Valley News from Van Nuys, California on June 4, 1970 · Page 4
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 4

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1970
Page 4
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•• 4U-l-»urHwK ••(.•Nortn • 32-».%**< LEGAL NOTICES (Van Nuys News— G S 6081 CERT1FICATF OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS. NAME File No •>•-»»« The undersigned rio certtfi ih»v -onducting a business »t -W0S Woodman rwe . van Nuys Cal'Iomia 91401 undei the fictitious firm name of MTJLTI l«ERMCES ASSOCIATES and thai said firm is composed of the following persons whose names In full and places or residence are as rouows Julia H Hamilton 634J Morse Ave North Hollywood Cal 01606 James E Fornero 6342 Moise A\e North Hollvwood. Cal 91606 Dated May U 1970 JAMES E FORNERO JULIA H HAMILTON State of California Los Awjeles County On M«y 11 1970 before me a Notarv Public in and for said State personally appeared James E Fornero and Julia H Hamilton known to me to he the persons whose name* are subscribed to the within instrument and acknow edged Uiev executed the same >«l HARVEY A. ROSS (Sean Notary Public 3i\ commission expires juiv ft ism Publish May 2S, June 4 11 15 1970 iVanNujsWs — GS 7551 NOTICE OF VOV-TtKSFONsIBIIin Notice is herebv Ei\en that the under signed will not be responsible for an debts or liabilities contracted bv anyor other than myself on or after thi date Dated this 2nd dav of June TT70 MAN MEDLNA 13364 Louvre St Pacoima California. Publish June 4 1970 .NOTICE TO CREDITORS >» MVP 6754 Superior Court of the State of Califor nis for the Counts nf Los Angeles the Estate of MARV said claims in the office of 3f the aforesaid court nr them lo tne undersigned at the of Phillips 4. Newman Administrator . Phillips * Newman SepuMeda Blvd the Cilv of Sep necessarv vouchers must be filed ird decedent NOTICE TO CREDITORS nla for the County of Los Angeles In the Matter of the Estate of JOSEPH ha\ ing claims against the said decedent to file said claims in the office of the office Is the place of business c unders'gned In all matters pertaining to saja estate bueft claims witn tne neces sari vouchers must be filer Dated May 19 19r0 14423 Hamlin Si of said decedent 10850 Riverside Drive, Suite 60B North Hollywood Cal 91t>02 Publish May 28 June 4 11 15 1970 (Van Nu\s News— T569981 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No ATT P 6773 Superior Court of the State of Califor rua for the County or Los Angeles In the Matter of the Estate of CECIL IA SPENCER AJvDERL Deceased Notice js hereby given to creditors having claims against the said decedent to file said claims in the office of the clerk of the aforesaid court or tc present them to the undersigned at the office of Jess F High 14423 Hamlin SL in the City of Van Nuvs in the aforesaid Countv which latter office i! the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to said estate Such cla aforesaid within four months after the first publication of this notice Dated May 6 1970 BERNICE COMBS Executrix of the will of said decedent Jess F. High r Van Nuys News— G S 4531 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS NAME File No 70 11222 ThP undersigned does certifv sr conducting a business at 18331 Ver Elvd Tar«na California 91356 v. the fictitious firm name of 1 HE GIBSON GIRL and lhat said firm i! composed of the following person whose name in full and place o: i evidence is as follow Svlvia Schuyler 4231 Julnlo Drive Tarzana Calif 91356 Dated April 30 1970 SALVIA SCHUYLER State or California Los Angeles Countv On April 30 1970 hefoie rr Notary Public In and for said State personally appeared Sylvia Schuvlei known to me lo he the person whose ibed to the wiihin ment and acknowledged she executed the same EVA B WOODWARD Publish May 14 21 28 June 4 1970 FICTITIOUS NAME under the fictitious firm name of sHEL LY PEPPER ft CO and that said fnm Is composed of the following person whose name in full and place of residence is as follows Shellon s Pepper 4914 Bellalre As e North Hollvwood C-Uifornia S1607 Dated Mav 15 1T0 SHEL 1 ON s PEPPER state of Cahfoi ma Los Angeles Count j On Ma\ 15 1970 before me itlun instiumcnt iVan Nuys Ncws_G S I.1T CfcRTlFICATF Oh BI>INh«.S FICTITIOUS N AME Flip N0 70 9307 The undersigned does ceillfv hi conducting a business at 14011 Vpn Elvd Suite 206 Easl Shei man Oiks i.ahlornia 91403 under Ihe Iirl firm name of IMPERIAI COLLI CTION Br REAU and that said firm Is posed of Ihe following person v name in full and placa of ictc Is as follows Leon r Fowler 22615 naidrnnt Woodland Hills California 91364 Dated May 15 1970 LION C IOWLER Slate of California Los Angeles County On May 15 1970 before me a N rknowiedged he executed the RL1HI CAMsIY 11 IS 1970 "Van N'uys News — G S 615i CERTIFICATE OT BUSINESS HCTITIOLS N AME File No 70 0309 The undersigned does rcrtif\ re 1* conducting a business at 7732A Dens more Van Nuys ( alifomia under thi fictitious firm name rf COsfPLfHt J S FORMATION SYSTEMS and I'lHt person whose Karchcm 13201 ' lenna Elvd Svlmar Cal 9LJ42 Dated Mav V 1970 DAVID N KARCHE ftate of California San Francisco County On May 11 J970 before me i Nola Public in and for smd stale personal appeared David .N Karchem known me to be the person whose name subscribed to the within insti umcnt jij acknowledged he executed uic ian EDWARD r MLNNLSSY Notarv Public FRF, LEGAL NOTICES persons North Hollvwood Cal 91607 Fred H Moore 22JS0 AiaoFnrlane rise Woodland Hills Californiu 91416 Dated May 12 1970 LUCILLE E MFDOl- F persons whose the persons v hose ihed AICOHOLir nFM scribed a> follows uls I Corla/ar "111 • l-os Angeles Cal: prtificate for trans; lundci the abotr rich affidavit of puhhratior file in the nfdee of Ihe FRED H MOORE subsci ibed to strumcnl and acknow edged the\ executed the same IRANCESE GODLEY IScal) Notarv Public My Commission Expires Aug 25 1972 June 4 11 IS 1970 HCT1TIOLS N 4.MK HAlsH MAINTENANCE and places of the withir ire as follows Michael Joseph Walsh liWO Schoen born Northndge California Northndge California Dated Ma\ 14 1970 MICHAFL IOSEPH WALSH NANCY LYNN V.AI S State of California Los Angelts County before me a Nolai Public in and for said Slate personal! .ppearcd Michael Joseph Walsh ar Nancv Lynn Walsh known lo me to he acknowledged the\ executed (he i Aug 22 1970 FOR TRANSACTION 01 BUSINESS UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME I HE LN'DERSIGNED CORPORA firm name of THE OL1 HOUSE IS A SL PER Hit AD and lhat said film ii iposed of Ihe following corporation Name of enrporaton CONSOLI DATED PRODUCTIONS INC Principal place of business 750! Reseda BK d Reseda Cal 91335 WITNESS its hand this 14th day of lay 1970 CONSOLIDATED PRODUCTIONS INC seal the dav and year in this certificate FICTITIOUS ' William Edward Cln mouth St Canoga Paik Dated May 11 1970 .'ali. of California Los Angeles County On May 11 1970 befr Public in and for said appeared William Edw to me lo be the perso TOY CASTRO Notary Public in and aid County and State 'Van Nujs News— G S 756) heretofore dome business fictitious firm name and slvle of TERR ELLIS at 14511 Sylvan Street Citv o. Van Nuys County of Los Angeles State of California did on the 2nd dav i June 1970 by mutual consent dissolv the said partnership and teiminate the relations as partners therein Said business in the futurp will 1 conducted by Tenv H Green who wi pay and discharge all liabilities an debts of the firm and receive all monies Van 1970 ELAINE COl DEEP G Gahler Clark A Berflunrf Allornevs at Law Bv Jack TV Ellis Publish Tune 4 1971 California TERRY GREEN of EDWARDS OF WOODLAND HILI S and lhat firm is composed of thp follr person whose name in full and place of residence is as folio W EDWARD CLINE Nnlaiy Public >ETR — I x IT 40 nOBI R I r MARsHAl L I on rot K i pi km 1 1 siring tn protest protest hefoie lune I os Angele* Police NDERMGNI I) dn County undei the pi< on 24M. of the Civil Code I Publish M«v 28 In LEGAL NOTICES i Van Nuvs News— G S 6981 CERTIFlCAl K OF BUSINESS FICTiriOLS NAME ine xi> .us>;»» rile No 70 S»33 he undersigned do <eitif\ thev ale Tiie undei sinned do ceitlfv thev conducting a business at 12S37 Martha conducting a business at 23S42 Ai North undei Die fictitious rii r ood California 91WT7 Iwood St Canoga Park Callfoi ROULCTIONS and thai composed of the following pel sons hose names in full and places o residence are as follows Harold Drutkei 24(124 Aichwood St anoga Paik Calif areylee Feldman 10000 Lubao Ave halsworth Calif Lou Goldberg 12826 Willard Ave No Holhwood Calrf Robeil Hobmann 7129 Killv Ave Canoga Park Calif r\ Horning 122 Cvpress Dr Alex Waldman acknowledged the* Dated Mav 25 1970 18624 Willard Reseda Calif Ed Ward 5655 Halbrent \« Euwai-d Woolfe lama City Calif Dated May 22 1970 EDWARD WOOLFE BERNIE SHERMAN On May 22 1970 before me a Notarv Public in and for said State personally- appeared Haiold Drucker Careylee rann Larr\ Horning Tules Sher Beinie Sherman Alex Waldman E Ward Edward Woolfe known to me I be the persons whose names are sut Jan 29 1172 11 IS 25 1970 ncunous NAME Hie No 70 9916 undersigned do certifv they aie conducting a business at 17636V4 Shei caiuornia "Uiub under the fictitious film name of 1AI, ItY MhRCIDES B*N/, SUtlK'F and that said firm is composed or t following persons whose names in f and places of i esidencc arc as follows Zulfo Dukic 1855a Burhank Bl Tar: na California 91356 Walter Kurtin 2229 Berkley A\e I Angeles Califomra Dated May 23 1970 ZULfO Dl K1C WALIER KUR1LN' State of California Los Angeles County On May 22 1970 before me appeared Zulfo Dukic A. Walter Kui known to me to he the persons whose names are subscribed lo the wi instrument and acknowledged they ecuted the same BESSIE K SIZELOVE (Seal) Notary Publi My Comml Expires April 6 1973 Publish June 4 11 18 23 1970 (Van Nuys News— G S 69H Hie No 70 9928 The undersigned does certify he conducting fictitious firm of CARL S AUIO full and place of residence Dated May 22 1970 Notarv Public In and for said State personally appeared Tommv O Fair ecuted the same KAREN A MOSSRERG Publish June 4 11 18 25 (Van Nu\s News— G S 6921 I hp undersigned fictitious fnm i FNTf ItPRISCS 6633 Langdon following person ngs 6633 Langdn MADONNA M CUMMTNGS State nf California Los Angeles County On May 25 1970 beforp me a N Public in and foi said State persr appeared Madonna M Cumr > RANGES F GODl FY Notar\ Puhll n Expires Aug 25 197: 11 IS 25 197fi I if rmous nami I Mr No 70 1010 Ihe undei signed does rprllf\ corducting a business at lb!53 Nordhoff St Scpulvcda California 91J43 unde the fictitious firm name of NOKDHOi BAKBUt SHOP md that said firm 1 con posed o' '"e (following peisoi Hills Calif 91140 S I ANLEY S YANOI CHJCK Op Mil 1970 bcfoi cknowledgpd he On Ma FVA B WOODWARD 4 11 IS "5 1TI I AN ( I S| |]\ in h RANK BONG III I ( ASKI Y Notarv Public :>• 1'ivi ruhl^h Mav „>S lune 4 11 18 19T of Mcmhcis of redrial savings and 6812 Van Nuvs Bnulf s\I | s \ss(i( I \l I . full and place o HI I \ IN I ARADASI IS 1970 before IVA B WOODWARD x p ics mVv"'^ 197lh' LEGAL NOTICES California les I H t N t W S UNDER r HOB ATE CODE 764.S AT FHIl AIE SALE r 494 %M In the Matter of the Conser\ atoi shin of the Estate of ALICE MARGARE1 KAN NOW Conservatee NOIICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that RAYMOND LEE ZAGER as Conscrva Second Deed (Seal) Estate of ALICE MAR GARE1 KANNOW will sell at private the highest and best brddei e tcims and conditions here Inafter mentioned and subject to con frrmatlon bv the Superior Court on June 15 1970 or thereafter within the time allowed by law at the office of RAYMOND LEE ZAGER Atl. rney for said Conservator 15233 Ventura Boule vard Suite 900 Sherman Oaks Califor 91403 all the right title interest and estate that Ihe estate of ALICE MARGARE1 KANNOW Conservatec quired by operation Of law or recorder of sard Improved by as 4709 Kiaft Avenue N'orth Hollywood and existing encumbts and conditions of sale ate) in the sur 3f the amount hid lo paid and delis ered on confi sale by the Court I axes opeiatlng a maintenance expenses and picmi prorated My Commission Expli es lune 30 1973 Publish lune 4 11 18 25 1970 Ihe State of Calirninia fr inly of Los Angeles Clarke Snlnk Thatcher 16 necldingtnn Mi-p, I III HftUSHlHHl ( nlirnri irneys lor rvtltlnm r Publish June 2 4 9 1970 th of Ihe dale or conrrrmalron of sate The exam ination of title recording of conveyance and any title insurance policy shall be at the expense of the seller (estate) Broker s fees lo be paid by the estate All other expenses of recording re venue stamps shall be home between the purchaser and the selle is LUstomarv 1 Los Angele' Ihe terms and conditions of the sale or the personal properlv are as follow Personal property is the household furniture and furnishings located at 470 Kiaft Avenue N'orth Hollywood Cal forma which have been appraised 3 $500 00 and wil be sold for $500 00 cash ana win not be sold alone That t sale and the biddei and/or r musi nia •• d personal pr- All brds and offers filed with the Clerk of said Superior Court oi deliv ered to said Conservator personally after first publication of this otice and before making i further informati at the office of ■lght Is reserved to i eject any Raymond Lee /-age RAYMOND LEE ZAGER J.VI.v; Ventura Bit It Suite 90ft Sherman Oaks California U1403 Publish June 4 5 11 1970 Fieri nous name File No 70 993) The undersigned does certify he dcr the fictitious firm Marsha T Greniock 7710 Wilbur St Reseda Cal 913J5 Dated May 22 1970 Los Angeles County MARSHA J GRENROCK On May 22 1970 betorp me a Notary Public, in and for -siate personally Grenrock known 'Van Nuys News — 873561 NOTIC* Ot HEARING OI PI- llllO> FOR PROBATE OF vlll I. In Ihe Matter of the E' MERLE GILES LINDSA1 MERLE G LINDSAY Deceased Notice Is heicby given that Probate Lindsav the Will of the above named deceased and foi th y the 9 15 o clock a m 5 of the bupcnoi Cou Cahfoi nia foi the Cot Cilv of Los Angele ncc of Let to the Pctl Loffpv Deputy iVan Nuys News— G S 6971 CLItJIIICATl Ol BUSINESS IK JIIOLS NAMI I Me No 7(1 '1914 le undersigned docs ccitlfv h lueting a business al 7838 Ellcnhn Dated May Stale nf Call! OnAMa'y'('l> ifornia 91010 1170 RON AI D M SCHMIDT M PAIR1CIA Mr KFN7IF Notnv ion Fsplics O' 1 Ml NO I If L Ol NlARSIl TAC CH CORP Pla cnrnii CORPORA1TON CORPORA! ION Calif iccorded In TARCri No 2 i dgmcnt dehln RAY R SAYI FR .1 AYS Maisbal .valstad Deputy LEGAL NOTICES tVan Nuys News— G S 726) NOIICE 10 CIIEDIIOHS State of Cahfoi nia that hulk transfer Is about to be made to JAMES W CONN a mairied man J r.i :isV[ ce 5943 Van County of Los Angeles State of Califor All stock in trade fixl t and good will of that shop business 1970 at 9 00 A M at Lincoln Bank ss narres and addipsses used bv ansferois for the three yeais last te Floral Craft Flower Shop 594 1 Van Nuys Boule\aid Van Nuss Los Angeles Cal S1AJE OF CALIFORNIA COU\ I Y OF LOS ANGELES SS On Ma* 26 1970 before me • undersigned a Notary Public in and W Conn known whose name is suhsnibed to the wi sLrumont and acknowledged that 'MCTIIIOLS NAMF I He No 10 99)7 undersigned does certify he conducting a business at 1701 N 1 Fernando Road Burbank California 91d04 under the fictitious firm na UNijed IIRL and lhat said fi composed of the following residence i full and pla Finlon C, Lasatei 7865 Hanna uc Canoga Park Calif 91304 Dated May 22 1970 Public FINJON G LASAIER appeared Finton G Lasater known whose name acknowledged he execuled the sam lOY CAST RO Notary Puhl 1970 i Van Nuys N'ews— G S 7011 CKRTIMCATE OI BUSINESS FICTITIOUS N AME I lie No 70 9938 ie undersigned does certify he i! dei the fictitious firm name of MAR I f MIC/GREI N VTARF and that said firm is composed or Ihe following person whose name in full and place o residence is as follows George Wasicek j.0900 Topeka Drive Northndge California 91324 Dated May 22 1970 State of California Los Angeles County GEORGE WASICEK On May 22 1970 before me a Notary Public In and for said State personally appareo lieorge wasicek lenow person whose name the within acknowledged he BESSIE K SIZELOVE (Seal) Notary Public My Commission Fxpi P'ji.le 4 11 18 1970 (Van Nuys News— G S 702) CFMIHCAU OI BUSINESS FICTITIOUS NAME I lie No 70 99JII The undersigned do certifv thev conducting a business the fictitious fnm name of J I Dis and that said firm li the following persons us Perlm 7123 Bell Hollywood California 91604 Dated May 21 1970 On Mav 21 1970 hefore mr a Notarv Public In and for said State personally appareil 1 homas G Monahan and Louis Perlln known io mc CAROL A DUNLAP iVan Nuys News— G S 7291 NOMCI OFINTINIION TO I NGAI.I IN THI SMI OT AICOHOIK BF\ TRAGI s WHOM 11 MAY CONCFRN Subjcci to applied foi notice is herch the undersigned pioposes I holir beverages at Ihe pi scribed as follows 1625D San I ernandn Ml of the Ilcens signed is applying io the Department • Alcoholic [leverage Continl foi issuanr He for these pren DOROTin C SCIIWAR1/ .DMIIV1\B SCHWARI/ l\ an Nuvs News— G S 7271 NOIIC1 (II IM I N I KIN II 1 NO A(.I IN I 111 S\I I III igncd pinpnsp ON SAI r Rl 1 R IRANCIsI OROL'RIsE Angeles California thi LEGAL NOTICES (Van Nuys News— 86465) NOIICE OK AUOP1ION Ol RESOLD UO.N OF INTENTION 'lO LEASE Notice Is hereby given that the Board liustees of the Los Angeles cilv Junior College District has adopted the ronowing resolution or tnicntion to lease for cash certain facilities at Northwest Valley Area Junioi College Sile RESOLVED That the Boaid of lius tees of the Los Angeles Cltv Junioi College District in icgular and open meeting hereby declares Us intention lease propel ly anu/or lacmiy al NORIHWEST VALLEY AREA JLNIOR COLLEGE SI 1 E shown below which propel ty and/or facility is not and will not at the time of the use thereof under the pioposed lease be needed for college classrooms the teim of said Lease shall he for the period Indicated below al the rental shown below said rent payable at the office of the Contractual Relations Blanch of said Lessor or at other place as said Lessor may designate inai each bid must be accompanied y CASH CERTIFIED CHECK CASHI ERS CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to the order of the Los geles City Junior Collece Distnc t less than ONE HUNDRED AND N'O/100 DOLLARS as a guarantee me inooc'i, ii successful v is: i Lease for sard premises rvided foi herein aled and fr'ed June 15 1970 and that this together with any others lhat ma tted will be consideied in public ne 16 1970 at 4 00 p m in Room 140 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles that anv responsible pel son resent at said meeting shall be given n opportunity to raise the bids oiaMy fter the sealed bids are opened lhat nv oial bid shall exceed bv at least ve percent (5"*) the highest of any bid or all bids if it de l foi the besl public intc ithdiaw said property from .EGE SHE AGRICULTURAL LEASE No 2 on file and available for examination in the office of the Olympic Boulev les Callfornn FURTHER RESOLVED eetmg shall be given by posting copies of this lesolutlon signed copies of this lesolutlon Board or a major llv thereof ee public places in this Los Angele College District of Los Angeles County not less than fifteen nd by publication of the above lesolu lion not less than once a week for three successive weeks hefoie the date of said ing in a newspapei of genera lation published in this Los Ange My Junior College District of Los Angeles County or in this county and general circulation in this Los Angeles City Junior College District o: Los Angeles County PROPERTY AND/OR FACILITY Unimproved portion of land at Noi th west Valley Alea Junior College Site ending July 31 1973 MINIMUM REN I AL RA 1 B ^160 00 for the first month and T100 per m-thereafter payable monthly in adva By order of the Board of T i us of the Los Angeles City Junior College District Principal place of tesed i Rlvd Reseda wi 1 MISS its hand T R BRICK Business Manager Dated at Los Angeles California th Fifth day of May 1970 Publish Mav 21 28 June 4 (Van Nuys News— G S 626) Tile N« Id 14 I of Ca'ifomia County S I AT F OT CALII ORNIA COUN I Y Ol LOS ANCFI FS On this 14lh dav ot Miv . the Slate Woodman Ave Van Nuys Califor IN l> RNATION Af 1 .ARCH and that ■ iscd of the followi ime In full and pi: I ARM TING ig pel son whose ce of residence is Robert D Lower 5401 Sepulvecl Blvd Van Nuys California Witness my hand Ihls 18th day of ROBERT D LOWER for sard Countv Rohcrt D Lo lo be the per State duly this cei tifical (Van Nuys News— G S 625) CI RTIi ICATE Ol CORPORATION »Olt TRANSACTION OTBUMNISS UN 1)1 R I 1CI I TIOUs NAME business located at 7500 Reseda Blvd Reseda Cahfoi nia under the fictitious firm name of Dltirrvtooi) c \ndi i-CO and lhat said fnm is romposed ol DA 1 ED PftODUCUONS INC 14lh day of I said County and Stale leiein dulv c ommissinncri personally ippeaicd Thorn lOY CASIRO 4 II IS 1970 t III K All (II HIJSIXI sS I II I1IIOI s N Sill. idpisigncd do (ritify lhe\ MICHAFL H ROSENIHAI April 29 1970 brfoie me r v Public in and rni said slate lally appeared Michael H Rosen icknowldged they i DIM ONTINl \\ri OI Usf AND/Olt AII\NI)ONMIM Ol I K liriOUS N AM K IIIF UNDI ItslGM 1 i VCl ccitlfv dial effective Mav 11 they ceased In do business Ihe fictitious fnm name or YSIDRO SHOP at 721h Vassar (aniga Paik ( alifoi nia II III! business w is former Is composed ilhrldgc Callfi rrns idavil of public nil. AR I IK R I HI Rl P >I7ANCIS M HI1RIR Publish Mey 2S June 4 II IS J170 Von Nuyt (Collf )— ThunJ.y, Jun« 4, i»70 LEGAL NOTICES 'Van Nuys News — G S 5)21 911J1 under the fictitious fnm i ItOBFKi S SI-WIN). SJ-.ltv k K person composed of Robcit W Moirow 17350 Hamlin St Van Nuys Calif 91406 Dated May 8 1970 ROBER1 State of California Los Angeles Countv Publish May 21 28 CKRIIHtAI fc Ol I *K TlllOUs N, I lie Nu 70 m ie undersigned does conducting a business at whose name in full and State ot California Los Angeles Countv Nolaiy Public in W MORROW ppcaied Robcit W Morrow known nc to be the prison whose name subscnbed to ihe wiihin instiument ai acknowledged he executed the same Notary Public 14717 Pinalcli following person EVA MARIE ANGAL On Apill 30 1970 befoie me Nolaiy Public in and for said Sla Enow,' onallv appeared kva Mine An, (Seal) My Commission Explr Publish Miy 14 21 28 Mav 2b 1971 IK JITIOUS NAME Sun Valley California 91352 unde and that said fil PI ItsONAl SHIUIII )] Is composed of the whose nd place of residence is as follow Shirley D Shapuo 11001 Peon SHIRLEY D SHAPIRO foresaid "state* personally appeared Sh rley D Shipirc pet set: EVA B WOODWARD (Seal) Notary Public My Commission Expires Miy 26 1971 Publish May 14 21 28 June 4 1970 (Van Nuys News— G S 538) CERIiriCATF OF BUSINESS I1CTJTIOUS NAML Tile No 70 8799 Ihe undersigned do certify they ar conducting a business at 6020 Laurc Canyon Blvd North Hollywood Call forma 91606 under the fictitious firr name of CHERYL'S FASHIONS and omposed Carl R Witt Jr , 2517 E Cochran imi Calif 93065 William R Richards 6653 Gloria .ve Van Nuys Calif 91406 Dated May CARL R WI IT 1R WILLIAM R RICHARDS Ventura Counly On May 7 1970 before mi Public in and for said State personal appealed Carl R Wilt Ji and Willia R Richards known to me lo be the persons whose names are subscribed the within instrument and ackno edged they executed the same DORIS GOFR1SCH (Seal) Notarv Put My Commission Explies April 11 197 (Van Nuys News— C S 5551 CERT 1 1 ICAII OT BUSINESS HCTITIOUS NAM*. Rohcrt B I ii ii ove San Ferna Riymond E ROBFR I" B LINDSAY RAYMOND F MILLFR 10HN BOND JAMES R MOSS IR On Mav 8 1170 hefore me a Nolar Tihhc in and Tor said Slain porsnnall ppcaied Robert B Lindsav Riymon Puhhsh May 21 28 cut and acknowledged EDITH M BENT DIC T Nolary Public i Fxpircs Tan .9 1972 t if 1 1 nous n Ihe undei signed Nnjs Calif 91411. 11 1970 1-133 Almslead 1JVHRY I BARN1 SCHW I ICH Fictitious Firm Name? LEGAL NOTICES 1K1I1IOU-. NAMI 91 104 undei the fi< follow mi, pcis and places ot Ram bo IbOOS Hal uvs Cat 91406 Donald Gooding 18781 Stale of Califor Mav 15 1970 befo ppcaied Chat les Ran Mv Commission Expires Api bo and Donah IN 1111 ISIV1I Ol AIIUID ci editors heirs legate Ihe □ei RICHARD HESION bv lha Sunogates Couit of Wcsicncstcr,i,oun ly a court ol competent juiisuiluuh ui Ihe State of New Yoik that the following are indebted tn nr holding personal property of the said Ctlitomla Federal Savings anil Loan Association 601 Wilshue Boulevard Los Angeles County Los Angele (Van Nuvs News— G S 4561 CLRIIIIC\TI OI nusiNiss The undersigned ''-ei:' Wesltin Fedeial Savings and Loan Assocratron 600 South Hill stiect i-os Angeles County Los Angeles Calif Coast and Southern Icdelil Savings and Loan Association 835 South Hill sneet Los Angeles County Los Ange North Hollvwood colled the ci r 44i5 Lankers i peisonal piopeity reiver! !rnm tne slate the said Stale wh Ihe addi ing daims against : of the Estate o such icmo' DAYS after first publication of this notice Dated May 8 1970 RICHARD HESION As Executor BUEHLER Deceased Publish May 21 28 June 4 1970 Dated May 8 1970 Los Angeles County ALFRED rvan Nuys News— G S 539) I lie No 70 8800 The undersigned does ccitrry hp Is conducting a business at 85a9 Reseda Blvd Northndge California 91T24 un der the fir tilious firm name of RED DOG J AM-UN and lhat said firm Is composed of the following persnn whose name In full and place nf residence is as follows George lheodore 21045 Roscoe Blvd . Canoga Park Calif 91304 GEORGE 1HEODORE me to he ihe person whose name la subsci ibed lo the within insliumcnt and acknowledged he esecutcd the same EDI IH M REM DJCi (Seal! Notaiy Puhlic Publish May 21 28 I1UII DING MAIN I | N ANCI 2) A P F lANiioniAT si uvirr a supply ?nd lames Nielsen 14174 Claictta, Pacol n ( ahf 913)1 Dated April 3c 1'tvn Slate nf Cahfoi DO YOU OPERATE UNDER A Medged they executed Ihe samp EVA B WOODWARD Nolaiy Puhlio mmisslon Fxplics Mav 26 1071 Los Angeles Slate of Calrfo Angeles Slain If so, have you complied with the requirements of section 2466 of the Civil Code which snys Evtry person and every partnership transacting business — under a fictitious firm name — must tile a certificate storing the names in full and the p ace of residence of such person and Ihe member or members of such partnership — such certificate must be published once a week for four consecutive weeks If you have neglected th s procedure do you Whererer you Iiy« ,„ realize that the name of your firm is not protected !?* v " 1 1 « y, Th« ard lhat you ore nor entitled lo maintain suits for N«wi & Green Sh««t collection, or for other purposes, in the courts of **n r,lt* cflr* Ihe state of California? publicatien for you, Tok« care of th s important matter NOW by having The News & Green Sheet publish the cer lifrcat* The cost is »mall but the fil ng and publi- m cation ii something which should not be overlooked • The News & Green Sheet VAN NUYS OFFICE 14539 S»l«n V. fhon.7it.Tn, RESEDA OFFICE 7114 »..»<!, Blvd. Fhon. 342-«lBl CANOfiA l>A*K OFFICE 750» Topon.o Cnvon llrd. Phont 340-OA<ft NO. HOLLYWOOD OFFICE SI 17 Lonk.nh.m Phono I4S 24»4 1

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