The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW<? (ARK.) COURIER NEWg FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1338 Jh o( jill at 2 00 p'clock of U» Qirl Scouts | (viri| a' te$ it tfce First presby- riftjv ^nirc.lj';Itorn 2:00 I? 4:00 ;]ock. • ' ' lub Has, Curtis Mrs. £ D. Carptnter, Mrs. Elton f. KB-by and Mrs. N. P. Knl?ht ere gitesls of Mrs. A. B. FalrficW hen she entertained members of re Mid -.\yee.t Bridge club at her cane <fhjar6d'ay. Thf ttopp course luncheon was irved at EJtiaji tables arranged in IB liYigf.rooiij with spring flowers MftwA'^^W^Uve note. The tales rewesentrng a heart on wheels 'ere JLrt -honor of Mrs. Carpenter, too U moving to Chicago soon. Mrs,'! Ce£ll .Slwme won the club rize,'a wooden saiad set, and Mrs. arby, the gijest prize, a handmade lanflkerchief. Mrs. Carpenter re- eivetf » similar gift as a farewell reeling tod Mrs.- Knight, a lunch- on guest, /was given a box of va'l- ntine e-undy. ; ' .:•. . \\ • •„ -.> , iot«: Noble '/•ye* 5ive - of home . The annu»l. birthday dance given iy ilotel Noble each year will ba ield to the Blue.'.Rooni on George Washington's birthday. Tuesday light, February ,22! it was an- iounc«d today by Jessee Stltt nanager of the hole]. The affair rill be in honor of thejllh anni- rersary_of:the opening of the. hptel. rhe dance 'will be night club style rith tables for the giieits and rnu^ sip IE 'to be provided by Charles Ifchols arid 'his 'Swinig Band from Memphis,' •'..";.-•'•:.. " " '•',":•. • -. > . t . « _ . ' Cast Chosen for 5ecbn4' Production Final 'trj'outs'for the BlythcvtUe Little Theater's second production, "A Pull House," were held and a tentative 'cast chosen at the weekly meeting of Ujc gl'WP at the city hall last t .njsht. > ..••••: • Miss ^t{l r yp" Grear, Miss Nina Harris and Mrs. Charles Cartoon vfy) compose- the castlnj cpn\n>lt- t^e,' assjsi,e4 bi' , 'tijc i Miss Mary 'gain' arid Slia\er,- chpso yip following per'sore for roles ip this comedy; deajin? witli ' FLAPPER FANNY In Mci(iphts yesterday. l?i)slilng; Is convajesclng at his hoine after a 12 d,ays' illness Walla. Wash., arrived, this , mornlnj tp be the guests o( Mrs ' Bjstev Mrs. Joe sa'acs for 11 feiij days. . S. McOariiels, of S ' Mo., (B convalescing at- nntj Mts. Tipton Bllectoniy. of her brother, Dr. pan! P. •ripton a ton, Steiday 'School Conserving.the Sabbath. BV WM. E. GIl.ROV, I). I). Kdllor of Advance Customs and even souml principles lend lo lose Ihcir reality when obedience lo them becomes formal ind conventional. Tiicy lend also in he same way lo become matters of ilgolry and prejudice rather than of l and intelligent conviction. A distinctive Instiluton of Jud^In the days of Jesus was Hie observance of the Sabbath had become a mailer of prejudice and bigotry found fault becai|so the m?n liatl been healed on Ilio Sabbath Day. Our lesson tells how the disciples, as they, went through (he grain field.6 oji the Sabbath Day ami were hungry, packed tho ears an<l began to eat ttic wheat. Just as many of, u.s, when we were boys, liave upon H line a tense pf liuinan need. It was lf\e precursor of the ChrlEtlan Sunday. Sablrath, II was a noble inslitutlMi Uqne. \VHji lliese disciples it was a nc conception and mailer of sheer hunger. Why should they nol have taken the food lliiii. u;is near al liancl and many Christians prefer to lliat required no work of preparn- call (he Sabbath, linking it wilh (Ion other than nibbing il in Hie the Jewish institution rather than palm of Ihc hand niul winnowing willi the pagan derivation from II? Yet the bisot.s complained that Which the word "Sunday" coinav these disciples were breaking the There is no doubt whatever that •leans, as a sincere and devout jew, highly regarded the sabbgth; but He found this noble institution given over In the minds of many people to purely formal observance, Sabbath. It was under these circumstances that Jesus asserted in the plainest way that "the Sablralh was made for man, and not man for Die Sablo mere observance of a sort bath." that is. a principle that we -^ "Hello, Ciarici.-? 1 just wai)IC(l jlo ask whclhcr yunr purlj-'i gonna be hir- mfll or whether we'll have fun." . r. and Mrs,, Aprils Moon, who have been Uvlng in Mpnette fp Hip past year, Have returned nu(ke their home \\tte. A{ presen thy are with Mr- Moon's parents Mr. an(\ Mrs. M. T. Moqn i }j. L. Chambers, who is il| al tji BapllBt ' l\ospltal In M.empb,lE, Is slightly i;nproved. J. M. Fi|ltf>H. {QHncrly of (he Hotel at Filltoa, Ky., has o-»i-,'itRl ft posi.!l:n, SB rppin. clerk al the Hotel Noble licre. yL<t- wlio has been UQiinecl^d ! wilh iiH|iibpr of hotels in the west, sureeeils John qpodw,in >i .v iqir "l-i Angeles, Oa!(f., to a.Cr cept nnoiher ))ds|l|on. Mrs. B, F. Wallace of Monroe, La., who has been the guest of Ml 1 . thefts,' arisi ind.iscreel letters (p. a chorus girl; Mrs. S. s ber^, ijlss'_.M,lldteci : Mppre. "Mafjprie Warren, 'MJss Mary ' " ilfiSS Blagkwopcl's mint. Mrs. Clarence Wilson, anil Mr. Wilson. An imported cloth and a silver centerpiece filled with yellow jou- liills and Y>'!lllc Iveeslas will l)i) utcd on Uic (linipj: table al ^'hlcl\ the tbrcp COIUEP ^irkpy filmier wllj be servo;!. The yellow and while flower schome will be used ;l)roufhoqt {he hpMse. InimcdilBlcly following dinner 'he guests 'Will return lo Osccolji [or the wedding rehearsal. • The juest . list Includes. Miss Blackwood, Mr. Driver, Mr. and Mrs. •lames Driver, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sliippen, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Blnckwood, D. H. Binckwood, Jr., Mr, and Mrs. Spencer Driver, all if Osceola. nnd. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Blanche fjay,' riej T))b"n)psDn, ' \jcHaney >[ Kennctt. Mrs. flelvin MnfUn Miss AHytie l^lsori; ! ':,Mtss, Mary Louise SoweU; i: jifrt'.;'Charles i <jahoori, J... ga.rnett...,f(oijge..,ijafp, vjfe" Mf- Dpvsell, Robert Reeder, K "c: Fqrd, tioip Barnes and James Edwards," XThe-first-procluction of, this group •was- a,one tact plaVi veparklin',-' presented Tvlth the • Jonesboro A Capella choir on. .a program spon- ' sored by l_h.e Lange parent Teacher -association.. ' • * * . Armoirel .yf. M, V, Meets Twelve inembers cf the Women's Missionary Union of Ihe Armore! Baptist church met al the liome of llrs.'O. Ii Bishop Monday afternoon for a. business session. Because of the illness of Ihe president, Mrs. T. E. Tale, the meeting was presided over by Mrs. D • B. Garner. . ' The "opening prayer was offered by the Rev. c. I*. Bishop, and iirs. earner gave the Devotional. A re^ port' on' the '^Worker's Conference held recently:at Osceqla was, made by Miss Margaret Pruilt, follqwln? f which plans • were made for (he Bludy of the librae mission book "Fruits of'the .Years.'' 'and for Ihr i" ince of 'the March week of prayer.' Tke meeting was closed wilh 3 prayer by Mrs. Bishop. The hostess assisted, by Mis- Pmltt aryi-. Miss' Helen. Andersor served refreshments to the guests. ' ' ' '•• , ' : • f > ' ^ * Named .Qii Honor Lisl .Mjss Francjes~.-jyitI6,. daushter of Mr. and/MrsvTjTorn A.' Litlle, war named •:ctn? J 'illie : dean's honor iist .when sc.hplas^o ratings were re. leased tiiis^e^k at Christian Col- 7lqb ,#r elr. •' 'Sprint: flowers Ihvouehout the '.ousjo "added » seasonal louch lo 'he home of ifts.-A. O. Little when she enfSliairicd members of the Luncheon club mid two 'Isitors. Mrs. James H. Beli and Mrs. Thomas K. Mnlnui, yesterday itlernoon. A two course luncheon was served at snwll tables arranged in •,'nc living rqoni. Mrs. Bell was high and Mrs Osceola Society --- Pcrsqnal tiiol utterly disregarded all sense of deeper human need and of higher human values. When He healed a man upon the Sabbath i)ay, instead pf rejoicing thai a fellow mortal had found health, tho narrow people (or whom home of her brother, N. J. Humphrey, lo her own home on Highway Gl ucrlh. Mr. and Mrs. W. 1,. Stcgall al Jackson. Tenn., arrived Thursday in to the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W- H. Minyard for a fe\v days, R. £. Dilatush. ol East. Vrairio. Mp., attended to business in Bly- thevllle today. Mrs. Curtis Campbell antl children, Jack and Myrtle,' who .i|'e enroilte lo Lnhbock, Tex., where might, establish aiul practice in the whole range of customs and observances. When customs mxl observance. 1 : become exalted to a place where Uiey supplant human values ano human needs, II is lime to prolest ir his home on-East-Sixteenth street. Mrs. Jellries .who, has been spending the winter with ' her! daughter/ in St. Louis, Mo., was called home. '# ho name, of humanity, and It is sound to protest in Ihc name of jod, ' In our niodern world, of course, he whole mailer Is in a measure reversed. We lend today to have ost all sense of sanctity concerning a day of rest, lo say nothing of Uic I "^ Jewish or Christian Sabbath. H will be recognized Dial in our! niodern complex world it would be impossible to arrange everything on a basis of old-fashioned or strict observance of Sunday. It would ail that vast numbers of people would be subjected lo great inconvenience, and possibly even to hunger and distress. Wo could not stop and paralyze our whole mechanism of life at a csrtaln hour on Saturday evening. Nevcrllieless, it is not for Ihc good of humanity i>\' for Uic world Uwt we liave so far abandoned the possible observance of Sunday as a <i;iy ot rest, and above nil, the spirit of Ihe mslilulion. If Jesus were In our cities today, I think possibly lie might put (lie emphasis on a different place. We might lliink of f litii as savins, "The 'Sabbath was made lor nion. Why docsn'l man make belter use ol it?" Children's Colds "~- .... Best treated without "losing" I "Kit "I'| Hverylhing for your enter tainmcnt j»nd comfort. Admission Matinee 10c & 2«c Admission Niflit He i- 3Bo Friday Only .* ITISA r, ROUGH-HOUSE, RASS^IN' RIOTI and Mrs. Hiram Wylie Mr, Mrs. I- W. W»H«s Kiitciiiiins Fov Hri^le-J'.l&i'l Cqncimting l(ic series of uttrac- UVe parties Hint have been given Inrc and 'in Memphis for Miss Virginia BlackwoacI who will be married tomorrow night lo Jettie D. Driver, was Ihe la.ce rinily party given by Mrs. L. W. Walters at r\o (io\mliy home Trmradny allcr- ,0011. ; Bmnll lace fans tied wilh pink satin bows were used as individual Inlllea by Hie sixteen players. Tnc fpnr puds on each table Vv'orc largr er lace fnns tied with larger pink Iraws. l'"irsl.-j fliid. second awnrds, both cf which" -'y/im double decks o( cards lieil with" pink satin ribbon drflwn through 'lace (lollies were wpi? liy Mrs. Cluy -Bryant, nnd Mi-s. l r rai\k Wlllliin\s. Miss Black- wcbt| w»s presented willi linen lowcis, and Miss Louise itnle, ulso n bride-elect of the season, \vns glyei) Ifice hau^HercUlefs, Tlie bridal motif was doininnnl and Mrs. C- L- WS'lle, returned to lipr li.oinc Thursday. Mrs. ilownrd Proclor of Llltle Rock Is the Riiest of Miss Cora Lcc Colcmnn mid Mrs. S. S. Steru- tci'B lor a few days. Mrs. A. G. Litlle is in Meinphis lodny. Miss Ma.ry Virginia Arnpld of .Ipmphls. i'uuioc of .Sheldon Hall, i|l:| l\vp ippiiibers of lie)' wed,d)n£f iar|y Arnold, of Memphis, t\ud Eliaabkh Anil Willey, of a'niin, are Ihe guests of Mr. Hall's liircnls, Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Ha|l or a few days. Mrs.. Edward Scgraves, of .near , her sislcr, Miss Slyirlcy they the will make guest; of Ilielr Mrs. home, arc Cumpbcll's sister, Mrs. F. E. Fox, and Mr. Fox. Linney School Lists Honor Roll Students The following students were on the honor ro|| of tlic Linney schosl lor Uic. fifth month of the school Cai'uthersville Society — Personal KIioHci Vcr Mrs, Kirk Mrs, Ltnnie Kirk, a member of the Gleaners Sunday School Class of UIE Baptist Chinch recipient of a number was the of lovely sifts Wednesday evening when the group surprised her with a mis- ccllansq\|s shower of clothing. Mrs. Kirk hacj the misfortune to lose her clqtbhiB when a thief entered her lio'me last week. Afler a short social period <hc grpti]) attviide:) ] day in Memphis where she shop- j l )(1 d. I Lrc Wolf of the Fusliion Khop spending this week i» Chicago where lie is buying new spring merchandise for his stove. Mrs. W. J. Peck has rjeen con- lined to her home this week due lo illness. Mrs, J. S. Wahl, Mrs. Maude Bragg, Mr;;. Goklie Fisher, Mrs. E. C. Masdon and Mrs. W. D. Byril attended the funeral of J. N. Barnes held at Porlngevillc Wed- ncsdny aflerncon. Mrs. Joe Wyalt and son Tony Prayer meeting service at church. the left Thursday morning lier tcrnr. Second gra.dc: Bcatlo. Ann Girdlcy. Kincr, Itno Jean grade: J. D. Boslic, Elhcl Inez Jones. Marlon Dean ' ' Fourth 'grade: A D ^ ' __ ...... ^ , - .; Jinn 5,1 IIM^- i^lMMV'*" *J :.uxoru, is much unproved foUOw-T >Iack Allrr.d, (irlRrth'a An; Ross D. Hughes, second tiigli in in (lie sqlud course wllli Individual he hrideo gardes which followed .unchcon. Jege, cplunib^a, Mo. -' Miss •year, .economies '.cJSb', ...... "' is a senior this ent of the horns , , All the members attended the Thursday Afternoon cUrb when .11 met at;"tr[e":iioine of Mrs. P. C. At the Hospitals John S. Holmes, Route One, underwent a major operation last night at the Blytheville hospital. Mrs. Roslc •Ktnnlnmonlh. 800 Bout)) Lilly street, was taken to the Blytheville hospital yesterday in a Cobb ,arnbiUance. She will nndergp treatrnonl.bgfore a-'piajor operation. Joe Huffman was removed from his h,ome. on Ejqu(h 20th s.trcpt to the' Blytheville 1 hospiial yesterday afternoon,in a. Cobb ambulance. ' Louis bee ijlmpjon, of stecle, wlio underwent an operation for the removal" of his left eye following an accident tp which a stiok pener trated his eye ball, was dismissed from the Blytheville hospital yesterday. Mrs. M. George is a (laticnl al the Memphis Baptist hospital, Elmer Hazel, of CarulhersviUc, has been admitted to the Memphis Baptist hospital. J. W. Thrallklll. of OsceoU, taken lo Ihe Memphis Raplisl hos- pitfil yesterday.- Dr. George Cone, o[ Osccola. underwent a tonsilcctomy yesterday at the Eye, Ear, NPSe and 'lliroat lios- pilal of Memphis. wcrWhig caHcs resting on lace doi(- ics, and toppcil v|\h small burning pink lapcrs In rosebud liolcl- ere. Mrs. t,an Williams. Miss tlcle|i Williams, and -Mrs. W. L. Moore were lea guests. The robes antt uniform worn by Mrs. J. B. Mitchell, who has been coniincd lo her home wilh an injured knee since January 20, is iiomewhat improved. Albert 1 Behrcns of Jnckson, Mis- so\iri, and St. Louis, is the guest of Judge S. L. Olndlsli and Mis. Glnrtlsh. Ellzftbelh Thorn Is out ol school this week from an Infected ear. Cecil Wellborn is confined to his home with a light ultack ol jinnllpox. Tliomar, Jones, who is a patient in tlie U. S. Oovernmcnl Hospital nt Forl nayartl, New Mexico, is Improving, according lo messages received by friends and relatives hero. The Freshman class ol Ihc high school, with Miss Christine. Poin- itesler. sponsor, were ciHerlaiued wilh a scavenger hunt at Ihe home of Mrs. J. P. nclmnlllcr last night. The class numbers thirty-four boys and girls. Mr. and Mrs, B, L, Prcsson, Mrs. Clarence Moore, and John Kelser attended tpe monthly meeting of n niastold operation al 'the MiniplvU Baptist hospital. She 1 will return Jierc to convalesce .nt Ihc home qt hcv parents, ^lr. jind Mrs, Herman Cross. Ann Orr, daughter of Williami Crf, lui? : recovered from mi ill^ ness (if brorichitls. '.; Llcyd Ward jr., mil leave in Ihe piornlng for rorl Myers, Pla,, where hp will johi his parents. Mr. and Mrs, L. L. Wartl, who arc spending several montlis theix'. Mrs. ~E. K. Henton, of fileele, was in Blylhcriilc loday. Mr. and Mrs. Orover Ashley and children, Evelyn and Larry, have gone to New Mexico for an indefinite stay. Mrs. O, ¥. Clrceu is visiting relatives in Osceola. Mrs. drcn in SI visit Mrs ler, Miss Anna. Rldenour. Mr?. E. A. ncgcriqlri of Paris, ot ner son. 'Rebecca Blort:cr, p.->urighly. ,ie Hunt. feixth grade: Muriel Gene Hays. Clwla Blocker. - Eighlh grade: Sylvia Cook, Gaytha Mae Cook, Wanda Tfizur. • Kdirrialny Club ' Mrs. Cecil Hudspcth cnicrlalncd the members of the Jolly Matrons Club al the Eat Shop Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Curtis Sawyer was a guest. Mrs. Virgil Davis held high score and received n luncheon cloth, Mrs. Bnford TliweaU was second high, receiving lingerie. Mrs. J. E. Green cut [or consolation and was given a i heart shaped bos of chocolates. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Les Hopkins for Campbell, where she will remain until Sunday. Mrs. Cora Ray of Memphis who cnmc Tuesday to atten;| the Elliott funeral is the guest of Mrs. Ivy Ijiindon on Fergttson avenue. S. j. Jeffries is seriously ill at HUMPHREY BOCART • FRANK McHUGH -LOUISE fA2ENDA • NAT PENDIETON PENNY SIHGUTOH-ftlUH IEHKINS THE WEAVER BROS. & EWRY Also "California Qiarits" and Candid Kill.'" Admission Matinee lOc & 2lio /Wniission Nighl 16o & SCa Mrs. Panljne Hayticn, Miss Marie ,. , , ."' ] ElP.nck, Mrs. Cleo Goi)d\yin nnd tn Naples, Italy, street vendors Mrs. C.. P. Meadows spent Tuc3- day in Menip.his. Mris,/Delbeii Harper spent Tucs- scvve steaming hot spaghetti at A nominal charge of five cerite;-1li( v'e'ndor serves-H plateful. Which .iS Buy Furniture Now - Pay This Fall We arc again ready to tlo business on Kail Terms, one-half down, balance Oct.' 1, 1 MS. This applies on anything in cur stock provided Ihc hill amounts In as much as S-1D- HUB^ARD FURNITURE CO., , . Blythcviilc, i\tk. .„', eaten Ihen and'lhere by Iho cus- 1 tonier. IN Mrs. Ocrnelin Willlanis Burks, who died January .11, was ;i"clc- scendant of (lie wiilianis family, of Riplcy, Tenn., having been torn there "March 26, )£I64. . !,' At the age, of 18 she was aiTUi- ftte'd with the Methodist''church. Ii Tex., is the guest of Her son, EA- die Regerioid,, and Mrs. «t llieir home in Armorc). Mrs. Erf \Villiams. spent Thursday in WHspn with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wallace. 1,1. Iiighfi|l attended to business jn Jpnesbprq yesterday. F. E. Fox, who has been ill with Influenza tit his home, is now con- va,lcscing. Mrs. K. O. "Pete" Bclzlcr, who Inis been very III witli pneumonia, is grcally improvert and will be moved Saturday morning from Uic Mrs. Burks was kind and considerate to all, n loving 'and devoted mother, she will be deeply mourneci by friends and loved ones, who find "'• r.nly consolation in the fact that their loss is her gain. To the children we say with the poet: By the eye of faijli we see her, ; Among Ihc angel • band. She Is moving onward, upward, Waving back to us her hand, •roll the bell softly. The gates are ajar. : . Angels arc waiting Her soul from afar. Sue and Sada. : ' in EngJIsr; peer on his coronation pclicol snpcrlnlcndcnls and prln- 1 ' belwcen U and 20 pounds, ciples in Blytheville last night. -'--' Oihe ta.nJ.6s'. and the color scheme '••cairled"<Mit"ih>the salad plate were indicative •: of the approaching Val- 'enflne's';day.' V .'.-'• Mrs Max ^Voolen, who was high In the bridge games, was given a double deei-of'banis. * * *' Entertains ,Cnib Mrs. O. '\V. McCutchen entertained rnemb'ers of "Ihe'Thursday Contract clu^ and ITM> guests, Mrs. Walker ri. Baker and Mrs. Rodney Jx Bannteter, with -art afternoon party at-Tier home yesterday. SaUit,:_Valentlne was Uie insplra- tkm f&i-.j the 'party decorations, the holiday 'being emphasized in the tallies arid 'the" luncheon plate served. ' . In the -card games. Mrs. P.-B. Joyner received the club prize, bath x mllk, ariof ' Mre Balt«r. the guest prize, a 'deck :of cards. FOR LOWEST DELIVERY COST .ONLY $155.00 1934 Ford V-8 Pickup This is a real buy. Only S62.00 down owl S13.00 per month. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut ('hone 810 c of 11TH ANNIVERSARY DANCE Washington's Birthday, Feb. 22 Mu.sir by— CHAS. NICHOLS AND HIS BAND ''floe of .flip Squill's BCsl Suing Bands" DANCING IN THE ' BEAUTIFUL BLUE ROOM NIGHT CI.tJB STVI.K Script $1 50 p?r Couple, 51.lcf Slnsle HOTEL NOBLE OTICi -To- MorcluuUs «X r Business Men You arc herein notified th;it cily iiances rct|tiiriu K ;i|| refuse, (rash and garbage lo IK> (iliicod in closed containers and kept in such manner .until removed from premises arc to be strictly enforced. MARION WILLIAMS Mayor. SHOP^ PHONE We Offer You FREE DELIVERY Phone 789 SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY Eggs, fresh, dozen 20c CoHec, Mc's special 19c ?; • , . ;-^-- <~-~ — ;— : ; Biscuits, Ballorrls en lOc P^tli[ohns Quaker lOc Pumpkin, ^Z^ IQc Toilet Paper, roll 5c Waslr Powder 3 for lOc K,C. M- Pp... 25oz 21 c Brooms, 75c val for 38c Matches, 3 boxes lOc Apples, Lge. doz. 25c SrusscH sprouts Ib \l% Grape JVuif 6 for 25c Vanilla Waiters Ib, 15c Post Toasties, ea. Tornttoes, No, 2 7Va c Oleo, Lily brand Ib. 15c lima Beans, No. 2 12y 2 Pork & Beans No, 1 5c English Peas, Bly en lOc Potatoes, peck sack 27c Soap, Camay, bar 6c Super Suds, 3 for ?5t z 25 c Celery, Jumbo lettuce, large head 5c Cabbage, green Ib, 4c Hens full dressed Ib 27c HI I'} AT Bacon, Fancy Sliced, Lb, 25c Country Pig Pork Sausage Ib 19c Pork Chops, smaHJoins, Ib. 2Sc Cheese, Wisconsin full cream 25c Mixed Sausage, 3 Lbs, for 25c Roast, K. C. Chuck or Rib Ib. 22c Hams, Half or Whole, lb t 2Sc CASH OEOCEKY 322 West Main I'lwne 789 SATURDAY DANGER .. . Invisible'. KARLOFF ...Invincible! INVISIBLE MENACE" BORIS KARLOFF MARIE WILSON EDDIE CRAVEN . 4 W4ftNfR BROS. Prclu.t >l)s;o"c;tr(oon '& serial "Slysfcrious Pilot" with Captain Frank Hawkcs Continuous Showing Ailiribsioii till 5 p.m. Kc & U6c Aiimuiicn after 5 p.m. IGc A 3lc Sunday - Monday Alsn rararnpuiil News. Piclorial ,fc Kgghc^d Cartoon C'ontiiiuous Showing Sunday ttilinis.sinn Suiiiby Rfatinpe and 16c & 36c illon. Stalinec lOc & 21/e Roiur Admission Alff.iys 10o A Z«o • Show every n'sht. MaHnecs fti-- rta>', Saturday & Sunday Ojily. rViilay & Sunilay Maltnecs slail ?•'? p.m. Salurrtiy. Continuous shoirln ff from I fo II: (0 p.m. Night shows start 6:45; p.m. Friday - Saturday RHYTHM-PACKED THRILLER! ™ | Also cartoon K serial. "Tim Xy- Irr's I.uck. 1 ' Sunday - Monday s and John r Patrol' wilh Harry Carey i A love and Ilirill dr.iuia of (he nir.n \vtia bamlle nilroglycctlne in l(ic oil (iclfls. i,. AJso Kpx jS'cns & ComCily

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