The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1932
Page 3
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FRIDAY,pCTOBER 7. 1932 BLYTHEV1LLE; (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE THBBB Once Powerful, Now Exile Former Leader of Red Annies Barred From Europe and America. By MILTON BRONNER ' NEA Service Writer LONDON.—The doors of tin ni- tions remain closed to lonely, all- in" spade-bearded Leon Trotzky. The march of the years and 1)12 growth of the Bolshevist movement from a radical theory to a recognizable form of governnnnv, have not lessened foreign countries'fears , of the'oncc-dynamlc man who, with 11 Lenin, ruled Russia after the Revolution. The recent action of Czscho-slo- vakia In refusing admittance tc Trotzky has added another to the list of powers that hove barred him and bade him famous as the rrw J- crn counterpart of "The Man Without a Country." Since Stalin made himself the uncontested master of Russia. Tratz- ky has been living in exile in the dull Prinkipo Islands near Istanbul, Turkey. Stalin'i agents, after having taken Trotzky into exile in a remote village in Turkestan, still considered him dangerous to their boss. So they booted him out in 1929 and Mustapha Kema), Prosi- de ntof Turkey. aUo-.vcd him to live in Prinkipo. The climate there K bad, life is dull and the amenitier few. And Trotzky is a sick man. Although only 53, he looks yearf older. His hair is goin° gray. He twisted with rheumatism. He har the gout, ite also his chronic colitis. • • • When Trotzky landed in Prinki- po, he at once set about trying tc' get permission to live elsewhere. First he applied to Germany. He did so because German doctors had in former years treated him for his many ills. The once-arrogant head of the Red Army, which he had built, applied to the Germans In most humble terms. He guaranteed he would live in complete Isolation outside of Berlin, would in no case present himself at public meetings, and in his writings would conform strictly -to the regulations of German laws on the subject. The governmental officials charged with the affair said they did no 1 think Trotzky was so sick that hr absolutely needed German doctors \ and German waters. He wired bad< he was willing to submit to sn examination by any medical com mission they chose to name and f sign a written engagement to leave Germany as soon as bis cure TW finished. Germany was adamant No visa would be granted him. TO BLLIGH1ED Roarrl Votes to Make Installation With Help of r Group . building In tlic city, was creeled before clcctrlo lights came into common use, nnd for one re.ison or another, usually Inck of funds, llii'lr imlalliUlon wns postponed. j Tlic schools now rue even IO-M blws- I ed wlih money thrm In the past. | but U'.e depression has reduced the cost of HIE Installation by more thnii 50 per cent and tlw board decided that Inasmuch as present Indications wen; the building would hiivr lo roimiln In u*; for ninny years the lighting job nilshl ns well Classrooms at the Central Ward be rloue now. grade school. In wlilch many gen- ! Tlic hoard also vo!«l to rcdiict 1 crntlons of puplU have sat In semi- i the tuition rule for out of ;ltslrlcl darkness on rainy day.?, nre short- ; jmplls in (lie six lower i;r.i:les from )y to be provided witli electric | $5 per month lo $1 ]HT iiiontli. to lights. : make It correspond vllli the )>cr Tiic school beard this afternoon • capita cost of liulutaliilni; nn:l op- jvotcito ncccp: nn offer of Hie J'ar- j ernllii:; (lie ndicols. I ent-Teachcr ns<,oclatiou !o contrlb- 1 -—— • nte $75 tovrtml Hie cost --jf Instil- ing the lights, estimated nt slightly over $200. Tile Ccnlrnl Ward. oldest school Children Hurt When Truck Hits School Bus I'ATniCLD. Yonw>-.:.e lUI') — Mrs. Sam liobiiisi u. ID. won first pi-izc In a compcUlfoii for the miM unicffiil iniltlffi in losvn. LE11ANON, Iml., Oct. 7 <UP)- Thc clutter of school children on tliclr way lo 1'erry Consolidated School In a school bus wns shattered by Hie crush ot n collision tcday Hint sent sU of them to n lit'tpltal, tliroo so badly hurt they will likely die. A truck tlml Imitlcd inlo H ^n>i>'i<l auUimolillc ftiul then plane-1 cd uwny, .striking Ihe school bus! nnd ovrrlitniltiu It In R curnlkW. ciiuswl llw Injuries. TH" truck driver. MlUon Wiuii. J5, of Cincinnati, wns under ynnrd In 111'-' colmly Jiill lion: us parents ot (lie Injured children On-cut- cned ivvengc. SUUs of tliu bus burst apni. Tlie children were hurled out •« pinned In tliu wrcckuBC. Hrart Courier isc»s Want Ads. Leon Trotzky . . . "Th2 Man Without a Country" stcr of the Interior informed the' linister of Foreign Affairs that he could not and would not assume any responsibility for Trotzky's personal safety. So the deal is off. Trotzky is still :he world's leading pariah and will nave to continue to hobble about on crutches in his humble home in Prinkipo. New Officers Are Named for Lake Street Church Cuban Minister to . Mexico Will Confer T Next Trotzky applied to Norway- There was a bis debate in the national parliament. The head of the surety police expressed grave fearf that Trotzky might be nssassinat- < ed. So Norway turned him down. He turned to Prance. The Frencr novernment said Hie expulsion order, whereby he had been sent out of France, was still on the books Tt roiild not go back on that. Then r.e turned lo England, famous [is a country which has fjiver 1 asylum to political exiles. Besides a Labor government was In power But 3. n. dynes, Labor Home Secretary, refused to let Trotzky com-' to England. /»s Trotsky bitterly cut it: "Europe and the United State- without a visa! These continanf- boss the other three. S3 then LOT Trotzkv lives on a planet without a visa." * 4 • For three years he remaine- quietly in Prinkipo ?.i scml-povertv supporting himself by writing thr tale oi his own life and n story r the Bolshevik revolution. Thsn ro cently his health became so ba< that in resperation he applied t the government of Czechoslavaki' for permission to take the water at Pistyan Spa in Slovakia. The Czech cabinet convened t consider the matter. It was a^r-ie in principle that he should ire al lowed to come, but must fulfill th:' conditions: he must provide a writ ten assurance from fee Turkts' government that lie cculd re-entc Turkey; he must have the writter permits of other countries to pas through Lheir territory en route t- Pistyan and return; he rmist un dertake in writing nol to reside i' Czechoslovakia permanenlly. not t interfere in politic* and to defr his coming until after Sept. 15. th close of the regular season. Furthermore, while traveling b rail, he was to be accompanied i his private compartment by detcc lives of each country through whic he passed. In Hungary the curtain of his compartment were to b drawn, so he could not even be sesi . • * All this was avidly agreed to b Trotzky. Then came the snaas. Th "rious countries were willing t Blv <! -him the visa under the con di!| ons stloulsted. But they foun '-at Trotzky did not have a pass IX ? rl cf any kind. In the mesntim when the news became known 1 Cwhoslovakla. the Czech Nation allst press took up » very threaten In 8 attitude. It demanded tha when and if he landed on Czec soil, he should be arrested and pu on his trial on the ground that 1 tl* d»ys of his power h« had ceus ed the death of msny Czechs RussU. Anii the final lid WM pu upon tilings when th4 Ctitcri Mln In the Lake Street Methodist church new officials have been chosen for the ensuing year. These ire to be headed hy the pastor, he Rev. VV. J. LeRoy. P. B. Jurralt is the lay leader the Rev. L. W. Stafford, the local pastor; Mrs. Harry Weidman, the jolden Cress director; .Iverson Morris, superintendent of the Sun- lay; W. H. Lloyd, superln- endent of the Sunday school at Ne»- Liberty; Clifford Fisher, assistant superintendent of the Lake Street Sunday school; Bert Mayo, cording steward; Iverson Morris, unter Crook, Walter Webster, M. Cox, J. W.. Fields, Adrian hurch, Harry Weidman,' stewards the finance committee; W. B. syo, Mrs. O. J. Rodgers, Mrs. -erson Morris, Mrs. Homer Davis, '.is. M. E. Cox, the Rev. L. W. tnflord, members 'of the mlssion- ry committee; Miss Angi e Hood, upcrintendent of the missionary •jparlment; Ben Wiggins, Homer )avis. Miss Dorofhy Rylee, Mrs. ohn H. Long, Mrs. L. E. Gay, frs.'W. B. Mayo and Mrs. Adelrna dams members of the iivogram mmittee. HAVANA (UP) — It'Is learned that Carlos Manuel de Cesp?des former Cuban Minister to Paris who recently was promoted to the post of Ambassador to Mexico. will come here before going to Mexico in order to confer with President Machado and Secretary of State Ferrara. The purpose of the conference has not been divulged, but it is believed to involve 'Important points in Cuban-Mexican relations and may have to do riot-only, with the possibility of a commercial -treaty between the two countries, but also with Cuban political questions, such as ,th e practice of various diplomatic missions in Havana, in granting asyluir. to persons alleged to be sought by the Cuban authorities for political offenses. FREE DELIVERY PHONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY Snap Beans Young Tender Blytheville Stringless lb.6c Swindle Operation Believed to Be Lawful INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. <UP) —An ingenious swindle operation, being investigated here by the Better Business Bureau. A restaurant proprietor gave a 40-cent meal. to n man wlio com- lieved to te within the law, is bc- plained he had not eaten for thre= days. As the man was about to ' leave, he palled ft handkerchief from his pocket'nnd a S10 iM'felt out. The restaurant owner seized him. gave him a lecture and sent him on his way with. $9.60. When the proprietor took the bill lo a bank, he found It was counterfeit. He was told, however, that the man could not bo prosecute-' Pride of Illinois I! dins for 25c PEANUT BUTTER Canova Pound Jar 20c 10-Pnuml Cloth HMKS 10-U>. Limit With Groceries BUTTER All Brands Pure Creamery Pound 23c TOILET PAPER 11)00 Sheet Per Kull 5c- SPAGHETTI Sterling BIRD SEED French's 2 MCRS. 25 C OATS Checker 55-Oz. MEAL 21-Lb. Suck 26° KIDNEY PEANS,?:TotlQ c GRAPE FRUIT J TOMATOES No. 2 Can for 20 C SORGHUM Mississippi (TAC (iallon 31) Milk Evaporated, Al! Brands Small Cans Tall Cans F p Jli QUALITY AT YOUR PRICE This store has never sold the lowest priced suit in Blytheville. It isn't today - - never will. It can't because it insists on quality in everything it sells. 'Bui this fall, in the face of rapidly advancing markets, it has found a . way lo give you suits which measure vi]) lo our strict quality standards, : at a price far below anything we've ever offered before. iuto Accident Victim A T C*7A f^AA f II LH " nlu n COIMO nui cc £i:usjuui-j nSKS $<£U,bUU IDF Hurts i because he had not actually pass>:i the bill. HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Oct. 7; Monkey-Faced Owls Robert Death on Rats and Mice CO damages. She named Lewelling of Hot Springs as clc- endant. Mrs. Harris, a former beauty queen at Southwestern college, Memphis, alleged she was injured n an accident last April 11 while iding with Lewelling. She charges lie drove his car into the rear of a parked automobile on the Hot Springs-Littie Rock highway. Itudenl Use oi Autos a Privilege, President Says AMHERST, Mass. tUP)—Use of automobiles at Aniherst Colb?3 Is a privilege, not a right, President itanlcy King told students at tno opening of school. He said the privilege would bs extended to seniors and juniors with scholastic averages of 75 per cent or better. "Motor cars are, In general, a distraction rather than an aujuncl to the primary purpose for which you are here," King said. ALICEV1U.E, Ind. (UP)—A pair of monkey-faced owls, which recently came into the possession of Eel Cole, ore creating a lot of Interest. This • particular species ot the owl family is noted for its aptness in destroying rats and mice. They cat only raw meat and are harmless to other fowl. Swallow Silences Btll GOOLE. England (UP)—If anybody has wondered why the cemetery bell has not tolled here recently, it Is because a- swallow attached 'its nest to the bell-rope officials called a conference and decided not to disturb the biri. Heart Crnnnj- NIWS -wnii' An» Football Captain to B« Named Before Each Game MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (UP)- ! A captain for West Virginia Uni-! verslty football team will b; ap-1 pointed before each game. Uo Dotson was named captain- elect at the close of the 1931 foSt- ball season. Although he was eligible for another year of football competition,-he also had enoujh credits to graduate and decided in f«vor of the diploma. It is probable that, at the end of the present MMon, the player who hi* served most often will formally tx> eUeted Bennett's Pasteurized Milk tOr Ql. Deliverer! Phone 74 Bulgarian Buttermilk 15c Qt. Go to Chnrch Sunday 24-pound Omega or Optima sack 76c POTATOES Red or While I'e.-k Sacks SOAP Ivory. lO-Oz. Bar 2 for .lumliii CRANBERRIES New -1 I'lv ttXYDOL 1'h.W. for Coffee Old Judge Cans pQ Un( | SAUSAGE Beef Roast » ib » r ^ pound IQc LARD 100 •/;. Lb. 7c HENS FRYERS And Picnic Hams Sugar Cured tb. llic OYSTERS MACKFREL Each lOc SUITS The colors are new, the models are., smart. You will get the lasting sat- is t'acl ion always associated with our name. * Even if a twenty-dollar bill is your outside limit, you ma\ now enjoy the 'service of' Blytheville's style si ore. NEW MEAD CLOTHING COMPANY

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