Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 17, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1891
Page 8
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For 50c to 75c Per Yard! We will give you Side-Band Dress Goods, All-Wool and 42 inches wide that are worth $1.00 and $1.50 ner t>ard. Just Come and See Them To convince yourself that they are bargains, SCHMITT & HEFFLEY, N. B, All the latest designs in fine Embroideries. NOVELTIES In Spring 5 Goods Are Daily Arriving at the Tailoring Establishment of JACOB HERZ Call Early and Secure Cnoice. The Best on Earth Ben Fisher's Pure Baking Powder 311 Fourth Street. LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER & R-ADCH, 42O Broadway. SPRING STYLES, For Suits. Pantaloons and Overcoats have arrived. The assortment is complete. Call and see them. Harry Gr. Tucker, :-: The Pearl Street Tailor. :-: Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING. FEB. 17. For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for .00 CASH. I do this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city P T HOOT FY Tlie Tallor ' I. U. HU ] \JLiLi 1 , 323CPearlB RStreet. Try Hoosier Cough Cure, eod&w Lost, Saturday afternoon, betwee Murdock Hotel and Rans' shoe store a child's white fur cape. Return t> this office. Catarrh is not a local but constitu tional disease, and requires a const tutional remedy like Hood's Sarsapa rilla to eflect a cure. 13 Homer Kessler attended the annua meeting of the agents of the Union Central Life Insurance Association held at Columbia City Friday evening The meeting was attended by agentb of the company from all parts of the State and was very interesting, pleasing program was carried out in the evening which was followed by a grand banquet. Mr. Kessler wil return home some lime this week. It rjisj now generally spoken of in K. P. circles that Appolo Lodge Knights of Pythias, will be divided in twain ere long. The lodge has attained such a membership that split" is deemed advisable by some of the members, and even now steps are being taken to obtain another iharter and start a new lodge from the membership of the old. Appolo Lodge numbers something like 300 members, and could easily stand a split. Peru Journal, Saturday: Harry Chapman was up "from Logonsport today.. . .Judge WinEeld came up from ,ogansport this morning... .W. H. Whitman of Logansport, was up today with his friend Harry Chapman .... J. W. Bussard of Logansport, will spend Sunday in the city the guest of his uncle, J. A. Swarteel of the East End.. . .Mrs. C. F. Rauchand children came up from Logansport last even- ng and arc visiting at the residence of L. E. Brough and Frank Statesman. Mr. Rauch will spend Sunday here. Ft, Wayne Gazette: The next State invention of the Indiana division T. P. A., will be held in Ft. Wayne on the first Saturday in May. This will brieg together the representative :ommercial travelers of all sections of the State, and it is the desire of the ocal members to give them a fitting •eception. With this end in view a jommitteeof C. T.'s will call upon the obbers in a week or two to make ar- •angements for their reception, and we bespeak for them a kindly reception and a fair hearing.... The version of Uncle Tom's Cabin, interpreted by Stetson's Double Monster Company, which will exhibit at Dolaa's opera house next Friday evening has met the especial approval of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, the immortal authoress of that world-famed drama, from the fact of Manager Stetson's adherence to the original text, which is a complete deviation from the custom of other Uncle Tom managers, who interpolate so many attempted gags, stale jokes and vulgar witticisms into their renditions that scarcely a vestige is left or the nev er- to be-forgotten work. Ft. Wayne Gazette: The Wabash Railroad is the only road entering the city that continues to demand a $5 deposit for every 1,000-mile ticket, or in fact in any portion of this territory. In view of the fact, and that other roads are considering the matter of again issuing week-end tickets, their parallel competitor, the. T., K. C. "& St. L, R. R., having already done so, while the Wabash positively declines to do so in Indiana, although doing it in Illinois, a concerted movement is about te be made by the commercial travelers and jobbers of Lafayette, Logansport and Fort Wayne, to give their freight traffic to competing points to the roads .that are favorably disposed. In Other words, to give their business to their 1 friends. ON TRIAL FOR MURDER. WlJlurd Harvey'Arraigned Before the liar o(' Juslicc to AIIKWCT to llic Charge ol' Murder. Samuel RTIcCloxkey'a Slayer to l)c Tried by a Jury or Hi* Peer*. A Crowded Court Room and Hindi Interest' Xukcn In Hie fane. On the 16tli of last May in a quarrel at Royal Center Willard Harve struck Samuel McClosky on "the hea with a heavy scantling'. The blov proved fatal in a few hours. Harvey wa placed ih jail bat was later release on bond. Yesterday morning; at ' o'clock Judge J. T. Cox of Per called his case in court and th second murder trialthis year began i the Cass circuit court. The circumstance of the killing- ar familiar to Journal readers. The af fair grew out of the precipitous 'Ugh o,f Henry Winklebleck, who committe numerous forgeries then left. H operated a saw mill at Royal Center and immediately after his High claims began to pour in against him and the lumber at the mill was leviei on to satisfy these claims. Among thes< claims was one in favor of Hiram Harvey. The judgment was placed in th hands of a constable for execution am accompanied by John ard Willari Harvey, the officer went to the sa\ mill to levy fin the lumber. Whil this process was being carried ou Samuel McCloskey who was foreman of the mill and in whose charge th property was, made some remark re fleeting on Hiram Harvey's veracity and John Harvey, son of Hiram, callec McCloskey a liar. At this the latter advanced toward John Harvey with peice of board in his hand. Harvej clinched him and while they wer struggling Willard Harvey, brother o John, picked up a piece of scantling and dealt McCloskey a blow over the head, from the affects of which h died in about 5 hours, Harvey after he struck the blow went before a justice of the peace and plead guilty to assa.ult and battery. Harvey has prepared himself for a vigorous defense having retained as counsel, Dykeman, Wilson & Tuber, M. Win field, J. C. Nelson and M. D. Fansler. Prosecutor McGreevy is as- isted by D. H. Chase. The case has' attracted much attention at Royal Center and a great many people from that place were in attendance at the trial yesterday, the court room being as well filled as during the late Shaffer murder trial. Mrs. McCloskey, widow o£ the murdered man, a pretty, sad faced woman occupied a seat close to the States attorney and all through the process of impanelling the jury and beginning of the evidence sat a close and interested spectator of all that was done. The accused, a little man vith a sallow face, thin mustache vhich inclines to be bristling, and ight hair sat surrounded by his attorneys and exhibited a calm indifference o the scenes heing enacted around him and of which he was the central igure. His father, Hiram Harvey, vas at his elbow all day and of the ,wo is apparently the most concerned. The task of impannelling the jury •equired the whole of the time before dinner but finally the following men vere selected to weigh the law and ,he evidence. Henry Long, John Michaels. John nV. Stauffer,- Andrew Philips, Henry J. Lyon, John W. Snell, W. H. Pear- ion, Marcellus Noel, Charles Thomas, )avid Lenon, Jacob Henke and James ienson. The examination of witnesses be^an about'2 o'clock. Wm Marshall, Esq. 'ames Groves and Frank George witnesses of the fatal affray gave their estimony as to the occurrence. The acts as deduced by this evidence are .ubstantially as above given. Vhile the constable was engaged in making the levy on he lumber John Harvey was sitting )n a pile of lurnoer checking off the 'Oards as selected. McClosky was >resent, and the conversation drifted nto a personel channel, and McClosky ailed into question the veracity of liram Harvey. John Harvey gave his remark the lie, and McClosky vent toward John in a menacing man- er with a piece of board in his hand, bhn jumped down off the pile of umber and encircled McClosky's body vith his arms. While the two were truggling Willard Harvey picked up piece of scantling, or heavy lath, nd struck McClosky over the head, 'he blow did not render McClosky un- onscious and he was able to walk to be pump,'• wash his wounds and walk .ome, a short distance away. Dr. J. J. Burton and Dr. Foutz tes- ifled as to the character of the inju- ies received by McCloskey. The kull was fractured above the right ar, the fracture being about three nches long. A clot of blood was ound on the brain, the pressure thus xerted,being the cause of death. A large number of witnesses have een subpcened to testify in the case nd the trial will probably consume he remainder of the week. The tate requested that the jury be re- uired to stay together, but the court vould not make such a ruling. $ 9. 8 8 Overcoats and Suits To speed the parting with this Season's goods we cut to cost and down below! Tis better now to sell at less than not to sell at all! The money making season now is over, but still these are piles of goods! To reduce them but one mower's work is effective! - . His Name - Low Price Some set him to work. This week we give you an advantage that is seldom equaled. We throw completely in the shade all previous efforts of our competitors. We give you your Choice Of regular $12.00. $18.50, $ 15.00 and $16.50 Suits and Overcoats for but Nine Dollars and Eighty-Eight Cents. So be it! A Suit or Overcoat you buy, your saving is tremendous. BEAR IN MIND These goods are Suits and Overcoats we have been getting from $12.00 to $16.50 for. Men's £6.50 and §6.00 pants go for $4.50. Men's $20.00 and $22.00 Overcoats and Suits go for$15.00. We will continue for one week and one week only for cash this great sacrifice. Rare Bargains Offered in every grade, From the finest to the lowest. Examine the ' above advertised goods, you will find all they are cracked up to be HARRY FRANK Exclusive One Price Clothier of Logansport and Delphi. Our Annual distribution of $125 worth of presents-takes place next Friday. Come and see us between now and then and we will do you good. | ' Wilson, Humphreys & Co., 2OO and 2O2 Fourth St. Our Popular Flour. Flour is the most, important thing we sell you and that we have tried to make ourselves the most popular. We selected a pink sack and the brand "Snow Ball" as the trade mark for the flour we were going to make popular. Then we came to the flour. Quality was the first thing we thought of. We wanted the whitest and most satisfactory flour on the market, when we found it we warranted- it. Price was another thing'bf utmost importance \ve wanted a price which no one else could approach on that quality of Hour, and we found it "Snow Ball" at once became the popular flour of Logansport, and of a hundred miles around, and it is to-day. We buy it now in car-loads, and our buying price is low. Our selling price is only $2.35 per'hundred. But you must get the right "Snow- Ball" to get this price and this quality. Others may imitate the brand, but not the price, if' their quality is right. The "Snow Ball" we have told you of is only sold at :••'..' M. McCaffrey: & Co. i I i \\ I s

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