The News-Messenger from Fremont, Ohio on September 18, 1933 · 10
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The News-Messenger from Fremont, Ohio · 10

Fremont, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1933
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THE FREMONT MESSENGER. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1938 PAGE TEN The East Side Sales Company One of Fremont's Pioneer Business Concerns STUDFBAKER IS SALES LEADER . FOR JG FIRM Farm Implements Also Featured by Well-Bal-anced Organization From the mum ground where 14 years ago proud owner of shin lug new Studebaker bugglea and wagon drove forth, today emerge handsome new Stude-baker can, the last word In beauty, comfort and efficiency. The East Side Sales Company, 116-118 east State street, a leading Fremont business place since 1922, today upplant the former East Side Implement Company, which sold the fashionable buggies and wagons. This corner on east State street sa been Fremont's "Studebaker Place" since 1909, when Charles Gabel owned the Implement company which sold all types of Mc-Cormlck-Deering farm Implements as well as tie Studebaker buggies and wagon. In 1922, the Frederick brothers, who now own the place, took It over, incorporating It under the state laws. The late Clarence W. Frederick, who died only a few months ago, was the president. Upon hi death, Urban A. Frederick became president and Victor C. "THEHOME OF STUDEBAKER" IN FREMONT Fine Foods Always We serve nothing but the best foodstuffs obtainable. The better grades of beer are also here for your approval. FREEH'S RESTAURANT ,Y J Y ? J tri if? '4 ' 4 U till fca'r. " ? 4 4 .V Photo by George Grob The above depicts the exterior of The East 'Side Sales Company's modern establishment on East State street, Fremont. The firm features Its lln of Studebaker cars but It jalso conducts a business that specializes in modern arrays of farming equipment. Established by the Frederick brother In 1922, the present management has moved to a position near the peak when quality of products, courtesy and service are regarded. Frederick became vice president and secretary of the East Side Sales Company. Farming Implement The company still handles Mc-Cormick-Deering farm Implements, While the models are greatly different from those of 24 years ago, they are still recognized by farmers throughout this entire territory sa the best In their line, and the East Side Sales Company is recognized by many pleased customers as the best place to get them. An outstanding feature of the Fast Freight To all parts of the country connecting lines all handled through the local freight depot make fast delivery possible. It's cheaper, safer, mora comfortable on Interurban cars to Toledo or Cleveland. Lake Shore Electric Railway YES You can save by buying your Winter Coal at Summer Prices. W. S. Artz, Agt. 238 N. Front St. Phone Main 1633 Tools, Dies, Fixtures, Gear Cutting General Machine Work Shop equipment unsurpassed In northern Ohio. Zeifang Machine Company 83$ Napoleon St Phone Main 2131 We Are Having To Stock Up! Prices Are Advancing On All Building Materials! Buy Now You Will Never Do Better. Advance Lumber and Supply Co. 1515 Croghan St. Main 1208 company, according to many customers, is the fact that it 'has an expert servicing department. The purchaser knows his automobile or farm equipment, purchased from this company, will have the best possible servicing and he can point to its record of reliability and fine service to back up his belief. Selling of automobiles and mo tor trucks Is in charge of three capable salesman, Urban and Victor ' Frederick and E. H. Lowien. Harold Willey has charge of the sales of farm equipment. Ferd Haubert heads the servicing department. ' Trained Mechanic Mechanics at the garage are thoroughly trained for their jobs, and each year are Bent to the factory to learn the latest innovations In repair work. Officials of the company feel that by this way they can assure their customers that the very last word of efficient methods will be used in any repair work they have done at the East Side Sales Company. The company carries a full line of farm equipment of the McCor-mlck-Deering type, as well as the full line of Studebakers. Prospective customers will find the utmost -t -4. V" J OUR BATTERY 1 L SERVICE J Is Complete M In courteous service, and will receive the best advice available if they are undecided as to their choice. Both officials of the company, Urban and Victor Frederick, are prominent Fremont men whose business ability is widely recognized. ZIRN SALES AND SERVICE State at Park. Ph, Main 1881 Transplanting Time Will Soon Be Here Our growing evergreens and many other shrubs can be seen now, pick those out that will complete your landscape. FREMONT NURSERY South St, Phone East 1726 WATER SOFTENERS BIG HOUSEHOLD AIDS In the winter time the disadvantages of a hard water supply are even more apparent than in the summer. Chapped hands are among the least of the annoyances, too. It is practically impossible to get clothing white and it is really impossible to get clothing clean, for the substance formed by the union of the salts in the water and the soap gets into the weave of the cloth, hardens there, and turnr, dirty gray under the hot Iron. Worse even than that, in wear it breaks the thread of the fabric, and causes the clothing to give way should. Linens and fine towels suffer the same fate. Consequently the woman who does housework is really entitled to a water softener one that is as near automatio as possible, and one that will deliver a supply of water fit for bathing as well as washing. These softeners are not so expensive as to be prohibited, and so simple In operation that they require little care, and are so beneficial that the home without one is necessarily poorly furnished. G. F. Younkman, plumber at 212 south Front street, installs water softeners. He has been serving the people of this community for many years, and can cite many satisfied customers who will commend his appliances and his work. Before you decide to go through another winter with dirty linens and chapped hands, call Main 1006 and talk over the question of a water softener. LOWELL By HELEN NEWHOUSE Correspondent Of those cheap priced motor oils they are the most expensive single item you could possibly buy. The heart of your motor must be fed a pure positive lubricant mofor oil like your blood stream must be pure. Insist Upon Gyrol 100 Pure Penn Motor Oil AT ALL HI-SPEED SERVICE STATIONS tZ) A QUALITY TIRE Gives Maximum Mileage at a Minimum Cost Tischler-Riedy Tire Store 110 E. State Main 1910 Mr. t.nd Mrs. Charles Floyd were Sundav afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Keefer. Mrs. G. M. Selvey was pleasantly surprised at her home Thursday evening in honor of her natal anni versary. Pinochle was the diversion of the evening with refreshments being served late in the evening. Guests were Mr. Michael of Belle- vue: Miss Edith Aldrlch, of Hov eate: Mrs. Clark Cleveland, of Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Metzger, Mr. and Mrs. William Kreh, Mr. and Mrs. Orland Selvey, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Mllo Keller and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slbbrell and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Sel vey, and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Selvey. Mrs. Julia Slater of Mansfield visited her sister Mrs. E. A. Rlne Sunday afternoon. The Queen Esther class Of M. &. Sunday school held their meeting Monday evening in the church parlors with Miss Bessie Schwlndt, Mrs. Nlchlos Toung, Mrs. Fred Mills, Mrs. Gertrude Front, hostesses. The meeting was called to order by the vice president, Mrs. Fred Mills, by singing "Blest Be the Tie That Binds," followed by repeating MOTORS CHANGE AND DEVELOP HANYJIABITS Hi-Speed Gyrol Oil Meets Any Emergency in Auto Lines Am every man who has 'driven a car knows, individual motors have their pecularities. Some of them respond to one gasoline quicker and more powerfully than to another. Despite the fact that they leave the factory : exactly alike, they will develop a marked difference. Some of this is due to the treatment received; in others there seems no accounting for the difference.' ' !' ' It seems to be a mistake, how ever, to use a special kind of oil or gasoline simply because of a fancy that the motor will do better. , It is more to the saving of the motor itself that a balanced gasoline be used than it is to have one that is either too flashy In its action or so slow that it gathers carbon. Quality of gasoline depends, of course on the blending. It Is possible to make a gas that flashes very quickly, al most spetacularly, and yet does not develop power as it should. The motorist who wants to avoid motor troubles will select & gasoline that is capable of big power, neither too slow in action nor too speedy. Champion Gyrol gasoline Is claimed to be a well balanced fuel. It has a certain amount of volatile gas for quick starting. That is necessary, and Champion Gyrol meets all requirements In this respect. But it is in the development of real power that Champion Gyrol makes its friends and holds them. It is so constituted that its burning is timed to the requirements of the engine. Now it seems a strange thing to say that what appears to go in a single flash really burns in cycles, but it does. The power comes from the bases generated by this burning. A flash is equivalent to a hard knock, a slower burning, steadily igniting fuel supplies power to the last quarter inch of the piston stroke. Champion Gyrol is not that kind. Its power is smoother, more inten sive. Motorists around here who use it note the difference, and they look for the Ht-Speed station's sign. New King of Iraq WO. ; f "V i J waft.- yiv. u I i i p I , Crown Prince Chazi The photo shows Crown Prince. Ghazi, 21, who becomes king of Iraq, as a result of the death of King Feisal, his father. The latter died recently at Berne, Switzerland, following a heart attack. MASTERS IN ART OF BUILDING AUTO GLASS Seat Covers Curtains Auto Top Body and Fender Fwepair Whitey's Body Shop 209 N. Arch St rhone Main 1086 DAIRY PRODUCTS IN WINTER OR SUMMER Oddly enough, many people think the time for dairy products on their table ends with the hot wea ther. - As a matter of fact, the richness of these foods, while it makes for comfort In the summer, is a strong reason why they should be used in the winter. In the warm weather their easy digestibility and the quickness with which they can be prepared are good reasons why they should be used. In the winter they furnish certain vitamins that are essential and not at all easy to obtain In winter food. 'Merry Maid" butter, for in stance, the famous product of Cle- tus C. Malkmus, gives a delicious savor to all kinds of foods and for that reason alone should commend itself. But It is rich in heat-making qualities as well, and it adds those vitamins of growth that are absolutely essential to children. Their buttermilk Is another pro duct of the same kind that con tributes more than its share of the needed materials for satisfactory growth in easily digested proteins and vitamins. In the belief of many competent observers, the coming year will witness a large amount of new building, more especially residences, throughout the central part of the nation. The reasons advanced for this are the fact that such building for the last two years has been at a minimum and that the demand for residences increases with the growth of population: that the i available money in the financial ! centers aoDeara to he increa&in? land must find some investment I outlet, and In the fact that at least n . tk. n.M.Hi U.. i 1 i . - 1-- the erection of new buildings an inviting field for investment. Of course the building of new residences to a certain extent will decrease the desirability of older ones. Every year sees some kind of an Improvement in 'either the conveniences included or the actual structural work. The older houses, falling to have these, are not so desirable and usually rent for so much less that they are not particularly profitable. Yet the remodelling of these old buildings into a thoroughly up to date residence is a comparatively Inexpensive undertaking, one that Is becoming of more value as the technic of the work is properly de veloped. It is not only possible, but it is frequently done, to make an old residence over into one that cannot be told from a new struc ture. Ehlers and Troike contractors at 1204 West State street thiuks the situation is rapidly getting so that a man who wants to do this work should make arrangements soon. He believes that when the neceS' sary new building is undertaken the demand for the materials and labor will make prices considerably high' er and possibly, make the work much slower in execution than now. Ehlers and Troike have given more than the usual attention to re' modelling work, has the equipment to handle any Job of reconstruction or new building, and gives this work the benefit of long experience and considerable study. A conversation over phone might prove of considerable value to those who have construction in mind at some future date. ZEIFANG CARES FOR AILMENTS OF MACHINERY Well Equipped to Handle All Mechanical Situations r Men who own automobiles know that just about once in so often inese macmnes must ve services oy mechanics. They know that a certain amount of mileage will exact a toll that requires expert attention, and they have come to accept this as a matter of course, ' For this reason a host of service stations of various kinds have sprung up, garages that take care of repairs and keep the cars in running order. These same men, unless they happen to be connected with some of the industrial concerns, rarely think that the huge machines that turn out products hour after hour, that are exposed to more operation and greater wear than automobiles, must also be serviced, and that their operation as near as possible must be continuous, or they might not be money enough to buy automobiles. ; Hence first class machine shops are a necessity. They must be equipped to take care of the many machines in different lines that aid in the earning power of the people. And while the disabled car may be an inconvenience, it is not so ser ious a matter after all as the shutdown of a machine upon which many people are accustomed to relay for the opportunity to earn their living. So the Zeifang Machine company, at 933 Napoleon street has equipped itself thoroughly to make repairs on machinery of all klnds--to keep the wheels of Industry humming. They have put in the most modern tools for this purpose, and they are able to repair, rebuild and adjust anything in the machine line, even though it be an engineering Job that will require forging as well as adjusting. H'GORMACK SINGS AS DAUGHTER WEDS LONDON, Sept. 18. 1NS) With her noted father singing in the gallery, Gwendolyn McCormack, daughter of John McCormack, was married here today to Edward Pyke. ' The world famous tenor sang The Perfect Prayer" from the side of the gallery while the couple knelt at the .altar rail. Hundreds of friends and ac quaintances packed the flower-filled church. , the Lord's Prayer In unison. Election of officers was held, resulting as follows: President, Mrs. Fred Mills; vice president, Mrs. Stanley Harris; secretary, Mrs. Gertrude Fronts; treasurer, ' Miss Bessie Schwindt Visitor present was Mrs. James Ardermot. A delicious lunch was served by the hostesses. Build Your Fire Once Next Year The wasteful methods ct band-firing cost you the price of a stoker. Why not convert this wast Into savings and own and enjo the comforts of a Will-Burt Stoker. Steinle-Wolfe Constr. US15 Croshan St rhone Main 1I work IsH t1 And know the done right. QUALITY PLUMBING FIXTURES sold and installed. G. F. Younkman SU & Front rhone M 1006 GREEN HEADING HOTEL ASSEMBLY DEL MONTE, Cal., Sept. 18. (INS) -Thomas D. Green, New York, today stood re-elected president of the American Hotel Association which ended its annual national convention here with selection of officers and the naming of New Orleans as 1934 convention city. WANTED CREAM We need more cream and as churners of "MERRY MAID" BUTTER can pay you mora than other buyers. 0 We also need heavy receipts of poultry and eggs. 1 Highest cash prices. A call will bring our truck. Cletus C. Malkmus 324 N. Justice St Phone Main 2340 BEARD'S TAXI Cay or Night Service Phone Open Day and Night I .L0, ; all Kinds LiUncncs Sandwiches THE LITTLE CAFE 410 W. State St Livestock Auction Every Wednesday FREMONT LIVESTOCK SALES CO. Foot of Hayes Ave. Phone, Main 2309 Sale .Come In and make us an offei on your choice of these excep tionally good used cars. 1930 Studebaker Dictator Coach, new tires fine condition low mileage. . 1930 Dictator Coupe. Has rumble seat. 1930 Studebaker 4 Door Sedan. 1926 Studebaker Standard 8 Se dan. V 1931 Ford Tudor. 11930 Ford " " k-up Truck The East Side Sales Co. ' ( St udebaker-Rockne Distributors) 116 East State Street Main 1538 Hench's Pastry Shop b m. 7 r 1 MUSKALONGE VIEW DAIRY Fred W. Lrnder and Sons. GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK PHONE NORTH 2537 Eagon's Mortuary Ambulance Service Eagon's Mortuary Phone, Slain 2021 Day or Night Phone, Main 2021 mniniPi nr OTi-rr DnAirp ur oiaic FAIR COMEBACK COLUMBUS, Sept. 18.-INS)-Mrs. Helen Maher, "brains" of the Ohio state fair for many years until she was discharged by the late I. S. Guthery when he was agriculture director, has been returned to ihe state payroll, it was disclosed Saturday. Mrs. Maher, who formerly was secretary of the state board of .d-h. culture, has been given temporary employment as a clerk at the state milk marketing commission, according to C. G. McBride, secretary of the commission, Guthery discharged Mrs. Maher for "economy reasons." The dismissal was announced durinz th tihiV of a controversy regarding state iuir policies, r Many writers suppose that "hon-eymoon" originally referred to the moon or month after marriage, when the ancient Teutons celebrated by drinking a liquor made of honey. Kodaks Movie Cameras Photo Supplies Developing and Printing Picture Framing Parker Pens m Geo. H. Grob Camera Shop 218 Justice Street MOVING then there is only one best way for complete service call S. G. HORN, 1013 Miller St rhone East 139S Made - ICE CREAM V f and Dairv Products 1 I I and Dairy Products direct from our farms. Newlv-Weds Be CAMPBELL'S flavrlftnn SL Next to Longanbach'i Also City Market 113 S. Front fct. JA 1 HLERS& TROIKE General Contractors MASONS and t BUILDERS 1204 W. State St Phone East 1691 Richer in milk, more nutritious, more delicious, yet not a cent more expensive than ordinary bread. Try a Loaf of BUTTERNUT THE H. &M. BAKING CO. - Children's Men's and Ladies' Shoes Rebuilt Only the best of materials used work 'i r'l guaranteed. Fremont Quick Shoe Repair "The Man That Soled Fremont'' New Location !06 Croghan St

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