The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1932
Page 2
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p>r- ;•.-•• m^-'- BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'SocitiyCalcndat . . orfConledettcy nwetir.6 Kn. G. S. Struts *t 2:30 H*. She'll Wed Noted Explorer ,~s.}«r v iad Mrs.T.Murriy Smart,»ud Mrjimd Um.~ lioyd'stit-kmon wore fu£U of )|n,& Victor 'Bray- last .ir>{ whefi she also jjad mem- lot the'Young Matrons Bridge _ ,'tnd their husbands for.a buf felt topper and bridge game. " iiaUoire'en decorations made a festive appearance for the supper take and orange end black nut "eujjj marked the places at small ta .';fc the bridge games Mrs. Stick-, "nxjj iron the guest? prize, a leath- !flr<iicore_pad, miniatures' went' to "Mrs. Rlley B. Jones for high club and high among the men was won by* Doyle Henderson who received ."* Be. A Complimented. Mrs. Charles . T, Shamblin, who wai'; before- her .recent .marriage • Miis Qnma Elfrank, u-as the guest bi.*onor. for a bridge shower glv- • enj] yesterday afternoon by Mrs. Alfcm Hardy. .---tte bride's pla'ce was marked wi{h a miniature bride and places fo»>th3 other seven guests had '• brjiesmaids for place cards. Pink >.rcses were also used for decora- . : . ; '/-,JlUr the bridge games Mrs. - Shumblin was presented gifts for 4th*' kitchen. ' hostess, served "sandwiches, pickles and coffee. . • Btertains . . 'Vrs. T.- J. crowdcr entertained th{ Thursday Rook club and Mcs- '• '"dajnes T.. H. Haynes, J. H. Arm-^ stipng, -M. G; abbdwin and B. -M. : 5;' ll|UbeKs yesterday at her home ', Von> Chickasawba avenue. . "-• Jlarden flowers decorated tire liv- 1 ing! room where the four tabl?£ •"•' irire arranged. Late In the after. n*n a pear salad was served with - •• stiJlrt dates and coffee. '''' Bits oj News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Miller have returned from a visit in Dexter, Mo., and are now with Mrs. Miller's sisler, Mrs. Samuel P. Noirls, and Mr. Morris. ' Mrs. Munley Wade, her son, Donald and daughter, Evalhy;, hav. returned to their home at Perry- vllle, Tenn., «tter spending a v;eek at Hie home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Humphreys and other relatives her; liomas Wralght will drive to St. ii^ this evening to spend the week-end with his parents. Mis. C. G. Redman, who underwent n major operation two weeks ago at the Blythcvlllc hospital, is convalescing at the home of Mis. W. S. Lnngdon on the south highway. Mrs. E. M. Jane, of Osccola^ is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Jack Appluuauin ' and Mr. Applebaum. Mrs. Harry Brown left today for her home In Corcoran, Cal., lifter having spent six weeks here because of the Illness and death of her mottpr, MR;. Fltl.-ence Blythc. Mrs. Rlley'B. Jones is in Mison today. J. Neal Gcsell. of Newport and Jcncsboro, is at home for a few days. . James Bomar nnd Ben . gins will go to Paragould tomorrow for the air meet. ' J. H. attended day. She's a Feminine Sherlock Holmes wholesonie ctlcl from limited re- EOmces. When every penny of the (ood-iiollar must provide maximum nourishment, no better in-' SISTER KOSUiN__ , BY SISTER MARY j contains most of the factors miss-1 -NBA Service Writer i i»3 In cereals, .so If you KOTO Many a mother faces the prob- plenty of milk and ' cream with ', km at supplying an adequate nnd your child's cereal, you may be as-' red that tins dlH is not lack- 1 In the cssenliuls of nulrllion. US3 a variety of cereals. The! ,mc breakfast morning after vestment can be made Uian in the rooming suon hocomes unpopular. Grain products. • ; But danger of deterioration and a Cereals, whole-grained or rs- finctl, rolled, cracked, granulated, "pulfcd," "flaked," rcJdy-to-m-ve ami pre-cooked, are offered in infinite variety. This wealth of grain products is not only the most, economical food available, but for the majority of persons the most nutritious. Extended investigations in dic- tury p'sns: hava shown that cereal feeds costing "only 17 per cent of the total expenditure for food, furnished 40 per cent of the fuel value, 25 per cent of lb? protein and 18 per cent of the phosphorous compounds." Dr. Walter H. Eddy, In commenting on the value J-'RIDAY,^ OCTOBER 7. 3932 different, cerenl uair be served every morning at no extra expense. Well cooked cereal served wllh plenty of liclrmilk conlri- b'.itcs many calor.'-'s of high nu-; trillve value as well as ash constituents and vitamins to a child's doily dietary. Visit Our New The Greatest Value:! Iv,- C i- Offered in New Shuts The well known Billion Arch Shoes fur Ladies. Were 55 and $0 solid-sir.)' All Styles Nov.- -™. . ' Tcwnsend, of Memphis,' to business Fiere yestev- Most "famous —and most tcauti- ful—of Austria's women sleuths Bcfore 'Lincoln Ellsworth of Hudson, O., lenvcs for liis polar exploration Irlp next spring he wed Miss Mary-Louise Ulmer above, of Pottsvllle, Pa. The wedding will lake place In Swltzer- Nose-Bleed Cansrd Death FORT WORTI1, 'lex. tUPj— A nose-bleed that lasted for 10 days viw blamed for the death here-of Aaron Howser, 07. Physicians were unable to stop the nose hemorrhages which began while r.c \ on a hunting trip. .;.[' rarid, where • their romencc began. Ellsworth, fleiv with Rnold •.CUHren of 'if;Be Keortaniud SitonUy. tfhere will be a reorganization inKftingof the Children of the Con- ieffcracy Satnrdajr afternotfni '8:30 o'alock at Uvj^hojpe (jf-'ilrs.'.GViS: Barnes. AH tforineri;memb»ri.;»re •'.}V3™d to »ttefad;an<i;aa:invilsijior! isjejtendcd trf^rtherrmio arcf'ellg- " ~ | for membership, _,1ils group is made up of daugh- tejt of the members of the Ellioll Pfctcfcer chapter of the Unitci Dfiighters of the Confederacy .01 tlfcse who are eligible for • membership. /.-• ••J c « ' • 1$)l Entertain -Wf MB. Teny. irs. Matt Monaghan jr., will en- ain with a bridge party Saturday afternoon complimenting Mrs -BJncroIt Terry, who was before her recent marriage Miss Mary Roney. Amundsen on two polar expeditions, will make a night over Antarctica wilh.Bernt Balchen, famed aviator, In a 20000-mile exploration trip Both Ellsworth and his brlde-la-br: hold pilots' licenses. Haytt Society—^Pertonal *;.$._ f n -. ' MJ%.T^ou^j«f'H. ; '''Bi:pX)ey' enler- taln'ed her bridge club with a partial her home Wednesday evening. There were four tables. Mrs. Lenorii Condit. was awarded high score prize. -. The 1 Ann'.Culberlson class ot the Johannsen, "shown I "" d . non £ here is an' arresting pose. She operates as n private detective, and. it's said, always gets nor man. Girl Health Representative of cereals, says: "Children are busy chtfncs requiring much fuel food." Since cereals are relatively cl]2au and rich in calories, which : furnish "fuel," they "may provide a means of lowering living costs | and at the same time actually ini- ! prove diets." Watch the Calorics Mary Swartz Rose also points out that "a study of tlis dietaries ol several groups of children, having an excellent supply of mill: "" d . non £ toi " s vcry ,, lctw '" vegc ' tables, has shown that the commonest dietary defect is shortage of total calories, sometimes thru a very limited intato of ccrea foods." In addition to their high file and energy value, mineral sail: nnd vitamin A and B are presciv CODY, Wyo. (UP)—Jeanne Newton will present Park County at | in whole grained cereals, the 4-H club health contest at the ' Further experiments have, inadi Wyoming state fair. She received i clear the Importance ot the sup a rating of 99.47 per cent lo win plcmentary foods in a hiqh cerea the county contest which was held ; diet. The choice ot oilier food In conjunction with the county must be correct to make the cntir fair. • ' diet balanced and adequate. v< " Tomo-.-i-o'.i's Menu BREAKFAST: Baked apples 'ihl rolled cats anil cream, coun- vy sausage, potatoes hashed in lilk, crisp toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cauliflower in heese sauce, carrot and celery alad, rice pudriin::, sweet eider. I DINNER: Swiis steak with 1 , prown gravy, mashed potaloss, j reamed oyster plant, head let- '• uce and to:na'.o salad, qniiic? | juddinj. milk, coffee. Colored Cluli OrRani/ed LAS VEGAS, N'cv. (UP) —That all colored voters are not R?nu'o- icans v.-as indicated h-ar; during he current campaign when a colored "Roosevelt Democratic Club" was organized. The New Seamless Pump In Bind; nnrl Brown O iintl Siiwle, High Heel. A .A Up to, Size 8. Now Q,\ Only ,p'J New • Bf«r fii Xjt LibLd Telephone Number Methodist. church met Tusscuy af- ! M rs was liehl at Carulhcrsvllle Wed nesday. There were members fron four associations present. They wer Flat River, Charleston, stcddard 1 and New Madrid. Interesting talks were given, Includlns one by tlje Rev. L. M. Bratcher, a returned missionary from' Brazil. Those w'ro : a^endcd the "meeting--from -here were Mesdam;s T. F. 'GillsmV Vic Bigler, Ola Stanfll, Frank Poster, S.:E. Nethery, A. G. Sanders, Viola Cullims, D. B. Hayes, Bert Williams, Winnie Gwin, Melbourne Fry and Gladys ganders, and R:v. and E. Q. Walker. . Mrs. Kohl, and _ • _. ., ~ , caugnier, irma sue, visited tn:, lor- r^St?^,^?:;!'"^ brolher and wife, M,'nnd en for the old year. New officer: were elected, as follows: president. Mrs. Don Chapln; vice-president, , . Mrs. Julius Kohn -df Kcniistt Mrs. Morgan Abies altcndcd t** Meets, . • Jirs! B. A. Lynch was hostess-to the Mid-Week Bridge club yeiter- d*j for the luncheon'and contract bfldge game. ffce members and a guest, Mrs/ . I* 1rr y Klrby, were served a tw; cijjrse menu at one o'clock. Garder ffcwers decorated the atlractivel! afranged room f fn the card games linen napkin' *»nt to Mrs. Harry W. Haines foi tile high score prize. T|. SI. U. Institute (o W Entertained litre. Jthc Woman's Missionary Uniot - Iistitute of Baptist churches ir Msslssippi county will ba enter- t$hjd by the groups of the Firs! a»d Second Baptist church Tues- dly for aa all day meeting at the church. • *Iore than 100 arc expected to be Present; an inyiuilon being oxtend- ed'to all women sho are interest- ed'in this kind of work. •Sirs. R. K. Jones of Osccola President, is lo preside at the day's . nesting lo begin at 10 o'clock In tie morning. For the 1 afternoon ateton Mrs. W. D. 'pyi o f Little KI>Flt, stale corresponding secretary i*<to be in charge of.a program' Itoch mil ie served at the church. •There arc nine organized group- la the county Including the two ^ytheville unions and th--e at -I*xora, Osceola. Dell. M anila t*»chvllle. Wilson and Keiser. ' ; 4il! EntcrUin ijr Mrs. Terry .jHrs-. Matt Monaghan jr.. wll ejUrtaan with a bridge party Sat- aftemoon complirr.en'.ing rs. Bancroft Terry, who M-BS be- _f( her rtcent marriage, itiss Miry Honey: •', : Mrs. Henry Euell; secretary Mrs. i "^cball game at Charleston Sun-. Wylie Kirby; treasurer, Mrs. Mayes A W afternoon. Chism. Miss Belle Wigdor ot Clmtoon was the m-eek-end guest of her sis- Tiie Divisional-Woman's Mission- aty Union ot tlva Baptist church ler, Mrs. Joseph Kohn. SUPER D Cod Liver Oil 8-0/. SI.00 Gem Razor Complete 35c Colgate Shaving Cream ALL 49 l 3—lOc llitrs I'almolivc 1—25c Itir Cashmere SOAP 25 l GCODIER'S KI S N ' LOTION „.„, 55 i: ALCOHOL,.^, W BAYERS imiLLIANTLNU < 50c Viihie I CASTILE SOAP < 1 1'uunJ i FLASHLIGHTS ; aOO-1'tioi Sjiol motmrnmaxemsss I'LAYING CARDS New Gibson ••HSEMMK: MINERAL OIL 1'int Hottlc FITCH SHAMPOO l'tJ BUOY SOA 2 for 15 l ALARM CLOCKS Guaranteed Mill^nHHBHBH AMHROSIA S2.00 Value MODESS • Jlrs. B. A. Lynch -was hostess t«' the Mld-Week Bridge club . ststerday for. the luncheon and contract bridge' game.. _*fhe members and V guest, Mrs. — Klrby,' -were served 'a '••«•>< menu at one o'clock. 62:-! overs decorated the attracr arranged topm. ; .. . s ••' the cud 84Cmes linen napkins' t (o Mrs. Hury W. Haines for high «xre prize. ' '*' 8»ee«., vill be special services to, "* o'clock, it the Timu'.e 1s- v ' . - , HOT WATER HOTTLKS FOUNTAIN SYR5NGHS 79 C TO $3 STOl' COLDS THCXINE COUGH SYRU1' CHEST RUB LENDING l.IHRAUY Ko Deposil. Read Good HooKs '' I-'cit- As Little As Iflc PUBA6RY DEMONSTRATION Week of Oct. 17 BROS. DRUG CO. 23 DRUG CO. Phone 89 tt not too Wlui! Chfslcrficld H'ltlio 1'rnyrnm . Kvery night except Sunday, Columbia- Coast-to-Coast Network. Turkish tobacco is lo cigarettes vlinl seasoning is to food. You don't want too much seasoning in food. Or in a cigarette; But you do want enough! Chesterfield uses just the right amount of Turkish tohacco. 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