Valley News from Van Nuys, California on February 21, 1974 · Page 105
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 105

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1974
Page 105
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Thuriday, Ftbruory 21,1974-Von Nuyi (Colif.) T H E N E W S lost-18-A Weit-33-B North.33-8 Ccntrol-33-B S 5** 1 iL * Theodore Herling Finishes Course NEW WORLDS TO CONQUER Actress of Silent Era Paints Great Comics James L. Herling, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Herling, 4815 Avoca St., Los Angeles, completed a 10- week basic health science course at the academy of health sciences of the U.S. Army, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. _ Students learn to perform routine patient tare and treatment duties in combat areas, h o s p i t a l u n i t s , dispensaries, clinics and other medical facilities They also receive instruction in the transportation of s i c k a n d w o u n d e d b y g r o u n d , air and water means. SPECIAL READING HELP . . · On a One~to-One Basis Taught by Credentialed Teachers specially trained in Reading. Lessons start at $9.00 Weekly. Potr grades are usually caused iy reading and spelling problems. Rapid improvement in reading results from accurately diagnosing the causes tf tne problem and then prescribing specific corrective programs H an individual basis. The Valley Remedial Group's tests accurately pinpoint specific Because n two children's problems are alike, lessons are private for best resilts. Children ise a special deveiapmeirtally controlled reading program supported by multi-sensory training techniques. Students average a full year's growth in reading skills- every three months. Fir diagnostic test and enrollment information call the Valley Remedial Group office nearest yeur home. problems, classify then is to their severity and establish the sequence of steps necessary to correct the problem. VALLEY REMEDIAL GROUP Panorama City Studio City Woodland Hills I7tt Von Nuys Blvd. 3959 Laurel Cyn. 22554 Ventura Blvd. ·93-1770 98S-0770 344-6166 WOUD YOU REALLY LIKE TO LOSE WEIGHT? MEDICALLY -WITH SAFETY YOU CAN DO IT! LOSE UP TO I POUND A DAY CALL WEIGHT-CONSCIOUS REDUCING CLINIC FOR FREE CONSULTATION PANORAMA CITY 988-7070 Panorama Medical Arts Building 8215 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 104 HOUYWQOD 461-46A8 ·BEVERLY HILLS 274-9903 EFFECTIVE FEB. 21 to FEB. 27 TRI.TIP i SKIRT ROASTS i (Sirloin Cut) TENDER JUICY 49 , STEAKS I TENDER I AND Ib. I JUICY 99 SUPER SPECIAL, FRESH BEEF IAMB RACK BRISKET FRESH CROWD BEEF 2-LB. AVC. WHOU I PASTRAMI $ | 6 9 j f O $ Q 9 0 · Mi. i IBS. JT sue.. FREE PICKLED TONGUE SUPER SPECIAL Ib.l TENDER FLANK STEAKS $|79 IB. FRESH, THICK CORNED BEEF WHOU TOP -------BRISKET $ l WHOLE OR POINT HALF I ! cur mi; swat 1 SPECIAL $18 · IB 89 By Roberta Ingraham S h o w b u s i n e s s f r o m bright lights back to her retirement cottage is a way of life for Babe London, a icsi- dent of the Motion Picture and Television C o u n t r y House and Hospital at 233S8 Mulholland Drive, Wood- l a n d H i l l s , w h o s e u n quenchable quest for living fully keeps her eyes bright and her body vital. Xo accomplishment is so insignificant nor so grand that Miss London won't investigate f u l l y and volunteer some "new" angle even to another's goals. If Miss London has an age factor it is limited to losing her wisdom teeth with vaudeville while changing her lifestyle 'for the first time during silent films and the infancy of talking pictures Changes Image Living with the times is what Miss London does best Yet along the path of change she is the first to declare, "It isn't easy" even when it is well worthwhile During Hollywood's silent era of movies Babe London was known to have the screen's perfect figure with her generous 255 pounds and a laugh in every pound. Losing 100 pounds of that ample endowment caused Miss London to need a change of image and consequently groomed her to gain additional experience in vaudeville and as a novitiate in talkies. Midway in Miss London's 72 years of vitality were leg- imate theater, nightclub and personal appearances. Deciding to rest on her laurels 12 years ago. Miss London accepted her privileges at the cottage but barely got her memorabilia into retirement order before latent talents took over and she looked for new worlds to master "Attending the funeral services of the late Mack Sennett from silent film days, it seemed to symbolize the end of an era--of which I was a part--and it came to me very forcibly that I must paint a series of portraits of the leading comics of that time, if I could live so long," she pointed out. Clinging to that nostalgia Miss London prepared herself for a "change" by taking six months of art lessons and embarking on a project to capture a "vanishing era" for the future. Human Potential to Be Explored in College Class Recent contributions of t h e h u m a n - p o t e n t i a l movement in education will be explored in a special weekend course for teachers, counselors, and administrators, offered through the California State University, Northridge Extension program. The course, "Humanistic Psychology and Education," will meet on three consecutive Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., March 2, 9 and 18. One unit of professional level credit will be awarded. Registration information may be obtained by calling the CSUN Extension office at 885-2644. With Low Wattage EVAPORATIVE COOLING SYSTEMS ENERGY W« will install for you or eomplett wpplies for DO-IT- YOURSELVERS! Abo ropair parts for coders, furnaces and air conditioning systems. Central air conditioning installed. Used parts at Reduced Prices. CALL FOR Ht« ESTIMATE · FINANCINC AVAIlAfLE BY , l:4$.5:00 · 347-6200 She picked the subjects she had known in the 1920s. She painted Laurel and Hardy. Harry Langdon, Lloyd Hamilton, Charlie Chaplin and Keystone Kops as a start. Accepted By University She has completed portraits of Louise Fazenda, B u t e r K e a t o n , M a r i e Dressier. Fatty Arbuckle, Bobby Vernon and Chester Conklin along \vith some later greats. Included are some of the scenes that h a v e m a d e H o l l y w o o d memorable Among Miss London's great moments ha\e been the acceptance in 1973 of her memorabilia by the University of Wyoming where it will be included in the division of rare books and special collections Most recently she was n a m e d a m o n g t h e Rosemary Award honorees who had brought joy to audiences in an earlier day. Rosemary is for remembrance and the award was started m 1970 by Thomas Fulbright, a Washington Film historian, to honor stars before the advent of the Oscar Award JULES SELTZER and ASSOC. RESIDE1TIAL FURNITURE FLOOR SAMPLES FROM OUR 8833 BEVERLY BLVD. WHOLESALE SHOWROOM IN THE ROBERTSON CENTER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR THIS SALE 40% to 60% OFF Hours: Tues.-Fri. 12 to 5, Sat. 10-4, Closed Won. Warehouse Showroom 936 NO, CAHUEN0A BLVD. BETWEEN MEIROSE and SANTA MONICA BLVD. UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! Wholesale Labor Prices -- Standard Base Sofa........ 2 PC. SET ( S O f A C M A t * ) . . . ; . . . . . ;.,..'. LOVISIAT 45 WITH paintings she did of great comics of mo\ ie silent era is Babe London, resident of Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills. At top is picture of Laurel and Hardy. She's holding painting of Ben Turpin left and Charlie Chaplin. Below at left is Chester Conklm and Buster Keaton. SECTION ALS^sof A $nf WOWf M AMSHIP k X5N*T*VCTIOM MR. DELGADO PERSONALLY WJLL iHQft YQV NC* S p iMOINTWINTDAY Q» IVI . . · V.·;''- .-.'jfrQ'jL CC'O'fi . IPMOlSTflING StNCf l«Wv . ·;.%··*. : v-'- » ! 0W*3'tf.©O DEIGADO UphoUterfrig Stadia r Work Shop At . 144A1 k*iwSt^St, VdiryNuys ..·_ State Consumer Affairs Chairman to Address CC ·ewlteun Man., Tuts., Wed. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.- Thurs. 4 Fri. 10 to 9 Sat. 10 to 5, Sun. 12 to 5 BANRAKERICARD MASTER CHARGE gono/tdb fashion fair By GEORGE SHAFFER EXCIXO -- Male chauvinism will not be foremost at Encino Chamber of Commerce's monthh membership luru heon Monday The agenda will ERO IN OX Treesa Drurv, state chair- TREESA DRURY Speaks up for consumers m a n o f G o v . R o n a l d Reagan's California Consumer Advisory Council in Sacramento, and on others Miss Drury's topic of the day will be "The Consumer in Crisis." "Women, at home or in the professions," explained chamber president Sal Buccieri, "have a slant and a way of meeting emergencies of everyday life that differ from men's apathies or excitabilities, and Miss Drury is sure that the feminine outlook may help in our solutions." Buccieri also said that the deity knows that the men in charge need all the help the can get from anyone for dissolving crises in 1974 When it gets a i o u n d to anoter prominent part of Monday's program at the luncheon in Queens Arms Restaurant, the Februan presentation of the chamber's EMMA (Encino Merchants M o n t h l y A w r i r d ) will be made to the partnership of Ricki Van Dusen and Arlyn Green. who'\e operated a women's shop at Genesta Ave and Ventura Blvd. for 10 year. Miss Van Dusen has been a c o v e r g i r l b o t h f o r Harper's and Vogue, besides acting ah a fashion consultant with the eastern firm of Phyllis Sues. Arlyn Green is also a name on the elite level in the style field te chamber will take note of the "presidential trophy" which its Women's Division bestowed on Buccieri, as an acknowledgment of warm support from the paient c h a m h e r t o w a r d i t s women's group. Miss Drury, formerly of Michigan, where she was a disc jockey, broadcaster and specialist on consumer sensitivities, was named by the Governor as four year chairman of this state's Consumer Advisory Council m 1973 after some years as local broadcaster about consumer difficulties. She carries out her state duties from both Sacramento and Los Angeles. A luncheon attendance between 125 and 150 is expected for the buffet meet- i n g a t Q u e e n s A r m s . Reservations may be made by phoning Norma Weintraub, the chamber's executive secretary, at 879-4711 fewftcurs Men., Tut*., W*4. 10 a.m. to 6p.m. Thurs. M. 10 to 9 Set. 19 to 5, Sun. 12 to 5 BANKAMERICARD MASTER CHARGE "AFUMPLAGETOSAVE'J 18946 VENTURA BLVD., TARZANA · 342-31 51 STARTING TOD AY* 4 DAYS ONLY SAVE AS NEVER BEFORE AS WE PREPARE FOR THE COUNTY ASSESSOR! POLYESTER PANTS (OUR BEST BRAND) Vol. to S22 SHIRTS (AH Name Brands) Vol. to $15 APPROXIMATELY 2800 GARMENTS DRESSES -PANTS * VOILES * SIOStTS JACKETS « SWEATEES We're Cleaning House While I Values to?? last! No exchanges on this group orsiy mm BUT. ipL RdBiS (NEW FROM A FAMOUS "LADY") (NEW SHIPMENT) From Vol. to S17 _¥$40 Vol. to $32 NOTE NEW FROM LOUBELLA TODAY. ICE CREAM COLORS WITH STYLING AND FIT TO MATCH! PEACH, MINT, LEMON, LILAC REVEL . . FIRST AT LEONARD'S OF COURSE. WITH SOUTHERN CALIFORNIAS LARGEST LOUBELLA SELECTION! INFORMAL MODELING AND REFRESHMENTS ALL WEEKEND . . . LOUBELLA PRICES NOW START AT $12 ., feshi t8946 VenluVofl. W-3J5I Hove You Made The Switch? We Will Help You Transfer Your Prescription to Super-Rite. Just Call Us If You W i s h . . . Super-Rite Will Take It From There. 14425 Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys 787-2552 ACROSS FROM HUGHES MARKET We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities HOURS: MONDAY thru FRIDAY 9 to 7; SATURDAY 9 to 6: CLOSED SUNDAYS A ALL SALES LIMJTED TO QUANTITY ON HAND «.*» pLiNTY OF FREE PARKING ., SUPER RITE LIMIT J P E R f A V I L Y ALBEE with C B COMPLEX W/C 100 Capsules $7.45 Value Coupon Good Frb !\ lh.uF.-b 17 ··VALUABLE COUPON i SUPER RITE LIMIT 3 PfR FAMILY JOHNSON 4 JOHNSON BABY SHAMPOO ii II M il II II Jfcl SUPER RITE !·»£ ii MR. JUMBO PAPER TOWELS 4 | 19 ROLLS | Coupon Good Mj 91 thru fcb 7? | I ··VALUABLE COUPON 'mmm fai am I I I I =S| LIMIT 3 KR FAMILY = · LIMIT 3 PfRf AVILY 2 ·· TYLENOL Si ZEST SOAP i| tople Who Can't Take Atptrm Z w · · LILLY INSULIN All U-40 99* LILLY INSULIN All U-80 LILLY INSULIN All 0-100 2.49 SUPER RITF SUPER RITE l 16ot. 2.29 Value Coupon Good Ft b 71 IhiuFth ?7 ··VALUABLE COUPON u II II II SUPER RITE UMIT 3 TO FAVK.Y | | 2-oi. ftotll* 1.95 Value Coupon Good F.b 51 in.uFfb 57 ··VALUABLE COUPON · «· *TM ii f O l l '*ll For People Who Can't 100 Tablets 7.85 Value Coupon Good F I b ?1 i h t v F t h ··· VALUABLE COUPON SUPER RITE trm 59 | S 5 · 17 ·· 5% 01. i R Coupon Good fob 71 IhruFeb 57 ! ALUABLE COUPON 69' Value nVAl 14«» COUPON Stretch Nylon Ant. Colors 1.00 Value M M Coupon Good F*b 71 thro fab 37 *§··· VALUABLE COUPON- I ·· 5 5 · ·· ·J

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