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The Times from Munster, Indiana • Page 7

The Times from Munster, Indiana • Page 7

The Timesi
Munster, Indiana
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THE TRIES. Friday, 'April 9, 1909- GflJUII AliQ PROVISION HABKEI Mrs. Gumblnaky descended the atepa to take a slant at her new possession. It made an advance movement, as though BOSSY TURNED FROM CLASSIFIED WANT ADS. Wheat Work Nearly Done.

Proofreaders are now busy looking yer the copy of the Lake County Directory company, which Is now about ready to be published. Manager A. Howard Bell now says that the date Is eet at April 15th, and that he hopes that It will not be postponed again. The book will be the most comprehensive erer published in the county of this character, and already the demand for the books Is coming In rapidly. There hare been, several hundred of them ordered at the present time.

High Low Close 128 124 124 112 111 111- 104 102 104 102 101 102 67 664 6GV4 66' 65 65g 65 60 65-i 57 57 57 55 54 54 47 47 47 0 39 29 1797 1790 1795 1797 1785 1790 1795 1792 1792 1025 1017 1025 1037 1025 1037 1050 1040 1047 940 935 940 952 945 52 967 960 967 LOW RATE EXCURSION -to- lOTuncie Marion Peru S2.00 1.75 .1.25 ROUND TRIP via C. C. 6c L. Saturday Night, April 10 Train Leaves C. C.

V. station, Hammond at 8 p. m. Tickets good returning until train No. 2 ot Monday, April 12.

Further information and tickets of C. W. HEIMBACH, Agt. 151 S. Hohman St.


May July Sept. Dec. ..67 Oata May ..5 5 34- July ..474 Sept. ..39 Perk-May ..17924 July ..17974 Sept. ..1795 Lara May ..1020 July ..1025 Sept.

..1040 S. Ribs-May ..935 July ..945 Sept. ..960 PRODUCE MARKET. Butter Receipts, 4.940 tubs; cream-el-le, extras, 28c: Price to retail dealers, 30c: prints, 31c; extra firsts, 27c; 9 i dairies, extra. zuc; laaies, jTo.

IliCifS Rpcplntl! i 1 vaoca, miautSl- neous lots pnqps rot til ic. included flrcta 1 cent fresh, lyc; prime' firsts, packed In new whitewood cases and must be 85 ner rent frcch n. 1 Especially packed for city trade and must be 90 checks. 15 c. il" GIrUeS' 16C: Potatoes Receipts.

47 cars; choice to 97aCy fair to good, 95 Vfla 1 OlmioHnno 1 order were as follows: 50 to 60 lbs 80 to 100 lbs, 8c; fancy, 10c Dressed beef No. 1 ribs, 13 No. chuck, 7c; No. 1 plate, 6c. chickens, fowls, 14c; springs, 15c; roos- Beans Pea beans, hand picked choice 2.442.47; falr'to good, $2 25 red kidney, 91.90 1.95; lower grades, depending on Jp-T J1'801-8 bwn Swedish" rf tiV nv i.ju lira.

as California, per 100 lbs, 4.454.60. 12.00: hnvAo nnrao sn. Ss at: Ioulslanas! -1 Ai-qi case fola APPles 92.00 4.75 per brl; 75c bunch. 9.45: straiirht. Sl.lOiai 5ik- bou3uets.

658Sc; lemons; vj. Jl UiaiO, .00 ner hot? hat. RnA J- v-1 1.00(0)3.00 per crate: c.nrmta nnfflti nn 0 per cauliflower, fl.002.50 per box; celery 1230c per vutuuiuci ucii.tu per doz: STSfil box? horse "uuui, leiiuce, per. head ViT iear, DOX, Z5( i '-vsrV t'T id; on- bu: Parsley, home- 3.50 ner firatA- igUhAO y.VT l. 92.00i:50 a.vuu"-ou per dox; tomatoes, 1.002.00 per crate; turnips sacks.

40(rafifir- txtqc per dbz iiuc LIVE STOCK MARKET, CATTLE Choice to farcv atArc medium to good steers, $5.406 40; inferior to fnlr tor tA Tnntti on- cows and heifers. 94.25 6.25; canning jvra uu neiiera, z.zo native bulls and stags, 93.255.15; feeding cattle, 6001,000 lbs, 93.405.50; fair calves. 93.0004.50; export steers. 95.35 vjio.ov, uiBiinery steers, fu. 40(6.

15. Rulk nf salon 7 1K31T OA. butchern. Hinimnnn ih. if 05 fat 00 light butchers, 190230 lbs, 97.207.35.; iiftiii.

uauuu, louifliau IDS, light light. 130155 lbs, 96.807 15; heavy shipping, 250300 lbs, 9.25 7.3o: heavy packing, 2600400 lbs, 97.15 Packing, 200250 lbs, 97.107.25; rough, heavy packing, 97.00 7.15; light mixed, 175200 lbs, 97.05 to best P'9. 60135 lbs. stags, 93.507.35. Native lum nor.

li -r n. 8.00: Western lamha Infarln. feeding lambs. poor to choice, $6.75 Biiorn iamDs, poor to Dest, 96.25 liPltifHi6 wethers, plain to best. Yw.wvvv imuvt) vvcLIItsrs, po IO prime yearlings, common iu uiiuiuc.

o.ou (tiM.rfo western ewes, inferior to best, native ewes plain to prime, 95.006.25. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS GARY Lot 30, block 1, second Grant Park aaamon conditt McGinnity xveaiiy xo jonn unovan. c. 9 450 ir-arK tsoutn uroadway addition, Louis H. Broer to South Broadway Land Co Lot 6.

block 58, Gary Land suDUivision, Congregational Church, Gary, to Congregational Church Bulldinc Sociptv 4,600 1 650 700 450 550 200 600 1,650 1 1,500 250 Lots 41 and 42, block 7, South tiroaawsy aaamon, South Broadway Land Co. to Michael J. Mitchell INDIANA HARBOR. Lot 19, block 56. Samuel F.

Courtright to David B. TOLLESTON. Lot 8, block 14, C. T. I.

nrth addition. Lorenzo P. Godwin to Lizzie Kiss WHITING. Lot 3 5 feet lot 4. block 3.

Davidson's Boulevard addition, Charles D. Davidson to Charles Haugh Lot 41, Sheridan Park addition, ijunus j. uaaer to iticnard D. Ogram Lot 29. block 1, Central Park ad aption, ijnoia to Morris O'Neil HAMMOND.

Lot 15, block 18, Manufacturers' addition. B. F. Roberts to H. W.

Potthoff CROWN POINT. Part lots 50 and 51, Peter Geisen to I' ranK jnaries fisen Section 10-36-9 W- NW NE -vi, rea moii to Alice M. Tuthill Section 32-36-7 NE bw '4 nw 'i, rranic jvicir'ner-son to Ellen M. Lightner et al NW Charles A. Reeder to J.

I. S. K. It. Co.

THESUIKKYH01 Cow Won on Raffle Does Not Look Good to Woman. 33 PREDICTED AS LUCKY NO New Proprietor Abhors Suggestion of Stalling the Animal in Her Flat Building. (Special to The Times.) East Chicago, April 9. Mrs. H.

Gum blnsky of 716 Chicago avenue, has learned that all Is not butter and cream that makes a noise like a Jersey cow. Yesterday she nearly had heart failure when she learned that she had won one at a raffle, and was confronted with the expensive prospect of putting It up at the livery barn, as she had no where else where it could be taken care of Mrs. Oumblnsky a few days ago was approached by the young daughter of Mrs. Kattie Yonkers, 518 Hickory street, Hammond, with a proposition that she purchase a ticket for a fine three-year-old heifer, which was to be raffled off shortly. Mrs.

Oumblnsky saw a vision of all the butter her family would require, besides a chance to dismiss the milkman, and promptly bought the ticket. She then forgot all about it. Yesterday she was notified that her ticket. No. 33, had been the winner.

She was pleased until she was In formed that the cow was down stairs awaiting. Lucky Number predicted. The cow was at the front door when No publicity. You Keep all goods in your own Possession. 4,65 3000 ft.

Of Gas at l.oo Gals. Gasolene 15c per GaL so about to enter the hall. "Shoo!" said Mrs. Gumblnsky, waving her apron toward the animal, as she hersalf backed precipitately toward the door. The cow shooed and made no further effort to enter the portal.

shall we do with her," de manded the custodian of the cow. Until then, the awkwardness of own Ingf a cow had not struck Mrs. Gum klnskjr with full force. "Do with her?" asked the astonished lire. Oumblnsky.

"1 had not thought of that." Haven't you a spare room upstairs somewhere," was the suggestion of the coarse person who had led the cow from, Hammond to East Chicago. The suggestion was too much fo Mrs. Gumklneky. "Take It away," replied the lady as visions of a cow In her kitchen loomed hideous before her. "Take It away.

never realized before what a white elephant a poor little Innofenslve cow could be." So the cow had merely to be led home again, and Is once more peacefully chewing its cud on the Yonkers prem lses In Hammond, Just as though had never been "raffled off." An Interesting feature of the raffl was that Mrs. Yonkers predicted that No. 33 would win. When Mrs. Gumbln sky selected her number, she was In formed that Mrs.

Tonkers had had a dream that 33 would be the lucky number. Still, there have been stranger co Incidences. New Loan Co. A. new loan company Is about to be established In Gary, and the manager will be H.

J. Pettlnger. Mr. Pettlnger represents considerable capital and will be In a position to make loans In any amount. The company Is the same as that which has already been located In Hammond and Is known as the Calumet Loan company, which Is located in the Hammond building.

Will Try Case. Attorney Gustave Heart will try a case in bankruptcy In Hammond Mon day before Judge Anderson of the United States federal court. Attorney Heart says "that this is the first case to be tried In a federal court from Gary-" The case Is that involving the bankrupt firm of Frank Svlkori, who formerly ran a grocery store and whose liabilities are about $1,700. CASH GRAIN MARKET. Winter wheat by sample: No.

2 red S1.35 No. 3 red. J1.30J1.36: No. 2 hard, $1.24 1.30; No. 3 hard, $1.19 SDrinsr wheat by sample: No.

1 northern, $1.25 31.27 No. 2 northern, No. 3 spring, $1.20 B1.26. Corn bv samnle: No. 3.

No. 67e; no. 4, teyte4c. Oats bv eaniDle: No. 3 white.

52 55c: No. 4 white, 5253c; stand EAST CHICAGO COFFEE AND TEA STORE M. T. Rottenberg, Prop. SPECIALS For Saturday, April 1 0 OUR LEADER 20c COFFEE GUN POWDER 40 23c TEA STRICTLY FRESH EGGS, dozen ELGIN CREAMERY, 25c 25c pound GERMAN MOTTLE SOAP, 7 for SEEDLESS RAISINS, 9c 6c 25c 20c 36c package GINGER SNAPS, pound IMPORTED SARDINES 3 cans GOLD MEDAL BAKING POWDER, pound can DELICIA CREAMERY BUTTER, pound Full line of Cheese, Salmons and Sar dines.

Orders delivered. Easter Premiums for Children. Presh morning: milk bottled on our farm at Highlands and delivered dally to customers Also fresh butter, Cream, Butter Milk, and Cheese, order from wagon, or phone No, 9764. Schornbrod Hellmutt Drink Pure Spring Water From the Beautiful Mineral Spring Spring Hill, St. John, Indiana Delivered lOc per rial.

3 dais. 25c 4 dais. 40c. Call Phone or 1 73. Hammond Pure Water Supply Go.

Dr. H. B- Hayward specialist Diseases ot the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Eyes Scientifically Tested Glasses Correctly Fitted Room 402 Hammond Bldg. MALE HELE WANTED. WANTED Porter at once.

Apply at souin tiotei, inaiana naroor. -n AGENTS 140 per cent profit selling Metal name fastener, to teamsters and farmers; sample 25c; circular free. Cooner Fortune Dept. 19, Indianapolis, Ind. 9-1 WANTED First class experienced grocery clerk to commence work tomorrow, Saturday.

Lion Store. 9 WANTED Shoe shiner at 235 Bast State street. Call after 1 p. m. Sunday.

9- WANTED First class meat cutter and sausage maker who can epeak foreign languages. A'pply at 920 Broadway, Gary, lnd. 6-5 WANTED Success Magazine requires the services of a man In Hammond to look after expiring subscriptions and to secure new business by means of special methods unusually effective; position permanent; prefer one with experience, but would consider any applicant with gond natural qualifications; salary 1.60 per day, with commission option. Address with references. R.

C. Peacock, roo ml02. Success Magazine New York. 1 WANTED 1.000 more men to use The Times want ads every night and ee how good they are. WANTED Railway mail clerks; salary, 9800 to no examina-, tint! i nAmmnn I education sufficient; candidates prepared free; write immediately for particulars.

Franklin Institute, Dept. 47 Rochester, N. Y. 8-tf FEMALE HELP WANTED WANTED Girl to take care of children and assist with housework. Mrs.

Carl Schumacher, Sheffield Ave. 9-2 918.00 PER WEEK paid one lady In each county to handle our big advertising combination. Ziegler Company, Como Block, Chicago. 8-2 WANTED Girl for general housework; must be fond of children. Call 3154 Aldis avenue, Indiana Harbor.

7-3 WANTED Experienced stenographer; permanent position. Apply S-Betz. 7-3 WANTED Woman for housework. Apply 4860 Olcott avenue, East Chicago. 6-5 FEMALE HELP WANTED lou are Bervlng yourself In answering ads.

and perhaps, service, like charity-should begin at home. FEMALE HELP WANTED One of the "certain tion" nf wnnt advertising is that it will always find a good stenog- rapner lor you ana quicKiy. FEMALE HELP WANTED The best servants will sometimes leave the best places and every such Instance should result In two want ads. IF YOU HAVEN'T A LA CIS TO WORK and want one, or If you haven a girl and want one. Times "ads" have been remarkably successful.

SITUATIONS WANTED WANTED Situation; young lady desires a stenographic position; rapid and accurate writer; have had some experience; good reference. Address Lake County Times. 7-3 FOR SALE. FOR SALE We have a good barn on a y2 -acre lot on South Bend interur-ban; the barn can be made over Into a 4-room house at small expense; lot Is worth 9500: anybody who buys this lot can have the barn free. Smith-Bader-Davldson 10th and Broadway, Gary Ind.

9 FOR SALE Good Improved farm land In the Iowa corn belt, 935 per acre; also farms for rent. Lewis A. Brown, Albert Lea, Minn. 9-1 FOR SALE Farms from 940 to $65 per acre; If you are on the market for a farm write at once for 1909 price list, giving full description. M.

H. Miller, Bristol, Ind. 9 FOR SALE Furnished seven-room flat, near Nickel plate depot, at a bargain. Lock Box 258, Hammond. 9-1 FOR SALE Pedigreed Scotch collie puppies.

Inquire at 75 State St. 9-8 FOR SALE Cashier's desk; as good as new: size 4 feet; will be sold cheap. Humpfer Hohman St. 8-3 FOR SALE One half Interest in fine horse and buggy; same is gentle and can driven bv ladv or children. For particulars inquire of William Frazier.

Gary. lnd. 6-11 FOR SALE Cottage and two lots on easv riayments. Inquire of H. Van Hollen, Tolleston, Ind.

8-6 FOR SALE Six lots, 4 blocks from courthouse; all tor cash or time. Phone 287 after 5 p. m. 8-5 FOR SALE Two residences on corner of 7th and Adams street. Gary: will net 18 per cent on Investment.

L. Hoover, 7th avenue and Adams street, Gary. 7-tf FOR SALE Square piano in good condition, $25', easy payments. Call Straube Piano Factory. Take South Hohman street car, 6-6 FOR SALE Torpedo motorcycle in good 100.

Jonn a Kooy, Munster. Ind, P. O. Hammond R. F.

D. No. 1. 5-6 FOR SALE Saloon and dancing hall, 44x70 feet, on lot 80x276, at Oak Glen, retiring on account of old age. Inquire of Herman Voeste.

Oak Glen. 111. 5-lm FOR SALE Six-room cottagt with summer kitchen, washroom and Cellar; lot 100x185; good barn, chicken coop and park; fine fruit, peaches, cherries, grapes and raspberries; must sell soon, goin gto Texas; price $1,600. Geo. Houser.

769 Logan street; telephone 4383. 22-tf FOR SALE Plenty ol space In these columns for you to get want ad re-cults. FOR SALE: Rhode Island Red eggs for hatching, 10c each. E. E.

Beck. 19 Wllllama etreet, Hammond, Ind. 6-lm i i Telephone 314 FOR RENT. FOR RENT Five and 6-room new brick flats, 420 Cedar street, 914; one 7-roora flat, 5 Williams street. Inquire Mrs.

Evans, 395 S. Hohman: phone 5231. FOR RENT Several desirable saloon locations in Indiana Harbor. Apply to W. T.

Brown. Cor. Watling and Guthrie streets, Indiana Harbor, phone 14. 8-6 FOR RENT Four or five unfurnished rear rooms with gas range and toilet; rent cheap to quiet family. Inquire 305 Chicago avenue.

7.3 FOR RENT Three clean furnished rooms for light housekeeping; rent reasonable. Apply 286 Michigan avenue. 7-tf FOR RENT OR SALE Building with saloon and living rooms. Call John Novak, cor. Morton and Columbia East Hammond.

3-6 FOR RENT Special olter, 20 acre truck farm. Thornton townshin: on mile of South Chicago city limits; terms win De sucn tnat win De hard to teat See Julius Smith. 205 Center avenue. Burnham. 111.

16-tf FOR RENT Two suites of two rooms each, furnished for lisrht Ing. Inquire at 335 Truman avenue or pnone 2931 Hammond. 16-tf WANTED TO 1RTTY WANTED To buy property near Calumet avenue; have cash for same. Address P. O.

Box 258, Hammond, Ind. 9-1 WANTED TO RENT WANTED Furnished room; clean and quiet; all conveniences; hot water and bath; would like breakfast. Address Lake County Times. 30-tf wAniiu small iurnishea fiat or suite or rooms for housekeeping; would consider boarding; two adults. Address T.

Buck, 6342 Greenwood avenue, Chicago. 30-8 LOST AND FOUND. y-i rim xjuax isrown leather purse with a mommy railroad ticket on Nickel Plate road. With owner'n rtama rn ho. tween St.

Joseph's church and Sibley iewara. aiiss j. jergens. 313 Sib ley street. 9-1 DST London smoke pocketbook, containing, money, railroad tickets 2no owner's name.

Tuesday evening on 6:02 Lake Shore train. Suitable reward for return to Times office, Hammond. LOST Black umbrella with silver and pearl handle with monogram M. in the Lake Shore train at Englewood, who found it please notify Mr. Aug.

Schmidt, 503 Logan Hammond, and receive liberal reward. 7.3 FOUND Opportunities in The Tlmee want columns everj day In the veelc except Sunday. PERSONAL PERSONAL Every individual automobile owner in the United States and abroad should Join the International Automobile League. Pamphlet showing the dealers' prices of automobile tires, also application blank mailed upon request 30-tf PERSONAL If your sewing machine needs repairing call up C. F.

Miller, the sewing machine expert. 241 East State street; phone 2601. PERSONAL Have you rheumatism, gout, moles, warts, corns, birthmarks or superfluous hair? Do you need an electric vibratory or body massage? If so go to Prof G. F. Hoose, 236-92nd street, top flat.

South Chicago, III. 24 MISCELLANEOUS. MISCELLANEOUS House built to suit buyer, east part of Hammond; easy payments. Inquire of Paxton Lumber Co. 9.10 PARTIES having furnished room for rent can list with F.

L. Wyman, 244 Sibley street, free. Phone 1744. 9-1 WANTED Butcher with $100 to buy interest in snoop; good paying business. H.

Van Hollen, Tolleston, Ind. 8 BARTER EXCHANGE. FOR EXCHANGE Will exchange gas cooking range for book cupboard or sideboard. Address C. Lake County Times.

23 FOR EXCHANGE Incubator and two brooders In good condition, for what have you? Address Lake County Times. 23 FOR EXCHANGE Will exchange pa-per hanging for a cheap pony. Address C. Lake County Times. 19 PETITION OF BANKRUPT FOR DISCHARGE.


ORDER OF NOTICE THEREON. District of Indiana, ss: On this 27th day of March, A. D. 1909, on reading the petition of the bankrupt for his discharge, It is ordered by the Court, that a hearing be had upon the same on the 26th day of April, A. D.

1909. before said Court, at Indianapolis, in said district, at nine o'clock In the forenoon, and that notice thereof be published twice in the LAKE COUNTY TIMES, HAMMOND, 11 1 Ill .7 1U (11 I I 1V.I., and that all known creditors and other persons In interest may appear at the said time and place and show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of the said petitioner should not be granted. And it is further ordered by the Court, that the Clerk shall send by mail to all known creditors copies of said petition and this order, addressed to them at their places of residence as stated. Witness, the Honorable Albert B. Anderson, Judge of said Court, and the seal thereof at Indianapolis, in said district, on the 27th day of March, A.

D. 1909. NOBLE C. BUTLER, (Soal of thf Court.) Clprk. There Is Comfort WnB A MAX'S SALARY STOPS Through alrknrsn, failure of bia cm-ployer, or a auepenslon of bantams, to feel that rn bave mcfhlns: to fall back ob In yonr hour of trouble.

Pot a amall amount rach treelc In tir fags In a Keod, reliable ho vine bank, like the Citizens1 German National Bank OKU DOLLAR STARTS A 8AVIXC ACCOUNT. In large sums. In small sums. On long time. On short time.

HOW MUCH ANY AMOUNT NO DELAY, Our Rates Easiest. We realize that time of the If you are in Landlord, Milkman, Taxes. Sum and have only We will advance besides, and Bi-Weekly owe any other with their to Save Money, Our new Special We prove to you I Don't Borrow Money Blindfolded When you deal with us you get a statement in black and white and you know just how much the cost will be. We loan on pianos, furniture, horses, wagons, etc. and leave the security in your possession.

We offer the lowest rates of any company in the Calumet region get other com panies' rates first and then get ours and be convinced. We will give you from one month to one year to pay back the money and adjust the size of the payments to suit your income. Ask about our rebate system we allow you a rebate for each month that you pay your account up before the time stated in the contract. If you need money, it will cost you nothing to come in and see us. We are always glad to explain our method, whether you borrow or not.

Our reputation for fair dealing means considerable to us. Such a reputation spreads through the recommendation of one customer to another, and the reputation we enjoy is one of our most valuable assets. Call on us; or ask us to caU on you Hammond Loan and Guarantee st. Phone 25? Office over Model Clothiers Tlis Chicago, Lake Shore South Band Ry. Go.

TIME Effective November 29, 190S Subject to change without notice Trains leave Hammond for East Chicago, Indiana Harbor and Gary as follows: 6:00 A.m., 6:00 a. 6:30 a. 7:00 a. 7:40 a.m., 8:20 a.m., 9:00 a. 9:40 a.

10:20 a. 11:00 a. 11:40 a. 12:20 p. 12:35 p.

1:00 p. 1:40 p. 2:20 p. 3:00 p. 3:40 p.

4:20 p. 5:00 p. m. 5:20 p. 6:00 6:40 p.

7:20 p. m. 8:20 p. 9:20 p. 10:20 p.

11:00 p. ra 11:30 p. m. Trains leave Hammond 'or Michigan City and South Bend at 6:30 a. 8:20 a.

10:20 a. 12:20 p. 12:35 m.r 2:20 p. 4:20 p. 5:20 p.

6:00 p. 8:20 p. 10:20 p. m. Trcins leaving Hammond at 12:20 p.

12:35 p. 2:20 p. m. and ex. carry baggage.

H. U. WALLACE, General Manager. Why not start the NZW YEAR In New Way and Eorrow Money to pay all creditors and thereby concentrate all your Indebtedness to one place. WB LOAN on personal property security CONPiDBNTlAU.M Chicago Discount Go.

0138-40 Commercial Ave. South Chicago Room 200 Phone So. Chicago 1 04 Open Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenfnga until 9 T. M. We doce other evenings at 6 P.


For Sale Cheap! feet good new and secondhand LUMBER of all kinds. Doors. Windows, Plumbinjr Goods, every-thing: necessary to build a house with. Call with estimates. JC RUEL 7337 Jon Park Ave, vx "OlilJ, CHICAGO Beat EmiI Repair Shop la the Stata G.

W. HUNTER. AUTOMOBILE OARAGE Compressed Air FREE Bowser Gasoline Sytem. 91 8. IIOIIHAN ITRKET.

Phone 122. Hueha ElocH. Hammond, Xa4 DO XQU WANT RIGHT NOW? PROM $10.00 TO $200:00 NO EXTRA CHARGES. are the Lowest. And Payments Our Aim Is to Help You.

a cash loan with little cost at this year, is just what you want. debt and owe your Grocer, Butcher, Doctor, or need money to pay them up, get your debts into one one place to pay instead of several. you money to pay all, and cash allow you to repay us in small Weekly, or "Monthly Payment, or if you Loan Company and are not satisfied treatment, and high rates, or wish come and talk it over with us. Rebate Plan saves you a large Part of the Cost. that our way is the only Right, Simple and Cheap Way.

Call and talk it over any way. We will tell you to the cent exactly what a loan of any amount for any length of time will cost. When you Deal With Us, you Deal with a Company that Protects its Patrons. Kind courteous treatment extended to all. CALUMET LOAN COMPANY.


This Car at $1,500 represents more real value than is offered by any other car at any price IS 31 at 1 Ton Coal ARE EQUAL IN Yon can't afford not to cook with NORTHERN INDIANA 147 South Hohman Street 5,00 COOKING EFFICIENCY! The Mitchell No. 30 Gas. Order yonr Range today. GAS ELECTRIC CO. Phone 10 J.


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