The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXX11T— NO. 280 Blythevllle Courier niylhevllle Herald Tim DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AKKANSAS. WKDNKRDAY, FBDIUIMiY 10, Blylhrvlllp Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader HLYT)!KVI],L SINGLE COPIKS FlVf] ,CKNT»" HOUSE VOTES SUBSTITUTE PLAN FOR 11 IIR1HES ClffT FULLS i Wedding Bells for Hoover III P a s s e n % e rs and Crew Drown in Airplane Accident at San Francisco SAN' FRANCISCO. Feb. 10 (UP) —The United Air Lines transport plane that plunged into the waters of San .Francisco bay carried all eleven of its occupants Irt death, authorities found today when the wreckage was raised from tljo water more lhan 14 hours af- Ici' tilt- accident. Shortly before noon a barge eimipped wilh 11 derrick managed lo fa.sle-n a line around the wreck, half-submerged hi 20 feed of water, anil raised it. lo Ihe surface. 'Coast .guilds' and officials oil United Air Lines were the first to enter the cabin. . Only three bodies were found in the wreckage however. Tlie others apparently had been thrown nut through the plane roof, which was toni off. Tile Ixxlies were these of A. R. Thbmikson. Burbank, pilot; Joe De Cesaro, North Hollywood, co-pllot, ana Miss Edith Kimmell., Ala-1 meda,, stewardess.. Those missing j were Ihe'eight passengers. Found Five Nours i!al«r The 21-pasAjnger Douglas air liner crushed five miles east of municipal airport at 9 p. in. (p. s. t.) last night after Pilot Thompson had signaled 'for a landing at tlie "end of its regnUr two-hour lllaht from Los Angeles. The wreckage was discovered five hours anil ten minutes later by Prank Fuller, in u private airplane. The bay was almost as - ; day from powerful lights of tugs . and bay craft, which joined the ^^Sfarcli after the plane disappcar- •••^.?fy$- P'a&e-'.-was,- -found upside. -'Ttown.;-' assembly protnul-' lug-about teii feet from Ihe wa- ler. The wheels were" -.visible.- An .early..plan to low the wreck . to shore; was abandoned 'as receding -tides left : the ship without .sufficient water to float It. Those • aboard were: ' Pilot A. R. Thompson. : Co-pllpt. Joe- Decesaro, North Hollywoodo.. ' . :-.-.. | , Stewardess Riitlf Kimmel.-Ala-1 Vice r residents "' meda.' p .. . , - • I • - - - - v ,. , ..,.-• til 1 BILL'S TEXT JEIMTE Apparent Attempt al Substitution Is F i n a 11 y Cleared Up LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 10 (UF>)_ Two apparently substituted pages, in the sales tax bill disturbed the ' composure of- the Arkansas senate I llii.s morning. Five senators were named lo' Investigate. By comparison It was found the' two pages were written on a type- i writer different from the one used In writing the original bin , Also distribution of residue funds from the homestead excmp- I tion ami free textbook allotments was changed. A close examination showed thai the engrossing clerk bad made the error,- including the text of an amendment in place of part of the original measure. The er- , lor was detected by Senator Maupin Cummings. I Hob Halley Voles Seveii of eight amendments offered to the Integrated bar bill passed the .senate after a stiff fiiilit by several attorney inein- ters. Amendments were offered by Cliimney-W'hizfc! Due to ; become in June the daughter-iri-law of a. former president, is 'Margaret Coberly, -top •, photo, Los Angeles debn- lanti;, whose engagement to 30- year-old Allan Henry Hoover, : lower pholo, has been announced. Hoover is the son of former-President Herbert Hoover. Miss Coberly Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. B. Coberly. ; - ,. ... OF'NEl E DqHoVc False Re p o r I s Suggests Lone; Range 'Pro-i : Concerning Situation in gram (or Economic Res- Ir^ i A fuvther .sllalit drop In the' i Hood level of Ihc Mississippi rlvci ' I in Hill Held.' was recorded today HP! Tl'" a ' * ftl| B t! rcadlriB liils mornlna Ml I I was HUB/!, down' ,1 of .a fool In n f 1 2-1 hours anil .2 of a foot below U UL. I iii e mx i f • While a considerable number of •.Blylhcvillc cue of Plains States With ihe possibility of an cmer- 'V .situation developing on tht '; The niylhevllle city council met WASHINGTON, Fell. 10 (UP)— ' ! cvt ' 0 m - sl ° r '"'''« hi, regular monthly session at the 1're.sldent Roosevelt, urged COIIKI-CSS • , v l' n ., ' tlll! • • v "" lshln|f >' oinl ' -"--••-- ............ " " city-hall last nlghl, disposing of,In a special message today to <lc routine business and adopting a velop "n new economy" for Ihe resolution deploring false stories mid-west to protect tiie nall.on's anil. . pictures appearing in .some "bread basket" area against dls- mctropolilan newspapers and mag- ustrous future drouths a-lnes. piuporting to show tlmti Mr . Roosevelt trail-milled lo l.lllyihcvlllc had been . Inundated congress a long range rehablllla-. ,by flood waters recently. , lio ,, ptotrnmj formulated by his, 1 - The resolullon was adopted at great plains drouth connnlilcc In lie rc(| of C, A Cimninglmm, m effort lo rescue len u^ddlu oca! Kcd Crow chairman, who western states from the threat ol 'c -il ° q) ™ m "'- rt lo M «>'<>" economic slarvallon liirough ic- I •:'(.. (,, l " c "'ii'lng the ; session, pealed ravages of dry weather. fc-asrAW HfS • rc r lir^^r'*• '"° i council should tuko .some action ' H picMtlonl .said. ! In view particularly of pictures ' A 11CW economy 111114 l)0 te- apisearlng In a leading New York vcl °l lc:i wlllcl > Is bused on the con- , ., • • ' slrlcltons on. Die mi: of Highway IS between Ulyllievlllc and liarlltlil have been raised and Would Pioviclc Full P.vV for Membcis Quilling High Bench al 70 WASHINGTON.' Fob. 10 (\l['V-~ 'Ihc liotiw today pisxed the Sumnirs bill pi 01 Ming voltinlniy ullicimnl of Miprvinc couit Jus- >| Uics on full pav at the anc of ,, . . . , ....... -- -.— • Ihe road Is now cpim to general ITO utic - I 'Ihc measmc [iioposcd by Clnir- mani nation W Stunners of (he judlcmiy committee, was irjindod by wine house \clei- I ans m a (hnk mailemei ngsilnsl' President Roosevelt s snciplil; I ccillt I 1 '"" ill • miir h 1 ' " IIU U I1IL U' nn * vassal by the house with U M Ui rl'''" 0118 •'•'Wort of both DcmocuUla III II 11 Lll| r.nd Repiibllcnn membets Ilouy I paper and a magazine of national "I"" 1 """ and effcollve lillllxalioi ' nli- nl .1 n i I-,., ». • - . . i j L - - - ft I 1111 I llO lt*it I Al* nvdllo k-ln nfiMi^L Two Lost \Vlicn Tlieii Ci-r.fl Hits' Barge iclreulallonVlt.'''appeamr'thi"t'"Mi" "f '»' »'c water available, especl-j • f\| ear Ti>m C n Cunningham has hopes of obtain- n " y '.!" u wmel > f" 111 * !>« ml" «"<! I Ing retractions .or corrections re- snow ' Democmtlc Icadci-s and Stinmers Joined In a denial that llio pin- liowl had any conneclloii \\tlli the l/risldeiit's plan.f. Mr. Roosevelt said the new economy should be one "which rcp- ; resents generally a move rational ailjnslmonl of the organization of Hie. council voted nnanlmoiislj [ ^TUNIOA, Hl'lss.,- Feb. 10 tUP)'— Two 'Kcd Cross ' Other amendments fixed mem-! the hazardous ascent nt Wasjifng- bershlp dues and limited time ofj ton, U. C., to repair,a disabled Hugh' Harbert and E. B. Estes Are' E 1 e : c t'e d Passengers: Mark- Fontana, Renio/ 1 Ma,rga'roni .and... j. •.Franklin Gllmore, of San Francisco; John A.. ..and Gertrude 1 Grennari, 'of Berkeley: Myron Lorge and H D Preedlander,' - Los Angeles, ami Roger '• Meyers,' Ridgcwood, N J . Water. Caught .Wheels The ship apparently' landed on Is nose .and hurtled over on ius tack. Thfi fuselage appearc<l to be, Iiilact. but the tail was smashed badly. • . . ^Experienced pilots believed that Thompson misjudged his attitude above (he water and that, the wheels struck the surface of the .nay, pulling the ship, over on- its kirk and sinking it. If it had landed right sid t - up Ihey said. It would have floated for several hours at least. Closing Stock Price* NT~W YORK, Feb. !« {Tinj ._ United States Steel corporation today reported its shipments of nnished steel prcKlucLs in January at Ihe best level for that nionlli since I9.'9 and its cbm- nion slock mounted lo a new fclx-year high today, leadin^ the entire slock list Into higher ter- rllory. and T 3 . 8 American Waterworks .' M 3-4 Anaconda Coppe Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cilie.s Service' ' Cora. Cola 57 1-4 88 3-4 133 3-4 Clarence H. Wilson, : Insurance man and former sheriff, -was elected president of the Blytheville Chamber of "Commerce for 1937 office ill the organization to one] ear. li ' " Would Abolish 'Meter- Clhirjcs ..The house of. re presenla lives spent the morning considering the Coffelt measure to force public iitilities . lo . abolish their service) uncl *mcl6r:frehi;a'l^ CKa'rgesri -: " ' i • ' Rcpo Jame&-;Ca|jiplx>ll of ^Gnrland | county 'ami Rcp.i Robert-:' Christ of IMlaski county, in ' opposing the bill, contended that although tlie extra charges might be • dropped , panics under law, could 'force the} public utilities commission tn Increase Iheii 1 rates to make up for tlie loss. ' . lightning roil. m N. F. White, New; Liberly by the. operating firms, the com-1 Believed Victim oi . House Amends Sales Ta\ The house indicated '. yesterday that it did not approve (he ail... -at. a meeting ot the board bfdl- i '" • rallon snle -' i tax 1>iu as l )as »^ n i^..:.. ii_._' .^i . .•. <IF*rt hu Mio cnnalo l\t. imr civ rectors this afternoon. Other officers.named are: Hugh Harbert, first vice-president; E. B. Estes, second .- vice-president, and J.;L.-Guard, treasurer. • '•••'' All were" chosen by unanimous vote. '" sed by the senate, by 'adopting six of 11 amendments proiwsed. Other proposed amendments ore awaiting, -action:" The aiuendmenls were placed on Ihc bill despite warnings of several-members that they would de- Thc - election, ordinarily held ini fcal lls P'"' l)ose - Uecember. was delayed firet bv the Amendments adopted were: campaign for the Hlce-Stlx fac ' "" ™""" " r """ ; • ' lory fund and later by the Hood, situation. Nine new members of the board of directors were elected In December. They are: J. A. Leech C H. Wilson, B. A. Lynch. - Hugh' Harbert. Cecil Shane, R. P. Paddison, Wilson Henry, L. G. Nasli, and F. H. Acton. They succeeded Jack Applebatuu, U. S. Branson Rupert Crnflon, Oscnr Fendler, n. D. Hughes, Joe Isaacs, Charles Penn, w. L. Homer and w. J Wimdcrlich, whose two-year terms" expired at the end of I93c. Nine By Toland of Howard, to exempt agricultural. , horticultural. livestock, poultry'arid dairy products from taxation as long as they remain in possession of the producer. By Toland, lo authorize the commissioner of revenues to inaugurate the token system. By Buerkle of Arkansas county, to movide that the act automatically become null and void July I.' 1939. By Blair of logan. to require merchants lo pay Ihe sales tax on merchandise taken from the By Chrisi) of Pulaski and Har- hold-over members "who, with thel storc for hofilc " ss nine new members, will compose By Chris " of puln! the board during 1937, are- Jesse ' Jefferson, to exempt milk Taylor, C. G. Smith, Max Relrl I from Bro " sions of "ic nel. W. D. McClurkin, E. D Fereuson' By Thomas ° r Prairie, to apply E. B. Estes. J. J. nalv n A >.,."' "i« tnx (o the difference between E. B. Estes. J. J. Daly, c. A. Cunningham find C. R. Babcock. No action was taken at this afternoon's meeting On the employment of n paid secrctaiy fo' (he allowance on a used automobile and the price of a new car on a trade. Allocation Change Amendments rejected Heart Attack Funeral services were -held this morning for N. F. Wliite, 41-year- old resident ot the New Liberty community, who was found dea< in a field near liis home early yesterday morning. Mr. White's death was attrlb- iiled to n licavt attack. He had been in ill health for some time Monday night he had gone to the home of a : neighbor and did no return _ to his home. Early yesterday his children and others, on f.heir way lo .school; found Mr White's body. The time of liis death was fixed •it about 4 o'clock yesterday morning on an estimate of the time he had been dead when the body was found. There were no marks if violence on the body and no inquest was held. He had starlet o walk home late the night before and apparently had become •'iddenly ill on the way and was unable lo continue". Tlie Rev. Alfred Carpenter of Delated at the services held n the Cobb Funeral Home chapel Interment was made at Maple cemetery. ward school, .was presented B'am. o the council, Police Chief Ed j Tim report dovetailed with the lice, was 'Instructed lo 'lake 'what- ' administrations \lev> that ver steps might be necessary to whole countrj thould iupprcss disturbances al the place. 'Into regional aieas— Mi I?oose\ell The 'Railroad street beer siiggesled eight— to plan pieseua- sltUat!oiv'.\vu.'5 J npl..d[sciBsed' > by' Ihp'lloh aiiii use 'of natnnil"ioshirccs coimciriHstTi.'ight/A^itV-Vanuary \ Ml , nooosciell look full lonnl/ t ,1 ' rescue workcis were reported missing and believed drowned near here this afler- ,1'„, noon when their small boat col-,!,, llded wllh a Mississippi rlvuir,, barfre. ; • •• . , 'en were Tommy/.Ilenso'n i llls lilcfiiniililc Camiulgti WASIHNQ'ION, Fell 10- JUl') — Hop M.vmy Maveiiik (Dom.'iex). house suppoitci of Piesidetit Roosevelt s Judicial) bill todaj el ..l „„,,,,_ . 2li, lialclgh,-Tcim., and Dan Mnh'n| thownsvllle, Tcnn. . They •; we're helping move families ont of, Moon Landing, Miss., and Pelcrs < La tiding, Ark, ;.•:.. 0. J. Held, Memphis, wilnessert the collision uml said he believed Ihe two men diouncd He said fo1 " " lel> ttclc '" tin bint n IB ™™ 11 of condition, f»rrt,.T<.l i.i. • ,"«»-*. n> v.uiiL.muii-1 tuijoc^L-uy—nil officials :|o .take s ep..<r o"clos(TaU^9'34-aiid-|9-0 drolillu, He Vilmlt- beei , -aitlens- o.n 'the .'street., be-. 1 ted-the serious oullooj foi lutuu tween Main, and A«h slreels, • LI-; of. t |,e areas and said censes have been refused and .re-1;-..»,,'„;.„,,,„ _. „.., .... !> , V0 ^ PI ," K °" C LlmL C 1" " l l " C S °" IlI °" ^ voked and most of the street's beer sellers have o,uit business but j! at least one still '' 'A municipal court charge Is slill' pending against Chcdad Abraham,- lt -' c " nlnci1 ' a lon " " ln ----owner and operator of one of Ihe! forillll| aleil and evcculton begun places. It has been continued by' wltllcmt ""due delay.' agreement of counsel, I "Mr. Rooosevelt's emphasis on City officials were rcmiestcd to speed led lo the belief he was proceed at once to collect privi- considering Issuance of nn execii- legc licenses due In January, par-1 ' iv ? order to establish the great licularly from operators of season-1 Plains regional . planning group al businesses, who may close lhelr[ recommended by the committee', doors within two or three months. Tom W. Jackson, second Wnrd alderman, said that a certain service .stallon in tlie business district hael "changed hands" three times since (he first of the year.! Informed that no license fees on the station's pump.s had been paid. Mayor Shane instructed tlie city clerk to collect from each person or firm that has operated the station, privilege licenses not being transferable. Oppose Tax Limit The council expressed disapproval of a bill introduced in the Arkansas legislature which would m ° l " • *" A lh!U two wclc ">»vid llcl ""POitctl the slream v-as fill ccl »Uh iaig- i| Ls being "bull- iparcnlly fake lelo- defcat of the .inea- of a house 111)- ams seeking ,ure Ma\cilck 'e 1 eial bloc -hinged that opponents of the picsldenfi mcasmc are Hooding congicSMOtial oflices \\ltlx iliculai lelegiams of opixisllloii N-itms Maverick said he leeched ten telegrams al one minute inlu- slre a\id llooseveltH proyrai I llie same lely -\itci miking n suppoi ling MI hej wcic all \\ouled exactly same' he ( " he Mtid,_ "but l';ic>- id that there 1 r r !7' (lllrmuL Mgi'-ture' They i^b,,,,,.^^ i ^ xn^rjseia •sf.s.' Jialuief, ullli UK. sen Anloiilo ell) dliefloiy inoic Ilidli,' 1 ;!) r pei of the nai.les «eit" mls- cent Tells High Court Guffcy and. NRA Rulings Set Precedent WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP) — Former Resident of I3ly- llicvillc Succumbs at St. Louis Hospital . Mrs. J. B, Hyland, formerly pi this city but who moved to St Louis n number of years ago; died at a St. Louis hospital at. ten o'clock this morning. The remains \vill be brought here tomorrow and services will be held at the First Baptist church Friday morning len, o'clock, with the Rev. Alfred Carpenter officiating. Cobb Funeral Home is In charge of arrangements. The remains will be accompanied by her son. Wyatt Vhglllo, of Dallas, Texas, her daughter. Mis Frank Henley, of Tallulali, La., who formerly lived here, and numerous other relatives. Slie Is also was asked this week to aid in e's- Steelc Man Succumbs at Blytheville Hospital STPEI n, MO , rcb ic-j • c ilohe) McCants 58, mamgei of. Yaibiough groceiy here, dteil Monday at Ihe nijthevlllc hos-. Pllal He had been.,Ul foi tivo- months with pneumoniiWamt com- pllcaltoni I ]'i A native ot Tennessee Mi Mc- CinLs c.ime here n years a°o He was marned about a \eai a»o lo Mrs Delia Sniilh Besldet Ills uidon he is sunned h> thieu bi others The funeral was held Tuesda\ at llie UaptKt ihiiiLh mill Elders T, C. VVhilfleld: and Waller SpuOu-ni; of the Church of Christ' olfielill- hiR.' C. of C. at Jonesboro Seeking Deer Farm JONF-SnORO, Ark. (UP)-lhe Jonesboro chamber of Commerce i LJU . l.i lfl . nvl peddlers license fee collections waV sorifltctl Press Mr. White is survived by his j Indicated. The measures were out- wife, Mrs. Millie White, five sons I lined in a memorandum from the Davis' assertion I since moving to St. Louis, was made all Snc ll!U ' oee.i critically ill foi two daughlcrs. his father, N. L. White and one brollfer. 138 General American Tank General Electric General TJolors .. V i i •-, - !V'f;" a 'L on , a J., ,» a "'«tor 107 1-8 !»«• »!• .. 8 ';...V--?. 3 -<|1937, pending completion of the Amcmlmc " l! ! rejected were: 3 r 8 ! association's membei-shit) „„, I B 5- Warfleld of chicot, lo au'—.— ' ""' Ihorizc utilities to discontinue scr- paign. Gl 1- C7 1-2 It was announced that o. W.i," 0 * Whe " esnon-Robblns Montgomery Ward New York Central .'" Packard ''_ Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp St. Louis-San Krnnrisco between H ,. 4 | representatives of the Arkansas to 1-2 44 4.3 jj 1-2 57 i".± and Missouri revenue department at which an effort will a customer arbitrarily Foster ol Lonoke county, to exempt feed used for farm purposes. Bticrkle of Arkansas county, lo to reach an agreement for truck license reciprocity between the made | exempt motor fuel and electrical two states. 3 3-4 Simmons Bed ........ 54 3-4 Standard of N J ''"' 71 \.j ... . Btlldelxiker .......... '" 175. Texas Cor]' . U S Smelting U S Steel ... Warner Bros . Zonite ....... 56 1-4 00 1-4 105 5-8 16 3-8 8 S-.& Livestock Chicago Corn open high low close 0 110 5-8 109 1-4 109 |-8 104 1-4 104 3-1 103 3-4 IKS 7-8 Chicago Wheat MaylM 7-8 130 3-4 134 7-8 133 5-8 Jill 117 1-4 118 S-8 117 1-4 111 1-2 EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., pel, , 0 <UF>—Ifogs; receipts 9,500 Top 10.30 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.25 Lighter .weights C..W-9 75 Bulk sows 9.40-9.75 Cattle: receipts 3,000 Calves 1,500 Steers 9.25-11.00 Slaughter steers G.00-12.85 Mixed j-;arlings and heifers 6.50-8.50 Slaughter heifers 5.25-1075 Mfft cows 4.75-5.75 Cutle-rs and low cutters 3.25-4,25 energy used for farm purposes. By Toland. to exempt medicine prescribed by doctors. | Thompson of Independence, lo j change allocation of revenue to 40 per cent for common schools, 40 per cent to old age pensions. 10 per cent lo charitable Institutions, six per cent to homestead exemptions and four per cent to free textbooks. The bill as passed by the senate would allocate the revenue as follows: 50 per cent to common schools, 25 per cent to old age pensions, 10 per cent to charit- M;,nila Child Dashes in Front of Automobile MANILA. Ark.—Aiidlr Mulllns. 10-year-old schoolboy, was taken to a Joncsboro hosuilal with a broken leg and oilier injuries, suffered when he dashed in front Arkansas Municipal league The council refural to allow the ' * hc Nntlo ' 1: " L;lb01 Relations . closo 0( "gumcnls In the I several days. An illness from in- ssociated Press controversy with I fluenra, contracted shortly after " board over the discharge of a reporter, "The reasoning of this court In the Carter coal Schcchtcr clalm of J. R. Musick for damage lo his car sustained In a collision with a city street derailment Iruck on Main street one "night, several weeks ago. While there was <NRAi cases dooms this statute no light on the city truck and it beyond all hope of recovery," j was at a standstill some distance, Dnvls s:>ldi ] from the curb In the slrect. City; With (be brief rebultal by Davis Attorney Roy Nelson said that the court took tlie Associated Christmas', left her weakened -mid complications set in about a week ago. While here members of the family will be guests of Mr; and Mrs Ernest Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. C. is and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris. Loses Fingers in Planer MANILA. Ark, — .Exler Lyerly : lost, two fingers and had two others badly mangled this morn- Ing when his hand was jerked iindcv Ihe blade of a planer lid was operating at his mill north of here. A knot in a singletree he was planing was blamed for the accident. Musick's admitted fright over the possible approach of a train, cans- cf a car driven by Harmon Good- ing him to look north and souti Press case under advisement, it was the first of a series of five challenges of this vital New Deal | as he passed over the Frisco i statute to be heard before the son at noon today. Goodson, it was said, was driv-j tracks on Main street, just before I high tribunal this week, ing slowly and was not blamed the crash, indicated negligence on tor the accident, which occurred] his part that should preclude his near the Herron gin. Tlie M til-1 recovery of damages, lins boy. going home from school, was being chased by anoltter child, it was reported, and ran directly In the path of the car. Ihpm a bill repealing the stale driicrs' license law. The senate approved the measure 22 to C after brief argument. Senator Holland of Waldron warned his colleagues that the measure "is about like selling a hunting do-? for $50 and taking in two $25 New Orleans Cotton New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 10 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Sikeston Truck Line j Postpone National Farm Assessed $520 in Fines i Loan Meeting To Feb. 18 _ . i ° The Carson and Rlghter Truck | Tlie annual meeting of the Lines of Sikeston, Mo. were fined stockholders in the National Farm a tola! of $520 in municipal comti Loan association who h\e m Ihc (Ins morning on charges of mis-. Chlcka^wba distucl of Mississippi use of truck license. | counts, about 115 fanners. !us Charges of operating a truck: been postponed from today until and lro,ilcr without license against Fridi} Feb 19 George Dovle of able institutions, eight per cent to i dogs on the sale/ 1 He didn't replace moneys lost through homestead exemptions and seven per cent for free textbooks Fourteen house bills were passed yesterday by the senate, among see any advantage in repealing the present driver's license tee law. since a proixjsal to increase Ihr fee to $) Is before the. legislature. NF.W ORLEANS. P?b. 10 (UP) — ! March Gotlon eased off loday in ajMny small market. Nearby months I July Fagged several point?, when Irad-IOct ers liquidaled (hose coilrixcts and| Dec transferred to later months. The" close was two points higher to two points lower. open litsh low close March 1200 12GO U54 1254. May 1249 1249 I2« 1245 July 1234 1234 123it 1230 Oct 1187 1189 1185 '.136 Dec 1193 1193 1190 1191 Jan Iinob 1192 liai 1191 Jan open high low close 1263 1266 1261 1261 1250 1254 1248 1249 1235 1237 1233 1234 1190 1194 1187 1190 1188 1189 1184 1187 1189 1189 1185 1185 Spots closed quiet at 1311, off five. Spot Average Is 12.90 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 12.90. according to 'ihe Blytheville Board of Trade. the same firm were dismissed. W. E. Armstrong of the revenue department appeared as a witness Osceola. sccrelary-lrcasurer, novnced today. Mr. Doyle said that the mectlnf? against the Missouri trucking'was postponed because of condl- company. j tions resulting from the flght.s Bud Fisher was fined $10 for disturbing the peace. Sues for Divorce against floods in this swllon. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight and Thursday. Continued cold wllh freezing Mrs. Aileen Brewer has filed i temperatures lonigrt. Warmer suit In chancery court against Thursday. Frank : Brewer, asking a divorce on the ground of- Indignities. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and continued cold tonight, lowest Roy Nelson is attorney for Ihc temperature 30 lo 34 Thursday nlalntm, I Thursday fair, rising lempe'reture.

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