The Logansport Press from Logansport, Indiana on July 24, 1973 · Page 8
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The Logansport Press from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
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Tuesday, July 24, 1973
Page 8
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Tuesday, July It. Yin •IMThe Pharos Tribune S. Press, Laaansport, Connors Upsets Ashe BROOKLINE, Mass. (UPI) — The championship tennis match could have gone either way until unseeded Jimmy Connors broke the service of veteran Arthur Ashe in the second game of the fifth set. Until then, it was a 2-2 match and no one knew who would win the $12,000 top prize in the U.S. Professional Tennis Championship at Longwood Cricket Club here. But after the'service break, Connor, 20, of Belleville, 111, took over and trounced Ashe,'30, of Miami, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 3-6, 6-2 in a grueling three hour and 10 minute match. "Ashe ran up lo the net and hit back one of my mis-hits, said young Connors, who had never played the experienced Ashe. "It was really lucky for me. He hit it out, that broke his service, and if anything that was the turning point." The methodical and smooth Ashe fought gallantly, rallying from a 2-1 set deficit to take the fourth set 6-3. But the energetic Connors took command in the last set and won it handily. "I couldn't hold up under the pressure," the second-seeded Ashe said. "My concentration was pretty good but the problem I had was I was waiting for Connors to fold and he never did." Connors, who turned pro in January said, "I just stayed in there. I was fresh all the way Concepcion Looking Forward To Series Smiling happily, 20-year-old Jimmy Connors (L) of Bellvillc, HI. holds his trophy high, as a not quite as happy Arthur Ashe, 30, of Miami, Fla. is near. The occasion was the ceremony following the unseeded Connors' victory over Ashe Monday at the U.S. Professional Tennis Championships held at Longwood Cricket Club in Brookline, Mass. (UPI) Football Giants Having Problems ,«' n re.o f^r tv,» M™ shr,nt thp whnlp thine. I don't second-year player from Vil- Veteran John I CINCINNATI (UPI) — Cincinnati Reds Shortstop Dave Concepcion will miss his dream of playing in tonight's All-Star baseball game. But he's already working toward another goal- playing on a World Series winner this fall. Although selected for the National League All-Star squad, Concepcion will miss the game while a broken ankle bone begins to heal in Christ Hospital here. But the slick-fielding Venezuelan is confident that both he and the Reds will be in the National League playoffs and World Series later this year, "I'm sure we will make the playoffs and I think I can be Hendrson in- ready to play," Concepcion said Henarson m Monday in a bedside interview. To make the playoffs, the go from first to third with that kind of lead, Concepcion said he would do it again. "I wanted to get in position to score another run. Six runs is not enough.-They (the Expos) could still come back and maybe that seventh run would win the game." The fractured fibula bone and accompanying dislocaton gave Concepcion much pain Monday. "I got shots and sleeping pills, but I still got only about two or three hours sleep last night," he said. "I've never had no much pain in my life," Concepcion had" to change shoes in the fourth inning of Sunday's game after tearing a spike loose from his regular shoes. He blamed the seventh inning injury on the new shoes. "The spikes on my new shoes were longer than on my old pair," he said. ''I caught a spike on my left shoe in the dirt and that did it." The injury came as Concepcion was enjoying the best season in his seven-year pro career. Always steady in the field, Concepcion had upped his batting average to .287 and had stolen 22 bases in 26 attempts. through and I just tried to sit down and relax between games. I went out there prepared to play five sets. I started putting too much pressure on myself in the fourth set. I had to pace myself better tonight ttan other nights. I lost a little concentration but I didn't get nervous." Connors took command in the fifth set. After the service break in the second game, he won all his serves and ended the match by breaking Ashe's service without allowing a single point. "He (Ashe) made a few more errors than 1 did especially in the fifth set, Connors said. "I concentrated on winning my service in the fifth. "This is the best I have ever played in my life," the jubilant Connors said when he received his check and his trophy. "You may not believe this but nobody can continue to play like I have this week. I did everything well. I came here, like all the other players, to win." In the final doubles match, the second-seeded team of Stan Smith of Sea Pines, S.C. and Eric van Dillen of San Mateo, Calif., defeated Marty Riessen of Evanston, 111., and Ismail El Shafei of Egypt 4-6, 6^, 7-5. worse and worse for the New about the whole thing. I don't second-year payer from Vil- VeteranJohn York Giants even know how it happened. But lanova, will be lost to the Dallas formed the Vikings he is Two players-defensive I'll be ready for the regular Cowboys for about three weeks retiring, leaving the club with end I^rry Jacobson and wide season and that's what's" im- with a broken hand and guard only two experienced wide ^ receiver Tom Gatewood-were portant." , EdI Budde. « «W«rteran ™%£* an f ^"J^ Angeles Dodgers. AttheAll-Star injured even before training The only tight end remaining with Kaasas City, walked outof spokesman sad rookie quarter e Cincinnati trails the camp opened On Saturday, Bob on the Giants'roster is veteran the Chiefs' camp, apparently back Dan Fouts of Oregon, who °^__._ u ., „.„ ^ a h!>1f Tucker the No 2 receiver in the Gary Ballman, a $100 waiver over a contract dispute. National Football Conference pickup from the Philadelphia Chiefs Coach Hank Strrarn last season and one of the Eagles. Rod Freeman, a high said Budde and defensive tackle draft being suffered a broken collarbone in the Coaches All America game Stage Is Set For 44th All Star Game Tonight Theplayoffs begin in October and Concepcion is confidently to work out with the Chargers. Veteran running back Ken Willard, who had asked to be traded, reported to the San sutrerea a oroKen nana. oeing "i™ d t ugm. cnu, .v^ .....-«-.,....- -•- And more bad news came camp last week to try out for the would be fined each day they Monday when George Hase- National Basketball Association stay out of camp nohrl "a promising rookie Philadelphia 76ers. Freeman Baltimore continued to deal —_, --£,-,".,. Sive uckle from Ohio did not play college football. off its veteran s, sendmg corner- Francisco Forty Nmers tram State walked out of camp. Elsewhere around the camps, back Charlie Stukes to the mg camp. Hasenohrl, an outstanding Joe Namath went through his Minnesota Vikings for a high player in college under Woody first workout session with the draft choice, and the Pittsburgh Hayes said he never really New York Jets and said he Steelers came out of a scrim- Followed Franchise wanted to play pro ball but was hoped to establish "more mage Saturday with three in- talked into it. He reported to consistency" in the offense this j u r e d p la y e r s - w i d e camp at 275 pounds, about 20 year. "We have to cut down our receiver Ron Sha "V'" pounds overweight, was unable errors offensively," Namath (shoulder), safety t.len to complete the compulsory said, "and play good mental Edwards (groin) and offensive two-mile run and had difficulty football. This would help both tackle Gerry Mulhns (back) with early practice sessions. our offense and defense." All are expeactd to return in a But he received high praise from the Giant coaching staff on Saturday for his work in a rugged .drill and his departure shocked Viant Coach Alex Webster. Tucker, meanwhile, went through practice playing one- HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (UPI) — weren't all that good," he ex- handed Monday and caught Joe Namatn tied for the plained. "I wasn't reacting the three passes. National Football League lead way I thought I should and I "The doctors say it's going to j n touchdown passes last season wasn't really as quick as I be five weeks in a cast," Tucker •• •• " 1J l:l — '- u ~ »»-.,.*<> st «.ao Namath Out To Improve New York Offense table based on the Reds winning the western division. "I'll be in this cast for three weeks and then in another cast that I can start walking on for three more weeks," he said. "Then the doctors said it should take about a month more, so I think I can be ready to play at ATLANTA (UPI) — The only the end of September." player on the roster of the Concepcion broke his ankle Braves baseball franchise in sliding into third base Sunday in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta a game against the Montreal was Eddie Mathews, now Expos here. The injury came as manager of the Braves. Concepcion darted from first to Mathews played for Boston in third on an infield out. At the 1952 before the franchise was time the Reds were leading 6-0, moved to Milwaukee. He played which turned out to be the final throughout the team's Mil- score. waukee phase, from 1953 Although other Reds players through 1965. said they wouldn't have tried to said. "I'm hoping it's quicker than that. I can do everything but contact work right now. It's Pioneer Marathon Underway SALT LAKE CITY (UP!) - Russians Leading U.S. In Track Meet but apparently it wasn't would like to be. Maybe it was enough. He says his No. 1 bb- the year layoff that did it but I jcctive this year is to improve could see things I wanted to do MINSK USSR (UPI) _ steve Arzhanov upset Rick Wohlhuter the New York Jet offense. but I wasn't able to do them. w ; lliams ^ould not believe what of Chicago, the world record Namath took part in his first I've been working on my ening . holder at 880 yards,, in the 800 training workout Monday as the reflexes a lot. I played a lot of There ^ e waSi anchorrna n in meters with a time of 1:49.2. Jets went through two-a-day basketball in the oK-season to the 400 . meter re i ay and runn ing Wohlhuter clocked 1:49.4 sessions in preparation for their try to help my quickness. aga instValery Borzov, a double James Redd of San Diego, Aug. 3 pre-season opener Namath recently celebrated * Id medal wmner in last year's Calif., took the 400 meters in against the Oilers in Houston, his JOth birthday and says he e g an(] ^ man the 46J and reUaWe A l Feuerbach He moved gingerly on his feels, "a little more settledI but R J f ans call the world's of San Jose, Calif., his shoulder- surgical knees, handled the ball as confident as ever. 1 still have { tegt length hair held in place with a well and had the familiar zip on the same attitude-I want to Then with virtually no e ff ort> nead band, won the shot with a his passes. win. It's great to win and it just thg 19 ' r . old San D i eg o toss of 67-10. SALT LAKE CITY (UP!) - His first pass, in fact, knocked isn't the same when you lose gtudent b , azed past the Russian More than 100 distance runners rookie wide receiver David Nothing seems to be right after {Q gn American vjctory from throughout the United Knight of William and Mary you lose a game. In my head I 5 highlighted Monday's States and Canada raced, ran sprawling. feel I'm the best quarterback in £ ^ ^ ^ mh and jogged into Salt Lake "We need to improve our the game but you still have to go a £ nua f tr / ck and f je ld meet Valley todav ih the fourth an- offense if we're going anywhere out and prove it. against the Soviet Union, nual Pioneer Marathon. this year," Namath said. "We Namath laughed when asked ^ ^ ^ ^ bf . ght ^ The record 112 entrants, in- had a good year offensively last about Ins reaching the estab- cluding defending champion season—we were way up in a lot lishment age." absences and injuries, Darryl Beardall, Santa Rosa, of categories-but we weren't "I stopped counting the first . The ^viets won 13 of the 18 Calif followed the 'original consistent. We need more time I walked into a bar and route'of the Mormon settlers consistency this year. We have .wasn't asked to show an I.D. into the valley to open the an- to control the ball more, keep it nual Days of '47 celebration. away from the other team. That In 1972, Beardall covered the helps our defense, too. 26-mile 383-yard course in 2 "We just had too many errors It was a rare bright spot for the American squad, riddled by absences and injuries, ' The Soviets won 13 of the U events and rolled to a quick 11871 lead on what, according to Shutout Highlights LL Action hours, 44 minutes and 25 last season as far as I'm con- second's to win last year's race, cerned — fumbles, intercep- This year's field included tions. There were the errors runners from as far away as that everyone could see and a New York, New Jersey an j ' • -'-"- "•-*"• '" Ontario Province in Canada. GRAIN FIELD-SUS beat Jim^Bush, the head U.S. coach, Keslings 6-2 and Kevin was supposed to have been the Hosteller pitched a shutout as Americans' "stronger day." The Soviet women completely dominated their counterparts. They took THOUSAND OAKS, Calif, and second in each of the seven , ..... runners from as far away as that everyone could see and a (UpI) __ Tne 0 a u as Cowboys first-day events for a 53-20 New York, New Jersey and lot of other ones that the people t theh . first look at veteran margin. The Soviet m Ontario Province in Canada. watching don't see but that toul q uarterback C raig Morton 51. The marathon finishes at the up an offense. Mental errors. ?. j... __j i:i._j ...v.,.* «,„.. t AAortOn Americans^'stronger day." WSAL defeated Herd's 4-0. completely SUS jumped out in front in the American early innings scoring three in first the first and two in the second. They added one more to the .. _ total in the fourth. Keslings men led 65- could only put across two runs, j. one in the third and one in the The marathon finishes at the up an offense. Mental errors. M " 0 ^ da "y "arid liked what they " For the U.S. squad, Williams sixth, even though they nearly start of the annual two-mile That's got to be one of our keys gaw provided almost the only matched their opponents in the Days of '47 parade at historic this year—to play good mental • Mortorli wno stayed away sunshine on an overcast day in hit column. SUS had eight hits Mormon Temple Square. Both football." • from the first week of camp in a the 40,000-seat Central Republic to seven for the Kesling bunch, events are part of the annual The Jet quarterback said he's {uss over mcent j ve c i ause stadium in the Byelorussian Mike Murray had a double celebration honoring the arrival still working at improving his termino i ogy j n his contract, capital. and a single and Ken Wor- of the Mormon settlers here in own game. agreed to terms last Saturday, The muscular 6-foot, 3-inch thington and Sam Alfry each 1847. "Last year my reflexes ^ ^ Cowboys nad an off day spr i n ter said he'd been saving had two hits for SUS. Kevin Sunday. all his energy for Borzov, Copenhaver connected for two "He looked good throwing out winner of both the 100 and 200- hits including a double, and Jim there," said offensive backfield meter sprints in the Munich Neal had two hits to lead coach Ed Hughes, "He's Olympics, since the squad's Keslings. behind, of course, after missing European tour began. In the second match Hosteller practice but it won't take long "I only ran one event in Italy went the distance giving up only for him to catch up." and Germany because of him," three hits to the Herd's batters All the camp news wasn't Williams said. "I was expecting and allowing nobody to cross good, however. Second-year serious business but it was all so the plate. He was tagged for linebacker John Babinecz re- ridiculously easy." only one extra base blow and ported with his right hand in a So easy that American track that was a double by Greg cast and will miss at least three sources quoted Soviet Coach Crockett, weeks of contact. Igor Ter-Ovanesyan as saying Hosteller's teammates took Babinecz suffered the injury he planned to scratch Borzov care of the offense department last Saturday when he was from today's 200-meter race. for WSAL, collecting four runs tackled ~ by Rayfield Wright Williams said he wouldn't like on nine hits. Tim Grandstaff after intercepting a pass in that because he doesn't want to smashed three of those hits and scrimmage. The hand was think Monday may have been a Dan Shively contributed two. crunched when Elaine Nye fell fluke. Keslings 001 001-2 7 1 on him. "I'd rather have him out SUS 320 lflx-6 i 0 "It's a pretty good break," a thereandlose(myself),thannot Neal and Billman; Hiatt and Cowboys spokesman said, to have him out at all," Murray. "He'll be keeping his legs in Williams said, shape running, but he can't Tom White of Van Nuys, WSAL. have any contact work for three Calif, took the 110-meter hur- Herd's weeks. The cast is due to stay on dies in 13.5 on a track slowed by Hostetler Baseball Standings By United Press International National League East w. I. pet, .531 ST. Louis CniMCO Pittsburgh f Philaddpftia Montreal NCW YWk J5 46 SI J4 51 42 51 .526 4S9 47-1 .463 452 Ntw York Baltimore Boston Detroit Milwaukee Cleveland American League East w. I. 57 44 Si 41 57 44 49 48 47 49 35 63 pet. .564 .554 .542 ,357 20' West LOS Argeies Cincinnati Francisco Houston pet. g.b. .630 — .576 5 1 ? .510 12. 4J1 19 63 37 57 41 56 43 52 50 45 57 ;o 33 65 .337 JV Manday's Results es scrpduled) Tonight's Game (All Times EOT) 5 N.L. All srars at K.insas City. Wednesday's Games Kansas Cit\ Minnesota Cnicaqo California Texas w. i. pet. g.b 56 a .571 55 46 545 3' 49 47 510 6 .500 7 .500 7 .358 20' 49 49 48 46 34 61 Monday's Results s scheduled) Tonight's Games (All Times EOT) . A L. All Slars ill K,ins,l5 Cil Wednesday's Gam ," "iNp.anTtri5c.ncpjiicffT.~7 010 012-4 9 1 000 000-0 3 2 and Grandstaff; KANSAS CITY (UPI) - The nation's fans will be looking for the "new Babe Ruth"—Hank Aaron—but the two men entrusted to get the 44th All-Star game underway tonight are Catfish Hunter and Rick Wise, who could wind up seeing each other again in the World Series. Set against a backdrop of a 12- story Scoreboard and a water spectacular that stretches 322 feet from tip to tip, baseball's annual showcase game begins at 8:30 p.m. (EDT) in beautiful new Royals Stadium which is part of the $70 million Harry S Truman Sports Complex. Aaron, who clouted his 700th home run Saturday night and is only 19 away from breaking the mighty Babe's record, will be the center of attention when he tries to jack one out against Hunter, who has yielded 27 homers this season, the most by any pitcher on either All-Star team. Encircled by newsmen at Monday's workout, Aaron took the opportunity to express his disappointment over the .fact that Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn didn't wire his congratulations following No. 700. Kuhn, when he heard of the slight, said, "I'm certainly sorry that Hank Aaron was disappointed, and I am sure he knows I am one of his biggest rooters, I want to lead the baseball celebration when he hits Nos. 714 and 715." Hunter of the Oakland Athletics and Wise of the St. Louis Cardinals, a pair of righthand- ers making their first Ail-Star starts, have led their teams into division leads after early reversals. Hunter, 15-3, has won 10 straight, while Wise, 11-5, has been a part of the Cardinals' stunning comeback from a 5-20 start. Also on hand is Willie Mays, who will be playing on his 24th All-Star team. Mays, probably making his last appearance in the mid-summer classic, took offense when it was suggested that he was added to the roster out of sentiment. "First of all," said Mays, "I don't need no charity, And if didn't come, it really wouldn't bother me. But it would hurt baseball. There are a lot of guys hitting better than me and there are a lot of 'em who aren't here." Mays, playing out his career where it began in New York, is hitting a meager .214. A sellout crowd of 40,613 and a national television audience will be hoping to see Wondrous Willie take one more swipe. Perhaps the most significant development in the lineups announced Monday was that Kansas City's Amos Otis will be patrolling centerfield in place of New York's Bobby Murcer for the American Leaguers. Murcer will be in left, Otis said he expected to be playing left since Murcer drew more votes in the fans' poll. "I know I'd feel the same way if it was the other way around," said Otis. Chuck Tanner, Chicago pilot, ran the American League workout in the absence of Oakland's Dick Williams, who did not arrive until Monday night. Williams underwent an emergency appendectomy last Thursday, but will manage the American Leaguers. The game could develop into a some into the water spectacular, which stretches behind the fence from centerfield to the right field bullpen and cost $750,000. Excluding pitchers, the National League All-Stars have hit 276 homers this season while the American Leaguers have hit 204, Tonight's game will be the 40th anniversary of the All-Star idea. Nineteen players who participated in the 1933 event will attend the game as guests. The starting pitchers in '33, winner Lefty Gomez of New York and loser Bill Hallahan of St. Louis, will simultaneously toss out first balls along with Kansas City Royals' owner Ewing Kauffman. City Tennis Pairings Set Pairings for the Logansport city tennis tournament have been announced by tennis program director Jan Blackburn. First round play in the singles divisions should be completed by July 29. The first round of doubles play should be completed by August 5. The park courts have been reserved for tournament use by adults on July 28,29 and August 4. 5. Court number 5 at Riverside will remain open for public use throughout the tournament. Times will be posted at a later date for the semi-finals scheduled for August 11 and the finals now set for August 12. The senior mens singles and doubles division and the mens 16 and singles were excluded from the tournament due to an insufficient number of entries. The matches are to be the best two out of three sets with six games per set. The pairings are also posted 'at the courts at Riverside Park with names and telephone numbers of the players. Players are requested to write in the score of each match upon completion on the board at Riverside. Players who are listed in the bottom bracket are responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange a time for the match. Bottom bracket players will be the second name in each of the pairings listed below. Any player having questions concerning the pairings should contact tournament director Blackburn. Mens 14 and under singles— Ferd Bergman vs. Mike Wilson; Jay Blackburn vs. Tom Herd; Stan Vernon vs. Ron Burkey; Dan Hipsher vs. Brad Snyder. Mens 18 and Under Singles- Tim Myers vs. Fritz Bowyer; Vic Miller vs. Buddy Miller; John Myers vs. Don Myers; Tom Bush vs. Lance Binder. Mens 18 and Under Doubles— T. Myers and D. Myers vs. J. Myers and Doug Hardy; F. Bowyer and V. Miller vs. Dave Spradlin and Phil Brink;-,L. Binder and D. Miller drew a bye. Mens Singles—Ray Walters vs. Tom Adkinson; Dave Porter vs. Dan Huffman; Mac McNaught vs. Kerry Fox; Ed Burkhart vs. Brad Moore; Keith Miller vs. Jim Flory; Jerry Burkhart vs. Jim McFatridge; Jim David vs. Mike Haley; Zandy Templeton vs. Bill Buskirk. Mens Doubles—Walters and Miller' vs. Fox and Moore; Huffman and Muehlhausen vs. Burgman and Burgman; Adkinson and Porter—bye; David and Hendricks—bye; Fry and Oxford vs. Flory and Haley; Burkhart and Burkhart vs. Buskirk and McNaught. Womens Singles—Diane Hardy vs. Elanor Stephan; Gayle Williams vs. Ann Patacsil; Julia DeFries—bye; Sue Oldham—bye: Chris Matheu vs. Karen Renkenberger; Margaret Van Fleet vs. Barb Sherrer; Jackie London- bye; Mandy Patacsil—bye. Womens Doubles—Oldham and Patacsil vs. Sherrer and Gee; Williams and Resh vs. A. Patacsil and Renkenberger; Stephan and DeFries—bye. NEW! 16- — 20- — 24" — 26 1 — 2>." Middleweight • UghtMHioht • Mtoon 24-hole. 28-hole, 36-hcria front & wheel, coaster brake, .5-spMd. whe*)*, or large-flange hub* BICKELS LOGANSPORTMAll

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