The News-Messenger from Fremont, Ohio on March 22, 1941 · 7
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The News-Messenger from Fremont, Ohio · 7

Fremont, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1941
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THE FREMONT NEWS-MESSENGER, FREMONT, OHIO, SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1911 PAGE SEVEN Elmore Defeated As Dark Horses Dominate State Tourney PRESS PASSES Over the Desk From Dick Beif News-Messenger Sports Editor Questions and Answers . . Comes a card from a Franlau K. Lutz of Wapakoneta, asking us to answer a few Questions in regard to Johnny Orphal, who labored on the hill here for the Green Sox for a time last summer. It's really the first baseball missive of the season and, if for no othej reason, deserves mention. Mr. Lutz (we assume it's a Mr.) asks three questions, as follows: ' 1. Have you seen Orphal pitch? If so, do you think he is better than a Class D pitcher? 2. Why did the Fremont club suspend him last season? 3. Why don't the Fremont club give him his release, that he has requested, so that he can sign with some other club? Before we make any attempt to answer the above queries we think that we should assure Mr. Lutz and the public here as well, that we are not answering for the baseball club. We will try and answer the questions the same as we would if Mr. Lutz had button-holed us on the street and, grasping the front of our coat in one hand and shaking the other, rolled into a fist, into our face. First, this pillar saw Orphal on - the mound just as often as he started on the home park and followed his efforts on foreign diamonds through the medium of the newspapers. It might be easy to gee that we thought him better . than a class D hurler, but that wouldn't be quite honest. When he was good he was very, very good as his strikeout of 120 in 13 games proves, but like most class D chuk-kers, he was bad as often as he was good. That record of six victories and five defeats proves that. So the pillar doesn't honestly believe he was ready for faster company on what he displayed here last year. His winning percentage of .545 left him far down on the list among Ohio State league pitchers. Second, the reason for his suspension was entirely between him and club directors. We aren't positive of the reason, but If we remember correctly, It was about the time some of the players thought they were bigger than baseball and threatened to strike if Ray Caldwell was released as manager and refused to do their best for Luke Sewell. Overestimate Value . . Third, we Imagine that the reason the club won't give him his release is because he has been mailed a 1941 contract to play here. The Sox took him on after his release by another club and gave him a job for two seasons and if another club wants him, they must pay for his contract. In class D no pitcher, no matter how many games he wins, is worth the salary he draws unless he is salable material or so colorful that he is a big gate attraction. Seldom are they the latter, and Just as seldom do they realize the truth of the above statement. So the only value Orphal has to the club here is what they may obtain from his sale. No club has yet asked for a price on his head and so, if he wishes to play baseball anywhere, he must sign his contract and return it to Fremont. No, Mr. Lutz we feel that you view these matters in the wrong light. Players may be of value to a club, but it is the club that gives them the opportunity to get into the game and perhaps prove their worth and go on to a career. Players can't be handed releases just because they feel they would like a change. And as for Johnny Orphal, as much as we liked his work at times he was still strictly class D in our opinion because against the tougher clubs he often broke. He didn't prove himself as better than a class D hurler and we are afraid that's what he will remain until he proves himseif ready for faster company. Short Takes ... The mystery of the week has been cleared up. . . The basebalt Booster tickets were distributed Friday afternoon. . . Or so we're told... . And it wasn't the fault of Bill Rich that they weren't around sooner. . . In this connection it might be mentioned that Dod White is out working for "the Green Sox. . . As you know he would be. . . Dod says he thinks he's lined up a bit of pitching tal ent for the club. . . in the person or Kea Heinz of Sandusky. whom Ross footballers of a few years ago rememDer even if you don't. . . A right-hander about 20 years old. Red hurled for the Bet sy Ross Breads in the Firelands league last year, ... Hank Edwards, the Norwalk outfielder whom Cleveland Indians signed back in 1939, is in line for another step up and a big one ... A real applcknocker. Edwards started with Mansfield in this circuit in 1939, and lead the loop in hitting with .395 . . . On August 22. of that year his mark was a large .107 . . The next year he was in the Class C Mid-Atlantic league with Charleston and hit .306 . . . This year he vaults clear to Class A. two Jumps below the majors, and reports to Wilkesbarre of the Eastern league. Tony Lucadello, business manager of the Fostoria Red Birds, is out In Chicago lining up Illinois talent. . . Thus far he has signed two boys, a shortstop and an outfielder. The Lorain high basketball team of 1923 was invited to attend the current Ohio State tournament en masse . . . The invite came from Horace R. Townsend, the ruler of the schoolboys. . . That Lorain team was the first state Class A champion under the present tournament system. . . Lorain lost Just one game that season and that was to ?el!evue for the Little Big Seven championship. . . And then Squared the count by polishing of! the Redmen in the state finals. . . A basket shot by George Van Arn-am while lying on his back under the baskets in the closing seconds, did the trick. . . What was he doing lying down? . . . Outside of being a bit tired, he had been knocked there by a charming Bellevue block. . . SPORTS ROUNDUP By ED DEE BRTJSTZ Associated Press Sports Writs m J NEW YORK, March 22. Jack Johnson's feud with Joe Louis & Cpmpany is red hot. They give old Jack the heave-ho every time he tries to crash a Louis workout. . . Our dope is there'll be no hoss track near Camden, N. J. . . One man's opinion: Long Island U. to beat Ohio U. In the cage tourney finals. . . Everybody here going overboard on Bob Davies, Seton Hall star. Nat Holman, City College coach and one of the cage game's all-time greats, says Davies is better than Hank Luisetti. . . Alberta Little, Kentucky women's champ, is excused from the course on golf at Rollins college because, said the teacher, "she's better than I am." Sports Cocktail Judy Canova, who goes to town with those mountain songs, asked Pepper Martin to autograph a baseball. Tepper obliged thusly: "From one hillbilly singer to another." . . What-a-guy Dept.: Ace Parker, .who aces in football and baseball, shot a 68 at St. Augustine the other day. . . Lou Bou-dreau and Ray Mack pay each other a nickel for every error they make, - Grievance Dept. Al Kircher, assistant coach at Michigan State, is a very burned up young man. . Listen to him moan. . . "I spent rive years learning to ride a horse so I could qualify for my commis sion as a reserve officer in the cav alry. . . Now, I get iy orders and learn im to be a jockey for a tank." On the Fisticuff If Louis vs. Tastor In Washington doesn't go through, Pastor may get Billy Conn in the spring. . . Pastor is still in California, playing golf with Jimmy McLarnin. . . Ho tried to do a back flip a la McLarnin and fell flat on his face. . . "I didn't see It," says Manager Jimmy Johnston. . . "I was shaking hands with Lupe Velez. I was trying to get her telephone number. . . Up In Springfield, Mass., they think they have the coming 135-pound champ in a youngster named Beau Jack, who hits like a middleweight Today's Guest ' Star Dan. Par ker, N. Y. Daily Mirror: "Friday. the 21st, is the first day of spring on everybody else's calendar, but for poor Abraham Simon, egad, it will only mark the arrival of the fall." Names Is Names Last year Dick Bass was the best fisherman In the Cub camp. . , This year it's Bob Sturgeon. It Ain't Here"" Yet Coach Bill Alexander says he'll not start spring practice at Georgia Tech until April 7, for the simple reason that he's waiting for spring. SMELL OF ARNICA HOVERS OVER REDS LAKELAND, Fla., March 22. fP The Cincinnati Reds' camp looks more like a convalescent ward than a place where athletes are getting Into condition but all hands report they're getting better. Ernie Lombard! trotted about a quarter mile on his Injured ankle yesterday; Paul Derringer phoned from his home that he'll be ready to get back into uniform about Monday while Bill Werber says his leg is ready to hold him up in today's game against Detroit. SIX CYO TEAMS TO PLAY HERE SUNDAY A diocesan basketball tournament which has drawn six entries, will get under way at Educational hall here at 1:30 p. m. Sunday, according to announcement today. Open round will pit the Fremont C. Y. O. cagers against the Fostoria St Wendelin's C. Y. O., in the first game; Carey C. Y. O. vs. St Mary's of Leipsic, and Defiance against Toledo Immaculate Conception cagers. The finals will be played Sunday, March 30. YOUNGSTOWN FANS WANT LOCAL PILOT YOUNGSTOWN, O "March 22. ff The Youngstown Sports Boosters Association wants a local man as pilot of the Youngstown Browns William J. (Billy) Rhiel, native of Youngstown and former player with the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers. The association, headed by Roy J. DePaul, dispatched a telegram to that effect, to the St Louis Browns, parent dub. STAHL-HETRICK WIN DOUBLES Piles Up 249 Total As Women Find J. Head- pin Elusive Hank Stahl and Art Hetrick teamed together Friday night to scatter the pins for a 1,841 count to take first honors in the annual doubles tournament of the Elks league,' staged on the Pastime alleys, a warm-up for the league's trek to the national lodge affair at Des Moines next weekend. Stahl had games of 126-185-158 for a 469 total, while Hetrick added a big C3S on games of 203-234-201 which, with a team handicap of 234, pulled down the top prize lor trie duo. There were 38 teams entered and rolling into the second spot was K. Brockway and J. Lorenzen with 1,325. Brockway had games of 155-193-182 for 530, and Lorenzen, 139-163-202 for 504. The handicap was 30 pins. Other Totals Third place went to J. Lehman and N. Havens with 1,285 and the following teams also placed in the prize list: L. Mayle and C. Baskey, 1,283; N. Hilt and J. Drusbach, 1,277; D. Watts and Dr. Banister, 1,269; W. E. Kirsch and W. Bow-lus, 1,265; H. Gabel and J. Brown, 1,262; C. Fox and H. Bowlus, 1,253; H. Haaser and F. Roth, 1,252; L. Lichenstine and H. Tschumy, 1,251; L. Bowden and H. McMillen, 1,250; F. Zelfang and F. Middleton, 1,249; T. Bintz and A. Haakenson, 1,241; Dr. Nunemaker and S. Greetham, 1,233. Middleton had high single game, with handicap of 35, with a 262; Hetrick and C. Baskey , had high games without handicap, each rolling 234; W. Rich, C. Yeager and Stuckey had the most splits In a single game; G. Lieber, H. Patterson, Dr. Banister, E. Smith and C. Yeager had the most splits In three games. High three-game honors, without handicap, went to Art Hetrick, with 638, and the same kegler took high three-game honors, with handicap, with 698. eiks not RLE (Pastime Alleys) Hdo. r. Chudzinskl 207 13S 167 1! 132 166 157-1095 291 120 102 118 158 174 174-1131 411 151 146 142 161 108 132-1251 318 161 169 127 132 138 156-1201 282 129 140 131 162 164 189-1197 294 127 137 117 147 210 126-1148 207 195 139 202 168 189 162-1252 234 148 163 156 188 156 157-1202 195 129 158 162 176 2ll 190-1221 207 165 154 153 234 166 204-1283 282 135 137 128 152 191 190-1315 Stuckev 288 136 144 107 Patterson .... 162 158 145-1140 H. Stahl .... 234 126 185 158 Hetrick 203 234 201-1341 Yeag-er 291 104 157 144 RecHtonwald . 157 204 141-1198 Dr. Nunamaker 291 140 133 134 Greetham .... 202 167 166-1233 T. Einti 285 171 137 157 Haakenaon ... 143 153 195-1241 H. Gabel ..... 291 157 137 137 T. Brown .... 178 160 202-1262 C. Fox 288 138 188 142 Abe Simon Fools 'Em All; Gives Louis Real Battle H. Bowden At water ...... Gottron ...... Liechtenstein .. H. Turhumy ,. G. Miller Dr. Banister . W. Cronin . . . . T. Feak Siegenthaler . Halm H. Haaser ... F. Roth Dr. Teepla .... L.. Khoades ... Dr. Bates .... J. Dohanos .. L. Mayle ..... C. Baskey ... C. Auxter .... u ennuis ...... H. Bowlus W. Ztnk C. Mayle Gilbert ...... O. Fleck 153 187 158-1253 174 171 161 179 lbt 127 157-1135 288 98 137 153 198 171 168-1212 Leiber 294 129 105 114 297 144 178 198-1162 313 165 165 179 145 176 130-1269 303 163 171 124 200 177 131-1269 291 155 193 182 139 163 202-1325 219 H0 159 195 1116 172 204-1285 95 120 125 182 115 144-1078 285 140 142 158 145 198 139-1207 291 160 156 146 162 170 165-1250 Humbel 282 175 132 165 Letterman ... 169 140 143-1208 J. Chudzinski . 273 135 110 165 C. Smith 187 182 178-1230 T. Stahl 291 122 138 200 P. Russell ... 167 142 130-1190 A. Phipps .... 294 143 160 134 Ketterer 155 164 145-1195 Baughman ... 283 166 121 123 Siler Zelfang- Middleton .... W. Rich 28 Bennett Kirsch Bowlus ...... Don Watts ... Dr. Banister .. Brockaway ... Lorenzen ..... Lehman Havens ...... Kinehart ..... Dosenczuk ... Dr. Schultz , ., H. Stelg-er ... Bowden ..... 200 189 126-1210 288 152 151 154 227 141 136-1249 116 137 149 DETROIT, March 23 Slide over, AI McCoy, Red Bur-man and Gus Dorazio, and make room for Comrade Able Simon a fighter with courage almost beyond imagination. Ponderous Abe Simon, 254 pounds of him, has joined the ranks of 14 other futile contenders for Joe Louis' world's heavyweight championship, but in so doing he gave the Brown Bomber the hardest and most surprising fight he has experienced as title-holder, fooling everybody in a standing-room crowd of 18,908 in Detroit's Olympia arena last night. Three thousand were turned away. Simon, figured to last no longer than four rounds, fell victim to a technical knockout after one minute and 20 seconds of fighting in the 13th round. Referee Sam Hen-nessy humanely stopped the sensational battle after Louis had knocked Simon down twice for counts of nine in that fatal round. Simon was on hit feet, his hands gripping the top rope of the ring in his own corner, but he was helpless and could not continue. As a reward for his courageous and surprising showing, Promoter Mike Jacobs planned today to give Simon another shot at the title. He intends to rematch the pair for a 15-round engagement in New York, May 16. Simon and his manager, Jimmy Johnston, protested ending the fight Simon declared that Louis' blows did not hurt him at any time. He shouted defiance at Louis even when the doctors were closing an inch and one-half gash in the lid of his left eye: "Why did they stop it?" he demanded. "It was the 13th round, wasn't It? And this was Friday, too. Holy, jumping Bolivar! The next time I fight I hope it's on Thursday." PUNCHES FLY IN MAT MATCH Ortti And Kilonis Prove Too Dirty In Tag-Team Brawl At Arena Another pair of mat villains bit the dust at the Jackson arena Friday night in one of the wildest and wooliest exhibitions of legalized mayhem staged here yet, as Tarzan Paul Orth and Gentleman Mike Kilonis fell before Gorilla Pogi and Gil La-Cross, who subbed for rat Riley. Running in competition with the Louis-Simon brawl in Detroit, the wrestlers proved they were just as good by throwing probably more punches than whistled through the air in the Motor City. At that, it took some help on the part of Referee Les Fishbaugh to lick the villains, as he disqualified Orth and Kilonis in the final fall. Pogl and LaCroes wasted no time in getting started and took the first fall. The two took turns working on Kilonis, keeping him from his partner's corner? and then made short work of Tarzan Paul, who took plenty of punishment. All Nice Boys The second fall was different and dirtier. Orth and LaCross must have thought they were boxers as they stood toe-to-toe and slugged, but it was only a warmup for the finale. With the match all square, Gil came out strong and tied up Kilonis with arm locks and then Orth took up the lambasting. He got tired and pushed his opponent into Kilonis' corner where both could work on him. While Fishbaugh was breaking up this tangle, Orth stepped back and pinned the unsuspecting LaCross. Orth and Kilonis figured they could do no wrong but the second time they cornered a man in their own section of the ring, Fishbaugh dis qualified them. The tag-team match was a riot of action, fists, butts and everything else from start to finish and undoubtedly the boys will be re-matched for a grudge battle here later. . BOBCATS MEET CITY COLLEGE IN GARDEN NEW YORK, March 22. Ohio University and Seton Hall, led by a pair of the most brilliant individual stars ever to appear in Madison Square Garden, tackle canny metropolitan cage rivals tonight in the semi-finals of the National Intercollegiate Invitational Basketball Tournament. Ohio University faces the small but smart City College quintet and Seton Hall opposes the big Long Island University team. With all the reserved seats for tonight and for Monday's finals already sold, indications are that the crowd will approach the Garden record of 18,341 established last Wednesday. SAY GILLMAN SET COLUMBUS, O., March 22.-P Informed sources say that Sidney Gillman, assistant football coach under Francis A. Schmidt who resigned with the rest of the Ohio State University coaching staff last December, will be named line coach at Denison University next month. W. Stull ...... 187 159 174-1204 P. Ayrea ..... 283 129 128 143 Kaufman .... 137 170 216-1204 E. Smith 210 153 175 150 DuniRan ..... 189 169 122-1168 R. Hilt 282 157 148 165 Drusback .... 193 181 152-127? Bowlinf? Scattering the pins for a 193 count In her final game, L. Won-derly of the No. 6 team in the Rotary Ann league, accounted for the ladies' theater tickets in the News Messenger bowling contest Friday night. Tickets in the men's division went to Hampshire of the Zinc room team in the National Carbon league with a game of. 234. Now showing at the Paramount theater is "Tall, Dark and Handsome" and a "Blondie" picture. Roll Call: Wright, 164-193-155 512, Toledo Edison league; Below, 204-195-199598, National Carbon league; Wonderly, 191-135-193 519, Rotary Anns league. TOLEDO EDI0 CO. LEAGUE (Recreation Alleys) Handicap 40S 144 135 134413 108 140 121369 129 135 116 3S0 179 150 156 4R5 194 152 152498 890 848 815-2543 Handicap 3S4 121 126 139 3S6 122 148 200470 128 102 372 Meter Pilensehnelder ... McCollister , Klotz Strickfaden Huss , Totals Transformer Vogt Holcomb ........ Schneider ....... Seilschott 127 115 118360 Wright 164 193 155512 Totals 780 80? 872-2454 fiul)allon Handicap 4(W WaiiRh ......... 118 122 100340 Burkett 127 111 117355 Lucas ........... 148 108 125381 Psyles 95 92 151338 Miniok 114 134 138 3S6 Totals 758 723 787-2268 Motora Handicap ami Pressler ' 148 131 169 448 Stoll 156 169 129454 Maxwell 135 168 158461 Riddles 170 165 112447 Hirsh 149 116 151416 Totals , 891 883 852-2625 NATIOXAI, CARBOY CO. LEAGUE (Recreation Alleys) Laboratory Handicap 27 E. Reed 171 150 157478 R. Coe 124 159 150433 U Myers 157 183 163453 Morley 134 191 194519 Kollat 141 157 163461 Totals 819 882 819-26211 Zlnk Room Handicap 87.1 Mays 132 146 190 468 Cooley 134 105 122361 Beach 128 105 128361 Hampshire 137 216 224577 Peters 155 212 153520 Totals 811 909 942-2662 Shipping Handicap 842 C. Wolf 191 171 110472 B. Ink 151 165 179495 Below 204 195 199598 L. Fox 153 159 115 427 Walton 156 132 145433 Totals 969 938 862-2767 Maintenance Handicap 30 S. Hoffman 149 141 150440 McDonald 162 107 114383 Cochran 113 108 115335 Havens ........... 176 165 189530 Joseph 182 192 95469 Totals ......... 904 836 786-2526 ROTARY ANXS LEAGUE (Pastime Alleys) linn 1 Iran SO 107 115 146368 123 109 161 393 79 103 128 310 111 99 120330 122 157 159438 553 693 724-1869 Jfnniher S Kinehart ........ Bennett ......... Henkel .......... Bauman ......... Carroll Totals Won roll-off. ttnmber 3 Maxwell 149 157 125431 Butman 83 117 126325 Donachue 103 113 131347 Price 110 113 107330 Hpitbrink 108 98 179 3S5 Totals 552 S98 668-1818 number 1 Moore ............ Gottron .......... Lytlfi Sherlcy Bowden ..r. ...... Totals n m her S Motsch ........... Miller 93 104 136 9 R778 98 105307 1 ft8333 16.1 10 4l! 127 130 101 358 623 533 546-17H2 Handicap 3 134 155 107 3M6 115 120 118353 Mead 105 110 893114 Wonderly Flues ... Totals Number 4 K White Phristv Shively W sbon Wheeler Totals ......... Number S Gottron ......... Shilling ......... Musson A. Smith AiwaiRr .... 191 135 193519 114 110 117341 660 631 625-1916 118 121 78317 100 113 94 37 163 89 120 372 93 106 109 30$ 136 150 141 430 610 579 545-1741 Handicap M 88 155 133 8Y6 122 132 148 402 91 112 83 2S6 97 i Jin 2!'2 130 132 117379 FATHER DIES AS SON PLAYS GAME NEW LEXINGTON', O., March 22- fP George Swine-hart, It, retired contractor, fell dead at nearby Glenford Friday as he was listening to a radio broadcast of the Glenford-Hicksville basketball game In the state tournament at Columbus. Swinehart'g son, Dwight, a Glenford reserve, played in the second half of the game, unaware that his father had died. BAILEY TAKES HEADPIN TITLE Elks Loop Rolls Warm-Up For National Tournament Next Week V. Bailey, with a score of 249, copped top honors In the ladies' headpin tournament at the Recreation alleys Friday night, finishing; with a three-pin edge on E. Burger. There were 67 feminine keglers firing at the elusive headpin and the winners had games of 90, 85 and 74 to take first money. Burger rolled consistently, with games of 80. 81 and 85 for a 246 total. High single game honors were claimed by B. Swlnt, whose best effort was 109. Games of 71 and 54 pulled her down to a 234 total and third place, however. LADIES HKAU-P1V TOUHNEY P. Under D. Hossman , P. Widman ..... E. M. WaKBoner . B. Dymond H. Andecover ..... H. Gabel Ij. Polamore ..... K. Shetenhelm ... T. LeGrand ...... K. DeSio G. Punford F. Maxwell M. Grund . . M. Sch warts J. Grund G. Tracy V. Bailey J. Endera R. Smith . 71 109 64234 73 2 73 197 74 42 80196 59 69 34162 SO 85 70205 45 56 69170 42 43 56 141 77 71 50198 61 98 66215 64 63 40 167 60 72 85217 64 69 65 188 80 81 85246 75 96 35 205 72 79 85 236 95 63 76223 55 75 87217 70 53 60 183 78 65 72 205 37 32 36 105 40 18 40 98 71 74 36 181 86 45 78209 90 85 74249 96 77 69232 75 87 77239 72 61 (2185 Totals 630 632 579-1741 TOURNAMENT AT A GLANCE COLUMBUS, O., March 22. P Facts and figures on the 19th annual Ohio high school championship basketball tournament: Friday's Scores Class A Massillon 38, Cincinnati Hughes 34. Lakewood 32, Springfield Township 31. Martins Ferry 40, Canton Mc-Kinley 27. Xenia Central 47, Newark 38. Class B Glenford 37, Hicksville 33. Xenia O. S. & S. O. Home 27, Elmore 23. Canfield 48, Hanover Twp. 42. Midvale 30, Cridersville 23. Seml-Final Games Saturday's semi-finals schedule, with season's records of participants: 1 p. m. Glenford (28-2 vs Xenia O. S. & S. O. Home (18-4). 2 p. m. Canfield (24-4) vs Mid-vale (21-5). 3 p. m. Massillon (17-4) vs Lakewood (18-2). 4 p. m. Martins Ferry (25-2) vs Xenia Central (18-3). Championships Game 8 p. m. Glenford-Xenia O. S. & S. O. winner vs Canfield-Midvale winner (class B). 9 p. m. Massillon-Lakewood winner vs Martins Ferry-Xenia Central winner (class A). Attendance: Thursday 14,544; Friday 10.683. Total 25,227; three-day record. 34,196. Needed at Sat-urday's two sessions to tie record, 8,969. Third Period Slump Gives Xenia Team 27-23 Victory Ottawa Countians Unable To Hold First Period Lead; Practically Every Favorite In Both Classes Out Of Play The last of the northwestern Ohio quintets bowed out of the state basketball tournament Friday when Elmore, Fremont district titlists and Ottawa county champions dropped a heart-breaking game to Xenia, Ohio Soldiers & Sailors Orphanage by a 27 to 23 score. A mid-game slump cost Coach Al Turner's boys both! the game and a berth in the semi-final round. Away to a 12 to 5 lead in the opening period, the Ottawa countians lost most of their advantage in the second period when they were outscored, 11 to 5, although they still managed to cling to a 17 to 16 edge at halftime. The third period was the downfall. After tying the score at 18 to 18, the Elmore lads faded, the lone free throw being the only point they scored in the entire stanza whila the Orphans were ringing up seven for a 23 to 18 lead. Tired from the long grind, the Turnermen just couldn't rally. Capt. Bob Schroerter, who was- . m the spark-plug in the first round j .-., . 4 rUKICKo WILL HEAR WESTFALL victory over Berlin, was held scoreless from the field and managed to account for but two points. Xenia (27) O. F. T. Colby, f 10 2 Alford, f 12 4 Mislan, f 10 2 K. Pitzer, e 3 3 9 Flick'g'r, g 1 0 2 R. Pitzer, g 12 4 Steber, g , 2 0 4 Totals 10 7 27 Elmore (23) G. F. T. Miltz, f 2 Hanneman, Sorg, c Dibert, g Schroeder, g Marco, g Totals Xenia 5 11 Elmore 12 5 5 5 7 2 2 2 23 4 27 5 23 BIG SHOTS BOW ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. Two of the most important New York Yankees, Joe DiMaggio and Charley (Red) Ruffing, were scheduled to make their seasonal debuts in competition against the Cardinals today. Both were late in reaching camp because of salary disputes and DiMaggio was further hampered by a sore shoulder. FIVAI. TAM)IGS Tolrdo Edlaon Co. Motor Transformers Meters Sub-Station National Carbon Co. Laboratory . . . Shipping Dept. Zinc Room ... Maintenance . 47 S4 43 38 34 W. I 43 S9 sn 34 Official Ohio State Baseball League Schedule Fremont Tiff in Fosloria Find! ay Lima Mansfield AT FREMONT Foil ov May 15-24 June 4-13-24 July 4-15-24 Ail. 4-13-24 May S3 June 1-12-21 July 2-12-23 Aug. 1-12-21 Sept. 1 May 19-28 June 8-17-28 July 8-19-28 An sr. 8-17-28 May 31-30 . Juna 10-19-30 July 10-21-30 Aug;. 10-19-30 May 17-28 June 6-13-28 July 6-17-28 Aug. 6-15-26 AT AT AT TIFFIN FOSTORIA FINftLAY May 14-25 May 22 May 18-20 June 3-14-23 June 2-11-22 June 7-lS-'7 July 5-14-25 July 1-13-22 ' July 9-18-29 Aug. 3-14-23 Aug. 2-11-22-31 Aug. 7-18-27 May 20-31 May 16-27 The June 9-20-29 Juna 5-15-25 ! July 11-20-31 July 7-16 27 A"' p,2'29 Aug. 5-16-25 May 21-30 May 14-25 June 10-19-30 T pfltfn- June 3-14-23 July 10-21-30 L-eaK"" July 5-14-25 Aug. 10-19-30 ! ' Aug. 3-14-23 May 17-26 May 15-24 June 6-16-26 June 4-13-24 In Trip July 6-17-26 July 4-15-?4 1,1 11 Aug. 6-15-26 Aug. 4-13-24 May 19-28 May 17-26 , May 23 June 8-17-27 June 6-15-26 June 1-12-21 July 8-18-28 July 6-17-26 July 2-12-23 Aug. 8-17-28 Aug. 6-15-26 Aug. 1-12-21 t j May 23 May 19-28 ' June 1-12-21 . June 8-17-28 May 21-30 July 2-12-23 July 8-19-28 June 10-19-30 Aug. 1-12-21 Aug. 8-17-28 July 10-21-30 Sept 1 Aug. 10-19-3O AT LIMA May 20-31 June 9-20-29 July 11-20-31 Aug. 9-20-29 May 18-29 June 7-18-28 July 9-19-29 Aug. 7-18-27 May 16-27 June 5-16-25 i July 7-16-27 Aug 5-16-23 May 22 June 2-11-22 July 1-13-22 Aug. 2-11-22-31 N. evvs May 15-24 June 4-13-24 July 4-15-24 Aug. 4-13-24 AT MANSFIELD May 16-27 June 5-16-23 July 7-16-27 Autr. 5-16-25 May 22 June 2-11-22 July 1-13-22 Aug. 2-11-22-31 May 18-29 June 7-18-27 July 9-18-29 Aug. 7-1S-27 May 20-31 June 9-20-29 July 11-20-31 Aug. 9-20-29 May 14-25 June 3-14-23 July 5-14-25 Aug. 3-14-23 Messenger PLAYING A SPLIT SEASON. SECOND HALF STARTS ON JULY 4TII. By FRITZ HOWE1X COLUMBUS, O., March 22. fP Eight "dark horses" were set for battle today in the semi-finals of the state high school basketball tournament as the result of a series of upsets which swept favored squads out of both class A and class B competition in the two opening rounds. Proof that season records mean absolutely nothing when the chips go down in tournament play was offered in Friday's second round. In each game of the eight on the program, the team with the poorer record for the season came home the winner. Still in there battling in class A are Martins Ferry, Massillon, Lakewood and Xenia Central. Up to date that quartet has won 74 and lost 11 games. More Upseta Their second round victims were Cincinnati Hughes, Springfield Township of East Akron, Canton McKlnley and Newark, a quartet that had won 77 and lost seven. In class B the "upset" angle was still more pronounced. Remaining in today's semi-finals In the smaller school .ector are Midvale, Can-field, Glenford and Xenia O. S. & S. O. Home, tie four having won 87 while losing 15 this season. They eliminated Hicksville, Elmore, Hanover Township of Hamilton, and Cridersville and that foursome had A'on 96 while losing but seven. Class A Is minus its two unbeaten squads, Springfield! Township and Middletown, and once-beaten Canton McKinley, but twice-beaten Martins Ferry and Lakewood. thrice-defeated Xenia Central, and Massillon vhich has lost four, are still in there pitching. No matter which teams win the championships tonight, two new names will go on the big trophies since none of the eight semi-final ists has ever copped the crown. Xenia Has Two Two youngsters who broke the individual one-game scoring records in the opening round contests bowed out last night to lose their chance at the all-game mark. Dee Snelling of Newark, who scored 27 in the opening class A scrap to beat Youngstown Raven, added 14 last night but couldn't stave off a 47-3S beating at the hands of Xenia. Roger Phillips, Cridersville's all-Ohio center, who counted 33 in the opener against Fairfield Township for new class B record, was stopped with 11 in the second round as Cridersville bowed to Midvale, 30 to 23. With the field full of darkhorses, the unaffiliated fans are rooting for two Xenia squads to grab the laurels. If they do, that Greene county town of 10.000 will be the first in history to have both champions. Regardless of the outcome, however, the soldiers and sailors orphans' home can claim the title of "No, 1 class B athletes of the year," for vhe cadets hold the class B track ind field championship, boasted an undefeated football season and here they are in the basketball semi-finals, and going strong. Michigan Grid Captain To Be Speaker At Athletic Banquet PORT CLINTON, March 22. Bob Westfall, captain of the. 1941 Michigan football team, will be guest speaker Wednesday night at the annual athletic banquet, sponsored by the Port Clinton Gateway and Kiwanis clubs. John L. Brumm, journalism professor at the University of Micbi gan, will be the principal speaker. Senior athletes who will receive football awards will be William Faust and Joe Lukac, co-captains; Leroy Jensen, Edwin Ashton, Meryl Windnagel, John Traavsky and Richard Semon. Seniors to be awarded miniature gold basket balls will be Charles Thompson, captain; Raymond Debien, Kenneth Wood, Joe Lukas and Gerald Hineline. TIFFIN MUDHENS HAVE VETS BACK BASEBALL RESULTS TIFFIN, March 22. Tiffin will have an experienced club in the Ohio State League this year, according to Charles LeCrone and Ralph U. Huffman, who are dividing the managerial job. Veterans who will report the first week of May include Pitchers Bob Franz, George Snow and Tom Warner, Catcher Bill Campau, First Baseman Charles Gerlach, Third Baseman Dick Budd, Shortstop Kenny King and Outfielders Ray Boone, Vic Sander and Ed Nolan. Elmer Vasco, who made a good showing on the mound two years ago. and Frank Wlggers, outfielder the same year, are both expected back this season. Y CHAMPIONSHIPS AT STAKE TODAY COLUMBUS. O., March 22. A State Y. M. C. A. champions In basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, table tennis, badminton, weight lifting and fencing will be decided here today. The Buckeye Traction Ditchers of Findlay, will oppose Bankes-Deans of Akron, at noon, and Bliss will meet Jhe Barklow Engineers of Portsmouth, at 2 p. m. The winners will clash In the finals at 8 p. m. BACK TO GARDEN ST. PETERSBURG. Fla. Don Padgett, the St Louis Cardinals' man of many positions, may go back where he started the outfield. With Johnny Mize in the fold, there's no need for Padgett to learn first-baseing and the backstopping of young Walker Cooper and the veteran Gus Man-cuso has just about decided Manager Billy Southworth to return Padgett to the garden. HERE THE ANSWER MIAMI, Fla. Cleveland's Indians don't lack explanations for their consistently poor batting in "Grapefruit League" games. They say they haven't had enough time for batting practice, due to their bus-jumping exhibition schedule, and that rookie pitchers have been making efforts to cross them up and make good showings for themselves. CAGER A COLONEL NEW ORLEANS Jim McCaf- ferty, str center of the Loyola university basketball team, is a colonel on the staff of the Oklahoma governor, having been hon ored when he was named to tha all-state team in high school. (By Associated Prss) At Tampa, Fla. Cincinnati (N) 9. Birmingham (SA) 4. At Clearwater. Fla. New York (A) 7. Brooklyn (N 0. At St. Petersburg, Fla. Boston (A) 4. St Louis (N) 3. At Los Angeles, Ca!. Chicago (N) 7, Pittsburgh N) 4. At Orlando, Fl. Washington (A) 7. Detroit (A) 5. At Daytona Beach, Fla. Washington (A) B team 9, Chattanooga (SA 4. At Hollvwood. Cal. Chicago (A) 6. Philadelphia A 4. At San Antonio, Tex. St Louis (A B team S, Randolph Field Ramblers 4. At Fort Mvers, Fla. Cleveland (A 5, Louisvill? (AA 4. At Plant Citv. Fla. Buffalo (ID ?, Detroit A) B team 5, j FURNACE COAL BARGATXS j j Winter Comfort Mis .... $8.33; i mif & Half Mis $6.00 ! rocahontas For kings .... $5.25 Cash-delivered price. 1 THE FANG BOXER SEED CO. ! SOflO POLICE DERBY About 2000 men are required to police Churchill Downs during thel Kentucky Derby, I Auto Repair Featuring BRAKE SERVICE, WHEEL & AXLE Straightening 1600 W. S:ate Main 1302 Hudson and International Truck Sales and Service

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