The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1934
Page 4
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t'AUE FOUR BLY-ttUSVILLB, (ARIL) COURIER SATURDAV, NOVEMBER 10, 193- THE BLYTHEVILLE COUB1ER NEWS THI COURIER NEWS Op* PUBUBHJBM 0. K. 3ASCCWK, latter H. W. HAWKS, AdvertliuU' Wuu<*( Bole N«uan»l Advertising *wpT<*enMtWe«: Ark&nsM Dallies, too., New York, CWCtgo, Ct'.rclt, St. Louis, Dtttu, K«f«m'C)ty,MempUi». Published Every Artercoon EXCIDI 8tina*y. Entered as second uliss matkr at the post office at Biylhcvllle, Arkansas, under act of Congresi, Oc- tfTF& toter 9, 1911. Serveti ov rtin United Pr«i» SUE SCTU tTJON HA17IB By carrier in vne city ot BlYUiovUie, J6c p« week or ?6.W per year In »rtv»ncc. By man wllMn & radius of 60 rallei, 13.00 P« year »1 5i) icr six raontli!, 85o for Irjee montbj; by mall In postal zones two to sU, Inclusive, ttJ.SO per year, In Mncs seven ann eight, 110,00 pci- yen, payable lu »dvanc». No Use jor Inefficiency Tliu snpix'tiK 1 cuiii't'.s ilucision ni>- lioUlinK iiricc-lixiiiK mciistircs by tli« New York Milk Control Board may well Htiiiul a s » landmark in tin; de- velopment.of our iillilmlo lowsinl llio inler-ivlalion <_>(' private. \irottL and stale snpci'visioii. Tlio'Jiliii! |iitrl ol' llio dwisioii wonkl sccin to bu I huso words: "Tlic Mill ainuiHlmoiH does nol pvoted a business against llio hazards of competition." In olbur words, a legislature lins a ri«lil to use the opcratini? costs of an inilusti-y's more utl'icionl incinburs as a yardstick, in iTiichinjf a fair price luvel, «nd Ibe less efVicient luunibers inusl make (lie liesl (if it. Under sui'h a niliiiff, less cll'idenl linns might woll bis fro/.uu out. Ycl that is precisely whiit liii|)|)ens in any iiultiKlry utuier the free play of I'Oin- pelilion. Tlic ilccision simply means lhat niiii-^'inal prodncei'.s cannot expect the stale lo keep llicm in btisiness •ijjainst more .skillful or economical competitors. 'Culture fs Ditched Thai slaluv. «f George. \VasUingtun in Ihe jjuise of a linintin senator, for which (lie Sinilhsonian In.slilulion has finally i'onnd a conil'orlable little corner, is iin inlcrestiiiK little sidelight on the clussiciil Iwlsl which cthicalod men lik- etl lo give tilings in the ciirl.v days of (he republic. The classics of Greece and Uniiiu, in Ihosu days, wen: Lin! i'oiindiititin of all educiUion.. Tlic man who caltcd himself a cultured Kentlcinan W!IH f H uii]. iar with Virgil and Homer, with Horace anil -1'lalo. NVhevcvor possible, contemporary life wa.s adorned with the great names of the ancienl world. What more natural, Ihen, than lhat a sculptor commissioned lo do a statue of \V;ushimj;lo!i .should put him in the dress of an antique hero'.' The thing seems ridiculous, lo our eyes; lint thai it should have been made in just that way is not really surprising, consider- in}; Ihu angle from which the educated niun of those days wa.s accustomed to view tilings. We know that the good sense ol ihc American people will lead them lo raomlrucllon. —Pope Pius. Telephones Mark Kov .the llHh consecutive month, Uiu Bell System has reported a gain in the number of telephones on its lines. The increiiso for (ho yeiir, lo ilnie, is UflO,- 000; for tlic monUi of Oclobci- the snln is 113,200, HS compared with' a «ain of 18,'IOQ in October a year ago. 'J'heiio ligurcH can liardly iiulicale anything clue than a dclinilu and .steady improvement in the linnncinl status of a considurable mass of cilixeiiK. The man who orders a telephone installed in Im home or his oft'ieu is a man whose finances are (jctliiiK better. A lung-con! iiiui'd pick-ill) in telephone installations is pretty clear proof tlwl somehow, somewhere, things are on the SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Civil Service Then: is one reform. 1 think, even more im- liortanl than a four-ycnr term ninemtmcnl and Ilint Is tlic 5iiB«eslion of the highway amtit commission lo put technical employes mulcr civil scrvIi-0 mid not sulijoil them I" politics every tivo ye»u,s. TliLs proposal was SUBK(V;|«| for Ihe *'!'l c liigliwny department but It could he applied to utlier state departments such as hank examiners, auditors, technical employes in the stale insurance department, nnd department. By putting this class of employe under civil service. Ihe public would be assured of expert iiiul elllclent public service. It would take tin! technical or professional servants of the iicuple out of politics. IliRhl or wroiiK, 1 believe Unit. Arkansas could make more rapid impress il slale ami county ('lections were held every four ycai-s, mid all e,s- pi'rt and technical employes of the sliile be placed under civil service regulations. Clrlllin Snillh was criticized by -some of His »ss«clttU'.s lor vctnlHliiB mast of Un' technical employes or former comptroller Howard Heed. Personally. 1 think Mr. smith slionld te con- tjralHlated for not kicking out experienced undi- tois, merely because they were working for Hou'iucl Itecd, aixl supjioj'leil l)]jn in his JirsL nice tor governor. We li(>)M- the IculslnUnc will tolluv, 1 »|> the .SHB- t;cslion.s made by Colonel I^ordycc anil Ihe audit board. —Wnllcr SuiTcHs In I'lnc Dlull Commercial. 'Wallace, win'l you come ceived a (elc'|, r ratn ;inil I'm afraid (n open THIS CURIOUS WORLD "CIS 1 KHH be no iiarliuUly in this dciuo- eriidc republic's army. —I'lX'Sicjejit- aNicclcj iJam- oui of Spain. . * * • The business ol this i:onnlry has been under lire Irmn men in public life and in general I lliink it has teen inking the criticisms lying —'I'lionms I. I'nrkinson. yircsUicul. Nc« York Chamber of Commerce. The Clew of tlm lii:C!.V IIIOIli: TODAY WlltU CJIMII.CS J10U1H3N, Tf- norttr for 'lit« Hint!?, I* tonnrt itrud H A.N lll.KOKIIU. liulillilicr, tmiiinx sii>M',Y fiHU'i'. rimmm t>rlmlllt>loKt"t> lo HOlvr lllc mnrtlrr. Mordcn kiiil btrn luveml(;ulliig 111,. Hlfnlrn of I-JC.VMC II, CATHAY, ^venllhj uml prnmtni'nl, fuUimiaK "*e Ili'rcjtt u( nu Imtmft- lor cl.'iInilEiir (i> Itr Cnlhny mill m*- i [iiiiimiileil l<y » ulrl railed SIAHY )ii!n;i:s. The drty fallouitiK Morilcu'ft donlli Cullmy ilim of |m)>iii/tl!iK. tltia lenrni Manlvu liiitl vl>lloi> I lip ii|>nrliiu'l>< of A I.ICi; 1,011- TON, l»rctly mill utirniiiluyt'il. lie r,,,lfr.,,,l. All,,- wllll ICKNNKTII IIIIOMJ, lll'CUM-* II"' lUilr of klllliiE aionlon, mill Ihry llr*' nrnijttvil. ,«IIS. llliANUIII-i MAI.OMi. lor ivlinii, MIIS. OATIIAY mill CAItl. ItAflM-:, ilclrcCv.: . nuilo,nl li> II.T. have li"» »«ir|.lilj,|f. In I,,- i-nlc«T. Cr\n ninl Illfcki-r lriliTfii|jl H I'lHiTi-rfncii Jiclivccii (lie IJirce. Artrroiiril. !n H'C Innlculi, fllrrk- rr uslti <lr\tt why 51 rs. Miilouc re- fi.M'il to tnlk. NOW r:o o.v WITH TIM: STOIIV CHAl'TEIl XXXIU | /~>HIK1'' fruwnetl at llleckcr. "Yon ] ^" contiininlls 1 revert lo Ilic m;ilo- rlnl," lie said. "You see things objectively. I prefer to BCO tlicin su^ jcclively. I iircfcr lo lurn liuck the liMinls of tiinoaiiil to rciiEoii wlml 13 Bolus to happen from a pliilosoDlilc coniPiiiplullon ot what h;ia liap- |ieiio:l. I repeal (lint lllaticlic Millone was tieaiitiful, Hint her licuuty was of the typo that iniihes for misery. It Is Ilio HIIIDO In which the niotli Binges liliiisnlf and IL Is siitli a jiathcllc thing that usuiiUy llio fliimo from this beauty sinfes Ihn wings ot the licauty itself. In (lie meantime, consider you're ; lo yourself, not lo inc. 1 jive u damn about your phi- BOiiliy. I want facls." Oriff sisltcd, the sleli of one who lias bared I'ls innermost thoughts En an attempt to mafco an explana- lion, which, when II Is expressed lobby. has IWCOIHG no explanation al ull, but merely a fnrllier ground of misunderstanding. :oot<eil out toward the lohbj 1 In perfunctory survey anil llien pjace Ills lefl hand on the door, prciim lory lo sliding !l shut. Griff gave a shrill whistle. Thr startled elevaior oncrulor (ookeil aij the two men nnrrylng ucross thJ "Hold it." &ii hi Critf. The ctcviUor lioy licld the duor] THE . •.TEMPERATURE. Of THE SUM IS BELIEVED TO BE ABOUTV 7O, CENTIQEADE. We neuil more inonc)"* —Senator Hue} 1 Umg. Oils country. 1 long so often for the bind:, black —Anna Slcti, fnmons nnssinn ncUcss. soil. The desire of the investment, banker to lend capital was greater Ilian thai of corporations lo borrow, —Ralph T. Crane, president, Investment Hunkers 1 A-sHichuion. * • * They say the life of a movie actcir is seven yciirs and I've hcen at it. 18 years longer than Hull, so I'm going lo retire. —dairies Murray. » * * I do not believe any ol Ilic bankers fear thai Ilic government's crctlit is being impaired by recovery expenditures. —Francis M. Law. president American Bankers' Association. OUT OUR WAY B Williams "~|"Y THERE'S AWOTHSK \/ IP UTOPIA WJ-N THEY CAM'T MAKE NO UTOPIA OP TritS EARTH A LOAFER, MIND VOU- ft GUY WHO HfVS NO BUSINESS WITH HIS NOSE 1M THERB-et-AMIM 1 SOMEONE ELS£, ME GOT IT BURWT A PLPiCE WHERE EVSP-VSODY IS HAPPY/ THEM ' THER CAN'T BE NO S'LJCM Pi. ACE BECfVJSl." SOME PEOPLE AR£ OMLY HAPPV WHEf- MflKW OTHFVt' 'PEOPLE UMHAPPY. ./ .1 FROM Hl'PPOPOTAfAUS TUSKS IS MORE VALUABLE THAN THE IVORY FbtjrAED IN ELEPHANT TUSKS/ /•BOUT 4-5,000, OOO SQUARE MILES OF THE 5?600, OOO SQUARE MILES OF THE EARTH V'JEfJE INVOLVED IN THE WORLD WAR. >' O3I TJt AC* jc-ttr::. I-,; ,".;) earlli not liireclly iiu'Olvci mar a discreet, hart it not been Iliis uncontrolled llamo which swept through tier very being, she could have ECHO far. Hurt she not gono through suflcriris sho might have retained her beauty. "Anil mark you Iliis. my friend, ViuiVer'in^ ami beauty do not go to- BCilirr. There is n certain type ot ethnical beauty which is perhaps developed by siiffei'lns—rather it is a cold. spii-ilnal something, the type of beamy which ono admires in n Know-capped (leak which In illuminated by moonlight. Hul it in nol llic typn ot I'eauly ono embraces, aacl, atler all. sinto woman is what slio Is, (he only type of beauty thill sho carca for la I be beauty lhat is embraced. No, my friend, suffer- ll>K ami beauty do not BO together." DIcckcr'G loim waa unsympathetic. "(lo on," lio :?aid. licit a K»ud tiuiu. Yon think you've | discovered :;omc.lliiug I'vo overlooked. It makes you fce\ su;ierinr. Yoii'ro nervous ninl your nervousness makes yon wiuil lo t?.tk and liecp on Inlklng. I'm Just a target for your talk. Go ahead and talk: Don't, miml me. Hell. I'm just the ELiy who hired you! I don't count." G riff's tono WIIB paiueil, "Please," lie eaiil. "believe me. I am not lalkius for the snkc o[ talk- Ing. You cannot u'mierslaml murder nnle.s3 you ran understand the things which hhvo ten lo tlv.u murder. There Is nothing so important as an appreciation oC tuoUver,." Criff ceased sneaking ami Bieeker irowned mid liirnf.l away. "W/icn you aro ready to talk r.t,B." he said, "i want to listen. 1 11 1H cub i:amo to a slop. | "This," salil (Irlff, "is Ihe hotel whero Mary lirlKBS Is rcglstereil Liniler llio name of Slella Moeldey. Or perhaps her real nnino is Stella .Moekley and tho name lhat she gave tho police- was ono wliich waa assumed for Die occasion." "At least," lilcelfer said with moro tlian a traco of impiUlciico In lis tone as he thrust a bill into 10 outstretched hand of the cah Irivcr. "wo will get something dollntlo here, not merely a mass of ihilosopliles ,ind theories." "\Vc are." Griff r.draltlcd, "ap- iroaeliinK the end ot our chase. 30011 N'e will have all cf tho straws in rar hanils and then wo can see Ibc direction in which MJC-KC strau's •iro pohilcd — a direction ' Morilcn must havo 'deiluewl from only Uio single straw w!\jcti we linow was In his possession, it is uncanny. H is, in shors «nbe- lievable. I slill Ihink there must have hecti KQnie.lhtng ot luck lhat entered into il. nllliougli. when one sees it, it is so absolutely simple that ono wonders it did not crash home lo the consciousness long before." Ulcckcr, apparently williout Us- lenin^, juished on p;ist llio crlm- inoloi'isl and harmed llirougli tlio swingiiii; door of Iho holcl. 'Caution," drift wbispeicd. "Let us nol rush in hero, my friend . . . ah. It is ton tato.!" flrift paused by the doorway, tilcckcr looted, followed the direction of liis yatfc, and also paused. A big man wilh .stooped shoulders was slandiii!,' lalkhiR with a man at tlio desk. lileeker's eyes srinicilcd for a moment in an at- Flslicr, wlio 1unl been Llio toes of his uhoes hi frmviiin;| conccnLi'alioii, looked it[i with ntil noyau co suiiupcd on liis OC. Tho annoyance gjivo p(ac'(| surprise, tho Kiirprlt'c lo friendly inn Up. and then the snill.l faded, us an expression of niinoyf anco once moro tanie aeroru lill Daturoa. I "Well.'well," he said, "it's Mr| Orlff ami meeker, publisher of Tin tempt lo refresh Wx memory. Then lio iiiutlcied in an undertone. "It's Char los I'ishor—Mrs. Cathay's lawyer." lie r,lci>nc ; il Ijchind a nollcil palm "Show your- dragging the publisher with him. " " ' lllade. Mow arc yon Yoifro going nil?" "Yes," i;ald Griff, and pushed hij way In llio cievalor, cliuldng hauill witli Iho altorney. Tho elevator boy slid the ilorjrl Blllll. ' • "Ninlb floor," Kaiil Ihe lawyer. "Ninth for us/' Griff said. • • • rii|lE elevator shol upward. •*• "What livings yon to the city!'| asked Griff. "Oh, iust a mailer of business. I've got lo see about lakl inn tha deposition of a witness li| will cnse. Wusn't it itout poor I'Yauk . . , Cathay, yoil "Indeed it was." Griff mild. "Anl arenlly llicro wha poison adinliiiii| c]-ed." The lawyer shook his head. "I'm afraid," lio said, "It cry senomi riiatler." You don't Ihink it was suicide?'! skcd Griff. Tlio clcvalor slid to a top at llio ninlh floor. Tlie Ojicrl lor opened Uie door. The tawyc [ i-as speaking as ho stepped Inli| ho corridor. "No," be said slowly. "I dou' I liink that it was suicide. However | am franfc lo ijuy Hint I don'l kuo llEt ichnt It was and I douhl it w an, Wife, Horse 'Take OF the 12,600,000 square miles of n the-World Wur, about 5,000,000 are in Antarctica, where llinre ar ilo human inhabitants. NEXT: Do moose use Ilicir anllcrs fur sli.iicliiif; sunn •'.' Broken Noses Are Frequent in Automobile Aecident Uy lilt. JItWIlt.S l-'ISIIBKIN i Another case is deseubcd Kililur, .Imirtial of Ihe Amrrlran | «'J)icJi two women ivorr driving Medical Assodallnll, '.mil uf llv- i a . •' imil11 . 1 ""' "" ". TOUlUr S' ro I when they mei anotnoi car conn s e.a. Ihe Heallh JI.IB.I/.IIIC j in the opposite direction. Their L Doctors everywhere an- di.scov- I wns forced from til" rond and eriny tluit more 1 ) arc hciny | turned over, broken in connection wild tile in- :aj;e of motor accidents Cars M^lII'] two men stood motionless li'isher ilhl not once glance li their direction hut finished his con versation with llio man at the desk Ilo stood for a moment. npparcntl> unclccirlcd. Then. Hinging his chi up as ono doea wlinn s reaching decision lo pluuso lioldJj- into srtnl unwclcoinc Kilnali6n.' lie strod lowaril Iho (Miff sqi olhmv. "Quick." him the advantage." Tim iwo men erosscrl [he tiol lobby, their feet vouiuliug Hi llaijacd floor wilh iinicl: impalicncc. j An elevator door slid open. Two women and a man got OUL Kisher stepped in. The elevator operalor Kiliinli6n.' rnTj. tho publisher' t. "\\*o can't can ever prove liial it was suicide." "You'll make the iitlcmpl?" Grll] iskcd, standing in Iho corridor. *'lt depends," l-'isher said will | hurst of frankness. "Thcre'n n parllcular secret about IL The feel j;r, of llie widow, of course, ar- concciiied. There is. yo to epea? the honor of tho family. Tlioi: things are sentimental matters bA more than thai, Ihcro nnty be very material cash consldc'ralifl involved. There was lifo Inaura'iU of somejhiag.liko 5500.0»0. The ti s'niancc policies provided that 1, the PA'ent of a death by nccidents^| means the amount of tbo pol would ho dciulfleil." "You mean," Griff asked, "If I should appear Cathay look pc accidentally il would make a dift'et eneo ot S'lOO.OOO to his cslate?" (Tn Itc Continued) *licr cf I h I,y ncrMcnlfil Fdcis'on'Cv^o^ ° W1 ln i ures Man Tumble' lo New House i To ° lon s '^ cudgeled. The com-j In Crashing Windshiel • j bincd weight of the man and tlic I ATTICA, O. (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. zra Ringle and their "can nke it." They proved it when the ingles were building a new house. S» e ^*o^" t0 ma 8 n e aiid 0 Mra^r S an! MARIETTA, O. (UP)-A bcwi Mrs. Ringies started a peculiar trlng of mishaps, when she slipped nd tell between two walls, only 10 iches apart, and dropped through o the basement. She was cut. ruised and shaken up. bin not Inured seriously. Not to be outdone by ills wife. tvisle while clearing loose dirt villi the 11 id of a horse and slip scraper, lost lus footing, Eell into 16-foot cistern. Ueiaimn;; his grip on the scraper handles. Huiglc dan- qie C5cape<l with niinor injuries. The horse, too, was injured _only ;lightly. but was forced to remain n the cistern until the following day when Rtngle lore out a side wall and rescued the nniina] with nn improvised runway. prisoner here from West Virgin for arraignment. The prisoner, Collier Paltcrso charged with counterfeiting, w beini; trans])orted here by Ra. ami Pat Sullivnn. Wheeling, Ici niond King, of llnntingtoii, W. V crnl olliccrs. The bird crashed 111 SUNDURY. pa. (UPtA. J. Bro-j u, c w indshickl of King's autom tcioits. Ml. I'leasant Mills (arm i uile. Flyiu? H'ass cut the ofUi. hand, claims the corn-huskuiu ice- while he brought his car under co ord or the United States. He husked 1311 bushels of corn, and tied up his fodder all in one day. trol with difficulty. Head Courier ?,c«s Vi , I Vans A«L .7 O'UR BOARDING HOUSE liv Alier; are no\v ijiiill lor ^^^cc'tls roiuls arc adapted lo tin: s|x:ed ol the cars. * Because of the very nature of the human anatomy ami ot ihr manner in which one .sil-s in a motor cur. Un: nose is probably nwie He- nncnlly injured in such accidents UV.MI a\\y oUier iv.ul ot lV,i. v b'xly. l'coj>lc in the fronl M-at arc tht'on^U tl',e ^mdsUicld vhcii Ilic speed of the car is snd- tcntly -stopped. They may -^t aliy- £ nu* ir ^u^^E^t•K.t ^ WARMER.' . IHO O ,fVvj,».l"V'^ \ t ritj 1} * •*' cr/ A piece of £lii\s Irun shield cut 11.c driver's completely m. n |>yint iviiuiinttl ntladicd ]i[> Ijy Iwn narrow lll»: winci- uoM 0" . , - , just below . Ihe ends ol thr nasal bonc.s. The to the upin slrips of skin. By rare ]>rc'.-eiuv <>[ mini! on the ; liarl of (lie other uuinan. llie now was put barJ; in place and Held up by a piece of uaiulimc ,nmi |ii c p :l - | ticnl was seen by a .surgeon an hour ' lalcr. He wived Ihe tissues together again and gol a fair-looking H|>-: but unioiliinately the Us-, i , , i- i i H ,. >/ttii (iiti-\ , i/kll U"IULUIII Ihing from a -slight Ijrnw on the | Mlcs un<tpr Ule , lose lo havins il cut OH tuaiyletc- Tliosc in Ihe back -seat sometimes .mash llie no;^ 1 ayain^l rhi: b.ick of Uic front seal. There is Ilic «[ a i;iii. elsl't years uld. who had her nose shaved oil almost on a level vuih licr lace when the car in uliich she was riding lilt a truck. Nobody thoiiKhl of tile nose while rirUng lo the ho-spllal. However. a,s soon a.s the Mivgeon f;i\v the chllit lie Neiil \\ me6M:ngcr posthaste t'i ilu' icenc ol tlic accldelit tor UK tws". The snrg^Dii Ivini to full Ilic ntxsc h:\ck on, titU ly<i luneU time was lost and Uic operation was nol a Miceesi. U Is possible, however, it allempt.'- are made tniiuedlatcly to restore a norc lo Ihe nxjt from which II Is cut. lo save llie appearance or the uigau m inaiij,- Instances, Hint brvnlhini; \x;is stopped. The Uvo main things i o keep in mind when Mich acculeiits occur ire first of all (lie maiiiti'iumc- of absolute cleanliness, winl wtmid. ihc obtiilitlng; of Mircleal attention at tile earlkvt (x)»i'nle womrHl. UMI- ally it is '.vcli lo inject persons, who have liecii biidly injuied in motor enr uceiiienls. w "uii -,\ Icbinu ;i)i(i(oxin iockjaw. in order to ptc- Toy Kalloons Imploded a! 1'air BOHMNO'l'ON. N. C. 'UP> Hiitulrcd.s ol iiiy balloons, linn;} 'n! Ihe exlilbil leiil ol a eomimniity- siwnsorcrt Inn- here. fuinifh?(l .sonnil rflrc'Ls us well as (jauiliuess., Hot air anri rebtiUitifi exjwiisioii , caused miniature explosions thrn- otit Hie tenl. RcaJ Courlni Me«a Want VES, vS/XSON-—te^u, VLL STABLt tAY P-fxCE WORSt P>\QHT _ IM OUP. GAT=5ACj&,AND OTHEU QUARTERS TOP. WW AUTO/ I'LL H/XVE /\ STALL BUlCf TOR .is,. MKVl.OFT PUT I M.I—-UIA-TVA\MK OT- IT, JASON, ^^W---"T'w^s SMALL B&RN. ,wrvv\ THOROUGHBRED, \S THE OF THE TUTURE -pAhAODS HOOPLE RACING TH' WAv"R PWNT OVAH KEEP1N" /X HO&S COLORS -*fV-

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