The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1934
Page 3
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NOVEMBER 10, 1984. Jlions I Ins Oflon low More Chance I'eclavcs Tenn., (UPl—Ills- : to Gnome Furl |-'ii, auijior, mid e<\- -utauooya Nt">v.s, 1>; of the Inevitable, |nu> of mere chance. (In 1 Univcisily Chili I'is of KIsKirv." Mil- Royal Yugoslav Beauty h"E!ffS |lfl England he fen a fin-ion U'lowing when |ida sailed on Rii>j- ':-, flci'l went out [nil won niir nf Uu> iiHoi'ir-.s of all ',» Cromwell, .son I'll, hfld been a m;nj e diseased nnd ant, i f-<Tetiinc; his lather? • (Jeorge Ilf had K lo the American rainstorm had not battlefield the I'0. A. Douglas had i J president over Lin-' Ion would, no douiit. T (lie. slavery dispute had ridden on af- lattle of Bull Him la lington, as he could Stonewall Jackson 1 fa the west istcad I ucky had joined the instead of Hit-owing |,.incoln in his effort the south likely I on the civil war." |Me Auaiiisl Orill ( ,. (UP)—Men stutterus i A royal beauty whose position in Yugo-Stavia is next lo thai ol nversily h.v.-o voted ^ ,, -• Isory military train• to »2 vote. H. E. I 'crsity president, <le- 1; was not slijnineimt J alf ol Kin clipible to ! I, ballots " I NEXT HT:r:K ol Blylhevilles Theatres THE Rl T2 Described ns « thrilling romance hi (ust tiilkliiH. s\vl(i mnvhu 1 rolos -•• ••— ' of death mid dniigei- In the .skies, | s In (he title vad of I'araiuuuiil'ii '•"'CW'dBe O Ihc new Vox rilrn prmlucllon, new |;;,,j>on Hnnyim .story "The * ;( "° SW f " r •Hell In tin- Heavens." siiirring Union Uroj) Kid," whjili' comes CollT<l11 ljl1 " 1 Wuriu'i- Hiixlep. will be shown at .Thursday mill Friday lo the fill-/ A Itlllj hison (lie Hit/. .Sunday nnd Monday. j Tnicy plays llu> role »( \\\\ n i '' " WnUw Till-; Iliui- he Is citsl, as im Am- ir.n's 1-iinniK "Kid" t. i , i. •' l! Wallirr jfni's Isiinniis "Kid," jjisldcr, ivlift Wasl-i tliLit, ilu> hoi.-:!* Thi.-; tinjt- he i.-i casl, :l.s ;in eriean Ilier in (he UifnyHU eailrille. wlup Is pniinoled by deal), tell him when tln-> arc foiiiK to hi till Ills <-ii|il:ilii's place. i win. Ol (lii> -is iif | SJ1 .| ,,|. llaiinti-d l;y "Hie tear thai. 1m wuy.s M; small as he Uiiuks hi- Is v.ill !<<• aiiald," (he Ilt-Hli'tiant and Ifilluwlng a day ul ihe ^ii-nifgle. 1 : ui 1'iiiiiliai it, l/ove belp.-i, tjucl.-, de is foiwii to mak,- u In Hi,- linn, ol il.i.-,hhift CoWmia ( ,iiicli g.-l-:i-»'ny i.nil Inrids In a Mmii.-iif-si-ir. Al lenelli llaster |nne horse (own uliere n niniiiri- 11,,'ets (in- "I'.mi.11.- most dnrlni: i;ln imiuti him n WK smprt-.e Uy Jim! diiiiK<-r<iii-i <,l (iertiian nt-cs, in ilallint; in tow. wilh him, i-ldM- lonilii'i hij;h abou- il»> How the KM faces (his cmer- i-U'iruls --• ui id Milvi-:. hi;, drallny 's',em-v .supplies Ihc ilramutlc •" '- T'al ToYNami' IX SIC C-14-12 Rankers Mnrlgnge f '° RW SR f>-14-VJ ff Wllsnn ,!.- co NF Nf) III-15-11 ec Wilson ,\j (,v> K\\f NH 13-lfi-n I*e Wilson i- co SH NK 13-lfi-ll iff Wilson & f:o SW NK 13-lfi-ll K Vull v-VI Ml-'. NW 14-lfi-li S K Vail l-vi RK NW 14-lfi-ll S K Vail 1V| fiW NK I4-IS-II I 1! Walker | fl i j Np; |!,-|jj.|| H Wnlftrr Rx Ix.l lOOx- 300 SW Ifll 't NR Ui-lft-ll !/t> Conpedge din Ixit 100 imi •> NF: ifi-if>-ii lx>t, (i NK U-IS-ll J/il 7 NK lh-15-)l I'll 8 NK 15-15-11 l/)t 8 NI-: I.«( 1(1 NK l/'l M Nf-,' euiiruae. . ieiiilici.s of Hie cast uro 'nmkrs [he Miiiidin, Andy . lo Ihe picture, gives it „ \ w k, ,(,,„ "" .. , - .SlclliiiK, .1. C'.ui'Ol N;dsli mul "Kid" iln different on u ft |[lorl(lr-d Hnrbarn Stanwyck, resplendent In Ihe )«K«l toMiiine desli-ns of .studio inodbts. is scheduled lo apjii'ur nt the Hit/. Tne.s- day nml Wi tinesday in Ihe First Niitioiifll iirodtii'tlon of "A Lost J.mJy," .s.ild lo b(! Die most dyiui- nilt driiina in which the popiilnr tiivc's lillc role, (he m s i eiinres | Helen Mack, us ilic cmind'y girl who loses her he.ui i,, i| u , f,, sl Inlking "Kill." Otlicrs. iiii|X)rlaijHy east liT'^The Lemon Drop Kid." include William Frawcy IM the 1'rofes.sor, Minna Goinbell us the I'jofe.sKor'.s ulcl friend; Henry 11. Wulthall mid Biiljy Leftoy, cue ol the- scroen's prl'/.ed lirfsiitts. PAGE THREE S. T. 11. Bankers 40 •10 411 •i'l 40 10 n 1 1! Wiilltri- A Kinitli n A siniiii Lilt 13 Ml'! 14 NR lfi-15-ll lft-15-ll l/i-IS-ll I5-1R-II Whit, «V.O A Willie A Williams UK . r lK While * Williams :iw HK llarrv Tnvlnr N'- N M" A NU' NIV Mrs Krm-sl 'Vnylrir .'!". M A NW NW Lile IIK Co .sn 21-10-11 •.'S-lfi-ll 24-15-11 7- is -iv. 7- 1.1- 12 7-1&-12 l-lfl-12 7-1S-12 7-10-12 star has yet appoared. The picture, h a most nniisnal j Coming lo the liiu Theatre romance in whlcli a lieaullliil Saturday Is "Speed Whins," stmr- umna i-irl is Io:,t hi the ma/e of lug Colonel Tim MiCoy, whlcli \ l-.i.-v omi comp!.?x love c-miiilans. (depicts tlic nueni|ii HI u'banil of The picture opens wilh a dire I Ainerlwin n fin tors to bring i], t , tragedy in svhich ihe young girl's world's speed record Iracl: to the lover i.s shot down al, her feet on| u "" ! 'd Stales. lo the very eve of their wedding by j When the picture opens the (lie linsiiand o! a woman with .sixth of this tanil cl valiant fly I ilONfill's SAI.K l.reby slvnn that tb.e J nninissloiur, in com-, I ne ii-ruis of a decree I die Chnncery Com',' I kasawba District of I wiiily. Arkansas, on >V Sr:ptemi:er. 1U34 '- /|>ri)ik!e, ft aJ, wps vne. el al, v;cre l)e- | igllesl, and best, Ijiil- 011 a credit .of lliivt I tin- front dour ol | se, between the hours law, in the City of •kansas. on tiic' 81 n Jcr, 1M4, the folimv- e, to-svil,: (4) in the Sonth• of Section Thir- •asfiiji Fifteen M5I •K Eight <!» ill ut had l» siiUsiy | the sum of $2ta!).M. i cent. intf:resl. from I '. •er at said' sal; will [ i execute bond with , .y. to secure tne i he purchiifc monay, I ill be retained upon as secur- yment of such pnr- hand and (he .seal ., on this, the 9t:i 34. OAINKS issioner in chancery j tV Holmes J .ock, Ark. 9'iw Marie is Priiitc.w Oli;a, above, wife of Re;!s.'iit Prince Paul, ivho really rule.s ihe country f<u- the (my Kins I't-.ti-r. PriiM'.s;, Olan, now 31, is the eldest {Jaiiglitei- of Priuc-f Nicholas of Orccce and a sis- ignt'enifjiil lo CJvrislinji of D.niu:ir!; once was liiii.uitnci'd. Inn later nust, and le nialeh was broki n. Uiuiiii/ al.vj hrtmliiril her (n W. I). Leeds, Jr., -son of ihe Aini-rlr:.i. iinj)l.-iir- Irinp. .sin' married /'am in i!J2:i Fuluro Spldir.r of II Dace ICIPAI, COURT OP OP P.I.YTHEVILI,!':. ;. VHA DISTTtlCT Ol 1 ' COUNTY, ARK- , DefendRnis. n ORDKll '» is u-nnied to ap- Coiin v.'ilhln thirty v 'er plaintill's com- iy hand as Clerk of id the seal thereof November. n>-).| j MK WtlmVOHTII Clerk. (0-17-24-12-1 whom he li.-id been trifling. Miss Stanwyck 1ms four lond- hi£ men in Ihe picture. The first, slain by a build, is Phillip Reed. The. second is Frank Morgan, In the role of a great corporallon lawyer, wlio niarrir; her K'Khom, friendship, '('he young wife Is linmrnwiolhc ere has Just crushed lo Ills dcalh The only two remaining of Ihc original t'rfoup of c-iKhl arc Colonel McCoy and William llnkcwell. his flying iKu-tucr. l'.;ikp\vi-)l's Hying nerve has gone lo pieces, because of the tragic smash-up |,e hns witnessed. Evelyn Knnpp enters tnc story by Bakewcll to ai:l as jecrcl'iiry in himself nnd McCoy. Among (lie dramatic highlight.* of the picture are the theft of ardent advances l>y Ihe lawyer'.-; vciilhliil partner, u part, played by L>!r TuJbnt, but becomes madlv InfrdAiaied will) Ricardo Cortcz ill ,,., .,,, : Hie role of u ilashinK lover v;ho McCoy's plans for ;) new siiner literally droiw at her feel from the !churged airplaue motor Die \usnl- a-., ,•., ., ,,„..„„„., „<„,!„.,„ ci on which is directed lowsrd MLss Knapp when McCoy sees her pic. lilfe on the desk nf Ihc'man lift suspects or ircsUeittlng the robbery' and the ihrllllnt; »>r races willed' liring siircpsr, lo McCoy nnd flake- llonrliind NK NK l.i'e WJl-ioii A, en NI-: KK K'e Wilson .t Co NW SB l/'c Wilson ft Co SK HB Wilson ,t (Jo HW KK Wilson & Co NK SW 1-ee Wilton *. Co si-; ,sw l«i> Wilson St Cn I-V1 all W,i HW 7-15-12 Wilson fc Co NK SW 8-1IM2 Iff Wilson ,t co NW SW H-15-1'2 IJ'C Wilson ft Co SE SW 8-15-12 l« Wilson ,t Co SW SW 8-15-ia W Liionani Smith K NW NW . n-Ul-12 11 Pcery svj NW NW 17-15-12 11 ('eery SW NW 17-lS-l^ U'c WilTO.-i ,V Co NE SW 17-15-12 « Wilson &. Co NW SW 17-15-12 • fc Wilson fa co BE SW 11-15-12 >c Wilson & co sw SW 17-IS-12 •ft: Wilson fc CO NE NE 20-.15-12 lJ!c Wilson ,fe Co NW N'E M-15-IZ Wilson ,t Co SE NE 20-15-12 Wilson ,<i Co SW NR 20-15-12 l.#e Wilson fc co NE NW M-lo-12 >c Wilson As Co NW NW 20-15-12 «e Wihon & Co SE NW 20-15-12 LBC Wilson A Co SW NW 20-1S-12 I.M Wilson ,V co NK BE 30-15-12 f.e Wilson & co NW SE 20-15-12 If p. Wilson & (jo SE SE 20-15-12 Wilson & Co SW SB 20-15-12 \fc Wilson it co HE SW 20-IF-I2 in(.i.lii_Y uiu^ :||. lit-; neb IK jsty ill a damaged airplane, j 'Die pi/'tiire is set in the lavish hackRimind of nvnllliy society (,«• Ti'iiey. who lins made, his . if,pnl:i!l.iu f,n Die nti rren l*c Wilson Wll.'.cin ,( Wilson x C E Crig^er C E Cr\'i»vr -I II Uall J n null' .ItK- Carr LToy Afie,- nn alisence of more thnnjllir faniily-the i :t yea i American pictures, |tlier, the BPiicaloglcflUy-mimtcd Mny Wons, Chincse-Aineri- | ecu .slr.r. retiirns to the Hollywood Paramount.'* "Lime- t srrcrn i Louse mother whose one interest in life is keeping up with the ancestors -' (he Joneses-, the frivolous sistci — - "-...^^t.,, ,1,,, iii.unim ftJMCI P.liies, featured will).in love with her would-be crocm-r Itafu The plctiirc, comes and the young colteginte with n (': Hit; nosy Smitlay nnrt Mon- 'Jay- In DIP siipjiorlinf,' cast of this picture, whieli Is set in Ihc sjnis- , lei diiu shuddei-y confines of the most famous of Occidental Dhlnn- skeleton in the dosct of every dormitory. But it's Bruce who pays [ towns, are ./can Parker. (Taylor and Montagu Love. Kent . At the openliuj of the picture, \ rii Ljlc uj. iDaft, is seen is Hurry Young, sec- i ret loader of n group of river piv- !a»-s who is carrying on a dead- jly warfarp wilh the London police muk-v the «ui.-K! of a respectable n;fe owner. Miss Wong is Hie sing-KOug ^Irl |nf his cafe, ttevolcd and subscrv- jiiidii lo Rrifi. .She brcomes jeal- i mis \vhen a lillle Limelioiise \vaif, ' piuyed by Jean Parker, rulers Kafl.-;, life antl capliires his heart. With utmost, fiendish ingenuity, Halt* lays plans lo destroy Ihe .man who he heilevra stands be) himself and Jean Parker, climax of the pic- Sliiart Erwin, as mlglit. be surmised, is the c.vptoitcd Britcc while Ann Solhcrn portrays t)i e levelheaded, determined secretary who pens the Declaration of Independence for him. fn the remainder of the long list of Important roips are seen such screen favorites as Arline Judge, William Bakeweli Esther Mulr. Chick Chandler and f'Aisy Kelly. The excitins existence of life in (he cattle country has supplied material for plenty of entertaining westerns. The dare-devil, cow- pimchiiig hero who chases' tandlu heftire breakfast and "Shools up' a man as casually as a city-lir«l chap cignrette. is the idol Newj Wont Ad. tpcetand - *ew Carnegie N ><xnt& ration Premier Mussolini's plan to start the miliinvy I mini tig of Italian toys when they arc clslil years old was epilomlMcl in Ihis scene at . the 13(li annual celebration of the m im .|, on nomn , Iial . f ,[(. V; )ted him , to power. A l.'ascist odicial is shown imweiuing n rifle lo a member of ^jlhe Dallih. yonns: Fascist orsiini/ation. while Miissnllnl lt»ks on approvingly from (he black draped platform. ,<-omplaim or UK-C!""' jOhio U. Studenf Paper , Mrfl , im , Battles Football Pools ' naiT,i 'n, h 1031. ATHENS, O. <Uf'i_,\n editorial! cainpaijn against football iwols j opc-rathif, here is being waged by vifnl c;,v™o • ••' ..... ji -"o '.•"""A ui me,- pic- uues. ror tnis reason a feature lure conies when Raft realizes that j that combines popular outdoor clc- ' of thousands. Variety, however, i sometimes lacking in such pictures. For this reason, a fcatur Co NW SW 20-15-12 Co SE SW 20-15-12 Co SW SW NE SW 20-15-12 21-15-12 NW SW 21-15-12 NR N W N W BK 81! KE 29-1,1-12 20-15-12 2!1-I5-12 29-15-12 29-15-12 211-15-12 Joe. Carr Ix-roy Elmn E Crowdcr SW SE Kinm E Crou'ikr SE HW Mrs M A nlless N 30.40 A NW NE U CKllcss Es( S HMO A NW NE M-lfi-12 J n CHIless IM SR NR :«1-I5-I2 .. H fiiiipss fsi sw NE :io,-irj-rj Mrs W M Taylor NE NW :il-15-12 --—--• :li-if,-i-i ni-15-12 211 10 HI 1K1.71 41) 411 4(1 53,00 4(1 40 40 •10 M 20 411 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 •III 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 41) 4(1 10 40 40 40 . Of GfC. 14,44 11. 03 2I.I10 18. M !il .(1(1 ly.iiB 7.BI 14.24 fi.'.il (l.H-l r ) 11.1 2 I. (XI .511 .11 1 11.44 2.4(1 II. H4 2.4t; .11 .AJ i ,'fi G.f.ll 11.81 (1.1(1 11,41) 11.40 I 41.1)1 '.!1.(IO 1).1!1 11. HI 11.01 14,44 14.44 •J.S'l (1 58.f«l •i nj Name J R Walkei- Mrs Itlliln Bcord. Airs irlMii 2eJrti ,1 B Walker 1 n Walker I K Walker •1 li W.ilker 1-ViTis Hlinon FYrrls .'ll/nnii Mis Marl Williams Mi>: Marl WlUUuns Mrs Mftrt Williams Aitnih'li- M KobliiMin John n Walker (Jonlliientiil Moi'l^ngc 1 f?o Conlhiciilal MnrtPiije CM 11 M Chrtncr •lohn H Walker (His llnrtlcsty <iltS llllldl\',lV (ins llaidi-sly W 1! (,'ox W 11 Cose W 11 C.m W 11 Uax J I'' Vl''kl'l-,s J-Vi'd limij.'son ,'nhn 11 Walker i<m,i.ii't:'ntti * .) M l-Yrf>iij;nii Ltiln Thomas Will Hl.ilriml! Will i mil: Jolumlc ,'!nwttvd MDIiird Hnwiml Mlllard Kflwrml Kinmn Mullen-; Kiln Jiieksoii Cicero Onl« Kit. Cicero Ogle K-.C l.l/n Warren J M I'YridlMUl J W Floyd •. • liiiln While Lot- 3 7 8 10 1) 12 13 1 2 3 4 r, II 14 H K'.lfl II II 1 - ^ S i 2 ;| I 5 i; <l Block A A A A H n I! 11 ii 1! B O c C! 0 11 u n f p i 1 ,;l SIIONYU MJIVN - si 1:1 ^ ifi it 1 (I 1:1 M •j :t 7 11) *j T | 1 ,1 (I ; j ( , <! T'al Tax .11 .11 ,11 , 1 1 .11 . 11 .11 .1 1 .11 .11 .or, .n . 1 1 .11 .11 .u . J i .11 .11 .11 .U . u . 1 1 .11 .11 . 1 1 .U . 1 1 , 1 1 .n . n . 1 1 .11 . 1 1 .11 .11 ,11 il.fiii B.fiB 0 K Cioss Hcnrletln Cload llenrlctln cuiuil ) A iMss 1 > B OHKJINAI. 7.S8 III. 50 7.88 10,50 :i.M 0.50 (1.50 9.10 9.10 11.111 11.111 14.44 !). I!) D.fll 11.111 14.44 14.44 17,0(1 1V.OU 19.119 :i.o4 0.5(1 ai.flo 13.12 1 U E McFall .1 A llnructl J 'I' Alfortl Chas Alfont 'Jtias AI ford A li i: Clyde l-'»wli>r Odlc II Freeman C W G os n el I C W Oosnell Hurry llallcy Mra w M Phillips B C Cr.ilj; fi C Craly Mrs .1 11 Stewai-l. O H Green Cl II Owen ,1 1! Honey J 11 Honey Sum (Irlines .1 '(' Alford J T 30-15-12 3C.IO Ifl. II Mrs W M Taylor NW NW Mrs -W MTaylor SE MW -Mrs W M Taylor SW NW 31-15-12 '" K Thomson ESI I/)t fi SK SE llios R Thomiisnn VA 4 SW SK Thos K Thonipson Est All Orlj Sin- SW lias E Ttiomjisoii EM Lot 1 NW SW Thos E Thompson ESI Lot 3 EK SW Thos E Thomson Ksl Lot 2 SW SW 3.81) 40 40 40 . 41) 40 4(1 3I-1S-12 .27.ill i.nri 21.00 10.3(1 Ifi. 75 13.12 lf.,75 1:1.12 ,1 T Alford Horn Williams Orftss Gro Co SIIKVKV 20 • aa av w 29 '.m 44 47 48 4(1 51 !M T>4 00 flU (14 (ifi 70 71 7^ 111 nri 117 11(1 W 01) (II ni-lS-12 31-1.1-12 31-15-15 Ifr-'becCH iMtler.son Rebecca pattcrMji Rebecca Patterson Rclmtcft I'ittcrtiaii iicbecca Patterson Uelieccii Patterson \ llebeecii Patlerson ' Hfbi-cca Palk-r.wn Itebecca Paltei«m Rebecca I'allerson fiebeccn I'atiersrjn Hebecca Patterson Rebecca PiUtcrjion Hebecica Piitlcrson . Rebecca Pattursjn I.S.i -Tiiad Phillips Tb;ul Phillips Itebccca Patterson Iicbecca Patterson 14.nn llebeci-a Patterson IMHTCII Piitterson «.24 14.03 IIKHIWCIA IMTTUHSON SMI1-111V. -Edith Hale I low ton N'ENE 33-15-12 Edith Halo llowton E X A NW' NE SMIth lldlc Howton RENE 3:t-15-l2 Kdltn Hale Hoiv- ton E 35 A .~,W NE 33-15-12 With Hale llowton NE SE 33-15-12 Edith flalc llowton NW SE 33-15-12 Orlena Hires Orlcna Hires Orlena Hires Drlena Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires KR SE 33-15-12 SW SK 'Q-15-12 NK SW 33-15-12 NW SW 33-15-12 SE SW 33-15-12 SSV SW 33-15-12 42.41 40 as 40 •IS 4tl 40 40 4(1 40 4(1 4(1 4(1 Name TOWN OF IIM'TIIKVlM.i: IIAKIION * (.11,1,V 0.02 .1.04 5.75 (i.liG 8.04 7.88 10.50 I.Bil 10.SO 13.12 15,75 13.12 lii.'lS move to him Ihnn nnylliing else ' ni> " ls with Inlroductinn of rinn she loves. screen version of llanicl KuseH's dcKghiAii Broadway comedy hit. "The Party's Over." will make Us local uow at the Rosy Theatre on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, wilh a prominent rasl of featured players lietulcil l>y Ihc comic Stuart Krnin and Ann Sotlici-n. The new film Is written in Ihe hilarious vein of "Three Cornered Moon." one of (he last season's •dramas, and HIP piainiin, Rns i( , rl)righl! comedy depicts the upronring or ol K. 7,. OAINF.S. fresh colorful material. Is ;i welcome Innovation. "The C.illaiU Fool." which fomcs lo the Ho.vy aiie.nre on Prid.-iy nnd Saturday answers this description, silhouetted against (he primitive liackground of ranch life, it depicts tho conflict thai arises between residents of "Big Bend," nnd members of a traveling circus troupe who show in the riclnlty. Rough-riding and other cowboy fe.itniffi; are varied by the introduction of thrilling nerlal trapeze work and other entertaining •picts the nproaring goings-on in (he domesUc re\alions ol the li:rc. niakely household. | When Brother nrnce, eldest of |tln- BlaMy progeny, walks fn with professionals, stunts performed by S,cc,e is s,nrred In the p,c- Mrs P O Seaman W T Tngram Calherlne Roj-Jil f Callierino noynl Mabel Robinirai S E Morris S E Morris R T Peterson Clarence Morgan J N Cliewywoi-lli .1 S Bnrlon M M Goodman Bill Van Winkle A B Kilr/ield A » Palrneto A B Fan-field A B Fairileld A B Pah field Crawford the C.rcpn and while, student pi.blinUlon or O'.iio University. The publication is asljinj; city aftictals lo combat sub of jiools." The attack is licin-r |«d by Por- rsl Hopkins, pr.-sidenl of ih'c junior class and associate editor of 111" Oreeii and While 1 . Ho describes them as "misleading and unfair." Ally. I ,—o-.-.j. ,.,»n.> JM \MIII v_». i_nnii, sci^eain, 111 the :hi.', weekly stipend, the family ga- Rainbow Division during jllws round to divide Ihe spoils— "" — [while Bruce holds Ihe bag. It's an I *- — -,•*- ••>»«•' i.n- "„£, n .•> mi ui me uar—oeueven ] 27-3-1(1-17!ideal arrangement for the rest, of;collec(imi in Arkansas. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (UP)-C. G. Gotiy, sergeant, In the famed nbow Division during Hie World W.-ir. S.COO pliotosraphi of the war—believed the large-it, IN THE CIIANCEUY COU1JT FOR THE ClilCKA- SAWBA D1&T1HCT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, lilyllieville Koao" Maintenance district No. 5, M:s- Mfslppl County. Arkansas. I'lainlilf, ounr.s IN THE CHANCERY CO OUT CHICKASAW15A 1) I S T R I C T. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Rosie McClnre. Plaint SIT, No. 5815 vs. R. D. McCHirc, Defendant. ThL' drfencirml, R. D. McClurc. is warned lo appear williin thirty days in Die ftiinl named in Ihe c.iption horei.f ami answer ihe \\. H. nvid Waller Anderson, nnd Drtlnniinit Lands, , al.. Defendants. All 1'rr.soiis luvin. or cl:1 | mll , g .,„ lnterj , s , h , nny of Hie following <les. C rlljcd lands arc herelw S1 ' iv is ' J ™ di " '" «'!• Chancciy , , k " Coumy. Arkansas, for I ho to li.M, of I:,,| >< r" ; " 1 « ;>1 " ,iho aiuounl 1 ; .eveir.lly : collet- on Ihc following Name pf. of Sec. W II & Walter Anderson SE NF. M 11 Robinson NW SE Hankers Mortgage CO. NE SW Bankers Mortgage Co NW SW Bankers Mortgage Co SE SW Bankers Mortgage Co SW SW ttcmy Perdue 2 A iu SW S. T. R. A. T'al Tax corner EM E CO A Dankcrs Moitgngc Co NE Hankers Mortgage Co HW NE SK 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 S-H-12 S-14-13 5-U-li 40 40 40 40 40 4(1 .55 .3D 8.71 14.44 .26 17.0(1 19. M a n 14 17 ia 4 fi 4 5 9 10 II i; A A f! n 1! n n c u D n F. K E K P F P O G C. G n H SK- 10--II II H 5 I 0 1 John Anderson John Anderson John Anderson A J Baker Mary Branson Mary Branson A D Snider Maggie Masters \fnggle .\faslcrs Maggie Masters Maggie Masters Maggie Masters Maggie Masters T H Lcc R R Pepper Mollle Wright R J Dan-son Frank McGrejor .. Prank McGregor N 20 ft E D McGregor s 30 ft Mrs B D Wold Edna Conners BASfiON & i.n.Y sun-ntv. Hatllc CHllesple 10 11 12 n 14 G S'i I I I 1 K K K 1, I, I, L M Tin] Tax .11 .1! .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 ,11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .00 .11 .11 .11 .11 .05 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 ,U .11 .11 .cr, .00 ,08 .11 .11 B WnTki-r J P. Walker ; ,\nn'N'. 1 A 2 A II) i ] U 15 17 F A F A liob'inson J .1 Williamson Unknown p Crlfiv.ei- Daisy Jl Hill Llzz!i; P Crlxgcr Baisy II Hill Unknown P A Robliram I- 1 A nobliuon .) ,1 Williamson J .1 Williamson J E HratehiT ,f F: Hratclu-r J K nrnlchfr nan C! Hlont Mrs L!«ic P Crin Mrs c W Oosnell A G Wheat Cira T IVetilj F A Jtotljiwn V A Hobinr.on r: K I'roKlu P A Robhison I-' A KoWnson Li^/le Crlgyer i .! WIIUMmon Harry Wei'dtnan Fred Uurgpson P A Robinson 1 D Cliurrli HEIGHTS AWN. (J 7 II n in n 2 n n u 12 K SI in 12 1 A O Wheat A G Wlwal A C! Wheat A O Wheat A G Wheat A G Wlical A C, Whcal A G Whcal A G Wheat A G Wheat A G Whcal A G Wheat A G Whcal E P Wilson E P Wilson E P Wilson Name H Lctghlon G 3 fl 7 10 tl 10 n 10 in in 11 10 12 in 1 n 2 11 3 11 4 11 5 till 11 7 11 8 11 1 12 2 12 .1 12 Lot Block SUNIUSV. ADDITION 1 1 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 • .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 ,.11 — .„ Eula llobinson p, 10 ft 6 VAIL'S 1ST E'J O B Pccry VAH.'S 3IIW ADD'N 9 .11 ,11 .11 .11 .11 ,11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 ,11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 - 1 ' .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .11 .U .11 T'.l! Tsx .IM .on said All persons nnd corporations Interested lands are hereby notified that they are required by law 16 appear within four weeks and niaf-.!! defense lo said suit or the same sliaU be Inkt-n fo-,- confessed, and final judgment will bo entered directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of col- IccMng .said taxes, together with the payment of Interest, penally and c&sts ns allowed by la«-. Olv*« uiwtar my hand <u\tl seal (his the 2filh liny of October, 1934. R. L, GA.IJ1ES. Clerl.

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