio- ""'"• ''•• l "ili > llii;li. I'tiilntlir, lin Is known, sent him Into rap- vs - No - MUli I lir.iv At 111 I n IJU li I \., i...,,!..,, 4 lures. i-'rom the hands of the master- violin maker to the mnster-player, the Instrument has a mast Inter- cslhm history. Mnde in 1731 by Stindlvnrhis. iho famous violin nuikt-r of Cremona, ih»> Instrit- ment ' in lime passed into the hands of (he Homanofls. Hie riigiiliuj family of Russia until the revolution of 1917. it disappeared I during !1u> turbulent, days that: Ed 11 followed nnd was thought to hnvc v I- 1 been destroyed, it turned ii]i Inter, however, in Paris. In the possession of a former Russian Prince who had taken (lie vulunble Instrument w(lh him when he fled from the country. The violin bears the elaborate!) Adam Hli'.h, 'I In- di'li-iiilimi /i, him i||..|) i s wnrni-il ui uppeiii Mlthln 'llilrly days In llir cuiul imuied hi ih>> oiuliiui hereof mid iinsivcr ihi.' comiihdnt oi the pbiniKt, Mrs. Enmlr High. •llali-d Hits S-l day of .limuury, H. M. CRAIG, Clerk llv Kll/.iibnlh Hlyllic. IV C, <.'<>ok. Ally, for Pltf. AU'UindiT. Ally, for IVf. 2(1-1-11-111 Lliids engraved and bejewelcd coal ofi,,,,, . arrn.s of the Romanoff family as uun "" L ' well as Ihe idetuincatlon mark of Stradivaiius and Ihe date. The Instrument Is of R deep brownl.sli- red liKlre, perfectly formed, -uid developed in utl Its Inlrlcnte detail in a manner representative WAItMNCi OltDlitt IN Tilt; C1IANCKHY COURT CmCKASAWHA DISTK IOT, MIHSISSII'I'I COUNTY. ARKANSAS. work of the innsler of the bes craftsman. Riibinoff will play several of his favorite numbers on it. among !' lfl:)il them his own composition "Dance of the Russian Peasants." when he plays that number the range of the Instrument as as its deep, pine lone will give' I(niddm:k. Plninllfr, '••f. No. 0(515 y liraddock. Defendant, 'i'lic defendant Lindsey Dnuldork is ttiuiii'd (o iippunr within IhlrLy day.f in i Me court nnincd In tin- caiiUiui hereof mid nnswer the ccmi[i!alnl of [lie plnlntilV Clemmlu Urndilock. Dined this 28th dny <if Jniiiinry, 11. M. CliAKi. Merle Uy Elizabeth Ulythe, D. c. full C, l\ Oiopei', Ally, for t'llf. well Gene E. Bradley. Ally, nd Utem. 28-i-ll-lll AprKri'i:ii Very ulli'n people sny tlnit cini- .'Uriilluii anil Irri'itulnr hnwrls 'ire Ihc cailsi- of thi'lr Illness wli h really s I o 111 u c li liver l | i-diisf the blc. <M>. a out thi'si- im- imrltles t h ii t keep tcnriiiu mviiy ill your huilth and vitality per mils free How of tliu dl^i'stlvu Julc'e.s, umV.m the ln- ni-r ortiaiu Nwi'i'l und eli'iin, ivlul lin- |i r o v e s t h v wliolu .'ly.vtciii In .ui ,iii:.vrs <ii' iNTi;sTiNb's AND »OWKI,S syini l.ihis: Tallinn, heavy, Wom- eil fi'iOlinj in ll»> )o«cr .sluiiiiicli, liuidni'hi'ii, rcmti'd luiiKiie, Impuiv l.niilli, wiirn-out fi'i'llnij. sti'i'ploxs- ness. \Vlial (nil Klukiilii Will Do: 'Its iiwri'diriils mix ivlth Hie food In your Klumai'li. ImpruvliiK your dl- Ct'Mlon. which in'crcomes cimsll- i:ntlnn in n niitiinU way. OLD KICKATO will tli'iinsc your \mv- els iKindunlly, not dinsllcnlly w severely I as they were NEVER CI.EANPKO UEFOI1E and lone Ihi'in Inlu betler dully aetloii. H will remove Ihe poisons (hut cause dizzy .spells, hendnche.s. skin eruptions, foul breath, exhausted feelings and broken sleep. Usually Inxnllvi-s nlti-rt om- nr- Kiin inily—Old Kicknlo Is n spd-bl ii'iillilm- thai is (Oniiiannilfil to :»'l <in Mnimtrli, liver unit Ijowvls. line iiillun iirgiiu allii'ls all. WurhK with ynur fornl—gives anui- >''K nllrf. Costs but few cents a di'v for [|.; us,., (j c | i),,. i;,,.^ jj uu luitllr liiilay f 01 -, o,,| v 4<) ( , cn , s . Siilil li v StL'iViirt-Kntiliison Drnjr Kinrc only. CLEAN • CONVENIENT - - Red Seal-Royal Oak Wrigley Vou can ulwoj« nlatl u furnicc fIrt, the tint (In*. iiyuniiiK Oak tlarJicoaJ diarroall USK On* HarJttimt Charcoal, llnnl.h Iht trouble. Jonif hunt for kindHtiKffootl, dangeruf bruin. e<i riiiHrn ind tpllnlrr*. JUST crumvle sonit pijxr In furnx*, iprln- klr > doubk h.niUul »[ Oinrcttil f roln u, handy pajj,r Inix, HiNITK, 1! Ultra* nu»k!y »HhslMcly. Inleitwhtul. Add FucLChirtoll "•III iiul Sraulhtr. Oak 1/arJuotul t'harcMt U i'lran,ri'uuumlfBl,t:iHy loubtuln, .fi.vYfr,vo.s( tfs/ni'ir,m^4.,;„, M .£,t./^jfiu,, < s hx FIREPLACES - FURNACES - STOVES OTHtR USES: HEAT ot HOT WATEH BOILING or IRONING CAMPING PICNICS CANNING PRESERVING FEEDING HOGS SOLD AT YOUR NEAREST STORE w tniru.iniamorii</<K. mv. • • 0« • go on sale at amazing low prices IMG CHEVROI.KT COACH-A-t today if you want to buy ; , slightly used six cylinder Chevrolet Town Sedan at KO low i price. Reduced $75. $~nr^ Only J()5 1M4 CIIF.Vnoi.ET MASTFK COACH— Beautiful DIICO nnHi Knee Action Wheels, restful PJS;,.' IT Ixxly. reduced SiS.fX) $rk/>rt ™«» - 269 IS32 CHEVROLET COACH-Act today if you v.-anl to buy n slightly used, six cylinder Chevrolet Coach at so tow a price Many extras such as Si«)r seal covers. Extra r>an .. iji) IMS ClllvVKOLF.T COUPK—its tircf:. upholstery show no wear. Us motor has been carefully timed and checked. Backed by an O.K. that $ OQC rnimls Litjf I9?.2 PLYMOUTH SEDAN'—Its tires and upholstery show no u<.ir. Its motor, transmission and axle hiiw; carefully checked for drpt'iidnbility and durability. A real buy at ihe remark- f/»P ably ID.V iirice U J IMC CHI:VKOI.I:T SPORT SK- 1IAN'—Original Duco finish, clean Uiiholstery, tires that show little Thorouglily reconditioned and backed by an OK that coiinls. Completely equipped. Sale 1'tic? S 395 19.H CHEVItOI.KT MASTER SEDAN—Original DIICO flnlsii, clean upholstery, shows no wear. Its motor has been carefully checked and timed. Backed by nn OK that counts. Reduced sale SOOn lirlce of only £it*d 1931 KORI) SEDAN—Its tires <& npholslory show little wear. f(s motor has been tuned $on Only O" inSS FORD V-8 SEDAN-Buill-ln Trnnk. Tiros like new. Motor perfect. Original finish. A $o«)r real buy. Only oZj lOM FORD V-8 TOURING SEDAN—Tires, motor, 'upholstery, paint A-l condlllon. $*|Oft Only Zt)9 19B FOHD V-8 COUPE DE- U'XE MODEI^-Act tolay it you want to buy a slightly used V-8 coupe. Many extras such as Radio. For SO Or Only O^J) 1936 CHEVROLET PICKUP TKUCK-ClMin all over. Paint. Tires and ^O 1 ft Motor dlU 193G FORD V-8 NF.I.XIXK PICK- MI' TRUCK—Good tires, nickel plated radiator shell. Painl and upholstery real good. $•} 1 C Only OlJ 1535 CHEVROLET TRUCK—C'aO and chassis. A real good buy for someone. $« *)tl Only 1Z!J TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633 301 W. Walnut fay Makes lodiii> Cars ami Trucks.. Attracfive Prices.. Easy Terms

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